Independent from Long Beach, California on May 17, 1957 · Page 17
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 17

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1957
Page 17
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NEWS IN BK1EF Remedial Teaching Delegates to Meet One hundred members of the California Aa«t. for Remedial will hold a one-day conference Saturday at Long Beach State College.. Speaker* will Include Dr, Leo T. rhearman, State College profenor of education and conference arrangements chairman; Mn. Mary H«xl. reading clinician at Washington Junior High School, and Dr. Selma K, llnrr. of tho University of Nevada. Farty-Niner Wins Aivard State College'* campus newspaper, Tho Fnrty-Nlner. has been named winner of the top Medalist award In Columbia Scho- Jaitlc Press Aun.'s competition for school newspapers. Jerry Bu»om headed the editorial staff at the time the newspaper was MAURICE A. BUGBKE. executive director of the Boys Dorothy Loiil»e Fornla, assistant professor at State, has pawed her final oral examination at USC for the degree of doctor of education. Her dissertation was on physical education, The Loin Bwch Municipal Bund, conducted by Churles Payne, will perform at the Hollywood Preview at 8 p.m. Saturday In Jordan High School auditorium. The show will raise luiuh for « new Church ot Jcau. Christ of Latter-day HalnU In I * 0f ncEwfatloTof new kindergarten pupils will be held from ] to 3 p.m. Monday through Wednesday at the Mary Zoeter School In 8r»l B«-»ch. YoMnKsters must bfl at least four years TMTl" rooml* of ago before Sept. a. 1957, to be eligible to register. . , _ . Attending Boys' Club Meet Maurlee A. BURDW. e x e c u t i v e director ot the Boys- Clubs of Lone Beach. Is attending tho 31s t annual convention of Bos* 1 Clubs of America In Detroit. The HarlH-r Trojan Club will sponsor « «ac dinner for USC. alumni a 6% p.m*Tue,day In the Hacienda Hotel San Pedro The three new USC varsity football coaches, fleorge Dlch-on, Al Davl. and Marv flou*. will be presented. Howard Coy. club r^sldem. will announce the scholarship award winner. Dr. Robert Thomson has charge of reservations. Three Long Beach students, members of the Air Force ROTC unit at Occidental College, have received honors. Cadet ".Col. Robert A. Manns, son of Mr. and Mr,. Ilalph K. Mann., of 3705 Corso dl Napoll. received the Outstnndlnc Senior Military Award, the Chicago Tribune Gold ROTC Medal for superior scholastic analnmem. and the AFROTC Drill Team Award. Cadet Airman 5/ 0, A. PeuKh, son ot Mr.. W. L. reU K h. of 2169 Magnolia Avc.. won the Freshman Cadet Leadership Award. Cadet Ken. you C. Barnes, son of Mr. and Mr.. Kenneth B. Barney of 1378 Newport Ave.. received an award for drill .proficiency. Service In Temple Beth Sholom. 3388 Long Beach Blvd.. will be held Friday at 8 p, m. Rabbi Maurice SchwarU will speak on "The Fullest Judaism." Ltgl Nolle. ,, ,,,,,,,, ..... Pub May K. 17. , May 15. 1937, ho will not In ro aponilbh. for »ny debt", llacllltlei or oblltatloni Incurred by any jwr- aoni ouifr tlmn hlinMlt, UatPd May 14 1»57. glgnKt/MICllAKL J. ONEIER ' Pub. May 15, 16, 17, 1937 tat) L..U.I. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. I . . _ . hereunto itl in)' hand and afflsed 192? Cltl L.II.I. my official icil the day and year In I hi. certificate tint above written. NOTICE OPNON-RESPONSIBIUITY (ge«|) I'HYLLIB J, SMITH Notice la hereby plven by the Notary PuMIc In and for Said umlinlpned, Michael J, Uneler, re- County and State, My Commtiilon aiding at 340 llhea. Long lleach. Kxiilf" March 13 inn. calllurnia, that allir the dale of 1'ub. May 3, 10, IT, 14. 