Independent from Long Beach, California on February 10, 1958 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 10, 1958
Page 1
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FEATURES INDEX Amusements - .B-4 Clusslfled .....C-4 ComlCH B-6, 7 Death Notices..C-4 Editorial .....A-6 Inside Out B-l Radio-TV A-14 Shipping Guide'. C-4 Sports ...-C-1, 2, S Women B-3, 3 *pjndeii The Southland's m finest Morning Newspaper Phon. HE 5-1 161 - Clanffied No. HE 2-5959 30 PASE LONG BEACHV2.:CAi[F:^pNDAY. FEBRUARY 10^ I958^__^.VOL. 20 - NO. 165 WEATHER Considerable cloudiness w^th a. chance .of,* f«W ', sprinkles but partially clearing In the after- .'; · noon. Tuesday «ome cloudiness" but, consider* able sunshine. Little change in temperature. '" High today near 86. High Sunday, 85; low, 45; ; : HOMEEDIliON--10«- France Re j for Bombi U.S. Tells 'Profound Concern^ (Combined Wr« Services) WASHINGTON -- Secretary of State John Foster Dulles s u m m o n e d French Ambassador IJerve Alphand to his home Sunday and told him this country was "profoundly disturbed" by reports of the French bombing of a Tunisian border village. The secretary, conferred witn ;! Alphand for more than half an hour about the French attack Saturday on Sakiet Sidi Youseff Tunisia. The department released a short statement after the meeting. The department message Dressed concern over the effect the incident may have on relations between the too nations * * » * "WE ARE concerned at the effect this occurrence may have on the relations between the two nations, both friends of the United States who we continue to hope will find a means for reconciling their differences in the interests of the- peaceful progress of the North Africa area," the department said. ' Meanwhile, angry Tunisians called the French bombing an act of war. An authoritative Tunis newspaper hinted at break with the West President Habib Bourguiba, considered a good friend of the United States, demanded · tne French pull the last troops out of Tunisia and give up the vital NATO naval base at Bizerte, . ; ·" * » * * TUNISIAN officials said the hour-long bombing and strafing killed 7S persons and wounded 84 in the town near the Algerian, frontier. They earlier had put the death toll at 100. A Swedish Red Cross official, who watched from the towns outskirts as the 25 French warplanes attacked, called at a "horrible sight." He said dead '(Continued on Page A-8, Col. 3) Airman Starts 7-Day Chamber 'Moon' Trip Rescue Parties Hunt 3 Hikers on Mount Wilson SIERRA MADRE (^--Rescue teams' were combing the little Santa Anita Canyon area of Mt Wilson Sunday night for three members of a family over due on a hiking trip. 33; his son, B o b b y , 8, by jeep. LAST LOOK OUTSIDE Airman Donald G. Farrell crouches in rear of small steel cubicle at Randolph. Air Force Base,. San Antonio, Tex., where he started a seven-day make-believe trip Sunday to the moon. Movie and TV cameras will record his reactions.--See picture and story ( on Page A-3.--(AP Wirephoto.) 15 DEAD IN STORMS Snow Buries Parts ofN.Y. Press uy Aflsocmiou rreas _ A howling blizzard roared into upstate New York Sunday night and sleet and freezing rain glazed some central states as winter tightened its numbing gnp over most of the nation. Drifts 15 feet high piled up on upper New York highways, lashed by winds topping 50 m.p.h. , « Hundreds of persons were snbwbound or stranded. Schools and industries closed as snow plows fought a losing battle against swirling snow. * * » »· AT LEAST 19 persons were je on a iuimi m±'« ^T LEAST J.y persons weie Missing were Carl Niemack, repor t e( j dead across the na- !· his son. B o b b y . 