Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1969 · Page 54
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 54

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1969
Page 54
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C. 2«,-- INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM |PM) »MCII, cam., Friday. Feb. ii, iw __ CLASSIFIED HE t-tta AUTOS FOR SALE AUTOS FOR SALE 1965! Pontiac it. I. SPECIAL Purchase '67 Plymouths Fury III Hdtp. PRICED AT $1699 .-·JTO 1RANS. PADIO fc HEAT I L R . POWER STEERING. I f FACTORY AIR COND. | 14 to choose from All Colors Take Your Choice GUY MOOTHART 1112 No. Lono Beocti Blvd. £32-717.1 In Compion Since 1934 (OPEN SUNDAY) it-LE. OUR SPECIAL . _.. _ WEEK. 326 V-S ENGINE. AUTO.. PS., W H I T E W I T H BLUE VINYL SRV.INE I N T E K ! O R L l C . SV.RAO,-. A V r R A G E FLUE BOOK OUR"F S ULL PRICE $1395 LAKEWOOD* MOTORS ] VOLKSWAGEN ! LAKE\VOOP ' DL'Kh' V U l A C . r ] AUTOS FOR SALE "19701 Pcntioc 1_970 iTONVEiRT- | '46 PON HAC GRAN Pftfx 2-pH. BOB THOMPSON'S 'tSS PLYA\OUTH R O Q d r u n n e r Heml. Torquefiite, HD suso.. Aiwricon t\ p w nioes. sierw lar*. option int. e«.t. irlm. A PPAI boauiv and a rare cor. Tnis wkna. cnlv --w ?0?0 L.B.._Bltfj.r'LB Wl· 5629 '·U PLY/,\ Furv V-P. lu'O, R.^H, * power sir. AIR CONDITIONING. Eira Shorp! - P5S4 SljvS PARKWOODCHEV. _505^ LaVmnod Blvd. ^AE 3Q731 -i5~PLY'.*.. Beivertrrc 11 -i ri r - SPri. Orlg. owner. V-S, fluto.. pwr. strg., "Clearance Sale" ; '68 Poniiac $3495 ; * p MS . Hfi! ' Soirvr nn'r » DC. Hv- i i:pn. V.ivlc ipy. etc Never rciis- trrrrJ. foil loclory worrmty. Slk. SUBURBAN PONTIAC 17M? Bcil'lcwer Btvrt Pf'.^jo^vcr i^. S^7-J1M "Clearance Sale" '67 Pontiac . . . . $2695 GRAND PRIX, Hvdramottc trans., Rsdio Hea^r, pwr. slttrlno, pwr. brakes windows. AIR CONDITION. Lie. CMM-337. SUBURBAN PONTIAC 17639 Bellflower Blvd. "Clearance '65 Pontiac Cotnlinn C^f.. Hvdi r.ia.o hrHer. brakes, oif tcnclti 0=3. RAH. Very clean SUM f c r . C n It 'fi5 PLYMOUTH Belvedere II. "3. a ipd , cam hcad"rs, Hollv e^rns, ijJS rccv pnd. Best c»cr. 635-2455 _ r M~PLY". Belvedere 383 w/torquHI. Good share. 5750. SiS-5346 1970 '63 Pontiac Grand Prix V-s aulo. Irons., radio, heater, wsw. Pwr. ilr., owr. brkv, FLIU73S. Pries SI099. Frl., Sal. 'L'AMERDIN PONTIAC 30 1 N Lono Beach Blvd. - r O M P T O N M E 9-fi6SS Nd "cash nre^cd ' OAC .'... ME 3-7531 BELLFLOWER PONT. _ _ _ . l/.OOO mi., i- own. Imniac. TVS 555. S2197. Os- born'5, 2Qlh 8, Cnrrrv. ____ ! PONT. Cataiii" convt. Auto, cwr str, brks, windows. 43,000 mile-!. Excel conri. MM. J23-S5Q1 '65 PONT. Catalina, clean. S1173. Going over seas. 429-4246. -'fi3 .PONT. Grand brix, wr.. air - cond. Excel, cond. S950. 