Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1962 · Page 19
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 19

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1962
Page 19
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A Fingerprint Plan for Vote at Home * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Ex-Police Expert Tells Method By GEORGE RODESON' "I look out to see who to let in. now. I used to look in to ice who to let nut." t h a t ' s Wilburn L. (Woody) Woodruff talking, and' it sums up the switch In his occupation. For 38 years. Woody was a Long Beach police officer. HeSvas a detective in his later years with the department, a specialist in fingerprinting and crime photography. Now he is "night man" at the; Cooper Arms Apart- ments. 455 E. Ocean Blvd.. and he "looks out to sec who to let in." If you don't look right to Woody, you just won't get into the Cooper Arms at night. "A fellow came to the door the other night, looked just like George Raft. For two cents I'd have hooked him. He didn't get in, anyway." Woody joined the Long Beach Police Department back in the days when patrolmen rode bicycles and drunks were hauled to jail in a wheelbarrow. lie became one of the West Coast's pioneer experts in fingerprinting. It was through his efforts that the Armed Services adopted the policy of fingerprinting enlistees and checking the prints against criminal files. He has a new fingerprint crusade going now: Voting by fingerprints--at home and at leisure--in municipal, state and national elections. ' "The wrong men get elected because enough of the right people don't vote." Woody said. "They don't vote because they're too lazy or too tired after a day's work to get down to the polls." Under his proposed system of balloting, voters would be fingerprinted when they registered. Their ballots would be mailed to them and marked at home. Then the voter would press the fingers of one hand against a sensitized portion Independent Thr fnilhlnn,ri M firiMl Morninf A'nriju/xr * * FRIDAY. MARCH 30, 1962 --Pag« B-l Container Shipper Seeking Terminal Lease in L.B. Port By LOU JOBST | Mlrir* Ctiittr ' A ·loS.OnO-ton-a-year container terminal in the Port' of Lonp Bearh has been proposed hy Sea-Land ServireJ Inc., an eastern shipping-truckinj; firm. i The proposal is part of Sea of the ballot, which would record his prints. Thc ballot would be validated later by an electronic comparison of thc prints on thc ballot and those on thc voter's registration card. "It can be made to woik beautifully." Woody said, "and we'd have nearly 100 per cent of the eligible voters turning in ballots." Woody spent the off-duty hours of his long police career writing magazine stories, catching crabs and snagging halibut off the Long Beach shoreline, and enticing pigeons into paper- has traps. Thc stories and crabs were sold. The fish and pig- cons were eaten. He wrote 20 stories for detective magazines, and caught one of the state's most wanted men through one of them--twice. Woodruff and other detectives had sought for weeks for the killer of a l,ong Beach police officer. They knew who he was-but not where he was. Woody wrote to the editor of a detective magazine to whom he had sold stories, sending the sus- escaped later from San Qucntin. "It worked one lime." Woody reasoned. "It will work again." Back went the photo to the magazine editor, and the killer was captured again through a reader's identification. Woody has more time for reading now that his beat is one building instead of a city. He reads philosophy, and develops some of his own. "I've found this out." he said, "that the essence of life is to be grateful. Even if I couldn't be grateful for what I have, I certainly ccn be grateful for I've missed. Many times. I've come within a fraction of an inch of oblivion." LBSC Offers 'Fralcrnily Row' Plan oposal for thc cst.ih- of a "fraternity, at Long Beach State! row" ' dishwasher in Denver. FROM Till: BALCONY of thc buildinR he pnards, "Woody" Woodruff looks out over the city he guarded for .18 years. Probe ol Police Quiz Ashed at Seal Beach By SHERM WILLIAMS The Seal Beach Civil Service Commission Tlnirs- PAT KKTIKKS Pat Driscoil, shown with wife, Cecilia, was feted at retirement party Thursday night at the Likcwood Country Club. Driscoll. who served as public relations man for the United Auto Workers union at the Douglas Aircraft plant here, for the last 10 years, was instrumental in the passage of the bond issue that lengthened the Municipal Airport runway for jet aircraft and in obtaining lop military contracts for Douglas. Collcgc is awaiting action' ifrom the chancellor's office of Ithe California State Colleges. 