Independent from Long Beach, California on February 20, 1964 · Page 34
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 34

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1964
Page 34
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L.A. Now Young's Town Blades Bow to Portland By AL LARSON H o w a r d John Edward Young, better known in the hockey fraternity as Howie, made his debut with'the Blades Wednesday eight but it was Portland which'came away with the spoils.'' The Buckaroos tripped LA, 5-4. before 8,101 LA., Sports Arena onlookers, i. , ' The victory enabled the Bucks to leapfrog to third in the mad scramble for the ruanerup spot in the Western Hockey League. LA. dropped into a tie for fourth with San ; Francisco. i Denver continues its run- J away lead, but after that only 'Other Guys Get Away With Il r Two Children, Bui Royals Growing as Celtic Threat j There is a growing feeling in the NBA that the Cincinnati Royals-- '-not the Lakers as previously fig- ureji-- may be the ones to finally end the Boston Celtics' fivi-year reign as champions of pro basketball. t"The Royals are at least 20 percent stronger than they were 'a year ago when they forced Boston the full seven games in the Eastern Division finals," according to one riva! coach. i Fred Schaus. whose Lakers host Cincinnati for the final times during the regular season 'at the Sports Arena Saturday-eight and again next Wednesday, says, ,*The Royals '«*«" put five men on the floor who can beat any other five- men in the league . . . and ' everyone, including the Celtics, now realizes it. The only thing that might trip them up is their bench, but I'm! sure thankful that they arent in our division." ; The addition of Jerry Lucas to team with Oscar (Oi) Robertson, who is known as "Big O," "Mr. Fantastic,TM and The Wizard of Oz," Is what has made the Royals so much more formidable this sea- soa-- especially during the past few weeks. i ^Those two guys." says Cincy coach Jack McMahon. 'I Have a Complex' PSYCHOLOGICAL SYMPOSIUM --StaTf Ptwto* by Hie* tobert* Tm a Bad Actor 1 rorr«nd~~ »I4«J _ 4H fr»ni He's Hockey's Harassed Howie WIIL Standings e* c* a S K . ·· « n u) m 5 J S S S -- Vtnceuvcr IckeOtU By RICH ROBERTS Who is Howie Young? . Depending on who you talk to. he's an incurable incorrigible · and an unreliable inputs, a loner and a scalawag or a 26-year-old hockey player of mediocre ability beset with self-doubt and harassed by his own reputation. The latter is his own appraisal, as outlined during Young's formal introduction as a member of the Blades Wednesday. It was called a press conference for the. former Chicago Black Hawk who was kicked out of the big league because his conduct was so bad, but it could have been mistaken for a psychological symposium, Last season with Detroit he set a National Hockey League record of 273 minutes in the penalty box, obliterating the old record by 71 minutes. But Howie says it wasn't an his fault. -My reputation has a lot to do with it. Other guys got aw»y with the same things." The current issue of the Saturday Evening Post portrays Young as "Hockey's Abominable Iceman." His entire reaction wasn't printable. "It would be all right if I had gotten anything for it Someday 111 make this sort of thing pay off. Look at Casshis day. They've been writing so "long about this notoriety that they've forgotten I have any ability."* He did agree with part of the article, however. "I have sort of a complex. I'm always putting myself down. Even when I was playing with the great ones I didn't feel I was in the same league. The whole thing started with my determination to make the big league when 1 was only 10 years old. Trouble is when 1 made it I still had the dream but the league wasn't all it's cracked up to be. I'd rather play down here for less money and be happier." Young says it was the pressure of his reputation that sent him off on periodic disappearances. "I hold things inside of'me and d_on't have anyplace to let them out. I'm strictly on my own." Howie said he is "not a bachelor but wish I was." Apparently, his marriage-despite two children--hasn't produced tranquilly for his restless soul. ·When I first learned I'd been waived out of the league I thought I'd buy a motorcycle--Fm nuts about motorcycles--and see the couctry. But the money I had coming (from the NHL's pension fund) didn't come through, so here I am." It was suggested he could supplement his income by putting his good looks to work in Hollywood. "Yeah. I'm an actor," he said wryly, "a bad actor." OSCAR ROBERTSON Does the 'UnbeEeveable' Another 1-Pt. Loss for Lakers, 116-115 TOLEDO. Ohio W» -- The Elgin Baylor and Jerry West break. Detroit pulled into i Detroit Pistons, who saw atwhich brought Los Angeles 63-63 tie at the end of the , | 12-point lead disintegrate in from a 98-S6 deficit in the half. ._ r _____________ D ______ ________ ______ "are just getting acquainted with each other's moves. At the th e fourth quarter, came from opening minutes of the final The loss was the beginning of the season, they were virtual strangers on the behind to nip the Lakers, 116-' ------ ' - ----- -'-- '-- ' -floor and hadn't learned yet what to expect from the other. --- ..... _ . . .. But they're working together beautifully now.' Lakers' Independent- five points separate second- · lace Seattle and last-place I Vancouver. · * The first four teams qualify ;j or the WHL play-offs. f * * · * » YOUNG PROVED his case ! when earlier in the day he J told writers at a special press ; conference that his reputa- ! tion as hockey's No. 1 bad actor always preceded him. The former Chicago Black Hawk bruiser said, "I can't even hit a guy without getting penalized. If a guy falls over my stick I get a penalty. The point came up in the third period when Howie barely bumped Dick Van Impe and referee Loring Doolittle immediately sent the Blades' newly-acquired de- fenseman to the penalty box for an interference infraction. · · * * COACH ALF PIKE came to Young's defense when he said. *I think that penalty was undeserved."* When pressed to comment on Y o u n g ' s performance. Pike said, "111 let you and the fans make that decision."* Obviously, he was pleased. ' "I thought Marc Dufour 115, in a National Basketball A s s o c i a t i o n game There are those who believe the day is not too far off[Wednesday night. ttanza to a one-point lead, 115-114, with 23 seconds re-J here maining. Baylor, who led both teams j£5, ABA Standings EAiririt DIVISION WM Lnr when they'll refer to them as the two best players in thej Th e pistons, who Tuesday in scoring with 3-1 points. _ game." - 'night equalled a team season! 16 in the last quarter. Westl s-- game.' ' if if if [losing mark of +6 defeats,'accounted for II more in that ROBERTSON, OF COURSE, already is generally a c- delayed setting a record on a'period. knoiled'ed to be the greatest all-around performer in the tip-in by Bailey Howell with' « . . . ' - | THE LAKERS jumped off a quick lead in the first ^^-~ FINLEY'S rpTJT? 1 £1 £j game today. I Oscar is the unquestioned leader of the Royals--both on'and off the court. He's the heart of the club . . . the muter gear around which the team moves. He's the play- maker--the one who feeds the ball to the men up front as well as scoring his share of points, too. The Royals know they can go no farther than Oscar can take them. i'A rival coach says, "Big O is the only player in the. league I wouM pay my way in to see." IA rtferee reveals. "I watch him operating and he's to remarkable to observe that I frankly sometimes lose the flow of the rest of the game." 'Asked what his strategy is to try and stop Robertson, Boston mentor Red Auerbach said recently. The last time we played I told my players to hold their hands as high as possible and spread their fingers wider apart to get more reach. So Oscar just shot through their fingers.** ' ·" if if if I A VETERAN OPPOSING player declares. "He does so many, things that are unbelievable that you don't realize've seen until you think about it after the game because he makes them look so easy." i * Lucas feels the 'same about his fabulous teammate. There's no question but what Oz Is the greatest I've ever seen.-1 knew he was good when we played together briefly on the I960 Olympic team . . . but it wasn't until I Joined the Royals that 1 realized how much better he Is than I thought. He does things I didn't think possible. There are things on a basketball court you'd have to say can't be done, bat he manages to do them. | *He plays the game as though he had the ball on string. His body control is just unbelievable. So is his control of the balL He never loses it. Nobody can touch him in, that.department What impresses you so much is that a F _ IPVlfl'l man could have that ability, be able to do so many things on I f l g t / rr l/l§ t t)ie court and make it look like it was merely routine, ft j j j Watch his faking--with his eyes, his shoulders, his head. He: L, f ifll I C l l f*C facts everybody . . . not just the opponents, but his own! _ _ ._. 