434-3129 I SUBURBAN PONTIAC "In Bellflower" FEBRUARY SALE IN FULL SWING BUY NOW! WE WILL DEAL $299 DOWN WITH APPROVED CREDIT INCLUDES TAX 1969 LICENSE COME IN AND LOOK OVER "THE JUDGE" PONTIAC'S NEWEST "BOMB" BE THE FIRST TO OWN ONE! THE TIME TO BUY IS NOW! SALE ENDS . . . FEBRUARY 28th FINEST SELECTION OF USED CARS ANYWHERE, USE THE HOT LINE 867-4151 s HOP AVE UBURBAN PONTIAC 18639 S. Bellflowcr Blvd. In (Widower TO 6-1725 OPEN EVES SUNDAYS HDTP. :-2S-H.P. V-S, AUTO., P.S.. FACIORY AIR CONDITIONED, ELECT WINDOWS. CANARY YELLOW WITH BLACK LANDAU 70! MATCHING BLACK VINYL INTERIOR. DELUXE R/H. LlC SUP 922. AVERAGE BLUE POCK R E T A I L S2ASS OUR FULL PRICE $2395 PLUS 1AX X LICENSE LAKEWOOD MOTORS VOLKSWAGEN S'tS SOUTH SI. Al WOOORUrr l A K f W O O D DUTCH VILLAGE IQ 61" .J_ ".. s f:; * v^icarance jaie '66 Poniiiic $1995 PonncviHr Houltoi* Crx". Hvd'a- mntic 1^ ; 4n^.. r*1io ^ heotpr. p\vr «.rccr--or*ikci, sir o^d. L;c. SUBURBAN PONTIAC I/C39 Bcllilowcr Blvd. SelHlQACr Ph 847^151 "Clearance Sale" '68 Pontiac $2995 CATALINA COUPE, Hvdramotic. Radio £. Healer, pwr. sleerino, PAT. brakes. AIR CONDITION, tic. LlC. - VHV-212. SUBURBAN PONTIAC 1763? Bellflower Blvd. AUTOS FOR SALE Pontioc If 70 '65 Ponfiac Catalina Cpe. V-8, autom. trans., radio/ heater, wsw, rwr. sir., pwr. brk^. YOG 111. Price S144? Krl., Sflt. Sun. onlv. LAMERDIN PONTIAC 30? N. Lonci Be^rh Rivet. " 1975 AUTOS FOR SALE Rambler AUTOS FOR SALE Rambler 1975 Rambler_ ~R A"MBLER~SPECIALS" ~ Special Purchase '65 J'lveliiiSi Ambassadors Robots. Fully rauiDtyQ. some with Air conrtiticninq, very few milei. 8*1- flnce of ircto ~v S-vr./SO.OOQ-milt W'irranlv. i»AVE BIG! '67 Ambass. 4-Dr. $1995 F.iftO'V air, 950. V-S, RAH, pwr. ) ·lett. brakes r.r.v fires, irnmao ! OliTc, 3 year- vwrr.vity. ' '66 Ambass. Wag. $2098 j Sharp! f-'aetorv air, automatic, ra ! ciio heater, pwr. steer. brsVei, ! vmvl interior, 3-vear warranty. ] '65 Classic Hdtp. .$1498 i Factory air, economy 6, automat- I ic. radio healer, out. steering, cxlra r!can, 3-ycar warranty. ! '57 Classic 4-Dr $398 Very clean, low mile?, one owner, all original, aula.-natic, radio | "DON-A-YEE RAMBLER In Bellflower TO 7-72W 15737 Rellflower M Alondra Blvd. '66 RAMBLER American. Autom., 22+ W.P.G. 5995 or beit Oder. ""·· cartv. 433-7530 '63 RAMBLER $299 Harbor Auto Liquidators ·(. RAMRLER Ampr. A cvl RH i 41,000 mi A-l cold. £649 435-1216 I . Dlr ! 'I '6'i RAMBLER Amcr 2-dr like r vinyl too 37.0CO ai ' ' Must see. 427-5923 '69 Rambler 2-Dr. ..$1998 Brand new, delivered In BeHHow. cr, by tht home of friendly scr- VIC DON-A-VEE RAMBLER In BcMilower- TO 7-72*6 1V37 Bellllowcr Blvd. _a1 Alondra "RAMBLER ciaisV -iDV/Svd. w'liic, good con-1. WW. _«S?l/'8 AUTOS FOR SALE Rambler 1?7S '62 RAMBLER Amcr. J-dr., o'hduted eng., new tires. Onlv PVN 134. Only «»S. Olr. M-M43. CE MrX». Studebaker 1910 '61 STUDEBAKER, ^uwr charged, disc brks., new lires, runs uood, S3_75. ^~d!