Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1969 · Page 52
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 52

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1969
Page 52
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C-24--INDEPENDENT (AM) Ifl »«»ch, C«IH., fritll, Feb. 21. W» PRESS-TELESRAM (PM) CLASSIFIED HI J-5M« _ St«H««WaqoM 11SO! Static* Wogow 1 ISO '66 Ford Ctry. Squire | '67 Ford Wagon .. $2885 10PASSENC-ER STATION WA. " ~ GON. Radio healer, automatic transmission, power steering Excellent condition. RVU300 $2299 Kott i Smolar Ford 345 W. Anaheim, Wilm. IE 5-6*?* COUNTRY SQU1RI. One owner local car lust like new. FACTORY AIR, RH, automatic, uoiver disc b'akes, lugDdoe rack, low mileage cai'iei written ouamnlec. 8?216A. Verne HOLMES-Podge Atlantic, L B. .._. i ^ 7t . 3 ! AUTOS FOR SALE_ T8-5 AUTOS FOR SALE liidf" IMS Miscellaneous WhSlbKN LIVUIUAIOKb ._mAiJ^ira_Bi. BHII^JKJ $25 DOWN DELIVERS O.A.C. ·M Cliev TM.1., A I R . -- a m | -.. '64 T-Bird^ S!iarp r '47 BUKk LeaDre 4-dr. hdtu. Low tnilcoof 8. extra stiaro. Loaded wcxlras including FACTORY AIR. - TVT-3J3 Sacrilice al S2OT Hensley-Anderson Ford - j Cadillac 1870 '65 Crev. Sta. Wag. $1395 ; V DATSON Inn) til 4-Dr. fltifomolic Irani ' " owr. steering, taciorv air ro-in k'H, liKe new tir^. Lie : HQTS6? PEAIRS BROS. BUICK CLOSED SUC3YS . tSTja Betlfowcr Riv::. T25«".l 1 '63'Valiant Wgn. ii a sTCoi in a c^nipaci e . PARKWOOD CHEV'" ' Sr^J" a «^ i: ''' l ''" s raJi^^on^, i Verne HOLMES-Dodge *uto, RH, pow*r str. Nxe V.'.in en! Extra clean. SUP 075 ,lc» '45 CKEV. Kov» SI*. Wioon. Bio 6 cvl. auto, DOACr str RH, entra $1499 STATION WAGON. Mas «jto. trans., RH,w-w tires, etc. While w/rrt vin.'l Interior. ··!- MOON IMPORTS - v ' ' O A T S U N SALES t SERV'CE , S^iOJowtn St.. LateAWd ».'--'27/' $760 : PARKWOOD CHEV. SC5? LakfA'ood B'vd. ME 3-07E1 I '«3 CHEV. 51a. Waaon. V-e. sub." I RiH, FACTORY AIR, Power sir., I top rack. = Sv]9 ... S115SM950 FORD Woooi PARKWOOD CHEV. .'059 Latovood Blvd. ME 3-07S1 35:.1 _A!talic, L.B. ^ FORD Clrv "Sea. Si. V.'ag. V-S 3vTO. Irani.. RH. pw* Mr. X "M. cond . 510" Bei;flower AJTO Storage iales \vi:i:sesale LOT, 515-; rirestone B|vd.,_Downev =Ah ? ?* 7 . agon. Puns . S575. DA 5-1/36 5 P.m. 10 9 'e2 FIESTA Dynamic 88 Olds. Lioht oreen. Verv oood cood. SSM or ot (er. 1^732 Jeimore, Paramt. WE 3- ·67 FORD Cntrv Sed. S2-150. 10-Pass. PwT. ilr., brss., ai(, stereo. _9- _ _____ ·Vs CHEVELLE" Maiitiur 2.3 sigr RS.H, pwr. str. Good cond. MaU oiter . 439-?7?A or A9?-09Q6. __ '63 FORD 9-pais. wagon., low mi., oood tires, looks go_d. Excel. c:nd. S525. _ S77-34S4 V S5 CHEV- Nomad, rebuilt eng., new 4-stxl. ( buckets, mags. Sharp. 53/- 57J2 _______ ^63 FALCON ^-dr sia. wag Auin., Ri.H, xtra nice! M95. Dlr. -1345JJ3: GE Q-CW? _____ _______ -S/waa. Autom., pwr. Good cwirt S350. 4V5 62 CORVAIR GrecnDner 9-Dass. RH, 4-SKi., S500. 43S 5273 I '$· CHEV. sia. wao. J-dr , oood transportation. S175^j3jj_15j_ '55 CHEV." stQtibn~~woooii. Sh"aV0" 'ogkmg, '69 He. .350. 630-516? '61 FALCON, 4-dr., eno overhauled, stick. Clean. HAJI4353 '59 CHEV. NOMAD V-8," autom. M-jl sell S175. 3203770 sir.. R8.H. 1075 "·56 CHEVY NOAAAD. MAKE OPFER. Call 330- 1503 '67 FORD country setf, air P. sir 5. brakes. AM FM Radio 423-9343 AUTOS FOR SALE Miscellaneous 1855 "PROBLEM BUYING A CAR? WE FINANCE--HEW IN TOWN- DIVORCE D--BANKRUPr~POOK CREDIT--NO CREDIT. IF YOU HAVE $50 DN. AND CAN MAKE PAYtMNTS- COME 1 SEE US. 100 Good Transp. Cars FROM $99 UP GAVIN USED CARS 21?0 W. Pacific Coast Hwy. LONG BEACH HE 65580 OPEN 9 TO 9-- SUN. 'TIL 6 P.M. '61 CHFV Wagon", 6 cvl. 6~pass."s500 Excel cofid. 593-30JB '57 CHEVY. Good running condition clean V8. auto. J2B-71D2 ' tags. Runs od. WHY PAY RETAIL? BUY WHbRE THE DEALERS 15Q CARS TO CHOOSE: FROM Bcilflotrvor auio sicraoe iales, wnnlesale lot 9)54 Firritnnp Blvd. I _Dpwney _,,_ . 361-V/27 '62 FORD Country Squire w/pwr btr. L brakes, air. IV/camcer-totem let. SI 200 for b^th. .34-JD84 ,. _ rpi F/owr. . S1199 '65 OICS -J42 H/T, itik . ... $1099 '45 Buick Soecial. Clean . S899 '62 Cad Sdn. DeVllle. F/owr. .5599 '65 Volksv.age-fi SW '63 Cfiev. P/U, long Led - .799 'W E earning. Sharp' S799 '^ Plv Viii^'lt H'V - W9? '63 Pont. Saiurl Won. . S697 '6? Volkswai en Si99 '*.? Crtev. imp. AIR .W» '6J Olds F-85 . *599 '63 Falcon Fuiura . . . . . S5W 'W Rambler £«? H/T Auto.'"