Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1963 · Page 14
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 14

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 30, 1963
Page 14
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Yale USC u. NCAA Swim .. T , ' i : . - . - " - , ; .·-'.? l . v ^ . . · . . » ' , - · ' ; : . . ; . . , RALEIGH.' ttJC. UV-Yalel27 points. Defending. cham- seored'» l-2-i imash in the'l»°n. Ohio State has 24 " and polled put Southern Call- ornU in.what hai become their two-way battle for the champion' CAA sh : p. v . . . , Two meet i records were bettered, a listed . American corded by Indiana's Ted Stk- marlc broken and · another Uei In 1961. bed in Friday^* five events of Indiana has pending a I ii5 swimming stadium. J em CaL, 29-27, 'after Thurs- StUEOC NEW BRUBAIJE FROSH COACH f. Lew Stueck (left), former St. Anthony,High °- coach and for the pait five years head grid ' mentor zl Loyola High, has been named UCLA's head frosh coach effective Monday. Bruin boss Bill Barnes diagrams a play for his new staff member who boasted an impressive 33-12-3 five- year mark at Loyola, including a perfect 13-0 record last season. 3-Way Tic ·jjn. A/aleu Tee Tourney WILMINGTON. N.C. WV-Little Jerry Barber, wholl be ·47 next month; hay fever sufferer Gene Littler and Canadian George Knudson moved into a triple tie for the 36-hole ,!ead in the $20,000 Azalea Open golf tournament Friday. . ; Their 137 totals at the halfway mark gave them a one- stroke lead over fledgling pro " Larry Beck of Southern Pines, N.C, and veteran Doug Ford, who had a fantastic putting round en route to a 64 for a m tout First round leader Harold i Kneece stamped to 73 for 139 and a sixth place tie with Billy FarreR. ANGELS- (Continued From Page B-l) ure than what it costs to call DODGERS- (Continued From Page B-l own . conditioning program and I've pushed myself wit Hawaii. INSIL *»SL«: *ctu«ny. t« Ansrt out hurting myself." lil · doubl«»t»a«r Frioav. ttotorto* · --. " . J .. . . »«m«. n. »om fn Trm kttor* fcunaj The most noticeable * * ' " m t - " 'EXHIBITION' STANDINGS sss medley in 2:1.6. breaking own meet »nd NCAA record ) Jf*tS of ?-323 set last year. The, feuS/ time also bettered the listed ,8S5S CAA aiid American record Yale, which trailed South- ticoalj. ' I I Ohio,State'* Marty MuD,*TM*** -- ---- ' ' 200-yard individual ·; "f".,«*T»"* t " Mv \ - - - . I . : - - : . v v : r . t - , , , _ ; . . . * _ _ American mark ef Z£1.7 re- ^m* " -- However, Chet Jastremsti set in last week'* AAU rn- ' The other meet record went iy"» opening Jessica, DOW to ViHanovV* Dick McDon- eads the Trojans 52-47. Far ough in the 200-yard butter- tack in third Is Michigan with fly. · EXHIBITION BASEBALL Al Forl liudartfa!., Fla. More Records Set in Women's AAU Swim Meet CLEVELAND (UPI)--Gin- niae Duenkel of Summit, NJ, meet records in the 200-yard itSSS? '. backstroke Friday night in J^viSK'^fc' the National AAU