Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1969 · Page 53
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 53

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1969
Page 53
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AUTOS TOR SALE C»X¥»tft^ 1»ll £ i C H E V R O L E T CORVETfi STINGRAY _FASTBACK COUPE -STINGRAY FASTBACK FACT. AIR COND., V-8. P.S. AU- i TO TRANS., EXCELLENT CONDITION, THIS CORVETTE AN OUTSTANDING BUY. LICENSE r I PCJ 122. BLUE BOOK AVESAtE i RETAIL 5315S. ! OUR FULL PRICE $2895 PLUS T A X 1 LICENSE LAKEWOOD MOTORS VOLKSWAGEN MIS SOUTH ST.. AT WOODRUFF '64 Corvette Stingray Fastback, radio heater, automatic transmission, ocwer stw- tny. Factory air condiTicrvig, DOW. cr wirxiows. Lort mileage. HCR 932. $2299 Kott Smolar Ford ' ^CO^t'ETTE^CONV. v-o, 4-soecd transm.ssion. A.'A-rM radio. Low rnilc.vie. USX 521. $2999 Kott Smolar Ford i 345 W. Anaheim. Wilm. TE 5W21J «/Ti rnPVPTTP PAVTRArK «3M I r (.OH ning, Dower steering windows, *'·) er.gmc. radio, heater, exira '.lijrp car. Lie. SSSY-360 10 Day Trial Exchange 597-4S21 MURPHY LINC.-MERC. lWO_Lakew«Jd_8lvd._(at Circle^ '67 Corvette Fastbaclc V-3, J-soecd, radio, l. Price S3I99 Frl.-Sat.-Syi '63 CORVETTF J-soetd. Fact, oau «ae. Extra .'lean 'S3 C O R V c T T . pCfir. Runs nice A 58?? 2Q90 L.B. Blvd.. L8 ·f,\ CORVETTE Str light, 301 erfl. 2x4 A real runn-v for 207C L.B. Blvd., LB '67 CORVETTE Fd ^Dfcd, oif the road new! VEY263 . PARKWOOC 5059 Lake wood _S|y d '65 CORVETTE. Bran trans. Pearl vcl MVFM, pwr. windi New maas Fn tires. Best otter. 531-.078 425, H.P. mags, FM. disc brks, 213; 723-4358 after J 58~CORVETTE, AUTOS FOR SALE Dodqc WS '67 Dodge Polara . ..$2745 We sold k suvicfd this beauty. 1 tone, 4 dr. nd:»., ha: over 30,000 iig. FACTORY AIR. R4H. automatic, D0*er steering i orak«4, brand new tires. PVK 225. Verne HOLMES-- Dodg« '65 Dodge 270 4-br., 6 cvl.. autom. tram., radio, healer. QZG 653. Price 51179 Fri.- Sat.-Sun. only- LAMERDIN PONTIAC ;C! H. Long Beadi Blvd. Common NE 9-6MI AIR CAR ·tt Dod«_ Custom _ HO i door. .»,,-a v.^-KFA«J GLENN E. THOMAS CO. BOB THOMSPON'S ·'C.VAP-OUT SPECIAL" '" OOnfiE V~n. V 5. RiH, auto, trans., air rend, xlnt. cond. SJ2J3 'ti Dcwse rtaio. CD?., auto., AIR LAKEV/bOD CHRYSLER '65 DODGE Coronet 2 dr., vinvl hrdto., 3uto., V-S, all owr. Inct. windows, fact, air, a.m. FM radio w-'vibraior. S1375 orlv. otv. Ph. 436 6794 after 5 p.m. 1966 DODGE Monaco 2-dr. hdiD. Fact, air, auto., pwr. sir. brks., RH, bucket scats, perfect cond. Show- Record-Car. 10.000-mi. warranty. S2.000. 436-9481 ·66 ""DODGE* Charqr, pwrstr. air AUTOS FOR SALE Ford t»40 '66 Ford SptCp*. .$1975 One In a million! One owner local trade, F ACTORV AIR, RH, euto- finish lii-c new full vlnvt interior. Written ilnnnle*. KYM4N. Verne HOLMES-- Dodge 35th 8, AtHnlic L.B. S6-7I3I '64 Ford GtUxie 1 dr. Hdlo. VI, ulo./trins.. R/H, whitewalls, AIR CONO., owr. itr. 4, br»k«, LIT. eRAtliO. M prict U99 Fn.