Independent from Long Beach, California on January 31, 1960 · Page 46
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 46

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 31, 1960
Page 46
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£ll-INDEPENpENt.PRESS.TElEGRAM tw»' r i»«ch, Olllu Sunday, J«nu«ry II, 1JW TV KNXT Charm*! 2 KABc channel 7 KRCA Channel 4 KKJ Channel 9 KTLA Channel 5 KTTV Channel 11 KCOP Channel 13 SUNDAY, JANUARY 31, I960 ALL NIGHT S--Movies 8:00 A.M. 2--Lamp Unto My Feet A--Movie: "Trial without Jury." Robert RocUwell 5--World Conquest (reliy.) 7--Faith for Today 8:30 2--Look Up and Live 5-- In God We Trust 7--Talk Back, Dan Kiss 8:45 13--Industry on Parade 9:00 A.M. 2--FYI, Ned Calmer: "Air Safety" 6--Movie: "Decision of . Christopher Blake," Alexis Smith 7--Western Movies (to 12) g--Movie: "Nocturne." George Raft 11-- Oil's Corral 13--Hispanorama 9:30 2--Camera Three: New York City Opera Company 9:45 4--Movie: "Wing and a Prayer." Don Ameche, Dana Andrews 10:00 A.M. 2--Light of Faith 5--Home Buyers' Guide 13--The Christophers 10:30 2--Learning '60 4--The Catholic Hour: "New Testament" 8--Telsplay: "Emergency,' Lee Bowman 11--Jack LaLanne Show 13--1 Believe 11:00 A.M. 2--TV Journal, A. Runciman 4--Pro Basketball: Detroit at Boston 5--Movie: "Going Places," Dick Powell ('38) S--Charles Boyer Teleplay 11--Great Churches: Angelica Lutheran (L.A.) Ki--Church in the Home 11:30 2--Viewpoint, Bill Stout: "Racial Problems in Africa" !)--Movie: "King Kong," Kay Wray. Robt. Armstrong 12 NOON "I--CBS TV Workshop: "The Head of a King." Larry Hagman, Ann Williams 7_770 on TV, Leonard Shane 11--Cal's Corral 13--Rev. Oral Roberts 12:15 4--(Cnlnr) Fnith of Our . Children, Beverly Garland 12:30 5--Gardena Auction Center 7--Bishop Pike: " Hale' Race Wave" 13--Gospel of Christ 12:45 4--This Is the Life 1:00 P.M. 2--Movie: "The Astonished l-leart," Noel Coward, Celia Johnson S--Movie: "1 Found Stella Parish," Kay Francis ('35) 7--Christian Science Heals 9--Movie: "Dante's Inferno," Spencer Tracy 11--Dan Smoot Reports: "Latin America" 13--Voice of Calvary 1:15 4--(Color) Calif. Report, Bob Wright: "Science Changes" 7--Gordon's Garden 11--Cal's Corral 1:30 7--Message of the Master 13--Social Security in Action 1:45 4--(Color) Foundation for Judgment: Occidental 13--The Jungle: "The Grebe" 2:00 P.1YI. 7--College News Conf.: Gen. Thomas D. While 13--Movie: "Good Sam," Gary Cooper, Ann Sheridan 2:15 4--(Color) Feitelson on Art: "3--Dimension Renaissance" 2:30 2--Inquiry, Ed Meining: Judge Delbert Wong S--Hot Rod Races, D. Lane 7--Johns Hopkins File 7: "The Human Future" 2:45 4--(Color) Harvest qf Amer. Literature, Dr. Frank C. Baxter 9--Movie: "Bombardier," Pat O'Brien, Randolph Scott 2--2:55 Report (News) 3:00 P.M. 2--Sun. Sports Spectacular, Bud Palmer: "Daytona .. Auto Races" 7--Open Hearing: Rep. Chester Bowles 3:15 A--(Color) NBC opera: "Cavalleria Rusticana," Virginia Copeland, David Poleri 3:30 7--Championship Bridge with Charles Goren li--Tom Tyler Western: "Border Romance" 13--Movie: "Manila Calling," Lloyd Nolan, Cornel Wilde 