...«9» '64 Fiat. C'tani . S39? 'ij Ch-v. 4D.-. V £ . S3M ·i3 Corvair Mcnza . *399 'oOCoinct Cc«. .. . S2j* ·f£ Od. Aulo. Orlg SW ·59 Chev. Wagon -1W ·SS Oi.v. Imp. H/T ... -199 '34 Buick Elfflra ... .- *** MAN'TMORE TO CHOOSE FROM WESTERN LIQUIDATORS RoSKrans, Pua. 633 SI W Need a Car? Luh Delivers Now AT LUCKY 711 WF SPECIALIZE IN SELLING GOOD CARS TO GOOD PEOPLE WHO MAY HAVE HAD PROBLEMS LIKE-- (.BANKRUPTCY I NO CREDIT 4. BAD CREDIT S NEW IN TOWN 6. DIVORCED We have over 100 can In stock. II vou are working anJ willing to make payments, nurr/ In * l«ri make a deal! We carry out own contracts and will take anvthlno ot v.ilue loi down payment If vou need transportat'an to our place of business--tall we will pick vou up. Ph. 639-0493, 636-0891 LUTZ AUTO SALES INC. 711 N. LONG BEACH BLVD. COMPTON, CAUF. ' With $50 to $150 Dn. We deliver today! Now! We carry our own contracts fc over AO cars to ctioose from FITE MOTORS 1735 Long Beach Blvd. HE 5-134 Barracuda 1860 ·65 BARRACUDA, low mis., S1250. Ph. 43S-3140, 4386113 Buick 1865 AUTHORIZED FOR SALES SERVICE ALFA ROMEO Jim Gray Import! !5!L_*i!!5.'i c . CA I'-Wii AUSTIN.HEALEY, MS Jamestown 1158 L.i. Blvd.. L.«. HE i-7ll BMW C. Bob Autrey L.B. Blvd. __ MM373 BUICK Peain Bras. BulcV 1S7M tellll. Blvd. TO-itll Avalon Buick t Opel KB W. Anlhelm, Wilm. TE 4-MI1 Boulevard Buick 1M1 Lena Belch «l. 591-K11 Mike McCarthy Buick 155H teach Well (7141 CADILLAC Ridings Cadillac 1501 L.B. BIH. HE 7-iil CHEVROLET __ CORMIER CHEVROLET mi e. K3ra si. »3o-sioi S J Chevrolet 11X0 South St.. Artiilii_IKj»£ Bill Barnett Chevrolet W« E. Comolotl BlvD. 63T-3MO Beach City Chevrolet 3M1 E. P.C.H. ____ GE 3-Tt Geli Chevrolet »*J5 Param'l, Param't 634-W10 George Chevrolet 17000 Lkwd Bl.. Bell!. ^ Gledhill Chevrolet 1500 P»c. Cst. HWV. Wll. «35-K«l Harbor Chevrolet ma Cherry ___ GA t-334 Parkwood Chevrolet SOS» Llkewooa Blvd. ME 3-071 CHRYSLER Ray Vlnei Corner willow t, Lakewood Long Beach 426-730 Guy Moothart Cnrys.-Plym 1111 N.L.B. II., Cain. NE 3-717 Lakewood Chrysler eindlewooil _ HE 4-7SJ _ Lee White In Hunllnolon Beacft sn-ss« Ralph's Chrysler-Plymouth Lattewood Blvd. Downe R. 0. Gould Co. l(Ot)_Lpno^BHCn BL HE 7-M7 DATS UN Dot Dotsun 1ES35 Beach- H. Beach 842-771 Lang Beocti Motors MM Lono Beach Blvd. 33-5 Moon Import! 5458 South St., Lkwd._ nS-1277 DODGE Bench City Dodge UiSS Beach Bl., H.B. S4HJ Horbor Dodqe m3_ HartprJI.JJ« 1 _J«J« Downey Dodq« Inc. 3ilO Firestone Blvd. jijjl Glenn E. Thomas 340 E. Anaheim Jock Wldqer Dodqe 147« LKWj. Bl., Belli. TO4-»0 Snavely Lonqford Dodqe 401 N.L.B. Blvd. Cpl. NE 1-15 Tom Roody--Dodqe 1M11 S. Vermont P_ A _f^? Verne Holmes Dodqe Sim * Allalffle ?A_4-«s; FORD CO'RTINA__ _ C. Bob Autrcy Hit L.B. Blvd., L.B. SH-137 Plaza Motors 1745? Clark Ave.. Belli. 92S-S4 FIAT Palmer Motors 13» Atlantic OA 44)7 C. Bob Airtrey IMC L.B. Blvd., L.B. 51-13 Harbour Import* Ml W. Anaheim, wllm._!30-8(H FORD Qucin City Ford rttl Bellflower Blvd. S»4-37 /(PERIAL Ray Vines rtxr Willow a Uktwo jifl!_Beac L h 4 AGUAR Boulevard Buick OULEVARD BUICK-JAGUAR od Bl. *:TM\. NCOLN MERCURY Sochi tt Sons IS UkewooJ Blvd. TO 1-0721 Murphy Lincoln Mercury Ml Likiwood Blvd. jn-43ii Udebo* Mtrcury-Couqar 417 Bell!. Bl.. Belli. TO 4-1741 dERCEDES Palmer Moron 100 Atlantic GA 4-«IH OLDSMOBILE John Bohls Old! 55 Soulh St.. LfcWd. ni-7MO Marind Oldsmoblle 10U Pacific Coa!t Hiwav HttHtr OH PA 5-4311 Nowllng Oldsmobile alti Service TO M1S1 MO E. Flrtilont «l- Dnwn»v lick Brownlnq Oldsmobllt Sales Service 1577 Lono Beach Bl. HE 4-J621 OPEL Boulevard Buick Ml Lono teacti Bl- i'l-Sill Pealrs Bros. Buick S7M BlIlflDWCr Blvd. «!·«!! LYMOUTH Ray Vln*s comer willow I ukmraad Bl. · 10 Beach 4M-7301 'ONTIAC Frahm Pontlac HB_I8. Firtiloni Pnr. _ lanwrdin Pontlae HH N.L.B. Blvd. Cpt. NF. t-UU Bob Lonqprc Pontlac 13«0 Beach Bl. Westm. W7-M55 Reiman Pontioc 412 W. Anaheim, Wll. TE 5-07)l_ Solto Ponrlac IMS tona Beach Bl. HE 7-4111_ Suburban Pontiae 1743» Belli. Bl. Belli. TO (-177.1 PORSCHE Rlcketts Motors 18lh S, L.B. Blvd. 4M-5ai^ Circle Motors Inc lilt LakfWOOd Blvd. 5T7-3J6J Kendon Volkswagen HarBor Citv TE 5-74J4 Pacinc Csl. Hvrr. at Normanrtit RAMBLER Rancho Rambler juo Lono_Beaen Blvd. Don-A-Vee Rambler 15737 .eeni.jMyd., TM_7 : ns«_ Holiday Rambler 1427 L.B. Blvd. HE S-MOl RENAULT_ Don-A-Vee Rambler-Renault 15737 Belli. Blvd. TO 7-7756 SAM lonq Beach Motors 3400 Long Beacn Blyd._432_-5477 SUBARU Thrifty Motor! ^471 L.B. Blvd., L.B_. 