The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 3, 1906 · Page 2
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 2

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Monday, September 3, 1906
Page 2
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CEILLJCOTHE CONSTITUTION SfiP. 3 1906 •&ib feliid Yciu Have Always itoujiit, ami Tsiiieh lias becii In risfe for over 3O years, lias Tbome tiio signatiis-e of and has been made nhder liis personal supervision since its infancy* ., . ~/". Allow no one, to deceive foil in tins, ^Counterfeits, imitations and"«in,{jpoa"nre tmfc ISxiicriiiients tiiat.irifie.wito an;! endanger the health o? infants and Chilrtrea--iSsperienc'e against KsperhtieJU'S. What is CASTOR CaPtoria is a harmless substitute fov Castor G*l, Paregoric, Drops and Soothing- Syrups, It is Pleasant. f£ contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic •uhstanco. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Woruw And allays Pcverishness. It cnres Diarrhooa and Wind Golic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation Matoleney. It assimilates the Food, regulates the i tad Bowels, giving healthy ami natural slaa^r. i Children's Panacea—^'iue Mother's Friend* ALWAYS GENUINE He Ind fou Ea?6 Aiwa. In Use For Over SO Years THE CCMTAUR THE WYOMING EXHIBIT. One of the attractions of the week will be an exhibit of agricultural products and commercial materials from Laramie, Wyo. These materials were collected by the Laramie Literary Club, and is sent in charge of Mr. E. J. Bell, One of the large ranchmen of the Laramie plains, and Prof. B, C. Buffum, director of the Wyoming Experiment Station. The products represent over fifty fariaors and were raised both by irrigation and what is known as dry farming. The Wyoming prain took first prike at the St. Louis and Portland Expositions. At St. Louis, grain prizes were secured on the Wyoming grain, which was raised at an altitude of about one and one-half miles above the sea level. On account of the shortness of the season, much of the grain shown looks green, while that which was harvisted in Missour was ripe some time ago. In addition to wheat, oats, barley, rye and peas; from over fifty farmers on the Laramie plains, the exhi* bition contains a set of photographs representing the develop* ment of the region; an exhibit of five range wolves from P. S. King Bros.; brick manufactured at Laramie; cement matter for the manufacture of Portland cementj and the famous Sherman gravel | for road building purposes, shown j fa* the Union Pacific Railway Co. ! The exhibit v,-il! occupy the ! central space iu tho park sur- ' rounding the fountain. j DOWNWARD COURSE. Fast Being Realized by Chillicotlia People. Mrs. J. E. Mann, living at 1020 Polk St., Chillicothe, Mo., says: "I have been in rather poor health for several years and for a long time could not tell the cause. I suffered a good deal of pain acros; my back and under my shoulders Severe [headaches, dizziness and spots before my eyes, also too fre quent and irregular action of the kidney secretions. Having read a great many testimonials abou Doan's Kidney Pills I sent to N, J Swetland Drug Cp.'s Store and go a box. They difl me a wonderfu amount of good. I can sleep anc rest better since using them anc my general health is greatly improved. I take pleasure in adding my name to your already large list of indorsors here in ChilUco- the." For sale by all 'dealers. Price 50 cents. Foster-Millburn Co. Buffalo. New York, solo agents for tho United States. Remember the name Doan's an<J take no other. OWN A We Have These arid Many Other Bargains. _ dwelling, small barn, sonic fruit, two lots, in:excellent neighborhood. $2,35O--Sevon-room dwelling. bath, etc., barn and woodshed. Lot 50x112 feet. $850 — Five-room dwelling, on West Webster street, one lot. $1,OOO — Six-roomdwelling on North Elm street. Good neigh- hood rnd a bargain. $850 — Five-room dwelling with lot 90x140 feet. $6OO — Two small dwellings $600 each, on easy terms. GILL (& R Y A N , Barney Bids- Chillicothe, Mo. Stop Babes' Ta.irs. Ninety per cent of babies' troubles are ' caused by disordered stomach or bowels. They can all quickly cured by a few do^csof HOUNDS ARE BRANDED The famous Hai^poth h unds from Sibloy, Mo , have arrived in . Ghillicbthe and will participate in.