4:00 P.M. 7--The Paul Winche)! Show 4:15 8--Movie: "Fallen Sparrow," Maureen Q'Hara ('43) 4:30 2--Leonard Bernstein and the N.V. Philharmonic, Igor Stravinsky, Eileen Farrell, Glenn Gould [' i-Worid Champ. Golf: Art , Wall, Mike Fetchick 7--Broken Arrow, J. Lupton 11--Championship Biltards Preview 5:00 P.M. .5--Bugs Bunny, Tom Hatten 7--Matty's Funday Funnies 13--Press and the Clergy , 5:30 2--College Bowl, A. Ludden 4--Time: Present--Chet Huntley: 5--Brave Stallion (Fury) 7--Teleplay: "Ace of Spades," Leon Ames 11--Pet Life, Bill Reynolds 13--What Are the Odds? 5:45 9--This Week in Sports 0:00 P.M. 2--Small World, Edw. R. Murrow: "Political Foils' 1--Meet the Press: Sen. Thruslon B. Morton. 5--Polka Parade, D. Sinclair 7--Hiram Holliday 9--Championship Bowling: lillis vs. Kawolics 1--Secrets of Making Money, Joe Karbo 3--Sunday Report: Ward, Riss, Klein.Tinney, Knight ti:30 2--20th Century, Walter Cronkite: "Battle of the Bulge" 4--Saber of London, D. Gray 7--1 Married Joan, J. Davis 1--Roller Derby: L.A.-S.F. 3--Teleplay: "Roman and the Renegade," Faith DomcrRitc 7:00 P.M. 2--Lassie, Jon Provost 4--Kiverboat, Darren Mc- Guvin, Judi Meredilh 5--Dixieland Small-Fry Walter O'Keefe 7--Colt .45, Donald May 9--Movie: "Dante's Inferno," Spencer Tracy '3--Kassels in the Air 7:30 2--The Fabulous Fifties, Julie Andrews, Henry Fonda, Jackie Gleasun, Rex Harrison, Nichols and May, Dick Van Dyke 5--Br, Movie: "Laughing in the Sunshine," Jane llylton ('57) 7--Maverick, James Garner 8:00 P.M. 4--Project 20 (repeat): "The Twisted Cross" (Hitler) 3--Dan Lundberg Show: Julian A. Campbell 8:30 7--Lawman, John Russell 13--Movie: "Tampico," Edw. G. Robinson 8:45 9--Criswcll Predicts 9:00 P.M. 4--(Color) Dinah Shore Show with Polly Bergen, Andre Previn, Johnny Carson 5--Movie: "Tars and Spars," Janet Blair, Sid Caesar ('46) 7--The Rebel, Nick Adams It's a tough job to compress Ijmore than 5 million minutes || into 120. but that is what producer Leland Hay ward is attempting to do with "the Fabulous Fifties," a two-hour condensation of the past 1C years, on (2) at 7:30 tonight. -Movie: "Man Who Talked Too Much," George Brent 11--Science Fiction Theatre 9:30 2--Alfred Hitchcock Presents "Backward, Turn Backward," Tom Tully 7--The Alaskans, Jeff York 11--TV Readers Digest 10:00 P.M. 2--The George Gobel Show with Imogene Coca 4--Lorctta Young Show: "Black Lace Valentine," Miss Young, Joe Maross 1--News, Vince Williams 13--Search for a Song, Peter Potter 10:15 .1--Open End, David Susskind: "Let's Talk of Many Things (pt. 2) 10:30 2--What's My Line, J. Daly 4--Movie: "Fighting Wildcats," Keefe Brasselle 5--Hollywood Diary: Myrna Loy, Susan Kohner ·21 Beacon Street, Dennis Morgan 9--Playboy's Penthouse, Hugh M. Hefner 11:00 P.M. 2--News Special, Bill Stout 5--Skin Diving, Tom Malone 7--Music Is My Beat ' 3--Movie: "Dark Mirror," Olivia DeHavilland, Lew Ayres 11:15 2--Movie: "The Late George Apley," Ronald Colman 11:30 5--Movie: "The Awful Truth," Irene Dunne, Gary Grant 7-^Teleplays (three) 12 MIDNIGHT 9--Movie: "Paradine Case," Gregory Peck, Valli 12:30 3--Late News Wrap-Up 