Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 12, 1976 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 12, 1976
Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Monday, April 12, 1976 ' Farrell Enlists . Paul D. Fan-ell, son of Mrs. Wanda M. Prince o( Fayelte- ville, has enlisted in tlie air force and is in basic training nl Lackland AKB. Tex. He will receive training in computer operations. \ wo MM cuny a])dc\vnyn\mu.'cmlstolvKv! Diana Ross Mahogany PLUS -- AT 7:15 HIRDERONTItC NUENTIXPRISS MALLI NOW SHOWINl. "ALL THE PRESIDENTS MEN" (PG) No Passes NEXT: 'THE 1I1NDENBUBG" HELD OVER Winner of 5 Academy Awards "ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOOS NEST" NEXT: "BABY BLUE MARINE" NOW SHOWING Alfred Hitchcock's 'FAMILY PLOT" (FG) NEXT: FIGHTING MAD NOW SHOWING Charles Brortson B H E A K H K A R T PASS" ( P R ) Held Over 2nd Week "THE HIDING PLACE" 7:00-3:45 (TO) NEXT: "THE DUCHESS i THE D1RTWATER FOX" Twin Problem i KUKUSIHMA. Jn|tan (AP) -- Tcaclicis at MiLiaru p r i m a r y school ill r'nkiislmua prefecture, 120 miles norUioasl o[ kyo^ /Saturday shook ' theii hrails and sighed, "We've got a real problem on our hands." The problem was the entry of five pairs ol twins among 154 new pupils for the »cw school semester. "We'll have a difficult time IryinB lo identify properly eaclr livin by his nnme," one teacher said. WED. THRU TUES STARTS 7:15 P.M. BURTROTIOLDS CATHERINE DEMEUVt "HUSTtT PIUS 2nd HIT NEXT "PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE" William Howe empties a bucket of maple s(ip into an oxen- drawn portable tank, AS he goes through (he woods oulsitle Gathering The Sap r i a l n f l e d , Yt., Ralliering sap lo be bollerf down (o maple syrup. Warm weather (Ills spring has affected (he sugar maple frees w h i c h produce (lie sap, causing a [lour sugaring season (his year, (AP Wire* p h o t o ) Feature Dionne Warwick Is Dancers Create Flaw In CBS Jazz Special By JAY S H A K B U T T NEW YORK (AP) -- "The Original Rompin' Stompin' Hoi arid Heavy. Cool and Groovy Jazz Show" is the understated Adult Actlon-Ai-rou-Lflce-lt First Run Back Stage Heat 1 SHOWS NITtLY - FROM DARK . 7 5 1 - « 7 J 4 DAILY PROGRAM KTEW, Tulsa, Ch. 2 (Channel 8 on cable In FijttletfiJeJ KTUL, Tulsa, Ch. 8 (Channel t en Cable ID Faj*H(evIlle f, Springfield, Ch. 3 KOED-TV (ETV), Tulso, Ch. 11 KOTV, Tulsa, Ch. 6 LISTINGS KFSM. Programs subject to change without notice i th Ch 5 KOAM, Pltf SDUfg, CK. 7 K j ch title of a comitig TV special' thai CHS hopes will he watched by the kids for whom it Es intended. The one-hour show, lo be aired Tuesday afternoon fit -1 p. rn. EST, si a rs some well- known ja?.z folk -- Count Basic, Dizzy. Gillespie, Slim Gclz, Gerry Mulligan and Hcrbie Han cock among them. Backed by singer Dionne, Warwick, il represents a welcome break from the classical music only traditions of the other fine shows CBS has aired under tht title o[ "Festival of Lively Arts for Young People." Looking at it from the standpoint of an Old People, I'd tie scribe this hour as a well-in tcnlioncd but flawed lour ol jazz and its origins, from the works of black slaves