Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 12, 1976 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 12, 1976
Page 5
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TO DISPLAY FASHIONS George Niblock, Lester y [block, Janice Netyhbors, Mike Garner and Toni Tunnel!, left-right, m spring and summer styles from local store Class To Show Styles The Kayelleville High School Fashion Merchandising Class will present a style show al 1:15 p.m., Thursday in Ihe H i g 1 School Gymnasium. Thome for the show will he SCT ons In The Sun," a n ( will feature clothing from loca mcrcha nts. The Now W orld Trumbo's, The Carriage Shop J. J.'s, Purvis. Dickson Slice Dry Goods. Arno's,' Mr. Tu\ Penney's, Hunt's, and Camp bell-Bell. Special em 1 edainmcut at ir termission will be provided b Tonv West, Shawn Ilarriso and Jeff Thomas. In addition lo students froi [he Fashion Merchandisin Class, who are pictured, model will be Mrs. Gordon Long, Mr, Jim Lindscy, Mrs. Fran Broyles, Mrs. Don McGuir Miss Lori Lalrechia, Miss Joan Latrcchia, Kenny Neighbors an Miss Hollie Hunnicutt. General chairmen [or t h event will be Miss Terry Miln and Miss Malinda Rullcdge. Tickets will he available Ihe door and proceeds will g to the FaycUoviHe Youth Ce T. P i c t u r e s were made 1 TIMES photographer Ken Goo Hints From Heloise- MODELS Metl Calvert, tu an Patrick and Susan Chi m, students in Foslnon AJercfaiiidaiug Class -III,,.,,. ; .: ·',!;.·':.·' 'P E11UI1III1 nill!!llltll.1' Mil Itll HUM i ···Daily Calendar Of Events Tonight - Planning Commission, City Hall, 5 p.m. Jack Tidbnll Post and Auxiliary, VFW Hall. 6:30 pm Washinglon I^dge No. 1 FAM, ^rasonic ; Temple, 7:30 p.m. Evenings Lions Club. Wyatt% 6:30 p m "· Business and Professional Women, ttyatts, 6.03 p.m. ' ' ABC's of Parenting, Rolling Hills Baptist Church, 7 p.m. WeiRht Watchers, Goff. Building, 7 p.m. TOPS Asbsll School Music Room, 7:30 p. m. Ove, Fifty Square Dance Club, Community Adult Center, ' :3 °lSy Planning Consumer Advisory Council, EOA i f K a a , Mr, Lionel Barton, 7:30 p.m. For Your Prescription Needs Soo Us QUAKER DRUG !2 K. Center -- -U2-t2ifi City ratling Lol In Rear SMITH'S Communication 2-Way Radio Vour 2-Way Radio Headquarters In Et«c(ronk« Sin" ISJ» S» ». Collrec 4«-Z52^ NOW THAT -SPRING IS HERE , . thoughts of what to wear concern Pauia Faires, Terry Miner, Cheryl Garrison, Laura Ingram and Leslie Long, left-right Keep Grocery Wheels Spinning! Doing the grocery shopping n't too bard, but getting all ic bags into the house is some- ting else! (And they won't lend LL' bug boy!) 1 came home hot and tired nd dreading the job «r nn- oading the car. So 1 look my n r d lounge chair winch has Ltlc wheels to move it iinumti, ackccl it up to Ihe car trunk, nd put all the bags on it. Then wheeled it right to the laick oor, all in one trip! j I opencd^thc kitchen door and' et the bags inside all in one rip. Pretty clever, wouldn't you ay? -- D. Hughes . would say! Moreover, you could use almost anything with rtiCL-ls. A wagon, wheelbarrow ir a small push cart You sure are a srmirticl -Heloise the home easier! As American women find the rewards of serving the needs of the family in a professional manner, the family unit will become even more of a stronghold for our nation. The making of n good, home means the making of Urn .strength of our future men anc 1 couldn't agree more. Ruin Thank you for H timely rcmin ]· as we celebrate our nation' centennial. -- Hcloise Dear Heloise: Never knowing how lo soil ised freezer bags for further use, I cleaned oul the bag drawer thai was ulways jumble. I turned canning jars of various si/os upside down in tbc drawer and slipped Ihe freezer bags down over a corresponding site of jar. No inure h u n t i n g f o r t h e proper size bag now. -- Mrs John Stevens LETTER OK THOUGHT eai- Heloise: Thanks for the manysuggcs lions llml have made life in Move To Change Public Attitude Extends To Nevada's Large City CARSON CITY, Nov. (AP) -| Nfivada are in areas which als Tlis rnovn in Hianffn oublic alti-:ipaw crowds ol tourists: Hen tude; IDVC to change public EiUi-;dra\v ,,,,,,.,..., ... _ and laws on rape,! and the Lake 1 ahoc Basin, Couple Honored At Tea The new country home of 13r and Mrs. Jamrs Html was 111 scene Sunday afternoon from u n t i l A o'clock of a tea to honor Miss Susan Fcdosky and her fiance Ron Gabbard, whose engagement was announced b her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Et" civing' giiesi', at the doo were the hosts. Dr. arid Mrs Hunt, Miss Fcdnsltv awl F o Gabbard. his mother, Mrs. Nor ma Gabbard: and Mr. and Mrs Ed Fcdosky. Carrying out a color schcm of pink ami while, the