The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on August 21, 1952 · Page 6
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 6

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 21, 1952
Page 6
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Six THE LEAVENWORTH TIMES. THURSDAY EVENING. AUGUST 21.1952. It's doubtful that the Leavenworth High School will accept the invitation to play at the Kansas Free Fair. Topeka.Principal Howard Tolle said Wednesday. Tolle explained the band would have to appear Sept 9 and school starts in Leavenworth Sept. 8, leaving only one day to get the band in shape. Blue Ribbon used cars. Enright Motor Co., 5th and Olive.—(Adv.) Jimmy Carl Lester pleaded guilty in District Court yesterday to a charge of embezzlement and was sentenced to one to five years in the state reformatory. He was granted a three-year parole and ordered to pay court costs within six months. J.H Murray was attorney for the defendant. Hester was charged with taking a truck and cash amounting to ?200 from the Henry Last grocery store here. A detainer was filed with Phoenix, Ariz., authorities a few weeks ago, and Hester was returned here for trial Robert Sales, charged with breaking into and stealing goods from the Venance LeMay home, waived preliminary hearing in City Court and was bound over to District Court Thomas J. Brown was appointed counsel for Sales. Tree ripe Elberta canning peaches, bring container. Burre Fruit Farm.—(Adv.) Thelma C. Lurker was granted a divorce by District Court yesterday .from Ralph H. Luker on ground of gross neglect of duty. James Snyder was attorney for the plaintiff who was awarded custody of the minor children, child support and half the property of the plaintiff and defendant Lawrence Burdick Lux Jr. Is defendant in a divorce action filed by his wife, Beaulah Irene Lux charging extreme cruelty. Through her attorney, Ethan Potter, the plaintiff asks,custody of twojnin- or, children, an equitable division of household goods including an automobile and a truck, court costs and alimony. Used car sale. Enright Motor Co., 5m and Olive.—(Adv.) Dru Helen Clabron has filed suil for divorce against Willie Clabron, charging gross neglect of duty The plaintiff stated she and the defendant were married May 8 1948 at Leavenworth. She asked the court for a restraining order against the defendant James Fussell is attorney for the plaintiff Leavenworm County has had no polio cases reported this year, Dr. H. S. Blesse, city-county health officer, said this morning. Quite a number of cases have been reported in Kansas. "Why we're no1 having any, I don't know, but it suits me fine," said Dr. Blesse. . One suspected case hi the county still has not been confirmed as polio, he stated. Car painting, fender and body work. Enright Motor Co., 5th anc Olive.—(Adv.) Frank G. Ireland, 32, of Lecompton, Kas., was injured about midnight last night when the 1936 automobile he was driving swerved off the road and hit a telephone pole opposite the south gate ol Saint Mary College on US-73, it was reported to the sheriff's office today. He was taken to Cushing Memorial Hospital where his condition was described today as "fairly good". Deputy Sheriff Paul Kieroan said Ireland's car was a total loss. Monroe Stone pleaded guilty to a charge of driving without a license in city court yesterday and was fined ?5. It's time to fill your bin with our exclusive, well prepared, choicest coals! The Meyer Co., 4th & Choctaw. Ph. 67.—(Adv.) Earl Scott, 900 Ohio, charged with driving a motor vehicle with an improper license, didn't appear yesterday afternoon in police cour and a $10 cash bond was orderec forfeited. D. Moore, 1535 Ottawa speeding, $5 bond forfeited. Wil liam Kirkpatrick, city, reckless driving, $25 bond forfeited. Rober E. Holt, Fort Leavenworth, assault and battery, $50 fine. Helen Eldred 618% Cherokee,, drunk and disturbing the peace, $15 bond forfeited Henry Heinbegner, Beverly, Mo. drunk and disturbing the peace $15 fine imposed. Peaches—Belle of Georgia and Champion (white) ready now. Elberta and Hale (yellow) next week. W. R. Young. Ph. 597 Lansing.