The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on May 27, 1957 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 27, 1957
Page 3
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j f ' ' " ,J i. ," * > «"•' * ," 'V ' 8*ftt8W4 OdHftiy, Htsft&y, M&y « r Wit Openar, win Nightcap.... tit Gators Divide With Dall IT 1 f \ f is « >' ) , # .-'•'' It ' • By ttkifti 4 t-* MgWBSSf <*«• tSry ( flw L*»e JacKion «SSM»n«t*Sf laSl wMfch *as 280 fans trig «ve* it WeW&^SlHHWat Wild In Lake , «W11W the Osier!! ]o»4 l-'O <ip«H*r but taking tfi* »*cwha garni. Dailw, *B6 the Otters top- filled in ffl* flhitg 6( th« »tate fournartsat «st year, M, is NgiTtten Ms OiYo 01 wo sl;oiR- tlt SOfttSah teiitl acrott the Hate thtt ycst. The even split wit.i tJa.,1 . pushed Lake Jackson's wlrt Bid loss fnsrk to 20-2 for the aeason. Both defeat! have been 1-0 affairs. Lake Jackson's top ace, Weidon Haney, went against Dal to* in the opencf while Ban ..•J. Lf tart* back to fit va* Ward for it single ttto the seeeiMi»» • scute te then orrnft 'ng. Jim Stherdln t<» ea$ flnti viii I2l tii^ ,' -ajiffcr, fan Ml cWmtW frt> tsiTli fllfitff ««mir-fetti* flltfr fnfittf vs f Wd\ ht$f£ f10ii Jiftfl tufts' iStOt over me SM>rirtg tend by 14 fftf atare. the* LFV*c*S ff-em .J f* ahead for th* 'tiftie tt they staged » * « > Velasco Edges Clute, 5*4 Little Lesgu* 0! -«*u. oushSd fout ftm* fiome '«»"# P* 8 * tK * fltonto-, **1 In bdfflt hit Met ttt ba< Uie cwttlfig Little League 2rs in Lake Jackson Man f- ;inal -veek of play tonight lit fote they take off for a fit" 1 week to Attend the Annual fioj Semit ci Major and League, 'rt the MHio t«e ' system torn Roberts *a« the visitor* ~ ur f;iii L'ttte »-a-t*« #-*v The ,. jjar,ic ...>v . ..L. _ before the Dallas crew was able to c/stK tin. i,ciii ij- board. to the dl-frt-)rt?.i Until After one Ruffle 'We reason take over in rrtld- over the nine Ihning route and picked up H strikeouts for tiie night while Roberts gave up two hits but only had six until June 13th. Thfl American films action 'h Luke pushed four si George Jflnes dbu- Lln-»*y\i te ^i&wict .-,—•« ,—r— StfteraiK -ffl*JI picked up a double; ts e*w« a couple of run* with {hi final An etsmin* fvhfll 3cj\cr9ln rk£Cd hotfift «jn Wm ifttt tidbettft b o t A wtjfrlwfl rOr DallSS On Inc mound Wttn ward stiff tttnt in* I68i While Mladtfnka t*Mt«d on the wlU t . J»ck«ofl will Move life 90 In p«m«y'* Wear past tK* the »*«md part ef-tte Na-'erver to ftea«6H for a league 1 *!^ fOftlW 1 »0 '''" ' 1D-4. veaten in letfue play, Aft cSvetthrOtv at IWfh* bfOk« * «*«»* of a M tie in tS* Dodger* defeat*. PhU contest and gave the as ^anal. , Again In the sixth the Cubs .cored four when Robert (ton* sulM, Jdtie* afid Liftdioy Hit jingle*. A drepped fly accounted foe two Ctib "run* IH tHat tfifne. Llnd«ey r hid three hits at the plate for manager r. U A.i° 6< |« w ' <*!* *' Jm W* «in *fn.l WfiST fiftdbiRftfLO. Mas*. Hatney's nine. ••• ••;•'. . [ariifith and Lee pitched for '•*- tt-^ Se**;, Of. Arthur J. The li«i-d luck fiajlei marl-; ih* rb«i«»rt «,v,n*. *<tt tt**).* ! »"**,.- i** 8 *?.'**?** Woven Cotton S e« rs uek«r « Sun Set from D A L- L A 8 I The Coolest of Stwttttaf fabric* .., Seertiicket that W4*hin« wwhee, &66d« no ifon I U(f OLOS9T IN BOOK SIZES 10 - 20 In *lrVifr»t each a.i.S the bam loaded m the fourt>. with one out but Smfth notch* ed two straight strikeouts to hold the raVy. Billy and Ubow worked for tiie Phil- Ue*. ; '- •'.'