Independent from Long Beach, California on February 10, 1958 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 10, 1958
Page 2
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-2-- INDEPENDENT »··*· '·"'- **"·' '**· "· heWorldArou By TEDD THOMEY U over the world Sunday, people things.' seemed to be HERE, HAVE SOME CALCUTTA India, Rol Sinth lost his child bride, a 12- year--bld with the cute name of Trin. After hunting all day, he discovered that his best friend, Biem Mandal, had kidnaped Trin and sold her to another man for 528. Police loosed -Man- daltip" and returned Trin to RoL IN CLEVELAND, Ohio, which is pretty chilly at this time of the year, Adam Virgilia lost $100 and his trousers to a^bandit armed with a A5 caliber ·""""" pistol. "It w-wasn't f-funy,". Virgilia chattered to police. "Y-you'd feel pretty s-stupid, too, s-s-standins around without any p-p-pants on!" . . IN NORTH SUMATRA, 50 women lost their huts when the government condemned them as substandard. Mad as bees; the women latched onto a dramatic way to protest. They moved immediately into the 'governmental headquarters offices, setting up their bedding and cooking utensils in' the halls. The outnumbered officials had to yell for troops- to oust the women. IXJLFORD, England, Sid Hughes was rapidly losing his patience. He plans to leave his phone off the hook until after Friday, which is Valentine's JACK K. LEONARD Day. · Lost His Gal Friend, Too SID HAS BEEN, deluged with .phone calls from young lovers seeking good luck wishes. His number is Valentine 1958. Most cheerful guy in Chicago was 'comedian Jack E. Leonard, who used to weigh a roly-poly 340 pounds. After five months of strict dieting he's now down to a semi-roly-poly 205 pounds. "HOW'D I DO IT?" asked Leonard. "Boy, it wasn't easy. I tightened up on the intake valves. It was rough, man, rough!" LEONARD CUT his daily intake down to one boiled egg and a slice of bread for breakfast, two boiled eggs for lunch and three pitiful ounces of meat for dinner, "IT WAS MURDER," he said, "especially for an Olympic champ eater like me. I'm happy about losing all that weight, of course, but--would you believe it?--I lost my,-gal friend because I slimmed down?" LEONARD EXPLAINED that his former gin friend weighs 2SO pounds. "When I weighed 340, we were friends. Now that I'm 'practically skinny, compared to her, she- hates me. She won't speak to me any more. Bi»t I don't care. She's too fat fore me." Officials of the 1st Army, headquartered in New York City, admit they are puzzled by an abbreviated letter they received from a junior high student. It says: "DEAR SIRS: Please send me." Happy Kids i Give $117 to Friends STANTON -- Three young- store-who visited the home"'of Mrs. ''Nora Adlerz : at 11731 Nearing Dr. to watch television Sunday found, a far more interesting occupation. The youngsters, 8, 10 and 11; found Mrs. Adlerz's wallet containing 5117 in small bills and decided it would be nice''if everybody was rich. So they lked through the neighborhood distributing the money to their' friends. - . . Parents of one of the youngsters notified sheriff's deputies who spent more than an hour collecting all the money. Chicago Sun-Times Appoints New Editor CHICAGO (UE -- Em'mett Dedmon, editor and author, has been- named managing editor of the Chicago Sun-Times,' it was announced Sunday. · I He succeeds Thomas F, Reynolds, who resigned. Dedmon, 39, a native of Auburn, Neb., became drama critic If, .1,9 tl Ufl* MYSTERY BANG Earthquake Suspected NORWICH, England UP)--A tremendous bang accompanied an apparent earth tremor in ·widely separated parts of Norfolk, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire Sunday night' Houses were shaken, but