Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 12, 1976 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, April 12, 1976
Page 7
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With Music Change (Norlhwest Arkansas TIMES, Mottdny,, 197* · J Magnolia Festival To Attract New Crowd By J A M K S K. HOOD Associated Press Writer Nobody around Magnolia Miss., worries much about the Magnolia" festival since they've fount! out it's a bi^ ; country music festival Instead! of a rock concert. ' /"The Magnolia Festival definitely not, a' rock concert. It's country music a n d we're looking at attracting a different crowd of people," said Rainer Lorcn/,, motors. a lawyer tor the Poultry Cooking Winners Winners In the Northwest Arkansas p n u l l r j cooking contest held In iprlBgdale Saturday ;ln- con'junction with the l?lh anntUl poultry festival are, f r o m lefl, Mrs. Frank · Waters r of Springlike, Airs, Berry Brpyles of "FaynHevilJe and Mrs. Brent Small "of Springtlale. They will coin- ncte iu the A r k a n s a s Poultry festival iu Hot Spirngs ill .In 11 p. (TIMKS]iSH)[) by K c n Gooi!) Association Asks For Horse Tesis "Looks like they've |j;ul it yll under control." said Doyle For tan, chair man ol t h e Pike ounty Board o f , Supervisors vlw said lie's looking for ware o attending .the show. , Promoters of the EasLe veekcnd event are claitniui hcy'll draw up to' 100,000 pay ng customers to ' f a r m e r W.P Noble's field to hear such star Tanya Tucker,, Way]on Jei lings and the Karl Scruggs Kile w. Not. far from the middle lowhcre, Noble's spread is miles off Interstate rarely north of the Mississipp Louisiana state lincj It sounds remarkably sirmla .6 the rock concerts'of the I960 -- o ul-of-1 own prom qtc rs big-name performers in an is latcd r u r a l area able la provid nly the barest of local scrv- :cs. But any .similarity is purely omcldcnlat, said Lorenz,; who epresents CW Productions of 'cw Orleans. At first, there was some re- istance from state and local noted I h a L ' M I s law, setting ex- [ficials. who issippi h a s . . , _ . . _ Optionally strict health and afety standards for rock con :erts. "But we got it cleared up hat it wasn't a rock concert," Forman said. "The only statute hal would cover them is for ock festivals, If you don't qualify under that, there's no oilier statute that covers it." The presumption is that coun ·v music lovers are heller he havcd than rock Cans, Forman conceded. "Normally the people who .ikp country music are not the type who like rock music, so we're hoping il won't attract loo many of. t h e m . " h e said. "Besides, they tell tnc we're getting out of the hinpic stage now." "We want to keep it on a clean, wholesome, nice level," Lorenz said. "Wp have made a sincere effort to try to get f a m - ily groups interested in coming to the show." ' · Families who roll up in pickup campers and recreational vehicles are welcome to spend ,he weekend on tho grounds, Lorenz. said, Footloose youths with packs on their backs will be i n v i t e d to tako s walk. "We're trying not to encourage (/Jill camping and s.!c bags on the ground.'' Lorcn said. "I expect it may happen, hut we're not encouraging it. We're k i n d of walking a tightrope on t h a t rnicstioii:." Magnolia's not too far from i\IcCrea, La,, scene nf the disastrous Celebration of Life rock concert of 1971. Three youths died al thai event, fighls broke out, latrines overflowed, police arrested hundreds, The Celebration of Life died in Us fourth day. ]usL h a l f w a y t h r o u g h Its eight-day t u n . with few 'mourning Us passage. But no such Masco 'is fix* peeled at Magnolia. "We sincerely do not anticipate any real problems," Lorens said. "I think the lenor aand tone will be set by t h e people in attendance -- family people.' 