The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 1, 1906 · Page 3
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 1, 1906
Page 3
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CHILUCOTHE CONSTITUTION SEPT. i 1906 SIT s THERE ARE 4642 DrfAMSHOPS IN MISSOURI Oat of Thirty-Seven Counties Voting- on Local Option. Recently Thirty Adopted It Jefferson CHty Bureau of The Ohililcot-he CONSTITUTION Jefferson City, Mo., September 1 1906:—Figures pertaining to the dramshops and local option in Missouri have been lately gathered and compiled in an official way and are today made public. During the month of July the county clerks of the 114 counties were requested to furnish reports of the number of licensed saloons in the counties, the increase or decrease if any in the number of taloons liceneed during the previous six months, the vote for and against local option in the counties where the voters have been afforded an opportunity lately to express their choice of the question, and if the question of local option was being agitated in the counties. Reports have been received from all the counties and show the following results: Total iiu'nber saloons in Missouri including 3 large citias, 4C4ii Number counties voting on local option recently, 87 Number counties adopting local option, 30 Number counties rejecting local option, 7 Total vote cast in favor of local option in 37 counties. 45971 Total vote cast against local option in 37 counties, 31-J89 Majority of vote in favor of local option 14482 According to tho reports reports received nine other counties of the state have no saloons, making a total of 39 non- saloon counties in Missouri, not including a few large towns in these counties which are not affected D.y local option in the counties. Local option is being agitated In 14 other counties and in some instances special elections have been ordered to afford the voters an opportunity to vote on the question. The reports show there were less saloon licenses issued during during the first six months of this year than during the last six months of 195f>. ^ITY REAL ESTATE. Modern slate-roof, brick veneer. S-room dwelling, largo lot, tine sliadeaud fruit, title location. „ 4-room, almost new dwelling, near Central school, price 1650. ; Sice 6-room dwelling, near Oentral school 3ood cellar, south front, price J95U. 4-rooin, new 1 story dwelling on Hayunrd street, price $500. 25-room alnn st new dwelllnnand barn and lot sand barn, price $700, no»r Industrial Home. The last four dwellings belong to nonresident and have to sell. Farms. lOOatres Land—40 acres line corn land, balance timber, blue grass pasture, nnfttil- tUK spring, J2.500, $SOO down balance- (i percent. 7O-aore Farm—4-room dwelling, barn and ont-bnildlngs, JO acres line corn land, balance rolling blue grass pasture, on R. b. I)., »nd telephone line, unftillnK spring in pasture, price $i I TO. TWO down balance ut fi pi r cent. 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L. Browning which won third monev at the fair was looked at. ft 1 ' 9 Krafl VHavBiiffays Boiigtn ' NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals will be received by tho City Auditor of the city o! Chillicothe, Missouri, up to twelve o'clock noon, on the 12th day of September, 1906, for the doing of the work and labor necessary to construct a sewer on Jackson street from the west side of JeSer- son street, to the east side of Easton street, being a distance of about 573 feet. All the said work and labor shall be in full accordance with the plans and specifications therefore prepared by the city engineer and now on file in the city clerk's office, and in accordance with ordinance number , of tho ordinance of the city of Chillicothe, Missouri, calling for said improvements. The proposals must be according to form required and furnisn- ed by the city engineer. A certified check in the sum. of $25.00 must accompany each bid to insure the making of a contract. The right to reject any and all bids is reserved by the City Council. BUELL WIDELY, City Auditor. Stop Babies' Tears. Ninety per cent of babies' troubles are caused by disordered: stomach or bowels. They can all; be quickly cured by a few doses of that great digestive medicine, Dr. i Caldweil's (laxative) Syrup Pep-' siu. It digests curded milk, sweetens the breath, reduces fey r and relieves pain. Absolutely harmless to mother or child. Sure ro- lief in teething. Sold by all Druggists at 50c and §1.00._ Money back if it fails. ol NINETEEN SOLDIERS MUST DIE St. Petersburg, Aug. 31.—Tho iourt-martial of tho Sveaborg Mutineers, which was completed n Helsingfors today, sentenced nineteen soldiers and three civilians who took part in the uprising, to death. Thirty-three soldiers were sentenced to from twelve ;o fifteen years' imprisonment, ;hirty-three to five years' imprisonment and 500 to?o:ir months Dnly thirty persons were discharged during the trials. She is the pink of prettiness. Girls, be careful of your complexions. None should believe in "make up." Take Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea; "saves making up." Tea ot Tablets, 35 cents.