5 men, too. It's uncanny." 14 seconds remaining. The goal s t o p p e d Lakers' last-quarter drive by'quarter and led 41-34 at the UO. lait.more HZ. OtVaa 114. Liken 111. 1M. CiFKmn4* W1. . t w Boston »r Frevi $ Flop, but Plan /"^ "· "·" "M~k f^\ 2nd L.B. Games our lineup. Remember he's | only 22 years old and he made some good moves in his debut." fuvmcs-r*t Ion* layoff K!de4 1 rtrthme, · number tnmo, we dltfnt were dOW« thrM Oenot It Re J By JOHN DIXON mougM m. ton ·« tinrn. Mcvt* *· mn linct «t wtrc «f eur fiat*. "On* s« fitlrt wr*n wf goaii * th« final ftad UsTcd ont W If* Mmt ft*d Us we would to* plivwie tverrime whic* C*T« 4 second *rier Vie fa«j buzzer tounded. | Portland, wnictj rctumi Friday motif The Long Beach Games in-peted throughout de world.^,,; J»"gfV door track meet was an'enthuscd, This is great. I'm,^" 1 .,. artistic achievement and a'going to sit in the stands and K,** financial flop, but will be-jwatch this one." !i»*S' m r» · II eertv* toi I3th ia their last 15 games. 'come a "second annual" next The teams win vie on TV, (year. OLD KHJ (9X this evening at 530, Hive. KANSAS CITY WV--There was an amiable phone conversation Wednesday between antagonists Charles O. Finley and Mayor Hus Davis over a lease for the Kansas City Athletics' use of Municipal Stadium, but it ended with the same result as previous talks--no agreement. The Athletics' owner and city officials, unsuccessful ia reaching agreement on terms of a lease, face a meeting Friday at Boston of American League club owners who will decide what to do about the Kansas City impasse. Finley has insisted on a two-year lease. The city wants nothing less than a four-year agreement- Fin] ey called Davis Wednesday. "You know, I was just wondering if there was any possibility of getting together on my two-year proposal," Finley said. · -WeH, Charlie," the mayor replied, *"! have told you several times that I don't believe that a two-year deal would be in the best interest of the city." "Uh, huh." said Finley. *l did have some hopes you might reconsider. Wen, 111 see you later. Nice talking to !» Only 6.435 showed for the Tuesday night indoor inaug- «"' m U« Long Beach Arena. ·M^ICS , Mori! in* 'ON ·Sea* i. confident that the area will TsuuDort 2 major league track! 1 M iat.^9 3 M 4 K/*ob» 4 tt ItiRussa I I Z · 5*Hai 4 5.1 ii' ""ft"" · ~ ·*"^"-- «·"·--- ---~~"l U !**«" t* *l 'production, won't surrender.j said Gill. -We'i «atj«iii next- year learned a lot. We will make' a few changes, hold it on a .weekend night and fill the] 'place. The fans obviously 'liked the meet." HE WAS supported by Knicks 120, Hawks lit , e r r H. un e r r . 1 4 4 34 fvna 15 7 » V 1 »4 ( H W M 1 ll U i* VuaSS?!* · i! jo 11 "*' coordinator Mai Whit i f j 4 *,«m» i *» 4 field 4 it.Ulriden I 14 » I'Ciu. IrtvtSJ i i! ! "Sure well return, uuist- 11 t*n»*t i 11 t pd the two-time Olympic »ve just! plus a of Olympic Games [ 1'champions.' GEN£VA ,,, f(m heavyweight jFLAYIXG WITH ROBERTSON admittedly has speeded up Lccas' education in pro ball ... a more rapid meat' than anticipated. COLISEUM DICKERS FOR S u p e r v i s o r Kenneth dnesday he is possibility of intention -;.,,,«. ' 'And Robertson has great praise for the rookie Lucas. 1 "*!^" " l " credits his addition to the Royals as making the dub ·*']»« denied threat it now poses to the champion Celtics. 