lo today's thumping disco-jazx. . The flaw lies in the fact thai the producers, apparently wor ried the kids will flee unless the screen is busy all the titnc have summoned a gaggle d a n c e r s , t o illustrate lite mu: played, And, with the choreographei from the Broadway musical "The Wiz," directing things the gaily costumed dancers ca 'ort for ;ibout h a l f the show, ( a r t i n g with a cake-walk to il- ustratc ragtime and ending vllh a jitterbug lo illustrate (lie swing hit, "Stompin' al t h e savoy." Were ibis a show about dancing, I'd have no gripe. Bui it's iboul jaiz, And the first half lour may leave young viewers thinking of ja?./, as merely Irav- eilin' rmisicv rather than a major American art form. Fortunately, the dancers cool it in the second half-hour, telling singer Joe Williams have a ball reprising his time-honored version of "Every Day I Have the Blues" with Count Basic's l)ig, roaring band. Gillespie. (he puckish Erumue- er and one of tlie 'creators of the brand o[ jazz called bop, zips through a 'number called "Bebop" at top speed and further helps get the show back on course. Baritone saxaphonisl Gerry Mulligan, illustrating t h e brand of the so-called "cool" style of West Coast jazz, does it nicely on "Jeni," a song he wrote, and gets a good assist in a fine, if uncreditcd solo by trumpeter Joe Newman. . O \AARNERCABLE of FaycUevilu 103 W. Mountain St. -- Phone 5SS-J73f Complete Home Enlertalnrnsrrf Crf»le Service, All Area Television and . . . FM Radio Tim» - We«fher - Special tvenh MOVIES ON TV Monday Nighr 10:30 pm--Ch. 6,10,1 6 "Blow-Up" (1946) David Hemmings, Vanessa Redgrave Tuesday Night 10:30 pm --Ch. 6,10,16 "The Comedians" (1967) Richard Burlon, Elizabeth Taylor Bicentennial Wagon Train Quite Different From 1861 Trip By G O R D O N HANSON DES MOINKS. Iowa -- The folks on the cross-country, rub- ber-lired American Bicentennial Wagon Train have easy rolling, not like the hard life endured by six stagecoach travelers back in '64. The two cooks feeding the aeon train pilgrimage lo J u l y Malhias Discount Slores Inc. 221 S, mark (2 blki. soulb ol oppfn* Center Booli Bj: Ton? L a r a a , J a j t i n Wirfc Roe Is Bj: ~ Kefl VTiiiE (New A Rebuiltl S peri a I iii HI: 1n W e i f r r n Wear H E A R I N G AIDS SALES SERVICE iDttDilnc Is. t»tttri«i WARDS HEARING AID DEPT. EVELYN niLI^ PHONE 4J 3-1591 * 5:CB Hop 5:30 - rfc Oklahoi *.6;30 Dialog L^ OlJahw Bill Dan Wild Klnadom Holiyvred * 7:00 -Rich Ulll CARPETS CLEANED in your home or place of business by Von Schradcr dry-foam method- No fuss · No muss No odor Call loriay for free estimate. TRIPLE A CARPET CLEANERS 521-3355 10:00 - HAPPY HOUR The Working Class Hero 21 N. Bfock 1-9 Mon.-Sal. Don't Lose business licoaiise of an unanswered phone When It rings--We answer! FAYETTEVIILE TELEPHONE ANSWERING SERVICE, INC. 442-9827 AIM: ·k 11 * 12:0 Tame/ro *MSU Korum * 6:S5 Jf 1 !"??*' * 6:55 ~ Hr°T:o5 CHS Nei * 8:00 - !...*..'.;;. ".'."2, ' aV V. ir .'.' .'.*.' .Y... ........ . . 2. 3. 3, 6, 7. 8," 1C". .'.'.''."3,". 6, 7. Ui Jerry \A\ l/«i In Review o Itie Race.! Outdoors om a , DC^S Feoi!» and Politics . t*r 2, 3 Soul , . Family 6. ...'