Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 4, 1962 · Page 30
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 30

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 4, 1962
Page 30
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'Cocktail Compulsion' Nation's Capital Throws 1,450 Parties Each Year; Hits Epidemis Proportions EDITOHS NOTE: "Anybody In Washington," said an old tinier, "who hangs out a sign saying hr is serving a fret- drink ;mil ;i frve pork chop, had t i c t t r r pri-piire for a slamiH'tlc." Tin 1 cocktail party is a major i n d u s t r y in llic Million's ri|ii(al. The folhnvinji dispatch explains \\lio or^ani/.cs tin 1 parlies and to please any cat... who goes lo them. The writer is national reporter of I'lilted Press Internationa!. Ily I I A U R V FEKGt'SON United Tress International received. He stood up pretty well for about four months and then came the critical day when he was scheduled to attend seven parties between 5:30 and 7 p.m. · Two weeks later he WQS sent WASHINGTON Hesi-jhome for reasons of hcni'.h. The rlcnls of Ilic nalion's ciiplliil suf- minority opinion was that be confer from an ailment which a traded stomach ulcers. Tne ma- psychiatrist might call jncktailijority stoutly insisted llial be lis- compulsion." Its symptoms arejlcncd lo so much inane chatter irrational ami irresistible desire* to give or a t t e n d cucktail parties. The ailment has reached epidemic that it unhinged his mind. Lacks Night Life As world capitals go. vVashing- all tuna livr'n meat chicken fish meaty mix kidney'n meat proportions and there is no known ton is a small town and getting ure. (smaller. Between 1950 and I960 Any person with governmental,khe population declined from 802,- jdiplomalic or journalistic ronncc-jOOO to 763.000 because of a flighi lions who is not suffering fiom a lo the Maryland and Virginia sub disease or becnlurbs. It doesn'l have much theo- felony easily caniler. There are a few night clubs and Ihe usual allotment of movie houses. But there is no nij^ht life such as you find in Londo.1, Paris or Home. Washington is the na a receiving line and an orchestra., lion's political capital, but New Anybody planning to p',ay Ihe York is headquarters for enter- full schedule should pause and lainment and culture. communicable convicted of atlend 1,450 cocklail parties a year, or about four a day. Not small gatherings in living rioms, hut alcoholic mass meetings with consider the case of the young at- tache at one of the big embassies who contracted "cocklail compui- Socially speaking, the people sion" in its most virulent form, le conceived it to be his nuty io accept every invitation he received. He immediately began playing at least a double-header every clay and Ihe more places he went the more invitations he The result is that enlerlaimncn here is on a do-it-yourscli basis by laking in each other's washing. Some entertaining is for busi ness reasons. The town swarms with lobbyists--they give a:Hut 401 big parlies a year--who ao: seek ing preferential treatment for new rice mixes from Me Ben's! Perfect rice dishes... easy as boiling water! \ O 1961, Uncle Ben';, Inc. First complete rice mixes with exclusive IF YOU CAN BOIL WATER, get Uncle Ben's sensational new Rice MLxcs and you're all set to serve up a whole new world of delcclably dill'ercnt, diutta-jwly-ptrjict Wild Rice, Spanish Kirc, and Curried Rice dishes! All sons of perfect rice dishes arc easy as boiling water with Uncle Ben's Rice Mixes. They're the most fomj'ltte rice mixes ever made . . . with all the lire and spice . . . plus Uncle Ben's exclusive 1-lai-or .'Yu Ttie flavor secret Is in the Flavor Nugsctl Tho very essence of all the ex- \ citing herbs, spices and flavors 5 no other mix has captured.,. \ all sealed io till cooking starts] Uncle Ben's Rice Mixes lent Grtin ind Wild filet Mil Splnllh Rfw Mil Cimlid RKB Mil heir clients. They concentrate on nemberb of Congress and officials if the exeeulive departments on he theory that nothing' oils the nachinery for favorable legisla- ion so effectively as a steady low of martinis down governmen al gullets. Press agents also abound here ind bombard newspaper nen anrl broadcasters with Ihings like this: 'Cocktails. Federal Room, Statler Hilton Hotel, 0 lo 8 p.m. To meet Joe Zilch." Joe can be almost anybody, bill usually he is a man who wants lo see his name in Ihe japers and has the money lo in- ulge his whim. Duly Uoiind There are about KIO crfr-asi and legations in Washing 