1 Senate Panel Seeking Ca!laway r s Explanation .WASHINGTON Senate p a n e l is seeking Howard! II. Callaway's . emanation of his role in efforts Lo win Forest Service approval to f i n a n c i a l l y troubled "ski resort, on federal 'land.' , ," , The former" campaign manager for President Ford wa's lo testify today h : G[ore-a Senate interior subcommittee which is trying to tic terming whether Callaway, while serving as Army secretary, improperly influenced Ihe Forest Service into tentatively approving tlie expansion. · The decision, overruled an caflier · · re commendation- " by teaming in January 1975 1 that' the Forest Service was considering denying the expansion. "I fell the rug had b'e e « pulled out from beneath ] us; And I ' called Mr. Callaway," Walton ' testified Saturday. ·'"! suggested lo Bo -- could ^ji please find out what waVthp Forest Service position." : - ; Sen, Floyd K. Haskell,' D- Colo., chairman of the ;panel, alleged t h a t - the ; company pressed for expansion to -Snodgrass M o u n t a i n ,"not to develop the mountain, but to increase the value ol its land holdings 'at the base of the mountain:-*- tfl ' LITTLE ROCK CAP) -Horse associations have starte ihhying for legislation tha 'oulrl require periodic, tests c lorses to see if they hay c t i u i n e infections anemia 'commonly known as "swam ever." Mrs. Vernon Jackson III ittle Rock, a leader of the lob bying effort, said ail slates su rounding Arkansas have sue a\vs. As a result, Arkansas Becoming a dumping ground For infected horses, she said. Mrs. Jackson said as many as 12 per cent of (he horses En the state have the disease. , The disease isn't curable, and is easily transmitted 10 other animals by insects. Airs. Jackson and representatives from several horse associations have asked the stale Livestock and Poultry, Commission to recommend legislature to the stale Legislature. ' Consumer Should Be Informed About Government Spending Five Killed In Weekend Traffic Accidents By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ForesL--Service officials in .Colo rado-urging denial of ·.the re quest to expand - Caltawuy's Crested Bulte resort onto nearby ted orally owned Snodgrass Mountain. Callaway rmns a- controlling interest in Ihe ski rcsorl corn- pan v A -(-/Mitral spur land sales to help -present, financial troubles arid to reassure the corporation 1 » lenders," - ' ; . ·'-.-. A former undersecretary _.qf agriculture who was at the July 3 Pentagon meeting with Callaw a y said s h o r t l y after '.the meeting he sent a memo to Agriculture Secretary Earl;, 1... issue is a meeting B u t z urging the sci . . . _ 'Cajlaway held, in .his pentagon office with Forest .Service and Agriculture Department official's onMuly-:*. 1975, his l a s t day as Army" secretary. The Forest Service is part o[ Ely? Agriculture Department. icretary' 1 Jo Service -iiilo "push" the Forest Sei approving t h e expansion, · · " ~ , The former official, J/Phillip Campbell, said it was not" his longtime friendship. w|th Gallic way that prompted .this .recommendation hut bccausc'lih Five persons were killed . other' three officials who the Korest Service had been attended that' mcelirig*have : tcs lified t h a i Callaway argued for the expansion. "Bui Ihey also say . r did not bow lo any Washington Wins fn Mock Election L A K E C H A R L K S , La. (AP) George Washington declined third term 200 years ago, but of Lake Charles for another go at By JOHN CUNNIFF AP Business Analyst NEW YORK (AP) -- Spending by all levels of government is now at an annual rate in excess of $500 billion, which is only 25 times the -amount spent 35 recently : as 1G10, anri 311 limes Lhe total of 1902. And what do you gel for, your money? Defense and heaHh research and a system of justice. Tor example, but also, says an esteemed professor, you gel inflation, shoddy goods *.iml a lot of baloney Loo. Roland McKean · -.. mist al the University of Virginia,..insists that Ihe nation' consumers should gel as ex- e r c i s e d about -government goods and services as they the government until May 1. It will take until thai dale to earn Ihe money th-at Uncle Sam and his nieces and nephews in slate and local government will ipenri. Taxes, il has already rcporl- ed, will require 2 hours, 39 nun nles of Ihe average taxpayer's day. by Ear Lhe largest time ex penriiUire in the.personal buds et^more than eight limes the minutes needed ,to pay for rec rcalion. McKean thinks we ought no just read these figures once year, when the foundation con piles them, but keep Ihe'm' i mind all year round, hecnus the "products" of govcrnmen often are inferior, wasteful am youth drafted him Miss Congeniality B«ky ,-Obb or Beaton was nlmed: Mjss ; Con?enialily- at UleVNoHhwest Arkansas Foul- fry Fcslival beauty pageant Saturday nlghl. (TIMESiillolo hy Ken Gnod) Ritual Evacuation Begins Fof Flood Threatened Minot MINOT,. N.D. (AP) - The dust clouds billow high over- h b a d ^ a s . l h