Independent from Long Beach, California on January 31, 1960 · Page 42
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 42

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 31, 1960
Page 42
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1 f D.I4-INDEreND'ENT.PRESS.TELEGRAM HtcHe Cm 17C ntw Mlrktraur tltctrlc car ,* Easy 1trm$. Wt carry contract - L.B. SCpOfBP SALES GA 2-449 M 2907 South St., NLB ME 4-905. "Amw WMt*d 173 DO YOU NEED MONEY? CAR PAYMENTS TCC MISH · Wt will lr«X vour or x tgulty for htwtr orlctd car or buv 1 "CREST MOTORS 1333 Lone ueacfi Blvd. HE 2-2W ·?· WE NEED CARS!! Nights! prlcts paid for 1950! through 1959*. See Norm Isaacs . C. STANDLEE MARTIN 1201 Long Beach Blvd. '- WANT JUNK CARS WE PAY HIGHEST t - FREE PICKUP SERVICE CAVIN'S 2100 *. PAC. CST. HWY. . HE 6-9895 Alter 6, HE 6-558 ; TRADE *:. $3,200 equity In 2 Bdrm. hous . to trade for late cor, ours o cameras. $7,700 Full Price. JA 9-H03 eves. JUNK CARS WANTED GREGG PAYS MORE ' Free pickup service. "-. " SIGNAL HILL Auto Wrecking : WE NEED USED CARS WILL PAY TOP PRICES Sec BID irwln SEVERtN MOTORS, INC. 1310 Lono Beach Blvd. Will Buy Clean Cars TOD Price for Good Condition 19TH L. 8. BLVD. CARS, ANY AGE DRIVE TO 2120 WEST PAC. CST HWY E t AVE $300 cash. Wnnl GOOD USFD CAR. No clunkers please. 3563 Cherry. AOY'S flnos walch, value SMOO Iradc lor car. GA 6-4MO .^RolE-reif ' tim"'-"*" "·"" WILL buv any old car. TE 4-5077 Allcr 5 D.m. NE 5-7547 JUNK CARS WANTED $35 For Most Clunkers Dlr. TE 4-2278 Import Sp't Cars 173-A * [WANTED! MERCEDES i^BENZ^r ' All models wanted. Cash in mln- * utes. see Lou MirabUc. -JAMESTOWN _J350 Lono Beach Blvd.__HE»15 import Sport Cars 1 74 1955 JAGUAR 140 Roadvter. Excel, r cond. 1940 lie. Make oiler. 245 " Monooram, Lakcwood Ploia, alt. 7. ,SiATA~ROADSTER 1952. One of a ,- kind. 1959 SPRITE. 5185 Locus!. -·54 AUSTIN HEALEY. Many extras - tncl. rear seat. 51375. GE 1-3205 - f S9 MGA. 8,000 miles. Must sell. Wilt .- finance. Make oiler. OX 4-6084. - 7 59 RENAULT SI395. Like new. ·' GA 3-0577. 4934 Oregon, Apt. C. 'Vw PANEL. Want good Iransp. car · for mv equltv. UN 4-2481. A ·S tr . t 1 i \ 3 : ] * n J ·J "1 3 J ·j ' J 3 3 ·3 ·1 t X ;j j ( ) ) '0 SUME pvmls. '59 TR-3. Blnck, vw, wire wheels. 1542 W. ISIh. TRIUMPH Spt. car. W-w. Snc. itorr Sport Cars 1 74 Now at ... Dave Thomas Bffljjfjjif riiip hjMl U.llll JSKslOl BORGWARD TRIUMPH-- DAIMLER A 1 Models; Immediate Del. Complete Paris and Service DAVE THOMAS MOTORS 3400 L. B. Blvd. GA 6-4457 nport Sport Cars 174 i^^^^4^^-y.^jf^^*^jf« DREVING I IS BELIEVING! | -RENAULT- 1 PROVEN ;[ ·jL- Economy · · -A- In World * Competition * Priced From + $ 1445 i -K 100% FINANCING | : IMPORT AUTO | 1460 Long Beach Blvd.* · * HE 2-8916 1 r+4"*+++++++++4-+++4^ Import t Sport Cart 174 ft MORRIS ft Your BEST Economy Buv SEDANS CONVERTIBLES $1545.00 Authoring BMC Dealer MS - SPRITE - HEALEY DRIVE ONE TODAY AT BREWSTER GRAY IMPORTED CARS 3515 Allanllc GA 4-0951 1959 MG Hardtop. Showroom fresh. While- walii 8,000 original miles. No cash needed. $2295 HUNT RAMBLERTOWN 402 i 500 W. Annhelm St. Wllrrilnofon TE 5-6648 Open Eves. Sun. 1957 VOLKSWAGEN Sunroof. Full factory equipment. $1098 Buy Moothart, Inc. 1112 N. Lono Beach Blvd. Comoton HE 2-717-1 ATTENTION VW BUYERS NOW AVAILABLE IN LIMITED COUPES CONV-- STATION LEE CARPENTER INC. VW HE 8-0455 COMPTON NE 6-4551 'S6 VW $899 Olx. sedan. Beige, w/w tires. Ful Hub Cap. A 1 cond. Week end only. S W. LEMON 1901 E. Anaheim HE 6-7371 pwrd. i2,795. Trade or small dn. Terms. 3030 Pac. Cst. Hwy. GE 9-095-1 or 2331 Linden nlohls Sun. Jack. xtrn sharo runs the same. SB50 or best otter. 17710 Woodru f, ADl. 26. 'i7 AUSTIN McALEY sp. rdst. De uxe. Red. Wire wheels. S1995 or b« offer. TErmlnal 3-9M5 or FRonllcr 5-7073. er, Whltewalls, Full price $2199. LAMERDIN IMPORTS-- NE 1-2682 2700 EL. Rosccrnns, Compton Int., wire wheels. ScM cauily or trade lor equltv In Idle American car. HE 5-7600. 1703 E. 2nd. 58 T-R-3 Rdstcr. Rad., Hlr,, Ton- nc.iu. Local miles. '60 Lie. paid. Only SI97S. Private parlv. 3597 Lemon Ave. GA 7-127-(. 'X iV.G-TF 5HV5 Wooipcrt, -131 W. P.C.H. HE 5-8918 SUNDAY ONLY '52 MG-TD Rdsler, like new $995 Wooipcrt, 431 W. P.C.H. HE 5-8918 SUNDAY ONLY '58 RENAULT DAUPHINE .51195 Wooipcrt, 431 W. P.C.H. HE 5-8918 SUNDAY ONLY '54 VOLKSWAGEN, SHARP . ..