Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 2, 1930 · Page 30
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 30

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 2, 1930
Page 30
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THE PEOPLE'S FORUM Wales Enjoyihg Tea BACK DOOR TO CHINA Tdftgking "ffofetier Once Looked Promising Trade Area Has Proven " Disappointing. , i WASHINGTON, D. C., May 2.— The Tongktng border, where the territory of France in Indcr-Chlna touch- is China proper, is reported to have been the scene of recent clashes between French troops and Chinese communists. The region is the subject at a bulletin from the Washington, D. C. headquarters of the National Geographic society. "The dhinese-Tongking frontiers, northeast of Hanoi^ capital of Tong- king, waa looked upon as a new and promising trade door to China by the French colonial leaders who entered Tongking in 1885," says the bulletin— "a back door that it was hoped could be remodeled into a front door. But the region has proved to be economically disappointing. "Kwang-SI, the Chinese province that touches Tongking on the northeast, is one of 'pauper, provinces' of China. Scerilcally, it is a wonderland of hills and valleys, crags and cowering mountains, all masked by luxuriant vegetation. But it lacks wealth, and even many of the con- aitions that promise a development at wealth. Much of the country Is tough and rocky; the population is elatively scant, and consists largely 'backward and diverse tribes. "Aa the French developed their new. acquired region of Tongking, two major railway extensions into China were planned. One waa to penetrate northwestward'into Yunnan province, and the other northeastward into Kwang-Si. The first was built for more than 200 miles into 'China, to Yunnan city, and has proved a valuable outlet and inlet for trade. "The second of the proposed railways was built to Langson, a Tong- king town just short of the Chinese border, and an extension was run for a, few miles along the frontier; but the plan to have the rails,cross Into China and penetrate thlrty-flve mile* to the Chinese town of Lung Chow «.nd beyond, haa never been carried aut. A branch of the railway runs exactly to the frontier at a point called 'Porte • de Chine.' On the Chinese side, barring the way, la a short section of masonry wall. A highway to Lung Chpw penetrates the wall through a gate which the Chinese call Nam-quan, 'The Southern Toll Gate.' The wall was blown up by the French in 1885 when they drove Chinese troops from Tongking and followed them into Kwang-SI. "Lung Chow waa made a 'treaty port' soon after the French became established in .Tongking. Some trade Is carried on over the highway between the city and the border. Its volume, however, has never soemed to justify extension of the railway. Much of the trade of the province follows the river valleys down to Canton. ' . • "Kwang-SI, In which Lung Chow lies, has coma to be known more as a breeder of trouble than as a prp- ducer of goods. It was in this far southern state that the famous Tai- Ping rebellion originated In 1850, spreading throughout southern China at a cost of millions of lives." African junrled nre no bar to a good.Englishman'* ten—and here you see the Frlnce of Wales taking time out from his big game hunting to miaff a steaming cup at his bush camp near Klu, In Kenya. The British throne heir In shown at the right In tropicnl garb. With him Is Cantaln Finch-Mutton, who arranged tho safari. This Is the first picture to reach tho United States from the Prince's limiting expedition In East Africa. LIQUOR CONSPIRATORS SOON TO BE PAROLED PITTSBURGH, May 2.—Charles Bergstedt, former chief of police at Versailles, and one ofi .the nine men sentenced to Atlanta penitentiary in connection with the McKeesport liquor conspiracy, will be paroled on May 10, according to word received here today. Parole papers already have been signed by George G. O'Brien, probation officer for the federal district court here, and have been forwarded to Atlanta. Bergstedt was sentenced to a year and a day imprisonment. John F. Brennan, former chief of police at McKeesport, who was sentenced to eighteen months' imprisonment in the same case, will be eligible for parole In Juno or July. AUTOS SPREAD HAVOC. TJLM, Mont., May 2.