— (Adv.) Police headquarters at 11 o'cock last night received a report of a prowler from 768 Ottawa. At 2 a. m. a report came of a disturbance on Cheyenne. Patrolmen James Carter and George Wallace reported quiet had been restored \vhen they arrived. See Packard trade-ins! Enrigh Motor Co., 5th and Olive.—(Adv.; Charles Brown, Lansing, at 7:20 ast night was stopped on South "ourth and at police headquarters •as charged with driving at 5 mph and released on a $5 cash Sjond. Joe Brown, RR 4. was stop- ed on West Spruce and booked n' a charge of driving 50 mph. :e was released on a $10 cash ond. Hot spiced jumbo shrimp, fried atfish sandwiches, every Friday night. The Esplanade, 312 N. 2nd. —(Adv.) What became of some of the missing hubcaps recently reported o police authorities as having been tolen was cleared up yesterday vening when seven were turned nto police headquarters by Michel Malec of RR 2. Malec told po- ce. he found the hubcaps in a •eed patch near Second Avenue and Limit. Owners have not been mmediately identified. Police as- umed the hubcaps were some of rase reported stolen and that the lief decided it was too risky to try to peddle them. Live river fish in tank. 113 No. rd. Ph. 243.—(Adv.) Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia, announces its enrollment ctivities for the fall semester will egin Sept. 10 when all new stu- ents will report for entrance ex- minations. All former E—State tudents will report for enrollment ept. 15 and 16. Classroom instruction begins Sept 17. Serving aboard the destroyer JSS Lofberg which recently re- urned to the United States from uty in the Korean area, is James leese, steward first class, USN, on of Mr. and Mrs. Pink Reese £ 306 Kickapoo. E-Z terms. Enright Motor Co., th and Olive.—(Adv.) Maj. Everett L DeHoney,- a re- ident of Leavenworth, arrived re- ently at Neubiberg Air Base, Germany, to begin his new duties with ae Air Forces in Europe, accord- ing to a release received from the Public Information Division, Headquarters, 86th Fighter-Bomber Wing. He is assigned to the 86th Fighter-Bomber Wing, which is a jet fighter unit located near the City of Munich, Germany. V. F. W. Post and Auxiliary party, Friday night, V. F. W. Home, 519 Cherokee.—(Adv.) If you don't get your Times by 6:15 p. m., call 26. Give your name and address, and one will be delivered to you. Please do not call before 6:15 or later than 7 p. .m. On Sundays call between 8:30 and 9:30 a. m. For a change of address call before 2 p. m. Fort Leavenworth subscribers call S. L. Olsen, Ph. Ft Leav. 22234. CORN: Sep ... Sep Dec Market Report KANSAS CITY W — Produce unchanged. — . Butter — Butterfat, Ib 67-70; Grade A butter unchanged. Poultry — Hens, 4% Ibs up 21'; all other poultry prices unchanged. KANSAS CITY <m — Wheat 126 cars; ^,i higher to % lower; no. 2 hard and dark hard. 2.33-2.36; No. 3 2.32%; No. 2 red 2.32-2.35%; No. 3 2.31-2.34% Corn 48 cars; 7 higher to ?i lower; No. 2 White 2.78%-3.02N; No. 3 2.58%-2.97N; No. 2 Yellow and mixed 1.84%; No. 3 1.80% Oats 3 cars; nom %-2% higher; No. 2 white 90-97%N; No. 3 88- Milo Maize 3.08-3.18N Kafir 3.12-3.19N Rye 1.95-2.02N Barley 1.37-1.45N Soybeans 3.12-3.25 N Bran 57.25-58.00 Shorts 63.75-64.50 ' Open High Low Close WHEAT: Sep 2.32% 2.32%, 2.32% 2.32% Deo 2.36% 2.36% 2.36 2.36% Mar 2.39 2.39% 2.38% 2.39 May 2.39 2.39%. 