Independent from Long Beach, California on March 10, 1966 · Page 36
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 36

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 36
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DEAR ABBY Lwt IMC*, CUD, Tterl, MM. It 1IM IND£PENDENT-P«g»B-ll 1 Husband working for merit badge tell him your age. Simply say, "I'm old enough to know the score, and young enough to play the game." (That ought to settle his hominy Krits.) ^Embarking on SS Lurline for a vacation in Ha- ^Wjiii, ,are ; Mr. and Mrs. J. Malcolm Johnson Jr. (top) and the Henry T. Logans. Johnson is chief engfieer at North American Aviation Corp. and .^..professor of electrical engineering at Long Beach State College. v Oswald Jacoby Th,e simple s expert HSA3!-/ ' ,, Correct play does not always produce the maximum -number of tricks.-All it can "jo-jf--j:o produce the best ije'jttotal result over a i of time. In other 8s~Tthe expert plays by iyear- . fs four-spade.'call gt one of those .play- jfiyea^bids. Most play- NOKTH II V A10 J 4 Q J 0 7 6 + A 7 6 3 WEST EAST A K Q 1 0 8 4 J 9 6 3 2 V K J 5 4 V Q 9 7 6 4 8 6 . * Void 4 Q 2 + J 8 5 t · SOUTH (D) *A7 · A K 1 0 4 3 Z + K109 Both vulnerable Wett 'North Kut South . . . . 1* 3* 34- Pass 5 + Pass- Pass 5 V . Pass Pass Pass Pass . Opening leid -- 4 K 4 * 5 « 6 * ersr-'Wduld · have bid either ·; Jour/giamonds" or three no- four-diamond bid "t woUw^have led to an easy I fiv^'^famonds; a three no- to an even easier · ncvtjrump contract. « ^ b n c e ^ S o u t h bid .four. J spades North was interested J m: a. grand slam. Hence, his · b'i-.of five clubs and five i hearts to show those, two 5 sees but South realized that · fie had reached his limit when-hp bid four spaded i Wls^.might have opened | Miart in which case South would, have 'had 'to go down onB^'rick.but Wcst'inade the apparently, safe lead of the spades and South play for his con- up a He needed to set third club trick fnr a discard of a heart. * * * * THE SIMPLE way to go "about that wpiild have been to play king-ace and a third club. This would win against a 3-3 club break. It would also win if the play of the king dropped an honor from either hand. The simple way is. not the best or expert way here. : The expert way is to lead ' the three of clubs from dummy after .d r a w i n g trumps and finesse the nine spot. If that wins there is no further problem. It it loses, you go back to dummy and'finesse the clubs once more. This play wins as long as West does nrit hold both club honors; If he does, the expert comes out looking like a dunce. DEAR ABBY: Get this picture. My husband and I were walking out of a supermarket. I had one large sack which ! know weighed 22 pounds because 1 weighed it on our bathroom scale when I got home. He was carrying a 20 pound sack of flouri'tid a 10 pound sack of sugar. Then he saw this nice looking young woman walking out just ahead of us. She was carrying only one large sack. My husband handed ME his 30 pounds, rushed up to take the sack from (his stranger's hands, and then he carried it lo her station wagon. I would like for you to explain exactly what you think of his actions. My husband claims he can't see where he did anything wrong.