•' ".' : : ,/-In Lake Jackson minor games over f'* week it was In the minor (arne the White the Sports slipping past the ' Sex went wild in the Brave* by a 22-3 count, olaoe in Lake Jicn-'on Ron({hne*k« on Scotty Marr'n oldest fterlon *ho«e n'ame aft- ieaM Ift "Wid'» WiO itl A* ..... tte . hit IMth birth rtcently irthday. obierved Sleeping birds don't f«ll off their perches because nature For Boxing .„„ * fl !' P™«' ting Dallas down by a 7-S count. The Big D nine rushed Into 3-0 ... Gator hits. l?' h \' e the Te -; a » IwW'will gel the winning Dmlas run.! n * co ! mla *'•",*"* '•• . .„ livhich wax unearned, came in Amenrsn n^>»s in LJ «•!» the top of the ninth when Rob- . plr "" a( 1 Tliundnv n'«ht «rla and Clark hit back to back; whl!e *'« K«".ori*.<« ure on tap singles to be on first and sec- w * «wifVH f^-'—. •'ond. An error put three on and! Games are slated In freeport then a long fly ball .recounted!"'"' ./'""'nton tnrt'tM n!*n for the lone score. , j while f'e entire rounty will! Haney ha* suffered the two have LJ clubs on the field In Oator losses and has not given Tu*«Ny tilt-. tip an earned run to dale. L«s! One of the feature games Tolbirt and Ed Brannon gotl'rst Friday riithl saw the Vet- the two LJ hit:;. Usco rin« in the B-C-V loop' In the nightcap the Lake 'iold on In « tie in that l"HTii» Jackson crew sent Dink Mlad-,br golnr a full nine Innlnesi enka, who has not been beat-!to rirnn th* C'ute Brave* 5-4 ' , en this year, to the mound I Mclvln Andrew walked to I of fie third on and then scored on Wai-j Joe Joyce, who are hanidlng, Smith's bunt slnglr. j the program. clubs had six hits for, Boxsfi. uour Frceport, Gal- ilcht but Clute pitchers, jveston. Sugar Land and host- Cummtnr snd MsrvlnJIng Angleton made up the «B.| aemuntH fc» |(t Jtrr-s- try list In Artgleton last IW-i nuts over the nine frames. The'day night with a list of nu-' '-rvi '•:ni';t' in -. i n.-'jklmerous fights. • 1 mf- ^n 'n «V f •.-• Innir-j Officials of the Sunfest pro- •vhen Donny Peter* slammed [«ram are expecting somewhere n-' a thre? run- homer. I around 2S fight* over the night, Bra?.orla keot a tied position Joe Peres and Billy McCoy 'i the B-C.V race with Jones' will tangle in a over-the-weight "reek «nd Velasco as they t exhibition main event. i?o't » 7-1 win over the Clute Most ot the Wday bouts Oodfem In still another game'"HI be in the lower divisions -•n the B-C-V card. Bill War-!but some scraps will take |-*n hsd the lone run for Clute. P 1 "* '" the high Palstaff mov»d into xeconoith«t b?in» a home run. place in th* Monday nlcht In Aneleton in was the Na- Businessmen's Bowling League t'otial League and saw the for the first time this year if Dodgers and Le<rlon play to they made a clean sweep over a 7-7 standoff While the Tail- 'one-hitter in loop highlight. M. Bi the Bennett American 'enowed thfciW.with a toe fcrip ,that«t«*«l<S»lly loek* around Wat the « oiaae m L.SKC jac-.-«on *ames *"•.,'«•. "Sr""*.' 7!" "J e -,:"T:.,, ..t-rf.; . ,... — lAit frldair wtfh th# tv»t«r,ft nougnnecK loser ano. oniy. ••'^•••'"'•••••'•^••••••^•i^^"™ last Friday with «,. ^^ gave^wa^to four Wtt. The' |3 YOUft HOUSE S^T f^ —™ — Eagle* elimbed over the. Mis-. .... .^ .-.A- A t m,~ M Button Butt6ft Shirt Slicks sions, 11'8 In-the other action. 1 No information was available on the National Leagtie minor game*. In the Texas League In LJ the Redlegs potted a 1S-7 win over the Tiger* while the Sen. ators were winning over the boxngiAthietiaS.0. '* ••'•• • added a single run in the sec- Monday Loop Movos Into Final Week Lee's last week. With only one week remain ing in the bowling nice, It appears that the standings will twister* walked past the Braves by a H-8 count. Grant Harris and Bufford Gilt p"che<i 'or the Dod«en hold their present form. If so.