Independent from Long Beach, California on January 31, 1960 · Page 45
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 45

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 31, 1960
Page 45
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17* DODGE-DART! | DRIVE 6 MILES j $AVE$$$'s ; Low Ovirhud | [ x Likiril Flntnclnl i \~k Toy Allowance liCHETRODGERS MOTORS H40 Pacific Av«. 3 . SAN PEDRO ' TErminal 2-4561 [ Closed Sundays ******** **********? CAR LOADS! 1959 FORDS! All Models Must Be Sold Now at Terrific Savings Example: 1959 FORD VICTORIA Hardtop Coupe Full Price Stock No. 3444 »^S* 1 N^VXS^WS^Sii'^^^N^«*w 1960 FORDS WE HAVE THEM WE'RE DEALING SELECTION All Models Including FALCON and T-BIRDS LEASE A BRAND NEW 1960 FORD We Lease to Companies and individuals CALL US FOR FULL DETAILS GA 6-3311 ^I^^^WN^X*.*X*^Hii»VS«XNXS. TRUCKS ALL KINDS ALL SIZES ALSO BRAND NEW 1959 LEFTOVERS MEL BURNS FORD 2000 L, 6, Blvd. GA 6-3311 Autos for Sal* 17* Autos for Sa|« WAirtojforSaU 17*| Avtoiforfeit 17* Autos for Salt 17*1 i Bticrt, Calif.. Sunday. Jtnuirv 3), 1NO INDEPENDENT-PRESS-TELEGRAM-D-17 V O L V O S NO Reasonable Offer TURNED DOWN YOUR CHOICE OF COLORS AND BODY STYLES LOW DOWN PAYMENTS BANK FINANCING UP TO 36 MONTHS TO PAY ALSO 1960 SIMCAS "if '1795 COMPLETELY EQUIPPED + TAX AND LICENSE TAKE A SHORT DRIVE AND SAVE CABE BROS. 2201 LONG BEACH BLVD. HE 5-5381 THE VOLUME CORNER ACROSS FROM THE rvfAY CO. QUALITY USED' CARS '58 Chev. 2-DR. V-B Excellent. Only S 1599 '56 Dodge Suburban. V-8, aulom. S 999 ·57 Chev. 4-DOOR Sharp Iliruoul S 1299 '55 Plym. BELV. 4-DR. RH '699 LOWEST PRICES ANYWHERE '57 Chev. STA. WAGON Stand, shift, radio Mr. '1299 '56 Ford VICTORIA V-8, Fordo. Worth seeing. S 1099 '55 Chev. 4-DR. WAGON V-8, RH. Powcrollde 5 1099 '55 Chcv. "210" 4-DR. Radio, heoler, V-8, Pwflllde. $ 699 '"~- f TM^»"rr s A.xj'MSsN °' smT V C/l %R ?9 Q CAMPBELL BUICK CO. · 2101 LONG BEACH BLVD. AUTO SAFETY STARTS WITH BETTER CARS These Are SAFETY-CHECKED Cars '60 BUICK EUCTIU 4-DOOR HARDTOP. Power windows, power seat, power brakes, ·power steering, FACTORY AIR CONDITIONING and Premium U.S. Royal Master Tires, 59STUDE. '2195 STATION WAGON, 2-Door, fully equipped, Owned by one ol our company executives. '58 BUIGK S 2395 SUPER 4-DOOR HARDTOP. Full power plus FACTORY AIR CONDITIONING. '58 FORD S 1495 4-DOOR. Full power plus Fordomatlc, radio, htaler. (WHT 777) J-DOOR HARDTOP. (Slock 47) J '58 PLYMOUTH $1705 o.nnnp mmvrnD (?tnel iTi I · wir $1745 DC 825) S 1395 (MPD 676) $1595 IP 712) $1595 2-DOOR HARDTOP. Fully equipped and ready to roll, (KGC 825) J FAIRUNE SOO 4-DOOR HARD' TOP. Full power. Immaculate. (MPD 676) "SI BUIGK 2-DOOR HARDTOP equipped and rei '57 FORD FAIRUNE SOO 4-1 TOP. Full power. '57 BUIGK 4-DOOR HARDTOP. Fully equipped and ready to go, (JUP 712) '57 FORD STATION