--BOILING MAD D E A R BOILING: Either your husband is still working for a merit badge or he is hungering for a k i n d word from a strange woman. DEAR ABBY: Please say something about wives who wear their husband's secretaries out with their constant phoning to remind him of something they forgot to tell him before he left the house. A busy executive re lies on his secretary to take most of t h e s e messages Mine are like this: "Tell Mr. Jones not to for get to pay the dentist's bill "Tell Mr. Jones the brakes on my car need adjusting. "Tell Mr. Jones not to get ! tied up n e x t Wednesday night. It's his daughter's pi- Carol Lane to speak at LBCC ' Carol Lane, w o m e n' s travel director for Shell Oil Co., will address members of Long Beach .City .College adult classes .in wardrobe planning at 10 a.m. Friday, in room 422 of the college music building, Clark Avenue and Harvey Way. The program is the public. Speaking on "Let's Collect Trips," Miss Lane will discuss idea for'unusual vacation trips, travel budgeting, automobile. travel with children and family camping ideas. An expert in organizing a travel wardrobe, Miss Lane also will present a bag-packing demonstration in which she fits a complete two- week wardrobe into one 16- inch suitcase. The program is being arranged by Mrs. Aubrey Dean Williams, instructor in the LBCC home and family living division. ana recital night." Some wives insist on talking to their husbands. 1( I say, "Mr. Jones is talking on another, line," she a s k s , "WHO is he talking to?" If I. say, "Mr. J o n e s has s t e p p e d out," she asks, "Where did he go and when do you think he'll be back?" Then she demands that I. have him call her the minute he returns, as it is an emergency. So when I try to call her back, her line is busy for an hour! A s e c r e t a r y has enough' to do without all t h o s e interruptions and t i m e - consuming chores Abby, you permission to change this letter around any way you wish, just do us secretaries a favor and get this message acrossl BUSY BUT BOTHERED DEAR B.B.B.: You've said It so well, I wouldn't dare to change a word. When a woman's feet hurt, no one else can describe her pain with quite so much feeling. C O N F I D E N T I A L T O "MISS G. IN MACON:" You are under no obligation to JERSEY UNIFORMS Nurses, Rectptionish, WaHrtises JERSEYS IN DACRON --NYLON, SIZES 5 TO 18 in whitt $ 7 98 tn pastels $ 8 98 and up and BEAUTICIAN SMOCKS in whita colon 8.91 '9.98 We Moved to 723 PINE AVE. NELSON UNIFORMS fttt fA*K (, SHOf P.M. EXCLUSIVE BUT NOT EXPENSIVE SPRING FASHIONS FABRICS TST.95 FINE COTTON 'INDIAN 79 y*. 45" WIDE FOR DRESSES SPORTSWEAR $1.29 FINE COTTON Hawaiian PRINTS 54 WASHAILE DRIP DRY E.arg« At»t. SI.95 DRIP DRY SHARKSKIN ACRYLIC 0-7 ORLON Of y*. WASH/WEAK $2.95 TO $3.95 --FINE · SILK · PRINTS SILK BROADCLOTH $187 1 Yd, SILK rRINTS CHECKS PLAIDS JAC9UABD5 $2.95 IMPORTED CREASE-RESISTANT IRISH £4 £7 LINEN b/ PRINTS Lir|t Aiirt. Yd. FAMOUS SRIND NAME FOR DRESSES SUITS BLOUSES ;»MVC«EUE RESIST. ^PORTED riRISH LINEN $137 fUM IRISH IINEH T M" WIDE S1.T5 TO S?.»5 VALUES · HOME SPUN · LINEN AND · COTTON · NOVELTY · RUFFTEX · DACRON · POLYESTER DESIGNERS' FAMOUS FABRICS »5 VALUES 50: 45" WIDE CREASE RESISTAKT WASHABLE WASH/WEAR TO S3.9S ORLON ACRYLIC AND COTTON JERSEY SO" -· WIDE s 457 ! Yd. HOME SILK SHOP 635 SOUTH ST, NMTH IONG IEACH :(5MO Atlantic Av«. on Sooth St.) TEL. 428-2828 636-4485 OPEN MONDAY NITE 'TIL 9 P.M. du lorry's--Buy Direct From Importer WIGS* m% HUMAN HAIR "f A50 T»l _ -- A. ^ * _. _ y n u / M ··"** ^ P REG. $125 "7Q' ALL VilOS IMS HUMAN HAIK HII4 lll(-- Tl« null 99 50 s-,179 60 T.ll. turn TERMS AS LOW AS $2.00 PER WEEK PHONE FOR FREE HOME DEMONSTRATION ALL 1ALONS OPEN 10 TO ', MON. THRU SAT. LONG BEACH :50 Lane »««h «!»!· HE 6-8388 Huntington Park 6522 Pacific IU M7IS WESTCHESTER Bill S«p«l»Kil ON 0-3UI Lakewood STORE ONLY EXTRA CASHIERS AND SALESGIRLS WILL BE ON HAND TO SERVR YOU.. . BECAUSE OP THIS INCREDIBLE SALE AT THESE VERY LOW PRICES, THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY MO EXCHANGES; NO REFUNDS; NO CREDITS. INVESTMENT entire 2nd floor filled with fine fashions!!! 3 days only; thurs, fri, sat; mar* 10, 11,12 Misses' Blouses Reg. $9 Junior Pants Reg. $10 Misses' Flannel Gowns P.J's Reg. $7 Misses Terry Sleeper Reg. 58 (an unbelievable 60% to 70% off or better on all sale fashions) mostly fall, holiday and/ early spring fashions**! over 1/2 million dollars of fashions f rom altl8 Haggarty stores grouped in Lakewood store only Reg. $36 Young Soph. Dresses $13. . ' Reg. $40 Young Soph. Dresses $15. Reg. $28'Misses' Dresses $13. Reg. $30-$36 Misses Dresses . :$15. Reg. $33 Moderate Suits $13. Reg. $13 Cotloti Shifts . $4.88 . Reg. $215 Misses' Better Coats $93. Reg. $186 Misses' Better Coats $87 Reg. $126 Misses' Better Coats $47 Reg. $111 Misses'Betler Suits $47. Reg. $40 Junior Coals $15. Reg. $36 Junior Coals $13, Misses' Sweaters Reg. $14 $17 Junior Dresses Reg. $17 Misses' Dresses Reg. $17 $20 Misses' Blouses Reg. $12 Granny Gowns Reg. $9 $13 Junior Tops Reg. $il iOI Reg. $20 Junior Panls $8.88 Reg. $46 Young Soph. Dresses $15. Reg. $56 Young Soph. Dresses $22, Reg. $20 Misses' Shifts $8.88 Reg. $46-$56 Moderate Suits $18. Reg. $28-$30 Knit Dresses $10 Reg. $111-$130 Better Dresses $47. Reg.$146-$166 Better Dresses $67. Reg. $111 Misses' Moderate Coats $47. Reg. $90 Misses' Moderate Coats $32. Reg. $36 Hisses' Capris $8.88 Reg. $20 Misses' Jackets $8.88 Misses' Dresses Reg. $23 $26 Junior Dresses Reg. $20 Junior K n i t Tops Reg. $13 Junior Knit Skirts Reg. $15 Junior Shifts Reg. $13 Junior ^YooI Skirls Reg. $12 Junior Jackets Reg. $20 Reg. $23 Junior Shifts Reg. $90 Knit Dresses Reg. $56 Moderate Suits Reg. $18-$19 Misses' Skirls Reg. $66 Misses' Ca'pri Sets Reg. $26 Junior Dresses $10.88 $42. $25. $7.88 $22. $11. Misses' Dresses Reg. $50 Misses' Dresses Reg. $50 $70 Misses Dresses Reg. $5G' Reg. $70 Knit Suits $32. Reg. $70 Moderate Suits $32. Reg. $28-$36 Misses' Dresses $13.' Reg. $19-$20 Misses' Sweaters $8.88 Reg. $17-$20 Misses' Robes $8.88 Reg. $12 Misses'Baby Doll Sets $1.88 Reg. $26 Junior Dresses $11. KAGMRTY'S UKWOOD 5029 HAZELS ROOK MEH2I4 ttOP HOH-THUBS-FRI, 9:30 'TIL ftOfc TUES-WED-5AT, 830 'TIL 531

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