Independent from Long Beach, California on February 10, 1958 · Page 4
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 4

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 10, 1958
Page 4
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Paqe.A-4-- INDEPENDENT c ""'" """' " k - 10/ ' m PROBE TO CONTINUE Counsel Battles Ouster WASHINGTON OH!)--Chair- tnaiJ+Morgan M. Moulder (D- MoXj-said Sunday he would presston with his 'investigation of tht* Federal -Communications Conutiissioneven it his disscn- sioiffprn House subcommittee fireslts chief counsel. Moulder reluctantly predicted that a majority of the subcommittee would vote .to 'oust the'embattled counsel, Bernard Schwartz, at a closed door meeting today. He ' said . he would oppose the ouster move, but'conccded it probably would be successful. Or(e committee source friendly ifl Schwartz said that .only Moajder and Rep. John E. Moss ' (D-fcalif) on the 11-member group were certain to vote to retain Schwartz, a former New York: University professor. J. · * » » * AT THE S A M E time, Schwartz also threatened to carry his case to the public if he 5s ousted. He said "I do [not Intend to resign" and would issue a public, statement if forced out. He said he would ignore hints that he step down voluntarily to avoid a public Sphwartz has been the target!'of criticism by some subcommittee members, FCC commissioners and industry repre- serrt'atives because of his investigative techniques. They fell he was too rough on FCC ' Chairman John C. Doerfer. ·Jjl-oulder said the -anti Schwartz feeling among sub committee, m e m b e r s wa brought. to a head over the weekend by a published charg tliatTie improperly. billed th silbctJnmittce for S400 to cove expenses for four, weekend trip to New York in August. * (.. . * * * * JVt,O TJ L » E R DEFENDED Schwartz in the controvers Schwartz dismissed the expens apcusations as "the sheeres nonsense." ·Rep. Oren Harris (D-Ark chairman of the full Hous Commerce Committee, said h did "not want to see any injus tice done to anyone" and, tha he'-had not charged any wrong doing to Schwartz. But Harris, said that th alleged padding of Schwartz expense account was somethin the subcommittee should exam toe to "determine the facts." Harris said Schwartz shoul resign if he'made."a deliberal effort by an unusual method to receive payment for costs o moving from. New. York to BERNARD SCHWARTZ M'on't Resign Vashington, in the face of a rohibition . against collecting uch expenses. * * * '"« PENDING THE.-meeting to- ay,, both Schwartz and Mould declined to identify the sub- ommittee m e m b e r s who parked .the drive to oust chwartz. Moulder told newsmen that he anti-Schwartz .feeling on he subcommittee had been wilding up for some time, pre umably since Schwartz began digging, into the'activities o Je FCC arid five other govern ment regulatory agencies. Moulder made it plain that .he ouster of Schwartz would bt deter him .from/pursuing Jie subcommittee's investlga- ion. . ' ' . . ' · ,The'group'was empowered to etermine-if members of these uasi-judicial agencies were uilty of improper conduct or if hproper-influence was brought o bear o n them. . ' . . . Moulder. conceded that" the firing ' of the. chief · counsel might force' a. "break" in the ontinuity of the subcommit- ee's hearings,., now tentatively cheduled'to resume next week · ! . * . ' * * *· · · 'IN THE MEANTIME," he said, 'Twill try to do all'.that I can to -find a new chief counsel." . . · ' · · _ The meeting lday -was orig- nalJy called to hear Schwartz and other staff members air secret' data they compiled'' to bolster their charges of improper conduct on the part of FCC Commissioner Richard A. Mack Moulder said-he intended t ask the subcommittee to pursu the- Mack inquiry publicly,'- a motion that was expected t spark the demand for'Stihwartz ouster. Meanwhile, Commerce Sec retary. Sinclair Weeks denie the charge of Columnist Drei Pearson that he tried to pres sure the, FCC to grant th Boston Herald and Traveler television channel .in Boston. REVERE, MasSj # -- Five icrsojis perished ;and 13 .were escued Sunday, when a : spec- acular explosioh-WTacked'fire urne'd a 1 ' four, -'story! .wooden oomlrig house' into ''a raging ferno in this resort city. , SFiref ighters from four com- uni'ties'whtf battled the blaze ere hampered ' by near-zero mperatures.. Almost as : soon s water .left, hoses, it froze on oritact. ' . ' . . . '·' .'