$B95 Wooipcrt, 43! W. P.C.H. HE S-89JNB 952 HILLMAN convertible, good cond tlon, S37S. 5002 Rachel Ave., Lrtkcwood. TO 6-2279 960 VOLVO-- 2-ttr. 4-speod Irons. R.H. W.w.s. Black. 8809 E. Rosc- cr.ins. Ant. 30. ME_4-J011 960 TRIUMPH TR-3, all cxlms, like new, must sell this wk. Make offer. 4650 Plmcnta. HA 9-1795 OLVO '59 Sin. Won. Healer. 2,600 ml. S.1C. Price «,550. Exc. cond. GE B-0723 59 AMGLIA, heater, whltcwnll tires; very low ml'caoG, $1199. 3201 E. Pacific Csl. Hwv. GE 3-7428, Dlr. ,9 AU5TIN-HEALEY J2.450. Im- 57 FIAT 4-dr. RH. New w-w's. 56 VW, sun root, RH, lealher In- 56 VW-Prlv. ptv. Sun roof. W-S-W. RK. Clcen. No trAdo. GE 8-1002 58 SIMCA hdlp. RH, W-W, $1,050, 7100 OliVO ME 3-3963 56 VW. RH, w-w tires, 51,195. 6814 Monlaco Rd. HA H056 52 HILLMAN -- Very clean. Prlv. Ply. Kens. HE 7-9145; Ht 2-SHS '53 VOLKSWAGEN. RH, aood condition Clean 5600. GE 1-1705. 'i; CORVETTE, 270 h.p., 4-spccd, stick. HA 5-C60-.. 4441 MonFfllr. '57 TRIUMPH 3- -Reasonably priced". GE 1-8539 ·56 VOLKSWAGEN. RH, Xlnt. cond. 3348 Knoxvllle Ave. 50 M.G. TD overh.iuled, new uohol., ad. top, tires. S575. GE 1-3133. '57 VOLVO. Wilt trade for eaultv for older car. SEAS Calif, aft. 6. ·57 RENAULT DAUPHINE, 5999. 2319 E. PAC. CST DLR. Import Sport Cars 174 CLOSE-OUT ON ALL 1140 PRINZ BELOW WHOLESALE Low as $ 1199 The Economy Car VAUXHALL Executive Car 40 Miles Per Gallon Low as $ 1799 FRAHM PONTIAC 7859 E. Firestone Blvd. Downey TO 1-9741 import * Sport C*w* 174 V O L V O S $299 DN. LIBERAL TRADE ALLOWANCES AT THESE NEW CAR TRADES ·58 Fiat V1' '55 Triumph Rdttf JW9 '58 Renault DaupMnt.... $1199 '59 English Anqlia $1199 '56 XARMAN GHIA Immaculate. '59 Peugoot $1999 '57 English Squir« $999 ALSO '57-'58-'59 Vol»oi from $1199 ED BARBARI'S VOLVOVILLE 6200 No. Bcllllower Blvd. Lnkewood TO 7-2731 1959 SIMCA Station nation. Imwrfed from Paris by Chrvslcr. Looks and runs like a brand new one. About one- half the orlglnnl price. $1199 SNAVELY LANGFORD I960 TRIUMPH PRINZ-BMW Bes- Service Authorised S«ics Service GILLESPIE MOTORS 17056 L*l"WQOd Blvd. BolHlower TO 63917 TO 7-6713 TIP TOP '57 TR-3 RDSTR. wllli overdrive DOB McCLURE PLYMOUTH CENTER Plymouth De Solo Atlantic at 5Isl GA2-.2M '59 MG Roadjter. Red leather up- holslcrv. Healer. LOW miicaoe. Sharp. Full price $2199. LAMRRDIN IMPORTS-- NE 1-26B2 2200 E. RosecronSr Compton whltcwalis. Jc black finish. Full price S1299. LAMERD1N IMPORTS-- NE 1-268! 2700 E. Rosecrans, Corrmton Posllractlon, 3 speeds; also '57 Cad. COUPCI all extras. Must sell one. NE 1-4134, CLEM. '56 AUSTIN HRALEY, SI ,599. Sachs Sons Lincoln-Mercury- English Ford. 9515 Lakwootf Blvd.. Downcv. TO 2-2155. '58 Corvette Hardtop 270 engine, Posltractlon. Radio t heater Low mileage. GE 4 2982. FOREIGN CAR PARTS SERV AT REASONABLE PRICES FAWCETT BROS, 2805 E. -ITH GE 4-3311 SUNDAY ONLY"" '59 FORD AMGLIA DELUXE 3000 miles, light blue ........ ..S1295 Woolpcrl, 431 W. P.C.H. tiE 5-8918 59 SIMCA 4-dr. Grcv, w-w, htr. Low ml. $1595. Must sco to appreciate. 3161 Tlgortali Dr., Rossmoor new. Take o/payments, S13.50 wk. Prlv. ptv. UN 5-454B; UN 5-B780. '56 RENAULT DAUPHINE. Prlv. plv. Sun roof. Xlnt cond. $1,225. HE 6-7671. '59 FIAT "1200" -1-DR. SEDAN. REAL NICE -- S1595 Brftwstcr Grav 3515 Atlantic 59 VOLVO '59 OPt-L SEDAN. LOW Ml. $1,500. Sec .il Ocean Center Blda. pirnoe, 110 W. Ocean. '56~~VW Convert. Blnck. Xlnt cond. A.M. R, F.M. radio, rccllnlno scats, manv xlras. TE 5-96M. _ ^"AUSilN'HTv. Lc Mnns. Prlv. ptv. 2034B Satlcov, Cnnoflfl Pk. Dl 6r-7.19 '56 VW. Sun roof. RH. Dlx. Mod. New battery. Xlnt. cond. $1150. HA 9-8793. R , H CALL AFT. 4 P.M. TO 6-1195. Son Francisco. GA 7-4498. 'i8 FIAT "1100." Excel, cond. R. «. H., W-W. Prlv. ptv. HA 9-7388. "$7 FIAT sedan, 1100 model, 5825. GE 9-2960 1956 CORVETTE. RH. 3-soccd, '60 VW Sed. $1,800. Leather uphol. 6,650 mile". GE 9-4807! HE 5-5887. '51 HILLMAN. Good cond. Musi | sell. «50. UNIvcrsltv 4-7191. Import A SfwtCvi 174 VWs LOW MILES VWs NEW SHIPMENT I960 # VOLKSWAGENS IMMEDIATE DELIVERY AS LOW AS $25 DN. ·59 PEUGEOT 403 Sed 550 Dn '59 AUS.-HLY., Sorlfe. ISO Dn 'i9 M.G.A. Roadster .»50 On ·58 VW Mlcrobus ,,, .$50 On '58 FIAT Station VVaoon _..S50 Dn ·58 M.G. Hardtop Cpe $50 Dn '58 BORGWARD Sta. Wag. $50 Dn. '58 HILLMAN HUSkle Swg. $50 Dn. '57 StMCA 4-dr. Sedan $SO On. J56 PORSCHE Hardtop _._$25 Dn. '54 AUS-HLY Le Mans $2 Dn. '55 VW sedan Dlx. ._. ..