1:00 A.M. Movie: "A Bell for Adano," John Hodiak In alphabetical order, the and Luigi Barzini, Italian play stars are Julie Andrews, Shelley Berman, Betty Comden Henry Fonda, Jackie Gleason Adolph Green, Rex Harrison Elaine May, Suzy Parker, Mike Eric Nichols Sevareid and Dick Van Dyke. These names conjure up visions of some of the things that occurred during the 1950s--the reteaming of Julie Andrews and Rex Harrison, in songs from "My Fair Lady," for instance. Then there's Shelley Berman, a comedian who has set a new record with one record called "Inside Shelley 3erman." There'll be flash- jacks via film and tape of events and persons who made .lie headlines. All in all, it's a big show -ith fine talent and if it doesn't rate high it certainly sn't the fault of the producer or the stars. DAYTIME DATA Tighter air-safety controls are asked by Stuart Tipton, president of the Air Transport Assn.; when he guests on "FYI" (2) at 9 a.m. Several pilots will also appear to tell of near misses they had. , Pro Basketball" (4) at MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1, IflGO 6:00 A. M. 4--Continental Classroom (repeal): "Physics" 6:30 4--(Color) Continental Classroom: "Chemistry" 6:45 2--Austin Green 7:00 A.M. 2--Captain Kangaroo 4--Today, Dave Garroway 7:45 2--Grant Holcomb, News 8:00 A.M. ·Vagabond: "Death Valley" 8:30 2--Amos 'n' Andy -Skipper Frank's Cartoons 9:00 A.M. 2--The Red Rowe Show 4--Dough-Re-Mi, G. Raybum 5--Larry Finley, Cartoons 7--Chef Milani 1--Ramar of the Jungle 9:30 2--On the Go, J. Linklctter 4_play Y'r Hunch, M. Griffin 7--Life With Father 1--The Jack LaLanne Show 10:00 A.M. 2--I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball 4--(Color) The Price Is Right, Robt. Q. Lewis 7--Chucko's Cartoons l_Movie: "After the Thin Man,"Wm. Powell, Myrna Loy 10:30 2--December Bride . 4--Concentration, H. Downs 5--Ding Dong School 11:00 A.M. 2--Love of Life 4--Truth or Consequences, Bob Barker 5--Romper Room 7--I Married Joan, J. Davis 11:15 3--Topic: "N. Ireland" 3--Industry on Parade 11:30 2--Search for Tomorrow 4--(Color) It Could Be You 7--Navy Log 9--Gene Autry Movie: "Cowboy and Senorila" 3--Lloyd Thaxton Red. Shop 11:45 2--The Guiding Light 12:00 NOON 2--News; Movie (12:05) · "Robinson Crusoe," Dan O'Herlihy 4--Queen for Day, J. Bailey 5--Uncle Luther (cartoons) 7--Restless -Gun, J. Payne 11--Sheriff -Tnhn J. Rovick 12:30 4--Thin Man, Peter Lawford 7--Love That Bob! 13--UCLA Course: "Matrix '' Methods in Engineering" 12:45 9--Mo.vie: "Shall We Dance," Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire ('37) 1:00 P.M. 4--Young Dr. Malone 5--Movie: "Howards of Virginia, Gary Grant, Martha Scott --About Faces, B.Alexander --Abbott and Costello --Film: "Steel" 1:30 ·As the World Turns --From These Roots --The Ray Milland Show Dial 999, Robert Bealty --The Big Picture 2:00 P.M. For Better or Worse, Dr. James A. Peterson --House on 'High Street --Day in Court, H. Simms --Paul Coates Show --Movie: "A Very Young Lady," Jane Withers 2:30 -Art Linkletter House P't.y 4--Split Personality, Tom Poston '--The Gale Storm Show i--Mr. Mrs. North --Check It with Chambers 3:00 P.M. !