The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on January 21, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 21, 1920
Page 4
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THE DAILY EREE PRESS The violinist'swept His bow" acro'ss the strings In a triumph of Mozartian climax, and they drew apart and Joined 'In the applause. And none in the room was more enthusiastic. " CHAPTER XI, - . Thanks to tie dexterity of his French, chauffeur,' FItzhugh was -at— •• licking his morning-mail.; at twenty tnlnutes past. Veri.: v When running . through' thejfourth.l.e.Uer. of. the-heap his secretary had opened and laid out for him he paused'suddenly^ then sat Violently back in-iis chair. "Now, how in* Hadjis,", wondered he, "could I forgeJ that?" •. He meant the first million. While with Kathleen that morning. the thought; of it had occurred and re-occurred .to Him, but' always at Inopportune moments, and when-finally the right time had arrived it 'slumbered in the meshes of his mind.. - .'... "Til tell her on .Wednesday;". he concluded; and promptly was .swallowed up in the rush of the day's business. The boy handed him a scrap of paper on which was written with-a lead pencil: •. . . "I must see you at once.—Esther." "Tell her I can't see .her!" and he •crunched the paper between his fingers and shot it angrily, out an open win- "dow. .Before the lad reached the door le checked him. -less 'Tiarshly, with: •"Explain to her. Tommy, that I am extremely busy, and ask -her to call again." " ,» . Dismissing the incident completely from his mind, he gathered up. the • «heaf of.letters. An altercation arose to the outer office. The door was flung open. Esther 'entered. Seeing the stenographer, she held the door open. "I want to see you alone, Daniel," said Esther quietly. Fitzhugh motioned to his employees to go, and closed the door after him. "Well? What is it?" He remained . . standing near the door, the sheaf of letters clutched with an iron grip in his right hand. He was striving hard • to control his mounting temper^ CnbidBen, she sat down. Ee did not resume his seat There was an awkward pause. '"This may be the last time," she began, choosing her words carefully, "that we shall see each other. I am going away tonight. I came, all the . way from Paterson. I thought 1 would tell you—good-by." She stood up so that slie faced him. She looked at him fixedly. "-Night before ' last, Daniel, in Paterson. I walked my room for hours. I was try- Ing to decide something, Daniel. .Something very .bard. A secret—a'ter- rible secret—and I wanted to tell you. But I couldn't decide." ' "Have you decided?"—impatiently. "Quite. I shouldn't tell you. I have reasoned it cut again and again. You shouldn't know. But I want you to .know! And. Daniel"—reaching up . suddenly, she-rested her hands on his shoulders, and when her large, sad jeyes lifted to his It struck him afresh Jhow like a martyr she seemed—"Daniel,-1 have been chosen to remove our ambassador." He. tensed, with a quick Intake of breath. "Ton mean—what d'you mean? You're not—you don't intend—" "It Is decreed he must die tomorrow. /• His living is Inimical to the .Cause. He is false to Russia." "Andl'yo^lntezfd'doing it?" He seized her wrists, gripped them j Oil she winced. His voice was "as steel s.trn spme'body's Tcnocklifg, Then came back to her. . . . ' "What. price do you want? Name it!",,- ,- . : ,. • ... • ,She shook her hejid. "There is no price." . • ; ' "I say there is! Why else would you be here? Speak up! What do you want?" , ''•,.. .. ''I'. • She lowered .'her gaze,' a little star- tledT ""Yes, there, is one for whop I would renounce.; even .the' Cause,, turn traitor—^ 'She"nung_'her afmsjyutjto 'hinTTn 'a" rushTof"abandon—"Oh, Daniel, you know,.you know!" He loosened her hands from his neck. ••-..' "That," said he, "is Impossible. I am engaged t.o be married." She recoiled as though he. had struck