$25 Dn. '53 MG, TD Roadster .~$25 Dn. 50 OTHERS 70 CHOOSE FROM ' FOREIGN IMPORTS 2330 LONG BEACH BLVD. OPEN SUNDAY GA 4-0797 1959 Simca Bealieu The big Slmca thai rides like a dream over the roughest road, styled as modern as tomorrow-85 Horsepower with Radio, Heater, Whltewalls, Windshield Washer, al a Big saving. We sold this car New and very low mileage. Save and Sec -- 28 miles per gal. · 35lh Allonllc GA 4^8603 l959~STrV!CAS-- Near New We have three to choose from-sedans and station wagons, some have radio, all nave heaters. Will accept trades. An oooortunllv for B real savings. Priced from $1,489 GLENN E. THOMAS CO. 333 E. Anaheim HE 6-1283 1959 Renault Dauphine 1 owner, low mileaoe car priced wav under market today. $1295 VERNE HOLMES-- Dodge 35th Atlantic GA 4-8603 M PRINZ Sedan. Almost brand new tslllt under warranty). No cash required or will accent Irade- Mr. L !ms, aS D.r!' "" * HE 6-9621 5B VAUXHALL 4-door. Radio, heat LAMERDIN IMPORTS-- NE 1-2682 2200 E. Rosecrnns, Comofon 59 CORVETTE, 3-spd. trans., bio engine, hardtop, silver blue color, $3399, 3201 E. Pacific Coast Hwv. GE 3-7-128, Dlr. TAKE OVER PAYMENTS '57' ISL-1TA, y/71 F.P. Top shanc. $17 wk JEFFREY FINANCE CORP. NE 8-8755. OPEN SUN. w-s-w Vcrv clean. Just tuned, new brakes. M.650. 62'3 E. Carson, Lkwd. HA 5-9833 58~S'iMCAT~ Clean locaf car less than wholesale. $795. FRIEDLANDER AUTO SALE 7833 E. Pac. Cst. GE 9-4444 TAKE OVER PAYMENTS '55 HILLMAN. $20.93 Mo. Bal. $550 9012 C ARTES1A BELLFLOWER 59 TRIUMPH-- Son oonc Into service. Like- new. Sacrifice tor au ck sale. Loaded wllh xtras. HA 9-6423 954 JAGUAR-- Modified roadster. See at 5211 Cnldcrwood. GE 3-2359 959 AUSTIN-Hcalcv Deluxe 4-aas- scngcr. Xlnt cond. See at 3734 '57 VW MICRORUS, $l,49i 3 sealer. Real clean car. L. A. Anderson, 1842 E. Anahc m 59 M.G.A. Coupe. Wire wheels. A tras. Like new. $2195. 17710 Wood- rulf Avc., Bcllttower. Apl. 26. 53 MG-TD, new uphol., lonncau 8. top Excel, cond, Gd. tires, $1075. Private party. GA 4-9141 LATE r 58 PORSCHE 1600 COUDC. Low mlL_HE_6-1336 960 'VOLVO- take over tor $85 car pftvmlsr of $13.65 per week.. '53 VW -- $740 HA fi-3894 AGUAR XK 120. Curtains, Hard, top, cover. Sac. $595. GA 2-1619. 58 T-BIRD Full power cus om. Pearl paint. Sell cheap. TO 60390 955 VW. RH, w.w., new nailery, excl. conli U075. GA 3-2848. 51 JAG SEDAN. $750. Excel, cond. GA 4-4579. Antique Cars 174-A '36 FORD Pickup. It runs. S65. Import Sport Cars 174 Import Sport Cars 171 £ ' · * · ·'·"·'·"·"·· · ·"« · · · · · · 3 ". ATTENTION · · We have on hand a complete stock of the · · popular AUSTIN.-HEALEY ROADSTER, both · · 2-seater and 4-seater, both standard de .luxe. · · All colors available. " Also liko-now 1959 AUSTIN-HEALEY DE LUXE " * that outperforms the I960 series S2995 m m And 1959 STANDARD HEALEY ( o n e o f o u r o w n · j cars, less than 1,800 miles) $2795 · · We also have in stock for immediate delivery · 15 SPRITES in all colors. " · Sprite prices start at $1795 " · * ', JOHN M. STOKES IMPORTS · * Franchise of AusHn-Hcaley -- Sprite Dealer " 17200 LAKEWOOD BLVD. · · BELLFLOWER TO 7-1721 J · Auto Parts Repair 169 Auto Pcrts Repair 169 Auto Parts Repair 169 Auto Parts Repair 169 V i "aj^^^^^i 1 'if-s^rTyj-) f] ' RELINE ; BRAKES ;-. Factory Pom end -· Labor Includid [; SPECIAL Regular 124.01) J10'5 5ov. J9.0S 1 7 BBB1BH 'S FACTORY m iOmMTOMOTIHE REPAIRS! lAN'ilARY SPECIALS 1 ti wmsmm m ···ii^WIJHB MOTOR TUNE-UP j j Jf^fj ^ALIGNMENT | ; i MOTOR OVERHAUL . lil .).·_ We arlnd Ihi vilvti, rtmovi cirbon. Intlitl new rlnoi. rimovl _re^ , X," c rll"»«r rWou. imptcl wmi cm, ni Kt m«S SUii lit flS '-·-?. «j»nm«l, ifciM ailn ma «nn. mllll new nikth ud ciirai IS ,.1.3.:.. oil. compltltly Tom Enolni. · -R5! Wi JQfJoi SPECIAL $1 ·! 735 IS? -SSeiL TV STRAIGHT 1 ' 1 1 / V-l P 8 COMPLETE i A«V w AINI JOB I -SU' 5 .?'" 1 ' 1 ' ' 4 ^ t9 S /v) ~. lllJlMVlllT TllilliflK · AH work performed by Jaetory.traincd jfitfjl NO MONEY DOWN mechanics. V~\ . REGARDLESS OF AGE S- ,, * Us '"9 o11 Senwine factory ports. X/X, WHETHER PAID FOR OR NOT _/"?Lf^r^!\ * A " W ° rk 9uaranfeed MterJ» ._ , · .1 [_ JBBgg IBIIII iiniijii iiMlijL.,lliili. _--- .. ..~-.