table, where punch, coffee, tea and assorted cnokies were served. ,,,.., centered with a spring arrangement of pink and white flowers. Miss Kim Fcdosky, sister of 'We attract, oar share _ weirdos along with the tourist wtio come here to gamble, says Mrs. McCUire. "We ha\ a uniqu/: problem." That problem has produce programs which are apparent among the mosL advanced the nation. The Nevada rape centers, a BuTicadcrs of the movement! njn on shoestring budgets I say the combination of in- volunteers, provide nnmodia novative rape counseling lcch-1 counsel .10r to·rape vict m aunchefl in the imtimi's ui'han culcrs, h a s extended t o NR- ·ada where rapes occur at a ale far above th« national average. The fight Lo curb rape in this onrism-oricntcd slate nas been ed mainly by underfinanced and widely scattered volunteer groups n]trues by volunteer groups a changes in stale law ear Hcloisc: Here is a little different twis r Waldorf salad. Make it with ny flavored yogurt inslcMd of ayonnaise. We f i n d it lighter and more olorfu!. -- M.D.V. Your call to male readers for prompted this More Comments On Wife Who'Surprised'Husband By A B I G A I L . VAN liUIlEN' DEAR ABBY: Your reply u that wife who 1 "prettied hersell up" and laid down on the sofa wilh nothing on because h e r husband called and said he was bringing her a surprise wai silly! ' Why shouldn't a man be furious with his wife for pulling such a stupid sliuii? ,Husbands oflcn bring home unexpected company. To find hi3 wife stretched out on tile sofa without a stitch an when he opens the door accompanied by two business- associates would erabar- ofllriimiioiis" prompted this! rnss any man with an ounce of brains. .t,...,.,i «,Wh 0 1 C in recent years it seems that more people are obsessed with Snon"cs on sponge mops the idea o! parading around naked. I guess maybe they d o n t omelimcs (all apart too soon, realize that most folks look a lot better wilh something on. Sure I think the husband should forgive her, but maybe lye has taught her a good lesson for being so vain and self-centered. I'll tin if the situation had been reversed, and the wife came home with two of her lady friends lo find her husband stretched out on the sofa naked as » jaybird, that wife would have been IU "°" S: PUZZLED AT YOUR ANSWER DEAR I'UZXI.KD: You could lie right, but my mall has been running 50 to line in lavor of the ivifc.iHead on: . DEAR ABBY: A wife wrote that her husband had called, saying he was bringing home a "surprise" for her and asking her lo fix a pitcher of martinis. She thought it was the diamond earrings she had wanted for Christmas, so she prettied herself up and stretched out (sans clothes) on . I h e . sofa as a "surprise 'or- h i m . Abby. thai husband must be crazy! Hmv lucky can a man ba lo come home with two business associates to a pitcher of cold martinis and a wife stretched out naked on the sofa! He must be the envy of his entire company. I can't understand why he should be upset wilh her. SHE should be upset with him for jutting her in that embarrassing situation. That husband should lolfool it to his local jeweler for those diamond earrings. . She gels my vole for being an ideal wife, and if you won t loll MY wife, I'll make her those fan-ings myself! PENNSYLVANIA JEWELER DEAR ABBY: I'm with you! That, husband who came home lo the wife who wanted lo surprise him because he said he was bringing HER a surprise had no right furious with her. He owes her not only the earrings, but'.also a matching necklace, finger rings and a Mediterranean cruise! _ I look some nylon net, 'rapped it around the sponge nd snapped the works back in lace. Now I .get ijoatl scouring ctiun on my Moors w i t h the ponge iter. soaking up the For Weddings And Engagements For hcsi. r.nv "v and engagement ncn'.s fr" a S*""' 1 ·each this Vednesday before the date. Wedding , marriage announce- office b y n o o n al the very latest desired publication dca ing wilh rape arc prod.ic-l a^es positive results. cases along with help in dealing wi .. police, hospitals, c o u r t apncar- a n d families. In some self defense programs pictures must be -eeeived in time for publication as soon after the wedding as possible, and before f h r event s desirable. Wedding pictures and stories submitted months after the event will not he used. Pictures" of couples are never iscd for engagements, only pio .11 res of 1he hndc-elr/j:t. AH pictures submitted must be ol professional quality i n b l ' and while, never color, ant marked on (ho hack in soft pencil with the name of the bride-elect or married numc o the bride. Forms for engagement an nouncemcnis and weddings ma? be obtained f r o m I h CON'FIDBNTIAL TO LUCY: Il's nnl always lictter lo have love ami lust t'Kin never to have loved al nil. It depends unim what you've I n s t . Everyone bus 11 pinldcin. YVHal's vours 1 .' For a personal re. Illy, write lo ABBV: Box No. 6«00, L.A., 1 Calif. 