$2 '« "SIUDEBAKEK. 3J.OOO nil?." DCf"- fcct stiaae. Needs bod* work on trunk, S295 or offer. 438-7367 LAKEWPD CHRYSLER $ 29 DOWN DELIVERS ANY USED CAR ON APPROVED CREDIT '64 Pon Vfi. auto . Pontioc "Clearance Sale" i '66 Pontiac $1495 I "LE MANS" Hardlon ere- outn- matic transmission, radio neater Lie. RHF-56S. SUBURBAN PONTIAC 17639 Bellflower Blvd. Bcllilower Ph. S67-4151 "Clearance Sals" '65 Pont. GTO $1395 Automatic Transmission, Radio 8, Heater, etc. Lie. JQY-670. SUBURBAN PONTIAC 17639 Suliflower Blvd. BelHlower Ph. 667^151 '66 Pontiac 2495 Brouflfiam, automatic/ pwr. steering, pwr. brakes, iactorv Olr .cond., RH, Landau top. Lie. « PEAIRS BROS. BUICK CLOSED 15734 Bellili ·.endows. PCG" Fri.. Srtt., Sun. onl LAMERDIN I ono ~GTO I 3S9 C ' _ '6S PONTIAC GTO 64 PONTIAC GTO. V-S. bucket seats. RSH. ~ ""PARKWOOD 5059 Lokcvjooii Blvd. .6 . PONTIAC Priccn for at RVB71S leage, pwr. str. cond. SHOO. Call p.m. 6S PONTIAC Grnnd \ DV.T. 3/ea clec. aft,._s_p brks. new tires. '66 PONT. Bonn, scd. air, all pwr., owner. 52350. 633-7449 Good cond. 634-542J per wheels. S13SO 862-6210 Ph. 867-il5I Sale" .. $1395 rnmstic trans.. Owr. steor A on. NBV- ^ONTIAC pr Bivrl Pn. 3-"' list jrand Prix R^din, rrfltrr. \ ' Price' SIW 3 ONT!AC rarh Bivri NE 9- WAS M scats. Extra S14W DCHEV. d. WE 3-0/31 V-S, ^-spcert, . Lxtra shorn! SU9S D CHEV, d. ME 3-0731 0. Au!oniiliic. sale! Lie. No. ^1975 IOUIDATION Blvd. ^35-9124 Prix. Low mi- brks. Excel. 33-4503 n(t. 5 a Prix, air, hul s. Low mi. 633- vkends. 2 auto, Dwr str, rlv. party I1S9S rlx. New trarib., tape, many ex- Hdtoo pwrstr. Brakes oaint. 95. 433-8490 Brougham 4-dr. r., sterL-o, ong. 49 2-dr. hdto., air, 1, RM. 1?. eves. RH, pwr brks. -1, 4 soccd, Cra- 62-6220 Bcllilowcr Ph. £67-4151 CLEARANCE SALE '66 Pontiac $1695 Lciians Hdtp. COUDC, automatic transmission, radio hrntrr, pwr. siccnna, pwr. brokcs, cic. Lie. s SUBURBAN PONTIAC 17M9 Be-Ill lower Blvd. Rrlldowcr P!i. S67 .'.151 , "*" 'T 4 "Clearance Sale" '67 Pontiac . $2695 Firr Bird 'MOO" IMrnmAtic 1r«nv misilon. Rfirlio S, heater, pv.r. steer ilia. pwr. hroV.cs. nir condition, rlc. 1 iC. r XIU-393 SUBURBAN PONTIAC 17639 Bollflov.'B! Blvd. Bcllllnvjor Ph. S67-41S1 '66 I'OfJ TIAC GTO V-S, Auto., power sir., RAH, vinyl roof, hucketv SOD 7'0 S19?5 PARKWOODCHEV. SOS3 Lakowool Blvd. ME 3-0781 '67 FIREBIRD. ? rinor hnrdton V8. automatic transmission, radio, liuutcr, poxvcr steerinn, factory v.arrontv, sacrifice 51949. Will finance OAC. 43-1-5709 dh. J 6S P O N T I A C GOHN^VILLb HUTP. AH oowcr, air cond., Lnnddu top. Musi sell! SUB 412. SI1SO. KFHCAR STOR. LIQUIDATION 1500 Lino Bwch Blvd. J35-9124 '64 PONTIAC Bonnevillc cpe, lo ml- leaBC. new tires carb. S1500. 