Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 12, 1967 · Page 17
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 17

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, May 12, 1967
Page 17
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FRIDAY, MAY 12, 1967 l U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE 17 ALL 3 MAJOR NETWORKS TV Will Cover Pope At Fatima By RICK DU BROW HOLLYWOOD (UPI) -- All three major American television networks will give extensive live coverage Saturday morning, via the Early Bird satellite, to Pope Paul VI's pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal. Early-rising viewers will be able to see an estimated four hours of video reporting of the event. The Pope's visit to New York for one day drew a tremendous television audience. The way the announcements of Saturday's coverage were lities and rendered excellent ssued indicated to broadcasting industry observers that NBC- TV's decision for full-scale live reporting of the occasion had an influence on the final three network plans for all-out attention. All the networks will take to the air at 6 a.m. EOT. Frank McGee will be the anchorman for NBC-TV, Winston Burdett for CBS-TV and Frank Reynolds for ABC-TV. Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, who once was one of television's foremost broadcasting persona- service with CBS-TV during Pope Paul's New York visit, this time is scheduled to appear on ABC-TV as a consultant. He is set to be stationed in New Wilmot Library To Show Films A series of family films, open to the public without charge, will be shown every Friday evening through June 16 at the Wilmot Branch Library, 530 N. Wilmot Road. The series, "Our Wonderful Life," will cover a wide area of interest, including movies on sports, travel and biography. The first program -- at 7:30 tonight -- will offer travel f i l m s on "Scotland" and "Wales." There also will be two cartoons for children. On May 19, the films will be on "Japan," "Samoa," "Spring Comes Again" and "Magic Flute." Children must be accompanied by an adult. NORM SAYS: "Why Wait"? Here's NEW GENERAL ELECTRIC COLOR TV Happy Saturdays-But Black Fridays BONN (UPI) - Saturday night may be the happiest night of the week, but it makes for Black Fridays. Two recent studies in Germany show that most industrial accidents o c c u r Friday afternoon and most aut'omibile accidents Friday evening during commuting hours, in both cases because persons become inattentive while thinking about the impending weekend. pleasures of the fork again, with Reynolds. According to NBC-TV, the eporting "will include a mass approximately one hour after coverage starts, and a speech )y the Pontiff, about 20 minutes ong, concerning his plea for peace in the world, especially in Vietnam. The speech will come at that traditional point in the mass where the sermon is given and will replace the sermon. "The coverage also will show the Pope blessing the sick a the shrine after the mass anc later blessing an expected crowd of one million persons as he is carried around the square." On Saturday night, NBC-TV will also present a half-hou special on the pilgrimage showing highlights of the morning coverage. Air time fo the special is 8 p.m. EDT. 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Broadway 327-6375 MM. thru Thur. 1M Frl. 10-S Sat. 1M Sun. 12-6 gOLD-TV TUCSON TODAY'S BEST TV 5:54 Farm and Ranch (c) 6:00 Sunrise Semester (:30 CBS Morning News (c) 7:00 Captain Kangaroo 8:00 Candid Camera 8:30 Beverly Hillbillies 9:00 Andy of Mayberry 9:38 Dick Van Dyke 10:00 Love of Life (c) 10:25 CBS News (c) 10: M Search/Tomorrow (c) 10:45 Guiding Light (c) 11:M Leave it to Beaver 11:30 As the World Turns (c) 12:00 Password (c) ]2:M Houseparty (c) 1:00 To Tell the Truth (c) 1:25 CBS Mid-Day News (c) 1:30 Edge of Night 2:00 Secret Storm 2:30 Mike Douglas Show (c) 4:00 Merv Griffin Show 5:30 CBS Evening News (c) 6:00 KOLD-TV Big News (c) 6:30 Hogan's Heroes (c) 7:00 Friday Night Movie "The Country Girl" 9:00 Wild, Wild West (c) 10:00 NUeline News (c) 10:30 Perry Mason 11:30 Alfred Hitchcock 12:30 News Final Tucson Television] Locals KVOA KUAT KGUN KZAZ KOLD Channels NBC UA-NET ABC UN CBS Model M210HBN $ FOR ONLY 199 95 With Trade Dark, Curly Hair Genes Strongest WAYNE, N. J. 