her. Her foot struck a chair as she stepped back.. She sat down 'very slowly. For a few moments she seemed stricken dumb. Then: . "To—to that—" "To her you saw me with at the opera." "When?" she asked.. "When?" . "We • became engaged last March. The second of last March." "The second' of last March." She repeated the words dully, pressing her hand to her forehead. "The second of last—why, D-Daniel, don't you remember? That is the day we first met each other. ' Don't you remember, Daniel?" — laughing shrilly — "the crowds, and how I was-swept into your arms, and the speeches you made, "first in the street, and then—" "Esther! Esther! Do you realize where you are? Twelve or fifteen persons are waiting outside to see me, and their time . and mine means money." ~ ' Her reminiscences trailed off into silence. (To foe contaned.) Exiles Are Fed and Given. Homls on Arrival -in Soviet•Russia. . WILL BE \ PUT TO WORK Terijoki, Finland. Jim. 21.—Russians \yliri won: deported from- the "United' Sttitos wcr<!. given . \yhiit . inislit be rc'nni'd ;m "oflicial reception-just out- 'sidi- lliis vill-isre MUndii.v. ' p .. : .• In the.crowd 1 that greeted Alexander Bei-kinari, Kuiinn lioldinuh and their, "eoiiii'iirtes,". was II. Zorien', member, of the nll-sb'viets executive committee^' •who, iifter a brief conference with lie'rkuiau, agreed to perm'it the'whole' party to euter bolshevig Rpssia. "There is no question but that they will be welcomed in_Russia,'° .said M. Zorien. "We, will give them .work according, to*- 'tlieir.' ;,pretensions' an"* trades,.but.first we.mustj)rovide them \yllh comfortable homes and 'feed them well." - • . ' 1 .Open Arms for "Persecuted." Mm'e. Gorky; wife of the novelist., said ' \vtien 'she met the deportees: "Russia opens her arms to all who are politically persecuted."' There was a 'slight delay In getting in touch with the bolslievlki, whose lines were about a-mile distant from I hi; broolc marking the frontier . of sovtet .toritory. When finally a conference-had been arranged.-,Berkmnn, accompanied .by Finnish iofficers and npwspapor eorr('>ipfiii<)<>nts. . w.ent out on th'o irre, nist^fin.^ Iho : evil;i .En tli<> middle til: the .-stroniiij . . . P.n(.h nartU's r-onsMirunu^ly tli^iilnyed Dr. Carters K. & B. Tea Makes Fine Laxative Syrup Hake It at Home and -'Save About $1.60—Children Lore to Take It. Full DlrectionsWithEach30-Cent Package For a real tonic and blood purifier,take a teaspoonrnl every night or every other night for at least three weeks. white flags, the one carried by the Bolshevik soldiers being.a-; tablecloth tied' to a rWl.pole: After a short-parley the soviet officers summoned' the members of the soviet comifiltlee 1 of-Pptrngrnjl. which '.included ' .Insppli KVIiHldhcrp. former'British Inhor ieailtr,' ami .M. Zorien. • The eouirnif.fne was cp'iuluct 1 ed tn Tprijokl. whore 'a cdnfi'fenoe was hold. : . • • . . . ' Cheer Capture of Koichak. On.' tlio wjiy liao!; to the village .M. Zorlon t/ijd Ui'.rkinnn .'that Ad'nilrnl Kol- cliii-k ,'li:'i(l. bcoiK' iimiic pi'lsrimir in SI- bf-ria. 'L'his no^ ; fi -\yaJ? shouttid ;tio'o'the,r (l<'porlc<;s. who Svcre ' JiHrnliift .out tit tin;, windows of flie train n.nd ; w'iis re- colvi'il with cheers.- , - . . j .-..'•;. Shortly: nfler, ..the TO- ceivo-'--the ' ..was reached,..tijj* whole imrly dctrained/nt :v.point.-wfierb a wbbii "road ; lcaVes! the rnilwayiand njns toward the forest. A few.-wlio were.'iihuhle to walk were placed "m sleighs. Finnish soldiers guarded the road nnd.the transfer was made without a,h"l.tch. ;, ; . ',..'.,- Cap'f. TSmtt 'Nielsen ,bf tlie British Bed Cross entered soviof'lpussln with ing deportees .for the "purpose of arranging a shipment'Of. supplies to Brlt- .ish prisoner's/." The r train w.:iltc(l- for him''at' yibof'g^a'rid 'it .-WHS not. until nine o'clock Monday morning (hat it r^nclio'rt Tcrijokl. • -'•" •'• ' . 'ComllHons . hn've. 