'mrii'e ; -Jerry** coming along real good," says Oscar. "He's j~rV,V ii,,, Mtlv , i_ - ,:,,, going to be a great one. The only thing now is that he has wouM ·* »*««««* m * ^ to think more in the manner of Ptttit, Baylor, Heinsohn y n i t h e s no * ^ « * P o s s ' o of ehaHenzinz the' * tta *l " American root- li.fnn I b a l 1 and the other good forwards. Their teams have been good because they are point-conscious. A forward has to be fight. But he agreed with Stockholm*! TkSningen when pobit-conscioQS teamwork. if he's got the backcoort to handle the League team back in Los Angeles. Hahn is a member of the C o m m i s s i o n is in negotiation with the Rams, a tenant JllA^UPJUM f · **»UI£*B V«1«V44| · it quoted hint as predicting! The Rams have indicated I-I keep reminding Km tbout this. I ten him Tra point- «*? TMg agam. But a good, Wet eannot be conscious myself. I Ice': for my drive first and then for my .offer from the winner would BJXM w l . h the CoBsenm jump. Tm Jookin.? Tor that first fast step on the defensive 1* interesting if only just to ecmnussKW. man: That's what Jery must do more consistently--inake hear it." Johamson said m The sBperrisor said he - - - - - - - - - - - ,,,, Britten AFL eommis- Liston as winner. I mteresl in playing in Dod- ·I do not think 111 go into) I« Stadnnn U a new eon- [·'* l«"*d *"' "·"·** "·*" *np4 » Ihe «efkc« ia 14 wim itm' t IB rrm££ . . But the ftladn cflu^dnt ttntf IrH tinlil t WM KM l*'e n tf cllrKhed rteir «fm vklorv M It tvit «Nxil to ef- Anivft v*i sortta WITH ftvt* n*n*lltn M th» poe**- - BILL GILL ·A Million Things' trad wltti . ·«·«*. 142. ivr Ttir*«t ·» or 9ft' t hri mond «D« »f V* brtflk |_ M..1 0ro Van af irt* motit h . t honon « Vlc, wha J «M L»lmr*» Mcontf 00*1. -- I, ^ortTtmd, Van tmt* Portland. McV* (Van l 4. It. x Portland. C. autj rTevtif, Fifrrtry) H 43. ptn- -- Arrwrt f t * ) $ M, Mnsvr 4P1 Arr»rt fLA) II 37; A met (LAI . Ln . J Oft S. t« (iai'4, Jotvwon) H ffT. . nor^«, taBm« PDr-rtand, Me , . , Gev*r 17 3S (·nattlrt -- » t IJj Smitn f**) J fc. Ertet PJ « II Portland. McV^i I IV I. tm - ii so. - Ter"(H"i4»r rctu. Dui said the. - V'promotion would build its' o ti'SvrwTi track for the 1365 re-; H J'M..... . View-wise, the Long Beach ... (Arena is one of the world's' 41 x» rajbest. It's superior to the Los '" v *-" 1 Angeles Sports Arena, yet LITTLE SLEEP, FOOD Frantic'Hay Day for Meet Director as never n*ki ) t^ ,.,,, w - aRta j^ vt t mck the phone constantly for the 12,500 for 10 indoor imctt , [ Us , coupfe ^ month .. My meets, arJ all but or* were' if you i;$ tt n to Bill Gill youjprincipal will probably fire ^sellouts. might change your mind. [me for running up such a T, I Gill, director of the Long bill" " INDOOR hurdles recordg^^j, ,-.,,,,, »,. ^«, r ,r,ir,.l A Arena ful for the crowd. You involved 'really see here, just like ati^ f Kl lLouisvine." U rf ,,, after the last had |Wlftrf ln j coaches track his inove on the drive. And he's teaming fast."* his Geneva home. .that he is. At the start of the season. Lucas appeared He has said several times tioner Joe Foss as to the unsure trA slightly befuddled by it aH However, he was just he would consider an offer of, feasibZty of expanding bis ·feeling oi * way." He'* gamed confidence while coming on]something tke $2 minion t«-[ league and potting a team strong in the past month-and-a-half, bmuch more aggressive"'free "just to step into the ( in Lo» Angeles., and! has compiled the best shooting average in the league, [ring" and face Li s ton. *BaV( . The AFL Chargers, now Olympic pole vault runner-[g^j^ f3S^*V'.r i i il ^«'?t-S? ? m . Mwris co ? $idCT ' " night. vo^iMfT,., tMomr », *»»» jrreal nice--as good as any.' »«r X Mr. .-,'«, D*«ui-- . i . 4 . Mn«mv 4 Tken : ' ARen4JTKr: Canucks Lose Popein Boston. VANCOUVER. B. C l#V-Larry Popein. veteran Van- 'couver center, win be cut for , i task he stillness in the Long forgotten. Arena Ute Tuesday', ^-^y (lie ^ y ^ ^ e meet) was really something." who a!*i has Today's Sports Card ' i Thus, Cincinnati has the makinjs of a jackpot -wnuvnj he added, "no such offer has' of San Diego, played ia the *?.f»l flush!" · ". bem forthcoming so far." I ' [the rest of the Western Hoc-USV.S--"" ""** ( key League season, doctors [said Wednesday. Popein has , I Coliseum' ia llfiO. musde damage cited elbow. in a e t» i- T»r Sport, on Ka.l.o-TV -It seems there's a minion ^ M y . TMj »f te rnoon 1 things that ^p" 1 ' "P » l v*^ found out that we had to have last minute. h: signed wear- nuttrejsei to go under the ily ts hs started the unwind-tj,^ in ^ j^j ^p p t We ing process. [had a big hassle retting those. 'Do you know I was here ^ n , h ^^ ^ me ind at two o'clock this morning a thf ^ fj ^ hive lny , watching them set c? lh« r - · , [track? I've hardly had anyj 1 (sleep and I haven't even Kid | ··'--- to stop to eat. | I've been on (Continued Pag: C-3, Col 6)

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