there were - no reports of any serious damage. "It is a complete mystery to us," a police spokesman said. "There were no aircraft flying in the area at the time. It might have been something at sea." An officer at the U. S. Air Force Base at Sculthorpe, in .Lincolnshire, said the area was shaken by what seemed to be small earthquake and that a "heavy rumbling sound" was heard. The disturbance lasted about two seconds. INDEPENDENT Published dally except Sunday at Sixth St and Pine Ave., Long Beach 12, Calif. Entered u second class matter Mar. 27, 1943, at Long Beach 2, Calif. Adjudicated by Superior Court, Los Angeles County, Oct. 6. 1941, Decrei No. C-102SO. Per Per Month Year Carrier Delivery $2.00 J24.00 By Mall 2.00 24.00 Eingli Copy 10C Assassins Board Bus in Cuba, Try to Kill Sleuth HAVANA (1 T .R--Three Cuban rebels stepped aboard a bus a' suburban Santos Suarez today and 'opened fire on a police secret service agent. The agerr was wounded. A policeman was killed anc one of 'the rebels was woundec and captured in a gunfightthat followed the assassination attempt. Officials said the rebels tried to kill Agent" Pablo Nurke They said the gunmen killed policeman A n t o n i o Fajardo who tried to block' their escape Weather High and low temperatures us re ported by the United States Weathe Bureau: H. L. Long Beach 65 43 Okla. City Los Angeles 87 50 21 15 Las Vegas 63 38 Boston Chicago Cleveland Denver Des Moines Detroit Fairbanks.A 14-27 Miami Omaha Phoenix Pittsburgh Portland 18 12 5 St. Louis 35 22 St. Paul 8 -8 Salt Lake H. L 23 2 9 68 4 11 54 4 17 7 51 3 15 5 San Francisco 58 4 Seattle 66 45 Thermal 49 4 76 4 22 1 NewOrleans 49 37 Washington New York 20 13| TIDES High tide today will be 3 feet a 2:57 p.m. Low tides will be 0.8 foo at 9:02 a.m. and 1.8 feet at 8!06 p.m High tides Tuesday will .be 0. foot at 10:37 a.m. sday and :3 feet at 4:6' p.m. Low tides will be 0.5 foot a 10:37 a.m. and 2.2 feet at 9:34 p.m Sunrise: 6:43: sunset: 5:32. WAIT nn FIGURE AGAIN? HERE'S If HAT STAUFFER HOME REDUCING PLAN CAN DO FOR YOU If you've lost the good figure you once had, you can reclaim it with the Stauffer Home Plan of effortless exercise and calorie reduction. You'll love' the way the Stauffer Home Reducing Plan trims inches, beautifies your posture, and helps you get a slender figure! Heart of the Stauffer.Home Reducing Pl»n is the Posture-Rest®, the portable "lilagic Couch. ^ For a courtesy figure analysis and home demonstration... Call GA 2-2122 MAIL THIS COUPON TODAY 'STAUFFER' HOME PLAN, DEPT. LB 2-10 3147 Wilthir. Blvd., Loi Arig.loi 5, C«lif. I would lik« mott information about the Stouff.r Horn* Reducing Plan without obligation. _Phon« No-. Addrnt. City _Stat«_ 1950. His Duty to -Live" books include and "Fabulous nal best-seller. Section of Rocket NAPLES CSS--Italian mili-|thing fired : :froma 6th Fleet ' 3 Start /TT. ·- /·' .' .'. Imp for ·~i ' * tary experts decided Sunday mystery, object that 'plunged into a Naples suburb Friday is some sort of military projectile --not a ballistic missile or part of a space rocket They were still baffled as to where ' it came from. They studied the projectile for hours behind closed doors. One report leaking out- said the experts believe it may have been fired at sea, not more than'20 or 25 miles from Naples. The experts said, however, the projectile contained no explosives. Reports Saturday said it'did carry explosives but that they did not go off because the detonator cap was missing. * * * * THE PROJECTILE plunged four feet'into the ground.with a loud roar about 100 feet from the nearest house. Artillery experts who dug it up said it'was feet long, 8 inches in diarn- eter and pointed at one end. It bore the · figures 1942 and the inscription of a cross and eagle. It was rusted in spots. Because it was not streamlined, the experts ruled out the possibility it was the last stage of a space rocket A U. S. Navy spokesman said did riot 'to b . in 'the Mediterranean. He said.'