-_. «55^_ I SA LTff»'SU^--^i^ibliTI AC 1545 Long Beach Blvd. Long Beach HEmlock 7-4111 ARrtqas Csn 174-A ftntf«r*d chopped. '54 Glib cr '4\ GRAHAM, Hollvwood. 'M Plvm Fury running gt or, go. cond. KM li .whti^jiauflltfivtie^nl. Beit offe bURANr being Jrlvm dally, col lector's Item, Beit otter over 3200 ROUTE 1, BOX n\ Geroer, Call). WHIPPET Cpe. '». Mint cond. 0 trad« lor '54 Ford or Chev. TO 6-14Z3. Cord-Beverly Clallic. JI695 C.E 46I» or TO 7-23« Station Wogoni 175 1959 DODGE Custom Sierra 9-oassenoer station wasran. Orlolnal gleam inn white turquoise llnlsh. Automatic irons mission, radio, heater, power steering, power orakes, wfiltcv/alls Thij car never been sold. Must be sold Ihls weekend. Only-$2995 SNAVELY LANGFORD 1956 PLYM. Station Wagon. Radio, hea cr, automatic transmission. 1-vr. guarantee available. $1098 Guy Moothart, Inc. 1112 N. Long Beach Blvd. Complon NE 2-7174 PIONEER FORD $ELL$ FOR LE$$ '57 FORD Del Rio Wpn, $1399 This car Is excel Icrit Inside out. Beautiful blue white finish. Wsw, Fordo., RH. J8403 P10NHER IN ARTHSIA UNdcrhlll 5-1266 -- Open Sundays 1957 CHEVROLET NOMAD STATION WAGON 8 cvl' Locded viifi extras. Looks like new. Lie. No. CGT984. $ 1 8 9 9 MEL BURNS FORD -- $100 -Over Our Cost '58 Ford Ranch Wagon. '56 Ford Country Sedan. '55 Ford Ranch Waoon. GLENGARY MOTORS 56 CHEVROLET Nomad Station Wanon. Equipped with factory air conditioner, power steering, power brakes, radio, heater, Powcrgllde trnns. Real sharp. Very popular waaon. $2395. SUBURBAN PONTIAC 17153 Bellflower Blvd., Bclltlowcr TO 6 1725 1957 Plymouth. Station V/aqon V-B, overdrive, heater.' Drive It today. SU9B. VERNE HOLMES-- Dodge 35th Atlantic GA £8603 3 '... 1959~Dodgo 4-Door Station Waqons 1 with Air Conditioning. Like new at a big saving. VERNE HOLMES-- Dodge 35th Atlantic GA £8603 Wngon). V-8, Fordomallc, power steering, radio and heater. Looks and drives like new. $25 dn., (flnnr. crcd.) or vour car. Beach C ly Chevrolet, 3201 E. Pacific Cst. Hwy. GE 3-7428. '56 Merc. Montclalr wagon. Bcau- tllul canary yellow mahocanv trim, lull power, Mcrco.. RH, w :-w, Sharp. Low miles. Pre- mam car, J13 wk. JEFFREY FINANCE CORP. NE B 8755. 57 'PLYMOUTH Suburban 2-boor Deluxe Healer, automatic. Rl'je. This wagon Is clcanl SI 499, 100% financing available (a.c.) R05COE MOTORS 2295 Lono Beach Blvd. GA 4-i983 V-8 autom, Rad., Mr., power strg. brakes. Local, Immaculate ow mileage car. OSBORN'S 20TH t CHERRY 57 CHEV, V-8 6-pass. 4-dr. Station Waacn. Automatic -transmission, radio, healer. Immaculate throughout-- SI 799. LAMEKDIN PONTIAC-- NE 1-2196 302 N, Lono Beach Blvd., Compfon 59 PLYM. 9-passcnger, w-w's f R8.H. Power steer., elec. windows, remote rear mirror. $3,CCO or make offer. Excel, cond. Consldci '55 or '56 trade-In, GE 9-0502. TAKE OVER PAYMENTS '5/ Bulck Cabrlllo Station wagon. Loaded 8. sharp. $13 wk Jclfrcv Finance Corn. NE 8-8755 OPEN SUNDAY NO DOWN $599 F.P. '54 FORD RANCH WAGON QUALITY MOTORS '58 MERC. 4-dr. RH, Mcrco., S2395 Will accept older car for eaultv. 21819 Bclshlre Avc, Hawaiian Gardens. HA 1-6527. 1957 FORD Ranch Wanon. Fordo- matlc, pwr, steering, Thunderblrd mir. Satctv dash, Igc. radio, wsv/. Owner. $1575. GA 4-2997. '54 STUDE Wanon. S13 dn. $26 mo. Coll for free home trial. NE 8-5169. 1313 No. L.B. Blvd. Comp- 1P5B FORD Del Rio Ranch Wagon. RH autom. i w-w tires, red white. Take over pymts. S6B mo. $150 for eaultv. Ph. GA 4-7591. '56 PLYMOUTH "6" WAGON J895 4-Dr. Odrv., Rad. f. Htr. LO-LO MOTORS 2101 E. ANAHEIM GE 8-4433 ~S$ OLDS. "Fiesta. Air cond "all extras, spotless custom upholstering, tow ml. $2,795. GE 4-649?. '55 CHEV. V-B Waoon. Odr. 51095 LO-LO MOTORS 2101 E. ANAHEIM GE 8-4433 * HERB FRIEDLANDER * 2838 E. Pac. Cst. GE 9-4444 2- tone paint, radio. 1723 Curry St. GA 3-8862 Import Sport Cars 174 LOW JAMESTOWN IMPORT CENTER · LARGEST* Used Imported Car Selection Anywhere! '57 JAQUAR 3.4 SEDAN '59 MERGED. 190 Diesel '58 MGA COUPE '53 JAQUAR ROADSTER '60 VW SEDAN '59 MGA ROADSTER '59 MORRIS WAGON '56 METRO HARDTOP '56 PORSCHE COUPE '59 JAGUAR 3.4 SEDAN '53 MG ROADSTER '58 MGA CPE, (wires) '57 HILLMAN 4-DOOR '59 METRO HARDTOP '58 JAGUAR COUPE '56 MERCEDES I D O S I R d '59 SPRITE ROADSTER '56 MQA RDSTR (wires) '54 MERCEDES 300 Sed, '58 MQA RCSTR (wires) '58 MERCEDES 190 SED, '59 MERGES, iSCDDi;;;! '58 TRIUMPH RDSTR. '55 MERCED. 220 SED. · OPEN SUNDAYS · 1 · · · .