--The Millionaire --Movie: "Hundred Hour Hunt," Anthony Steele '--Beat the Clock, B. Collyer --Movie: "Sister Kenney," Rosalind Russell ('46) --Steve Martin's Club 3:30 ---The Verdict Is Yours '--Who Do You Trust? 4:00 P.M. --The Brighter Day j--Skipper Frank's Cartoons 7 --American Bandstand --Clutch Cargo; Linkletler and the Kids (4:05) --Webster Webfo't cartoons 4:15 2--The Secret Storm 4:30 2--The Edge of Night --TV Reader's Digest 4--Lee Giroux Show (4:40) awaii Singer Dies HONOLULU (/P) -- Alfred paka Jr., 40, Hawaii's fore- ost singer of Hawaiian and olynesian songs, died of an iparenl heart attack Satur- ly. Parts Smite Guaranteed We Honor International Charge TV GA 2-1080 $050 ·fc 11 the Celtics-Pistons Larry Hagman i.m. lias battle. . and Ann Williams star in a drama about a handsome but slow-witted young man and a sculptress on "CBS Television Workshop" (2) at noon: Story is set in. Oregon where the ·nentaliy-retarded young man ives and works as a liandy- nan-about-lown. The sculptress sees in him a model for :he head of a Biblical king ant gets him to pose, thus.upset Ling his mental balance. Air Force Chief of Staff Gen Thomas D. White will bi questioned on "College New; Conference" (7) at 2 p.m. . . 'Sunday Sports Spectacular' (2) at 3 p.m. covers the Day ona International S p e e c es. Among participants are Ingemar Johansson anc r . D. Roosevelt Jr. . . . For ?ign policy and IflfiO politicf will be discussed on "Open ·learing" (7) at-3 p.m. when Rep. Chester Dowles (D-ComV ippears. . . . COLOR--"NBC Opera" presents "Cavalleria Rusticana" ('I) at 3:15 p.m and causes shifts of most o the daytime shows on the channel. . . . Igor Stravinsky one of the world's great living composers, will guest with 'Leonard Bernstein, and the New York Philharmonic" (2) it 4:30. Subject of the pro ;ram is "The Art of Perform- ng" and featured are pianisl lenh Gould and singer Eileen r arrell. . . . "Championship Billiards" gets previewed on 11) with Willie Masconi world's champion, giving an exhibition of the game's fine roints. A regular series begin: next Sunday. . . . Sammy Da vis Jr., Irish McCalla and some others will tell how they aeat the odds during "Wha Are the Odds?" (13) at 5:30. · P.M. ; Political polls and the ques tlon of whether they have, any influence on elections will be discussed on "Small World' (2) with 0r. George H. Gallup poll expert, William Connor British political columnist wright. Sen. Thruston B. Morton (R-Ky), -chairman of the Re publican National Committee will "Meet the Press" (4). "Secret of Making Money' (11) has Joe Karbo as hos'l and for three weeks replaces "This Is Alice." Latter - resumes on Feb. 21. 6:30 P.M. . that is the wort Gen. Anthony Me- "Nuts" used by Auliffe, commander of the American troops at the Battle of the Bulge when asked to surrender. This great chapter in American history is retold on "Twentieth Century" (2). 