1 "" and hey are duty-bound to give two or Ihrce big parlies a year to celebrate their independence day or the birthday of a kin", prcsi- dcnl or prime minister. They bail Irap wilh the best food and drink available here. The French, with their genius For cuisine ant the best wine cellar in town, aL- ract crowds thai compare in size with Ihe mob that stormed Ihe Bastille. The Russians put on a gooc show, loo, but Iheir attendance varies. A reception al the Sovici Embassy is an effective oarome tcr of the slate of the cold war. If things arc going well, all Ihe lop-level people turn out. But the Russians gave a parly ju5t after Ihe U2 incident and received a- snow storm of regrets lhal resembled a Siberian blizzard. Finally there are the giflcd hostesses who give parlies just, lo flex their social muscles. Some of them are widows, some are married, some are just lonely, bill they have one tiling in common --money and Ihe will to spend it. Still the Champ The winner and still champion if Ihe world is Mrs. Perk Mesla. Ihe is a wealthy .widow · who moved to Washinglon from Pills- lurgh several years ago and cast i wide and deep ncl on Ihe social valors. Somewhal lo her .surprise, he immediately began hauling in omc prelly big fish. She was im- morlaiized in Ihe musical '.omcdy 'Call Me Madam," and the Irutn ·; that Ihe amazing antics ol Miss Slhel Merman in the starring role Irctched the fads only slightly. Part of .Mrs. Mesta's success is !ue lo her knack of persuading lie guesls lo furnish Ihe cnter- ainmenl. Among her successes he lisls a piano solo by Harry Yuman, a buck and wing dance iy Ihe late Alben Berkley and a inritone rendition of "Abdul, \bulbul Amir" by Dwigh'. D. Eisenhower shortly before he ran or President Of all the people in Washinglon, he freshman congressman is His easiest for a host or hostess lo rap. He is here for only two years wilh no guarantee that he will return and he has to make lay while the crystal cocklail glasses shine. Or al least iiis wife issues such orders. Depends On Occupant Social life in the White House depends entirely on Ihe occupant. The Coolidgc and Hoover admin- itrailons were known as the social ice age. Prohibition w'as m effecl and neither President had any natural convivial inclinations. Wilh repeal things loosened up somewhat and (he Roosevelts started serving wine at '.heir dinners. Truman and Eisenhower continued that practice, but pre-dinner cocklail still was missing. Now guests can choose their cocktails from a tray carried by bullers who circulate among the pre-dinner guests. President Kennedy made another change: In previous adminislralions (he Pres- idenl and his wife said good night and disappeared, usually before II p.m. Kennedy frequently lingers and sees Ihe lasl grcsl out of the front door. The grcal S?.n Jrancisco fire occurred April 18-19, 190G, and cook 452 lives with property clam- [ e of about ?350 million. OUR FIRST SHOWER OF APRIL QUALITY FOOD BARGAINS ICE CREAM Old Fashioned 69c CHEER 3 for 99C Hills Bros. COFFEE MAYONNAISE 49c DOG FOOD 12 ,,, 99c CAULIFLOWER HONEY 5 .'!-. $1.29 MARCA PETRI TABLE WINE Burgundy Mcllo Rote POTATOES ' . :) Boneleii Roll ROAST BEEF Stiky't CORN OIL BLENDED WHISKEY Tun* Time TUNA U. 5. NO. I TO * 39 C BEEF STEW 4 N °;.:' 99c 25 - 98 GROUND CHUCK HI 2 - I 2 I 5 I .i Corner Calif. Harris Sis. On Harris Lane EUREKA FORTUNA ARCATA T/iis Beautiful Fully fashioned compact Consolette Color TV. Register NOW at your nearest Shears Supermarket. You may win this $625.00 value or any of the other prizes to be given away FREE SATURDAY, MAY 19th. On display at Shears, Sunnybrae. e o BLACK AND WHITE 32 INCH TV CONSOLE This second prize is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and an electronic marvel . . . You'll have to see it to believe i t . . . On display at your Shears, Broadway and Clark, Eureka store. Drawing will be held Saturday, May 19th. 16 CUP AUTOMATIC PERCOLATORS * Each week one lucky Shears customer will win an automatic coffee maker at a drawing to be held on Saturday at Shears Broadway Clark, Eureka . . . All tickets will be included in this drawing and then ; saved for the final drawing for the TV sets to be held Saturday, May 19th. NEED NOT BE PRESENT TO WIN! r Drawing for the Two Television sets will be held May 19th at 5:00 p. m. at Shears Supermarket, Broadway Clark, Eureka. All winners will be notified. No purchase necessary. and every time you shop at your friendly . . .

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