-Sit. only. LAMERDIN PONTIAC 302 H. Long Inch Blvd. Comoloa NE 1-ttiU '45 FORD Fairlane 500 2-dr. hdto. 219 V-8, auto traru, RH, Dower str. Me. Lie. PAD-21!. Extra sae- ci^l this weefcec-.d . _,, tttw Hensley-Anderson Ford 5S53 Atondra §1.. SelHI. TO 7-2734 BOB THOMPSON'S ·«"j FORD XL tn Hlth r»rt 5 rm ^·scd.. bucke:s, cnrome wnt*. Bi sure la sic this one ·! only. S10W 2m L 9 Blvd., L« 5)l-5a2« '^7 FORD 500 htrdfoo V-l. luto. trans., RiH. FAI:T!AI* cond .. real sharo! .. . _ ..__ U375 Beilflower Auto Storafle Sa'es U'rioPeslle Loo, »154 Flrestwn Blvd., Downey Sit-9727 '63 FORD $499 V-t, art luto. tr«ni.. RtH. IUJ 117 CALL NOW 591-0553 Harbor Auto Liquidators '59 FORD Cpe $99 2 dr., V-S, tuto., Dwr. itr. Great! Q7N 00? CALL NOW 830-^752 Harbor Auto Liquidators AUTOS FOR SALE AUTOS FOR SALE OMMMfcil* 19*0 DICK BRO "OLD OLDSMOBILES Mostly Loe«l 1090 Long Beicn Blv '68 DELTA 13 $3490 Custom Sin. FACTORY AIR. rower steering, brok*s, windows seat, automotlc tilt tele- wheel, olx. rodlo. whttewolts. Only 13.439 local miles. Blue with black vinvl loo. VOX 373. '68 CUTLASS $2690 Supreme hdtp. Co*. Automatic, pwr. steering, center console radio. Only 14,625 local miles. Red with Oldsnwbilt If *0 WNING'S S CTY" WE GOT 'EM .0* Mileage ide.lns At J., Phone HE 6-9624 '67 DELMONT $2490 425 hdtD. Son. FACTORY AIR. rre,:. steering, brakes and windows, cj- tomatic, radio, vvhitevvall tires. lm- moculote. TUY 716. '66 TORONADO $2690 Deluxe. Full power Including brks iteerina, ieots, window * antenna, automatic tilt tele, wheel, w hi If*, alls, etc. Rfallv bajen Bronie with block vinyl to? AUTOS FOR SALE Mustang 19SS ·63 FOSD MUSTANG C»E. 2J» V 3. | A U T O K\ A T 1 C T R A N S . . P.S.. f GSEEN W I T H C O N T R A S T I N G ( WHITE VINVL I N T E R I O R . R M. ' AVERAGE BLUE BOOK R E T A I L i S3.V5 LICEMSE VIV3: OUR FULL PRICE $2395, PLUS T A X 1 L'CFNSE i LAKEWOOD MOTORS 1 VOLKSWAGEN i M15 SOUTH ST. AT WOODRUFF LAKEWOOD DUTCH VILLAGE I TO i^)74l ! AUfoTFOR"SATE OicJsmebile i'»TO INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELESRAM (PM)--C-25 _CL»SSIREO HE }·»» Lens Beach, C»tll., FfKlay, Feb. 21, I1i» AUTOS FOR SALE '." AUTOS FOR SALE " 1960 I960 OldsmobiTe FOR STUDENT OR JR. i YOJR HOUSEHOLD L^L'.iL . OUR V RJLL PRICE $1395' PLUS TAX i LICENSE LAKEWOOD MOTORS VOLKS.VAGEN .Wi SOUTH ST. AT rtOODRUiT LAKEAOOD DUTCH VILLAGE " "BOB" THO~MPSON I S~ '65 Olds Jetstar 2-0'.. rJ's.. V-5, AJ'?. 'ran'- . RiM. whiffwdlls. FACT A I R . :·*'. Sar. Syn. on'v. Full pi-ice S'*« UMERDIN PONTIAC j:? N. Long Beach B-vi '» OLOS C ' i ' U M r . ? " Se do.n da Me get o.ic t-!s n :e, o"e ' ov.'c- i.xa car o f f ? ' · · V. FACTORY' AIR' s. f .H «J!;-M'T, Verne "HOLMES--Dodge Dick 'Vown'mg^Olds '62 OLDS "Clearance Sale" "Cearanc.9 Sale" '67 Olds $2995 '66 Olds "88" $2095 · " 1 3, ·(·!*?· - / . ' '-,··--' -. V T - O H'l'cr, ?.V. Veer'""? 4 r - a . n i-A- A " - ' A ' , t in.-.-- .-. - 7 - ^ . 