Independent from Long Beach, California on May 17, 1957 · Page 20
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 20

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1957
Page 20
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' Page A.20--INDEPENDENT . 1»| IwK. Calif., Pri, Mir 17. W1 THE GOLDEN Retired Man Can Give Wife Break Denies Any Converging on Capital Party Rift Here, from a woman, Is a loving message for men of retire-, rncnt age. It's from a woman · who married a man for better or worse, and found after 63 that he WHS won*? than even the minister could have ex pooled. · · The woman lives, appropriate' ly. In our Incubator of freedom, Washington, D. C. "It has been suggested by you," she says, "that an unre llrrd wife mlcht straighten out her retired hmbnnd by coing nwnv nomewhere for a three- week visit. Then he'd appreciate her. "If I went away for three, weeks, my husband would simply eat whatever was In the house, and when It was gone he would KO over to our daughter's house and eat there. When she couldn't stand him any longer, he would go to a restaurant. "Meanwhile, at h o m e , the bills would pile up with the . dust. He would spend all the m o n e y he had for food am would leave all the work for m to do when I got back. "I know, because I left one . for three week*. He slept In a the' beds until they were In sue it heap he could no longer sice without making them. So h Jmt started sleeping on th couch, leaving the beds alon with the dishes for me to tak care of when I g*t b n c k . . . . · · · · ACCORDINO to the Wn«h Incton woman, her husband ha been retired for a year and . half at this point. And hls,prld wasn't hurt by It at all, sh ·ays, because "he doesn't hav any pride." . . "I am tired of 'nursing' thl mnn of mine. I am tired, porloc Tired of working while he Jus sits. Tired of working 10 tlmei harder than I did when ho wen off to a Job. "As for reaching an agree, tnrnt on how the TWO of ui will retire together--he won'l even discuss It. lie says he Isn't tupposed to do anything nny more, and that a woman can': retire. "I have thought of getting « Job myself. We need the money, · but mostly It would be an es- . cape from this work-prison that used to be a happy home for me But suppose I got a Job. Wouli I come home to a clean house to well-cooked meals, to a pleasant atmosphere where I coulc sit dowi, and read the papers and watch television? I would? If you think so. 'you don't know men! I'd rome home to do everything I always did, only the house would be 10 times dirtier. "I wish you would tell re llred men that their wives de. serve a break, too. Tell them that most wives have worked harder than they ever did--and had to bear the children, too, Have husbands ever taken care nf children, 12 hours a day, day after day after day? And when these children grow up and move away, don't mothers de ierve a little rest?" SHK CONTINUES! ' "Tell retired husbands who In- list on staying hsme to go out one* In a while and let their wives relax. Tell them that wives get terribly tired of tele« vision all the time, especially when the man always Is tuning In sports. Tell them. Tell them wives like to have women drop In oecnslpnnlly Just for«a visit, that Wives like to go out of the house now and then wlthqut nan trailing along. "Whatever happened to the flshlne and the checkers retired men were »npposed to have an affair with when they retired? "For all men who have read this far--thanks for the shoul der. I'll return the handkerchief iome other time. I'm too busy drying my tears with It now..." Could It be possible. Mr. Retired Man. that your wife feels Just like this? And Is too nice, too timid, too much In love with you to say It? . t · LET IT RAIX. let It shine. Everyday Is a good day to uso the Classified Ads. GOPChiet trategy for the 1958 elections, , · · * · , THE TWO-DAY meeting will stress B "facc-to-facc" exchange of party organization and cam' pnlcn Ideas between top national SOP leaders and *tutc Rcpublt can officials. Representatives from Ohio, In dlana, Illinois. Michigan, Wis consln. Missouri and West Vlr- ;lnla will take part In the talks. Alcorn said the heavy amount of mall to Congressmen asking 'or budget cuts reflected only one side of Republican thinking. 