1 BuTtL' capmr'ed 'killer !»'· f" W. Mclntosh LBSC: ,, ipresidcnt, said this week. !Land's'plan to extend inter- said intcrcoasta!I container op-| ]J oy | | | | |, y (\, r . j w ^S a'lraitThc appo^TmerX !coastal shipping operations to erations would be cheaper for! · · ' , . ,, , " ""'""' - jthe Pacific Coast. shippers than rail or highway! | | n r l O i l i r a l l v nu'll r^Galiaihe^who ?e- da ' " ipllt Cilllc(1 f ° r a " fllll ' sc:llc investigation" of why I Automated Sea-Land con- transport. They said an East .:"!,,,. '' a 1R "' " '" f ° it was asked to investigate what commissioners railed taincr ships operate between Coast-to-Long Beach, r^rtal- ^i'n-.vcar-«id Dan Steven signed. ports on the Last and Gulf to-portal trip would take 14 Madsen of 5G34 Pageantry- St. Mclntosh said that he has coasts and the Caribbean days. This is slower than the was in cr ' tic;)l condition submitted the proposal to Th- I n n - Rr.,rh trmi'inil average rail and truck freight Thursday night fiom head in-!lease part of thc present The Long Bc.ich terminal (ran * |jm( . h j u r j c s sll [f rIP d when a car,campus south of Atherton Pier 0 VVouW handle' 40 Sea-l-aml said it would like struck him on Bcllflower Road for the construction of 'sailings or 300000 tons the lo bo ' ! ' n "P*TM"TM" '" Sep-:Boulevard. fraternity houses. tcmber with two container The youngster underwent Th c s l r jp mm WQ f cc i first year This would be in- l c m n e r wlul " vo con aincr. · "-- jiium;.-«-i underwent _ _ creased to 52 sailings or 4G8 · sh 'P 5 if a 'case agreement canjsurgery in Long Beach Mes o t jth of Athcrton between, ' 'he worked out with the port.'morial Hospital. Whalcy Park on thc west and' |Two more vessels would be! Police said the boy was j^ f l t f pcpartmcnt sub- added to the Long Beach op- struck by the car of James sta ,j on orl (nc ca st. It 000 tons thc iccond year. Bus Lines' Patronage " Loss Told i IN THE SEA-LAND opera- ;tion, merchandise and materials are moved in truck-van- jsi/e containers which can be lifted or placed on tractor- trailers hy dock cranos from cells in con-! cration in early 100.1. [Albert Evenson. 4*. of . r !OS' c | U( | cs al)out onc-lhird of thc Thc Harbor Commission Briercrest Ave.. Lakrwimd, as said it would take up discus: he walked to Car\er Elcmcn- sion of thc lease Monday. tary School. Nn citations 320 acres. Authority for the leasing' The action came minutes after thc commission formally closed its investigation of an estimated dii/en members of thc police department and turned a tape recording and other records over to City Manager Emcst Brashcar. Brashear originally asked ;the commission to investigate complaints that patrolman Gerry Nikas had been ha- Patronage of Long Beach rasscd by fellow members of By DON BRACKENBl)RY I. r T Ltt Aitffirt Ivrff** Itandil (iivcn I Year lo Life Carl Edward Clark. 22. of IVHE renders, bless hearts, keep the their mail coming this way. Let's quote a few of them, like John P. .special cargo ;taincr ships. ' The Sea-Land officials attended Monday's H a r b o r ! [Board meeting and gave com-. missioncrs a motion-picture 37 Locust Ave.. was sentenced I briefing of their firm's op- hy Superior Judge Maurice C. unusual moisture has made erations. 'Sparling Thursday to one year cVa-ct^'reward-: ^ ^^^^ «* * "" -""« "» ·* ing to those who take time ;agc charges thc projected opt "' r - wrrc issued the i Thursday, according to police accident report. THE INQUIRY became i Webster, who refuses to be to"gct out of thc urban areas ^ration would bring thc port Clark admitted simulating a . disturbed hy sonic blasts. fnr a drive. S2S8.000 in revenues thc first R un to stage holdups in a cafe jycar and $374.000 the second. at r , lr , K I m h s , Jiln 2 R and Webster lived s e v e r a l ,,,.._ . years in Palmdaic. whore 1'HE a c 1 1 n s * * lf\hn flclnr there were a dozen or so a day "and nobody thought anything of them." He goes on: "As fnr identifying a boom from a different type nf sound, it is easy. An explosion created hy dynamite or a gas blast just goes 'boom!' A sonic boom goes 'boom-boom!' . . . Some time ago a guy named Glenn raced the sun from New York to Los Angeles and lost. Rc- ccnlly a couple of other guys tried it and won. "So they boomed the britches off of us? 1 consider It an honor that