7 P.M. Guest star Judi Meredith, as a shipwreck survivor, is rescued by "Riverboat" the (4 skipper ol then plots against him. "Riverboat" lifts anchor and moves to Monday nights as of Monday at 7:30 Timmy trades some olc sporting equipment for a pi ;eon and winds up in quite an adventure d u r i n g "Lassie" (2). Sandy Koufax, pitcher for he Dodgers, makes his TV debut a brief one when he is seen as a young soldier carrying an Army payroll on 'Colt .45" (7). He gets killed n the opening sequence. 7:30 P.M. "The Fabulous Fifties" (2) :re-empts f'Dennis," "Ed Sulivan" and "G,E. Theater." Central America is the scene of trouble when Bret 'Maverick" (7) goes there in search of a beautiful girl antl quarter million dollars worth of stolen diamonds. 8 P.M. Repeated by popular demand, "The Twisted Cross" lirs as a "Project 20" show in he "Sunday Showcase" slot on (4). This is the story of the ·ise and fall of Adolf Hitler. Julian A. Campbell, Long 3each manufacturer, is on the Dan Lundberg Show" (13) to ir his views against fluorida- ion of water. 8:30 P.M. Don Drysdalc, fireballing atelier for the Dodgers, turn's owboy for "Lawman" (7) as lie son of a rowdy trail boss. Drysdale winds up in jail after lie girl he has dated is lugged. 9 P.M. COLOR--"The Dinah Shore ihow" (4) with Andre Previn, ohnny Carson and Polly Beren as the guests. Theme will e "inside show business" nd Johnny Carson will do ne of. his famous disserla- ions on the'evolution of TV. Dinah will be first woman ver honored at a Friar's Club estimonial dinner -- it's al- vays been stag. 9:30 P.M. A baby crying in the night .iscredits the alibi of a man 99999999999 9 SAV-MOR 50 T So N u E R SERVICE Open 8 A.M. - 9 P.M. Seven Days a Week HE 6-1225 Packard Ball Dealer 1215 E. 4th Street 99999999999 PACIFIC COAST HWY JO HE 2-5677, TVSERVI-ZONE | I4U E. 10th Street Formerly of 402 Almond Wngicv-Dclmont Snore S3.00 OPEN SUN - CLOSED TUES. WE OWE BLUE CHIP STAMPS wtmtm SPECIAL mam^m TV House Gall C95 ncludes Paris Labor W T.I.I Iillitietlin Omrinlird. ci».Nil..s»n. NO FIX- |fl i NO PAY UA i RIIK ELECTHOKIC J,P, TV SERVICE FREE ESTIMATES HO CHARGE (or HOUSE CALLS We Repair HI-FI -- Tapo . Recorders and Color TV , Open » to » -- Includlno Sunday! MEtcalf 3-6317 15925-27 Lkwd. Blvd., Belli. ] Til B 5S I · on a murder charge and 1 forces the .sheriff to defy an angry mob in order to solve the crime when "Alfred Hitch, cock Presents" (2) Tom Tully and Alan'Baxter in a tale of murder. ' · , 10 P.M. Imogene Coca makes a return guest appearance on "The George Gobel Show\(2). She takes part in a domestic tangle involving a man and his wife. An unsigned valentine Creates a romantic mystery in the story on "The Loretta Young Show" (4). A woman finds the elaborate valentine in her mail box and thinks her husband has turned ror mantic. A stranger and clari- 7:00 A.M. KFI-Newi; Radio Pulpit (ABC--American Farmer " fies the situation complications. with' Stanley Kramer, rnovie producer, is panelist on "What's My Line?" (2). "Hollywood Diary" (5) has Myrna Loy and Susan Kohner as guests. · . · Guests or the "Playboy's Penthouse" (9) include .jazzman Jonah Jones, Jeri Southern, Larry Adler, Don Adams and Tony and Eddy. KUC-S1I KAN-HI K.