Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1963 · Page 15
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 15

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 30, 1963
Page 15
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DOWJONES AVERAGES . 30 lr»dustria!i //..'.-. 6E2£2 .20 Ri2i; .V-.V. .V..-1 152J2 Ij Utilities /....'... 136.19 65 Stocks ......... 24118 NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE TRANSACTIONS · . · - ' · , ,". ' -.Vtv-f ' t · · « f · : · · · . , ' . Friday's Clo'slns Prices .. ! -'.'--'li.' .. ·*. f . " *- -- --.,--. *-4,-..-.»».-· -- - ..i - .. -- »:*JL.«·».*---"·**" ·/ IHd ?$;' lanj lute, C*U. Sat. aurcs · ; STANDARD'tiPObli INDEX ;·: NEW YORK ··· '···'''· ·--·».' 425 Industrials':-. · .:25 Railroads .. ·f 50: Utilities^..; Market . . - · ·' ' . TTI ... trom f\ 'r *; ' /TV ·_£! -Day-1 Title , . " ' · / . . ... ': 535.76 114.86 187.41 1 ) , 500 Stocks ..'... 66.90 ^ -Most Active Stocks ..-%"·« Livestock .. 'undroffwcwi bwv Frbu t tor 4 J V'l.1.1* PiSCf 'i or.* a ir » For* ««of · nnoUi To Sunr«v Ox - · Allied .- Sinclair Cotton Market kEW YORK W--Celto* future lurried * . itiadV Ut« Ffatuv. toJLcwtna cttrlv «av - . r* tBttintss, Huv}r», *« irtrfcjt«d r la tMmmig.oa bousti. Mc.rt»v M*» conlT.»tfi drw sfrenott. treraiflui manHa* w«rt itowtr to triv Irarfing. Mnra w*s crcdJtH partly ID continuM tftort* Bmon.7 eanortssionjl tewrn.,kcr ta ttrr* era n ·ccspTcfiit cotton bin. tjjtw »ft*njooa prices w«rt JS to 3S bit* Hiiottcr than tn« prrvieus «oo« M trtm. tfnn M;ten SJO-nn; lAlitv : nt tnouek tor BiarM fc Treasury Report WASHIKCTOH If--TH t*A Haifa* Of Clow. JU» U.R. Jutr U.I* »H and Od. earn a r«v age M«rtd. X. HU ' · - Marck M. ml An *tanci jy^j^^^ Am M Gas Owen* Fhcat Yew Artv I Am Am iddllni aoot 31KN nuXangBt -Momlnat. ·--*"1 INVESTMENT TRUSTS i "fes-a «li:KS S'2'§?f*±it £5 ssna CaFJ U.O irfSiJ u.n m Crewm J3 iPiS. AH Kefla da ct Anas Oier Anas Con AUSJ ?ica HevereFd i n lull do pi I: IScudOer F« Can lir 11.71! Aura Cant SCUdVDart lin 1111 Ara Cora A COrnw trKOT.i da M C«fl 39 brvrtt do STIx f * Comp»ii» III do F« Glass Lift Me* XL Si B?TM,."" S L M T t r i Y 47 IF -jVsia. Ben - 4 4T Lionel SavCait - - SayUut U.n U.ulv»'ix UK: tnd 1.71 1J4 urdai 147 i n iai.( Muhwtd Tr U.03 U.3J Was Jt Invest tt-VO Grtl 7J71 US WaiD Hut IWtlll ill 71 B*VJ«Ocn lit 5.«7 ftcam Oil n s?S7!!! R S?. s ? is nv-vs ·***·'· c 74 4S«-*l 41 jo » JT.V- tt ! fraraarner 1 2TA-- »« ' oo of 4J» OM^RTIIECOUiYTER American Stock Exchange · id Asat do at ' S7a 5T4'Macro B«a!tv Agra Cnen K V«urm* CaoiTal Market t IXSVtAHCI STOCKI .. . .... - s,*; Asa Aetna Lff* ' WJ»* Ara EouirabC* Am Her! Ut* Am Ins Kr*srt Friday's Closing Prices F* |M*r»c* 41 * VlWUr*^.. 73"i* ti Associated Pro . Sales to UDs, Last Sales la 100s. Last, Cubic Ca II A,r, "* ' aron India f* p »* Arec OH t Cn '«=* Electr UH_-- Marlre Hit U it 7 * (Acre Flo« 27V-U KarCa Ilk 42 30^ t * Aero let 17 -- ** Marejjardt 7 U 1 *- U! Alaska Alrl »**!«-=. WL. -'a^-Si Fry Tiger X* f,ri '(5, 3^,Fu!:rv CA , »k CeaDeval 1* If* C«9 PtVWOOd low S B IfiiBoweter Paoaer fm sVJac ? W» TWiBowrnr hstrmnt W irilfjc ttecota Kt in. 15) . IS£ Cufftm 17» IT* Maryland Casual JTi tTk l uraraader fj, O* W% srww wms 5'gnal 27.. S.