2.38% 2.39 1.81 High Low Close 3.17 ,317 3.17 3.09 3.09 3.09 KANSAS CITY, IB—(USDA) Cattle 800; calves 300; fairly active on limited Thursday supply; generally steady, instances strong on cows; few small lots choice and prime 4-H club yearling steers at 33.25-35.00; 1 prime individual at 35.50; otherwise slaughter steers and heifers virtually absent; utility cows largely 18.00-19.00; commercial scarce; canners and cutters 14.00-18.00 with majority of sales froml5.00-17.50; bulls mostly 22.50 down; good and choice veal- ers 25.00-29.00; load of good around 575 Ib horned yearling stock steers 28.25. Hogs 2000; fairly active, uneven, mostly 25 lower than Wednesdays average; choice No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3s scaling 180-240 Ibs 21.50 22.00; latter price on choice No. 1 and No. 2s to shippers; choice 250-325 Ibs butchers mostly No. 2 and No. 3s at 19.75-21.50; sows mostly 16.00 - 19.00; stags 16.00 down. Sheep 800; killing classes mostly steady on limited supply offered; choice to prime native spring lambs 27.50-29.00; good and-choice 24.00-27.50; cull and utility 14.0024.00; cull to choice ewes 5.00-8.00; few small lots native feeding lambs 16.00-20.00. MARKETS AT A GLANCE NEW YORK Iff),— STOCKS — Mixed; early gains dwindle. BONDS—Steady; rails improve. • COTTON—Irregular; mill liquidation. CHICAGO WHEAT—Steady; distant contract up most. CORN—Firm; trade light. OATS—Steady v?ith corn. HOGS—25 to 50 cents lower; top $22.15. CATTLE—unevenly 50 cents lower to 25 higher. NEW YORK Iff) — Narrowly mixed prices were maintained Thursday by a quiet stock market. Most changes amounted to a small fraction either way, but there were some gains going to around a point. A great number of leaders traded unchanged. Volume came to the low estimate of 850,000 shares, one of the smallest this year. Wednesday's was 960,000 shares. NEW YORK W — Stocks Close Net change No Am Avia Ohio Oil Packard Penney (JC) Pa RR Phillips Pet Allied Chem 75 D % Allis Chal 52% U % Am Airlines 13% D % Am Cyan 52 D % Am Stl Fd 33% D % Am Tel & Tel 154% U % Anacon Cop 44% D % Armour 9% Atchison 90% U % Beth Stl 50% Boeing Airp 351i Bran Airw 10% D % Case (J I) 25% U % Celanese 42% Chrysler 79% U % Cities Svc 101 D % Cont Can 43 U 7 8 Cont Oil 63% U 1% Deere 32% du Pont ....89 U % Eagle Pich 22% U % Eastm Kod 44% D % Food Mach 45% • Gen Bak 11% U % Gen Elec 63 U % Gen Mot 59% D % Goodyear 43% U % Greyhound 12% U %. Gulf Oil 52% U % Int Harv 33% D % Int Paper 49% U % Kan Ckty Sou 81% Kan Pw & Lt 18% U % Kennecott 80 U % Kroger Co 36% D % Lion Oil 38% Loew's 13% U % Martin (GL) .... 11 D % McKess &-R ....37% U 1% Mid Cont Pet .... 66% U % Mo Kait Tex .... 6% U % Mont Ward 64% Nat Dairy ' 55% U % Nat Gypsum ....20% NY Central 19% D % Safeway St St Jos Lead Schenley Ind Sears Roeb Sinclair Oil Socony Vac Std Oil Cal Std Oil Ind Std Oil NJ Studebaker Sunray Oil 16% 53% 4% . 6714 19% 57% Plym Oil ........ 31% Pure Oil 63% Radio Cp ........ 26% Repub Stl 40% U % U D D U % Ul U % D % Reyn Met ....... 53 31% 43% 27% 57% 44% 37 58 79% 78% 37% 20% Swift & Co ...... 32% Texas Co ....... 55% Tide Wat As .... 21% Un Pac .......... 114 Unit Air Lin ..... 27% Unit Airc • ...... .. 34% U S Rubber ..... 24% U S Steel ........ 39% West Un Tel .... 43 West Elec ....... 40% Willys Over ..... 9% Woolworth ....... 43% Youngst Sh&T 43% D D D D D U U U U U D U U D U U D U D D % Closing average 60 stocks 107.6 ; up .1. Squash Selling At Really Low Market Prices Best buys on the local wholesale market this week are in homegrown products. These include apples, cantaloups, ' cucumbers eggplant, greens, peaches, peppers and squash . . . From a marketing standpoint, the really cheap com modify is squash. It is selling a little more than the cost of the container, and is available in sev oral different varieties including white, yellow, and Zucchini. While fancy Western apples are TIDE DON'T BUr'By Guess-By Golly" f^V^ LEE FOODS! Post's can 23c Lee Vienna SAUSAGE Lee POTTED MEAT .. 3 Ca n S 29c Summer Girl COFFEE cL an77c Solid White Meat LEE TUNA can37c Mother Goose Sliced PEACHES . N ?c 2 ^ Summer Girl, Halves APRICOTS Lee Whole Segments GRAPEFRUIT ... Lee Fancy N. Y. APPLESAUCE 2^f35c Big Sweet Wonder LEE PEAS ..... 