-I-J40 KHJ-MI KMPC-7II KFWI-ltl Kill-He KNMITI KFIMlll KOEIM1II KWIM4II SUNDAY, JANUARY 31,19M FI-HornVT'own' KABC-Oril Robefb NX--Church ot the Air OER-Clem Daviej · 7:45 KFI--Christian science 8:00 A.M. (ABC--Laymen's I MONDAY DAYTIME · Art and Dottie Todd ant Marine Corps Capt. Bernarc Pautsch are booked for "The Red Rowe Show" (2). at a.m. . . . Robert Q. ' Lewis .akes over the COLORcast emcee chores on "The Price s Right" (4) at 10 a.m. .while Bill Cullen vacations for two weeks. Gene (Bat Mas :erson) Barry is the guest ol 'About Faces" (7) at 1 p.m . . Eddie Cantor, Junte Alyson and Art Linkletter in a special "House Party" (2) re mote at 2:30 to kick off the National Heart Fund Drive , . . The Coronados sing for "American Bandstand" (7) ai 1 p.m. RADIO HIGH LIGHTS Victor Borge narrates a spe cial "Faith in Action" show or. KFI at 6:30 a.m. Charles Gabriel, agent for the writing of Mary Baker Eddy, on the "Church of the Air" al 7:30 on KNX. . . . Sophocles' 'Oedipus Rex" will be, the s u b j e c t of "Invitation to ^earning" at 10:05 on KNX. . . Leonard Bernstein re:urns to the podium for the 'New York Philharmonic" on KNX at 12:05 p.m. The story of a cover girl's clisas- rous love and marriage to a jrutally envious ex-convict is old on "Suspense" at 5:30 on KNX. TV $ 2 ..S.EJIVLCE.. . ... . - . . , . - . . . . . - ALL Opan fi^AJ^. to 9 P.M. A R E A S S o v c n Day. o W«.k Phone GA 6-4213 ] 20 Yeon In Long boaeh ALL PARTS AND LABOR GUARANTEED JET TV--1523 Willow KFI--Kino Merrill 1*30 tFI-AI Home with Music (ABC--Llohl and Life Hr. '.HJ-Back lo God :NX-S. Lake Tabernacrt IGER--Voice ol China. KGEfc-World Lllerslurt 9:00 A.M. KFI-Musle for Home Folk; KABC--Hour ot Faith (HJ-Radlo Bible Class KNX--News; Europe Ree-'t KNX-Ho*ari) K. Smith - CGER--Klnodom Treas'rs KABC--Christian in Action CHJ--Voice ol Prophecy sNX--university Exolorer KGER--John Brown !HX-Older You Grow 10:00 A.M. KNX-lnvltaJ'n to Learn'g .GER--A. Earl Let 10:15 KHJ--Sunday Show (to 3:30) T0:30 KFI--Eternal Light fABC--Dr Duff-Forbes CNX-Trolan Digest --Chosen People 10:45 ABC--Education Resort KNX-^N.y. Philharmonic KABC--Your Child You KABC-- Pllgrlmaot · ·"· KGER-Rev. Victor Glenn 1:00 P.M. KFI--Neost Dean Manlon KABC--Charles E. Fuller KGER-Dr. OralRoberts KFI--News; Monitor KABC--Radio Bible Class KGEfi-SunshlneJWlsslon 2:00 P.M. KABC-World. Vision Healing 2'M KABC--Voice' ol Calvary KGER--Mary Livingstone KABC--Music 3:00 P.M. KFI--News; Pockelbook KABC--Dr. Billy Graham KNX--N~ KNX--Sunday 'Scene KGER--Wlnoi ol '" KFI--Bob Consldin 3:30 KFI--Meet the Press: Sen. - Thr - ·-- - KHjiMikeSecre'sf'to"7) KGER-Temple Time 4:00 P.M. KFI--News: Monllor KABC--Lutheran Gospel KGER--Charles E. Fuller KABC--Wings' of Healing KNX--Sunday News Desk KGER-Fomllv Bible Hr. 5:00 P.M. Never Die --idav Headlines News; Johnny Dollar KGER--Voice of China 5:15 «BC-News; With. R«»rt KABC-Man'i Hli Music KNX--Gunsmokt · KGER-RKllo Bible CliSI KABC-Thls UYour Blbli 7:00 P.M. KABC--Mickey Kali Show KHJ-Famlly Theatre T KNX r News; MllcH Mlllei KGER--Gordon Palmer.. KABC--Dr. Jama Flflefd" KHJ--Engineering Ncni KGER-Dw Gilbert KGER--Bethel KNX-Dbl. Pleasure.