Independent from Long Beach, California on February 20, 1964 · Page 36
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 36

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1964
Page 36
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t CABBAGE, BUT HONESTY !;.;;?AYS REWARD ^.; NEW ORLEANS WV- « ,., ^looked Eke i handsome ' little cabbage when Wfflxrt Roth picked It op Wednes'"'day, bnt tt was $1,600 la .)'. bilU. -.. '.-.. H« found It on the floor 1.' i by a betting window at the Fair Grounds Race Track. · W h a t happened after Roth tamed la the bun"*. · die tt the office. Soon John -- Mistlch of New Orleans . showed op to report a loss. .{SMistlch peeled off a $20 * 'Jain hi appreciation. **Roth bet $4 across the Board In the next race and v, cashed his tickets for $49. f n ouble 'Anita SANTA ANITACHARTS Carrnght »u »» Trlanelg PutDuntn. I WO-UVKTII IACI. ra Mies eel t»rl 4 rear eUs aa eg. aasa«e4l Ageoaacea. Tea wHetile. rgrst tUJH. Tt wltMr Hr» teceej CM, tvrt Orsa, Item tan* leec*. Cera.. T»«rt. ret. a T»M INDcP£NDENT-f «9« C-3 ( _ , Ti'lVH) Fearers, · XUMetg Ma. «X3 . t5 coach at Poly High (Lee Fore- SMI KMIvej, sung _^_^_^ 114 |l t Roma. Tore*. AreoM IU J i ·-- g-nurS^riis \ I ar, Crena^d atoe II n II tcfcerft, Kost IU t molt Control. So he got them v r I ABOUt ""^S W^tf ield (meet coordinator) lot VBTN gart, woe grnnng. wia.; C. 4. ar Prmceauffl*-CourtrsrJ eMV--Eieirril R»Ct. r% a«* I ear ekts. ARewaaees. tt ~V~ Vi~ . "I GET BACK and 1 m un SO YOU WANT A TRACK MEET? (Continued From Page C-l) |"Coach, are we gonna get anyigood idea to get ready for tls breadT j meet, so we go back to tha I say, 'Sure, but you won't: hotel, get deaned up and paid if we don't have! come dashing back just in meet, and it ttarts in] time for the opening at 730." Would you like to do it look at Mil'again, BUI? not for at 5 ieddod ii.Sk FS fiises' f~tnKA.' RUMBLHO TIARS s~ Start toot Iron aatt, woa driving. I raced erira leaders while ea. extreme eyS- Winner-Jrr K. «. K Kliardo--RiMe. s«Je tt ureto. me. weakened - --- · Trained fev H. King. aAutud aool U4I.4!JJ RtMOTE CONTROL was ett Revive was art slow to seme gitoleicved u» last gorg Sg tar lure and was best ttrsoe. clcsetf mm · rusk between tercel la steady wmle tec* el t wan of horses la iast turiang to get u» M fenal horses, (ailed la rally as Itretdl wtien strides. ROMAK TORCH race* wiltl lead- Clear. _. ers wnile between Iwnes. neld ea tame.) SCRATCHED^iracomier. Blue Tract, - to last mnong. avtooeo mnousl«mai wort. Rtdimr Horst,_Ow»er 5»flMa»ers iunu Oeerwood~tt7 JKJ ·*«·».