867-0500 after 5:30 p.m. '63 PONT. G r a n d P r i x . Air, pwr. stru. S. brakes. New paint. Exrl. fond. E995. S65-2462 '68 PONT. Firebird Cordovan lop. RH, pwr. str. hrks. Less than 7,000 mi. $2300. HA 9-8783 mi. TBI 665. S2099. Osborn's, 20th Cherry. '6*5 PONT. GTO. 4-SDd., 389 W/3 2'S. Clean. $1600. 597-8103 '66 PONTIAC GTO, immac. vinyl too, air. 428-5848 '64 PONTIAC Grand Prix. Pwr. nir. Pnv. otv. 597-1169 '64 PONTIAC Lemans. Excel, ccnrf, vorv Clean. $995- 633-7627 '6-1 PONT. Bonncvillc fact air full THE MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE In the world ride in your car. Play it safe with one of our al- moil new late model, winterized automobiles! Try one this week! '65 AMBASSADOR 4-Dr. Scd! Auto, trans., radio heater, owr. itr. £ brks., V/-W tires. Low milcaoe. Two-tone blue. Imniac. = 70B3A. JtOC^ FULL PRICE . **Of 'AS AMBASSADOR i-Dr. Setf Auto, trans , radio a heater, owr. sir. brakes. Fact. air. Like New. S| *|QT ;= B9!0. ONLY . .... * O 3 * '£S REBEL St. Wng. V-S, nulo." trans., RH, DWr. sir. Lo, In miles. Fact, warranty. Local 1 own. Don't miss it SOOOQ at this price. ^7004A.^'*»« '68 REBEL Conv. Auto trans., full Dower. F'actorv air conditioned, fact, warranteed. Only 9000 actual miles, just tike new. =A202. 5 24fi*i FULL PRICE . . AfUa 'M AMERICAN 3-Dr. Sed. Stick, RSH. None cleaner than this one. Only 33,000 actual miles. Our ?-vr written warranty on this lit Me beauty. s*3C =7!OOA. 30% Dn. Per Mo. «*^ '67 REBEL 770 2-Dr. Hdlp. AutO^ Iran 5., radio heater, pwr. str. brks., V-3. Low mileane. Factory warranty. ^rB209. This car is spotless and a s| Pfi4 real buy al *OW^ '£3 AMBASSADOR DPL 2-Dr. Hdtp., wilh white vinyl roof, full oowcr, fact air. Fact, warranty. -7177A. Lo* miles and pr,«d .0 J 2 796 'A8 JAVELIN SST 2-Dr. Hdtp. V-8 with everything including fact, air, vinyl too A fact, warranty. =B201. Like new from bumper to bumper. *27fi4 FULL PRICE........ *"«^* Holiday Rambler 1427 LB. Bl. HE 4-9001 "304IA .. '62 Full pwr., outo., R8I- JRG 9 3 2 . . . ·56 4-Dr. Sed. qood. Lie. K ·63 Cl mp. SS. onto, Nlcf S5J345 '63 Falrlnnn H RAH. = 3077A .. 