9 ^ O.v- ·. -"J i A 1 ? C O M D i - SU3URBAN"*PONTIAC , . - . -· SUBURBAN'^ PONTIAC APPROX. i o OLDS i. i-~{.* s'-i^rsTi O'ro-l = - A - 9i«. J2» 3,-i «U5TANG- SjraanJv. V3 ^v'? tpct c?n.i. Nw firpi -^-. I taVe rcas. oMtr. .\V» Vsrr n ' ' . 3 i-".' 1D?3 _ 3 SL'.O. $299 ·*:;;.:; i.;;:r.'i.^.f°";, : ;-:' i Cv* !*·* ';* - B,-c^»t *?*'\ s:^-.. ,» .--M \i'S o- r*^ 1 ;··· · uus ^i C A L L NO.V ^J'-J s: yfjj, r ^ s A . r A ' 3 : ) . .«;o '· H_arboi^_Auto Liquidators s ? 3 5 V - L A S S ' - C ' -- ' v - s ·^P^p"^^^'·-^r?. LAKEWOOD" CHRYSLER SELLrLOrtc-?_AUTO ST j=I4:.L .^ OLD-- ¥\"-?~\- - i" o- ' 'SJ OLD ^5 out?:n. aw i'^v OA- · L.^iM w « - ' - i M.-. plvmnuth CCC-T ec-r--*.'«i._ j:?.v:? ^ ' V..S T «..*.-:^jps"? jv-^js riymouin iS »;jrLA 1 55'SJ: 7 e-"?.~8^ -s-.-.i-. ·: \:i S'.^r- -» -- MM · - - -i ^- " ·'-- r - - i - : - ^ ·- - - . ' r ^ . . _^ojnt SHARP S?5«::J ^. : ? "?i !.:T _ 53'-V.;) o- -.Ji X'Ji -. » / s:^' -J ·"-'.'·'. v ' _ _ . \-: OLDS S'"vtiY S:- i .*o OI.DS - J L L rj.'.E^ ··- ' 'M f^\"~.\^'. *··-:'"v* '* 7^-1 C A I I 55ft-5a^ ;0'O . «W :V : : .-» ro--: . «:0 S M ^'* " C¥ .Mt ,3 : /H ~ ·,*") "A "1965 self for S550. extras. S1,2QO.'GA 47145 Cougar 2-Dr. Hdtp. Cordon trans., radia, hca dir., pwi. blr., pw Price- i?799 Fri.-Sa LAMERDIN '67 MERCURY COU5 21.500 mi. '69 Lie. says "Sri!" Parnr Salvage, 6030 Par __NJ..B. '67 Hres, DV.T. too. taoe deck. 26.000 ml. 52400 o '68 COUGAR XR-/i loaded, must sell. Ing. (71-11 897-7215 '«/ COUUAR. V-8, .... _ . . . warr. S2iOO. (7H) 847-2141 Dart Pwr. ilrg. Air cond. (714) 835-675' heater, v/sw. Sun. only. ONTIAC !*di Blvd. NE 9-WS3 PSON'S " rdtn. ·:?/ enn.. red, low mile- 1 i/ith fact, war- | i91-bo39 SPON'S Good ruining \ .HI,- i\\ 591-5629 PSON'S «t rarer* dc's, Torqu3(lite. only _ S1099 591-5629 stbatk, 427 4- exhaust, Like S369S ) CHEV. . ME 3-07S1 d nev: 4'}7 enq. low naint insi, ows antenna, rcston. racina -1078 TE CPE. clean car. Sr. ·s, 201h Chcr- 427--390 ho., d rcen. GorgDOus. 9-2401 9 a.m. -6 DOS, J Spd. PQSl ndv tires, AM- illd cust. S2500 p.m. RICK 324-7960 714-- 536-4B76 ori cond, many 7145 1915 jgar a top. V-B, auto, cr. wsw. Fact, brki. SUK 912. -bun. only. PONTIAC each Blvd. NE 9-6668 gar 2-dr. Stick. . Kansas Bank mount Sales raniauiil Blvd., brakes. Landau Perfect rond. r ? 598-4988 3?0 G.I., air, nev/ one arriv- ull ovvr., under 1920 Hdtp. $1598 iH, nv/r. stcer- , console shift, miles Factory 5 e transferred. RAMBLER TO 7-7? W at Alondra Blvd. r, 4 sprf, w/tach over payments f. fcxcel. cond Fact, air, auto., pwr. sir. brks., RH, bucket scats, perfect cond. Snow- Record-Car. 10.000-mi. warranty. S2.000. 434-9481 ·66 ""DODGE* Charqr, pwrstr. air Lo mites, good ihape, autom irais S1900 r.ill rtiier 1 p.m. 547- 373i 't3 DODGE GT Auio, RH 578B LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER 4919 Candlew'd =1035A 531-0791 '66 DODGE Charger. Full pwr. fact. air. S1995. 90S1 Garden Grovr Blvd., G.G. (714) 5378S-:4. '59 DODGF Royfll J-cir. Pwr. brks., strg., 1 owner. Low mileage. RH. S400. UN 4-1801. ·68 DODGE Charoer RT." "i-spd.", RH, wide tiies, 2200 mi. Sacrifice. S?550. 