5I5-H03 TOYOTA Bill Maiey Toyota l!!ll_Beach. H. Beach «/:«5SS_ Palmer Motors _2300 Atlantic GA_4-0754_ Cobe Bros. _2»1_L.B. Blvd._ 424-7M1 Coldwell's Inc. 734 H. Complon Bl. NE S-51M Glen Oraon Ferd ?2» 50. L.B. BlvlT, Cpl. NE 2-7! Pioneer Ford 18403 Pioneer BL, Art. _UN_ W Jim Snow Ford ^777 Piramounl Bl. ME 3-1 Pacific Ford 300 Cherry Ave. ____ 474-3301 Hensley · Anderson W33_Aloni)rB,_Belll. ___ TO 7-7734 Kott It Smolar m W. Anahelm,_wll._TE_Sj2i Mel Burns Ford TR[U]v1PH Jim Gray Imports JJJSJUUntlc OA 4.QBI VOLKSWAGEN _ Taylor-5lotl» Ford 5t25 Pacltlc Blvd. HW. P«r» Lakewood Motori ^115 South St., Lkwd._TO 4J0741_ Circle Motors Inc. .]?!? ytcev/ood Blvd. s7J4«l Kendon Volkswasjtn Pacific Cst. Hwv. it Normandl; harbor _City .TB_*-24« Ricketts Motors 19th » L.B. Blvd. 434-57)1 VOLVO Cab* Int. 7W1 L.B. »lvl). 474-7001 OUBLE CHECK USED CARS ,4 Wildcat $1295 4-dr. Hdlp., automatic, pwr. steering pv/r brakes, pwr. windows, pwr. seats, faclorv air cond. RH, '65 Wildcat $1895 4 dr., tidtp, automatic, py:r. steer, pwr brakes, factory air contl. RH. Lie. PHN-390. '66 Electra $2295 "275" 2-dr. tuilp. automatic, nwr. steer, A pwr. brakes, owr. win- dov/5i pwr. seals. Factory ait cond. Lie. RPD-349 '67 Riviera $369 Automatic. pwr. steer, pwr. brakes, pwr. windows, pwr. seals, fddorv air cond., vinyl top, new tires, RH, Lie. IPK930. PAIRS BROS. BUICK CLOSED SUNDAYS 15734 Bellflower RK-d. 925-6611 ,5 BUICK Skylark ..$1645 This little couoe is in perlect condition, one owner local cai with FACTORY AIR, RAH. automatic, power steering. Original finish interior, RHS 588. Verne HOLMES--Dodge 35th Atlantic L.B. 426-7131 '68 Cadillac Coupe Radio, Heotsr, Air Conditioning, Full Power Popular Whit* with Black Inieror, r,74S $4795 "75" '63 to '69 Cadillacs to choose from Sunset Cadillacs M95 Lons BMCh Blvd. L.B. 426-5571 AUTOS FOR SALE Cadillac 1170 Chevrolet OSBORN'S CADILLACS ALLAIR-CONDHIONED ·68 Cue DeV.. le-i^her padded top. 13,000 ml. V7.W 956 ........ ...,....S5299 ·ia StJ-i. DeV.. 6.000 mi., like ne« ih-uout. 5r. B53W . . S5W '67 E'ltwd., leather, vt.reo, etc 7VL 995 ^3^ '6/ Sdn DeV., leather, patkivd top. . ., , 1 Ov.ner., imrnac. TVE 453 '67 Cse DeV , leather, padded lop. T T w t i , elc. T V F 2 3 9 . S3799 '67 Cpe. DoV.. i:n:riac. UI'.V 943 S3 69? '66 Brougham, 20.000 mi., like new. SQX 013 ...... -.. ........... ______ S269V '66 Sdn. DeV., leainer, ?2,000 mi S/AA 533 ............... _________ ....... «499 '66 Ctw DeV., silver DIK. pjddefl loo. SBC 3-3 ..... *3Wff '« Co? DeV.. blue, 34,000 mi. Ex- ceDiionallv nice. SWE 659 S35V) ·^ Son. DeV., leather, padded too, j?.000 mi., immac. FOE 3V^ . S2699 '«3 Sdn. DeV, 47,000 mi. All .ric. 10E 472 S14W '62 ntwd, 31,000 ml. 1-own. lik* new. LRG n: ^1599 '61 Fliwrt. verv nice, original. OHO 5 6 6 . . . . . . . . W _ MTH CHERRY ____ '57 ~CAD Coe deVillfr, iull pwr, o'hauled, ietf cond, S500, private 1875 CADILLACS SAVE ON '68 CADILLACS A'wavs over 4S 19iE to 193 Cadillacs to choose from. WHEELER CADILLACS _2259_L.D ; _Bltfd._L : a : 42JMD433 '67 Cad. Fldorado S.SOO V/e sold it new. Tlie moit sounhi ^fter prestige motor car toddy. Of- iers exclusive slviino tcniurt-s front v.-Hee! drive., Frfdoiy air AM/F'M radio, eic. OLE 099 RIDINGS CADILLAC HE 7.?2ai 1501 Lona BeacftJII. L.ono_Be.icn T?'cird^«ian~tie"vnie"~! '".~ i-1200 Lncal owner car that we sold new have serviced. Outstandino performance wilh excellent selection of appointments for your convenience comiort. Factory air, full power, door locks, etc. TUW004 RIDINGS CADILLAC HE 7 ?241 IjOl Long Beach B|.^^Lgng Beach '62 CADILLAC. AII~wMf« "convertible. Fully equipped incl. oir cond., white leather Inter. New too, a beautiful local car. "7190A. Special . .stoaa HOLIDAY RAMBLER 1427 L.B. Blvd., L.B. 1F_i-9001_ "'67 CAD Clriorndo, white, lull owr., dr. locks, FAA stereo. Orlg. owner. Xlnl tond. 28,000 actual mi., 9735 E. Carson (rear) Uustairs Gallery, Lakev/ood 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thurs t]iru Sun._ ; 6B~CAbTLLAC^rfcE"fw6bb"."Li'bht blue. Loaded with all extras. Stereo radio. Must sell now! S«r. No. MS-167586. 