Women's'' '" " " ndoor Swimming and Diving) Championships. j! The 16-year-old, swimming [or the Summit *Y," was clocked in 2:14.9, well under n. Me* Yort OO (t It Cff n. rmsbmt al "-JSR .PIS " « T«rt A) * fert "Qnce-a-WeeU" t-1 mm ri»--i " t (t end ! Horton. Imnt (7X ActKr m 17J. funit in Mei NetMaj kit* m V)e eMncr _ . Bie victory. The fjtyett soil* cgnecllna enlv v~Bel and Jack Carta. In's"XiS m1 . t »S?S-"*??i!pro\-ement in the young fire* "*?, bailer is his curve baU and control thereof. *It was a because the the mark of 2:16.7 held by Former Olympic champion Lynn Barke. r Despite Miss DuenkeFi victory, the Santa Clara team continued to dominate the. . . . . .. ,. · u*lmn. Lown (I neet, winning the first two us»i..oursi «'- individual events. SECOND CAME 'aim Beach. Fla. in. vnntmer (i) mnt Torr*. L~«u1ttr. MR--«jrnn. JMra. Al C1c«rw«tcr. Fit. «tr Can D«aa Clanca *huf evt Cleveland oa. Cv* ·I1» for seven kvilnsB w Via aoener. Ota, trie Indians lumced oa Fretf Newm»_tor| ffteir tn wlnmni run M. ti. · Aneelt icartt Ihalr onh/ ron fc and BattOTd annr four Alia aa an. I MOMwi* Yielded tut tn aatetltt m»i tor _;,,) Kh. Th» w " Iu behind me," he across the plate on 3-and-2 cadtn.uaoy. nart Row'a cumber of times. Tm cot ^rlS afraid to throw it at any time i OrtOor *otjn H . torn IB t* «a «»1»t»idlr» fcltlw.- art- «c» »«roo4. · turned AS « B · Angela Davali! a B I B Peano . - MoranJ» · _. . . . UTNJmel. 1 e-Mafflon (Continued From Page B-l) Have you at any time con tacted WaUy Butts in con f . · T«r u , nection with the telephon tarlcr in 1 V Uoul conservation you overheard?" j NEW YORK t¥ -- Middle.' weight contender Rubin HOT- "The result of this exami ricane Carter seeks his sixth nation completely straight victory Saturday the result of a similar poly-! night when be meets aggressive Jose Gonzales of Puerto Mr. George Burnett by Mr. Rico in a television fight at Sidney McMain regarding the Madison Square Garden. Car is so c T e amazed .. ..,, (* and Oa»- «·--Ouren. L--Lo»ru HR--Oal' illiian. " Al Ounifl«r, Ari. Terri Stickles won the 100- «*i,i«iii » . yard freestyle in 533. cmaJ-!olSSS«~cavtrajrS £· S^ I u 3 · - _ * . * * t^*-_.i» ^r.* * J~_T.-_^. _^ . -- ^ --- ing the new American record set by Kathy Eflis of Trvtiin. apolis in the afternoon tn a preliminary heat. Gregory in *SOO' Auto racer Masten Greg- 10-year veteran of the r fe.__ Fmou* 'What makes it so "ViM "You're concentrating. 1 j j {{plied Bryant. "You're turning '·'·into a pitcher instead of a ! thrower. I noticed several $ to drive one of Mickey Aluminum Specials in the Indian- *^5,| Memorial Day AJMEt. PrferjbTOjn.^ Aomrrt. ana cam. Til-^fei. "t-Riea. ^ Ctusvim. Hunt, Cook. . 10B in KB eoe eM av^ i l l AUraruU Mt K3 «» K* K* I (I7j; Kurt, itoon ». luntr tun. eonl- tcwskl (121. (U). «na B1T1.K. W-- Into* font Duflala (7J. Preosnwr (") Ciker. w--Wlljon. I-- Sanfcrt. I MaTzone. IA«na$. C«:Ber X Cartfi McCavrr. YOUNG is jight with · CRICKETEER' The addict {mm Cricketecr iii"Don1 expect to lead ; Lhe Easier Parade tn last year's dark sat* The look far Sptinj Is light Exa T^Ib fjr trim, soft-shoe Vier . Ma'gna 2x2 'pEifpey" ; - t-opiczl b a crisp and rtfined b't-rf cJ Dacna*. ' polyester a nd worsted .''