{while Kenny Ebertpacher and It will be the third year In »j Robert Falcl:n-v handled th? row for W. D. Gunnel's tearr. Tiound rhore« for the Le<rlon. to win the loop crown. : Robert Lima was the Tai'- Lee's and Gunne''s were 'the ', .wi»ter»' winner on the hlP front runners most of the sea•on, with Lee's on top several time*. However, Gunnel's came on fast to take over the tup •pot, while Lee'* clipped and Talstaff raught diem and took ever second. The winning Gunnel'* team consists of John Dahl, Emory Marsh, Ted Casey, Jim Con- Ice, Dick HMlenliurr and BMI Tenvose. This team had IU wins against t .la for the seaaon. game* lost With t'alataff In second and Lee'* In third, it gives Carnation Milk the fourth spot, and the Independents are fifth in •th* eight-team race. The complete standings In. elude: Team W W. D. Gunnel's • M Falstaff 75 Lee'a , ^_ 7» Carnation _____ «S Independents (At Sweet Pea* «5| McCoy's 5(11 Packard .. 55J High team series — W, Gunnel'!, »HM. Mich single seriea—Ted C«, aey, ell. ' High team game — W. P. Gunnel's, Ml. High single game — Dick and gave up five hits while John Becker suffered the Ion, Freeport game* found the Cub* winning another to maintain their loop lead and this time they handed the Eagles | their fifth loss without a win| in a 10.1 game. Scotty Smith worked on the mound for the Cubs and noteH-j •d 17 strikeouts, II coming Iw a row. The F.atles msnsf*' 1 iwo hits off Smith while Mr mates Jumned'on Johnny Gas-j ton for seven base blows. ' Smith had 11 strikeouts over; the first nur Innlnui but th«< «!«»le Infield got Into th» *«; in the fifth by getting a fly to "\i< Sm'th'it atrlnf. I The F'flfs sddrri two runs 'n the first on Oarv Mlie'a doub<e and Karl Llnd««r's >in«le. A «ins!le by Ed Pyle •>nd a Cuh error accounted for the lone Ra«ie run, that corn- in* in th* first also. The score remained 1*1 un•II the fifth frairte when «h? Everyone Tradei At HOUSER HARD Vf ABE insured if you'f* not fufly tt't nor moo jh! F. And •1C T6DAV B. I-OWLEK On tye AM Utterance, AIM We are proud to announce THAT Qarreits' 'HARAMCY NOW HAS.... ve. LIOON rotrrtu Yew anai'dMI ra*dldat« fof rOL'NTV THIEA»VK«ll P.W rellti»l A4r, LOW COST LOANS Compare Our Hates ami Have Money No Indorwrs.Simplifled Plan Aoj' Awouut From *<» to $1,000 Quick - Convenient - CoufidentuU Service •IKPLiriBO LOAM! o« signature, car. or furniture Fait, friendly *enri«*-fflo endorsers reqiUMd. I4BMM& TMIU of your own cno*"— you •*)•«» (M pi*a UM), «uiU you best and Uke up to M month* to rep«y. MDUOr »OU* fAVIMNTS by oomblnim your htm aM contracts into one tooouat with, M. Hajaf in mw LOCATIONS * TO I*«VK niim numi or BtucotraAT NO* 1 109 N. Parking, Lake Jackson NO. 2 101 W. Broad, Frwport PHONE 7-2475 or 3-41W .• •'•'':) '• Tht Oftrrttti 1 tovtte you to VWt tt« new Tr«eportLoo»tloiifta4«»«Uowourfri«ttdly- «xp«rt Mnio« hu town Mtp*\nd«d to b«tt«r senr* tb CHftx/l Blu*l fink! Broihit Toddl«r Short Alls Ho-Iton, Cotton - 4 24 HOUR PBESOfUPTION BESVIOB CAKEFUUY-ntOMlm COMPOUNDED IKK TUK TWK COHtfAMV" P1MT | IMXtUHO 9*t 49tnm? QTKN TUi ItM MB. THVSiBAir-HI f il> W |H*. Mfi GUARDIAN FINANCIAL CORP. IH w, WMWJ ft Pharrowiat on duty at *vUtimM. CALL US AT A9Y HOUB 7-JH75 or 3 ilW BJ«808NOy HlftSf WUMBEBJ BIW, "T-Wlf WH T4HT gf, ?m 'mm * reauMy • •rlwtl eeftea'trenwker ptor«sH for little drte! In pink. Mue or green. WaiduMe. of eoune. •aeda mi ironing i Ha** J to te. 98 WishtUp, aw-keai eettw sserandur U> Pea^ay't t-p!*ee gUymiU — atoouoy'* favorite cnmoinntjnn tcr her UUI* girls! Pink, blue, gold w Mug) SiaiMl Y to 14* 79 •lehitem, J to * 1« • *• '£'* •a-wirfl^V'^lfDVM-t- -X,,.

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