55350. KENCAR STOR. LIQUIDATION 1500 1 ono Bench Blvd. J31-91?.: '59 CADILLAC $299 Hdlo, full power, sreat buyl JV/H-655. CALL NOW 591-0553 Harbor Auto. Liquidatoi CAD. Sdn dp V. Lo lor quick sale! 11875 GIBSON STORAGE SALES _?i B E. Annheim 43/J506 '62" CADILLAC Cpe. DeVille. Full pwr. . fact, nir contJ. Orioinal clean. HNAV43 .. ..... . . $597 No cnsli needed OAC ME 3-7 r( 31 PJf 1 ' FLOVVCR AUTO STORAGE '67 CAD Eldorado full pwr. windows, door locks, 6-way seats, air, Twilight Sentinel, red with hounds tooth int. Pvl. Party. S5450. TO 6-7777; UN 3-4740. '6P. CAD Coupe de Villc. Pnclrieri top. Leather Interior. Full inc. equipment, power 8, air. 17.000 mi. S5395 433-7221 346 Argonne car. S6695. Ptl. 42-1-5932 '58 CAD, cpe DeVHIe, 2 dr. hdfp. Fftir cond. New class packs, full pwr. 5200. 422 1072 '(3 CAMARO 2-DR. HDTP., 357 V-8, AUTO., PS., DFLUXE R/H, UNDER 13,500 MILES, BRITISH RACING GREEN WITH BLACK VINYL INTERIOR. BLUE BOOK AVERAGE RETAIL «730. OUR FULL PRICE $2595 PLUS TAX LICENSE LAKEWOOD MOTORS VOLKSWAGEN 5815 SOUTH ST. AT V/OODRUFF lAKfWOOD DUTCH VILLAGE _^__ T°_6-P7_U '67 Camaro 2-Dr. Htp., V-fi, ftulom. Irans., radio, heater, w)iile\-/alls. tact, aii, pwr, sir. UNC 371. Price 52399 f-n.-Sai.-Sun. only. LAMERD1N PONTIAC 302 N. Lonu Beach Blvd. romntpn NE_?_6643 ·67 CAMARO Rally Spl. V-S, J-sotM dlt inlerior, disc v/hecls. T Y G 54S LiRe new! Only S239S PARKWOOD CHEV. »59_LakTMopd B[vd. _ ME 34)711 '48 CAMARO Rallv Sol. V-B, auio.. RH, power sir., black vinyl roof! VW? 078 «6VS PARKWOOD CHEV. _M59_Lakewood_Blvd.___ME_3 ; 07Sl ·6/ CAWIARO Hdtp. Cpe. Lov; miles. Xlnt cond. =VAN 583. Dlr. Full pricn $1799. Call Chey. Oullel SM- AUTOS FOR SALE Cktwokt 62 CHEV $399 Irnpa'a Coe., auto., pwr. str. deal! CMC-532 Call NOWO2-WI4 Harbor Auto Liquidators 59 CHEV. $99 Harbor Auto Liquidators 64 Chev. Impal* $599 HDTP. CPE., AUTO., PWR. STR. OTU 234 CALL NOW »»475J Harbor Auio Liquidators '67 CHEV. Impaia 2-dr. hdtp. Auto Irans, RH. power sir, FACT AIR. VCZ 254 Only _ _...S229« Hensley-Anderson Ford 9S33 Alondro Bl.. BelH. TO 72731 J i7"c"HEV. Imo. 2-dr. hdio, V-8, itlcic shift. RAH, lo« miles. Sharp! r 2658 S199S PARKWOOD CHEV. 5359 Lakewgd_C_lvd^./AE__3-0781__ 'if, CHFV Imoala Hardloo. Full oow- er. FACT. A»R CONDlTlONlMG. Xlnt, condition . S1U5 Bellilowcr Auto Storaoe Sales V/nclesale Lot, 9154 Firestone Blvrf., Downey 361-9727 -PS52 PARKWOOD CHEV. S059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3-07E1 AUTOS FOR SALE 1815 '66 Chev $2095 Caprice, 4-dr. hdlp., automatic trans, pwr. steering brakes. Landau lop. Factory air condition, PEARIS BROS. EUICK '63 Chevy II $498 *-Dr., standard transmission, radio 4. heater. Economy transportation. DON-A-VEE RAMBLER In Bellflower TO 7-7254 15737 Btllllmitr Bl. al AIQMra '56 CHEV $99 V-8, auto., threat buy. JFW 292 CALL NOW W1-OSS3 Harbor Auio Liquidators '64 "CHEV. impafa 2-dr.""hdtp~VJ. 4-soe.d, power str. FACT. AIR. = CJL 316 .1095 PARKWOOD CHEV. 50S9 Lafccwood Blvd. _WE 34731 '63 CHEV. II Nova SS. 2B V-8. AFB carb. 327 hi perf exhaust system, J tS 323 pwr ol. Irans., air cond., stereo tact deck, '69 Cad. nutmeg iiremi-t acrylic lacquer. $1095 13601 Richardson Way, Westmins ter. AUTOS FOR SALE CStwoSt JMS vance muffler system, 2-wa» ·« dio. Immac. cond. Owner, has all Dills from wori. on car s£»e oav ne*. Priv owner. "A Beauty . .00 Cash Firm. 6-2 1 SJ.« ·66 CHEV. Impaia SS. Gold, w/black vinvl bucket seat interior. v-«. auto Irans, RH, power str., IFAC- TORY AIR COND., ,-5LZ-973. LiKe new cond. Special al W# Hensley-Anderson Ford 98^Alond_r5_§l.._BellH^JP_7.?734 '62 CHEY. IMPALA 4-dr. hrdtp., 3 »««*·, b ^ 4W ens Clean, ona. car. Only 5/99. VALUER MOTORS '65 CHEV. "Super Scort ?-· H«n- 327 V-3 eno.. auto. 0.1 the iloor, RH, Pwr. str . brokes Only 21.000 actual tmies "V" iacu '$£-, Looks new! - A205A, only H«3 HOLIDAY RAMBLER 142? L.B. B!vd 1 ._LB._^ HE 6-W01 "-TCHEVRbLtT .HARDTOP' 1 door Imcaia, VS automatic transmission, roa:o heater, v»f "·- wall tires, power sicenng. I tc 'i$ CHEV. Hardtop V-B, auio. Transmission, pwr. steering, RS.H. Xlnt cond. ,, _.... ....... ._ S79M dellliower Auto Storage Salts V/holos.Dt Loi, 915J Firestone Blvd., Downey _ _ H 61 '?'