*' Ret* IU S9M Vert 1 1 Mark. Cenneltv 111 Tewn. ·- - UU-«ECONOi R*CI_ I _winaer But. I Bldtx Herta, Owner_ SW7 I ^ - _ _ 4002 rYtnct Ardent, Snt Hunting Jacket. SKI Untied Marions *tt 5W7 Del Ceroneao, Be.~ 5992 leautirjl Sea, ' L 5» Ana's Tempo, las ce. «» Gofiv." Sng t:g Cms. r 3F***.." ClevTvack'bsC , , »r»mi rework and k)ok icross the «, way to *ee how the Jong jump rework is conuns. WeQ. here IS these kid, just sit witching go around and SIM «-St ----. -- '" »»!) t»ve *e»Tl S|Jl"furlonm. HOME TOW* _ide tor most Bart POWTR O*' DESTIMT snowed good speed la last tuarter Inen . SCRATCMCD--Seiftl litre SwerL 400-Ntnta RACt." aiiei. 4 Tear aids atitf 01. Claimant price UJ3*. Ppna KCHH S9M. thirl U7I. bono, K!*. _. cut as sharp!* entering tum « snort Mad. weakened underl « 'l.VKS efwsev. By ERNIE MASON I Santa Anita's richest $2 daily double payoff of the .meeting. SI,12320, resulted J^Wsdnesday when longshots',' / "Revive, a 10-1 horse, won pit first race and Kathalina. '^« 30-1 kmgshot, scored in the r^jscond, for the high return in jtfi,e daily double. In .regular 'iyagering. Revive, ridden by i F e r n a n d o Alvarez, p a i d ' $2170. Kathalina paid $63.SO[rr rnnet Ardent Hunnng Jaaal Stan good front side roixutmg Usttura. got ua AROtHT tnoyed ua test en outside gotnfl , 1 gamelK. tar back tor first half mjle, .. OK knvce. gEAUTLFUt, SEA forced eace · lar tura den «ave way. HO COU- PROMISE was pulled ua going to tar ·vcm wnen to went lame. SCRATCHED-- Snellvt Deant, Crgund- tt Journey. . Oairf fioufale. U Revive * MUtftlliBa, Hit ill: CBMBhteTrrtent. Fleet Import |.Rae Ann. Warrin S94e KoEtckr Clrt Shu. 3»M Cet K- wui. Sut:t- totlit. Kenca! idea tear eld Wlies I it ua - · -- -*vr~ .'in i » ,iu n i Sir. FM. Jockey I t l Lonadn U49 " " wCrp at-_»_'i^_»«_iir 1 rtir---.. irit Vncle. Groom-west. IIS 12" 13 II* IT* W 41 1^ KaR ' . ... - Color. Fisr«r__Z: 11J I II S* f I" VI Snmaler J.«! -· - - 10 Wi fi i* je Yort VU h Jl {.' L" £· !ST i.8 P. ftp ftftS . : i* f t t ,: K 1 .' walkers started walk ing at 5 pjn. the day of the meet in attempts to establish several records. *Im steaming." Gill said. "I go over and ask these kids what's going on. and they say. i'!?! 1 ? . ^ifjC K I L SJ»6!« IK I * SW1 C*« Tc«, E*rvurtteotva»a jlTJ 4 ft *004 Anee('» Ortfvan. VvKttc It · 111 4 11 (597») r-oon«'l *A*rt, Wcftr»»-O»n( 157 t SWiwrn.nB Wcbe, Wrd Wind-V4 7 JwlrlinB Wet*, Writ Wind- - - ·go* e»n!Ty Ev*v. *"'** n 59SlB«nc» tL 598.) MT. Ri til « 1* Rft HO C« ITI S r, n rj I t' . I T n o j 3 4 SOU Fort Laud, tturt Hug I »ai Old Scrercn. Pussy Cat it. «' JC Tennis SANTA ANA fl. LOWS IEACM 1Sinetes: JAorales (SA1 del WIKon. t-L b-t; cetin (LR) del. Carr f «·! e-X Cci (SA» det