{that great digestive medicine, Dr. thb coursing exents at iho Wiift ! Caldwell's (laxative) Syrup Pep- West show tomorrow. All 01 these hounds are branded "T. H." so that tho owner will have ho trouble in identifying them in the possession of anyone in case they should become lost or stolen. Are your bones aching, nerves tired, nights restless; kidney and liver trouble, energy low? Those ein. It digfcsts curded milk, sweetens tho breath; reduces fey^r and re'icves pain. Absolutely luirm- les° lo mother or child. Sure relief in teething. Sold by all Druggists at 50c and §1.00. Money back if it fails- damson plums, grapes, peaches, apples, etc. Phone 578 at 8 a. m. CITY REAL ESTATE. Modern slate-roof, brick veneer, 8- room dwelling, large lot, flne shade and fruit, line location. , 4-room, almost ncwdwelllng, near Central school, price $030 Nice 6-room dwelling, nenr Centra! school Hood cellar, south front, price £130. . 4-room, now 1 story dwelling on Kayunrd street, price $500. . 25-room a Imost now dwelling a nd lw ni and lots and barn, price $700, near Industrial Homo. -The last four dwellings belong to jion«- resident and have to sell. « Farms. 1OO a.bres I*and—40 acres fine corn liind, balance timber, blue pmss pasture, unfailing spring, Ji.500. $500 down balance 0 per cent. 7O-aore Farm—4-room dwelling,barn and out-ljuJldings, 40ncresflne corn land, bal- ance rolling bluo grass pasture, on U. F. ]>., and telepliono lino, unfailing spring in pasture, price $2 110, $900 down balance at 0 per cent. I have large list of all Id mis of Heal Estate and can suit you. Money loaned at 5, <» and' 7 per cent on city and farm laud. Insurance written in companies that pay losses on farms and city property. Office acros- street from Post Omcc. L N. PAGE. GREATEST BARGAINS -IN- FARMLANDS, PASTURE LANDS, CITY PROPERTIES. Prices on Best Crop-Growing Lauds in Kansas ranging from $30 to $40 per acre. Invest now and double your money in five years or less time. Correspondence given ready reply. All calls of prospective buyers given courteous attention. LEBO LAND & LOAN GO. : LEBO, KANSAS. COFFEE CO , BLUE DAMSON PLUMS For choice blue damson plums are eigns of low vitality. Holli- j to bo Delivered next Tuesday, tel- •Eter's Rocky Mountain Tea will j epnono p r i co & Sparling before make you well. Tea or Tablets,' 35 cents. Swotland drug co'm- DR. Carry WAGONS pears, cider, 27adtf | Monday noon. Price, in peck baskets, 30 cents; in bushel lots §1. 30ad3t ... ThB Kind Yon Hava jteajis Bougfti 5100 HEWAB.D, $1CO. The renders of this paper will bo pleased to leurn that there Is afc leiist one dreaded dlscnso that science 1ms boon alile to cure In nil its stages, and the is Catarrh. Hull's Catarrh Cure is the only positive euro now known to the medical fnttornitr. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Mall's Catarrh Oure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system, thereby destroying the foundation of the disease, find wiving the patleut slrenctli !>y building UD tlie constitution and ns.sJstinA' nature iti doinjr its work. The pnipi'leturs have so much faith in its curative powers that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any case that It fails to ctu-e .S-::n'! for list of testimonials. Adclri'.iS K..