\.MIvSTO\V.\ 0BB WE (UY CLEAN I ^gg^ VTORTED CARS J 1350 Long Beach Blvd. 1 HEmlock 2-7915 StoriM Wagwn 171 Sharp In ·pptarwK* immaculalt condition '57 CHEVROLET 4-DOOR, V-« Radio/ htattr, automatic AIR CONDITIONED '55 RAMBLER CRJSS COUNTRV WAOON ! radio r.;^;.v:;vJramatlc, white llr«. A liic* rtd and wnllt 2-kmt. BOB McCLURE PLYMOUTH CENTER '52 WILLYS WAGON 4 cylinder, radio/ heater/ over drive. Like new. $495 FRAHM PONTIAC YOU CAN EXPECT A GREAT DEAL FROM FRAHM 7945 E. Firestone Blvd. Dov/nov TO 1-9745 PIONEER FORD $ELL$ FOR LE$$ '58 PLYM. Cust. Suburban, $1,799 Power stcerlno brakes, R.H, push button drive/ 2-tone original red white. Rest sharp 1-owncr. 1M03 Pioneer In Arlesla UNderhill 5-1264 Open Sundays f AVE -AT HARRISON '5* Merc. Cust. Waoon $1,299 9 passenger. R.H., Mercomatlc, w.s.w tires, 2-tone, big family LOU HARRISON Mercury 17617 5. Bellflowcr Blvd. Belltlower TO 6-1761 Open Sunday '58 MERCURY 4-door Commuter Station Wagon. One owner, like new low mileage. Equipped with radio, heater, automatic trans., power steering and power' brakes. 52??5. SUBURBAN PONTtAC 17153 Bellflower Blvd., Bellllower TO 6-1725 $AVE AT HARRISON '57 FORD 6 Pass. Waoon $1379 Fordo., V-B, Big Heater, Early Vacation Special. LOU HARRISON Mercury 17617 S. Bellflowcr Blvd. Bellflower TO 6-1761 Open Sunday TAKE OVER PAYMENTS '56 DeSofo Station Wagon. Full power including windows seats, PowerMac, RH, w-s-w, 2-tone green Ivory finish. Premium car. 513 wk. JEFFREY FINANCE '56 PONTIAC $1299 870-- 4-DR. WAGON. Hydra., R8.H. This wagon has low mileage and shows It. In tup condition. S. W. LEMON 1901 E. Anaheim HE 6-7371 throughout. One owner car. Eauip- pcd wllh hydramatlc, radio, heater. S1495. SUBURBAN PONTIAC 17153 Bellflower Blvd., Bellflower TO 6-1725 54 FORD 9-PASSENGER COUNTRY SEDAN. It's LIKE NEW, radio, healer, Fordomatlc. REAL APPLEWHITE MOTORS 158 Long Be»ch Blvd., L. B. $595 F.P. NO DN. $32.12 MO. '53 RAMBLER WAGON, Has gas saving o'dr. Exceptionally nice. LOMAC MOTORS 6661 L.B. BLVD. LONG BEACH 57 PONTIAC 4-dr. Factory air conditioned, pwr. steering, brakes, windows, scats, antenna. Wonder- bar radio, wsw, tinted glass thru- out 32,000 miles. Easily financed. S1B75. Prlv. pty. GE 1-6256 NO DN. $I9."03 MO. '51 · FORD WAGON 9 PSGR. EMPIRE MOTORS TO 6-4739 9012 E. ARTHSIA, BELLFLOWER 59 RAMBLER ""Rebel"" Custom. 7,000 ml. Autom. Irans. AM pwr. Recline seats. R M, w-w. All extras. Must see lo apnrcc. Orlo. owner. All day Sun. 5598 Calll. 5~J FORD" V-B 2-dr. station wflfioru RH w-w. Shltt. Moch. A-l. Shnrp, original condition. Special J595. HE 60010. LES RUTLEDGE. 1001 L. B. Blv. Suburban Sla. Wagon, RH, w-w, P.B., drive. Xtra shnrp. Orlg. cond. $1,195. HE 60010. l.nS RUTLEDGE. 1001 L. B. Blv. '59 Ford Ranch Wag. $2299 4-dr. V-8. Autom. Rad. htr. 5,700 actual miles. Just like new. OSBORN'S 20TH * CHERRY CHEV. '54-- 9-ossgr. waoon. Looks needed. A'so '56 Ford V-8 Ranch Wagon, $37 mo. Call Credit Dcpt., TO 6-0794 or ME 4-U23. 55 CHEV. Wagon 210 4-dr. Real clean. $250 cash. Pvmts. of $50 mo. can be arranged. UN 3-B132 59 FORD Ranchwagon. Fordomatlc. Like new, low ml., trade enullv best 'M-'56 car. Dlx. eaulp. Prlv. ptv. Don't miss this. GA 3-4855. Radio, heater, Powcrgllde. $1097. Porkwood Chevrolet, ME 3-0707. 100% financing on apprvd. credit. 56 DODGE Suburban Wngon. V-B. Automatic transmission. S9?9. Parkwood Chevrolet, ME 3-0787. '57 CHEVY Stolion Wagon. Standard shift. Radio healer. $1799. Parkwood Chevrolet, ME 3-0787. _lM_flnancIng on apprvd. credit. '57 FORD Country Sedan, Fordo., T-BIrd motor, power steer brks. R H . E-Z-I, pad. dash. Clean, 1 owner. S1595. GA 3-6307. '55 CHEV~rd~"wlig7"TdK,"Pw"r glide., heater. New tires, battery brakes. Very clean. GE 4-6068. ?257 Granada. 'W FORD 9-Psgr. wagn. ««. RH, V-8 Fordomatic FRIEDLANDER AUTO SALES 283B E. Pac. Csl. GE 9-4444 '54 PLYMOUTH Station Wagon. Rad., htr. automatic, clean, $595 '56 DODGE Custom Sierra 9-psgr. sta. wagon. $1,199. 1956 CHEV. station Waaon. V-B, Powergllde, healer, low mileage. Good cond., reasonable. TE 3-2451 '56 FORD 4-dr., 9-Dass. Country Sedan. Power steer. Fordo, Spotless, lo mil. Prlv. ply. uM 5-3617 ger, 9,000 ml. Power steering brakes. RH. W-S-W. HA 5-B834. RH, w-w. Good cond. $595. HE 5-5697. GA 7-0269. '58 STUDCBAKER Scotsman, RH, autom. trans. 