8, and +,_,, ,,- , rpmiit of violent tion as a result of violent OO, lUO ClWl4j ·*-* w v ·* J t ~* tlOn 35 a. iC3Uit* Ui- v i w i ^ i i u daughter, Margaret, 14, of 1803 weat h er during the weekend. Cliff Hill Dr., Monterey Park. Ten die( j in Kew York from Sheriff's officers and mem- traffic accidents' and heart at- bers of the S i e r r a Ma'dre tacks vvn ji e shoveling snow. -At Search and Rescue Team were j eas t seven died in a .shrieking conducting the hunt on foot and s t orm which hit New England i _ . _ j ? » _ » ; _ 4. nn f c;« "LOOK, MA, I've got pink fingernails!" an overjoyed 19- year-old youth exclaimed after a blue-baby operation. Page A-13. ACTRESS Lauren Bacall, widow of Humphrey Bogart, wants to marry again. Page B-4. - and two more died. in traffic accidents on icy' Oklahoma highways. In New York the cities of Utica and Syracuse ordered emergency measures. Syracuse, a city of 220,000 in the hard-hit central part of the state, had 34 -inches of snow on the ground, including that had fallen Sunday. It storm there the weather was the worst since 1925, said bureau. A STRETCH of the New York Thruway from Albany to Buffalo was closed to traffic -L.A.C.-SAYS:- IVew Dollars The avwoge resident sees little of: convention visitor* to the city. The visitors crowd hotels, restaurants -and meeting rooms in hotels or the auditorium depending on the size of the convention. But over 100,000 such visitors came here last year-and spent over 10 million dollars in this city. It was new money for Long Beach. This kind of new money each year is a major factor in our economy. It is equal to bringing a new Ford or Procter Gamble plant to the city. The efforts to have conventions held here call for intelligent, careful planning, contacting organizations in oil parts of the country and selling them on the ad^ (Continued on Page A-6) _ late Sunday afternoon as freezing gusts whipped up fine, snow -into towering drifts and tu visibility · to nearly. zero. State police banned highway travel 'except in emergencies. Schools in Syracuse and surrounding Onondaga County an( Utica were ordered closed anc industries told employes to stay home. ' · ' Wind gusts of nearly 60 m.p.h. were reported at Wor cester, Mass. They reached 56 m.p.h. near Binghamton, N. -Y and 40. m.p.h. at Albany.. - -' The mid-states storm was laced with freezing rain... Freezing d r i z z l e was re ported on. the Texas-Oklahoma border while Nebraska, Kan sas and''South Dakota, were smacked with new snowfalls The weather bureau said some 4 to ' 6 -inches of fresh snow w o u l d ' a - c c u m u l a t e . b y this morning.. · * * /* * OTHER SNOW flurries were reported from Michigan to New England and southward into the Virginia mountains. The sub-zero weather was most better in the Midwest. The mercury dipped to' 11 be low at O'Hare A i r p o J t on Chicago's northwest fringe ant 10 below in Des Moines, Iowa The' weather bureau said Sun day-night lows would equal or top those readings. Readings on Minnesota were predicted to dip 20 below.' · 'Below zero levels'reached as far south as Western Virginia while . cold-shocked northern Florida got another.-dose 'of be low freezing temperatures: ·. Freeze warnings -were. issue again for northern Florida Sun day night In southern Florida tempera tures were in the 40s. Diamond Merchant's Theft Loss $24,000 DETROIT W--3eiry Kran dall, a diamond merchant, re ported to police. Sunday the loss of $24,000 In jewelry an furs from-his home. Krandall, ·" member of a sub urban .Highland Park .Jewelrj firm, said 'he discovered'. the loss~while dressing for a trip to New York after a Saturday night party. SAN ANTONIO, Tex. UE)-V 23-year-old, airman walked nto a small steel shell Sunday. and began a seven-day journey into the unknown. After 10 hours in a cramped hamber anchored to the floor of a laboratory at Randolph Air "orce Base, Donald . Gerard 'arrell was "doing fine" on his imulated trip to the moon, of- icials said. Farrell .will spend a wee alone in the chamber as if he vere on a round-trip