426-7594 ·6! DODGE Dort. GT. Like new, 12,000 orio mi. S1D95, 433-6976 ·63 DODGE GTS 3:0 cu. in., 4 bbl, wide nvnl tires S49-1?3? eves. 68 CHARGER, 12,000 ml." Full pwr, stereo, SHARP, $'695. 213, 53J-7828 Falcon 1930 64 l-ALCON Futufa"* cvl.'2'dr, Hatp. Auto-, RH, vinyl interior, sharp as they ccme without a doubt on exceptionrti -3t. if 71 93 A lull price S970 HOLIDAY RAMBLER 1427 Lono Bodch Blvd. HE 6-9001 '63 FALCON Futura 2-dr. scdfln. Gold, blk int., 12.000 mi. 5800 take over paynus. $55.16 per mo. 4364326 runs good, S350. (714) H92-0217 62 FAICON 6 l-utura 2-dr bucKct scats, S425 426-3507, 430-1558 '65 FALCON 6 cyl 1 owner rh, 32,000 mi $749 435-1216 Dlr '65 FALCON Futura. Good tires condition. 433-7537 after 4 p.m. Firebird 1935 '67 Firebird 326 2 -Dr. Htp., V-8, stand trans., radio, heater, white\vans, air cond., pwr. str, VVW 688. Prict $2499 Fri.-Sat.-Sun. only. LAMERDIN PONTIAC 302 N. Long Beach Blvd. Cornpton NE 9-666S vi : . FIKEBIKD'JOO. Air cond., ex eel. cond. 52,750. S47 King Ave. Anl. 3, Wilminfljon 3 3 L OHC 6, private party. S2150 714 5350219 '67 FIREBIRD, 400 filx., air, 16,000 mi. VDA 534. S269- 1 . Osborn'l 20lh 8, Clierry. Ford 1 940 '66 FORD 4-rir., fact, air, auto., V-B RH. TOP cond. Best ofler. 596- 2SS9. "'62 FORD. Pwr. str. "aut'om. RH Oriq. owner. Excel. HA 5-070 '62 FORD Gal. 500. V-8, X-dr., n*w tires. $495 cr offer. 435-9073 eves. '6.1 FORD CUSTOM 4-DOOR GOOD CONDITION. HA 9-990 tires. Must sell. 867-5089" '63 FORD, 500 XL, RH, lir, ful owr. xlnt. 5595. 424-2662 '60 FORD startiner 2-dr, auto. S300 42D-I227. '60 FORO S100. '69 TAGS. 439-9B55 195G FORD Fairlane 50,000 nil. Xln all orig. 124 E. Anaheim '59 FORD 2-DQOR HDTP. V-l « torn. RH, STiS. HE 6-6086. '53 FORD VI good cond. RH 2 dr., v-S, auto., pwr. itr. Great! QZN 009 CALL NOW 630-4752 Harbor Auto Liquidators 6 1 FORD $199 Cof., v-8. auto., RS.H. Great! XIP 307 CALL NOW 830-4752 Harbor Auto Liquidators W FORD Gal. SCO 2-dr. hdtp. V-R, auto., powir str., brks., FACT. AIR, low mi. SRL J61 . S1895 PARKWOODCHEV. 5059 Lakewooa Blvd. ME 30781 65 FORD LTD coe. 350, V-8, ouro, owr. itrg, pwr brks, fact. air. PEG 997 _ ..._ _ ....51499 JIM SNOW FORD 7911 Alondra, Para'l 634-2600 65 FORD, AIR COND., RJ.H, auto., V-S, pwr. sir, NMR 6A1 ... S1195 PARKWOODCHEV. 505? Lakewood Blvd. ME 30711 66 FORD cust. 500 4-dr. 390 tng. FACT. AIR, auto. Pwr. steer, spec. trim, radio. Tint fllaii, 1 owner, Immac. Priv. pry. 597-1404 also 43S949S. 63 FORD Ft. hdtp., V-8, auta. 3558 LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER 4919 CandlCW'd, 3077A. 531-0791. 66 FORD Gal. 500 XL V-8, auto., RH, vinvl rop. SVM 643 . 5SS6 No Cash needed OAC ME 3-7531 BELLFLOWER AUTO STORAGE 55 FORD 2-dr., rear damaged, new 6-cyl. auto., 300 ml. on cno., black tuck roll, chrome sheels, wide ovals, pipes. X200. J29-S298 '55 FORD Sedan. Runs -- needs some work. Best offir. 