2 I c 3an f 35c No. 2% QQ r ...Can J/t Can Sugar Crisp 2 29 Lee Prepared SPAGHETTI 2S£29c Carnation MILK Nu-Tast Spread CHEESE.. Lee Salad MUSTARD. Lee Dinner PICKLES . Tall .... Can 14c 2 £ 79c Box 16-OZ. . Jar »16-oz. Campbell's Tomato SOUP c.. lie Lee Manzanilla Stuffed OLIVES NO B 3 ,, K Summer Girl Apple-Grape JAM 2 £ 35c Sunshine DAINTY MINTS £ 19c in fruits and vegetables PANCAK MAPLE Lee Pure Cane and Maple ops- 288 Si: Sunkist, Vi ORANGES CHUCK ROAST c L S e Lb . 69c BACON s tL™ tb 67c LUNCH HAM £, Lb 59c SALAMI Swlfts Lb 69c BAKING HENS £!L Lb 59c HATHORN'S IDEAL GROCERY Broadway and Ohio Phone 280 KERRIG GROCERY 8th and Osage Sts. Phone 697 W. G. SCHREIBER GROCERY 12th and Ottawa Phone 48 WOODSON GROCERY Phone No. 303 Lansing, Kas. JOHN CROSS GROCERY 700 So. 5th St Phone 351P HENRY LAST FOOD MARKET 813 Cherokee Phone 127 LEO'S FOOD MARKET 1118 Spruce St. Phone 1556 moderate to high priced, there are} out the summer. Estimates now plenty of good, low-priced cooking I are for a large California lettuce apples available. While the e y.e appeal may leave something want- iag, there are plentyof good cook- irv.g qualities in these homegrown apples. There is a heavy supply of watermelons from nearby states, and even the best quality melons are inexpensive. Homegrown and nearby cantaloups are in heavy supply and going at extremely low prices. Most of these are ripe and need to be used soon after buying. If you want some that will stay fresh "or a week, we would recommend buying fancy western stock even though they are moderately priced. The eggplant season is tapering fl'ff now, and even though the stock is running to small sizes and :air quality, anyone who enjoys eggplant can't go wrong buying it at the present prices. Peaches from Arkansas, Illinois, and Missouri are still coming on the market in large volumes. The demand has not been large enough to keep up with the supply causing declining prices almost every day. Most of them are good quality and just right for eating and canning. If you are looking for a real bargain in peaches, there are s;ome small sizes and fair quality selling at little above production crop soon to be marketed which should result in lower costs.—Furnished by F. I. Tutfle, Federal Food Reporter. IKAJT EXPORTS SAG TEHRAN (m— Iran's imports were almost double her exports for the year ending March 21. Imports amounted to $219,000 while, exports reached 5134,000. This adverse balance of t r a d e was aggravated by the fact that Iran's usual oil income virtually disappeared as a result of nationalization. Carve unstuffed roast duck this way: Remove legs at first Joint, cut off wings and separate into two pieces. Split duck along breast bones and cut between breast meat and leg on each side as far-as the backbone. Cut duck in two along backbone. Cut each piece of breast into about three pieces. Pile on platter and serve. Cabbage prices are on.a downward trend, but it is still selling at moderate prices. The qualify of the homegrown green corn moving on the market now is excellent and! available at moderate prices. Tomatoes, leaf and head lettuce, are .selling at rather high prices. Due .mostly to drought conditions, the tomato crop is short throughout the country, and prospects novy are .for them to continue high through-' For Loans 3155 Quick, Easy Loan Plans on Automobiles and Furniture 215 S. 1th Ph. 3155 416 Shawnee Phone Fresh Drawn FRYERS and HENS Fresh, Graded Eggs Chickens -Cut up if you like Perry Wagle and Earl Hicks, Ownen — WE DELIVER — FOWLER'S GROCERY 5th and Pottawatomie Sts. • Phone 103 CHUCK ROAST 59* Armour's Star, Ready-to-Eat ' PICNIC HAMS 39* By the Piece—Heavy Smoked BACON -41* GROUND BEEF 59* KOOL AID 6 •» 25* All 5c Chewing Gum and CANDYBARS 6 25* Mother Goose • GREEN BEANS 2-29* FAB Soap Powder - •* 27* Franco-American SPAGHETTI -14* 69c Size CHLORODENT TOOTHPASTE ,59* mmm •Bigger value! •More features! • Finer performance! • Greater economy! • Great beauty! >ouf R Come in... lei us show you... buy on easy terms! THE MEYER APPLIANCE CO. In National Hotel Building 217 So. 4th Phone 1

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