Independent from Long Beach, California on February 20, 1964 · Page 35
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 35

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1964
Page 35
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Junior Clients Compose Boy, if ! poke fun again at those characters known as "The Beatles," I hope the good Lord showers His wrath upon me! last week I innocently (!) referred to those screeching black mops from England as obnoxious and--zowie--the poor postman deluged'me with more pan mail than Liz Taylor. Wanna read just a sampling of my literate teenagers' thoughts? Here goes.... "What's the big idea oiling t h o s e d a r l i n g Beatles awfuR I hate you. Imagine calling these outstanding darling, cute guys obnoxious. I really despise you. I love the Beatles. Please do me a favor: Shut y o u r big. f a ' t ' m o u t h . " (signed) Peggy Seyler. "When I read the paper I came across the most stufii article -- YOURS. The Beatles, with their Santa Aiiita 'Gap By ROY BETZ fun » a» Bar a» near I af^aat/ tat raat ir« · caugM tor · Mrt _ i iia «n oiwaaiWii Co»a»Mot--«IM KAI CONSENSUS Mai I LmeCotfva ffiSU ffttler* lLml«Co«v» L/.S. Cuppers Advance i "*· a · nsi_. SALISBURY. Md. · WW- =±jt^ seeds. Gene Septt of KcKlnley and Davis St. Janes, K. Y. and Arthur teammate Dennis Ril- Ashe of Richmond, Va, also seeded 1-1 respectively defeated ' their optaents the 61st annual NationalV.-JM_' ''·' Indoor tennis Championships' lere, made light work of their 1 .IS-1! I" I ff*» Soar t CM*. Boat I fert ··« J»i it \ TarO f mbar I Laiar liar* TvOlIm l*a* f j»n m IdexLiuM I MM on I CUB toat rtar I Tana Cmev MM Cf» I In Prvica S . . »B* r« i ni iiia^Sr tEcallant v«rtft M ncommend . au« taM_a aart -- wwnoura iMtvm*-!) l ^« a*on*rd) ..... . l ranil r«rt _ rumptt (YannO . --c «Kao L 1* Air space (YartO -_ZZH I* Fla* Cllmfcvr *Aa«ia -a Twoor Wan» (A. VaimnMl H^r.Ourt.^Cajwau III 111 Mtfaftart an'v start . wt aftort anf» atari . ;* SMrnr friflce iV JUtarasaa «i V CDJnaoofla i TxBr Paifta !afl aeor raca fln» I Latf am* »ra1 I »»1ur»l Fkx BETZ BEST Mail Fttaaala WKaar--Paca Tat Facts ·as Mo«r» rr«a«okVau Km k Lucky Louise V-Cj. kua, tell* Oc:«. FlvWoc I--fun* Umber. Jecont Cart *-lima Cotfxa, Jvanrfa U'a, opponents in first : round com- 1 petition Wednesday eight. ' McKinley dumped Ray Sen- 1 cowskj of Kamtramck, Midi. 5-4. 6-4. Ralston .ousted Ron Mandelsfam of South Africa' 6-3. W. j The third and fourth do- Scott defeated Harry j Faq- trier of Canada 8-6, 6-4, Ashe, the first Negro nationally seeded, beat Fred McKair of Bethesda. Md. 6-1, 6-d ; { Wednesday'* Fights FOUITH B AC 1 Mason's Specials I *- SCtT SIT--*aea *a r'aoi hi Mwnt*.L 1_ «K TM $i«r» IMdr* C*mmiHtv USt CHAKCE IT- ... ntFititn ratLAT Faca itw Facra. I CAMCIOU. triCIAL--*rt«« Unit H i n.OCXtK'S TIP--**· warttar ai trr-j , *--Crrv Gall. Firrf Flair. Natural a-eKafl»L Furrvan. Crianlaiia. 11ST'« ta» H alnh. · itst CHANCE ati--«m~i c- BEATLE HOLUXGWORTH haircuts, now command $10.000 a performance and are reported to have earned J17 minion. Have you made this much from YOUR articles? Final thought Hank Hol- Ecgworth. ugh. Five times." (signed) Beatle Fan. "It seems to me you were taking out your petty family problems on the Beatles. Dam you older people anyhowi Just because their hair is a little longer than yours, you have to ridicule them in your little column. I have news for you. Some of the male atrocities down at Malibu. Huntingtom. etc, weir their bleached hair down to their shoulders. Please stick to your limited field of · sports writing, buy your poor daughters a new TV and leave our Beatles alone." (signed) A l«-year-old Beatle Fan, AJMJC * * * ·AS FOR THE BEATLES' hair styles. 