Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 12, 1967 · Page 19
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 19

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, May 12, 1967
Page 19
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FRIDAY, MAY 12, 1967 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE If Realtors Will Talk Trades In Meeting Here i ing it? Friedman :25 ' A group of Arizona realtors who would rather trade than sell will hold a statewide meeting in Tucson starting today. The event is the tri-annual Toyota 1st To Meet Smog Rule FRESNO, Calif! (UPI)-Toyo- say: ta Motor Go. of Japan this week became the first automobile manufacturer in t h e world to meet California's smog Tor ine control requirements for an ex- Lovers" haust system. Toyota was the first company to submit an application for approval of its 1968 exhaust emission control system, and the state Motor Vehicle Pollution Control Board approved it Wednesday with the following qualifications: --Toyota must agree to certify 100 per cent inspection of spark timing at the end oi the vehicle assembly line. --The firm must offer and promote a free spark timing and idle adjustment through the dealer at 1,000 miles. --Notification of this promo tion and offering must be made, by the dealer to the owner. Eric Grant, board executive officer, pointed out that crankcase control systems currently were saving some seven million motorists $40 million a year., Grant said a combination of crankcase and exhaust control systems would give the average auto owner one mile more per gallon of gasoline. · ; Market" of the Arizona Association of Real Estate Exchangers. Similar meetings also are held each year in Phoenix and in Mesa.- More than a hundred real estate traders are expected at the Aztec Inn, meeting headquarters. Why do people swap real estate, rather than buying or sell- Here's what Alan and Stewart Bailey of Tucson, both of them officers in the state association, have to - "The Service is Internal Revenue our biggest ally." Many -persons have property which, if they sold it for cash, would result in a whopping capital gains tax -- so they trade it for other property, perhaps a rental property which gives them income. -- Depreciation on real estate caa be of tremendous benefit in helping absorb other income the owner may have, and reduce his overall tax burden. -- Some professional.men or thers with high incomes keep 'trading up" in real estate for i number of years. Then they :an convert their holdings to cash after they retire, when their income is less and they are in a lower tax bracket. Friedman and Bailey, who operate American Property Exchange in Tucson, cite this example of a trade that resulted 'rom a meeting such as the one starting tomorrow: SHOW SCHEDULE APACHE DRIVE-IN "Knockers UP" - 8:30; "Party Girls for the Candidate" - 10:06; "The Youna "Queen of Sheba" CACTUS DRIVE-IN "Thunder Alley" - 3:37, 12:37; "Hotel" 10:M- CATAUNA '·The Bible - 8. FOX-BUEN-A VISTA "A Man for All Seasons" - 7:15, 9:30. "Any Pcor "La FOX-TUCSON "Blow-Up" - 1:20, :50, 8:25; Wild Affair" - 3:15, 6:45, 10:20. LOFT "Frustrations" - 7:30, 9:15. "The MIDWAY DRIVE-IN "Casino Royale" -8:37, 12:57; Wednesday" - 11:17. MIRACLE DRIVE-IN " Alie" 8:50, 1J:30; "Oh Dad, Dad " - "' PLAZA "La Plel Desnuda" - 6:29, »:55; Leona" - 8:02. PRINCE DRIVE-IN ·How to Succeed Really Trying my Wife You ROOEO DRIVE-IN "Easy Come, Easv Go" - 