WAGON With full power. Very nice. (MHY 026) THESE ARE JUST A FEW of the many values on our lot. Come in today and see our values! '58 CHEVROLET BEL AIR 4-DOOR. Fully equipped. (NXX 244) '58 PLYMOUTH STATION WAGON. Can't be told from new. (PNU 276) '58 FORD 4-DR, Fully equipped. (NHT 350) '58 CHEVROLET $1741: 4-DOOR. Fully .nulnned «nd " · ^TV 4-DOOR. Fully equipped and Immaculate throughout. (RKM 293) '58 OPEL Sedan (NTV 861) Just llk new ,,. '58 CHEVROLET 2-DR. Fully equipped. (NTX 130) $ 1345 '58 FORD 4-DOOR. Fordomatlc and all the extras. Red and white. (Stock 32P) '58 DODBE S 2295 STATION WAGON 4-DOOR, Full power and all the extras. (Stock 36P) '57 FORD $1845 RETRACTABLE HARDTOP. Power steering, power brakes, AIR CONDITIONING. Blue and white, A nard-to-llnd beauty. (SAN 691) '57 FORD .'1595 $1395 S 1045 STATION WAGON. Has full power and Is like new. 2-lone red and white finish. (Stock 537) '57 FORD Fully equipped. (SUM 790) '56 FORD VICTORIA 2-DOOR HARDTOP. Full power. A 2-tone beauty. (KHS 076) '56 PLYMOUTH CONVERTIBLE, Fully equipped and very sharp. (RKV 427) '55 DE SOTO 2-DOOR HARDTOP. Fully equipped Including power steering brakes. (PEL'480) '52 CADILLAC 4-DOOR. Full price $245 CAMPBELL B U I C K C O M P A N Y BUICK · OPEL · LARK 2101 LONG BEACH BLVD. HE 7-4925 cr HE 6-7095 Open Evenings and Sundays · OPEN SUNDAY* C O R M I E R CHEVROLET CO. OFFERS THE GREATEST USED CAR SALE TODAY- SUNDAY FINAL DAY Ever Held INCREDIBLE SAVINGS! Many at TODAY- SUNDAY FINAL DAY WHOLESALE PRICES Much Mart for l«ss -- Trie., puallty, Guarantee Brother .'. . what a sole! What a house-cleaning. Neve before have we ever had to have such a sale In (January! Never before have we ever offered such incredible prices, such low down payments, such easy, easy terms. Never before . . . because never before have we suddenly started to sell so many new cars so l fast as we have since the end of the steel strike! We ve | got trade-ins running out of our ears! We simply have l got to get some room! We simply have got to clean 'house! We are used to selling more used cars than any 'other dealer In Long Beach . . . but this month . . . 'holy smoke! We've got to move them! We're not a bonk! So ... If you want'an incredible bargain In that l high-priced make you have longed to own . . . if you I want a second car for mighty little dough but with years I and years of "GO" left in it ... here Is your golden I chance! Sale positively ends Sunday night. ^^ ^^ / W~N^X~'SXV»W~X*~~N^. "~ ~^~~ Here Are 21 Cars We Are Selling at WHOLESALE BOOK PRICES '57 CORVETTE WHOLESALE BOOK PRICE 245.H.P. V*8. Automatic trantmlttilon, cidie and heater. (HJX !!2. '59 CHEVROLET Inpala convertible. Automatic Irininhilon, 'idle ·lealer, icoer ileerlnt. (BUL 414) '59 CHEVROLET V-l Impala Sped Sedan. Overdrive, radio, air conditional. (PWO 111) $2300 $2200 $2200 $2200 soonn ·Idle, Mater, I.LUW '59 CHEVROLET $1900 §1QQ() 1500 el Air 4-Ooer Sedan. V-l, aiilemille, itierlnt, ridlo, hooter. (nHL 110) '55 CADILLAC $1500 $ Coopa de Vllli. ¥·», alternant, f»«ir ilearlnti kriliii eleelrle wlndioi, ml. (KHH 61«) '57 FORD $1325 Sullen' Wjjon. 