—This sleepy little community was almost wiped off the map by wildy driven cars. Recently two machines telescoped into 'a mercantile establishment and didn't stop until they had reduced the interior to a state of wreckage. , wimusv*. vl*WS ft** ixntwsed in this column we peiwtaAl fo* wWch the ALTOONA MIRROR is (lot re»pdn«Me. . fidltbf o* th* AHobtti Mlrrbjh-Orte ot tH« most perplexing irifoes cf today is the liquor problern. HOW ca« it be dealt, with Tn ft way that will bring peace and harmofty to all? Many afgumenti have been presented both for and against the ft» to humanity. Yet the battle goe« on Just th« same. Why not let God's word settle the question once and for all timeV Listen to what the Holy Writ has to say aboilt It. The word plainly points out two kinds of wine, one good for medicine and food, allowable for our necessities being mentioned in the word in the following places: Gen. XL :11—"Pharoah's cup was In my hand: and I tobk the grapes and pressed them Into Pharoah's cup, and I gave the cup Into Pharoah's hand." This was none other than the pure, unfermented juice of the grape, a blessing to man when used in its pure state. Again please read: Jud. IX:13—"The vine said unto them, 'should I leave my wine which cheereth God and man, and go to be promoted over the trees?' Yes, ao long as the vine has the wine it is cheering to both God and man." , . Also in Isa. lj,XV:8T-"Thus salth the Lord: as the new wine is found in a cluster, and one salth, destroy it hot; for a blessing is in it." Truly the unfermented juice of the fruit Is harmless if taken In moderate quantities. A wonderful germ killer it is, and few, if any, become intoxicated by proper use of it. The conflict is not about that kind of wine. The Saviour made this same kind of harmless wlnp at a wedding feast at Cana. This was his first miracle, Jno. 11:1-10. There can be no doubt that Jesus at this gathering made unfermented wine, for it truly is the best wine, as all confirmed the content. Our good reasoning should forever be that our Saviour would ndt make harmful wine. Then we have the statement of the noted apostle, Paul, about the good wine which is a medicine, also a food, good for one's often infirmities. Many sick ones have been wonderfully bene- fltted by using pure fruit juice. This is God's word about harmless, ajlow- Rape makes a good temporary pasture for finishing the market lamb. An acre requires only four to six pounds of seed and the pasture will carry twenty lambs for six weeks. Saturday Special .Chicken Pot Pie 40c Including 2 Vegetables, Salad Bread, Butter und Coffee FAMOUS RESTAURANT 12th St., Next to Mt; City Bank )| this ¥ that In Chicago, one Ka Mori, late of Japan, purchased a "devil-wagon," late of Detroit., F. O. B. Ka Mori, cook, had never operated a "devil- wagon," so he got a book of instructions read them, threw them away, for he assimilates information rapidly. Cook Mori then crawled behind the steering wheel, stepped on 'the starter, pulled out the choke, was astonished when the automobile started. Coming the wrong way down a one-way street, Cook Mori had the choice of two roads, and picked Lake Shore drive. The "devil-wagon" moved along with Increased speed, pursuing a miscellaneous course without regard to traffic cops, signals, stop lights, or pedestrians. When a motorcycle cop eventually vaulted into tho car from the saddle of his machine, Ka Mori expressed his willingness to read further in his book of instructions. • • • ' In' the Miami Daily New» appeared the following advertisement: For Delicious Meals Soap ...-..., 3 Bars 20c •**••.« In Duncannon, Pa., Mrs. Helen V. Summy asked her husband, Stiles F. Summy for 35 cents for an article of clothing. Stiles F. Summy, enraged, called Mrs. Summy a spendthrift, knocked her down. In Harrisburg, Mrs. Summy applied for a divorce, was granted one. In Kokomo, Ind., Mrs. V. S, Wiley, looking over some utock in a B-und- 10 cent store, removed the J150 diamond ring from her linger, tried on another ring, got the two mixed, walked out of the store wearing the I ton-cent ring. The diamond remained In the store for four days, unsold, until Mrs. V. S. Wiley noticed her mis- lake, went bafli to the store, had her ring returned. In Edlnboro, Scotland, it was announced that because taxes were high, Ben Lomond, • famed mount which towera above Lock Lomond, would be sold. A place was appointed where all who were interested in mountain- buying could gather, and the aale will bu in charge of executors of the ancestral estates of the Duke of Montrose, who at present, owns the mountain. Height: 3,000 feet. . In Albany, N. Y., traffic wus halted when Patrolman Henry Hasten pursued a white rat which had lied punt him, scuttled around a Corner. The rat was captured, imprisoned in a shoo box, locked up in Jail. In Seattle, Wash., Al Barnuin committed suicide because he had a cold in hi* head. Churned and Sold Within the Week FOB 8AI.E UV VOUK UICOCEU I.VBIC TIIEATBE ' Hoot ttibmou la "COUBTIN' WILDCATS" AUo comedy, "Slater's.Pest." Ace ol bboUaad Vards. cbupter No. «. TONIGHT—LAST TIMES—TONIGHT El Brendel and Marjorie White Are Funnier Than In "Sunny Side Up" In "THE GOLDEN CALF" Fox Movietone's Triumph 01 laughter, Song and Dance With Sue Carol Jack Mulhall Richard Keene STARTING TOMORROW AT 11 A. M. The West of colorful border, bandits and /%; ladies who know about men's hearts A stirring outdoor movietone romance unth Warner Baxter Mona Marii