.there are no units .of the fleet-irrthe Naples area"'now; -Italian police' said it may have."fallen, from an airplane. Leftist newspapers Saturday called it an intermediate range ..HOUSTON, Tex. «P) -- An ambulance with- .three drivers left here Sunday morni»g on a mercy; trip to California that may help save the life of a missile fired from a JJ. S. base critically ill 3-year-old girl in Tripoli or from the 6th Fleet... The Communist paper L'Unita said it could not have been fired from Russian bases in Albania. Sunday the papers End- Ambulance Co. simply referred to it as a mystery object. Wire Warns Airman Bitten ty Pet Dog F AIRFIELD UP)'-- A Travis Air Force base -airman, just back from a visit to his Lawton, Okla., home where.he was bitten by his dogs, learned Sat- urday'night the dog later died of rabies. . . . . . A telegram from the commanding general at Ft. Sill' Okla., sparked a search, for Airman 1/c Billy R. Turner, 23. Found on the base, he started 14 days of anti-rabies treat- the disease was apparent. PICTURES OF.THE.flooding oT AJamitos 'Bay. Peninsula made the front, page of, the Oakland Tribune. * * * ·» It was alongside other pictures of flooded areas, through-; out the »taft. : *····* ·· * BUT IT SHOULD be heipf ul The child, Barbara Johnson, is suffering from a bone malady and -is being, brought to Houston: free of charge'by the South The owner of. the company, G. L. Browning, said the three drivers, all trained in first aid and capable"of using the'com- plex equipment aboard the ambulance, would drive day and night to El Monte, Calif., and back. " , . \ ' He said they would only stop for fuel and in case, the girl had to .be taken to a hospital. Browning said the girl's condition was considered hopeless in' California but that doctors here said they felt they could cure the child. He said doctors were to treat the" child without charge. Barbara lives with her!) Peace Outlook Bad, Says Engle ·SAN DIEGO (ff-- Rep v Clair Engle of Red Bluff, Democratic candidate for the U. S. Senate, said in an., interview Sunday: "Conditions for world :peace are worse than they have been in many years." . He attributed the situation to the Eisenhower administration's foreign policies. ' .. Engle said he was uncertain whether he would cross-file on the Republican primary election ballot. Gov. Goodwin J. Knight and Mayor George By PETHONIUS JR. as Assemblymen and Senators new "our problem in Long Beach. " : " * . , . * * * It Is not contended this flooding: was due to subsidence from oil extraction. · .* * ;'i · BUT IT GIVES an idea of vhat can happen if the state drills under the east beaches and subsidence results. ^ * » · · . . . · · · The danger is there accord- Ing to "engineering studies. » * * * WE KNOW WHAT has happened in the. harbor and down- own area 'from drilling in the harbor field. * * * * It is a warning that every precaution must be taken to fiRlit any move to drill tho east beach until there is as-, suroncoj-there is protection against subsidence. . · . Christopher of are Republican San Francisco candidates. merit. No surface indication of mother, Mrs. Patricia Johnson, at El Monte. TEN TRUCKS TO SERVE YOU PETRI CLEANERS 1250 ORANGE AVE. Livi th« LIU OT Rlliy HUNTINQTON HOTEL . : 'A OF A BLOCK LONG I29C L OCEAN BLVD., LONG BEACH. Thla 1 hotel runs through from 1 Lh« boulevard to the ocean. Two-lobbies. All rooms have private baths, brand new waJl-to-waU. carpeting, wrltlnp