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MBS news on the hour and ' half-hour. Broadcasts continuously except midnight · Sunday to 6 a.m. Monday. "-KOLD (1450)-- Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) : Adult and pop music. News periods: 7-9:10 a.m.; · 11:30 a.m.-12:35 p.m.; 4-6:15 p.m. Broadcasts 6:30 · a.m. to mid-night Monday through Saturday; 7:30 ; a.m. to mid-night Sundays. ",KCEE (790)-- National Broadcasting Co. (NBC). Popular, : semi-classical and classical music. News on the hour. Broadcasts 6 a.m. to midnight, except Satur- · day until 1 a.m. ·KTUC (1400)-- American Broadcasting Co. (ABC) » Adult popular music. News 5 minutes before the hour and at the half hour; special newscasts 8 a.m., ; 9:35 a.m. ,'12:30 p.m., 5:45 p.m., 7 p.m. Broadcasts ; continuously. : Independent Stations -KXEW (1600)-- Spanish Language. Latin music. Three - news programs daily. Broadcasts 5 a.m. to sunset. : KAIR (1490)-- Adult popular, semi-classical and sacred 7 music; Christian programs. Four news programs ; Monday through Friday at 8 a.m., ?0 a.m., 12 noon, : 5 p.m. Broadcasts 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. : KTKT (990)-- Contemporary music, news at 25 and 55 - after the hour. Broadcasts continuously. KEVT (690)-- Spanish language, Latin music. News at - 8 a.m., 12 noon, 5 p.m. Broadcasts 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. daily. iKFIF (1550)-- Top 30 contemporary records. News 20 minutes before the hour. Broadcasts sunrise to sunset daily. KFMM-FM (99.5)-- Simulcasts with KTUC (see above) for news at 8 a.m., 6 p.m., 8 p.m., 10 p.m. Classical music, 6 p.m. to midnight; popular music, midnight to 6 p.m. Broadcasts continuously. IKHOS (940)-- Country and Western music. News on the ; half-hour. Broadcasts. continuously. KMOP (1330)-- Country music. News, sports and weather at 20 minutes after the hour. Broadcasts 5 a.m. to sunset daily. FRIDAY, 2:55 P.M. BASEBALL. University of Arizona vs Albuquerque. (KTUC, 1400) FRIDAY, 6:40 P.M. BASEBALL. California Angels vs. Chicago White Sox. (KCUB, 1290) FRIDAY, 8:40 P.M. BASEBALL. San Francisco Giants vs Houston Astros. (KOLD, 1450) ; FRIDAY, 8:55 P.M. BASEBALL. Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Chicago Cubs. (KTUC, 1400) SATURDAY, 11:55 A.M. ZBASEBALL. California Angels vs Chicago White Sox, (KCUB, 1290) - SATURDAY, 1:40 P.M. BASEBALL. vSan Francisco Giants vs Houston Astros. (KOLD, WHEN YOU BUY: ONE LB. BOX OF BARRONETTE AMERICAN FAVORITES MONTE CARLO *2.39 NCW TOM · (WHO. Also an unusually fine selection of Italian candy, jars dishes. C AT ALINA DRUGS 2310 N. Campbell 325-2697 TROUBLE SLEEPING By DR. A. A. CARRASCO, Chiropractor You often hear about people having trouble getting to sleep at night. If you are one of those unfortunates who toss and turn for what seems like hours before getting to sleep, you can't always blame that cup of coffee. And you have probably learned that counting sheep doesn't ,heip much. It may be that the trouble stems for the fact that you haven't learned to relax, But one can learn to by practice. 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O The Doctors Vtelodrama Q Dream Girl; Women's News Peauty cageant contest CB House Party Art Llnkletter hosts variety oroaram 1:00 P.M. O Another World Dramatic Episodes O General Hospital Medical series. CD To Tell the Truth; CBS News Guesslno game 1:30 P.M. Q You Don't Say Panel show Q Dark Shadows Suspense play. flj From the Border Variety show from Noaales with Oscar Stevens. (IVi hours) CB Edge of Night Continuing with Lawrence Huao. 2:00 P.M. Q Match Game; NBC News Q Afternoon Movie Jeff Chandler and Kim Novak star In 'Jeanne Eagles." (Two hours) CB Secret Storm Problem play 2:30 P.M. O Girl Talk Virginia Graham moderate? discussion show £0 Mike Douglas Show talke greets guests IIVS houn) 3:00 P.M. Q Movie Glynls Johns and Peter Finch star In "Josephine and men." (Two hours) CD Spanish Film "El Charro y La Dama'" con Pedro Mendrez v Roslta Quintans. {Una hora V media) 4:00 P.M. D Marshal KGUN Children's program. (Ei Merv Griffin Guest personalities visit (IVb hours) GRACE KELLY, BING CROSBY Award Movie Co-Stars Channel 13, 7 P.M. CD Stage Eleven Alan Steele stars In "The Three Avengers," a W4S film about mythical heroes, always on the side of the oppressed, who travel around the world finding wrongs they can right. (Two hours) CB Friday Night vlovie Bino Crosby, Grace Kelly and William Holden star In the film version of Clifford Odets's play "The Country Girl." Story focuses on an entertainer who has lost confidence In himself but Is given an opportunity to regain It. Miss Kelly's performance won her an Academy Award. (Two hours) 7:30 P.M. Q T.H.E. Cat T. H. E. Cat (Robert Loggia) heeds the plea of a pretty singer (Laura Devon) 8:10 A.M. Q Flintstones Cartoon action in · s*on« MM Q King Kong Adventlres of an anmroeote © Frankenstein Jr. Lovable monster a Mi tht law. 8:30 A.M. Q Space Kidettes Cartoon young set travel* to Q The Beatles CB Space Ghosts interplanetary crime ouster ftohtl tvD 9:04 A.M. O Secret Squirrel Cartoon scries Q New Casper Cartoons CB Superman 1:3* A.M. Q The Jetsons Q Milton The Monster £0 Lone Ranger Adventures of The Rang*r and Twit* 10:00 A.M. Q Cool McCool 0 Bugs Bunny CB Roadrunner Antics * a zanv bird. 10:30 A.M. O Movie (IVj hours) Q Magilla Gorilla CB Beagles ll:0e A.M. Q Hoppity Hooper IB Tom and Jerry 11:30 A.M. I American Bandstand to protect her press aaenl from mysterious assailants. Q Words Professor Bob Smith Introduces wordi which sound like nonsense when txam- Ined. Singer Jerry Butler and the Merrv-G* Round are Dick Clark's guests with "You Walked Into My Life," "I D» You, Baby" and "Live." Grace Slick ol the Jefferson Airplane and an Erie, Pi disc lockey are Interviewed. (One hour) CB Mighty Mouse 8:00 P.M. Laredo FREE Servlci NO MONEY DOWN 295 SQ. 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Los Angeles Dodgers vs Chicago Cubs. (KTUC, The Happiest Moms on May 14th. Will be Those Who Get A Wonderful New Kitchen Aid DISHWASHER We have a Big Selection of Dependable KitchenAid Dishwashers, Too = Portobles-Convertibles-Built Ins. 4:30 P.M. B Sea Hunt ScutM-dlvlna tales star Lloyd Bridges. CB Cartoons 5:00 P.M. O Women's Pictorial Business Reports 0 News -- Jennings QJ Country Music Time Grand Ole Oprv western songs. 5:25 P.M. Q English for the Spanish 5:30 P.M. Q Huntley-Bri.rsk!ey Report Q News in Action CD Danny Thomas Show Humorous series. CB Cronkite with News Evening 6:00 P.M. O Weather, Sports, News Q Adventure Story called "Jean La Fltle, Pirate Pa- The Rangers pose aj angels ol mercy to capture a family of hillbilly payroll thieves. (One hour) Q Arnold Toynbee Converses Seventy-eight year old Arnold Joseph Toynbee, lamed and often controversial historian, talks about his view ol history and clvlllraton. Q Best of Movies "The Three Worlds of Gulliver" stars Kerwln Matthews and Jo Morrow Irt a very good I960 adventure about a ship s surgeon, washed overboard In a storm, who finds himself In the land of LI Ill- puts, whose people are only six ncnos high. Based on Jonathan Swift's classic. (Two hours) 8:30 P.M. Q Spectrum A report on research aimed at reducing the mounting loll of highway accidents. 9:00 P.M. Q Man From U.N.C.L.E. 'HRUSH agents kidnap a presidential hopeful's wile to alter her brain so she will obey them. Diana Hvland plays a dual guest-star role. (One hour) 3 Playhouse Past Intruding," a Japanese Him with English sun-titles. Is set against the aackground of the Olympic Games In Japan and concerns a psychiatrist whose past Is marked with a war experience of which he has no recall. (One hour) CD News, Weather, Sports CB Wild Wild West James West and Artemus Gordon sr assigned the task ol guarding the life o a visiting. . .and highly uncoou lar. .Latin American dictator. When h is killed, they search for his assassin (One hour) 9:30 P.M. CD Secret Agent Revolution leaves Us trail of emotion fear and bitterness for many years after the fighting on "Affair at Castelevara ' (One hour! 10:00 P.M. Q News and Weather Q Campus News Q News in Action CD Niteline News 10:15 P.M. Q Tonight Show Johnny Carson greets guests. (45 mins.) 10:30 P.M. Q Joey Bishop Show George Ratt and Sheila MacRa* are guests. CD Las Vegas Show BHt Dana hosts varied entertainment with visitors and lounge acts. CB Perry Mason Perrv takes the cese of the Greek goddess. 