Carol Lombard Mrs. Jiminefc an Alfred Sant«ll production KIDDIES—COME EARLY able wine. Harmful 'Forbidden Wine. Dan. 1:8— "Daniel purposed in his . heart that he would not defile himsel with a portion of the King's meat nor the wine which he drank." This kind of wine was defiling to the body. Th Lord says, "If any man defile the temple of God, him will God destroy for the temple of God is holy whicl temple ye are." Belshazzer was drunk with defiling wine, and lost his life. In Prov. XX :1— The Lord says "win is a mocker, strong drink is raging whosoever ia deceived thereby is no wise." Who wants to be mocked, o be deceived, or called not wise, or t be found dealing in any way wit something that is raging, or has viol ent anger connected with it? Agaii hear the word of the Lord by the wls man. Prov. XXIII :29-34— "Who hath woe Who hath sorrow? Who hath conten tlons? Who hath babbling? Who hath Broken Plates and Loose Plates remade like ne\v. Free Examination. SWEET AIR For the Painless Extraction of Teeth DR. SHOR 1112 12th Aye. Phone 2-1929 Next Door to .Lincoln Trust Bank Hours: Dally tt a. m. to 6 p. m. . Mon., Wed., Sat., to 8 p. m. ounds without caiWS? Who hath red- eas of the eyes?" His answer to the ttesllon is, "they thai tarry long at ie wine: they that go'to seek that go o seek mixed wine." His admonition "Look not thou upon the wine when is red, when it giveth colour in the up, when it moveth IWself upright." bia is none other than the fermented tine, because the unfermented wine oes not move itself upright. The effect of this forbidden, wine, He ays, "at last biteth like a serpent and tlngeth like an adder." Thus, you ee, we are warned not to look upon ermented wine, for it, as has been lalnly shown, is defiling to the body. Mcohol in any form or name is an nemy to the human body, and forbid- en by God to be looked upon. Surely no one wfcfit t« ***• *»f «t A« troubws saoken of fn tft/ fof*«ln« Scripture*, yet the wJw!r>ftnd i« nli«5 with a*iguf*R ft'nd •*•»•«««-«/*"; ness resulting from the iwfcge-of what ^oH^eT- Itfar^ from manv ills M th* ra-yef add Mtnoft Kce'%•««•• t* and organisation*. bodies being enemies class, the/ •£* W .,, frlendg. The rfjstt day of th« Lord Just nigh at hald *H1 reveal the truth of this great l«u«! let all take it seriously to heart* and net IP *!»«"•» tlieif own souls In using forbidden wine> j. S. GLUNT 431 Spruce aVemie. The Triumphant Successor to "Gold Diggers of Broadway" NOW—STARTING TODAY .' ' • ; . : /^ WARNER BROTHERS W\ STKANL) ... A BRILLIANT, SPARKLING, NATURAL COLOR, LAUGH HIT! _ KNOCKOUT SONGS—GIRLS—DANCING THE LOVABLE ROUGHNECK OF 'GOLD DIGGERS'" wltfl iLEILA HYAMS POLLY MORAfo MARIE DRESSLER A SAM WOOD Production STARTING TOMORROW GREATER THAN EVER WITH TALKING, MUSIC, SINGING, SOUND EFFECT, i COLOR! HKAB THE SONGS: "When the Little Red Roses Get the Blues For You, a Little Theme Song and Many Others. "Hold Everything" Is Positively the Funniest Picture Ever Made Sunday Midnight Show m .•..f i«5 m n OLYMPIC The Hit From the Hive of Happiness Starts Today Starts Today K >iti >„; i M The Snappiest Show of the Season—Now NANCY CARROLL MIDNIGHT SHOW SUNDAY NIGHT W N I y n H & y '9 n i m M M M !•«»•« m m m m 8 at N H M H m Si i CL paramount tyicture Carrolling the song-hits! Making love to her boy-friend of "Sweetie." In this sparkling song-romance revel. Make date with "Honey"! with Bwltt, oparkllng, sweeter than "Sweetie!" The musical frollo with tha sizzling gong-hlta. A rollicking revel of romance, and lun. Adorable Nanoy with her boyfriend of "Sweetie." They glng the songti you're humming. They hold your heart. And a whole constellation of comedy stars. Harry Green Lillian Roth Skeets Gallagher Stanley Smith CAPITOL Last Showing Today:— £ The Liberty 4 Star Picture ENNETT TRYING BEIILIN'S Greatest Sonu Kite! GAIETY! NOVELTY! .|-e , chorus • beauties, drama, laughter anU. action. ... I "Early Bird" Matinee 10 A. M 13 NOON I 12 NOON—4 P. M- Adults lOc Adults 25c VITAPHONE VARIETIES! 1'ATHK KOI.LV COMUUY "SIXTEEN t SWEETIES" PATHE NEWS! You're Invited Saturday:— To Hollywood's jolliest frolic. The all-star party. Thirty famous film folk entertain, singing, dancing, romancing. There's drama too. Song hits galore. Scores of showgirl beauties. Dazzling TECHNICOLOR scenes. A gorgeous, glittering, star-studded festival—friendly and intimate as a house-party. T *i Join the Fun! Big Jolly Boy Kite for Kiddies Saturday Matinee CLARA BOW! BUDDY ROGERS! NANCY CARROL! DICK ARLEN! RUTH CHATTERTON! LILLIAN RUTH! MAURICE CHAVELIER! 50 OTHER STARS:— March In Mirth and Music at "PARAMOUNT ON PARADE" Midnight Show Olympic Theatre Sunday Midnight ^^^ ._ i i. n || . ii I, •• i 11 . ij i"jj ."ii"i~ii i"ii"i"<i"i'li'i'||"a'ii'>'liriri>'»'<ii'ltfc'^tlfll m l>*1>'iirVII lirararai^l^rai^lS*^^^ SSlllSMailSSuaSiSauSairatgg^^ OK-;-,*;,*. .«,

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