Mrturj, *4.Jj *5J «|*jj ____ Cl*ar, *» H«n« UncT FwH C»!or 1*sT. St74 Miss 1 JW4tVenr _ Emmt's Cnerub. lielso . . . Gjeca Ruler. CreonvU Cracetul. Seltand^ 115 IX 12 I Ltisuretv «uooe r Houssell. IIS 4 S . Rove! Truckte. Pvtng M US , "jacoD«_-- 111 1 Huttiert~ lit U eA.Vant IJO'I 4i It Ulaesa 30JO ! Si t* vaxt «rai 1 i r ROSS · l i e Rain « i o - ai V Caceres U.vo 10 UC Tnaudxl V.20 11-4 IU Camoes t.OO IB 1!« Yort U.ul 121 U- r.ercl 2»» U U Frrr IC4 . If.a U.» « M strides. mil--_ 4l4Bijnd erTtereitT last "*urtong7 gave "way Start good, woe, driving. Winner--»r. G.IWIOCT pressure. K.HALFtlX mabe uo. . Colonel Mike^Sweet Music ftv First ground m last Quarter. CEE TEE moved : iddle. Trainer--C. H. West. Claime*-, e» en eutslde tien Rung. POONA-S LARK Ar. Ragnme. ay wr. and HArs. A. Quintal, hrei after ehcwlng eoe^d to last lur- ·ralntr SJL C. Millene. Mutue] pool S27V long. ANCCL*S ORPHAIt never threat- ex. Tetal liandlg tmi r. Attendance eneo. 243B I SCRATCHED--Jacks Forever, Escadet HELLO UMCLC. lar Back a) firs* ftalf Iron Hutu Mi AL Hockey · irffale X Rodieiler 1 tne, all. Spnngtleid 4. ltts9urg!l 4. Cleveland 7, Providence I ' ·+»4iMV* I * Mtftvei tietd. , Straight. I Time-:g.l ', It was the-second bighesvRaeAS*!! dairy double in track history'jIjJS' - iince the combination method ~ 'ot wagering was initiated in ·J96M962. The mututl de- fpirtment reported that 111 ,{1 tickets and two J10 tickets. jwprLh $5,616 each, were sold i£a!the winning combination. fiTACE THE FACTS, a de- winner in two stakes ,RAE AKN was M omrnand; l"_£rs; «.«·- :XP+. Clear, bract 1as*. I tono. geve waif nearing tjnish. Ktn_ACItt 3tSa int n eg Olku madt up ground lartwhl la brtweea ;HHI^__ t-W in Horses n laa turning. CET «r Win a» tM vanced steadiV ea nside. Cnfshed game_ trora gate, won dr»vl.ig.IIv. 4A1SS LOLLIE levt an evea cerlorm. r t ty Fleet MesrutlarH"". «yEEJ« «UX£« was all but tip* Trained by A. T. Dovle. MIC mated at BreM. wTietl LEISURELY ~tTM Iwinr.F brr^e Into ^er, causjig tier to latler broki out badly at t to tt takea · and. CV-Hannanftke. ttrmsfit 07--FBU RTII RACK. I (urtengs. 4 year elds and eg Calrnin*. Tae ABadena Tewt and Ceu»ri Ckib. Pwsa text. Tt winner B»t, secend on. Hurt WO. ' "i HOa. Claiming tree ssoce. 593 Fltantorn Fisn. Leftgoen^. 