.,,., t, and Wow"!!!!!!...' ar Tennyjon? ".".".I,",'.". 1, i, S, S. 7, 8. SO "^'.'. :: :;V. : /.;;;. : .".^.' ) Suiu-.t , ,,., 3 ruMJajr Morning .. 6 10, IS . U 3, 12 ... 7 .. 11 13. 1C .. 11 10, 12 .. 10 .. 11 ... 1 .. U I t 3, 7 1G 5. 7 ,. . 3 10, 16 ... R .. 11 10, 16 . 8. 12 ... 11 5, 7 - - It 10, I* 10, 16 LO, 11 . 2, 5 ... 11 ... 11 12, Ifi 10. I« .. . J ... 1 , , 1 ~_: Wi1h Varlyr* '. of Meditation 10, 1 . *. "Ircua ,,,, angarw 4, 10, 1 Ri*bt ,,, #, 10, «.wme Street iph Hollers r 10:00 -- n Service Teaching Programi lite] o! Fortune lysn's Hop* r 10:30 - oily wood Sqiurt* Lava ct Hit if 10:55 - ake Krir ... II, 12 ..t 3. 5. 7 J, 3, 5, 7 11 2, 3, 5, 7 ID ....... « -J, 3, 5, 7 6, 16 r 11:00 -- ' """" F.S.A. People and Pollllc* 11 :aj?nllkent Marble Machine ..." s! "3, 7 nun? and the Hes1le« 6, 10. 16 ,*l'j Make A Deal 8. U * 11:30 /well Thomas Remember* 11 ali" My Advice 2, S eaich For Tomorrow «, 10, IS leloJy Matinee 7 All My Children 8, 13 hit Ton»hii* 3 * 11:55 -- VBC News . , 3, !, 7 TUESDAY AFTFIRh'OON * 12:00 -ill Moj r cr Journal 11 avt (* IJ/e , . ]f) .yan'« Hop* ,.. « N«wi J, (. T. 12. 18 TablilAlfc .- 5 * 12:15 -Carol ParXer , 1C * 12:25 -- rjy.i Ol Our I/tea A5 The \S'rrlrf Ttlm» Rhyme and Hcason * 1:00 in .service Teaching Piotrt ·k 1:30 -factor j . .- .... JwidinK Uitit .,,,., ir ^:on All In The Family ., General Hospital ,. if 2:30 Malch Game fVtctric Cfirapiny ,. ., Or.i L\if lo Llvi if 3:00 -To Tell The Trulh Kpfcif,\ Treat , KevcrJy KdlhilliM . , festival Krr Vounft P«^C Hisler nos«« Dinah Take My Advice Bin Tin Tin Sesame Street if 3:55 if 4:00 Special Trc*1 Partridge Family -.. Cartoons Din^h Miekfy MADI* club ·*· 4:30 -Andy Griff.lh TJeverly JIJllWllI** ".'.'.','.'.' Kffclrie Company Gilllcan'j Mland 2, 3. 5, 7 6, 10, IK S. U ms . ... 11 , 3, 3, S, 7 .. 6. 10, H .. t. 10, I* g p |; ,. 1. 18, 16 11 1. 13 V.'.V.V.V ·; 10, Ifi 11 ., 2 7 12 t 11 2. S, 7 1 K 1 1 .'.'.'. !!'.'.' i Pa., buy fresh food locally. The fare includes fried c en, buttered green beans rolls and desscrU .There soft drinks cooling in jnsu ice cliests. In Iowa, two Army Nat Guard trucks wail at. schcc slops with water for the ho And (here's a portable Eo The wagon (rain thai pa through here (his week is of America's 2QOLh birlhdaj ebration. , The train began last Jur Washington slate, win tore- Kearney, Nob., and then '. ed cast again when (he we. warmer]. -k 5:00 -Holm's HEICYS ArIam-12 N«w« S, 5, Fa niily AJ/alr' ".". '.'.'.'. V. '.'/ ","."" * 5 : 3 0 College for Canine.; .-..: Jfewj 2. 3. 5, S, 7, !. IB. if 6:00 - CcmcenlraHrin . !s'*v»J 3. 5 6 7, Evening ttfilhn wilh Marlfn Apioniky Wojan's Heroes . ., , * 6:30 - D.alosue Wilh .lerry Liltnn Oklahoma In Kt.\itvf , l's Matte A Deal Treasure Hunl Trulh or Consequence* Adam 12 Concen Ira lion Prkt h Hfshl New Candid Camera Wild KlnStlom ·,, Bfok Brat Happy najri 5 * 7:30 - DialoRue With Jeiry \tHon .... Eislwvtod Haplist Church ... I.aveir.e ar^ri Shirley Consumer Survival Kit l.aveiTK and Shi/ley , *- 8:00 - I'nlice Woman , M.A.S.H. ' '. '. '.'.'.'.'..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.... Ada ms cfironlclu , . . , . * 8:30 One IJay Al A Time ,.,, if 9:00 Cily of 'Angth -..