. 2 * '65 C H f c V Y impaia SS. V 3, RH, auio. tr;ms., pivr. itr., bucket «ais, 4 speakers, console. Immac. SU95. After 4 p.m. 421-7275 or wktrids. _ _ _ __ 7 _3 CHhV. Imp. SS. V-8, Hdto! Coe. Xlnl cond. Bucket seats, pwr. ilr., ou(o trans. QPE iil. S89 dn -f T8.L O.A.C. Dlr. $999. Coll Cliev. _ ____ '63 CHEV." SS, V 8, auto . . S748 LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER 19 Candlew'd. S5J3J5 531-079) 65 CHEV. Imp. V 8, HdtP Cle. FACT. AIR COND. PPBN 617. S199 dn 4- TL O.A.C. Dlr Credit Mgr. 5M-163 '67 CHEV. Coniero 302-(228) eng. X spd. .1.63 oears, many other oood les, Xlnt cond. Only 1-1,500 ml. _jAusjjgll S260D. 8J3-2M3. '68 CAMARU, auto trans, Qlr, vinyl top Looded. Call before 11 a.m. or alter 9:30 P.m. 434-9363. ·68~CAMARO w/lndies t inaos. S?700 or best. 634-19J7 _ Chevelle 1882 BOB THOMPSON'S '65 CHEVELLE Malibu 300 hp, J- spd , f^cl air. vinyl top. Vedura greprt oaint, real sharp. This one won't last at L.B. Blvd., LB S91-5.39 BOB THOMPSON'S '66 CHEVELLE Malibu 396, 4-spd. Bucket seats, black inl. One of rhe real clean popular Ctievelles. Only 51999 WtQ L.B. Blvd.. LH 591-562? 8 BUICK RIVIERA. Has full pwr. Inc AM-FM s*ereo radio, fact, air, pwr str brakes, elcc. seat windows, special wheels, lilt str. wheel, custom padded roof. Loaded. 13,000 miles, Ed James person- Jomes'town 1350 LB Bl. LB HE2-7991 BUICK Le Sabre hdip. Local 1 owner car w/verv low mileage. Has V-8, auto trans, RH, pov/er sir, brks. FACTORY AIR COND. = FMS-709. Weekend spec $1399 Hensley-Anderson Ford 9B33 Alundra Bl., Bel If. J_0?-?£ '61 BUICK ". .$299 Hdlp, Dwr str, GREAT BUY. NZL-550, CALL NOW ; !32-fl9IJ Harbor Auto Liquidators '64 BUICK Riviera, V-8, nuto., power Str, RH, FACTORY AIR COND. = VHK-711 ,,.._ - S1S95 PARKWOOD CHEV. 5059 Lakewootl BlvH ftrtF 3-0/fH '63 BUICK Riviera Full power, fact air cond Beautiful teti with blue inf 1NX 79; . _ ..E989 No cash ntcded OAC ME 3-7531 Bl^LLFLOI WE R _ AUJ_0 STOKAGF '66 BUICK Riv. Full Dwr., air, strato seats, fire mist gold, black vinyl tou 8. Inf Sell-Trnde. 9051 Gnrden Grove Blvd. (714) 537 8344. Dlr. '66 MA'LtBU. eytra clean, auto., P.5. Reduced to sell last. Lie. TBU 772. JIM GRAY IMPORTS 35J5 Atlantic Ave. GA 4-0951 '6J CHRVEL1.E 55. auto. Kiel air. tinted gl. pwr str, pwr brki, elec ·.vindows, bucket seals. W5W. New _^rks. new 327 cno. $KQO, GA 7-7213 '.7 CHEVELLE Malibu 2-ilr hard- ton, V-B owr str, auro, buckets '26,000 miles Buy or lease -129-2401 _9_-6 pin jVion-Saf. '67 CHFVEILLET Malibu 2dr. Hdtoc. Excel cond. Sacrifice S1925. Kelly Slue Book SHIP. GE 1-1590. '64 CHEVELLE SS, Signet "396, 360 HP, maroon, new tires, maas, drafted. 634-18^7. after 5. Chevrolet 1885 '59 CAD Coe DeVille, ' iffer, 6 '61 CAD Fleclwood. Asking 1795. Ful- I. 431-7033 "i9 CAD Couoe de Villci'pwr., air. immac. Priv. ply. GE 1-7032 '64 CAD convert. Low mi. All cx- tras. IMMAC. .1900. 867-3228 '57 CAD Hdlp. Air, power, new tires XlnV. S290. 83J-8749 '60 CAD. Coe. de Vills. Full Dwr. Strco tope. Air. 5S9S. 435-6972 52 CADILLAC ambuldnce. oood. H50. 83Q-77J9 att. 5. S6 CHEVY 2 dr. hdlo. VB, Auto. Cherry body. $375. 392-2993 air, Imrnac. Piiv. pjy. 42fi-7d69 '6S CHEV. SS, air, clean, new tires, RH luneup. 591-S133 '57 CHFV., new Daint, Hurst, stick, chrome wheels. i55Q. 865-5719 '62 CHEVY II, Nova, t stick, inarp. GE 1-7032 'M CHEV. SS, $999. 2390 PacH I f: A^fe. ^m A j. 426-64 7 59~~CHEVY V-8, automatic. Ai 'fi/ CHEV. imoala SS. Turbo-hydn air, 20.000 mi. $2450. 860-2077 '55" CHFV. 7-DR. SEDAN. CLEAN (213) 6J-2196 '62 BUICK 225 Eleclrd. Full pwi., air conri. Xlnt cond. 1600. Priv. party. 860 3276 after 6 p.m. '63 BUICK Special conv., ?xcel. ccnd., RH. New paint, $575. 4337123 '69 BUICK Riviera, fully PQUJP. Low mileage. Must sell. Priv. owner. S5000. 831-1844 ·61 BUICK LIflht *an, all owr. Cd cond. $-100. 5861 Hersholt, Lkwd. bctw. 4 A p.m. '65 BUtCK Elec Cnp. Air, immac. MMW28J. 1169V. Osborn's, 20lh Cherry. '65 BUICK SKvliirk. Gr. Sort. 4 sod! ___Am/maqs. S1350. 431-0538 '62 BUICK Special. S375. Pwr. Auto, RHI 6502 Qranoe. 