to the moon. Isolated from the world n the five-feet tall chamber developed at-the School of Av- ation Medicine- here, he is ex- icriencing conditions duplicat- ng to a very "great extent the ones he would meet in outer paces, doctors said. ,. * * * - * ' · IF ALL GOES well, Farrell returns S a t u r d a y . He was ealed in the chamber at 9:35 a.m. Capt. Julius E. Ward, the project officer and a flight .urgeon, said Sunday night that Farrell was. "turning into an excellent subject." Once, he said, .the airman! punched a button, which pipes | music, his only touch with the 1 outer world, into his cabin. He leard "Love .Is a Many Splen- dored Thing." Ward said he did t apparently' in a "period of Boredom," which is the main oint of the experiment. He. said Farrell has eaten several times, but was not worried about the airman's supply of concentrated food running out. Ward said Farrell is occupied most of the time by tests which udge his aptitude and mental ability under the strain of solitude. * » * * THE DOCTORS in the laboratory watch Farrell on a 14- nch t e l e v i s i o n screen and watch 'his problems on another screen. Inside the brilliantly ighted chamber, Farrell wears Falls by Flower · · i/ . . . · -·-·-'. Three Die WRECKAGE OF AIR TRAGEDY Batto'CMeTtene Walker-examines ^^ ,_to-earth.Sunday.,in fog near;Torxance, = :Ttire.e;;rfleri were'kmeov ?na a . critically, injured.. The four^were on their way to Medford, Ore, to,attena the'funeral of a victim of the Norwalk plane crash when they crashed, graz- in°- the home at 3670 Flower. Stl--(Staff Photo;) . dark glasses. The highly-amplified beat of the isolated airman's heart can je heard in the laboratory over the chatter of a number of charting, machines rolling off data on his physical processes. Ward changes said 'his Farrell seldom expression, but , ooks relaxed, moving his head from side to side to watch his instruments. "He feels like a guinea pig now," Ward said, jut added the feeling is expected 'to wear off as boredom ;rows stronger. "He has the :eeling of 'being watched," he CLOTHED IN a flight suit, Farrell slipped into JJie cham : ber and said "Well, here 'goes," when he was sealed- in Sunday morning. Saturday night Farrell .visited Roman Catholic Chaplain Maj. spiritually for his ordeal in the cabin." Bomb-Test Foes to Set Sail Today By WARREN WALTERS Fortified by a mass prayer meeting'held Sunday, the tiny sailboat Golden Rule will head into the Pacific at noon today carrying a mammoth challenge to the world's mightiest na- WM CROSSED UPItfHlS EXPERIMENTS These old "horror movies on TV bring out the mad doctor m the WM. A m i.d s t flashing lights a n d 'glowing neon tubes he constantly £ e x p e riment- tions. As phrased by the four-man crew of the 30-foot ketch, the challenge is: Stop . nuclear- bomb tests before humanity itself 'is destroyed. . . . The. destination of the Golden Rule is Eniwetok Island where the United States will hold a nuclear bomb test in April. AT SUNDAY'S prayer meeting, attended by 300 persons at Berth 44 'in Los -'Angeles Harbor, the four men reaffirmed their willingness to "sacrifice J^UlllClil ^^CI-ULlUAl^. \_-lldJ--lU.J.). I i'AtiJ. * -- · -- » * . · · 0 Raymond F:'Colman, who said their lives by remaining.-in the the airman was "fully prepared area--if permitted--when the (Continued on Page A-7/Col: 31 ing. .. · . Today, a .touch- of sun, clearing ' s k i e s , , compounded with perhaps .'j u s t early morning sprinkles. None of his experiments has been a success. Once he crossed a parrot with a lion.. He still isn't sure what' he' has, 'but' 'when speaks, he listens. New Russ Satellite Rumored LONDON. Wl--The Sunday Graphic'said it had learned the Soviet Union would launch its third earth satellite next Tuesday. It said the satellite wil have more comprehensive instruments than either of the first two Sputniks. IT Sumatra War Threat 'JAKARTA, Indonesia;.;^- -Military leaders -"in" central Sumatra demanded Sunday . that .