4-Deor, V-l, lulomille trininlt- slon, ridlo, heller. (IKK 111) '57 FORD $1175 $ Convertible. V-l, iilimitle Wansmliilon, ridle, healer, inn 666) · - · · '57 PLYMOUTH $1050 $ lilvadire «-Dcer. V-!, automatic IranimliilMi, ridle, heiler. (Sleek BI-II6) '58 VAUXHALL $1000 $ 4-Door Sedan. Llki niw. (NTX 170) '56 CHEVROLET $875 $ Bit Air 4-Detr. V-l, automatic Iraninllllen, ridle, heiter, (HE ICB) '57 DODGE $850 $ 1/,-Ten Pickup. (473661) '55 CHEVROLET $825 Stiller, Witen, "210" 4-Deir, V-l, POKerilldo. (F9IDE1) '55 CHEVROLET $825 $ f.Door sullen Wi[on. V-l, automatic, ridle and heitir, (HPP 4DI) , '57 METROPOLITAN $800 $ Hidte, healer. (NBH l!l) . 175 875 850 '55 DODGE S775 Rnyil Sport Coupe. V-8, lutomillo trinimliilen, radio ind heiter. (GCC 550) ................... '56 PLYMOUTH $625 2Door Sedin, Automalle Inntmlitlen, radio in* htilir. (SAJ 091) ............................ '55 FORD $600 4-Ooor Stdin. V-I. ·utomille Ujmimlsilen, ridlo ind hutcr. (PSS 375) ......................... '54 CHEVROLET $500 Bi| Air Sport Coupi. Antomitie Irinimiislon, ridlo, (MOW 131) ............................ '54 CHEVROLET $450 Del Air 2-Door Sedan. Aulomille Uinimliilon. (FPA 363) ...................... '54 BUICK $425 Century 4-Door. Aulomitic tnniMliiloit, radio, hiatir. (QKU Oil) ..................... '54 FORD $400 Convtrllble. V-fl, ovirdrlvi, radio int hiatir, (NUC 38!) ........................... '77 K '625 $ $ S ( 425 |We Have Transportation Cars--Examples: ·52 BUICK 4-DOOR Automatic, ratio and "AST OLDS" 2-DOOR Automatic, radio and heater. (OFT 5021 YOUR CHOICE '51 BUICK 4-DOOR Automatic, radio and 'BO- FORD" 4-DOOR Cuitom V-8, radlp and healer. (FNX «BS) Not Only These, Buf Again We Have Carloads and Carloads of ·59 CHEYROLETS IMPALAS . . . BEL AIRS . . . BISCAYNES . . STATION WAGONS . . . HARDTQPS CONVERTIBLES... SPORT SEDANS . . . 4-DOOR SEDANS . . . 9-PASSENGER STATION WAGONS Equipped with V-8's, automatic transmission!, radios heaters, power steering, etc. Low ai (RRL 644) CASH DELIVERS ANY CAR BIDE iHIPi OUR INVENTORY TOTALS 131 USED CARS ALL PRICED FOR QUICK SALE CORMIER CHEVROLET COMPANY Famous for Clean Cars ·TWO BIG LOCATIONS · 6th and Long Beach Blvd. HE (-529S llth and Long Beach Blvd. HE «-52t4 Open Evening* and All Day Sunday HARBOR CHEVROLET'S INVENTORY CLEARANCE OVER 100 TO CHOOSE FROM! ALL PRICES REDUCED! ·59 CHEVROLET IMPALA 4-DOOR SPORT SEDAN 6-Cvllndcrs. Cornl In color. Powerollde. ridlo, heater. Llr" NO. P '59 CHEVROLET BISCAYNE 2-DOOR SEDAN Beautiful