}. (,'H KNEY & CO., Toledo. O. Hold by all UruBClsts, 7Sc, Tnlie Hall's Knnilly fill for constipation The Masonic Observer of Minneapolis, Minn., contains an ac* count of a largely attended meeting of Palestine chapror, No. 112, O. E. S., recently. Among tho visiting members present wore S. W. Haynes of dhillicotho and his daughter, Mrs. Bertha B. Slagle of Macon, P'nKllsb .Spavin liiuimem removes a Hard. Soft or Calloused Lumps and Blemishes from horses., liluod Spltvlns. Curbs Splinv*. Swo.Miey. Wax IJone. stifles 3pr,-.lns. nil swollen Throats, Couahs. etc Save $00 by use of one bottle. \Varrai.tod the most—ondorful Rlemlsh Cure every known Sold by tba NJ. Swelatud Drug Co ... /) Tila Kind You Have Always Bong/it THE HOMESEEKERS." For genuine home feeling and sincere heart interest tho now comedy drama entitled "The Homeseekers" is the latest and most popular success of the present season. Opening in Chicago this play scored an instant success playing to capacity houses during its week run, turning people away the last days of its presentation. Patrons of the theatre where the play was given and the dramatic critics of the metropolitan newspapers were hearty and unanimous in the praise of the piece and the present tour on the road has amply confirmed the Chicago verdict. It is worthy of note that the management has provided four sots of handsome and original scenery and the entire production is on a scale of metropolitan excellence. "The Homeseekers" will be played at tho Luella on nest Saturday, matinee and evening What is the difference between I say and I do?" Most ready mixed paint makers say their paint costs less, yet when you come to ask the price you find it costs 25 to 30 cents a gallon more than Hammar Condensed Paint, Hammar Condensed Paint does save you money on your paint bill. Every gallon guaranteed, no risk. Sold only by Saundera -Turner Lumber 23ad-wtf HOUSE ROBBED. Robbers entered the home of Soy Bradford Saturday night and stole a pair of shoes and trousers which contained small change The matter was reported to the jolice Sunday morning but as ;here was a circus in town that evening it will bo a hard matter ;o locate the-thief. , Why does trio sun burn? Why does a mosquito sting? Why do vo feyl unhappy in the Good Old Summer Time:' Answer: wo don't. Wo uso DC Witt's Witch Hazel jalve, and these little ills don't )other us. Learn to look for tho name on the box to get tho genu- ne. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy. And many otter painful ancTseriottfl ' ailmtots from which most mothers I suffer, can be avoided by the nse of "Mother's Friend," This great remedy is a God-send to women, carrying them through their most critical ordeal with safety and no pain. No woman who uses "Mother's Friend" need fear the suffering and danger incident to birth; for it robs the ordeal of its horror and insures safety to life of mother and child, and leaves her in a condition more favorable to speedy recovery. The child IS also healthy, strong and good nattired. Our book "Motherhood," is worth its weight in gold to every woman, and will be sent free in plain envelope by addressing application to Bradficid Regulator Co. Atlanta,Ga. 'S FRIEND DR. L E. TRACY HOWIE. Dr. L. E. Tracy returned Saturday from a two months' visit in Colorado, Oregon, California and Washington where he went for a rest from his work. Mrs. Tracy, who accompanied him on the trip, remained in Denver where she will visit several days before returning home. -»—»-- .^ : It's the only medicine known that penetrates into every organ of the body- and stays there. It's the best tonic in tho world— Hoi- lister's Rocky Mountain Tea. Tea or Tablets, 35 cents. Swetland drug company. Charles Rhinehart of Kansas City spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Rhinehart. AUCTION Everything in the "Star Saloon' will be sold at auction during the Interstate Good Road convention. AH of- the fine wines, whiskies, and brandies will be sold for first cost. Whiskies as good as the best at §1.50 to §2.00 per gallon, right out of the barrel. Farmers bring your jug to the "Star Saloon." Blackberry brandy and whiskey 50c per quart, 29adtf RIGHT OFF THE TREES. Fine peaches of good size and quality at 25c per bushel. George Smith,4 miles northwest city. Free telephone. a27d&wlw Forest Turner of Waverly, Kas. is in the city the guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Mathews. THEo- A BiG PEACH George Volk of Jackson town- hip brought to the CONSTITUTION iffice Saturday a poach which measured 9 inches in circumference, Mr. Volk has a fine lot of