·Premier Djuanda's cabinet resign "or .face the'con- sequences of'a. holy war." Quartet Going to Funerali Pastor, Friend of: Collision Victim, Killed; 4th Critical By BAXTER OMOHUNDRO TORRANCE -- T h r e e men were killed, and a fourth .critically injured, when their plane crashed near Torrance Municipal Airport during a dense :og Sunday on a flight to attend the funeral of a victim of the recent Norwalk aircraft tragedy. One wing of the crashed plane grazed a home occupied sy two women, one -of them an invalid,' .' .' Dead are: The Rev. Kelly Ray Meritt Jr., 23, of Kearney,-Neb., who was to officiate at the funeral. Lars (Larry) Andrew Gromp, 25, of 2675 Dolphin Ave., San Pedro,-pilot and owner of the light craft. Edmund S. Hughes, 60, . of 835 W. 4th St., San Pedro.' * * « . * · · · Robert .Dye, 30, of Los Angeles, was in grave condition in Harbor General Hospital .with a head injury and a broken left ankle. The quartet left the Torranca airport shortly before 8 a.m. Sunday bound for Medford, Ore. to attend the funeral of electronics aviation technician E. R. Jennings, a Coast Guardsman, killed in ' the Norwalk crash Feb. 1. He was Dye's uncle. * * * * ' . f % THE PLANE s m a s h e d to earth in a field of flowers, spilth of Newton St., and east of Haw,.,,,, ,,..,, ~ r thorne Ave. It skidded 'abqu't The London tabloid did .notjioo'feet before the right-wing., disclose ' the source of its' re-1 grazed the Fred' Gerkenthome port. It added that -the Rusa t 3670 Flower St., and smashed sians also planned to shoot a aga inst a tree; man-carrying S p u t n i k into space'later this year under control 'so that the passenger could return to 1 -earth: · · The newspaper said a Russian scientist who visited Britain reported the first two , Soviet Sputniks were launched- only after "a series of'failures even more depressing than.-those which the United States suffered.." · · . . . . . . .", . . The -Graphic said the · scientist 'reported--that, Sputnik I "was, launched only at the fifth attempt" ··' HOPE TO HALT NUCLEAR TEST .Members of-the crew who willsail .for Eniwetok Is- , land today to protest the coming United States nuclear-bomb test stand aboard their ship the Golden Rule, Fronv left to right are-David Gale,. 21, George Willoughby,: 43, Albert Bigelowy 51, and William Huntingtbn,: 51. A mass grayer, meet-, ing was held for! them'Sunday at. Berth 44;in tne Los Angeles Harbpr,^-(Staff Photo), The cabin of the Cessna 195 (Continued on Page A-8, Coil) Pair Gets ,000 in Market SANTA ANA -- Two leisurely bandits held customers and store clerks at bay for more than 10 minutes .and .escaped with $2,000 in cash Sunday ;in the' holdup of a market at 1st St. arid Harbor Blvd.: ' ··''·;'. Sheriff's deputies . s a i d . .the pair entered the market- at ap-' proximatelylb a.m. and force'd store clerk William B. Tossell to 'empty all'the bills from" the cash register and safe, info:-'* brown paper-sack. -·"- i * · » * * "., . -' ' MEANWHILE, the second bandit held three customers, and clerk Morgan.D. Loomis at.giin point in the rear of the -store. However, one witness escaped and called the sheriff's office from a store across the street; After collecting the' money, the bandits forced the clerks and customers into a walk : in refrigeratorl '; . ' , -Deputies later found the-getaway car .which was! stolen.. '. 26 Die as Bus Falls Off Bridge" SEOUL UP)--A bus plunged off a bridge into a-river"'near Kongju Sunday, killing '26. of 30 persons aboard, police .''said.. The bus fell into nine : 'feet of water after breaking through' a rail when ithe driver tried ;t» evade a ; pedestrian leading-T» calf.' ' · ' " · ' . ' · · ' · .

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