11:00 P.M. Q Movie "Trooper Hook" stars Joel McCrea and Barbara Stanwvck In a good 1957 west ern about a white girl, rescued from Apaches, who finds understanding and a new life wllh a Seroeant. Off-beat story with acllon, suspense and sun play. 11:30 P.M. C0 Hitchcock Presents Mvsterv thrillersi news (One hour) 12 MIDNIGHT Q Peter Gunn; News Adventures of a Oeoonalr aetectlv*. Saturday CD McHale's Navy The group !» captured by head-hunters. band of Morning 4:00 A.M. (0 Pope's Pilgrimage Pope Paul VI makes a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima In Portugal. 7:00 A.M. Q Super 6 Cartoon of a suoer sleuth © Shirley Temple Movie (One hour) (B News 6:30 P.M. See These Masterpieces Today! 18" x 24 " Art Treasures of the World, Fine reproductions on artist canvas. Ready for Framing. . nww; WE HAVE A COMPLETE SELECTION COOLER SUPPLIES, PADS, ETC. 5527E.PMA PH. 296-2515 OPEN MON. THRU SAT. 9-9 · CLOSEDSUNDAYI Q Tarzan r^rzart tsnsles with * mad pmpire-build. ngi "colonel'sel on enslaving tribes. First of two-parts. (One hour) I The Big Picture U. S. Army report. Q Green Hornet Britt Reid becomes involved In a deadly campaign lo stop the re-election of District Attorney Scanlon. CD The Flintstones Wilma has secretly spent vacation funds when Fred decides to leave Bedrock. CB Hugan's He-roes While Gen. Von Kattenhorn intends to convert Malag )3 to a Gtrman Army rest camp. Colonel FeldKamp of Ine secret police has a rival plan to mae It his headquarters. 7:00 P.M. Q What's New Alligators In action underwater, landing and taking off again from the moon, and folk music of the United States are Q Time Tunnel Tony and Doug are believed lo be gods when they materialize durln* !h« Greek slese of Troy. (Ont hour) DIANA HYLAND In Spy Series Episode Channel 4, 8 P.M. Afternoon 12 NOON O Baseball The Atlanta Braves and 1h« Pittsburgh Pirates meet at Forbes Field, Pltts- bursh. Curt Gowdy, Sandy Koufax «nd Pee Wee Reese resort. (Thre« houn) CB Underdog 12:30 P.M. Q Action Theater Howard Dull and pick Foran star fn "Sierra Stranger." story of a prospector who rescues a wild youngster from · lynch party and finds danaer »nd romance. (Two hours) CD Rifleman Western Adventure. 1:00 P.M. CB Outer Limits Hour adventure story. 1:30 P.M. 0) From The Border Variety entertainment from Noeales wil* host Oscar Stevens. IV/j hours) 2:00 P.M. C0 Auto Racing Highlights of 1?M auto r«dng season (One hour) 2:30 P.M. Golf With Sam Snead Tee shols are cove.-cd as Sam Sf^iS opens with lips on proper ?'"]P m * n 7 and then demonstrates the art of driving from the tee. 3:00 P.M. Q Vietnam Report Q Wide World of Sports On the agenda: color coverage of daredevils In action at the World nv ta- tional High Diving championships In Las Vegas; the International Parachuting championships from Bulgaria; and the National AAU Gymnastic championships from Natchitoches, La. (IV'i hours) CO Spanish Film "Clta Con La Muerte" con Carmen Monteloy Gustavo Rolo. (Una hora y media) [0 Championship Bowling Bill Tucker and Dave Soutar art shown in action. (One hour) 3:30 P.M. O Sergeant Preston Adventures of a Royal Canadian Mount!*. 4:00 P.M. CJ Swords and Spears Mark Fcrest and Yvonne Furrieaux star in "Lion of Thebes," a 9Q-rninut« spectacular. (B Barn Dance Western and country music. 4:30 P.M. 0 Theater Nine "Guitar In Guatemala" and "Might Train to Danger." (One hour) Q5 Nucleonic Industry (B CBS News -- Mudd 5:00 P.M. CD Bob Myers Show POP music. CB 20th Century episode caiied -"Typhoon In CkiriGV.-s." 5:30 P.M. O Flipper Local residents turn asalnst SCENE FROM STUDY On Driving Safety Channel S, 8:30 P.M. 7:15 A.M. Q Light Time irnmra'ionai n^e^sdqefl 7:30 A.M. O Atom Ant Q Porky Pig Porter Ricks when Flipper's tidal wav* warning appears to be a false alarm. Q Dating Game An escort Is chosen after three candidates are questioned. CD Perl in On Sports Bernie Perlln reoorts on th« latest from the sports world. Jackie Gieason Jackie Gieason (as Ralph Kramderrt boasts of h!s friendship with the real Gieason and promises to have him star in the annual Raccoons Club dance. (On« hour) Information in these listings id provided by the television networks and local stations. The Citizen assumes no responsibility for errors caused by latt changes in scheduling.

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