'A lot, of people are Inclined to underestimate the feeling of ·n a n y Republicans," he »ald. 'There has been a great deal ';uld on one side, but, until now, not very much on the otHer." 50,000 Foes of Racism Powell (D-N.V.) and Dlggi (D- hood of Sleeping Car Port*r». CINCINNATI. O h i o «1K) -GOP National Chairman Monde Alcorn said here Thursday that President KUenhower'8 dispute with Congrem over budget cuts Is just "a difference of opinion, not a party split." Alcorn «nld he felt the Pre»l dent's televised appeal for pub. tic support of his budget will result In a "reasoned compromise." Alcorn'made the statement'"EStone, who gained wealth, after arriving for a scvcn-state tatna and affection a« a speak- iglonal COP conference to map easy queen in the roaring twen WASHINGTON Wi--An ex. peeled 50,000 opponents of racial segregation began arriving Thursday for a threc^hour 'prayer pilgrimage for freedom" at the Lincoln Memorial today, ' Sponsors of the event said the bulk of the participants, comlhg from all parts of the country, would pour In by bus, automo- Belle's Estate Nil NEW YORK Wl -- Belle Llv- ties, left an estate valued at less than $1,000 when she died Feb. at the age of 92. bile, train and plane this mom Ing. Police officials have cancelled all leaves to help handle the ex peeled traffic Jam. The ceremonies, which will feature speeches, prayers and religious songs, were called to mark the third anniversary of the Supreme Court's decision outlawing segregation In the public schools. In addition to urging that this decision be put Into Immediate effect, the pilgrims seek passage of civil rights legislation In Con* gress and an end to acts of racial discrimination, especially In the South. Speakers listed Include Reps. 1 llch.) Cochalrmcn of the program are Roy Wll'clni, executive ccrctary of the National Association for the Advancement f Colored Peoplf, the Rev. Mar. In Luther Kin;; Jr., leader of ha Montgomery, Ala., Improvement Assn., and '. Philip Randolph, president i.. the Brother- Jack Ralhbone, board chairman of a group calling Itself a chapter of "Defenders of State Sovereignty and Individual Liberties" in Arlington County, Va., wired government police officials to be on tho alert for "possible civil dlsturriincn and other overt acts that this vast · horde of presiure lobbyist! could set off." Which Scotch drink alts you bat?. BRACKEN MORTGAGE CO. I A THIRD GENERATION BUSINESS MAXIMUM 1ST t 2ND REALESTATE LOANS nu, ' lM| TlTB iHttll PirMtt ll ST PEII $1000 III! u u m m IUGH ·boil HE 1-7941 ·Hi Hut ton »· I *.M. uiirtir H » »·*. I»M|«« OM« MWM HI Milt Well then, doesn't It stand to reason It'll tuit you tetter II lh« Scotch IjijH H easy to Ukrt GIIBEYS" SCOTC Scotch that's easy to take! KM**, Isjjrj* I** *»Wtr*.ll«UM 7» DIWEY BURKMEYER My to iMtff 1* »l«»lnm ·» «*»» M WM« 4llMM · » · Hirbor Chevrolet Corp, Cw. .AMMM * AllMil., LI. IT'S FOR EVERYTHING TO for Spring SAVE ON TOP-QUALITY LADDERS i|«n*iwn l a u u v i $2795 IS.ft. aluminum filiation liddtr woj $40.00. NOW 20'H. wood utinilon liddir wai $22.00. NOW E'ft. aluminum liddir wot $16.50. NOW 2fti aluminum it«p stool wq, $8.50. NOW |UVI »12 75 REDUCED! Trimview Aluminum Screen Doors With Automatic Closer Rustproof-lightweight and durable. Adjusts to any size. Easy to Install -£Mj up in minutes. $34.65. NOW REG IN A- America's No. 1 Floor Polisher Twin brush construction /f6B" with your Reglna purchase! · i 3lb.canofTrewax(I5,07val,), THE RI6HT PAINT FOR iVIRY PURPOSE FENCES AND TRELLISES-RedwoDd tone Stain $4.57 gal. Clear Redwood finish $5.86 gal. FURNITURE AND WROUGHT IRON-Decoret Velvet Black. $2.57 LAWN FURNITURE AND fiADGETS-Decoret tnamei. $2.65 ALI-CIEAR FUSTIC VARNISH $2.17 TH1 KI6HT CltflHIR FOR AH EASIIIR JOB GRE-SOF CLEANER-for walls and ceilings. No rinsing- no wiping necessary. 1 Ib. pack »ge 354 ,, - . 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FOLDINGCHAIRS EXTRA LARGE THROW-AWAY BAG! NOTHING DOWN PAY ONLY 50c A WEEK NO RED TAPE TO OPEN YOUR ACCOUNT- IMMEDIATE CREDIT APPPOVAL! F U R N I T U R E S T O R E S LAKEWOOD PLAZA, 6414 Sprint Sl.-GA 9-5919 BELLFLOWER, 16810 Bellflowtr BI.-TO 7-2745 WILMINGTON, 909 Avalon Blvd.--TE 4-4548 Long Beach I899 E. Anih*ln .. HE 6-5211 317 American . . . . HE 2-5444 r TM» ,, fonkSrwpJ OPEN MON. FRI. UNTIL 9 P, M.

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