e dikes are raised. The evacuation has already be" ' gun". almost a spring ritual . and, 'most people here lake it in stride- 35 Ihe . Souris River thrfalens t o ' flood Minot for Ihe (ourlh. Ume in seven years. "You probably think we're all pretty. sEupid-.staying down here year. "'after year," Jim Larson sa'id:as. he ^packed his furniture into a truck. "But 1 was born and raised l: down : here' and once jou've bcn 'living among the big- , f ree.V . .a'nd everything Si's awfully^hard to leave." Alino/Vls'rnestlfid · between two hills;:and', 'Mown here" is Ihe flood " plain beside (he river. There VaPe . J 4,2M homes Ihcrc, Freedom Train Rolls Info and officials said Ihe people who live in them will have lo evacuate by Thursday. Eighty families were moved oul this past weekend, although. Ihe National Wealher Service said the river won't crc5l unli' next iJiindny when it eighl Rock . : , NORTH; LITTLE ROCK (AP -- Trie American FrewJofr Timlin,, the. rolling museum o 'Americana,- was 'scheduled lo sleam-.inlo- North Lillfe Kock today for a Ihree-day visit lo Arkansas. The train will be parked North Lilllo Rock's Vesta Park. I I will be open for busi ness al:8 ji.rn. Tuesday. .Nor th Little Rock \vill he th 761h city lo be "visited by Eh train o n - its biccnlmnial tour N'prth.LiUle Rock is the only lb\Vri'''In Arkansas where the l«cled in he about above ElootI stage. "We're nol trying to pani anybody," said Mayor Cheslei Kcilcn. "Bui when you have the chance of a dike break and having eight lo 10 feel walsr going over an area, you can can see why we are con corned." In the pasl, cvacuatiot tices sometimes came only hal a day hcfore floodwater poured into Hie city. This is Ih irsl time ihe flood warning ha conic so Car in advance. So a flood control headquar ers Eias hern set up and th 3 me \R being used lo" slrenglh en Ihe earthen dikes on the riv banks. Some ot the dike were 25 feet high Sunday an officials said Ihey will go another three or Tour feet. As Ihe dikes go up, the lo\ lying neighborhoods are under clouds of drown dusl that leave cars, windows, houses and f u r n i - ture caked with dirt- Heavy equipment is everywhere a n d furniture from many homes is being hauled lo the Civic Auditorium for storage. Despite the dikes, more Irian one-third of t h e city's 35,000 residents are making arrange' mejits (o live elsewhere until Ihe river subsides. And a few of them said Ihey are not coming dangerous. Public products, lains. should come he main under Ih = - -- - - , . r ,| Lit Ilia, AIIUUJU cumc itijui-i 11 L lav^aboul^lhc products of Hie ^., mc scri]liny BS lhc product o[ private enterprise. What ar the presidency 'in" a mock election held during the weekend. Also etncled lo office were PalrEck Henry, Betsy ROES -and ihe Pink Panther. The election . was sponsorer r Ihe League of Women Vol- rs . Voters we re divid cd into ge groups, wilh Ihosc over 10 ears old voting for historical haracters and those under the uloff age voting for television liaraclers. Some special offices, such as icfcfider of Ihe flag and chair- nan of independence, were rented for the 'balloting. Tclevis ion sup cr worn an Ts is von Ihs presidential election he younger 'category, and CapL'Kirk of the Star Ship En- erprisc beat Batman's sidekick lohin for Ihe vice presidency. The Pink Panther was elect ed governor, and Snoopy, nalu ·ally, was elected dog catcher riuile sector. Government does come in For consumer criticism, of course, ul it does seem thai ttic thrust of Ihe consumer movement has jeen focused on" private enler- irise, perhaps because its abuses are more evident. , Ever-vigilant and hopeful, despite some stunning statistical reverses, the Eiconoiny-mindeil Tax Foundation forever tries to correct th'aL.silualiin by reducing -- R questionable phrase -ax figures lo something mean- ugful, (o wil: The average t axpa yer t his 'ear will in effect be working .hcse p r o d u c t s ? " support Tariffs, ''price aguKitor [fare, de Poultry Exports lo Remain High WASHINGTON (AP) - Ex ports of poultry are ex peeled lo ·cmain at a relatively high tev- cl this year, probably matching 1975 v a l u e of $133 million the Agriculture Department said today. Last year's exports, up 21 per cent in value from 1974, includ strong gains for meat. The European Commot Market countries, for example train, witt be open for viewing. public The train will IK open from 8 a.m.'imlil 10 p.m. daily. Officials estimated, that 50,000 persons will visit the t r a i n during,its Arkansas stop. The'25,'cars of the rpd, while and blue train arc pulled by a 425-ton steam loco.nolive. -Steam has all but vanished f r o m , the American railroad scene.'The' last'tihie steam en- gines'wre in regular service on major ; ' A r k a n s a s railroads was:ahout 20 years ago. back, "This is it Tor me," saul one resident. "I'm going lo move uphill. 