51,300. 29641 Enrose SI., TErmlnal 1-2589. '57 CHEV. 4-dr. V-8 P'gllde. RH. Will sell eaultv or take older car In trade. TO 7-3734. good trans. Runs' god. 211 W. Cantcn. GA 7-4466. R., H., w-w. Prlv. pty. TO 7-9401 '52 PONT v-oassenger, Hydra-Malic. RH. $250. GE 4-6376. '55 FORD 9-pass. C. Squire. A-l. $995. Dlr. NE 2-6712, '52 FORD 9-psgr. Country Sdn. HE 7-4984. '57 FORD Wagon, $1695. V-8, w.w.'s, '49 FORD sta. wagon, wood In ex- cell, cond., S700 TO 9-1903. '55 CHEV 6 2-dr. Powcrglide. RH. '53 FORD Ranch Wagon. Radio, o/drlvc. $250. 1580 W. Burnett. '58 CHF.V. V-8 4-dr. Brkwd. Xtra '55 RAMBLER Sta. Wagon. SBSO. Xlnt cond. Prlv. ptv. CE 1-4225 '57 FORD Country Sed. 9 passenger. 5960 Los Arcos, Los Altos. Autos for Safe 176 MISCELLANEOUS FM CAR RADIO? FM tuners S79.95 Installed AM-FM radios 1120 Installed L R RADIO TELEVISION 1594 L. B. Bl. HE 6-776S HE 6-0269 GOOD TRANSPORTATION CARS (5 To Choose From) ONLY 535 DN. $25 MO. Call credit mgr. Mr. Rllcv TO 7-9618 for free home demo. '56 POWELL Station wagon. Gd. tires, od. work car. $275. HA 5-7181 '57 CHRYSLER 300 C. Air cond. Priv. pty. $2225. DAvIs 3-8415. CHROME SDOke, hubs or wheels. Coif $150, sell $40. GE 4-3'\ r Station Wagons 175 j '57 Olds j | Super Fiesta j · This waoon has »»!! ??»!»' · ' · radio and heater. wMtewnil · · tires; beautiful gold mist and · , while with matching Interior. , j $ 2499 j j WILLIAMS i · Chevrolet and Old$ · J ' Westminster TW J.7IJ) J Autosfmr$«l« 17« MISCELLANEOUS AUTO DEALERS ATTN: PRIME CORNER H5I GARDEN GROVE BLVD. Atiproxlmaif Iv ISOxIM Tot" Hniu can b9 used for office ... or re- movtd. Owrwr will !·*· Vt cwh or submll will suborlnatt. Tirrlflc df«Tl GUIVER-RAPHAEL HA 5-1251 100 TRANSPORTATION CARS ALL MAKES «, MODELS No dn. Wf Carry Our Own Contract* CAVIN USED CARS 2120 W. PAC CST HWY. OPEN » to » HE S-5510 S Hllll!'fiA P R l D N T E OP CONVERT ' NlttftH ffiHKimiMNi DLR. TE 3-9776 YOUR CHOICE $199 '50 CHEV. 4-dr. '52 OLDS. 88 4-dr. 'll PONTIAC 2-dr. Space No. 2. Ira Bvrd, aff. 1 p.m. $80. 16337 Atlantic PL, Paramount BUICK 1955 6UICK . . Special 2-door hardtop. While body wllh black top. Automatic transmission, radio, heater. Real good tires. Runs excellent and priced to sell Immediately. $798 SNAVELY LANGFORD 401 N. L.B. Bl , Compfon NE'1-1514 '59 BUICK $3195 ELECTrtA SEDAN HDTP. Gorgeous black wi elec. windows 6-wav seat. Driven only 7,000 miles. This week only COTTER'S USED CARS PRICE LEADER '52 Bulck 2-door. Spotless. Has Dynaflow, radio, heater and good ilres _ _ J24S GLENN E. THOMAS CO. 333 E. Anaheim HE 6-1283 57 BUICK Special Hardtop Coupe. Real, sharp tutone green with whltewall tires. Dynaflow, radio, heater, elc. 11 runs like a watch. $1695. SUBURBAN PONTIAC 17153 Bellflower Blvd., Bellflower TO 6-1725 '54 BUICK $599- . Special 4-dr. Dynaflow. RH. Pull Dower. All original perfect condition. S. W. LEMON 1901 E. ANAHEIM HF 6-7371 $295 F.P. NO DN. $16.16 MO. '53 BUICK HARDTOP. Stick shift. 8 cvl. Special. Week end only. LOMAC MOTORS BUICK '55 Spec. Rlv. Cpe. (2). Orlg. Inal In out. Also 2 '55 Ccn- lury Rlv. CDS. Full power S36 dn. $36 mo. Inc. '60 tags tax. Call Credit Dept. TO 5-0794 52 BUICK Super Riviera 4-dr. Dvnaflow, radio, heater. E-Z eye glass, new point. Today's best buy $299 3535 E. PAC. CST. HY. GE 8-1355 TAKE OVER PAYMENTS '54 Bulck Riviera Coupe. Slick shift. New 2-tone finish. RH, w-s-w. 519 mo. JEFFREY FINANCE CORP. NE 8-8755-- OPEN SUN. 54 BUICK Spec. 2-Dr. Dvna., R.H., w.w., new scat covers, etc. Fxcl. cond. Ihroughout. Prlv. owner. Must sacrt. $575. Terms if nooded. GE 1-4473. '57 BUICK 2-Dr. Hdtp. Take ovrr for $73 ca' payments of $14.73 per week. CaN credit manager. 50 BUICK 4-dr. Special. Dynaflow, radio, healer $199 ROL-A-TEL CO., INC. '57 Buick 4-Dr. $1499 Full power. Real nice car OSBORN'S 20TH i CHERRY owner. Full power. RH, WWs. Under 20,000 miles. Must sacrifice. 1711 Pescadores, San Pedro. BETTER BUY BUICK 4315 Myrtle Avc. 56 BUICK Suoer Hdtp. Full power. A real beauty. S36 dn., $36 mo. Dlr, Call Mr. Cole. FREE HOME 59 BUICK-- Electro. 4-dr. sed. Pwr. stocr., brakes scats. Air cond. Rovnl Mailer tires, many extras. 9,000 mi. Needs cash. GE 35134. 