-V Ot so Penn Oil loerrr II »t tarrett Ca K jSiiarSrslV ITk Can» Sou* r« fVCan Dry ^ ns ITTi l»4v*JColem C* A 54 sra C*» ar tl Wk Cola i Rrd P« 4 (Car. CLO KY7T* l1'4Car» PAL wesfchoter Winwrs m S ASTtdl BAK ankers Frtwn IT* U"a Santa F* Ortrtlna TW4 30H Carr«r «oc« Pd 34H JC* Jcarfflla EkKlroa aft truiCartar Pd Snm Tt, r« vnt Fcnnmaa V* 2St Case, Jl »n* Ca 1ft H C O Sean* IU txr* .do 7 pf 71% 1T4 Sees Candy SROS tP4 144 17 !Ti Servants katrani t W4 s 1 I 3H I* c teal 4 T7* La Land 2e Tk'Mama ax art » 0 n t u PAL Tl 44 C» M Dey I S 3 · 3% n ».»- I 34 «l 174 3rv-*'5«n Hrlra »MTlt r ^a Signal t tm lSe"Sn_ a mi--v. sTai IE 4 JSH-- »»ien T«n 1 UH^ \* ^*nTr* Cycru* Cunes Taylor inane* 3 3TH Sierra Pac Pwr 33 33 me Cm r* f, smm Indus ra · Wi } Sa Cal wai*r f-. r-4 Se Unioa Cas 7 Barnes 4 4^4 'iw ** Oa 35 13 31 -- H u,g K , « u -- K m KM Te« a 3^ _ Pac A S M _ KAtn Hanover T ftttrgan Cry II* wtmm SAXKI An, art B 1 · fd _ Urigu* Eni ,Sarlno Slree! Caa a Pacific Coast | Citrus Markcl "ectronlc Ca» _ . tadronlc Era F% lectme mt Ca Star* EsKr 7 """.ft- 1. r ^.«,«. HL« Dtsl U^ VrtOi*h*n*j C* TH Svrtron Dormer and lemens s!*atfv and' ancftanged. Graoe Exchange « «~1« s Tsijatfu Sio Tl 3 * IFiitarDj* Ca , Tern Harca k Texas Am Oil Staple Price Trend Fnrignr J;T»« me "·'Tines Atirror YOKIC 1»--Ta* Auoea^d Pr*g tVarkJt. Caatorala, t* TCOi COJi- Vat M B PhocnM *5 F B.V"S*»» Trav*lodga Ca Taooa Cas Elactrodynnt taVm«S AKO LOAXf OLOnw COXPAinjI r Dtul: Karck ts. IJCl THI narr KATIOSH, · BASK Or EOSTOX 'arennroed Ft ·Erne-re Flnand U KON-RESPOMSIBIL4TY NOTICC KotV* U terror srrrea ar UK mil* 3t« unman* Cat Cm « V Ones Sea Fo» Tea? JMarkets at a Glance ESaSISdf.W*. »^ ttonm aVtiMrt- iutrit *-«*fm f.sES'ew.f* 42(712 CERTIFICATE OF FICTITIOUS N A « C i*rw~cm«r; . Oat*--ABout stlsdy; ««*d_trade · '.. . . - - By LDMORST · «\ ' NEW YORK MV-Stock iaiAet trading w»s the dull- ' est ia more t*"^ a week as prices marked time Friday. ·. backing aw«,y from a flutter of tain* to disc rnixfd.'_ ^? Statistically, the mirket had a sBght edge ta the,- cpside. '- ' . · -· · · " · ; ·- ·'·' -·:·:.··-'. : . . Gainers oatnonbered losers by 509 to 4S3 among tie 1.293 Issues traded. New highs for the year totaled 67 and ; new lows 21. '· : · ' ." · * · · " . ; ' ' · " ' ' - ~ - ·'·". The Dow Jones industrial average.' however, rose a mere .05 to 68152. , ' : \ \. . . · . . . ' · · ·-'.-'· - '. ' The market seemed to lack incentive to go anywhere in particular, brokers said. They cited the latest shooting incident in waters near Cuba as the sort of thing which '. does not inspire confidence. . . . . - . ' . - _ ; ', The rise in retail sales brought strength to some of the mai]-order-retaa stocks. The surge in machine tool orders also was a fundamentally bullish omen for the economy, but it inspired nothing ia the way of a general rally. · ' · . · · ' ', , · ' . " : : ; ·'' · * * * · : ' · ; · ,··' · ' ' SOME AIRLINE ISSUES were quite strong oa ti revival of merger talk. The savings-and-loaa holding companies, were mostly lower as prospects for their mergers were cooled by the stand of the Federal Home Loan Baak board. · ' ; * . Despite rising auto production,'motors gained a bit oa balance, with General Motors off \\, Chrysler up 1. Ford up VS. American Motors up ,{, and Studebaker unchanged. - The market was loser in the morning, moved to a ragged gain in early afternoon, then