114 59M AurH SJlccers. xiver_ -- Frecat r -ld Secret. MHw-iVini ation. Coldrribeia I I " f ' "' *"**· t M_tast_tetwee«_iesd-i Index Horse. Owner i at 6} i furlongs, tries a "saite and one-sixteenth for tfi« first time today in £|6 r OOO-added Santa " (Stakes. , \Nine other 3-year-old fillies vare entered in the Santa Su- 'syia and all wi3 carry · pcionds. **^*- » · a e I "5977 fcamslormtng. * C ERswrai ng ^ENTRIES FOR the 27tai2»pii" - -^running cf the $H5,000 gcar- 1 ac£eed Santa Anita Handicap! ^ iWjfl be taken today with ih-|^ ^fecatkjns that the field, led ' sky! topweighted Gun Bow, 1 r»\B be the largest in many " rallied from -. F«L jooer cads York Longor*. S* »t knorena 4» Bnnsoai 4K S" Camcat 4 * a^l Botand r · 71 MrSnez I « Saputa 599t Fredd STCeAnr I 4007 Ocserv. S97J«idrn» Sra Comeaan. Tetnptlne _ _ Tme-iZPx ;a5t, l;o»n. i:JT.». Clear.! ers in first quarter to take sMirt krad. lrta "« t ' larTng^.S'V^'fL^^T'SSrFTsB 3.M ctcirt readily on euftiOt ta test marrer tM timifieU wmelv. APRIt. .U.IPPCRS »!»· xa^dWireS sTtdV-Uv m Inude. f BEDOLE C MY Ol-D CCRET ItrM *ft«r tomr.i irtv escf. SCtATCHED--fcJ ig.L MAY CO. AUTO CENTRE CELEBRATION SALE L **cvnd meo. m.r.1 u^._ *w^». F SL Sir. F«a._.taK*ry Ofldt ~1» S-Tm.ver voc 7* T* Bolantt 5* J- ttotw.! 4 4 4i Lwtgdcn ^_ S* carnpn « « *· ** Vertex U.V 7 y Dow.tlty M.CB JCliwvT'itood rcpe-tted cti*llrnoe» tVum t. V, i CLASS «n Vtroucn Ust hart mile. w» X M atUttr*wina Wt SlighdV «t finislt. t"V ·jg 1U twcrt pK« while ca outsld* tor .rrTirt UB diftancx. Jwid en wi» Oc*rmm»noiL to get up in the final ^trides »nd capture the 'turpd $15,000 Glendale I ^t a mile and one-quarter on itcbwd of 22,650. ' J jRay York was in the, ;, saddle « the four-y ear-old j ^^iiiequino gelding collared Sfeecond-choice Foghorn in the i'list yards for his third vic- Ztftry of the season. Hold Me =fifas third in the field of seven.,| l^uritii 8-5 favorite EBourg fading to sixth in Start tool from »*T» r won tfrlvrna Wio-j SM01T-S CE« dosed itnmglv en «u*- er--O». C- X t» T«u!oirs« L»*Jlr»c--I -Jd* tf^w ttavlrts Oroppga back M fdtr _** Qi*«n. Trarr4 »».-.,*. I*nnw.|h*m. TIMOENT Jtl flniifrtd tad e« h Mkrfu.71 poo) .037,174. H-o*. PRE*DE» .wv« w.» a" -- BARNSTOftAAirUG mo«d u« erf* JnUtJe* stront move en tar tvra. to lak* command I., tin* nuartcr. «(;itir-l *io icratchfa. VISIT OUR NEW MODERN AUTO CENTER LOC\TED AT THE CORNER OF VANOWEN* AND OWEXSMOXTH IN MAY CO. TOPAXGA PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER IN CAXOGA PARK ... FIXD VALUES GALORE ... ENJOY THE FINEST IX SERVICE . .. RACE. 4'1 surwnvs. I rtar eld finies. Anewancn. Tkt Pacnerrert. · AB. CONDtTIONHJ SHOVXCOM AND IT. · LATEST FACTOIY APPHO\*ED EQWfWENT · TKCMINTX)US SAMNOS OK TUES, AND ACOSSORHi SAME STA11TS WKI»XES1»AY, FEB. 19 OVEX R::tQ A.I.TO »:»0 1»^I. · CCPXF1ETE m.VKE AND INSTALLATJON DEPARTMENTS · BJtAKT XXLLNINX;... VHIH. AUGNMENT.. . BALANCING · iitVFFlZU ... SHOCK ABSC»EIllS...TL'fE Vf · »eTAUAIXH OF SEAT COYEHS AND S.UZTY BELTJ . . r S W 2r ftrlRSO.1 17JD 31 Oiurcll X39 . 