2-Door speed packog "Car o one, an LA 491 9 Cc '62 CHEVROLET Sedan, R*H, auto., FACT. AIR COND. OND., V-8 $688 ·Si BUICK ^J98 ROLET ckch. V.8, «748 '63 FORD $ 588 ·58 VOLVO Runs good. Ideal 2nd cor. LER57I.... '61 RAMBLER Sta. Wag. i-cyl., $OQO auto. Ltc. FJM 282.. *OO '67 HDRD Cuitom, V - 8 , auto, irons., pwr. dr. $11flO S h o r p ! X C G 5 9 S IJOO '65 CORVAIR Mono 2-Dr. Hardtop. Very sharp! ·66 VOLKSWAGEN 2-door. 7EP 7 8 1 . A lot. $1188 model at only.. . ·62 FORD V-8, auio. trans., powir steering $Afift Lie. SOJA662 T ^OO '64 VALIANT Sedan. t-Cyl., tid. shift, RSH. Nice car S90I2 ·69 PONTIAC Catalina. AIR COND.. un- dor 1.500 mi. Bal. new car $ 3568 '63 DODGE 2-Dr. GT Dart, buckets. RSH. auto. Vory iharp! = I035A . BRAND NEW 1969 ROAD RUNNERS 1.Door Coupe, 383 4V-V8, 4- 5 ns., noiso reduction JQ CHOOSE FROM .,-. special paint, etc. R E A D Y ,,,,. of the Year." Road test ,, ,, ,, " . ' ,, ,, o n c . a n d s e o f o r y o u r s s l f ! # 2 1 1 9 FOR DELIVERY LAKEWOOD CENTER CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH 'On th« North Side of Lakewood Center" 4919 Candlewood at Clark Ave. AUTOS TOR SALE AUTOS FOK SALE J YOU GET FAST RESULTS WITH CLASSIFIED ADS! PRICE WAR FINAL 72 HRS. JIM SNOW SAYS ALL FORDS ARE ALIKE, ONLY THE PEOPLE THAT SELL THEM ARE DIFFERENT WE BELIEVE WE TRY HARDER TO SAVE YOU MONEY WE HAVE SOLD OVER 7000 Cars-THERE MUST BE A REASON WHY! BRAND NEW 1969 CAMARO $ 2369 SERIAL* 123379L516466 NEW 1969 MALIBU "SPT. CPE" $ 2269 SERIAL # 135379Z313504 DESCRIPTION FULL PRICE MO. PYMTS. DESCRIPTION ·MT-WRD. (·oclory oir eondilio lic Irani., full po*et including pwr. J*atl, pwr. windowi, pwr, brakti. Big- 390 V.fl. Geoig* Chivrolet ii having a big tali. Lie. 'NAL636. _ $ 795**26 approved cr«dit. '67 CHEV. Fully factory «quipp«d, V - 8 , automatic Iremminion; G*t off that couch and hurry on down to Otoigt Chevrolet. Lie. *WWG 557. $' 795 * $ 19 ·67 CHEV. 'BEL AIR' A loaded cpe. V-8, automatic Iransmissoon, pwr. ileenng. Lie. No. TUY690. 63 BUICK RIVIERA itom Light blui V-B, out, focloiy oir cot W-S-W tun. (vpiy wo to finane*. Don'i woit tlut. Lie. n5NU953 $ 895 * $ 29 '65 MUSTANG "2-Dr." Hoidtop, porulcr, hoid to lind model. Rodio, healer, outomoiie Poppy red. Lie. * PAF036. $ 895 * $ 29 '67 DODGE "Co-Dnpi" Dfiloic, V-8, rod.o, Fofner Cor"-A itGcorge Chevrolet $ 1095* $ 24 '65 BUICK RIVIERA Luiur* you can afford. Pwr. Steer, radio t heater, factory air cond. Will put you in the jet lei. "If ciling."Lic.fPBK921. $ 1495 * $ 33 BRAND NEW 1969IMPALA HDTP. 2469 SERIAL* 163379C011865 NEW 1969 CHEY. 1/2-TON PICKUP $ 2169 SERIAL # CS149Z820720 FULL PRICE MO. PYMTS. DESCRIPTION '68 CHEVELLE USED Automali W-S-W tint, linltd s what yau'vi woiltd ft volu*. Lie. if VSZ 617. S hie ilon. $ 1669 * $ 36 USED '68 IMPALA Impala Hdtp., factory oir cond. power ttvtiing, radio A h»ot*r, W-S-W tirti, tinted gloit. .. Lie. *VFU971 '1969 * $ 43 P*r ma. (or 36 mot. on approved credit. '67 CHEV. MALIBU Station wagon, top of the line, V-8, pwt. iteefing, automatic tionimiisiort. radio t. htattc, a (ool family winner. Idtal far work* T V R 2 H . 