. ; . : ". " : The -· blaze, ; . apparently start.' ng. in .the -rear; of ;the .building which once was' a hotel, mushroomed upwards, sending flames looting' through 'the roof and u't. of-windows. · · ' · · - . * » . * * · THE DEAD--most of them o badly burned it took hours o identify'them^--were listed as Villiam Jenkins,.'55,.Mrs. Alice IcCarthy, 50', -Benjamin .Fredricks, '70, Agnes Erickson,. 70 (AdvertlauncDt) Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Finda Healing Substance That Relieve* Pain, Stop* Hcliing as it Shrinks Hemorrhoidi ; New York, N. Y. (Special)For the first time science has found a new healing substance with the astonishing ability to shrink .hemorrhoids, stop, itching, and relieve pain-without surgery. In one hemorrhpid case after another,"vcry striking improvement" was reported and verified by doctors' observations. Pain -was relieved promptly. And, while gently^relieving pain, actual reduction or retraction (shrinking) took place. And most amazing of all -this improvement was- maintained in cases -where ·doctors' observations were .continued over s period of rbany, months! In fact, .results were 80 .thorough -that sufferers..were-»bl« to make such asfonishing state- mcnts as "Piles have ceased to be a problem!" And among; these sufferers.were a very wide va riety of heinorrhoid conditions some of 10 to 20 years' standing All this, -without the \tse'o narcotics, anesthetics or astrin gents of any kind. The secret i a new healing substance (Bio Dyne*)--thp discovery of a ·world-famous research institu tion. Already, Bio-Dyne is i: wide use for .healing iniure tissue on all parts of the body This new healing, eubstanc Is offered inauppositoryot ointment form- called Prcpvmtio H.* Ask for individually sealed convenient Preparation H suppositories or Preparation .H t . i '.-j.. r *n_ ··_! Italy OKsTJ.N. Pact -.UNITED ' NATIONS; -N. : · Y UP)--Italy : has become the.'SStl government ' to accede to an Lgreement- exempting the .Unit ed Nations from : taxation an ts officials from arrest on. na ;ional territory. and Rebecca Friedman, 60. "Fred;McCarthy, 53,' who:mif- ered severe burns,: was taken o .Revere': Hospital .-where ,his ·onditiori'was reported' as criti; cal.''';.." '.'· ' . ' , ' . ' ; ' - . . - ' ;,v ...^h'tf tragedy would have"beeri worse · except for ,-Uie,; effort*, of courageous: firefighters;-;. . ·When the first units reached the scene, McCarthy; trapped in iis third.floor .apartment, was 'creaming for aid. . / GARDENA--Detectives said Sunday;, thejfwere. unable to find "any rhyine^or reason'.' to the'brutal slaying^of ,a. pretty 19-year-old; girl'.-who was. shot six times, by 'an..unidentified kffler. as-; she-sat'with her sister's.'children.;. . Bonnie'Noreen;,Morton, an ttractive' blon'de,: was found yingXfrom: Her /wounds; ; when her sister,' Mrs. iJeanine Lyles, returned : home early. Saturday^ SEVERAL firefighters carried a ladder up the v adjoining juilding 'and .pushed it; acros! to -McCarthy's, window. One of their number ipcariously edged his.'way across the ice covered make-shift bridge to grab McCarthy as the stricken, man .was about to fall from hi window. .1. . .-;; · . ; . ': Passerb'y .Joseph. Silva;.. .4! and Harold Sweeney, 25, : both of Revere,: rushed into., th bulldiig : despite -'.dense" smoke and rescued an elderb' partially blind man floundering helplessly and shouting .'