422-8003 '65 8UICK Riviera. All black. Be,7 oKer 129 Magnolia. _ '67~BUICK Riv. Air, immoc. SCAG7J2. S3299. Osborn's, 20lh 8, Cherry. terior, gd. cond. 2-dr. '599 TRANSPORTATION SPECIALS ·5» OLDS HT., auio. trans., pwr. str. *QQ FJF H7 _ *'*' '54 FORD Sta. VJag. Aulo. trans., RH. Little lewd! save *iaa ·t onlv. FJY 342._ 1W '6? COMET 2-dr. Sed. auio., RH. Runs good, needs body work. $- ^ - HGK 388 .. . 'il CHRYS 4-Dr. Sed., auto. Irans., pwr. str., pwr. brks., Runs looks good. WJKIIO '61 CORVAIR Monza, auto, trans., RH. Nice. TND98P '42 OLDS Hdtp., auio. trans. pwr. itr., pwr. brks., RH. Nice. QGZ4EI .. '41 PONTIAC Bonn., hdlp., auto, trans., RH, pwr. itr., chrome whls. $1 Sharp. OLB771 '6? CORVAIR MONZA, RH, 4-spccd. Excellenl. 1CQO GXC156 _... __. 3351 '6! MERC 7-Dr. Hdtp., .luto. Irani., RH, pwr. str. Showroom sh*rp. SCOQ GBR725 O J J '62 FALCON Sta. Wag. Aulo. trans., KH. Like *CQQ new Ihruoul. OJS211 .. W»»»? 'W CAD 4-Dr. Hdtp. Full pwr. plus FACT. AIR. Seeing is be- lievino. *7QQ LGS222 * *** '63 FORD Fnirlnne i«) SS, RH, V-8, auio. Super clean! DUG S 899 '£4 DODGE 4-Dr. Sed. Auto, trans., pwr. sir., pwr. brks. One owntr/ like new fQQQ FTP8H - ^^^ '« CAD Cpe. DeVille. Full pwr. plus FACT. AIR. Drive il you will buy il. *QQQ KIX61 . ~-- +f ^ '63 PONT Bonnr, 4-Dr. Hdlp. Full pwr. FACT AIR. One owner law, law *QQQ mile*. FLU17J 9* '63 BUICK Electrn 325. Full pwr. FACT. AIR. Cleanest '63 Buick in So. *QQQ Calif, FTR342 999 '64 MERC Monlclair 2»Dr. Hdlp, Auto, trans., pwr. sir., RH, wsw. Runs ^QQQ looks like new. RBX372 999 WE DELIVER NOW! KENCAR MOTORS, INC. If vou havt had problemi buying a car became of..._ I-NO CREDIT 2-REPOSSESSIQNS 3-NEW IN AREA 4-POOF CREDIT 5-NEWLY DIVORCED 6-BAKKRUPTCY, etc, SEE US NOW! This Is Our Specialty W« carrv our own contracts for Inos. who ARE willino to make . D arrcar a ".t r ^Il?na^ lh Sr'-.L«,. «.dc to ch.o,. from! If you need transportation to our dealtrrtip--call and w» will pick you up. SE HAS LA ESPANOL. "In the Heart of Lonq Beach" 1SOO Long Beach Boulevard (213) 435-9124 55 CHEV. 6 cvl. % fi* tno. 4-Dr. Bel Air. Good running cond. Must sell. $300. Call wk. days alter 5 or anytime on wkonds. ^25-7830 3" CHEV. "imp 2 dr. hdto autom trans, pwrstr brakes, RH, Very clean S1000 or best offer. Afler 5 p.m. 429-2333; 43S403B 59 CHEV. 4-door. Power steerlno i brakes. Compleie motor overhaul. S599. See at GuV* PhllliDs 66, 1190 E. Broadway, L.B. HE 7-6512 i CHEV. Caprice 2-dr. hdlp. Load' cd. Assume 573 mo. 432-0741; 835- 7m ,,___ 14 CHFV IMPALA SS, 51200 excellent running condition 639-S30i _or ._^y5J' ^6 NOMAO V-8 automatic RAH, chrome rim, 3 trdck. tape, color bar. S6SO cash 534-2753 63 CHEV S's! 4 spd. 327 eng. Ne-w tires, shocks brakes. Cxcet cond. S850. S98-S229 after 6 p^m^ 64 CHEV. SS 2-door hardtop. Excel- Jent condition. 11000 or best offer Call Stftve at 868-S505 65 CHEV. Biscavne. New lires, needs oaint. $600. Musi see. 231 Belmonl. - 18__ 65 CHEV. impaia 4-dr. hdip. Air cond., power steer. brakes. 39.000 miles. 51400. ?j5-1740 66 CHEVY Impalu Super Sport V-B, RH, automatic, S1495. 60-742V. Coll before 3 P.m. 61 CHEV. Imo Hdtp. CM. V-8, auto trans., owr str. JZX 557. 51199 Call Chev. Outlet "' t 564-16^6 59 CHEV. 2 dr. 6 Cvl. Stick. Clean. J2QQ or best offer. 630-1313 '58 CHEV. transferred. S250 427-4163 16 CHEV IniD. SS. Air, load'ed. Xlnt. SI/50. 638-9216 '60 CHEV. El Camlno. Mint cond 10 ccats black lacquer paml, astro chrome wneels, red streak wide oval tires. All orig. Tarn., wood bed, new int, cic. S120Q or will trade for '67 VW. 431-0886 '63 CHEV. Impaia SS V-8, auio., Dwr. str., RH. Extra clean. FJX " N o caih~n-rt«f6^A!crME 3-7531 BE LLFLOW_E R_AUJO_ST 0 RACE 'M CHe"v"CAP"RiCE station wagon. LOADED Incl fad. air. Local 1 owner. JAMESTOWN _13SO_L.a._Blvd. _ HE 2-7911 '65 CHL : V.' Bel Air V 8, aiito^"aci- W/Air, ^NRB-116 51099 JIM SNOW FORD 7911_Aton;Jra. Paran^t 34 : ?600 ·61 CHEV. Impaia 2-dr. V-8 auto, power str., RH, =49!A S/W PARKWOOD CHEV. 5059 Lakewood Blvd. ME 3 07B1 '66 CHEV. imp. SS V-8, auto., pwr. str.. RAH. Beautiful blue. SXH526. Steal at . - . 51 ISo No cash needed OAC ME 3-7531 _B_ELLFLOWER AUT0_SJORAGE '63 CHEVY II Nova SS Hrfto Cnr. Pwr. stro., auto, trans., etc. FGG828. S99 dn 4- TL O.A.C. Dlr. CoM Credit Mor. 5J-163 '65 CHEV. impaia, 2 dr. hdlp.. black interior, 327, auto. Take over pav- mcnts. 