1395 * $ 30 65 BUICK WILDCAT ractory air conditioning. pow«r il»ring, power hrah|t r automatic tram, radio heattr, tinted glait. Loaded. Get off that couch and hurry down. Lie. f RDV 457. $ 1195* $ 27 Per ma. for 36 mot, on approved credit '65 CHEV. IMPALA radio'i heoler, V-8; A car you down to Georgn Chevrolet whet* the big tale ii on! Lie. fVWV 438. $ 795 * $ 26 Per mo. for 24 mo I. on apptoved credit., '62 CHEV. WAG. Thny voted down tho rapid trai matu Irnni , V-8, fully fact $ 395 * '13 '65 RAMBLER 990 2.Doot, hordlop. todio* hi.ol.,. Per ma. for 24 mot, en approved credit. '64 DODGE Polora 500, V-8, outomolic transmission, RH, pwr. steering, bucket seats, console. Lie. No. OYN249. '64 FORD Galcii. 500 XL, V-8, pow.r itvtring, 4-ipted. A gtm of an automobile at a prict anyone can afford. Sit the tale otGeorge Chevrolet. Lie. f NYP245. 63 CHRYSLER 300 ace car, bucUt itati, coniol*. licater. V-8. Lie. tt VWN583. '63 CHEV. Stnlian wagon; aulomntic troni- mittton, V-8, power steering. Th« ideal car for the wife at only penniei a day. Lie. #UUY433. '64 CHRYSLER "Newport", 4-door, fully factory ·quipped. You must »«* thii. A good tfontportation buy. ·NOGB75 '62 CADILLAC Sedan d« ViSle. Full power, FnT- foi ihotr wha unjay a luiury cnr. S-r. * '64 FORD Econoline Sport Van, 10-pcmenger wogon, for the outdoor family man.Lic.No.VWY157. ABOVE PAYMENTS COMPUTED WITH 1 /3 DOWN - PRICES PAYMENTS DO NOT INCLUDE TAX LICENSE. GEORGE CHEVROLET 17000 LAKEWOOD BLVD., BELLFLOWER PHONE WA 5-2251 FOR COURTESY CREDIT CHECK and FREE APPRAISAL 63 CHEVROLET FINAL CLOSE-OUT ONLY 9 LEFT UP $1000 TO DISCOUNT H. CARS ME 4-7530 U. CARS 531-0791 ·All payment! bastJ on *8 months tintncinj with 'A down on approved credit. All payment! include tai license and '69 MUSTANG SPORT COUPE Model #01. Bucket stab, loam padded adjustable, carpels, nylon molded, courtesy lights, door switches, upholstery all vinyl. Fuel tank 20 gallon, broke, foot operated. Stic. #}]5, Str. 139680 Full Price A^W7 T L ££ «*50«' ' 69 T-BIRD SPORT COUPE Hodtl #83, 439" 4 V-8 cyl., 360 HP tnaine, alternator, automatic parking brake release, electric clock, emergency flasher, nonglare rear view, padded instrument panel and visors. Power front brakes, rear drum. Power steering, power ventilation, radio, AM push button. Stk. #520, Ser. 69 FAIRLANE SPORT COUPE Model -,?30, courtly lights, lull tank 20 gallon. Keyle^i door locking system. Keys reversible. Parking brake, foot operated. Upholstery, cloth vinyl. Stk, SI USED CAR DEPT. I JIM SHOW FORD ONf-HALF BLOCK NORTH OF ALONDRA ON PARAMOUNT BLVD. IN PARAMOUNT Ml 3.1107 OPEN TILL 9:00 DAILY SUNDAY

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