desks, telephone and daily maid service. ., Large dinlnc room laces the ocean. Room and meals, 124.50 week, each person. Choice at«aKs, prim* ribs of beef, roast turkey. baked Virginia, ham and 1 everything pood to cat. · No better food anywhere. Phone KE 6-6253. Our din- inp DDOm also caters to the outside public. Club breakfast S5c: xecxUar dinners 53,35. KCOP MOM! 7:00-7:30 P.M. "TREASURE" MON. 7:30-8:00 P.M: , "WANDERLUST" CHANNEL 13 BIRTHDAY BARGAINS IN We're- celebrating our 85th Anniversary with greater savings than ever on Ralphs meats... always minimum-priced.. .always trimmed before weighing .".. and always unconditionally guaranteed! SUPER QUALITY U.S.D.A. CHOICE GRADE REGULAR OR THICK SLICED Over »60,000 °.° In Fabulous Prizes I 4 EDSEL CARS BEEF Round Steak _jy 77 77 79 Rump Roast LEAN MEATY CUTS Lb.". FRESHLY MADE Ground Round u Flank Steaks u,.... Lamb SMALL RIB Chops Lb GRAIN FED EASTERN PORK Loin Roast BLADE OR TENDERLOIN END CENTER CUT Chops Lb.. R I B Lb.. 69 49' 79' WORTHMORE Sliced Bacon Mb. Pkg... 49 SLICED Chinook Salmon Lfc. 73 Unlike any other ear ... with more power, more safety, more comfort, more driving convenience than any ear in iti field. * UNSET SWIMMING POOL Modifltd "Loiy I" (hnign Sun»»t poolf ar« custom-built to the contour at yojjr land; Award-winning conrtrurtion by Sunttt Pooli, faitiit growing peel company in California. 4MINKSTOUS 4 mm Trip. i. Hmii lipirk tii(nt by Miurlct lill, Iht Wnt't Itidlnf ·rotlvi furrlir, Flntoliii, ikoird Fin Anirlein WorU Alrwiyi l.iln( Doubli- Diek 100 MFH Itntotllpiur. Wiitt Klnt Dirtwiiliii · Wast! Hint Dispoitl Nicchi Stwini Hichini Firtstont Tim Picklrd Bill TV Trip t« Pirii ,Thonui 0'im O'Keifi I Mirtllt Sinji g, *,,,«, T,l«,irt,r. / » ' Winners announced on Radio Station KDAY (15SO). Nothing to buy... ju»t rtgi»r«r at any Rolphi *tor«. All prizes non-refundable, non-transferable. Winner* every week ... drawings Feb. 14, 21,28. SPRY 3-lb. Can Marked "lOc Off". Special Reduced Price 79c less lOc SALE PRICE 69 CRACKERS PACIFIC . Thin Flake Saltines 4-Pack Mb. 23 MtcMRUWH Chocolates Valintin* Gift Wrapped 1-lb. Box... I Flui 5c To* CHIFFON PAPER Napkins Pkg. of 70 29 FROZEN PIES COUNTY FAIR Mince or Pumpkin 00 8-inch 11 "While they tost-". FRUIT COCKTAIL 16-oz. F. P. 19 OREGON .PIPMN Apples 3 25 EXTRA FANCY NO. 1 NORTHERN Broccoli 19° 2 Lbs. ·for-' SLICING 13-oz. Cello Tomatoes 19° FIRM RIPE "Be My VALENTINE I ' "'' MASE MIKE- · MANNINGS!" Coffee Mb,Con.93 C 2-lb. Con. $1.84 CLAREMONT TELL1CHIRRY COARSE GROUND Black , x · · Pepper \.^.] ar "From the Malabar Coairaf India" 17 GUITTARD Milk Chocolate Drops 6-oz. Pkg.., MIUDY'J FIIOZIN Potato Pancakes »-».«, «* a 5 38c 20-Mule Team Borax *. ,83c NINE LIVES ,». *JJB r Cat Food 0 ' Ca :±° T : 25c Ortega Green Chili Salsa ,:;,. ....18c Coed at any 55^4 Market FREE This \Sx2^ Coupon Good fer ent Free ll-ox. Cen HEINZ TOMATO SOUP WITH PURCHASE OF ONE CAN AT REGULAR PRICE Monday, Tuciday and Wedntiday only February 10, II 12, 1951 LIMIT ONt COUPON KK CUITOMK LIBBY'S HOMEMADE STYLE Sweet Pickles 12-01...... 19 Pricai (fficliv* .11 ^fr** .i.,.. M.B., Tun, Cr W.J.' F.k.u.ry 10, 11 · 11 Fresh Boysenberry Pie FLAKY CRUST BY OWN »AKERY S9e 8-inch. Honey Ruff Bread -o ' ' tars'. 1-lb. J X NUT-LIKE FLAVOR EXTRA GOOD TOASTED 6.5-or YELLOW 'OR DEVIL'S FOOD Cup Cakes THEY'RE -LIKE HOMEMADE Pkg. of 2. .... CINNAMON LOAF Regularly 31c 15-or. 25 A Tastes like G Coffee Cake Sliced like Bread tmmm-nizm LIMIT ONt COUPON HI CUSTOMIH ,JJ3TJUM«?V« --·.«-- . F.k, u .ry 10, 11 fr II « ^ ---- - "» j 10th 4 Cherry, Long Beach · Broadway Shopping Center f Anaheim · Lakewood Firestone, Downey · Del Amo Paramount, Lakewtfod

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