1957 (41) LIU New Powerful A torn Reactor Displayed IDAHO FALLS, Idaho W-An atomic reactor, which works itself to the brink of disaster In split second, but stops just short of exploding, was din* played here Thursday by nil* clear scientists. · ' The unusual Instrument can loaf along, producing o n l y enough energy to operate a .lashllght, then In a twinkling of an eye can zoom Its output to equal momentarily the power output of Grand Coulee Dam. Paradoxically, the reactor's dangerous behavior-Is designed o Insure safety In future atomic power producers. It was constructed at the Atomic Energy Commission's national reactor testing station n the desert west of here by ;ho Phillips petroleum Co. and was shown for the first time to newsmen on a tour sponsored by the AEC. SINCE JUNE 11, 1955, wher the reactor was first used, 1 has ventured close to troubl 450 times, said Dr. Stuar Forbes, chief of the company' physics section. The things that happen Insld the»reactor when It niaches th danger stage are recorded In stantly on a large battery of In struments. The results are dl gested and put Into report which will tell builders of futur piles what they can and canno do In fashioning the power pro duccrs of tomorrow. This will save money and ef fort, Dr. Forbes said, becaus It can show how reactor build crs may be able to reduce th heavy and expensive safeguard now used. Up to now, buildcn have leaned over backward t make reactors safe. When Ir doubt, they have used m o r shielding than might have beer REPLACED DISPOSER AND SAVE $$$ for o limited time only, Sanitary Plumbing Co. offers you a new WASTE KING Pulverator SUPERHUSH MODEL 7000 *A88 REGULAR QQ "ICE . 99.95 LIMITED OFFER--LIBERAL TERMS COME IN 7ODAY SANITARY PLUMBING GO. FOR ONLY With trade-In ·! any (Id dlipmr, rtgardlm ef condition. PLUMBING HEATING 1161 PINE -- HE 7-4538 or HE 6-3472 "Tit Old.if rifebllilltd ·l.mbl.j liilMii I* U»i NIGHT IMEROENCT REFAIRS ONLY-- HE Mf2S «r GA 2-33U necessary and have taken extreme measure* to. keep heat levels well within an arbitrarily conservative margin of safety,. THE EXPERIMENTAL setup, known as the Special Power E x c u r s i o n Reactor Tests (SPERT for short), should go far toward streamlining power units yet to be built, Dr. Forbes said. The reactor sits underground . ,. , ... In a Wide expanse Of Wilderness 50 miles from Idaho Falli. The · Uigai operating crew stays In a build- Ing half a mile away from the Instrument and watches Its performance via a television set There never has been an accident,'Dr. Forbes said. · Ltgll Notlca CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS FICTITIOUS FIRM NAME THE UNDKHBICINED doc. hfr»by rartlly (hit lie !· conducting a toy deilgnlnit and manufacturing bull- n... .1 3135 K.Ilin AWIIM. CIlY of Notary Pulill. In andI for.Mid Coun. fletltloui firm nima of "Worthy Toy Manufacturing Company", and that Mid firm la compoMd of lha follow- Ing peraoni, who» nun" nd «o- dmata «r» aa followi, to-wlt: Joieph J. L*wandowikl. 31J5 Kat- lln Annul, Ixing BiMh IS. California. WITNESS my h»nJ this »th dty ot May. 19". JOSEPH J, LKWANDOWBK1 BTATB OK CALIFORNIA ) COUNTY 0V IMS ANCEI.ES ) aa. ON THIS Ith d»y nf May, A.D., 1957, b»for« ma Amelia Maunn, - INDEPENDENT--P«g«~A~-l7 UK. M, way n, -jw. i Lagal Natle* appeared Joaeph J. Uwaoiowikl, known t» m« to b« lha pcraoa) wh«a« mm. In aubav-rlbed lo th» within Initnimtnt, and acknoxlidiad to m» that ha neruled the Mma. · IM WITNESS WHBHBOtV 1 ! haT4 hareunto Mt niy hand and adllM my official real tha day and year IK llili certificate flnt writun, AMELIA MAONO (SEAL,) Notary Pubiio In and for Bald County and Btala nmmm ml alja KBlIln Av*"nUfl Lily OI rioiBry 1'uuiio HI «ni t»i aia»ii» «,uuii- »--.,. ,,__..., LonV leach 15, County of'l-a A n - l y and State, re.ulln, therein duly My.C«mmlMlo«f*ff'!»*«: *\ gelei, Stale of California, under tha tommlialon«d and awurn, perionally Pub, May 10. 17, 34. 