Independent from Long Beach, California on May 17, 1957 · Page 19
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 19

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1957
Page 19
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WHAT YOVNG PEOPLE THINK Mom's Place Is at Home By KUOENK fllLUKHT nf 111. ailb«rt "V Youllt H.».rch Co. Modern tccnii£«s uphold tno old dictum thtit dad »lioiild mitko the llvlne while mom Mays home and makes the llv- Ins worthwhile, They *"" «' thc Jd llllB *° gce mother do most of the housework and have father concentrate on wlnnlns the bread. Mmiy even feel a working mother Jeopardize* a home's liability, although few fear the consequences of a father dolnR a certain amount of housework. About 57 per cent answered "yn" to the question: "Do you think It Is well for the mother to work Juit to lift the family standard of llvlne, or would It bo bettor for every hen first married. About half hoURht she might well keep or job for one to three years; 8 per cent said she should rork for an Indefinite period. · · · · flETTINd BACK to housework for father, our nationwide urvey showed that 67 per -cent f the fathers do some house- ork. and that most of the QUESTION USED IN T1IIS 8UKVEV Doe* your father do any housework nt homeT How much? Is he »8r*e»ble or resentful about It? Do you think wnmrn, aided by modern BiultetHi should H«t their hmbantU 1o help them more al home? I»oe» your mother work out- Kklft th« home? Do you fttvor this? Do you think It well for the mother to work Ju.t to lift tht standard of UvtaB. or would It be better lor every- Nidy to Bet along on what's nrnllable no mother may stay hnntn and attend the chll drenT Do you think women should work outslile tlw lionitt when Jlrnt married? For how long? If both father and mother work, should the father still have .authority over family expenditures? In a home more or less ·table with father helping at home? With nfttlier working on the outside? oungsters Interviewed thought he amount done was about ght. But not all of them. A 16-year-old boy. one of the per cent whose fathers ilo most of the chores, exclaimed: "Don't women want to do nythlng for themselves? It eems to me they want their menfolk to do everything for lem. What a life! I don't think 11 ever get married." some additional body to get along In the old fashioned way on money nvall able so that the mother ma; stay home and attend to the children?" On the other hand, the percentage of working mothers offspring who thought their mothers should keep on working was 56 per cent. Circumstances evidently alter-cases. One circumstance Is reccn marrlnEP. Three quarters of the teeners felt It all right for a young woman to take a job Ike Going to Farm WASl HNCTON (UK) -- Whit House press secretary James C llagerty said Thursday tha President Eisenhower probabl) would fly to his Gettysburg Pa,, farm'Friday afternoon. Klsenhowcr was expected t return to Washington .Sunday or Monday. as women can be Judges or executives."--North Carolina boy. · · · · AS MIOHT be expected, more girls than boys favored In creased housework for thoir fathers. More than 20 per cent of the girls thought dad shojlrt do more, but only 15 per cent of the boys, Incidentally, none of the young people Interviewed Here are ·ommcnts: 'When husbands house- rork. their wives should go and clp out In ona girl. the office."-- 'A husband should help his vlfe In every way to make her appy."--a 19-year-old boy. "Father .should do all the vork on Sunday."--Indiana Elrl. "What Is 'women's work'? Ten can work In the house Just jorted their fathers did nil the housework, while 2S per cent said find dii! none at all. Also, 57 per cent snld their fathers carried their share of the load willingly: 4 per cent showed resentment. What If mother does -- should father still exercise at lenst some control over the spending of her Income? More than half aniwered yes, but about 37 per cent favored some other spending plan. Of thai group, 87 per cent figured thai expenditures should be a joint father-mother operation, while 11 per cent figured each shoult be In charge ot spending the money he or she earned. roung people place on the ques- Ions of father doing housework and mother working outside Is reflected In their thoughts on the stability of the home. , · · · · A SLJQHT majority said they felt the home Is more stable Jf father helps with the housework and 39 per cent said It didn't make much difference. Only 5 per cent said they thought father's efforts to help mother, hurt home stability. But -- and It's «m Important but' -- 59 per «nt ' a ' rt ttiev felt the, home Is less stable with mother' working outside. Only 7 per cent thought mother's outside Job helped keep the home more stable while 'ft per ctnt i~.ii, wit. Fri, **, I7.-IM7 : INDEPENDENT--Pag* A-19 (Pnllllfll A4T.rtlHBi.lltl thought It was the same either way. Perhaps a 17-year-old Massachusetts boy summed up the feelings of the 5 per cent who thought the home Is less stable with dad -helping mom. Fathers, he said, are "no help at all. They only get In the way." Cocoanuf Grove JcGUIRE SISTKRS flBRSZaxmxuwmtoim*TM* New, easy way to make one of America's 3 favorite cocktails! AITHUt 60DMIY IINBIN9 JTASl F R E D D Y MARTIN ond his_or^hestra_ OU 7 7011 los anjetes Z\mtoiJtor hotel BICUDI DAIODIRUPut 2 ttispoons ol twin limeidi or limonidi In ttiikit 01 pilchet. Add on* IEICI ol Bicitdl, Stiiki or ttlr wtfl with let, Servt In cockliil (Ira o» "on ttis tocJu." Tin ofljinil Dilqulrl wn midi with BacardMhi but ttlll nsl l**t ItHl«r 1 l»w l»l mn4 drink«cl|»k«rtil »«um'lllr«lllN|M Hi; nm-n.w HIMH __:, , . _ Bythtbotll«ofbyWi» CMktiil,uy"Blcird! plMU" it your non otbir, BKJidl Imports, Inc.. 595 Midlion A»t.. NrC.80,86proolfum MANY THANKS for YOUR VOTE of CONFIDENCE WILLIAM It (III!) *MOMWS Dear Frlendi: ' . I wiih fo »««· th!i opportunity to thank every- ona who »how«d th«!r confidence in me at th» pollt . l«it Tueiday. It mil-si me teal humble to think to many people had i*ith in my ability and integrity. May I again r«pn» my promiie to b« a true repre- tentative of ALL th«i people If it it your will that I be elected to tha council on June 4th, Sincerely, W. B. (Bill) ANDREWS FOR COUNCILMAN NINTH DISTRICT WILLIAM B, (BILL) ANDREWS BUSINESSMAK "t"ADVIHIU»UMT PAID ST COmMITM! IP StICT «NB«IWt IP COONCIt_ The relative Importance that ke Visits Three War Friends in Army Hospital WASHINGTON UK -- Presl- dent Elsenhower visited Walter leed Army Hospital for a little ess than 30 minutes Thursday ifternoon to visit with three old rlends of World War II. The Chief Executive visited with Gen. Walter B. Smith, his wartime chlef-of-staff and former undersecretary of state: -Mai Gen. Everett Hughes and Lt, len. James E. Moore. PENSIONERS Attention! D y»u kntw 1k«t pcrseiis en state ptsiless are «llglbl« for epte- mttrlt MrvlM and f lessts wltlwur «tre «M» !· IhtmT Aid Itr tompltte dcfills, wlth«y» ·bilge- He*. Dr. J. M. Son, Op* tniwtrlir (30 y«r» IR L»« iMshl; 37 PI" AnillMl HI 5-*21*, HI 4.*73t. Offices In Wll- mlselt* end Terrain*. I It pays to save 1 I at I I PIONEER 1 ss = current rate i 4 g per annum paid 4 ·times a year ·= 3 t Insured nafety up to $10,000 for 55 each account. S · Accounts opened by the 10th of the = month earn from the 1st. 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