-.;.... Family nB '* .. .1 .,./!... .". . .'.'. "t ·k 3 : 3 0 -if 10:00 - T.iJias, Vogji anrJ V'on .N(w.f .. 2, 3. 5, G, 7. B, 1 * 10:30 -- M'tvir B *- Jl:00 *JI:M- 5, B, 12 , *, B. 12 Not at all like tha stagecoach trip of 1864. That adventure, from Peiwe lo Ucachvood, P.O., was in oh servance of South Dakota's 7511 anniversary of statehood. Five men and this reporter made tlic ·ISO-mile trip in 36 days. U rnEtiht not hHve Iakon sc ionfi, but nobody was prepared for the rigors. The newsman accustomed to doing noibin more strenuous than watchin pump rust, was- so out o shape he p u f f e d when he sham pooed. He decided the best, way I prepare for a month in L h saddle is to slide down old coa chutes. W h G 11 the stagecoacltci found water along (he trail i Wyoming's wide open spaces, they'd wade right in, standing straight up. That way they could have a drink, bathe and wash their clothes -- all at once. The best remedy for the stagecoach chef's cooking was a sally r e m a r k , He liked sto?iks for breakfast and the only way he'd fry them was rare -- barely rcstorir 1 ; the body heal. The test tor his pancake bailer was to'drop in a liorsestiQe. Jf it s u n k , the batter was too t h i n . T h e sfagecoach outrider bounced from one end of the s a d d l e to the other a l l clay long. If hfs bounces had been straightened out, he'd have arrived in Dead wood 10 days early. While sleeping on the ground. an air malress with a s l o w cak made a good alarm clock, "t was time to gel up when the .Iccpcr using the mattress got he hint of cactus. The stagecnachers carried rt.ftlJO silver dollars to publicize he trip, and there were those vho wanted a closer look. One Icsperado sneaked fnto camp me n i g h t in quest of the silver. He d i d n ' t find it, but he did gel, away with a case of beer, hat's almost as valuable, out n old Wyoming. Pizza Inn's regular $1.89 Spaghetti Dinner with meatsauce, served in true Italian style with garden fresh salad and garlic toast. Pizza inn Spaghetti Special Bring Ihis coupon and receive one regular spaghetti dinner FREE with Ihe purchase o! one «wn.,. April IStli i Road 443-5267 Pizza inn CH1EU HANH's ORIENTAL FOODS 1011W. Walnut, Rosen (across Irnin Bonanza on Hiway 71) A complete line of imported oriental foods. Fresh dried seagoods and Chinese vegetables, EVERYBODY WELCOMEI Open Daily from 9 AM lo 7 PM LIFE and LIBERTY WEEK APRIt n-18 CELEBRATING 'LIFE , AND LIBERTY; IN JESUS CHRIST Sundays 10:50 p.m. 7:00 p.m. Evenings 7:00 p.m. .._ SPECIAL GUEST TONIGHT MISS AMERICA 1975 SHIRLEY COTHRAN \ TUESDAY NIGHT MIKE KIRKLAND U of A RAZORBACKS FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH College and Dickson FAYETTEVILLE When it comes to lunchtime at Bonanza, You can afford to be choosey! Chicken-Fried Steak $149 ^ with country gravy ^ Chopped Sirloin Steak $159 Both wilh your choice of baked polato or French fries, Texas (oasl, and a visit lo our big new Salar^Bar! Make Lunch Special 11 AMtolPM.HondnylhraFridayal^ . 2356 North College/Fayetteville

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