.'I can't see,. I 'can't -see."" . ". ' ' · Several tenants alerted others asleep in the building before fleeing. Police and ..sheriff's .'deputies immediately .began questioning her boy friends;-on the: theory the killer: might: have .teen' a TEN TRUCKS TO SERVE YOU USO O R A N G E A V E youth whew attention* ih« ipurned 1 . Girl friends' also were questioned^ · ; - . " . : " : ; ····· Officers said they had found-: no" suspects or even a motive for the crime, but were "rechecking". some v of the stories' of her' acquaintances. .. MortComforiWearing SWPV U b pMOMBU» **^^ IODM ptau (Unoamfan. --T--; u lmpro»»|. powa«. »rtnfJ»J oa ; uppw wul lawn pUU* bold* tb«m flinur «o »ll«t tin? IMl n»W ·«""-'· ferubl*. No"vammr. .fowr.. or (Mlin*. If« alfilin* not l |TirrH ·JUVB HW».«W« ^*«i i i t ,i^ (cUntiar* brt»tb). a**.'*": tocter kt uy wuc MonML BRUSH-UP SPECIAL--12 LESSONS $Q50 Includtt 6 privati ond 4 clait Imoni ___ -- V Join 0*r HarrM Cotpltt Club STARLITE DflNCE STUDIO Long Biagh-Likiwaitf, 2211 Likiwood Blvd. it Sturm PHONE: GE 4-1715 and kitchen work becomes easier to take Would jou ever guess that the average American family uses up more than 240 pounds of steel a year -just in tin cans? Tin cans are steel, you know--sheet steel with a tin coating. The ladies are all for this .kind of cancan. Cuts out more and more kitchen drudgery. Makes healthful, balanced diets easier to whip up. Do you know why steel is tops for making the cans that bring you everything from soup to nuts, from beer to soft drinks? Because the tin can -- in addition to keeping your food fine arid wholesome-won't break. It is stronger and less expensive than any other container. And it is BO cheap you can discard it when you've used- it. Sted... metal of a million utet AMERICAN IRON AND STEEL INSTITUTE ISO E««t Forty-»«coi»d »tr»«t. N«w York City Couple happily locks door on life of cator. Preparation. H is sold^nt . . all drug counters. Satisfaction . guaranteed or money*ef unded. · ' ' '·' ' 28 years Mr. «nd Mrs. Sidney P. Brools recently bid a lait goodbye to the home they've occupied since their mar^ riage. Mr. Broob explained that now. that their daughter, Margaret, is married and their son, George, is with the U.S. Army in Germany, the family home on, Euclid Avenue was just too big.. "We've added several rooms over the years," he said; ".and 'we^ere just rattling around in the place. So we, and bought another about half this size in another part of. town. W« had to figure out what to do^ with all our,extra furniture. WelVBekins solved that The Bekins people, 'arc not only, moving us*-they're Coring our surplui furniture, so it will be available_when Peggy and George are ready for it." Recently married, Margaret Brooks 'stored her wedding presents · with ' Bekins, awaiting completion of her new home. Her silverware is stored with special care. Her china and all . other fragiles are 1 carefully wrapped in Bekins exclusive Safe-T-Pak. The'world's largest.moving and-storage organizi-. .tion, Bekins has developed 101 engineered, moving service which.combines speed and unusual economy. Services include:. (I) moving, storage,- and packaging .of household goods;-(2) moving and storage of office and electronic equipment and business records; (3), moving, storage, and pack- ' aging of industrial products an4,exhibits. For complete information on moving,.storage, or packing, call tne Bekins office that serves your community, : : Son George's civilian clothes .were stored in Bekins Porto-Wardrobes. They'll hang uniyrinkled and protected untiThis retiirn from.Kiyice. HEmlock 6-5261 1430 E. Anaheim St. Long Beach \ GArfiekl 4-8551 2101 E. Canon Laktwood NEwmark 1-6195 2111 N. Long Beach Bl. Compfon ' . TErm;nal4-ll57 245 N. Fries Ave. Wilmington

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