631-9404 '67 CHEV. Impaia S.S., factory air, oower brakes strg. RH, w-w, S2.10Q. 595-4333. 421-6116. '61 CHEV. Imoala SS, RH, pwr. strg., b/seats, black int.. low im. Musi sell. 8?B-1071 «(t. 6 qm '£3 CHEV. impaia J-dr. Aut., RH. very clenn. S700 or besi offer. 834- 9SA3 aft- fi D.m. '59 CHEV. Impaia. Stick. wTll swap for '64 Olds station wagon. 471-1990 after J. p.m. ; 60 CHEV. w/rebuilt motor, startrr, nenerator. carburetor. New mul- iler, shocks, brks. 5275. 1195 E. Jth '66 CHEV. Malibu spoits coupe. Standard transmission, RH, w-w 51095 or best offer. 860 6057 '55 CHEV. Tuck roll. S3SQ. Good condition. 630-4121 60 CHEV. Corvair sedan. Good _cgnd._A_ujq._632jgO_3 '5~5 CHEV. V-B, stick, 2 dr., chromt rims, musl sell, 423-7154 '62 CHEV. Imp. air, full pwr., new tires, 1 owner, low mis. 5650. 925- JJjfeB '57 CHEV. Nomad 283 high oerf. auto, owr str, A-l i/99. 435-1216 _Dlr. '65 CHEV. Imnala air, full pwr. 51195. Ph. 928-1780, Downey. _ 'to CHEV. Imnala 2 dr. auto., KH, H95. 1571 Ramjj^o - 597-6921 '63 CHEV V-8 3-rpd Hurst. RH. runs norxl S449. 435-1216 Dlr '64 CHEV. SS. fully «iuipped good cond. 429-391A ·56 CHEVY 2 door, auto, R8.H, very clean, best offer. 439-3941 _ _ '6T~CHf:V H, 6 c-vl., aulom, hdto V.ry good cond. TO3679 '64 CHEV Impaia autoTRAH dean GA 7-30IB AUTOS FOR SALE "pARkwOODCHEV: 1 " 5 5059 I ab-wnnd Blvd. ME 3-0781 power sir. VJT730 ·· · "· ' J PARKWOOD CHEV. SOW Lakewood Bl»d.jg_3-?ji._ ·65 CHEV. 2-dr. Srilon. V 8, auio,, R8.H. solid while. Don'l pass tjjs UBI SR207 5855 HOLIDAY RAMBLER 1427_L.B._B1VI1.._LB. HEj^SMl ·ti'Chcv. k cyl. Auto., Rill. exceptionally clcon. Ready lor Ihc ro.Kl. = A90SD. Full once !S9» HOLIDAY RAMBLER U27 L.B. Blvli... L.B. HEJiqOl WILL FINANCE '61 Chrv, hdto, auio. pwr ilr, _RiH. lrans.J395.J31.2613 61 CHEVY ?-dr. ndlp. V 8, Oood cond. Musi sell--drafted. 5400 or beslofler. 8H-3S62 Chrysler _ 1890 '67 Chrysler"300 $2995 Cleanest 1 dr. HdtD. In town. 54.000 MILES of FACTORY WARRANTY REMAINING, original gold finish, black vinyl bucket ieat interior, with console shiit. Locally owned It serviced, UDA 003 Verne HOLMES--Dodge 35lh «. Atlantic _L B. 426.;131 r 61 CHRYSLER V-sTl-tr. HdtD. Full Dower, air cond a beoutv lor this year car. All white, high rubber. = ;150B. Full oricc S588 HOLIDAY RAMBLER 1J?7_L.B._BJV(I.._L J B J __ HE 6-TO1 ·U'CHRYS. N.Y. hdlp ct* full Dwr. AIR CONO, law mi. Like new LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER I91v CanJIeWci VSR 16i S31-0?9I '62 CHRYS'LbRi NewD3rt. 4-dr Hdtp, full pwr, air cond. Good cond. I. 8M-7890 '53 CHRYSLER, runs oood, new paint. '69 Lie. S145. J37-I376 Comet 1895 '65 COMET Coupe $1240 One nwner local trade. Economical six cyl. engine with power steering, RH. original finislt S, interior. WRITTEN GUARANTEE. RHR Verne HOLMES--Dodge 35th 8, Atlanlic L.B. 426-5H1 '54 CHEVY Bel Air 4-dr stick. Original. Call '57 CHEV. 2-dr Aulo., RH. w-w. Xlnl cond. S295. 17141 tiUyn ·65 COMET Cyclone hdtr, SI888 SI75 dn. S59.80 per mo. O.A.C. LAKEWOOD CHRYSLER 4919 Candlcw'd XIX 587 53M1791 ·63 COMET custom 2 dr. tirdtp., HH, auto. VHB963. Sac. at 5595. Dlr. .131-5443; GE 0-0909 '61 COMFT Cyclone 289-t SDti. SI 195. Excel. 867-5I7B Continental J900 '66 CONTINENTAL COUDC. White. Every extra. Prlv. pty. 421-1785 '69 IMPALA 2-DR. HARDTOP AIR CONDITIONING, tinted glass. door «dg» guards, tide trim, molding, vinyl inferior, whl. convsr, w/w tires, Fully factory equipped ^673 2796 PARKWOOD CHEVROLET "Across from The May Co." 5059 LAKEWOOD BLVD. ME 3-0781 PACIFIC FORD NEW 1969 MUSTANG HARDTOP 2-dr. . 302 Cruiiomotic tranimitiion, power tle»r* ing, T-Glass, radio, w/w lirei, ti«at«r. Serial No. 100315. BASE PRICE $' $' Base Prica BRAND NEW 1969 FORD LTD 2 DOOR HARDTOP 390 V-8 Cruisomotic tmnsmissoon, power steering, power disc brakes, air conditioning, T-Glass, radio, w/w tires much more. Ser. No. 145422. 102 fstlorr 1969 FORD GALAXIE 500 2-DR. HARDTOP 390 V-8 Cruisomatic, power BASE PRICE steering, pwer disc brakes, T- Glass, air conditioning, radio much more. Serial No. 116276. 