(7:55) 8:00 P.M. KFI-Frost Warn's; Opera KABljNews;i Presbyterian KHJ--Marian Theatre KNX--World Tonight KNX--Perspective 8:30 KHJ--Ch. of Open.Door KNX--Face fhc Nation: Jorce Zayas (Cuba) iapllst It'n* (R- KGER--ShlW.. KNX--Frost Warn'gs (8:55) 9:00 P.M. KABC--Voice of Prophecy K POP--Lutheran Hour KNX--News; Space Survey: KGER--Bethel Church KMPC-Pat Hillinoa KFI--Books (?:25 9:30 KABC--World of.Tomorrow KHJ-Hour ol Decision KABC--Your Income Tax KGER-Zlon HIU 6 dpi 1st KFI--Monitor (9:35) 10:00 P.M. KABC--Highroad to Health -U-Blble study Hr IX--Richfield Reporter KABC-- Frank' and Ernest KGFR-Don Gilbert 11:OOA.M. KFI-- Nf-ws; American Way KABC-- Dr. Ken Carlson KNX-- Mews; Ch'g Times KGCR-Ch nf nen Door 11 '20 KNX-- Sundav t Scent KFI-Calhollc'Hour 11:45 KNX-- Port of Call: Indonesia 12 NOON KFI-- News; Monitor KABC -- O'scas Assignment KGER-- Concert 5:30 KFI-- Hawaii Calls KABC-- George Sokolsk? KNX-- Suspense: "End of Ihc Road," Rita Llovd KGER-- Immanuel Chrlsl'n s:« KABC-- Dr. Gcno Barllclt (GER-- News 6:00 P.M. FI-- News; Monllor ABC-- Erwln D. Canhanl KNX-- News; Have Gun, Will Travel (6:05) KGER-- Rescue Mission ABC-- Your Income Tax KNX-- Science Editor KABC-- Revival Tlmt KHJ-Publlc Service KNX-- Stereo Tape Tlml KGER-- Spirituals 11:OOP.M. KABC^-C^o '^Jfew3 C ?:on( " Gen. Thomas 0. While KHJ-- The News Wheel KJJJI; Cleveland Orch KGER- Bishop Coned/ 11:30 KFI-- Hour of Decision HABC-- Lawrencs WelK KGER-- Circle Mission MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1, I960 7:00 A.M. KFI-- Pat Bishop News KABC-- Frank Hemingway KHJ-WInk Wlartlndalc KNX-- World News R'ndup KGER-- Christ Faith 7:15 KFI-- Hit the Road KABC-- Hews; John Trotter KNX-- Bob Crane Show KGER-- Aubrcv Lee 7:30 KNX-- Frank Gosi KFI-- News; southland KNX-- Bob Crane SMow KGirR-- W. B. Record KADC-Paul Harvey (7:55) 8:00 A.M. KFI-Ncws; Hit the Road KABC-- Clllf Engle, News KNX-- Hugh McCoy; Sp'ls KGER-- Wilbur Nelson 8:15 KABC-- John Trotter KNX-- Bob Crane Show ;KMFC-- Bob Kelley (8:75) 8'30 KFI-- Pat Bishop Reports KGER-Volce ol China KFI-- Andy and Virginia KGER-- Percy Crawford KABC-- Wendell Noble, 8:50 9:00 A.M. KABC-- Breakfast Club HJ-- Frank Carroll, lo It INX-Hugh McCoy, New* KGER-- Lutheran Hour KNX-- Bob Crane Show *:30 KFI-- Ladles' Day KGER-- John Brown Hour 10:00 A.M. (Fl-- Nws; Swlngln' Years KABC-- John Holbrook nws KNX--Hews; Rloht lo Happiness (10:05) KGER-- Rescue Mission 10:15 KABC-- Tcllo-Test KNX-- Second Mrs. Burton 10:30 KABC-- Jim Ameche (lo 1) KNX-- Young Dr. Malono KGER-- Overcoming Life 10:15 KNX-- Ma Perkins KGER-- Rev LcRov Koop KFI-- Emohasls (IO:5S) 11:00 A.M. KFI-- News KHJ-- Wink Marlmdale KNX-News KGER-- Or Louis Talhol KFI-- Tlio Swlngln' Yean KNX-- Whispering streets 11:15 KNX-- Couple Next Doer 11:30 KNX-- Helen Trent KGER-- Sunshine Mission KFI-EmphasIs (11:«) 11:45 KFI-- Pat Bishop, News , KNX-- Just Entertainment KGER-- Dan Gilbert 12 NOON CFI -- Nwsj Farm Reporter ·iABC-- Paul Hdrvev KNX-- Hugh McCoy, News KGER-- Thru the Bible 11:15 KABC-- Jim Ameche Show NX-- Nelson