4-~. Costa »W *. s i Frrr .ta ·V Si 4« ««v« 4 W 7 1 1 4 TI Lconar.1 11.73 Ui r^ ii vork ton * 101 f t Cack U.7. »r r* 1« CampM W l l*i IU IU Cmnaz «3!5 a « u TnaucM uso .·tfrno gc*"oo In last «lartwilh. FOXY I FANNY force* pace wfiiJt on otrfsJOt to IK «« 10» strrTdl Vwn ftttv* ww tlitfrtlif. «mc UO* «» ·»*· to finrth vtrorrolv. JOVOONA raced 149 win. kcaden from fteoinnirro. t«ia en i!a1 oood Iron* oa?». won -jnvlfitf. Wtiv B*m«!» am-ouofi «.»BlcenJnB ajiightiv. *yt - ^ - - - - --·*·- ^- '«£ H*l tead M find trw itrn»i. «av« »» s «·« «··"· »·· *» __, CourTea »»ia, patc« IH_ ti5 jnfATT.liu5h.rr, Cainn H* n 11 trade fast. TrM Temper Ftvr Fan.** \J*TM*» Clear.'d r . ror r e *VcRA'TClED~Tennlk. Coyala, ItllHana. strong Mn-'Oh Sa Gay. 1 $145,000-6uaranteed SANTA ANITA HANDICAP Next Saturday The Santa Anita Handicap is a 1*J mZ« challenge for Eome of the finest thoroughbreds ia the TTorld-with J100.000 guaranteed to the winner. First race next Saturday-1 P.M. Santa Anita'* gates win open one-half hour earlier-10:30 A.iL Please plan to arrive early for best possible! accommodations and parling. There are parking spaces for more than 30,000 cars and Santa Anita is easily reached by freeway from everywhere. Don't moss The Bfg One-the Saota AniU Handicap--neit Saturday. SANTA ANITA PREMIUM TUBELESS NYLONS 2:25.88 2:28.88 4;48.88 5*.** 600*1} tuMdl »hi« I U- 4 J« 3IO* 67 Jt ISOsM HO* «Jt rxiM SIM f RACING SIX DAYS A WEEK f J (MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY) l» I THROUGH MARCH 10 LOS ANGELES TURF CLUB, INC. ,£.? ^. reosj RVUItRan-aTLtJUI l-TIOt- r JUTI r 27.M «C-M«-\TII Oil «6.000 SI lie IJUARAXTKK V.WDE1BI1.T tire rtunntt b beicd o c CLIli-NT srlinj price NOT t faaibcna 1IST prkr. VANDC15H.T te» tre tutraawH iojv« IU ioU Luatjt kad rjuofactsuiox ifccts. U the tirt shovU fil during the px-toM prrio]--VAVDEKBILT «i3 X Jo gnrt, tytio* 1EFAU the tlrr at NO CHARGE or 1IPLACX it en t prontc fcevs EXTRA TISE SERVICE AT NO FJCTRA CHARGE · EXPERT TIRE MOUNTING · TIRE ROTATION, 5,000 MILLS · TUBE R E P A I R BETTER THAN ORIGINAL tOUIPMENT 100'f DLTONTNTLON* CORD EXCLUSIVE GRIPA MATIC TREAD NEW SUM "RIBBON" WHITE TREMENDOUS SAVINGS FROM OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT DOUBLE ACTION . SiKXX ABSOUEU Z for 4 for ISO* ZWC COATED : ASBESTOS LINED Mvrrtm BMt · fcrf end tKee. '· la T" IO-POIVT BRAKE OVERHAUL VANDLRNLT" BATTERY S.UE 63.1 flAT .1 M 1. f-- CrVTC»» O.TTOV SOUP EVERYDAY, IX AUTO I K.NTRK, MONDAY TIIROi:(.I[ SATURDAY 8:30 A.M. TIL »:30 I».M. - CAOFORI^IA BUENA PARK

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