1 (ton't want fo, but I'm going to. I can't lake n big loss so I'll wail iinlil the end nf HIP summer when everybody has [orgollen about H," imported $31 million worth n U.S. poultry last year, eluding $21.6 million w o r t h o turkey meat, the department' Foreign A g r i c u l t u r a l . Servic aid. Sales to Asian markets als vere up last year, the repor aid. Some $23 million worlh o irnducts were sold to Japan, u rom $16 million in 1571 an Singapore and Hong Kong cot inucd as steady markels. Killed in Wreck A L T H E I M K R , Ark. ( A P ) -- telia Murphy, 63. of Altheime was killed Saturday when tl vehicle he was driving l e f t tl road al t h e intersection of U. 70 and 70B near here, authorities said. The .Jefferson County coroner's office said Murphy, who was alone in the vehicle, was en rouic to a hospital for trnal- ment of chest pains al the t i m e of lhc a c c i d e n t . Floods Continue On Red River By The Associated Press Flooding hit at both ends of he Plains today. Locally heavy rains over Texas closed some low water crossings al San An- tfelo temporarily. Flooding continued oh tributaries of the Reel liver, for the fourth time ir even years for some areas. Frost and freeze warnings ere -posted from Northeast issouri through much of the Damage lo spring reentry was expected lo Tie ide.spre-art in the Northeast. A lake shore beach erosicn a r n i n g for N T orth I n d i a n a was irminatfid. Wind and waves dt minished and no longer were ireal. · Florida bad partly cloudy kics this morning willi tern itures in the 50s and fifls But most of the rc^l of Ih outhciisl was cloudy. Shower nd Ihiindcr.showers were scat ered over Gulf states inl North Georgia. Rain continued in t h e g r e ; programs. programs, housing, welf fense . . . "When T say the consume continues to face shoddy pro nets, h a z a r d o u s - products, misleading advertising, T thin mainly of ihe public goods th hfi buys," McKean stated " ·jssic little a r t i c l e for I iiiiidation'.s "Tax fleview." 1 The a r t i c l e was publish tore than a year ago, but lino readers will never forget ic intensity of his indignation, IE controlled f u r y of hirargu- icnt, best expressed in this ne sentence: . "As a consumer T do indeed ct put upon regarding the j'-ilily of my goods -- ' hut it's ol as much because my hoi ogs are 30 per cent chicken nd bread crumbs; it's much idre\ because my public goods r lcn seem GO per cejit aloney." four wep.k'chd traffic accidents. the State Police said. The deaths raised t h e - t r a f f i c count, lor Ihe year -to 136, com pared with Hit on t h e , same te last year. The · victims were identified Jimmie B. Ellison. 23, ; of ish: Robin D. Parker, 23, of ash: Waller H. Roland, -15, of ocahontas; Jclenia Little, 3, Pine B l u f f ; and Victor Hardway, 32, of Warren. Ellison and the Parker wom- .1 were killed Sunday when the ickup truck KUison was drlv ng went out of control on Ar ,as 226 a n d ' s t r u c k a bridge ailing. Officers said the acci ent occurred two miles west p ash. Roland was killed Salurd _ ight when his car crashed cad on into a car driven b\ 'Inn-man Ward, '12. of Warn prints'. Officers said Roland' ·chicle swerved off" Arkansas .15, came back on; Ihe high"way: and struck: Wa'rd's vehicle. · · = Ward and his - wife/ Palsey, vc're injured and takcn-to a Doniphan, Mo., hospital. The Little child died in a Pine Bluff hospital Saturday* several hours after falling out of a car driven by J o r r n A. Little. Officers .said the accident occurred in Pine Bluff i a door of the car came pressure from r Callaway or their superiors.; ' " Callaway -resigned .^ recently as' Ford's campaign- manager following published: reports, of the -July 3 meeting. His brolher-in-}aw, ; Ralph O. Vaiton Jr.. president of- Ihe-ski esort firm, , told . the. panel he dragging its feel quesl.