55 BUICK Super 2-door Riviera, P. steer, brakes, RH, custom pipes, conl. kit., orlg own. $950. HA 1*5264. $545 FRiEDLANDER AUTO SALES 2338 E. PdC. Cst. GE 9-4444 '55 Buick Rdm. 4-Dr. $899 Full power. Exceptionally nice. OSBORN'S 20TH A CHERRY BUICK Roadmastcr Riviera. '54. Pwr. steer., brakes, seats, windows. R.H. Excel, tires. Orlo. owner. $635. GE 97221 '55 BUICK Sup. Hdtp. Cpe., pr. $795 '56 Bulck Sup. 4-dr, Hdtp. $995 HILLTOP AUTO SALES 2599 t:. Pac. Cst. GE 4-4939 57 BUICK Cent! "Hardtop. Very good cond. Low points. Call Mr. Ragland to arrange terms. Dlr. HE fi-5291 56 BUICK Riviera, loaded. Real clean car. $45 dn. $45 mo. Call credit mor. Mr. Riley, TO 7-9618 for free home demo. with everything. $50 dn. $50 mo. Call credit mgr. Mr, Rlley, TO 7-9618 for free home demo. '55 BUICK Hdlp., power $795. '56 Bulck Sup. Hdtp. power $995 HILLTOP AUTO SALES 1955 BUtCK Century, full power, new w.w. tires brakes. Excellent condition. $1225. GA 2-7302. 1951 .BUICK Super convertible, good condition. '60 license. $160. Private party. GE 1-0361. '54 flUICK Century 4-Dr. RH. All pwr. Orlg. owner. Sharp. $525. TO 1-5954 54 BUICK Roadmdster convert. Full pwr., new top. $675 or best offer. Perfect cond. GE 8-2144. dr., RH, pwr. sir. br., xint. cond. Orlg. owner, $485. GE 9-9933. See fo appreciate. 2722 Snaulrllng GE 9-5187 '57 BUICK. Full eaulpt. A-1 cond. Older car for equity. Take over PVts. UN 5-6912 or UN 5-6151. second car. Prlv. ply. $995. FR 5-1903 50 BUICK, new tires, new brakes, good cond. $160 or besf offer. See at 3133 E. 4th St. tires. $400. GE 9-7262 '50 BUICK 8, Loaded. $250. OX 5-9736 brakes. Bcsl offer. GE 3-783S 51 BUICK wclal 4-ar. RH, dvna. Xlnt. cond. prlv. Dlv. GE 7-0069. CADILLAC MUST SELL ·59 CAD dc Vllle coupe, real nice, S4,B50. Bank terms If wanted. 56 CAD. Hardtop coupe. Power. RH. Whilowalls. Cadillac frcsn. Full price tim. LAMERDIN PONTIAC NE 1-2196 30? N. Lono Bench Blvd., Compton All cxiras. Very clean. 3,000 miles' on completely rebuilt motor. SU7S. 4165 Countrv Club Dr GA 4-5752 '57 CAD. COUPE-- $2699 Beautiful Original lo. mile car. OSBORN'S, JOTH CHERRY '46 CADILLAC convertible, black, like new, S450 or trade for Jeep slat. wan. HA 5-5961, call all. 6 ·59 CAD COUPE DC Vllle. Air conditioned. Loaded. Immaculate. Original owner. 2571 Eucalyptus, ft '55 CADILLAC 63 -- t\4U ·ft HERB FRIEOLANDER (t ·52 CAD 62 Jed. Full power, J395. Terms. NEALAND MOTORS, 14402 ·59 CADILLAC Coupe de Vllle, 4300 actual miles, full power, orlv. parlv. TOpai · 1-4435. air, F/oowcr. Atolne while. Sncrl. GA 4-5413 2551 E. Canon, Omnoi. ·57 CAD. 4-Dr. Hdtp. Take over for $39 car pavrnts. of S16.35 week, .Call _Credlf_MBriaoer, _RI_I_-J27^. seat covers. Runt good. $600. ^Pi.ul Walker JE 7.4093 ·56 CAD. Eldorado Seville Cat. S2099 2319 E. PAC. CST. dlr. 1953 CADILLAC convertible, 1750. Power steerlno. MEtcalf 4-3272 ·52 CAD. Fleetwood. Good cond, Full power, S715. HA 9-5821 ·5« CAD. Club Cpe. Verv clean. Real bargain. $1995. GA J-9664. ·52 CAD Come De vine, full nower, SS50 or make offer, HE 2-6377. AutMhrMc 17* CADILLAC Clean Cadillacs I'M, '51, '52, '53, '54 de Villt CoupM I Sedani 1-owner. Original ind clean. Priced from $300 to $2000 Applewhite Motors 1580 L.8. Blvd. 1959 CAD. Coupe He Vllle. Fac. sir cond. Power steering C, brakes, elect, windows. 6-wav seal, RH, WWs, Firestone safety tires, red with genuine red Moroccan tan lealher, especially upholstered, sharpest looking car In town, driven 10,000 miles locally, prlv ply. 55,750. Call TE 3-4717. 14,000 actual miles by orlolnal owner. Black with while top, black and while Interior. Has al! Cadillac accessories plus Air Ride and Cruise Control. Might consider older car In trade. Can be seen Sunday a! 5438 Olela (Park Estates). Private party. terlor grey white. Power brakes, steering, windows, aerial, 6-way seat. Electronic trunk. Radio, dual speaker. Healer, Whltewalls. Excellent condition. 1960 licenses. $2875. Pvl. party. 349 East 16th St.. HE '53 CADILLAC "62" 4-dr. THIS WEEK ONLY $795 THIS ONE IS ORIGINAL APPLEWHITE MOTORS 1580 Long Beach Blvd., L. B. '55 CAD $1499 62 coupe with full power. Very nice A-l condition. S. W. LEMON 1901 E. ANAHEIM HE 6-7371 '55 CAD. FLEETWOOD, JI799 wllh 19,000 miles on '58 Eldorado - tians. engine. Excepllonally clean one-owner car. OSBORN'S, 20TH CHERRY '56 CAD. 62 4-DR. -- J 1999 Air. cond. Exceptionally nice local OSBORN'S, 20TH CHERRY '58 CAD Cpe. de Vllle. 