eaches oa his farm. Attorney S. J. Miller returned Sunday from St. Louis where ho 338 boon on legal business. .STANDARD TONIC The ingredients of which S. S. S. is composed, and the method of com-; bining and preparing them so that they gently and pleasantly build up and strengthen every part of the body, make it the ideal tonic for a disorrlered ] condition of the system. Every one feels the need of a tonic sometimes. | The system seems to get "out of gear, " the appetite becomes fickle, the energies are depressed, sleep is not restful or refreshing, and the entire body has a nervotis, worn-out feeling-. When the system is in this depleted, rundown condition it must be aided by a tonic, and S. S. S. is recognized everywhere as the standard. Being made entirely of roots, herbs and barks selected for their gentle action as well as their invigorating effect on the 1 system, it will not disagreeably affect any of tlie delicate members or tissues' as do most of the so-called tonics on the market which contain potash or some other harmful mineral ingredient. These derange the stomach and digestion, unfavorably affect tlie bowels or otherwise damage the health. S. S. S. tones tip the stomach and digestion, improves the appetite, produces refreshing sleep, rids the body of tired, run-down feeling, and supplies' tone and vigor to the entire system. It re-establishes the healthy circulation' of the bloocl, acts more promptly and gives better and more lasting results than any other tonic, and because of its vegetable purity- is an absolutely; safe medicine for young or old. S. S. S. acts admirably in cases of dyspep-, sia, indigestion and other stomach troubles, and after ttsing it that uncomfortable feeling of fullness, dizziness or drowsiness, after eating, are no longer felt. Not only is S. S. S. tlie greatest of all topics but possesses pnri-i fying and alterative properties, and if there is a taint in the blood it will; promptly remove every trace and restore perfect health. In selecting your tonic for this year do not experiment but get S. S. S., the recognized standard TH£ SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA, GA. ' THE BfG STORE IVTVEY-BARCLAY DRY GOODS CO. THE BIG STORE WEEKS SPENT SHOPPING IN NEW YORK And other Eastern Markets, by our buyers with practically unlimited credit, has not only filled this house with the finest and most complete stock of merchandise we have ever shown, but, has landed for qs some especially interesting lots of desirable goods at prices which we will be unable to duplicate later in the season. MONDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 3RD we will open with A SALE OF NEW FALL GOODS to which every department, in the store will contribute. This sale will continue for one week, and will be the greatest showing of new goods at sale prices we have ever attempted. COAL HI FEED PHONE 75 THEO SHEPPARD AT TALENT'S BAKN. sf DRESS GOODS More goods in this department than ever before —anil sonie surprising values' for the early comer. \Ve will have them ready Monday morning. At, 29c 10 pieces Wool Sailings—gray mixed colored over plaid; 34 inch—45c value. At,50c 20 pieces heavy weight gray mixtures, 36 to 44 inches wide, worth to 75c. At, 50c 10 pieces Worsted-Tartan and Ombre Plaids, 38 inch; "5c values. At, ?9c 10 pieces 54 inch Fancy Cheviots; $1.00 goods. At, $1.00 100 pieces heavy woolen mixtures, 54 inch, plaid and checks foi-Coats and Suits. $1.50 goods. At, $1.00 . - 55 pieces 54 inch worsted warp Broadcloths, al' the selling shades. At,48c 40 pieces Mohairs, Veils, Panamas, fancy effects, suitable for waists and shirt waists suits, worth lo $1.00 yard. 200 remnants of Dress Goods and Suitings, all qualities and lengths at half value. SILKS Fancy silk will be the most popular separate Waist Cloth. We will show a new line of exclusive patterns Monday morning atSl.OO to $1.50 yard. At,39c 400 yds fancy Taffetas and Louisiennes worth 50c At,48c 300 yards of Satin de Ohece. a soft lustrous silk, 19 inch, all best selling shades, for waists, or dresses, worth (i9c. At, 59c 7 pieces, 27 inch. Changeable Taffeta, worth 81, At, 69c 2 bolts 36 inch bjk Taffeta, soft finish, jvprth !)0c. WASH GOODS Without doubt tlie finest line of this class of fabrics we have ever shown, and at the time when they are most needed. At, 6 'c 2,000 yds. of Printed Flanneletts in Kimoua and dress designs, worth lOc At, I0c 4.000 yards Printed Flanneletts—Mclrose and Serge weaves—every wanted color and pattern, worth 12-ic. At, iOc 50 pieces Percales and Ginghrms in all the new Fall designs. At 12% 150 pieces Percales and Ginghams in suiting effects— polk-a-dot and tartan plaids—elegant patterns for school dresses. At, 15c 10 pieces 32-inch Manchester Chambrays in checks and plaids, worth 20c. At, 15c 40 pieces 3(i-inch imitation French Flannels in large Kiniona designs. STAPLES At,5c , . 1.000 yds. of grood quality apron and fancy check Ginghams. At 5c , 300 pieces of Calicos—bright now goods in tue very best qualities. AtSc 3,000 yards of best LL Muslin. 5,000 yds. Outing Flannels—light and dark colors—10 to 20 yd. pieces, worth Tie. 30 pieces 36-inch best quality Silkolene, good assortment patterns and colors. At, 15c 20 pieces 3ti-ineh Drapery Satines and Denims, worth to 25c. ' At20c „ . . G pieces 81-inch standard quality unbloacned sheeting.' '••'•':.'' CLOAKS AND SUITS Tliis is the first season we have shown a lino of Suits in Misses' sixes—age 10 to IS—stylos Chic-prices introductory. At, $6.50 12 Misses Norfolk Suits of fancy wool mixtures, age 10 to Iti. At, $10.00 •'0 Ladies' and Misses' Suits in plain and mix- tare cloths—Norfolk, Pony or lilted styles: full satin lined. Handsome-line of Ladies'and Misses' Suits at S13.50 to S30.00 each. At, $4.90 25Ladies' and Misses' Covert Coats. l' ; inches long, inlaid velvet collar, braid trimmed—are worth $7.50. At,Z.90 23 ladies Kersey Coats,.-12- indies long, tan castor and black—velvet inlaid collar and e.uf1 — yoke and sleeves saline lined—worth -310.00. At, $8.90 25 Ladies' Kersey Coals, 50 inches long, taney inlaid velvet collar and cuffs: braid trimmed, half saline lined: worth -SI2.00. MILLINERY We will have our Opening in this department Monday morning. The largest line of popular priced patterns we have ever shown. THg STOP! M>VBY : BARCLAY DRY GOODS CO. T :'J ° ' '•'"MI .. i.nii I ' nmCTimHuromnv.- 1 -..'..-.^-'.'- In the Bargain Basement Y'ou will find the best and most complete stock of its kind in this section of the country at prices that always prove the lowest and values the greatest for the money asked. REMNANTS At, 69c roll 2.000 rolls choice remnants Calico—35 yards in roll—vow best patterns and colors. At, 4c"yd 3,000 vds. Bleached Canton Flannel, worth 8 to 10u in the bolt. At, 4c yd 4,000 vils. best Comfort Calico and Dress patterns, standard quality, lengths :> to 10 yds. in piece. At,5cyd :; cases Flanneletts iu all colors and patterns, lengths up to IS yds. to piece, worth lOc yd. on bolt. CHINA and GLASS DEPT. On all FANCY CHINA we will give a special discount of 15 per cent in order to make room for our Imported t.'hina. At. $6.19 set—Your choice of a 52-piece.set of Dinner Ware. 4 patterns of best Underglaxe Decorated Dinner Ware included in this sale. This is not cheap printed ware but good wave cheap. At, 2 for 5c—!> oz. Glass Table Tumblers. At. 12c each—Your choice of larwe table of high •ri-acle Glassware consisting of larjfe Berry Bowls. Water Pitchres, Butter Dishes, Creams, Suirars. High Footed Bowels, Pickles etc. At,98c set,—Water Set. Cut Glass pattern, 6 glasses and tankard. ~ MISCELLANEOUS At, 18c doz—500 doz Tin Top Jelly Glasses. At, 49c each—Best grade Tubular Lantern, large burner and crank lift. _: , At, 49c each—Tin Wash Boiler,-full sue^o. 8 covered, good heavy tin. ~"^i'•'—'••'/ At,5c box—1,000 Matches. : ••'•'•••-: At. $1.59 each—High grade Suit Case^-ouncl handle, brass locks and bolts, cloth -lined"with shirt straps, heavy leather corners,, 15 per cent discounL--On Ice*'Cream {Freezers,' all leading brands. • ' ~ THE BIG STORE

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