'considerably -'Im- 'pro'ved'Tn IVtrogrfid, ac'conlinK to -M. Zorien,'.who siiid everyone'there was Setd'ng'^onc and a quarter .'pounds of bread a'day. There Nyris-compiiralive- ly llttfc..'iillenoss. and "-wop'il nnd fuel were more nbrinrtant, making' life more pleasant than heretofore, he .said.. The greatest dilliculty bad. been experienced in gel ting- coal to operate factories, but recently as n result of'im- proved ' transport soino had been brought'up from 1bc> soulh: M. Zorien spoke enthusiastically of. an experiment be^un last .wuuk In orgjinizing. forces for work. ( ••; Army Put to Work. "Our. erai.-k third army, which -was the best of. those used in Siberia against Kolchal;, •witlulraw'h from the front."-lip ijiiid, "nnd nltboiisli this organization is kept under strict military discipline, it. is no longer OghtInfr: but 'is a working machine. Its principal task is supplying Petrogriid with food, which is' secured direct from peasants, and h'ringing in wood. As our military requirements decrease we hope to. convert- more of our troops, to •iutlustrial purposes, and still iiScpinK-eat'l] unit intact o.n a military footing." .. ; , COLD ON CHE; AND SORE Y; OAT ENDEDOVERNIGHT You 'Get Action with: MuBtarlne—-It ' Drives:,Out. Pain; In,.hialf the. Time it Take» other Remedies—It's the'Quickest Pain Killer • . • • . on Earth. Stops co'oghlng falmost; -Instantly; endi •fore .(-.throat'- and ,chent colds, over colght Notblb'g-iiiljke- '-If- £oc'A>neAnUgta,; .lambagoi neuBitlsi'«an'd'.^ti>'. ! ppcedUy>'dirlTe:rawaV'rheu- . ._ .^..ueuiiy, *unve.i away'Tb" inatle'-pfaina'and^educe swollen^ Joints. 1 ' MtutartueMsv'tUe, original non-bllBtu..,., preicrlptlon'-.-that juatfs \«ne' place but "fig. 10 itlmes :a» •caclent/nnic'raiiamothcr's old" fashioned-;:mu«tardl -planter, . iiDse'. It for »praln«(i'ustraliu, bralBcV: sorc)\ muscles; .'^Yepre,-* painful or Wsftw.- "Be. 4ure lt*« 5TARSN ' ' •-. . OBIT.UARY. John Henderson Gentry..was 'born Sept. 10",' 1884,'and--died at the residence ot his daughter, 'Mrs. Perry Cannon, in ' Carterville, on t Jan.. 14, 1920, at th'e age o£ 71 yeaJ3, '4 months and 4 days. 'He made ; his home with his son, Haryes', .'.near ..'New. .-.Hope church! On, Sept. %1, 1875, he was united in matrimony with • Narcissa Childers. •'.To.-this union.'six children wea-e. born, namely, two sons,-Harvey i.aid .Wiilliain, who reside on the-.old, home plac'e near New Hope, and four- daughterSj'Mr's. James Davis; Mrs.'Perry Cannon, jVIrs/Harter'. Collins a,nd JVIrs. Frank Craig,' all of Carterville. •In addition to these children aad six grandchildren; he leaves .a host' of friends who mourn his departure. 'Some fifty years, ago and while still a.' 1 young man he:'professed faith, in Christ and united 'in.membership'with the old New Hope: Missionary. Baptist church,..moving his membership to.the South County Line' Christian church soon thereafter, .jwhere • he-, retained membership until passing away. . Funeral services, were conducted' iby-Rev; Leo ; Moore aid Lee,Futrell. •He was taken, to ;South County Line 'cemetery. • :' • ' ' . . LAURA E.SWARTZ PSTEOPATKIG PHV»lC»AH .T- Chronlc D-,sea*e« » tpeclnify . Office'In Laud«r-Nlchp!» Bid* W; W; HAMILTON Coal and Ice MACKEV COAL .OFFICE ; . . Phone 2O4 . HAMILTON ;& BRADLEY '•.--' Attorney. at'tsW . •• .--'/-•- • .. Phone 282 K - ' - ' ' «u!U 112-115.Hew Hamilton Bullying DELIA CAEH,. M. D, " MoANALtY BIM1TDINQ •-'.'..; 211.W«*t Main-etrMT... ' Hour*—«to 1C A. M : ; t M> 4 f. •, CARBONDAl^E CANDY KITCHEN Home 'Made Candle* and lor STMM| .'.'