360 V-8 engine, custo Cruisomatic trans., power brakes, radio, contractors spe- cial with side tool b o x e s . Demo Serial No. F- 10YRE01807 '69 FORD MOO 1/2 TON PICKUP FULL PRICE 29621 $ 'Service Department Open Saturday for Your Convenience' PACIFIC FORD , 1 A U T O S A L E S I N C MERCDRY.CODOAR 17617 1 Bellflower Blvd. Bellflower TO6-1761 36OO CHERRY AVE,LONG BEACH GA.6-33O1 '69 MARK III Owner's personal car. Low ml. Jeag.. Loaded with leather inter). or, heriiaoe roof, 6-wav oower seat, lilt jiwmg wheel, airiomaiir climat* control, rear window de- fosser, AAAFM Stereo-Radio, power door locks, soecial body im- ih. Ask tor Bob Lyndon «· jj^ Hedge I" Continental Division. s«r. _?Y39A847S64. MURPHY LINCOLN MERCURY 1740 LakewcK-cf Bt'/at. (at Orcitt 597~mi Or. Co. 7M *2T fi;« '68 CONTINENTAL Foil power wlln automatic facb air he^.na svslem. Low miic^- -- (ike new condition. VS5 6"» $4899 Koff Smolar Ford __jji W- Anaheim. Wllm. TE 5-e ; 65~LINCOLN Continenial, aiTTfTnn tealner, full owr. lov mi. 124: 360-4039. ^ COHI. Lincoln. 1 owner car. F nfo. J24-0431 or 592-1750. CONTINENTAL air, vinyl "too" Cxceoi. clean. J85Q. 42-57SO _ CONT. Lincoln 5350, '« RamsiVr 75. Both_qood. 631-146? CONTINENTAL Convert. XiiTi jnd. Priv. parly. 597-795^itcr_i,. 57 LINCOLN SPOrt cpe. .ISO '~~ 1905 2 Corvalr Monza . $299 Cue- bucket srau, great buv. )RM 299 CALL NOW Jji-9^.!* Harbor Auto Liquidators 1 CORVAIR Monid, excellent con"- dition inside out. automatic r^ dio, heater, W50. No cash net-iM only 531.95 Ttontli OAC 434-573V. D|r. CORSAtR Monza conv., clean, 4-sod., isct. air. Ola. owner. E.. eel. running cond. Best oficf I CORVAIR. New tires, '6? taa^, $225. Good running cond. 1E30 P*. ciiic Coast Highway. L.B. "CORVAIR Spider Convertioi* impiety xlnt, everylhlno nrv;. ,, CORVAIR Monia New ffrr.". shocks, brk iob tuncup, '67 t«a-,. Good cond. S525 ME 3-9DB1 CORVAIR Artonza roc., fluJi, RSH, bucket seats HMJ200. Shvpi S495. Dlr. Jll-54J3; GE 0-09Q? . CORVAIR Monza CDC. auio., r tiood, real nice. S265. 596-3770 1 CORVAIR Monza Cpe. 3 Sod" buckets, clean, $295. 320-3770 ? CORVAIH Monia. Xlnt cond ' Tags. S350. 439-522B CORVAIR conv. whlt« w/btack int., 1 owner. 434-7597 3 CORVAIR A-Vonza, RH, auto- Itlc. S375. HA mm 2 CORVAIR Monza 4-spd., chrome wheels, oood cond. S37S. Call 9254616, Belli. 2 CORVAIR Monza. RH, 2-dr autom. S35Q. (213) 531-6750 orvette 1910 7 CORVETTT -- autom., mea wheels, private party after {, 431-715? 5 CORVfcirE. Full power, air. Blue. Private party. (213) 023.3355. PEOPLE PLEASERS FKOM BEACH CITY CHEVROLET With People- Pleasing Prices ·--Today's SPECIAL --· '64 IMPALA CPI., radio, hcat«r, oower steering, factory «lr. HUP * $1399 * 'U FIREBIRD Convertibl!. Aulo. Irans., radio, dialer, . power Jteering. iO^nn DBZ J01 JC133 '47 OLDS DtLTA Custom Cpe. buckel seals, faclorv air, Immacu- '61 DODGE DART sedan t cylinder itiek, radio, heal- ImlriJ"- 1 1299 '« PONTIAC Grand Prix full power, air. i| Odd See this RHEHS **'*'*' '55 CHEV. 4 door, real nice. SS! _ _ '299 'K CHEVY II Nova Cue. Powcrolide, radio, hMtcr, flir (.ond. $| CQO ROJ U? *aiFi» 'it MONZA CPE., nwr. glide, radio, hMttr. SRS 353 CHOICE OF TWO '« CAPRICE Cut. SS. 327 V-B automatic, radio, healer, pwr. itr. $f QQQ SBT 85? 1333 'H MUSTANO Convert. V« iteerino. Baby blue t snarp. TSB J«._ '« CAPRICE i m;s. station wagon. 327 V-8, Power- olide, RH, power steer- Air ! OPT 171 'il CAMARO, radio, htalfr power steering, power glide, faclorv SOCOC lir. WWN 544.... *«i' J '*7 CAMARO. V-8, aulomalic Dpycr steering, ai dilionlng. Real Ihiml TFAII5 'H CHEV. IMPALA SS. Conv V-l, power steerinq, powc glide, radio, neater, .11 cond. Blk. bucket seats 73J _ ·H CHEVY II Nova Coe. V power glide, radio, ^icalci power slerlng. $ NOV 7«1 'H VALIANT CLUB CPE. cylinder Hick, shill, radio Iwater. S WJJ 437 '« IMPALA 4-door bardton 3J7 V-S, nower stctrino power glide, lactorv ai IE" '1999 g r . steering, faclorv s-iV" "2099 '44 MUSTANG 7+J FaStbacl- v-a, automatic trans.,/ dio, heater, pwr. steering TRUCKS N. 117117. '44 CHEVROLET W-ton tvl sidt Pickup, V-l, «' sum, radio, heater, loo like new. Si T244«»... 1 '4! EL CAMINO 317, 4 spec radio, heater, blac. chronic wheels. S P75J74 The OHIGIHAL Ptopli Pltaiing floes BEACH CITY CHEVROLET 3201 "Str PHONI

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