- ·'··. :**· Butz has claimed he,;:fpr- witrdetKUie memo to a subordi- n a t e and has denied any : personal -involvement · in the -mil- ter, Biilz, '...who has L agreed.^ appear before the panel, whj lie relurtis from a world- lour, said Sat he is eager 16 testify so he. can also disclose. the names of E*n*- lors who' hav« made rcquesU , four-w«ek turday'.that ill "double crossed" upon' similar to . liASl Set With 28 Franchise^: And The One, The Only, Pele NEW YORK (AP)"-- The North American Soccer League its 10th · season Wcdnes- Blaiser To Speak At UA Thursday Dr. Cole Blasier, professor of political science and research professor of Latin American ' dies at the University oE tsburgh (Pa.) will at '. University of Arkansas ,ursday. , )r. Blaster's topic is "U-S-. spouses, to Latin American basin of the East (o the Pacifi Coast. There were scattcre now flurries at the higher r ations. Temperatures before duwn ranged from H al Bradford. Pa and Massena.N.Y.. lo 73 al Corpus Chrisli, Tex. Some nlhcr reports; Anchor- Tge 39 cloudy. Atlanta 55 partly cloudy. Boston 27 partly cloudy, Buffalo 25 cltnr. Chicago 3-1 clear, Cincinnati 31 clear, Cleveland 27 c l e a r . Dalla-^ 53 partly cloudy. Denver 56 clear. Alexander Speaks Al School Dedication M E L B O U n N E . A r k . ' ( A P ) -Rep. Bill Alexander. D-Ark. iredicled Saturday thai ' Con- ;rrss w i l l deckle to tjuit.loaning noney to any country (ha! is deltnn.uen[ for more (ban 'car in repaying pasl U.S cans. Alexander, in remarks al Ihi dedfcalion of the O/arka Voca lional - Technical School, s a i .he change will be in the For cign Aid Bill to be voted on thi. week. Passage of ( h e legislation, h; s n f d , will be n congressiomi mandale which makes it clca lo the administration lha "...Ihe American taxpayers e\ pcct their government lo vigoi on sly pursue the colled [on ( obligations owert us by olhc countries." · · Delroil cloudy. 21 'clear, Honolulu Indianapolis 3D clear, Finch Sleects JACKSON, Miss. (AP) Kansas City 33 clear. Los Angeles 53 .partly cloudy. Louisville 35 clear. Miami fi4 clear. Min ncapolis-Sl. Paul 35 clear Nashville 48 clear. New York 32 partly cloudy. Philadelphia 30 clear. Phoenix 69 partly cloudy, Pittsburgh 25 rAirlly cloudy. St. Louis 33 clear, San Francisco 50 p a r t l y cloudy. Seattle -U partly cloudy, Washington 34 Gov. Cliff Finch planned lo di cuss his selections for posts i the board of trustees for t' slale .schools for t h e blind ai Ihe rlcaf during a news confe ence today, an aide said. The board crcaled Iroversy earlier Iliis year wh il announced lhal it would i extend the contract ot I Alma Alexander, superint dent of the deaf school. PIONEER has Homeowners LOANS $2;000-$15,000 Sereice Since 1932 -Get Exl'a Cash Now. Consolidate Debts J Cut Youi Payments No Broker fees of Points PIONEER FINANCE OF OKLAHOMA INC OUI O F I O ' ^ N Oil COUtCI Sil«am Springs 018/254-618 opens -day with 20 franchises,'a.bright a t t e n d a n c e picture; u 'host of newly arrived ·British stars, some Americans- who are gradually developing ^ - into world- class players-^and Pele. Foremost-of a l l , Pele.'.'Image is 'what professions! sports is all about." said NASL Commissioner 'Phil .Woosnam, "and Pele projects t h e image of a · champion. There is no greater; = 'missionary for our. game. .He provides . identi- '[cation*. He's attracted the attention of people who now know about 1 , soccer." . .. : AH of which is precisely what fiic NASL had in mind on J.une 10, 1975, when Pele signed, a multi-year' contract"' estimater at 54.5 million to play for the New York Cosmos. Wherever the Cosmos went 'tiround the NASL circuit last seasons hu. crowds turned oul lo see t' l e g c t i d - a r y Brazilian star. League attendance averaged 8,000 per game, but over 20,000 turned out each time to watch Pete, including a season record crowd of 35,620 «L Washington. The presence of Pele focused attention on Ihe NASL, and apparently many fans l i k e d / w h a t they saw. Season ticket -sales at Los Angeles The ASt, tk« America and founded , in.,WSJ, h'.is expanded to the West Coast with a five team Western Division, signed a number o£;_.ton collegiate players and British veterans, and will · operate Jvvith II teams-this season as compared lo nine last ycter New York won the ASL crown last season, v Among the ASLV lop 'rtw comers are Steve Ralbovfiky\ef the -NASli and Brooks Brown University op draft choice, Cryder of Philadelphia Textil* Government , Seminar Set A "County Government 'IA Arkansas" seminar will be held at the University of Arkansas here Tuesday, According to Phil P r i c e , president of the Association of Public Administration S t n d e n ts , , the sponsoring organization. - I t , LJ 0 ,,,,. uttlJWll . ll ^ i%wl .. .,,.,,., volutions," and his talk '\vil!