439-4771 a ter 5 p.m. '64 FORD Custom 500. Autom. trans., pwr. str., good ccnd. Priv. party. 5675. 633-49W anytime. '62 FORD Fairlonf 500, clean, new battery, tires lie. Needs rings. '64 FORD Gal. 500 CM., 1-own, 33,000 ml. RBX 404. $999. Osborn's, 20th 4 Cherry. '£6 FORD Fairlane 500, V8, 2 dr. hdtp. Auto, pwr str. Excel cond. Best offer. Alt 5 P.m., 866-1159 '64 FORD 4-dr Custom 500, auto trans., RH. 5650. 634-5540 Frl. Mnn. aft 4:30, all dav sat Sun. '62 FORD 500 XL convt. Good cond, S595 or best offer. 598-4221 or 5975261 Imperial 1945 '62 IMPERIAL SEDAN. Loaded. Draftee must saortiice. $795. 433-5400 322 Orizaba, L.B. Mercury If 50 '62 MERC. Monterey 4 dr. hdto. Full power li air cond. Todiv only. - 7112B _ J59S HOLIDAY RAMBLER 1427 Long Blidl Blvd. HE 6-TO01 '42 MERCURY COMET Lie. JPV 287 LONG BEACH MOTORS M)0 Long. Biach Blvd. 432-54T7 '« MERCURY. 1 owner. RH, air. 55,000 ml. New ties. 1st clats cwid. Pn; «4-3»nor 2S-79«1 ·65 MERC Brteiewav-- loidtd siTM Will finance. «. takt trad* 4324711 or 135-729 Mustang 1955 '65 MUSTANS 1+2 Futblct, 219 cu. eng., J-»d. Red with black Intlrl- or. Xlnt c»nd. I26-79W. ·47 MUSTANG. Pwr. stro., fac. air, newrarwarr. S1950. U?J3QSaft. 5. '68 CUTLASS J2690 Supreme hdtp. CD*. Automatic, pwr. steering, center console radio. Only 14,625 local miles. Red with black interlo 4. vinvl root. VMM 431. '67 DELMONT $2590 115 hdta cp*. FACTOftV Al R power steering, brakes windows, AM- FM rddlo, titt teleicopinp wheel Charcoal In crlor \vith black vinyl roof. Low mlleape. TUY 069. '67 DELMONT 88 $2190 425 hdtp. Cpe. FACTORY A I R , Pwr. steering 1 brakes, jubmatic tilt telt, wheel, radio, whltcwans, v.hlte with turouoii* interior. UUG 466. '67 TORONADO ..$3190 Deluxe. Full power Including FACTORY AIR, Stereo tape dock, tilt L whnl, automatic speed control etc. Bronzt with clack vinvl top, UUY116. '67 CUTLASS $2-390 Supreme hdtp. Sdn. FACTORY A I R power iteerlng. automatic, radio. Very low mileage. Metallic orcv with black vinvl top. UQG 47J. PRICES GOOD DICK BRC OLDSK 1090 Long Beach Blv Mustang 1955 '65 MUSTANG V-8, AIR/COND S Jiivi SNOW FORD 7911 Alondra, Param't 634-2600 '66 MUSTANG 2+2 Fastback. New tires, V 8, auto., pwr. Low miles, mmaculate. 51695. 336-513! V 65 MUST. 239, V8, pwr. str. brks. Good cond. $100 cash, take over bal. P.P. S950. 422-806/. '65 MUSTANG 289 HI pcrformonce. 4 sod. R.H., priv ptv S14SO. 421-2t4Q '65 MUSTANG fastback. 2S9 cu. cng, VI. pwr. str. TO 4-60W »ft £ PM '65 MUSTANG 2f2, 4cyl., iutom., RH, DE. w/w 429-6721 iteerina. seats, window * antenna, automatic tilt tele, wheel, u hi let*, alls. etc. Really baje.i Bronie with block vinvl top black interior. HUG E?6. '66 CUTLASS $1990 Hdtp. Coe. FACTORY A I R , co.