Mclnlnch KFI-- Cal. Aorlc. (12:20) 12:30 KNX-- Garry Moore Show; Funny side Up (12:XO) 1:00 P.M. KFI-News; Andy Mansf'ld KABC-- My True Story KHJ-PaulComplon, to 3 KNX-- A. Jackson, News; Arthur Godfrey (1:05) KGER-- Airmail from God 1*15 KGER-- Christian-Jew Hr. · 1:30 KGER-- Heaven Homi KGt-R-- Healfh Talk KFI-- Emphasis 11:55) 2:00 P.M. KFI-- Arc You Llstcnln'7 KABC-- Don MacKinnon KNX-- News; Arl Llnklcller KGER-Soclai Sccurllv: Peter Slack, Organ 2:30 KNX-- Philip Norman KGER-- George McLaln KGUR-Adv.'in Music 3:00 P.M. KFI-- News; Mary Hlrto« KHJJ.Frank Carroll (lo e) KNX-- News KGER-- Good New], Music KNX-- Condylis and Grant KGER-- Dan Pike Show 3:30 KFI-- Dick Sinclair Time KABC-- Evdlo Gormo; Don MacKinnon (3:35) K/BC-- Business Final KFI-- Emphasis (3:55) 4:00 P.M. KFI-- News; Dave Shaw KABC-- Don MacKinnon 4*15 KFI-- it's Music Time KNX-- Condvlls «. Grant 4:30 KGER-- Gilbert Bellshaw 4:45 KGER-- Charlie Turner KGER-Dr. Orr. Bible KFI-Sporls M:55I CFI-- Ed Hart Show, 12:35l KNX-- Point of Law (4:55) Emert TELEVIsToN and" RADIO Repair j · · ·· ^% 4%«1%i1%im "*!' SI.1S Smut Q4%AC I · Iflr^ M? · Hull 1 I'll SPEOIH with |B*I3U ! Hr n»HwlH / IM| " ( *° u *"" / i !$*}{" 36 years at same location %?}(" \ \ o^" 5 """" MHKAHEBIUIIO °' m " m " \ RELIABLE RADIO-TV CO. OPEN MONDAY AND FRIDAY 'TIL » 202 EAST FOURTH ST. ROGER A. HOWELL Servicing M* Following Area · LOS ALTOS · LAKEWOOD · BELMONT SHORE · NORTH LONG BEACH · DOWNTOWN LONG BEACH I OUT AND PASTE ON IACK OF TOUR TV SEI KM W NEW 1960 MUNTZ TV SPECIAL PRICE SALE 4ffc4| || On This Beautiful Combination 21 TY-Radio-Pl 228 VM 4-SPEED CHANGER ONLY C Mahog. W/Trod« NO MONEY DOWN WITH TRADE-IK IMPERIAL DAY. NIGHT A SUNDAY HE 5-8520 K W« Buy Died TV's-- 17" i ZO" TV SERVICE AGE 8-9854 |TV REPAIR DAY-NIGHT-SUN. 1SOOD HONEST SERVICE ArlcHttTV A» Electronics--MO) f. loth St I E 4-57201 AVAILABLE IN MAHOGANY OR BLOND · Beautifully Crafted Hand-Rubbed Cabinet · De Luxe TV Chasm with 110° Slim Lino Tube * Removable Safaty Glass · Aluminiied Picture Tube · Webcor 4-Speed Intermix ' Changer -- Equipped for Stereo · Sensitive AM Radio Magnificent Performance .Through 9 ua Hty Since 1947 BEACH TV 225 E.4IH-HE 6-5633 CLOSED SUNDAYS 1 MAGNAVOX ... ALWAYS A GREAT BUY NOW A SPECTACULAR BUY AT SIGNAL TV ELECTRONIC SERVICE ASSOCIATES SPRING AND BELLFLOWER HOME TV REPAIRS 'TIL 9 P. M.$150 HA 5-62o6 I ".TMhiciorv SERVICE ON SUNDAY IN PICTURE TUBES'. . . II Is the Guarantee that. woterh vfin. AM your TV Service Dealer abou! the GLASSCRAfT PICTURE TUBE EXTENDED GUARANTEE at no extra cost. Our free Information and folder will save you money." Call our local oflice. long Bead) Dtllllowir South GitE ok tun TO i»it LO tun 4] Full 332 sq. in optically filtered icraftn . * Full tramformftr powered chaitii Clearest tharpeit picture* e a lit Kill fins furnitur* tn Danish modern ityl SOCO90 ItADIO TELEVISION ATANTIC (at Itixby Rd.) Phono VA T-20I WHEN IT COMES TO STEREO ·HI-FI Wo know our oil CUSTOM SOUND 37Ih » Atlantic .GA 4-1161 Hours: 10 to 6 daif/ Closed Sundays

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