|f o r 1970 are up all around the . - - - al 7:30 p.m. in the r a d u a I c"Educatiori Atidi- rium. The public is invited the lecture, which is spon- ed by the Latin American idics Committee; of the llc^c of Arts *and Sciences. -. Robert Mqnson.: associate ofcssor ot political science, is a i r m a n of the committee. Dr. Blasier, a research ccialisl on Latin American volutionr, is I tin author of recently published book on D ' subject entitled "The overing Giant:.U.S. Responses Revolutionary Change in Latin inerica." He is also the author . numerous articles that, have p p e a r e d .. in prpfessiona' urnals and has written anc ditcd other books on Latin mcricun politics. The Latin American Studies omrniltce directs the Latin merican studies program am ach spring · offer.s an in crdisdpLiitary collonuEm. Tlii iring the tlieme of thi oilman" m is "Ucvolutioti i: ,alin America," and is rclate o the American Bicentennial )r. Monson' '.tteid, hy focusin the concept of rcvolulio hroiighout;thc" liemisphere he experience of other nation t h a t h a v e experience revolution. D r . Stephen . Strausberg, assistant professor of history, is directing the colloquium. "ynd many- preseason imcs drew solid tiirnouls. All w h i c h is a far cry from .the ague's early days, .when it ?d all il'coulii cto'to stay one .ep ahead of the creditors. Tampa Bay took "the NASL lie last year, won the league's door lournamenl this winter nri is favored to become the lague's first repeat champion. New attractions around liin ·ague include famed British tars George Best and Ron 'avies with Los Angeles. Boby Moore with San Antonio, "coff Hurst \vith Seattle . a n d Rodney Marsh w i t h . Tampa, '"op holdovers include Pele and American · goalie Bob Higby of he Cosmos. 1975 leading scor- ng Steve.David of Mmmi and American Kyle Rote Jr. of Dalas. The NASL opens its 240game schedule Wednesday when the St. Ixiuis Stars play .[he Thunder al San Antonio, eagtie's championship game will be played «t Ihe new King previously, had been scheduled in March and was postponed.. ,,' · T h e · association is iif organization . . o f University students working toward graduate degree. In public dome in Seallc on Aug. 28.. . Soccer , begin play Saturday with Sacrament ' ' "soccer league ' Persons desiring a| minislration. .Presently, therg are more than. ; 10 students /in the program. H; T. Henify, associate professor of political science, is advisor. r ^ ' The seminar will focus 'on current problems in the aS- ministration of county ' government land possible changes which may come ·· from the implemenlalioii of the recently adopted Amendment. 55. Pricy Seminar topics include "Tht Effect of County Reorganization County Funding"; Increased State - County - Municipal Cooperalion"; ' ' S e r v i c e s Provided by County Govern- n e n t s ' ' ; "Effect oE Ihe teslruclured Q u o r u m Court, in : i t i L c n Input lo County Policies" and "Differences j in Administering Urban and Rural: bounties," rxar- licipate in the Seminar, ara requested to contact A.P.A.S. ,in of Department Political · Science, University 72701. Arkansas, Fayctlevill|. Revisions Opposed LITTLE! "ROCK (AP) - J. Bill Becker, the stale AFLrCIO chairman, says the Little Rock C h a m b e r of H Conrmercfi opposes put r-ffoil in" rrvif-o 1[ i-- si^ 1 -"! righl-tOrU'ork law because the chamber represents employers who arc interested in maintaining low wages. "Swing Into Spring" WITH The University of Arkansas JAZZ BAND Monday - Tuesday April 12 131 8:00 PM ARKANSAS UNION BALLROOM ADMISSION $1.00 There IS a Difference - ALL pharmacies fill prescrip- - tions. ALL'pharmacies serve your health needs. Does it |f ! make any difference which J one you patronize? It does -- if you like prompt professional attention com- .bined with sincere personal interest in your hearth. This is the service that 'recommends our pharmacy to you. We Pick Up and Deliver Prescriptions · · ' East Side ef Square

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