\ei steering brakes, automatic, radio, wnllewoll tires. Verv low m - leaoe. Green with goroeous vinvl bucket seat Interior. VIV 086'66 DELTA 88 $2290 Custom hdtp. Cpe. FACTORY AIR, power steering brakes, autc-m- otic, radio, whltcwalis, etc. Onlv 25.E30 actual miles. Turquoise whh block interior. RUJ 374. '66 DELTA 88 $2190 Hdtp. Sdn FACTORY AIR nowcr sleorim brakes, automat-c. r? dio. whltewalis. Gold w i t h m?'rh- ino interior. Spotless. RQG ^9. '65 STARFIRE $1790 Full power Including brokes, steer- in?, seals wmrtoes. FACTORY A I R , outomatic tilt whi-fl. center console, whitcwills. Beige witn h'?rk vinyl bucket seat interior = 2WA. FHRU FEB. I6TH OWNING MOBILE d., L.B. HE 6-9624 Mustang 1955 '67 MUSTANG Fastback V8, RAH, pwr. sir. AIR CONDITIONING. Beautiful S1475 BH If lower Auto Storaoe Siles Wholesale Lot, 91i Firestone Blvd., Downcv ... 361-9/27 '69 MUSTANG MtiLh 1 "^2S" Ram 3ir, ford's top perlormancc cor. Must sell 121-4547 '65 MUSTANG, excel, ronri. Tnkr over pavments J300 or good transn. car. 975-3366 '66 MUSTANG 2 + 2, V-8, autom., power steering, disc brakes, P.H, low mileage. 51850. 425-79/4 '6V MUSTANG C-8 fact air. RH, pwr sir. 30,000 mi. 597-4160- NOBODY... SELLS FOR LESS! THAN R. 0. GOULD CO. FREE 100% GUARANTEE PARTS and LABOR FREE TO YOU ON ALL OK USED CARS Ca AC DAMTIAT 09 rUNIIAt '61 RAMBLER Radio, heafer, automatic transmission. Runs good. A fins little 2nd. car. Lie. - G X W 5 3 9 . *100 OUR PRICE · * * '60 CHEVROLET £X S ±: er, automatic transmission, V-8. A beautiful low rniUoge car that il ready to qo. Will furnish OK used car warranty. Lie. -FJL209. $50.00 Down O.A.C. El fHMIlXIfVC 5 1o ch°°se from. EL CAMINO S '64 4° 67 models. 2 with 4-speed fransmissions. All rial nic» 4 ready to go. Savu $'t. B o n n a v i l U 2-dr. hardtop. Fully · quipped with radio, heater, automatic transmission, power steering and brakes, nlectric windows, factory air conditioning. Whitfl wiih black vinyl interior black vinyl roof. A real beautiful A nicA car. Lie. - H P G 5 7 0 . Blue Book $ 2 1 5 0 . 0 0 S| CQQ OUR PRICE IJ77 O/ DUIVlV FqlJy equipped including -factory air conditioning. Beautiful blue with matching int. Lie. ^TSE 947. BIu* Boole $2875 $ 0000 OUR PRICE - A V T T '68 EL DORADO 7! ' 5 ing all leather inlnrior, tilt X telescope iteering column, vinyl roof, factory air. Door trunk locks and every extra Cadillac includes on their fine car*. 11,000 actual miles. Beautiful qreen with black interior black vinyl roof. A V W E 7 I 7 . Blue Book $ 7 3 8 5 . $ A£GQ OUR PRICE W"t77 '61 CHEVROLET ^ ttf «£. ard transmission, rodio J heater, nor bumper. Real nice. Lie. *M-78I27. Blua Boole *CQQ OUR PRICE · * * » '67 VOLKSWAGEN f.?: dan. Radio heater. Real nic*. Beautiful blue. Lie. *TZ 635. Blu, Book $1650. *14OO OUR PRICE ............................ 1O7T = '64 PONTIAC oTl tomatic tranimiiiion, power itoring. A beautiful green with black leathor int*. rior i bucket nuts. Good one. "KJK693. Blue Book $1385. t POO OUR PRICE ·»» '68 PONTIAC %Z r * h h±: automatic transmission, power steering. Factory air conditioning. Blue with black vinyl interior. Low mileage. Remaining foctory warranty. Lie. S VSV 46°. Blue Book $3380. *OAOO OUR PRICE ZUTT !