-": Telephone M4 Y ECONOMY COAL YARD J. B: WOOD* PROP. Waehed Nut, Egg and Lump Phone 149 K. HENRY BAIN TRANSFER GET OUR PRICES Phone 483 L H.O.HALL&CO. FEED, COAL-AND;POULTRY : SUPPLIES ' • Phone 233 '. ' I-J.CHI . , Money back without question if, HVNT'3 SalVi fail?»u. tH, .treatment of ITCHjECZEMA RINGWORM.'TETTER 01 ether-itching skia diseaBev. Try a 75 cent box at bu-- risk.' . *~ ITT'S- DRUG STORE : W. A. BRANJDQK, M. D. GENERAL. PRACTIck AND TH1 Ey»» Tested Virginia Bldg. Qlnue* C.rb'oncJale, 111, Not only is characteristic Goodyear merit, conspicuous in Goodyear Tires for small cars but ordinarily the first cost is found to be ndt greater than, that of other tiresj often it is actually lessi ! The combination of unusual value in first cost and very low final cost, 6f course, is a result of Goodyear experience, expertness and care employed as insistently in. the making of 30x3^30x3^ and3lx4-inch tires as Jit is in the^ cqinstruction of the famous Goodyear Cord Tires used on the highest- priced automobiles. For this reason more cars tisirig these small sizes were factory-equipped last year with Goodyear Tires than with any other kindL Gpt this unusual tire value to enjoy on ypiir Ford, Chevrolet, Dort, 'MaxweM, or other' small, car,^e "nearest-Goodyear Service Station. jGetth'e'se tires.and.Goodyear Heavy t at this station,:,' ; • • ,'•' _., •' He Seized Her. Wrists, Gripped Them .Till She Winced. _, - .when 1 . h.e : .sald: "Tou shall not. '.Dnder-- »taiid that once for all. You shall not I It IS 'madness. Nothlig less." — ./ -'-' Ypuj;can't understandi . I .hordlj" e?-. '' to.'" .'•;•:':•''; •':• ' ; . . fe'^^iSj8jfe : Vtoienay te ! tti* 'door 't*' ' '' 3Ox3V 2 Double-Cure Fr.iirii, ' AU-Wcaiier Tread ...... _ 30r<3V'2 Goodyear 5iiii.;lt;- . Fabrin, Aixti-okic; Trtcid... ___ •G;-.-,,-, . ,.•.::.;.:••/ r<--*ii-iu'ce casings properly. art; ii'ttck, ytro^ig fitbt;^ tliat VVJiy risk a good c.asing \vkh a g-!,-i?7 55 JL* if: — • ch'tjap tube? 'Goodyear ticavy TourisE'.Tubcs cost little more tK;r.A tr.ibcs. of less mei-it. 3Qx.j l /2 size t/g wafer' r ^^v>0 DR. J^ W. BARIIOW NEW HAMILTON BUiLDINQ H»ur» 0 to 11 A. M. and 2 te • f, .. PHONE « F. L. LEN.GLE, M. D. . .Generil Special attentlpn to Eye, Ear, •- .- and Throat - '"" • Qlaraee Fitted Phonec.: Residence 330-2, Office SSO-t Virginia Building WHOLE FAMILIES • FREED FROM GOLDS Half a century breaking colds is behind Dr. King's New Discovery F ROM 'the little tots to grandma* every one in 1 the family can -' use .this • fif t-y-years-the-stand- ard remedy in perfect safety^and confident of beneficial results. •: . Incessant, coughing,- disaprreoable- grjppe, . stubborn cold promptly 'checked, th'e phlegm dissipated; the ' 'congestion loosened: ' ; ) • Same high quality.-toda-v as always. - Dr. ..King's .New -Eiscoveiy lives up to its time-tested reputa- ; tlpn. GOc.'arid $1.20:a bottle. '"'. ^ The RfsMts pf Cdastipatiott-" are,; slckv headaehes, : ibiiiousness, nervousness,, sallow skin, .waste matter In" the body. . Correct this »uuderminink evil'with Dr.'• King's 'New..Life r ',.l\llls. Feel good every dayi '-Keep tfi'e Systeui"cleuiii»od." 25c. a bottle -..,..... STRIKE TIES. UP 500 TUGS Thousands Have Discovered ; Dr. Edvrards' OKve Tablete Are a. Harmless Substitute . Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are the result of Dr. Edwards' determination not to treat liver and bowel complaints•with calomel.- For 17 years he -used .these tablets (a vegetable compound TniTfrt with olive oil) in his private practice with great success. * ' ' . ' They do all the good that calomel does but have no bad after effects. N« no > aSfaa inur to > the Isvcr'.and bowels. Olive logy and Prospects For. Early- .Settlement- of .: : 'The Trouble 1 Are Laid : -.;-. .To Be Bright ' . ' . Kew York. .tan. 21. •-=- Five -liniKlred tugsV\vere tied', up by the latest li'ajiior. strikei accorclin's to union assei-.tions. but the prospcets of- ;i'tlL'iiHmts-vy.ere • .said' hrislit. .''•'.. • 'Arthur. Olsen. clinirmfin of the boat- men's' union 'strike .committee/.'s.-iid. that lie expected :j c'onforciioe luitween the strikers n.iid meniliors of the *Tew. 'York tro>vboat..«ccliange witl'iin twenty-four hours. ;-..'.' - • .

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