they flew all thc way from Texas to Long Beach just to get a running start at New York. And then used us for a homing target." John Osier, from Clarence M. Burns, 27R1 Baltic Avc. Burns writes that he recently suggested to Osier that thc snorkel type mail boxes in front of thc post officc and elsewhere--curbside boxes -- are too high. The average motorist, he said, can't use them without twisting his arm into an S. He not only got a reply from Osier, but the p.m. noted that the boxes were set up when cars were much higher than they are now. The proposal that thc boxes be lowered has merit, and he will take steps to have it ;done, said Osier. : "Give Osier another plug." said Burns. It is done. Pott Manager Charles Vick- prtc i nluc ! crs - however, said he felt it ' , . . ,, , , , , gets a plug lmj)jhi ^ cqu . |able m rcducc lOih St. Icb. 23. Loot totaled ; these charges because ton- $142. lainor operations do not nc- cessitate the equipment andi ItnniOlin jspace that standard ship op-] erations do. Sea-Land has in-; All States Society will have . in charges^! bus excursion to thc Ra- Iwill he necessary to any|mona Pageant at Hcmct 'agreement. ! April 28. Thc bus will leave ! Such a reduction of charges the All States Society head- could set off a controversy quarters, 148 E. Ocean Blvd. : with other Pacific coast ports, at 10:30 a.m. and return after j The sea - l a n d officials the pageant. Today in ];.R. ON STAGE--"A Man Called Peter." Community Playhouse. 5021 E. Anaheim St.. 8:30 p.m.; "The Andcrsonville Trial," Miipnnli.i Theater, 2400 Magnolia Ave.. I K:30 p.m.; "Mr. Rob- j erts." Off - Broadway j Theater, 221 Lime Avc.. j 8:30 p.m.; "East Lynnc," | Quivcra Playhouse, 2236 S. Pacific, San Pedro, 8:30 p.m. CONCERT -- Municipal Band. Exhibit Hall. Municipal Auditorium, 2 p.m. plan is given in a state law Motor Bus Co. List year the department^ passed two years ago. Iturfjlur Srnlriirril In .l-.Mimth Term dropped 0.7 prr cent from thc l%n total, the .State Public political football. Seal Beach's Utilities C o m m i s s i o n an- m u n i c j n a | r i cc tjon -- with nminced Thursday. three council scats at stake-Only one major p u h l ir is April 10. Cm/. Charlie Manchcgo. 29, ;lran ,j t system j n Southern - sincc 'ho investigation bc- nf KKlfi McFarland Ave.. Wilc l i f ; " _ s M()nica gan 10 days ago the small mmgton. drew a five-month, . . city has seethed w-ith rumors County Jail term from Su- ·"' Lines-had an increase an( , ch;ir( . c$ hy S0 mc council pcrior Judge Maurice C Sp:ir- m P- lss , c "K cr!1 - " 1C I U C """-'candidates that an attempt ':· ling Thursday as part of two- - S;lnta M " n ' c;l paironage was WM h( . jnR mld( , , n .. purge .. ! year probation for burglar}'. u p onc pcr t c n t ' 'the police department. . Police said Manchepo broke Greatest drop in passengers u ay Campbell, identified ns ;iinto a house at 019',; Me- --10.2 per cent-- was recorded snca ui n g for three of five, Donald Ave.. Wilmington, and by Inglewood City Lincs.' |ncm | )(irs O j t },e commission. 'stolc a revolver. He was sr rested Feb. 23. I second largest. drrrr.s/. y^.j .., a|n pe^n^iiy deeply 'ashamed to have been associ- Onrti Hnii«o ' U)N(! RK * CH M n t n r R u s 'tion). It was a disgrace. It is l*p( n noil e ; , () t i r t i r ( J ,,, ]83 , 93 passcn-:^ npinion , hat : have been , The public is invited to an gcrs in in 1901 as compared usc d." nopcn house aboard the Coast to 11,270.981 in 1900. the PUC . . . . iGuard cutter USS Dcxtcr'said. Passenger r e v e n u e , j. F RANDI'XL, another 'i from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday and dropped 9.G per cent, '""^member of the commission i Sunday at the north end of,Sl,977,R73 in 19GO to $1.78S.- sccon d c d Campbell's ttate- I Pier A in Long Beach Harbor.'S"" '" I 1 ""' 1 - |ment. It was RandcII who 'i The ship is used primarily as The far-flung Metropolitan made thc motion to begin ths a Coast Guard Reserve train- Transit Authority system lost'f u ||.,; C ale investigation. ing vessel. CUPID FINALLY ZEROS 84 Years, Then Dart Struck JUDGING hy some rcac- " lions, thc little piece here thc other day about travel to thc Pacific Northwest aroused some wanderlust. Some highly rewarding but far less ambitious travel opportunities are close at hand, as is indicated in a AN old topic--the raised islands and dividers in the streets--gets attention from reader Loy M. Turner. "Vertical edges of all these structures should he crosshatched with some easily visible paint, preferably a rcflectnrired paint," said Turner. By ROBERT HEARD Four score and four years of bachelorhood e n d e d T h u r s d a y for F.d\v;i rd Collins. Three months ago, w h n t must happen to almost all men happened to Collins-he met THE WOMAN. Mrs. Sadie B. Hollzclaw moved into Collins' hotel. The New Rnhinsnn. 