£·? Ullif Til Mi* 2-dr. hardtop. '65 MUSTANG Radio i heat- · r. V-8, stick shift. A real nice cor that drives I performs beautifully. -FED 033. Blue Book 11450. *QQQ OUR PRICE TTT 12 to chaos* from. '60 to '67 models--6«cyl. A 8-cyl. Some with aufo. Irons. Also 3-4 speeds, '/i end % tons. 'COO Priced from w T T lev ItATCIIU 4-door Sedan. Ra- 67 PATSUN dio i heater. 4. speed transmission._ White with black leather interior and bucket seats. Low mileage. Lie. 'VOX 088. Blue Book 51550. $1 A A Q OUR PRICE I V T T 61 CHEVROLET w^Y ' door. Radio, heater, automatic transmis sion, V-l. A real good wagon ready ta *9QQ *TT , Lie. #CYX 253. TODAY'S SPECIAL SEE AMY OF THESE COURTEOUS SALHMM E.r,M«Ki-n.r CORNER OF PARAMOUNT COMPTON BL.-PARAMOUNT 14925 PARAMOUNT BLVD. AMOUNT 634-9014 We Don't Meet the Competition WE MAKE IT! BRAND NEW 1969 PLYMOUTHS NEW'69 PLYMOUTH MADIIUNNEIl SPORT COUPE, "Water Trena'i Cir ol the Tor" 383 4 bbl V-B, 4-peed, widt ovol tirn, noisi reducing pocloii. Special roc-' ing point. Hi performanct oils. Htodresls, vinyl reel tmli. No. 128626. Dtlivtred from eur stock todoy NEW'69 PLYMOUTH Fury VIP, top e' Hi« lint, 313 V-l, oulomiitie trenimiilion, radio, hinler, power windows, C paxir ilierinj, power brakes, tinted glass. «T WSW. Diic brakes, undercoat, suspension pocl- ege. No. 111493. Sticker prica $4395. Save J7IO. Delivtrtd from our stock TODAY 3615 S0RD i|ESTFOR SALES^.. ,BEST FIDR SERVICE, TO| .^^k-d--^f^^^^.^^'^j^w.'.r-^/v.^vaihi^ Including outomolic, pwr. U^ennq, pwr. disc brnUi. todio, T-glosi,wsw, wheel coven. V-8. ONLY 560.93 MO. !i DN.- 36 MO'S 1969 FORD "XL" 2-DR. HARDTOP OuUomolic po«.r-il«ring, power disc btckes, 390 2V V-8. rndio, vis. sroup, s»l hells, linled glass com- plte, SELECT AIR CONDITIONING, dual rear seal speakers, all vinyl trim. Slock #10203, Molor #8974. Was_$4(0.16 $ 3595 1969 FALCON 2-DR. CLUB CPE, List was $2^9.53 $2298 66 CruisomoKc, radio, delute ieal belts, tinted glass com* plete, courtesy lights. ONLY $50. 23 MO. 6. Molor ?0736. BRAND NEW 1969 $52.34 MO.-ViDN. ONLY 36 MO'S. ·3-SPEED ·(4)800x16.5 8-PLY TIRES Stock #9659 ·OTHERS Molor #8249 SELECTED NEW FORD TRADE-INS "We keep the BESTand Wholesale the Rest" 1966 FORD "Country Squire" 4-llr., ID-pa!!, wagon, V-8, aufo., P.S., pwr. brobs, R/H FACTORY AIR CONDITIONED. Lil« new while lide- walls, chrome Iu999i lack. License RIH 323. 1 WoiS2695.No«... CHRYSLERS f NEW'69 CHRYSLER NEWPORT, 4-doo medi. Full/ h . Heel 4-door sedan, most topulor Chrysler £ ef) A A P htlory tiuipp.d including solely *r X TeT TV · ler. 313 V-l Mm i i *0 Order ONE TODAY AT THIS PRICE NEW'69 CHRYSLER TOWNE I COUNTKT f Pass Wajon. Chrysltr'l limit. 440 V-J, tutomctic Irons., power sleer- in§ brakii, prtmium fibtrglass whit* well lirii, disc bntll plus ell lh« llondord luxury (Hturii. Na. I17MS. $4299 D*livtrtd from our stock today EVERY CAR IN OUR HUGE STOCK BARGAIN PRICED COMPARE-THEN BUY FROM R. 0. GOULD CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH 1600 Long Brach Blvd., HE 7-2871 1961 CHEVROLET "Corvoir Monia Coupe." 