1 don't see any blue ribbons hanging out of your patch of hair. Fm not even sure you have that much. As for intelligence, I'm sure it would be a compliment for me to say your head is full of sawdust, since there isn't much more ia it The only thing I can figure out is that you're jealous and I would be. too, if I had a face lie yours." (signed) Marilyn Traw and Mary EHen McElroy, Compton. "I hate you and so does everyone in Long Beach. You RAT. calling the great Beatles obnoxious. Just because you're an old fojie and don't have the brains of an uneducated pig. that's no reason to caH the greatest, darling- est. cutest, best-singing group in the world disgusting. As far as I'm concerned you cart go crawl in a hole and die. It will be a great contribution to the world. Drop dead! In the envelope of this letter you found some onion peeling. Well, this is what we think of you--you stinkT (ilgned) Kathy }{. "1 hate you and so does every Beatle fan in California. You rat. you fiend, you old fogie. You sfwuld be ashamed of yourself. Unless you retract aH your untrue. · uncalled for. idiotic statements, every Beatle fan in California will write letters of protest and you just might be out of a job. I dare you to print this letter to show all the Beatle fans what kind of rat you are. Do n-.e a favor Put a plastic bag over your big. empty head." (signed) Mary T. * * * -WHAT RIGHT DO YOU HAVE to knock down the Beatles? So what if they don't comb their hair to please YOU? It pleases us and we're teenagers. We're who counts. Anyway, long hair is the style. The Beatles wouldn't be where they are today if it wasn't for their haircuts. It gives^'em such a cute, innocent, little boy took. It's the singing that counts, and they do sing good. but their hair helps. Ringo Starr may have ruined your \-acation, but your article ruined ours." (signed) Some Teenage Girls Protecting Their Idols. "I am a great fan of yours and read the majority of your views in Sports Merry-Go-Round and most always ' shared the same feelings--but not your comment on the ' Beatles. If. because of their originality, they sen a few . more records, that's ho-* they make their living. Of course. I guess it couldn't be compared with your line of work, printing your thoughts, good or bad, in newspapers ' where millions of gullible citizens read them." (signed) Irate. "1 think your column about the Beatles was disgusting. Besides, what's so great about that Bobo Wells you mentioned--and if I were a good football player, Td be proud to have a name like Ringo Starr. However,! don't blame you males for disliking them (even my brother doesn't) as most men your aje can't help being jealous about the head of hair that the Beatles boast." (signed) CaroJE. * * * FINAL NOTE: "No more Beatle pictures in your column, please. My 10-year-old jivester clips and pastes them around the house. What's the matter with you? Don't you like music?" (signed) Morry Rabin, Senior Citizen. · PERSONAL CONCLUSION: No more comments on the Beatles, no matter how ridiculous I still think they remain. Okay, girls? Beatles, ugh. Five times. Sonny 'Kisses' Clay During Traffic Jam MIAMI BEACH, Ha. (UPI).his officers, managed to force --Sonny Liston and Cassiui CassKis and his companions Clay staged another personal [across the highway into meeting Wednesday at Lis- parking lot. Shortly after- ton's training camp, but lhe ( ward. the news was shouted only damage was a traffic that Listen had arrived. Jam and the only thing thrown by either fighter was a kiss. As their handlers "held back" both champion and challenger, they managed to touch finger* cf their right hands and then Liston grinned ind