981)69. Encbs» stamped, self-addrcsscd'envclopc, llcasc. (C) by Chicago Triliiinc-N.Y. News Synd. Inc. Mrs. . McClure". pro*TM, also follow-in) counseling "n J'"per cent increase in reported rapes or rape attempts in Las TM l c r s mf TlSTMompares g to ' d *ve'" i ?« Elk" wiih"faiho - r s : husband age?' nationT increase "of jusllboyfriends^r brothers of wom- ° n Tliat r looks' bad. but Ihe f i g - 1 Efforts are also made to get urcs indicate victims who were psychiatric care wlvm needed unwilling lo report rapes hofore; "r relocate victims and find ililiiiiilSiiiSSw Simra Tuesday WeiRht Walclicrs, Cioif Building, 9:30 a.m. Maior Brian Pandlclon Chapter, DAC, Holiday Inn, CHy'liospital Auxiliary Executive Board, Cily Hospital, 12 noon Civilan Club, Wyalt's, 12 noon Kiwanis Club. Holiday Inn, IZ noon American Association of Retired Persons, Hillcrcsl Towers, ""'Modern Literature Club, Mrs. 0. D. Nichols, 3 p.m. Order of Rainbow, Masonic Temple, 5 p.m. Norlhide Dolaiy Club, Wyalt's, 6-.15 p.m. Weight. Watchers, Goff Building, 7 p.m. Duplicate Bridge Club, Boss Building, 7:30 p.m. Order of Amaranth, Masonic Temple, 7:30 p.m. N W A Kennel Club, Ozarks F.lcclric, 7:30 p.m. NWA Cal Club, SWEPCO, 7:30 p.m. Ozarks Gem and Mineral Club, Cily Library, 7:3(1 p.m. Single Adult Fellowship, 116 Roficrs Circle Drive, ; Snringdlac, 7:30 p.m. Alcoholics Anonymous, Wiggins Methodist Church, 8 p.m. - Al-Anon, Wiggins Methodist Church, 8 p.m. Fnyelteville Evening La Lcclic League, 320 W. Maple, 8 p.m Chess Club, Arkaus.ns Union, 8 p.m. ^ the briilc-clecl. presided at the gucsl book, and Mrs. Madge Huclgens. Mrs. Hunt's mother, i r t h c r assisted. Women in the house parly ecoivcd corsages of pink .ind hitc gingham flowers tied with ink and while ribbon. Among Ihe 110 guests who allett during the parly hours, ·err a large number of ihr ngagetd couple's c o l l e g e ricnds. arc now to they'll get help instead ol hi new jobs. Government resources are lapped when avail- sfcs. the movement 5ay. P^lorcnce McClure, leaders ablp ; FOLLOW Ul -S4.ycar-i "We follow np on our client.' old grandmother who r u n s ' o n an individual basis, accord"Community Action -\fiainst Rape" in Las Vegas, says "there has always been lot of rapes, b u t t h e y went unrc- sorted. Victims didn't think Itiey would gel a fair slisike from anyone. But Ihe word is getting out. Things aren't as lad as they used lo he/ 1 Mrs. McClure works m a i n l y in Las Vegas, a gambling Personals of tourists yearly. The area has been ranked third nationally .., incidence of rape on a per ca- pila basis. Oilier rape crisis centers ing to tlieir needs," says Mrs. McClurc, "We can find out i they quit a job. Then we know something's wrong, a n d we con (act thc'.Ti." The 1975 legislature, respond ing lo public concern main!) from Las Vegas, passed laws lo limit courtroom testimony on a rape victim's past sc.xual his lory. Legislators redefined rap ami allowed women lo file rapt charges - /or OMEN Monday, April 12, 1976 against separates spouses, Thh lawmakers als authorized counties lo pay up lo' i§1.0no for counseling and mcdi- I n ' cal treatment [or rape victims. Mr. and Mrs. Hernard M irkpatrick and tfaughtcr Dallas, Tex., were week en t jests of his parents. Mr. and Sirs. I.J. KirkjKUrick. INTERIOR DECORATING MaVc J"ir hnme M*i1td I" j c u r r Impmlanf rclnr « 01 din i all- MILLS' INTERIORS Sharla Mills 52I-I31S llfix 251 FayeKcville SAVE NOW! If You Are Decoraling and Need New Custom Droperies or Upholstering CAUL! JACK'S CUSTOM DRAPERIES SHOP AT HOME SERVICE 7 5 1 - 4 6 1 4 Nn llifcli Showroom Overhead llll111lilLni!:KM New Shipment At LADIES 7 CATAL1NA Blouses -Shells - Jackets Pants-Skirts "AH in three soft shades" -" Blue, Yellow/ Green -- The Light Touch by Gardenhire If It weren't ior riage, husbands mor- and wives would have lo argue with si rangers. A door is what Ihe family dog is always on the wrong side of. * * Irv .1945, each car on the road contained an average of 3-2 persons.. In 1955, it was 1.3. At this rale, every third car on the road will bs empty by 1985. .* * A confirmed bachelor is one who goes to a drive-in movie on a motorcycle, * * Just when we understood about food stamps, postal rales went up. Now we'll need slamp stamps. · * * You won't need stamps to afford a diamond she'll love at Gardenhire's Jewelry.

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