2-Dr., 4-speed Ironsmission, R/H Lots of cor for the money. License CIS 902. Woi 5495. $OOC NOW ZaO 1966 DATSUN "PICKUP." Slondordtionsmis- sion, white in color. The most pop- -ulor imported pickup. Lie. ffNQT 528.WAS51095. $ .NOW : 1962 PONTIAC ·"GRAND PRIX." 2-dr. hdtp., V-8, outom. P*r. str., brlcs., vinyl bucket seots. WSW tires. Lie. ^KIK626. WAS S995. NOW $850 1963 DODGE "DART" 2-door, slant 6 cvl. engine, ' healer, runt real gooa, look at Ibis price. Lie. #FMM980. WAS 5595 NOW 1964 CADILLAC "Coupe de Ville," V-8, nuto., P.S, P.B., FACTORY AIR CONDITIONED, vinyl roof, pwr. seot, pwr. windows, ItU new vv-s-w tires. A real sKarp "Caddie." Lie. POK568.W.S S2395.Now.... 19630LDSMOBILE "Culloss" 2-dr. V-8, auto., P.S., P./H vinyl bucket seats, w-s-w tiies. License GNZ 530. V/os ? 795 1967 MUSTANG "2-r2" Foslback Cpe. 4-spd. Irons., R/h, while side woll tires. Vin,l bucket scots. Bij 390 V-3 cng. Ena.*5833.WAS S-IQQC 52595. NOW 1330 1969 TOYOTA . 'UNO CRUISER." T owner. 6.000 mi. Just like new. 4 wheel drive, stereo radio, heater, oil melol lop. reor seati. Lic.# XCH697. WAS 53395. NOW $ 2795 '1965 PONTIAC. "ajALIHA 2-Dr. HJtp." V-8, outo malic trans., pwr. steer., pwr. brk. radio, heater, vinyl seats. WSY tires. Motor#252375E107711. W4S516V5. $11OC NOW *JlbO 1964 RAMBLER 'Classic 4-Dr. Wagon." 550 ;eries, V-8, stondcrd Irons, R/H FACIOP.Y AIR CONDITIONED, :hrome luggage reck. Lie. XDT400. Wos S2695.SI Jow S 2195 1966 FORD "XI Convert." V-3, OBIO., P.S., fi'H w :-w ti'Ei. A local o w n s r c a r o n d NOW T4U767. sho.p. Lie. $ - J Q Q C '.WasS2195 1333 1366 FORD "CUSIOH 500" 4-dr. sidon, 6-cyl. finqine, stonjord Irons. Radio, heater, a real nice family car. Lic.*OWK339. W15S1295 NOW 1961 GAD. "Setiofi de Ville." ^-aoor ^dtp. V-3, cutomntic transmission, p«vr. iteering, p^r. brakes, radio, nlr., reel good whiteAoll tirti. Lie. NOW 19G4JAGUAR "XKE." Chrome wire wheels, dual overheod com, sun roof, R/H, four-speed trans. Runs Ue n dreom.Wos SOCOC $299S NOW 030 1967 FORD ountry Sedan ^-dr. sto. wcgotr. 8, onto., ?.S., R/H FACI08Y ,IR CONOIIIONEO. lit-nie ·mi 096. Wos. 1966 MUSTANG a'jpe." Economy»r », R;H v.-i-w iirej, thor s, o real ntc? little Wuitoo . SKL 654. V/os S I CQK IDOU 1968 FORD 'RANCHEROGT."Y.8,ou!o. Irant,; p«r. str., white sJds wails, A real ^hai-o hriqht red pic«'jo. tic -2J7921.WAS $OCQR S2395. NOW etD3U 1967 DATSUN "liCO ROSDSIER" 4 wl'.i Iron!- r.ision, radio, heater, removable top. A real sharp little sports car Lc. -ISM655. W J S S 2 I 9 5 NOW $ 195Q 1967 FORO "COUNTRY SEDAN" 4-dr. Sto. Wgn. V-8, oulo, PS, P3, factory oir conditioning, Runs real good. WAS 52595 NOW $ 1995 Open Nightly Sunday "We Sell the Best ond Wholesale the Rest.' 2302 BELLFLOWER BLVD. LONG BEACH · 596-2761

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