31. (U) /Gerbeft j STRAINED · \ Meats/ baby strikes it rich A w«olth of protein Is In itore for you* baby when you serve protein-rich Cerber Strained Meats. And proteins, as you probably know,' are the great "growing toolr," the great strength-given of the body. Cerber Meats for Babies are made from 'felected'Armour cuts ... processed to remove most of the fat and coarsn tlsiue ... and to preserve the utmost In flavor and food yahies. Otrbor Strained Mtari are purecd to i good-feeling smoothness that's especially suitable for baby's delicate' digestive system. They're pure meat, with Just enough broth to bring out'the'true-meat-flavors. And Isn't It good to know that these meats are the products of two great specialists! Cerber, famous for fine baby foods- Armour, famous for fine meats. Babies are our business... our only business! 4 CERCALS OVIK 75 SmiNtD i JUNIOR FOOD! -- INCLUDING MtATt "· BABV FOODS »IHOIIT, HWHiaaN NOTICE OF NON.RESPONSIBILITY NotlM li hrnby glyrn by th« unilirilfnid, Howard A. Moonty. r«- ·Idlng at 2M4 l'ln Are., Lone Jl»«f li. California, that afl'r the data of May 13. 1937, h» will not Ix niponilble for any drbti, llabllltlei or obllnatloni Incurred M/ any pcr- ·oni othrr than hlmielf, D.led May 14, 1»57. Slenfd/IIOVVABD A. WOONBT Puh. ^lay 10. 16, 17, 1»37 13 41170 NOTICE Or INTENDED »AUK AND NOTICE OF INTENDED TRANSFER OF LICENSE FOR. THE SALE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVEHAQEB Nntlc* !» hereby Rtv*n inirfuanl to the lirovliloni of HfCtlon ^440 of tun Civil Code and ttectlon l.'t (if the Alcoholic lleveraRe Control Act of the Ht«l«i uf California, that Adtllna N. Fniter Inl'ndu to rf\\ lo Morrla tlchwarti and 1'alrlcla li. Hrhwarta all that certain perional t)ro|ierty conilttln? generally ot r'Uturei, K'luliuneiit anil all itock toiether with an U[f-ttale Urnrral Liquor liceni^ Nuniber C*S2?b*l) IC'iJJS-Dl of a Liquor builneu, known aa The ]Ioit Hhop tx-lonKliiK to *ald Adeline N, Koiter and local- fl at 326o Lakrwood lllvd., Clly of Luna* lleich. County of Loi An- Ifflea, Htate of California, and that* the purehaiA tirlca Ihermf will tM jiald, on Monilqy, the lnt day of J u l y , 1957. at PACIFIC COAST KMOHOW CO., Inc.. 311 Tlnwa llullUlnff, 21 Atnerlcan Avenue, City of Lonu Itrach, County of Lot An(lie!, 8l«te (if California, at 10 o'clock A.M. The amount of the Intended purrhaM prlro for the 1 llcrnie la SSOUO.00. That th* ad- drfna of Mid vendor and licence !· 040] Jllllvlew lload, City nf Ana- helm. County of Orange, State of California, and the addredi of aald vendeei and tranferrea li 32u* Htuilekaker iload. C l l y , of. Long Heach. County ot Lai Anfelei, fitatv of California. Dated May in, 19:7. APKUNK N. KOSTEIl, Vendi*r and l.tcennee. WOIIIUH MCHWAllT/., ' V^ndr^ and Tr»npf»ree. J'ATIHCIA II. HCHWAHTZ. Vindre and Tratmf*r«*e, PACIFIC COAST ESCROW CO., INC., 311 Tlnwi Bldg., JI5 American Ave,, Long Beach, Calif. Pub. May 17._li)57 (111--L.n.l. CERTIFICATE OF BUSINEBB i Fletltloui Firm Nam* THE UNllKHHIUNKD iln» hereby certify that he la conducting a Jewelry tiuilneu at til* Hprlne Street. Clly of Long P?aeh. Cuunty of Loa An^elei. Hla1« of California, Under the flctllloui firm name of AKTIIUIl'H JEWKLmtS and that aaltl llrm li comtmied of the follu«-tng perann, whoen name and addreei U ae follow*, to-wlt: Marvin C, A r t h u r . :i«19 K r'alr- man. I^kewood, California. W1TNKSH niy hand Hhla tint day of May. 1937. MARVIN C. AltTIIUn RTATK Of CAI.IKOllNIA ) COIINTT OF LOU AMOKI.KS ) H. ON T1I1H lit day of May A.D., HOWARD'S FOR STILL GET QUALITY AND SERVICE! FlttER-FlO BARGAINS BIG2-DOQR 21" CONSOLE WASHER THO WASH CYCLE WATER SAVER WA450 FILTER-FLO START AT LESS HUGE TRADE-IN EXTRA FOR WA650-WA850 LOW$ AS 2 00 WK. SAVE '200 PRICES START AT FREE DELIVERY INSTALLED GUARANTEED KEYSTONE or BELL HOWELL 14 -- MOVIE OUTFIT COMPLETE WITH EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO TAKE SHOW MOVIES JEWELRY--CAMERAS--TV-APPLIANCES DIMC LONG BF!ACH rllMt OPEN FRIDAY 'TIL 9 800 S, PACIFIC, SAN PEDRO BUI ATLANTIC AVE; COSTS LESS THAN MANY TABLE MODELS NOW ONLY . , FREE DELIVERY INSTALLATION SERVICE GUARANTEED ON ALL ELECTRONIC PARTS! BEAT HOWARD'S PRICES YOU CANT AUTOMATIC SPEED KETTLE TRADMN . FOR ANY" OLD -I«n POTI Now Only 1 .4

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