softened into an irregular pattern. Volume dipped to 339 million shares from Thursday's 332 million. . The Associated Press average of 60 stocks was off 2 at 255 with industrials and rails each unchanged, and utilities of f 2. As reflected by the volume leaders, however, trading interest seemed to Ee more in buying than in selling. Ten of the 15 most active stocks advanced, three declined, and two were unchanged. ' American Airiines, which traded on some big blocks including one of 34.400 shares, was the most active stock. It rose l to 19^4 on 58,600 shares. Second was American Motors, up ii at 19H on 53,700 shares. Third was Montgomery Ward, up 1 j$ at 35JJ on 51200 shares. Next carae Aluminum LtA, up '/t at 23Vj, and General Tire, up *J at 23JJ. . » ; · * * . EASTERN AIR LINES, a possible merger partner with American, rose ',,. Pan American World Airways was heavily traded and up 1 while its potential "marriage'* partner. Trans World Airlines, gained *{. · Elsewhere on the merger front, Yale 4 Towne advanced 1?{ on the prospects for a union with Eaton Manufacturing which dipped '/i- The stock-swap proposals would result in dilution of Eaton securities. As the savings-and-loans backed down from their recent heights, San Diego Imperial slipped to 14th most active issue, losing \\ at \"i\\. First Charter Financial and Great Western also dropped fractions. California Financial was unchanged and Wesco Financial advanced IK. Sinclair Oil gained 1H. U-S- Smelting 2H. and Pfizer 1. Polaroid lost Itf, Liggett t Myers l l /i and Superior Oil 13. , ' Prices'on the American Stock Exchange also were mixed. Volume was 1.03 miHioa shares compared to 1.53 mfllion Thursday. · Legal Njt:c» i Legal Notica that aal* firm U eomjwsei'berrtmt* act jny baa* and th« lortowtnx penon. Those mr cflicral aeal the dar aad Tear ra ta lull an* plac« ot residence thia certincale Crit abore «Titteii. Paul Eentoa Earicnei, 103J IJa- ^. Apt. Ev Ixinc B^acb. IX California. Dated Much i. l«i PACI. EENTO3 Stata ct California, Los JLaceles Cotxntr: Oa Harch a. 19iX before me. Notiry FabUc ia and (or aali State. raonaHj- appeared Pad Eentofi nrlcnex laova t» xae to -rhoa* aamt la robacribed , t» tha «*him tutranent ard ac^4 kaoTledrei b* executed th« aame. i ai ECTH c. piBira. (SEAL) Sotary FaUie ccmmiaalo expires CASASS^. MAT. i. it. a. so. lag ut L.E.L _ U- CASET. Notary PubBe ta and (or aali CoccanoaweaTta. SCHEDUU: or UQCTD HTDF.OGEX TAXJC TRAUJCES Serial Ka. Ucerue N*. i. L. i3»i wr urs j. x. iijoi WK im J. L I3M3 WK 11« t. L 13001 · WK im a. L, UXS VK )1CS I. L 1»* EK 1071 The above trailers are fara«Tf 1 at C3320 S«ratli Alameda. LocaT Beaca Pan. Karca 30. 13SJ (It) -- URL. NOTICE OF INTEIVTION TO ENGAGE IN THE SALE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES March n. 1J«3 .. -- . 2 tfli 7 0 ""^O3£ IT 1UT OOXCEKS: ·} I 7 Subject to larcaate ej th* Hcenst for.' otica la fcereby cirea " ~~~ * -- '~~ -- " ~ ------ *~ C E R T I F I C A T E OF BUSINESS FICTITIOUS NAME . . THE CTfEEESlGXZD to ctrtitr they arc cradstCrtT * bcxiseii at 153S Lore E»acS Evd-. Lozf IVacIl U. Caliioraia, oaiifr th« ticUtioua 2irm case ol _ THI EOT DIAL. COMPAXT «=» "the tmicnlraei propose* t» th« foUowirr rersoni. ·iff^^^t^ bereraajcs at thejia fan anil places of Isea. described as follows: 333J L*mj Seaca ElTd.. said rir^rr ij eompcaed rf - vrhos« aamea residcor* AT* to nch Utectioa. the .