.' Choose ymrs ii tur e f or th.t Sprirg rites. from 59.95 ' : 3120 . Snattim jour bankamerieard -- GE 8-3190 · ;S *^W.»f _tSfc 5',!, Bond I B B saattenrtlu B B B B Tata* 3J 11 I Totala n 1 4 ·--*un» tatted as, Kspp. atnick out for (Xann W TA. ml aroundrt cut tar McOowad to c--Martinez ran tor Francona to avturkpamc fl'ti «m tor Kraman ^ M » B t S O » f - - - ! times that you took your time, studied the signs and gave the impression that you knew what yon were doing. That's the difference." * * * . RICHERTS assignment is indefinite until the No. 4 tarting position has been resolved. Richert is a candidate or that job along with Bob VliHer and Larry Sherry, who K«wTn«« OJ .-- I WF--UcOowctu vjiB i ; j ; McOowe*. yummond. I 1JU. T--·*:». Att-- Prep Gymnastics Milllku tri. JgrCu H"i · «OB CUjnB-- Ti* tciwvn nd Baker (Ml. Fertlr UL luralTlML Fn. ft* graph examination given to same subject matter." Cook · ttr, of Patersoa, N. J, .is a said in a statement after the ' 3-1 choice in the 10-rounder. [test. -Baker (IM. Kenev (MX. . _ . ... us («!, Crt«i» W).r««lM UJ. HcrBDntaf tan-later (U). til te- tween Wrick IM) and coraoa (Mk V« Hma-ltker (Vk Kmn (MX Yoirj (ML Paranal Sar^-Orsr/ IMV Looenbehl IM), Flock (M. IMi--Tun (M). Jactvm (VI. Fleet Tamblint--MaHct IJV ArmttronB i«X Lak»ae T7, raV U nJu 0 * ' · Free CxerttM -* C«jeu (F), Ed . _ n. Olott IP) aal Plccanl aj. Henzantal Bar-- W1«a U. tandtai OJ i si«!ara^-Yack U. Mama U ani k ?i?J5 X Ban-Curtl:e OX Jannlng ft * M^lleM* n I K* (U. Cuess (D a- Ki«oD«r trx rank 1-2, respectively, at this e. It won't make much difference who the No. 4 starter will be," says manager Walter Alston. "The two who don't make it will give ns much greater depth for early and middle relief than we had at any time last year." Selling Buicks Service Since 1946 I PFAIR1RR( r Lriiiw Uiw SCOUT OIU I Ult FlUlQn laDmriaaT Sain I ttrna _., 157M BFilFLdWEI IUrB,l£llF,TOiin 7-mt ( OPEL 49crs Shock Fresno SiflvM -- Funtit L» «ef. Tcrrv 41. kUX iVI; MUrUM CLB) «*(. R«fl «- it *4; Rookfr f) Ocf. Cnatc 5^ f I*; lUcJUUtlcn (it) ilrt, wintjrtf 4-L V .-t McJurrv f» «ct. Jttcaun «-«. K 4-t Itcvneldl ill) dvf. AitnanUn »M. DwblO -- Cms-Re*J (F dcf. Forikt- unam t-X »4, -vt Entric-llfvnotda, tt» tf*f. WliTvjr*Roo*«r Mr-Kft-r ~ McMafrv «F| *fcfL Jjcoun BIGGEST.. .TOUGHEST 4-WHEEL DRIVE DS AND DATA--Drnda 1 * rvcavtrrd iteiflv Iran fel» *d«B.t ·rrn-' Uaof fev lumltrg bi · *J«-h!Tf«r to matrA roots' routt-oolns MrtonnKict ctlag SunQav rnort Bua tour A*« "in iny mnina befiind suck surwrb Bitcturto. iht Dodoen UJrtno. »· ftnt In Vw Itnt «Banw» . . . . Oick Traccwdd led ttw Oodoerx' Utut »»r«« wrm · 4-toM «ft«rrioon ·n**r mtaKina M*t» OHvcr at ucortd ti*nt ... pivfr puHctf UP Umt *ner fSnitB ·· W* lifm trtei. of ft* senna ·ntf miy t* aUOeUntd itor · da» or two. · m mt itarTino.Brmw tor Vit first tlm* aurtc* ! ^-/Ifler muscle, *A--- rt in Hvt thtn Erftlrwd 'Ad rw. Darts . . . Doa Zinvrvw »w ta ·nJtorm. but wn ktct cut of ·cTtoa after stoccuri9 * t«*fcc.» ground«r vim ftn torrhcad TDursdsr. Snni is ta ffvt Mrts Brtsldent Ctrarfi) Wtiil art answer on · poss*i« Duka laider Me today, and tram aH »ruJica.Tion* jf wi» be -po." . * .**** already fc« f otrtd a way In frlra tr« rotter to Ve «otnir\9 tfav Rmrf OT 27 . . . counnna *ia»erf and JCea Xnrt, Vi« Dodoers win tik* n inen West . . . frost Ckfhy to t* CUT art rtterwri JM Maener. r*J Ortroa and Scaft earcrw M.ka tnmrtrv and hv Danri SPCJICV . . . . Sandr may *~r to ga nlni Innlnps JHinnfuta Her* Ihii afternooa Jlivar ». Dav^ct 4 I J 4 510,000 iDWtyjejt lAftnlevx insured savins I 111 Hmnar js I 1 I RaKnr4 X I 1 B C»TM«^ 44ip«Cnc^t . Alusik,la i · I B xmLncuf B B B Etsararr If 1111 Karnneuf 4 1 I B I I B B l 5!? TafaK 4inut To-j'i ·--Runs aaftrtf la. a--File* aid tor wictanKam kt «. ^_ eol B3t aM--T3 ·cicara--i I Sot* enort end tarn more with the First Federal where · I your tarUgt ore insured fo S10.COO.OO.- A Certificote _ I ef laSBranee protecting y6ur sayings against lots fay OHIKT ««»»AI 'AM/ the FederpT Savings o»d Loan Insurance Corporatron, oa iBsrraracnfaliry ef the United States Government. - *. ·_- » . _ · - : · - * ' - . · · · · _ f j . . i _ « - L:.-I_. IA pUdns kow «oeh.taVii»gs account'is insured. STATION WAGON PICKUP and SOFT TOP Models Goes practicaify anywhere . . . does procfica/fy onyfhfng TEST DRIVE ONE TODAY You'll be glad you did.' · 135 H.P. 6.CyI. Engine · · Up to 85 M.P.H. · Climbs Steep 64= Grades · 9 Forward/ 3 Reverse ] Combinations CRUISER I M Ttn B **T ( X t N lltn l a t Tit. St) SAYINGS J F I R S T and P I N E f H O K I r.fw* 7-1111 135 E. OCEAN AYE. Al t*l tier Irtxta F R Et P A R K I N G : Orrtdai. r«P) · * 1 i I a rgg^^j^. o ^j^Hj Rrconl Cycle Win Scored by Moran DAYTONA BEACH, Ha. tf -- Ed Moran scored a record- breaking victory Friday in the American Motorcycle Association 70-mile race for novice riders. Td 22-ytar-old foreign-car dealer averaged 72527 miles per hour for the 33 Upj over the "two-mile Daytcna In- ternationa] Speedway- infield coarse. Moran rode a British made BSA. EARNINGS PAID 4 TIMES * I » " "' 49er J Vs Top Poels With the Purchase of a TOYOTA LAND CRUISER Husky Locking Hubs Heater Defroster 8-Transistor Radio . PLUS-- . FISHING ROD REEL ( $ 29 fs val.) your i · Choree } ^APACHE G^N SCOPE GAS.E And . . . you can register for a FREE $285 Weatherby Magnum Rifle, calibre of your choice. Drawing Sat., May 25 INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS SALES SERVICE ; 3595 L Pacific Coast Hwy.; L B. , Ptone W09961 AMY ".'·-. AWHEEL; - VEHICLE:: wortfc of least $ 400; or mere o» a New W3 UHD :·: CRUISER ·

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