threw a kiss at Caitius. whom he called "my million dollar baby." Cassias arrived at (he surf- fide recreation center about hall an hour before the heavyweight champion. Brandishing a bamboo cane. Cassias began 4 L » w w r « (Pirrct) U fuldir* (Sho«m«*;»r) M^^VM CN-«r»« l^r.ra U«lr ». M,r. fBriM^l ·A,** h. r.,«ti» O,ANNUALSOUTHEXNCALIFORNIA COUrtlTE DISKAT OF EVEITTHIH6 "AFIOAT1 C*a Off H*nriTzI _ inticn* fitrm COiurctil · rrank. Me«dt4 K»x «· anpn mitt kave ta hnerava . law* las* ttart ,,,, JueTgnicm lA * ITV tFrw) . »'»·* rv»"*»» f r Bn. inwd* post M »«:» **· back mlv Kt«n Sheuia teratdl «uT Hirttif troulilt ViRt Have kim to Beat Krwr k«r:*r iriaa new _ Sr«ultf rakt a aart (·sv wiiw«r latf irarl . Graduated last start EEii 11 BJEGoodrich SIXTH KACI--Aaaut * lirtaim a* lurt. Fillies and narn. Cla»si«»d an««a«e«v rn c»dre tanea. yw-M suaL ?F. ·ortunif* ti!« (Lron«rA RttWtTt «f bft »«r M tc*1 H*x ·wet' ** to* ·"· FiTs w*l heft . I StVm A Ourcn IPiefX*) $ Coliseum Money CLofinden) . i J«n iert* f"--"*"" - J:» ·· Tyk J 1| I » 1* Tuk fUortnol . 1 fnac^rrv (Trwlnel _ T* t-Currt Fitpfti (Cevtr.) I Kr* L*i (Camcm) -3 xmv Btait i 4 CaptW*tor (Arv»rrzj . U tTrnf TUnt (N*v*i . - -W. C Wiftert Irarr* H« ttvtv ie**a __,, tten'rffm-I rrt M ·!" Vvewtrt slant *f lift _ trti UsThr* r*rt« -- tHH need * .toc*l T»d^. . 1T2 Kevtr bttf I =JB -si If VI HTM t ACE-- IX mim. -r*ar-«1 . T« wiR I » F*c* Tn» F«rtt ITcuJl -._.. I Hu* Nortner (Sftcwn»*er» ,,.,, 7 kwn.M Codd*«t IB«eui) K MAOffftlOr* |litres) . .. rwtlv KIH l, V«'vuutHI , H-n T*«I fLoftaPnl .... .... 4 trow* Eyed HAZ* (Ron) .... 1 L»cTv CJQ'r* (H*rm*tT( . Hi Mtf Mtx 7i* US Soe*dv tnt fwrw .US Witt not M f*r ·«·¥ . ,, US A'wcvt · tidwr* effort . '-' * iwed tarn* *f »«M* . :« , _JO'r« ( 10 Covat* ITrrvino) . _ f HIH Flower (Volrt*^ AiTirrf · tot Ct her . CJve tier · B*sl f;«id took* too toutf. ~ E19HTM RJLCI--*4 m-rec «-r«»r-«iA «nd ·*. t ·_ tUitTayi »rtct O,tOt. I Fint F'iir (VMemiktrl Crrr Cai* ITcui) » · Foriev Thrv (Pierce) , I Kitvral Flow (Yor*) _ * Deutle Ocn«r (L V»lenzu«l«1 _ Oogoertpwn (·««·) R«f»wtt |irtft$an» oul »*n» (WAiTi) roor local form --, Must cam* trout trr b*Ck , Betf «nrv era ters* . will**. «T«w-»td» *n« ··. Ctaonmc. n «c»dM (Pierctl . unrvW (Lenvdeni 2 face* Monhrv it, V » ChAfrtan* «VJv*r*n Tl Detetmln* 3 C "- l»Y tt .M 04V . 7 W^.'r*d» Brni lYarkl _1TZ LONC1KCT--C«0¥H KaciT «rrer* lie belong* , Lfvwi effort i' - UfSe ·t i ....j «n* bone . 1 vi i*»er 11 d · eauifn test r*ce _ x-- O«*wTn J B. ·rorrrrtict ·riawvncc e1«imed. FAN FARE By WALT DITZEN hr _ 'iscontinued design...every type ZC, IVS BEES ·W5Z.K.KS -WZS-tSsES?""" efCa.m MV Tis= TITLE FIGHT TV TICKETS ONSALEINLB. threats about what he voa!d do to Liston. "Now or cert Tuesday night." His loud shoots attracted a crowd of more than 700 people and blocked traffic for sertral blocks. The Surf side chief of police, ,Wiley Barefoot, and three of The Lljton-Clar hetry- weight champloniHp fi^bt win be telecast over closeJ- eirrnil il two Lemj Beach collets. Municipal Audito- ries and the Fox West Coast Theater. Tkktts for tie Tuesday bout eaa be steered at either location. The theatre telephone number it HE «-420». The Aoditcrtoa bos «f- ficc Is cpea from aooa tmta 7 pm, InclodlBf Sunday. That telephone comber Is Roman Brother Wins Everglades HIALEAH. Fla. (UPI) -Roman Brother won the $30,KO Everglades Stakes at Hialeah Wednesday w i t h enough left ia reserve to boost his stock sharply for the coming 100-granders for sophomore racers. The little bay gelding beat Mr. Brick by only a head but came from far back to do it with but a bit of pushing from jockey Manuel Ycaia. Star Danish Team in L.B. Friday The D a n i s h gymnastics, team win