—N. J. Swetland, A GENEROUS BILL POSTER One of the most generous concerns with which the advertising committee of the Good Roads convention has come in contact is the Kansas City Bill Posting company. This company was sent a number of lithographs to be posted in Kansas City advertising the convention. Instead of sending in a bill for this service, the secretary of the company, M. H. Hudson, Jr., has written Z. B Myers of the advertising committee that there will be no charge. He says: "1 have had the paper posted and as the cause is such a good one there will be no charges." There'is nothing so pleasant as that bright, cheerful, at-peace- with-the-world feeling when you sit down to your breakfast. There is nothing so conductive to good work and good results. 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Most ready mixed paint makers say their paint costs less, yet when you come to ask the price you find it costs 25 to 30 cents a gallon more than Hammar Condensed Paint. Hammar Condensed Paint does save you money on your paint bill. Every gallon guaranteed, no risk. Sold only by Sauudors-Turner Lumber Co 23ad-wtf A FRIENDLY WARNING. From the Chula News. Chillicothe will be called on next week to show her capacity for caring for a multitude. Never before has she been asked to house a crowd like will be seen there next week. The event is one of almost national importance. Of far more interest than the Priest of Pallas or Mardi Gras, the crowd should easily number 50,000. The advertising has been reasonably well done. Railroad rates have been made. And be it known that 20,000 people can drive into Chillicothe with their "own teams on each of the three big days and get home the same day in the evening if they wish to do so. But it is of the people who stay more than a day we wish to speak. Can you care for these, Mrs- Chillicothe? Are you listening while we tell you that all other gatherings which have come before are as a handfull to what you will have on Good Koads week? Your hotels are inadequate even for the business which comes daily and regularly, hence they are not to be considered. It behooves you of Chillicothe to look about you and eee where you will house this multitude should it rain at night. Professor J. U. White, superintendent of the public schools at Brookfield and Republican candidate for atate superintendent of public instruction, was in the city Friday and called on the CONSTITUTION. Mr. White has been superintendent of the schools .-at Brookflold for ten years, and has been rcelected to that position in spite of his candidacy. MYSTEBYlToEATH OF MAN liouston, Mo., Aug. 31—Lum Stcvous, aged 23, of Clear Springs was killed, cither by accident of design, at his homo yesterday. Ho was alone in the house, his parents being somodistance away. They hoard a report and rushed to the house where they found Stevens with his head almost blown off. A gun was lying near him. Stevens was lying in the doorway when found. InEammatorv Kheuzrmtisra Cured 3 Days. Morton L. 111. of Lebanon, lud., says: My wife had! Inflammatory Rheumatism n overv muscleanU Joint: bur suffering was terrible and her body and face wen; swollen tttmosfueyoiul recognition: had been In bed for six weeks and had clKht physlciftns. Iiut received no beneilt until she tried the ilystlc Cun for Rheumatism. It s?avu immediate relief and she was able to walk about In th reo days. I am sure It saved her life." Sold by hiiN. J.'aw" tland 1'r g Co. NEWBAHKATBRAYMER. Front tin- Zirayrm-r IJeo. We learn from an authoriative source that Braymer is to have a new stato bank soon. The proposed capital of the new institution is to bo S25.000. There are fifty-four subscribers and 820,200 of the stock has been subscribed. The new institution is to occupy the building on South Main street now occupied by Proctor & Son as a racket store. The building will be entirely remodeled and it is said the new bank will open for business January 1, 1907. The new enterprise is headed by capable men and should be a success. £100 BE WAS D, $1 00. Tim ri.-niliM-s of this paper will he pluusecl t<> li.'nrn that tlu.Ti- Isiit li-ast one iln-adod dls.'iiii! tlmt sch.'iicii 1ms IHM-II alilo to euro In all its stamw, and tin- Is Catarrh. Hall's (Jiitnrrh (.'ura 1st lu> only positive' cure now known to the medical fraternity. C'atarrli iH'Jnii a i-oii.-itltutlonnl disease, requires a constitutional treatment,', flail's Catarrh Cure, is taken internally, aotinsi directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of th« system, thereby destroying the foundation of the disease, and itlvluK the patient strength by buildiuir up tin) constitution aud assisting nature in dotyie Its work. The proprietors have so much faith In its curative powers that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any case that it falls to cure Send for list of testimonials. Address P. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo, O. Sold by all DruKalsts. T.'JC. Take flail's Family Pill for constipation BEPUBUCAHSCONFEB. A conference of Republican leaders, including J. U. White of Brookfield, nominee for state superintendent of public instruction, B. F. Beazell, nominee for congress, A. E. Fisher of Trenton, chairman of the Grundy county Republican committee, and a number local of politicians.was held in the court room in Chillicothe Friday. The presumption is that they took pencils and paper and carried this part of Missouri in handy shape. Also that some mention may have been mado of distributing the slush. CABBOLLTON VISITORS A delegation from Carrollton consisting of L. E. Tuley, police judge, A. B. Medlitb, Jr., city clerk, W. E. 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