334 !".. Orran B l v d . c.irly in January. From the moment they met at a hotel social, Collins' Kl-\c:ir solitude was doomed. He likes to take long walks. So docs fhe. They fell into step. At t h f nrxt hotel social thcv were seen Gregg, SfiTiO Lewis Ave. "Yesterday." she writes, "we took a ride through Brea Canyon to Pomona. You should go out that way and see how beautiful it is. The green hills with grass knee high, yellow mustard above that and lupin spires stick- ins through to crown it all off. Fat cattle graze there and It makes a lovely picture, with snow-lopped Mt. Baldy and a patch of blue sky is a back drop. "We drove on to Big Bear, where snow adds to the beauty of the hill country." Thinks to Mrs. Gregg for A N D Chaplain Fred Crumb of Long Beach General Hospital puts in a good word for thc Red Cms* Gray Ladies. Relating the work these volunteers do at his hospital, he says that they do shopping for little necessities that thc elderly patients there would have a .desperate time getting for themselves, and provide many other sympathetic services. "This branch «f the Red Cross has no glory in it. no sensationalism, no headlines," writes Crum. But they have the love and appreciation of our patients and the respect of all v.ho reminding that this year's jsee them at work.' shyly holding hands. A little more of that and he popped thc question. What must he voiced hy almost all women was voiced by Mrs. Holt/claw-she said, "Yes." Thursday afternoon, they were married in First Christian Church, 125 E. Fifth St. Mrs. Collins' daughter, Mrs. George A. Hand of Seattle, was matron of honor. Mrs. Collins also has a son and two grandchildren. She had been a widow since Ifllfi. When asked for her age, she confessed to being over 21, hut admitted nn more. Collins had no ready explanation for why he never had married or even become engaged until now. "I guess it was just an accident," he said. "I never was much of a ladies' man," he elaborated. ncarly 14 million passengers, R an dell made it clear tint or S3 prr cent, from 1900 to ,(, c nc w investigation uould I%1. according to the PUC. ^ aimc d at City Manager In !%0. the MTA carried Htf.-.firashear and Police Chief 2r5.3.15 persons. In 1901, this Rnhcrl MacClure. "I feel thc total fell to 151,354.%!. investigation that was given ! On a statewide basis, pau s should have been hindl'd tronagc on public transit sys- by thc department head." terns fell an average of .1.3 Randell said. per cent in 19G1, the PUC reported. Kalm Gels Five to Life ONLY THF. major transit lines arc required to report 1 to the PUC. Among systems nnt required to report. Torrance Alvm Cyrus Kahn. 45. o. Municipal Bus Lines said its I-os Angeles Thursday wa-, - · - - · · o f second-degree i the June 17. 19W. slaying of a wealthy Lonj / Beach businessman, . C. B.iskin. Superior Court Judge Maurice C. Sparling sentenced h:m to five yr.irs to life m* prison. It was Kahn's second \\t was convicted of first de- 'gree murder and imprisoned .for life Oct. 31. IPfiO. but the , Four Los Angeles members conviction was reversed on 'of the Gypsy John family^PP" 1 bf " llsc of a fa ' j!ly Pleaded guilty Thur-^iy to '"^hnTa'tTorr.ey. Dcpatv disturbing the and Cmint . p ,, b 1 i c ' Defar.ilrr were fined $2f25 eirh hy n.iycs Mead, Thursday sub- Municipal Judge Percy High!, muted thc case to Judge Spar- In the last six months i l f K i l , the Torranre lines carried 3!3,320 pfrsnns as compared to 32). f01 in thc same ' period of 1%0. ! Four (»}p«i»'« Finnl ! for IVare Urrarli "I was more interested in Frank John. 3C; liror;. ling on the transcript of prior -5ix rrtt if » · s»v A1R. AM) SIRS. EDWARD COLLINS AT WKDDIXR HKCKPTION' "Tir.;c :s £ctt!s Down" After 81 Year* as Bachelor hunting and fuhing." But after 4S years as a railroad man and 19 years of retirement, he said he decided "it was time to settle down." John. 23; Jimmy John. Ifi. and r ' illcr John. 47, wore Mrrsted j n , sed of ,,,,,,,. , f t f r an arcut - C r.t J M a r c h I I after hrtornir.;: m r r money in the \ictim' 1 hoisterout in Mrnnriil Hns- hnm» at 42^1 I ivineston pital'j rmrrgfncy room. Pruc.

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