8:37; "Hot Rods to Hell" - 10:42; "Operation C.I.A." " 1?:M ' MND ST. DRIVE-IN · , "Hombre" - 8:30, 12:X2; "Rio Conchos" - 10:50. PRINCE DRIVE-IN t Succeed In Business Wlthqu ying" - 8 : 3 7 , 1:09; "Not With r ou Don'tl" - 11:06. A Missouri broker they met a year earlier, sent them a man who owned a $75,000 hotel in Pawhuska, Okla. The Tucso- nians worked out a trade for equity in 1,500 deeded acres -worth perhaps $250,000 -- in northern Arizona, which had been owned by a Wyoming group. The only cash that changed hands was commission to the brokers. BuENa-visra Box Office Opens 6:30 p,m. Tonight at 7:1 Sfc 9:30 p.m. 251 SO WILMOT'RD -298-1886 Saturday and Sunday TiKion'i N«w**t and At 1:30-4:45-7:15 t 9:30 p.r Most Beautiful Theatre ,, , W«dn«ida»_at UN-RESERVED SEATING 2:30-7:15 fc 9:30 p.m. HELD OVER 5th WEEK What should MOTHER'S DAY DINNER belike? A surprise. We'll take cafe of tha rest-special menu, gracious service, floral decorations. SKY CHEF'S TUCSON INTERNATIONAL AIRP'ORT 294-3477 , FRII PARKING WINNER OF 6 ACADEMY AWARDS INCLUDING BEST PICTURE OF THE YEAR! AND IESTDRECTM-Frt42innimann IE5T ACTOR - Paul S(ofi«H IEST SCREENPLAY FROM ANOTHER MEDUM-lob«rtl*lt IESTClEMATOC«ANIY.(Co!«r) - IEST COSTUME · {Mori COLUMBIA PICTURES FRED ZINNEMANM'S AMANFOI ALL SEASON iU*.*rW ROBERT BOLT- mwaurffi n'x w abc Theatres ONLY 12 MORE DAYS! Cows Victims Of Electrocution WEST LANGTON, England (UPI)--Farmer John Walker couldn't believe his eyes. Almost as one, 10 cows on a milking machine in his barn toppled over dead. Later he discovered that a freak electrical storm had sent thousands of volts through the machine and the metal chain used to tether the animals. "The poor things just seemed to go to sleep," Walker said. "They felt no pain at all. It was eerie." · i i i n i i v m ' i x i i THE D1NO DE LAURENTIIS frfcfwli'n ·/ TOWGS 4? 8PM TONITE 8P.M. SAT. SUK. 2BP.M. Filmed in D - 1 5 0 Color h y D e Luxe , CATAUNA THEATRE 2320 NORTH CAMPBELL AVE. SEATS AVAILABLE 'Phone Reservations Accepted CAU 326-4039 DOORS OPEN 5:45 P.M. NOW PREMIERBMG I ADULT ENTERTAINMENT ! LIBERTAD LEBLANC IN HER LATEST HIT-IN COLOR CO-HIT ALSO IN COLOR Here's Still Another Chance To See "AHie" Academy Award Runner Up For Best Picture! PARAMOUNT PICTURES iircsfi ^___. ALFtE ) u TWBuHtrt BST DRIVE-IN HELD 3rd iJMH U1 UIVIIL 111 X«m*. - .1401S.BELVEDERE/795-1377 OVER Hombre means man... [Paul Newman is Hombre I. r(«CO««ENBEO FOR HHTURE AUDIENCES! ·TECHNICOLOR''! PLUS MORSE ' BARBARA! HARRIS : IN i^lOif.-rH'y^^^V/*""""*TM -NOW THRU TUES. GATES OH-N 8:15P.M.. 1IRACLE J Drive-in Th* ?· -^ ^ 20lh Cenlury-Fo« - ._ PAUL NEWMAN FREDR1C MARCH RICHARD BOONE DIANE CILENTO [ HO MBRE| CB.ilin.lt| »WJSW»i» . , ' CAMERON MITCWELL BARBARA RUSH and MARTIN BALSAM O'lf^-i by MARTIN niTT Co-pcoductd by M«rHn Ritt »nd Irving Rjvelcri Plus! StuiftWhitnun Richard Boone to cm (HHxklut BuENa-uisia 1 SO.W1LMOTRD.-298-1886 Tucson's newest and Most Beautiful Theatre ® BOYS AND GIRLS . SEE YOU AT THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB AT 11:45 A.M. (Doors Open 1 1:30 A.M.) 