-- is applrta; t* the _ IVpartmrat cf JUcohciie B«yerare *** Coatro] tor Issuance CT transfer of aa Alcobcdte bererafe liceaa* for these premises aj tino*rs: OX-SALE EEEF. of *uch ficrnse mar file verified protest Ytth art? office _ the Departmcat of Alcoholic 414 Evyersjre CoatroL vtthia 3O dars ct 30H th« pastier, of thl* aotice. stating "· "reroads for eleaial aa provide* fcy iv. The prcmiaes ar* BOW Uceased ir tiia sal* of alcoholic bervrafes. re form cf Teriricatioa may be ettalaei fron aay oCfic* ox the PeparTmeTt LtLLJ_ED S. OVEETON' 3t\ (lt -- UE.L NOTICE OF INTENDED CHATTEL. MORTGAGE OF EQUIPMENT T R A N S F E R R E D AND LEASEBACKEO SOTICT IS HEEIET CITEX TO SECTION «*a or EOT Dlat *H» Olir* Are, Beach T. California Thotcai B. Turner, Jr_ S91 Lewis Aveajae. Loac Beach 7. CaHfoniia . Earl A. Xe«kJrk. 373S Brayt^*. ATCDI2F, Lnnc Beach 7. California Kertha H. Dial. 4J1J OtiTe A«- eaoe. I^r.c IVarh. 7. Cl'.i~ fnraia Dated March 1. 1561. KOT DlAl, - THOXA3 B. TLl^m JZ. EAKL A. XZWKIRK HEF.THA II. DIAL STATE Or CALIFORNIA 1 COL Jin or LOS AXGELXS t «s. Oa Karch, 7. 1JSX before n*. a Kotarr Public ta aad for sail State. peraonaUr appeared Ear Dial, Thomas B. Turner. Jt y Earl JL. · XtwtSt. Hertha H. Dial kaon |, m t» be the persona vhos* namea are nbacnbed t» -i« -wiOiia lastm. meat and ackaowledrel ther eie- cated the same. LECOfE JIcCXKTHT (SEAL Sota/r Pablic_ ta an4 _for CODE:) THE CALirOKMA T h a t THE COJ rULX. ISC. ef 12U Street. Boston IS. Ifan iatrtdj ta r-Te a chattrl U THE FIEST XATIO-tAI, BA.VK or DOST031 of «7 Ii!s. Strert. Bontoa. IlaaKachvettJ. tit I 11.000 raHoa IJo^iM Hrdrocra Tana Trailers 4escrLbe4 ia th* Schedule attached beret* and that th* afar** sail ncrt^TaaT* ahall W coasora. ,mated «a April «. I3C. at the r* office* «f tha Vortfaree ta EorVra, afassaxtiasctta. n« aforesaid cqoia- meat I* th« *ab)«ct « a traasfer from A IK PEODCCTS AXO CIIIM LXC^« a Drlawar* cor put a- tioa aaTiaa: a amal plar* eC nurl- aras at 2E30 Soota Alasiidi Tiri? ISC. and Uie Cocclr ct Ixx JLt^e Ca£f orata. State cf \ ... . » --, corcmUsloa elplrea S-II/IKI. B^stS Mir. C. ». Apr, a. nag (it) LEL- COMMOM « AAE PTaifiB: n A^y »enTs_ Allied PijmiHl do cr M Ar?a*n* s 1 * Am . I'ds Kainl ft Am txpr*B tit Am na* a Cm m, Am «arin«ilca 7Fn 47-4, PV K|V*Vf,. s-^ B. giS?y 'F B l-^nStSKSTti J» m " ·-' V* *ft\' » A* I · »-V Ji'Iari Mr, Ca fi ' ll ___ Ul Mama C* . ja J a*+ at t-ar wm V Ca* a 34 1 ** *fe Harcourt Cora a trt* K Harm M tot «T3 tilt-- »;Marsoa :TB Fat 59 9»-- ^a Hanftaw ' - aT A* ' M £ -- % Man ii» ·ad U Vt-- ft rHanrn At ii Ir It f»+ HjHat Car* · Th« tmaenljTMil doej certify lu at 721 w. ia tm4actia( a boataen ~ ·" C«ast HU1»«T. I*a» Cafonu. Oder tie Be- ta farm ruaa* joss or toxo BEACH eor* toe. tdiirl K. CaseT, Kotair Fabc ta aad for th* said ~ ' aad Cotcmoc*realta. £aTr tone* as4 ra-ora. personiDr ajro»are4 E. C. JCact. ia«»-a t» me u i* aa Aiaisuat Vic* Prraideat tt th* aatkmal tazklac aiaociatloa thai executed tie Ttthia taatnrmeal oa brhaS cf th* catkmal taa therria aaaei aid K Ba that aacb a ,, tU k CT It* rr-U» board of i s er a . WZT^ISS WHaOLTOF I U* PER ANNV CURRENT T. A. GREGORY, Pr**.* rrtt CtJo»*r ST.

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