Ivory finish. Slnnd.ird tmnimlsslon, radio, icntor. '58 CHEVROLET 8 CYLINDERS BEL AI* SPORT COUPI BtloB »nd brown In color. Powerolldc, r»dlo, hooter License Nu, NHU 4G7. '58 CHEVROLET IMPALA CONVERTIBLE Bcnutllul yellow finish. Turbogllde 750 engine, rndlo henler, power jloerlno. Lie. Ho. NTV s«o. ·58 PLYMOUTH 8 CYLINDERS -- 4-DOOR SAVOY Rod In color. Push-button automatic, hafltcr. Llccns No. NZJ 165. ·57 CHEVROLET BEL AIR 4-DOOR SPORT SEDAN tvorv nnd turquoise. Powerollde, power steering, f«r torv iilr conditioned, hcnlcr. Like new. 2300 «clu«l miles now lire;. License No. TDA 593. '57 BUICK SPECIAL RIVIERA HARDTOP COUPE Ivory nnd blue. Dynaflow, power steering, oower brakes rndlo, hcntcr, License No, MSV 552. ·57 OLDSMOBILE 98 HOLIDAY HARDTOP COUPE Ivorv finish. Full power, radio, henter. Lie. No. MZE 94: 'B6 LINCOLN 4-DOOR PREMIER tvorv nnd blue finish. Full power, rndlo, heater. Cn like new. License No. LUD £58. '56 CADILLAC SEDAN DE VILLE Ivorv In color. Full power. Fnctorv nlr-condlllonei rndlo, hcntcr. Cnnnot tell from new. Lie, No. TAA 20 '56 FORD 8 CYLINDERS -- 4-DOOR Country Sedan Station Wagon, Fordomntlc. radio, hen cr. License No. LLP 307. ·56 CHEVROLET 8 CYLINDERS IEL AIR 4-DOOR SEDAN Black In color, powerolldc, radio, heater. License Ni CHE 419. '56 PONTIAC 4-DOOR 860 SPORT SEDAN Ivory and vcilow. Hydra-Miitlc, rndln, heater. Hvdn Mnllc completely ovcrhouled in our inop. License Ni ·55 CHEVROLET 210 4-DOOR STATION WAGON 8 Cylinders. Green In color. Powerollde, radio, heatei License No. HVK 501. ·55 FORD 8-CYLINDER FAIRUNE 4-DOOR Ivorv and orcen. FordomAllc and Fordomaiic Iranimlsslon. »0 days. License No. TAA 335. tILINUtK hAIKLANC 4-UUUK rv and orcen. FordomAllc. radio, healer, new moto 1 Fordomaiic Iranimlsslon. Gunrflnlee 4,000 miles o riavs. IJrpnit No. TAA 335. '55 CHEVROLET 8.CYUNDER 4-DOOR SEDAN ivory and orcv finish. Powerollde, hinter. License No BPE 005. '55 BUICK SUPER 4-DOOR Broivn nnd belac finish. Dvnflflow, oower stecrlno radio, healer. License No. HEG 654. '54 OLDSMOBILE 88 SUPER 4-DOOR Ivory and blue finish. Radio, heater. Lie. tlo. SSZ Sli '54 BUICK SUPER 4-DOOR Ivory finish. Dynaflow, power sloerlno. Dower brake radio, heater. Runs real oood. Dvnaflow complete overhauled In our »hop. License No. HPP 0«. '54 METROPOLITAN Turquoise finish. Lie. No. KZZ 019. Radio. '54 FORD 8-CYL. VICTORIA HARDTOP SPORT COUPE Blue llnlsh. Lie. No. HSD 1t. Overdrive, radio, fleam customlred, bio motor, neavv dlv transmission I. clutch LAST WEEK'S PRICES $2099 S 2099 *2299 *1799 S 22S3 S 2599 S 1399 5 1399 *1299 Today's Sale Price 2499 1899 1899 2099 s 1799 s 1599 2299 1199 1299 $ $ 499 ALL OUR LOCATIONS ARE LOADED HARBOR CHEVROLET ATLANTIC and ANAHEIM 1860 Long Beach Blvd. HE 6-3294 OPEN SUNDAYS

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