make a one-eight appearance in the Long Beach State College gym on Friday night at 8. It will be the Danes' first Southland exhibition and win consist of a 12-part program featuring a variety of modem stunts including jazz and 'rhythmical gymnastics. Tick-1 ets for the performance are now on sale at the LBSC Central Cashiers efface. General' admission seati are priced at $200. Autry Will Hear Austin., IN'ol Finley PALM SPRINGS «V-An- gel president Bob Reynolds left training camp Wednesday to attend the American League meeting in Boston which win decide the fate of , . the Kansas Gty Athletics. I)cIiUS«fhcre Leaves Gene Autry, Angel's chair TOLEDO IB--Detroit Pis- man of the board, wiH not tons basketball star Dave De- attend the Friday session. [ Busschere has received per-) Tve heard Charlie Finley from team owner,before." said Autry, *Td Fred Zollner to Jom the Chi-jrather listen to Gene Austin |cago White Sox la spring sing over at ray Melody baseball training. 'Ranch Hotel" BUY NOW... Supplies Limited! Our greatest value on quality nylon Long Miler tires! INSTANT CREDIT! Your credit is already established it you have any national credit No delays.' Buy now... pay later! CHECK THESE CLOSE-OUT PRICES! (Save even more on a set of 4!) Whtu jroa Wt!«n jrou Wtocnyou buyer* turf two (i4Ch) buy four (tich) tUkCKTUat-TTPI 6.7M5 710-15 7.6O-IS 8 CO 15 60O1S 1855 2095 22.95 H95 19.95 JU1S I S 4 5 29.4S 22 »S U«S 19 5 S1HS 17)5 IMS 1S.1S BLACK TUBtLtSS OOK 76O15/8-5O-K £00-11 6.SO-1I 56O15 600-15 S16.9S 1995 219S U95 IS 95 1 5 9 5 1595 1695 $16 4S 1915 2 Hi U « 5 1 5 4 5 1S*S 1S.4S 1645 sis-is 11SS 20.9S 115 14.55 14.95 14.9 S 15.»5 tit U (1.701 IS luki typtV Otkw tli«i low prlttd, 1o«t At pricts pUi 1*K flntf tLr{» off Jr«uf c«r. IV V 'J* »M LIFETIME GUARANTEE Al S-F.Goodrich tire trt guaranteed (or I'.t of original tread, wctrrout Grnit as to time or mileage, against defect* in material and workmanship and against bla*-outs. cuts, tweaks caused by road hazards encountered in normal driving. If a tre is so damaged teyond repair, you jet (uS allowance for remaining tread against trie purchase ol · replacement at current retai list price. OH A NEW BATTERY! i' *y titter) mort r.ii t«) stTel njr ti;ra checl )f Bitter; slu I tin old a tztterf tc^j) ... install I Bew ore NO DOWN PAYMENT! No additional charge for mounting! StlVUTOWN PCW-t-Flt ILKTKO-FAJ » otedei MSCOOTT DC-U OC-7 (I f 6M*K« JYI^rl IU« cvr| VOW BTS V Srfd kJTtrm. V k i ·« rae nus coupon imi YOB. crru nnttJ nwruT n. i )t«« B.F.Goodrich tires at competitive prices are also available at these dealers: NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS IF YOU DO NOT 6tT TCXJI K6ULU CAUlU OtliVIlEO C Independent \ w will tfeTivir il t* t»ti«Df ·ifil It:!! ·.·. S»*rs. Ait fer ION* IUCH **4 uirwoo* «. kllfUw l*j An* . Tm MI TO *-»«! TI I-TJH BUENA PARK Ban's Big "0" Tire Store 4450 Moacfcester Are. 521-5171 GARDEN GROVE Koehier Tire, Inc. 12145 EocEd Ate. JE 4-4400 LAKEWOOD Phillips Texaco SISS E. Corsec HA 1-5242 LONG BEACH Atlantic Service 1301 Arfeatlc AT*. HE 7-2014 B. F. Goodrich Store 1212 Let? leach Irrd. HE t-(205 Heller Tire Co. 251» Long Beach Ibd. 427-1330 Fred Hick's Texaco 381 W. Octal Bird. HE 7-1514 Power Tire Co. I S t O Santa F* HE i-SSI! Rayco Auto Center If SO Long Beach Irrd. GA M317 LOS ALAMITOS Webb's Texaco Service 11250 Los AroroJros GE 1-5SSO LOS ANGELES Five Bros. 5401 E. Wosfctaqtei KA 3-0143 TORRANCE B. F. Goodrich Store 1323 Craven 775-3032 WESTMINSTER Bob Blossom Texaco Service 7142 Garde* Grore Bird. TW 3-71 SB little's Big "0" Tire Store 73 S 2 Weshnlisrer Aie. TW 3-5572 BFGoodrich NNP-21-4 B.F.Goodrich

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