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Children $1.25 ; CHICKEN SOUP A LA RHINE RELISH TRAYS YOUR CHOICE OF ANY ONE OR ALL THREE ENTREES ROAST YOUNG TOM TURKEY, Cornbread Dressing Cranberry Sauce and Giblet, Gravy BAKED VIRGINIA SUGAR CURED HAM Orange and Raisin Sauce PQ A CT rH.njr.P SIRLOIN OF BEEF AU NATURAL " Candied' Yams -- Creamy Whipped Potatoes -Garden Green Vegetables -- Assorted Vegetable and Gelatin Mold Salads ___^__ 199 N. Stoat AMPLE PARKING HOT ROLLS, :· BUTTER AND BEVERAGE , FRESH'PEACH SHORTCAKE Call 824-6111 ·t*erv»4iofif .III Excess of 4 Appreciated A Carlo Ponti Production t Michelangelo Antonioni's BLOW-UP Vanewa Redgrave David Hemminss · Sarah Miles | COLOR | No One Admitted Under 18 Unless With Parent Av Premier Productions Co,, Inc. Releoie 9k SHnler Kivllmam, . · Haltis fdptH, SiturdH R«vl«r · Arthjr Knijhl, Saturday Roirw Bnd Dirndl, T!m« MK«I"« · P' 1 "* T - H»rtun(. C«nmonwt»l · Br»nd»n GUI, Th« N«* Vorktr Pauline Kael. Tht Ntw Ripublle · Andrew Strns, Th« Vill»t« V»ic« · John Simon, Tht New Itadtr JoMph Morgtnstern, N*wtwt*k Richird Schickt. 1 , LHt Mfuin* THE iw'irniiltVK POrONBt · · I!*::' l * - K l - w l ' Plus Our Wild Co-Hit THE WILDEST OFFICE PARTY EVER TOSSED! Nancy - ° KWAN The ^^^^"^·^ "^^^^ m' ~^^^ "^·^' ^i^^ -^^^ -^^^r- -· Homemade Lasagne Dinner f orJZ P ^yjS^^PJ *J f^lto'trf'^M ^^^^ft »··''··" - · ··* i ' CAJiViK «n?x^L ^H PATIO* NOW'OPEN · ? DAYS PER WEEK Mama Mia! Eccolo! OPEN 4 P.M. · COCKTAILS U66 1. SPEEDWAY Phone 327-0222 ITALIAN 'POOD: "(MMK SATURDAY SPKIAL m 75 e 1145 N. ALVERNON N. OF SPEEDWAY Southern Fried Chicken Hash Brown Potatoes Roll or Muffin Coffee or Tea.... Join Us For Mother's Day Dinner EA 5-5116 HOURS: II: 34 to 2:M 4:M to 8:t» Sun. fc Holiday ll:3t to S:M THEATRES. W»«H «AMU1 Cil ' TT« t*u) \Sfo* a.t £*** 4500 lUt JPKDW4Y 3264)111 STARTING OUR 3rd BIG WEEK! EXTIA ADDED SHORT HCRBALPERT AND THI TIJUANA BRASS IN "DOUBLE FEATURE" NEW COMPANION FEATURE 15101 ····C-atJ HWV. 294-3632 I F*atur«(-S1M Carload TWO M COLOR · ·--«. B^M M^^ «^H ^M» · Excitementl Adventure under the stall ^ JAMES BOND 007 NT v ^ * «^ V, EasaSSeJ CASINO ROYALE Haiwauis PLUS Hotter than \ Halfe Angete! S K KIDMAN s CASINO ROYALE is a Hellzapoppin' circus, the craziest, funniest film of the year!" f - M M'G'M rRKEMIHIOK'iNMETHOCOLOR ALSO f ) i n 3^ fNOLDS^-IOHNHO GIT WITH THE GORGEOUS JAMES BOND GIRLS YOU SAW IN LIFE. LOOK AND PLAYBOY! CHARLES K. FELDMM ·-- -'t PETER SELLERS · URSUU »WJKSS · DWW MITOI - WOWT «LUM JOAMU PETTET««ISai WELLES -DIUAM UW-DEBOMH RERB- JEM nun wmnw - BEOME M FT · JOHN HUSTW IMKLIAUMM'TUCTKU TIUCH CWT · RU«T «UZWUl · IUU« WYl* · »«IU MOUUU -DhcM^ -PWK»*IK«W^ I H»r the CASINO ROYALE them* music played In the Him by HERB ALKRTf ..jTurTiiiiimiwiSSiiidiwiih.CBtMiniL*. Soundtrack Album. I ,.P. Soundtrack Album. 22nd SI. AT ALVIRKON 326-2223 FIRST TUCSON SHOWING 4 Adult Features $1.50 CARLO AD THEIR GOD IS WEED,.* THEIR PLEASURE AN 'ANYTIME'^ (GIRL! " V 'wiCKMWraMnNM-wwro- ALLl\ HEW COLOR CO-fEATURE HOTEL \ \ ROD TAYLOR-KARL MALDEN PLUS AN OUTSTANDING ALL STAR CAST simoom m f WHIP MwMG64!HI . *"ii 6ERLIM6ER »* SUMun f F FIRST DRIVE-IN SHOWING : THEMIRISCK i ,, itri I ' f I THE DAVID SWIFT f 4 '* WOOUCTION OF L ^ ROBCRTMORSe SECOND FEATURE [COLOR by DeLui'e] i PANAVISION* .MAMIE VAN DOREN/JUNE WILKINSOM aOSNAT PROOUCTIOH THIRD FEATURE Rucvvaixee a PLUS " '"' --""""; - -' TAUT Curtis Vinia I4si l^0r«|e .Soitt Not with HT^lfe, T*« tai f t! MUMMY Z^DAfriS FOURTH FEATURE I Dad - ChHdrer., Treat Mother To A Movie at th« Fox (Downtown on Mother's Doy. A Ff*« GHt for OW«tt (Mother, th. Youngest and the Mothw W.th the Lar 9 ««t IFomtfy Attend the Matins. Any Mother Over 60 Admitted Free WHAT'S THE WF \THER REPORT? check it dally in the TUCSON DAILY CITIZEN

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