6-wav seat. New Premium tires. '60 He., $3,475. Must sell. GA 4-2677. CHEVROLET WRITTEN GUARANTEE 1955 Chevrolet V-8 Bel Air 2-door that Is In sland-out condition, body Is solid and 'he upholstery excellent. Baby blue color wllh white top makes it glisten. Equipment Includes automatic shift,, while- wall tires that are first line, radio and heater $1139 GLENN E. THOMAS CO. 333 E. Anaheim HE. 6-1283 1958 CHEVROLET BISCAYNE 4-DOOR Radio, heater, power stcerlno, whltcwal! fires. Showroom new. Lie. No. PGN149. $1799 MEL BURNS FORD 2000 Long Beach Blvd. GA 6-3311 1955 CHEVROLET BEL AIR HARDTOP COUPE 8 cyl. Powargllde, radio, heater, other extras. Perfect condition. Lie. No. FMP102. $1299 MEL BURNS FORD 2000 Lono Beach Blvd. GA 6-3311 -- $100 -Over Our Cost '59 Chcv. El Comino 'Sf Chcv. 210 Wagon '57 Chcv. Bel Air Hardtop '54 Chev. 2-dr. sedan GLENGARY MOTORS 2401 E. Pacific Const Hwv. 53 CHEV 210 2-dr. Sedan, 302 cu. Inch GMC engine, 4" bore, Jahns racing pistons, Howard's " M-6 cams, Iskcnderian push rods fold, etc. 10 miles on engine, make offer. GA 2-4705. $46$ Cherry Ave. 59 CHEVROLET Impala Sporl Coupe. 3-spced stick transmission. Choice o! 2, either 305 or 335 en- Priced TO SELL. S2S dn. (Appr. Crpd.) or vour car. Beach Cftv Chevrolet, 3201 E. Pacific Cst. Hwv. GE 3-7X28. VERTIBLE. V-8, Powergllde, ra- dlo find heater, white wall tires. TOD almost new. Shows excelienl care. $1599. $35 dn. (Appr. Crcd.) or vour car. Beach Cltv Chevrolet 3201 E. Pacific CM. Hwv. GE W42B. TAKE OVER PAYMENTS '55 CHEV. V-B BEL AIR Sport Coupe. (1199. Beautiful black finish, power steering brakes, Powcroildc, RH, wsw. A premium car. $10 wk. JEFFREY FINANCE CORP. NE 8-8755. 57 CHLVHOLET Del Rev Cpe. Tutone pelnl, whltewatl llrcs, radio, healer and Powcrgllde. Lie. No. MZN 055. SU95. SUBURBAN PONTIAC 7153 Bellflowcr Blvd., Bellflower TO 6-1725 50 CHEV. Convcrllblc. Radio, hffttcr, stick shift, new onlnt, new top new interior, white* walls. ROL-A-TEL CO., INC. 3535 E. PAC. CST. HY. GE B-1355 HERE'S A BUYt 'SB Chev. Impaln 2-dr. sedan. Turbo-glide. P o w e r steer. brakes. 280 hp. $230 dn. $1630 bal. TO 7-7130. 6257 Turncrgrovc NO DOWN $999 F.P. '55 Chev. Bet Air V-B 2-dr., Powcrgllde. Radio heater. QUALITY MOTORS 3565 E. PAC. CST. GE 9-25H Faclory equipped. 1-owner, vcrv low mileage. $189?. $25 dn. (Appr. Crcd.) or vour car. Beach Cltv Chevrolet, 3201 E. Pacific Cst. Hwy. GE 3-7-128. '55 CHEV. - $895 Bel Air 2-dr. RH. Aulom. w-w tires, sharp. ft 2-2 USED CARS ft 1427 E. ANAHEIM HE 67727 $23.01 DN. $23.01 MO. '53 Chev. Rad., htr. stick. LO-LO MOTORS 2101 E. Anaheim GE 8-4433 stick shift, radio, heater, while- walls. Clean as a pin S399 ROL-A-TEL CO., INC. 35i5 E PAC. CST. HY. GE 8-1355 57 CHEV. V-B Bel Air spt. sedan. 4-dr. hdtp. R.H. Quiet peppv low milcaoi motor. Real sharp. $1,525 3601 Falcon GA 7-7196 *t '59 CHEV. El Camlno. Stick V-8 $2099 ft HERB FRIEDLANDER A 2838 E. Pac. Cst. GE 9-4444 55 CHEV. 4-dr. sdn. Real value for only $37.50 dn. 537.50 mo. Call credit mgr. TO 7-961B for free home demo. FOR SALE BY ORIG. OWNER 1952 Chev. Deluxe 4-dr. Stick shift, RH, motor body In excel, shflpe, first $230. HA 9-0?91 glide, radio, heater, 2-tone, etc. Excellent cond. $995. Ask for 56 CHEV. dlx. Conv.. blue. RH, Pwr. steer. P-gllde. Xlnl engine. Orlo. owner. Xlnl cond. GE 1-3994. 959 CHEV. Bel Air 4-dr. Trade equity for older car assume payments. TO 6-B954 55 CHEV Defray "6" stdr. Irani., Rad. Htr. Real good cond. $695. 4838 Gundrv GA 3-8255 57 CHEV. convert. Xlnf. cond. Auto, trans. $1/00 or will Irade. Prlv. ptv. GE 4-1039 58 CHEVY 2-dr. V-8. Exclnt. $1599. 10011 financing on approved credit. '57 CHEVY 4-dr. Sharp. $1299. Parkwood Chevrolet ME 3-0787 100% financing on approved credit. SB CHEV. Impata. All power, big eng., sharp. $2,295. Dlr. 11355 Atlantic, Lvnwood. NE 2-6712. 56 CHEV. BEL AIR V-8. RH. Auio. trans. PS. Blue whiti. Xlnt 1-owner. Dtr. NE 2-6712. clean. After 5. o214 Del Mar., L.B. 50 CHEV, Club Coupe. Make oner. HE 2-8338 55 CHEV. Bel Aire. 2-tone, RH/ P-G. Xlrtt cond. MA .-5«0. 50 Chev. $97 HA 9-2561 'M CHEV. CorvAlr, hvdramfltic, r* dlo. Healer. SHOO. HA S-68W. 54 CHEV. 4-dr., powfrollrJe, RAH, w w 1 owner. 3503 Greenbrler Rd. ·3« CHEV. GD. COND. S«5. 1950 CHEVY 2-dr., nored A decked. GA 2-74M 54 CHFV hrllr,. RAH. WW, flufo. clean. Musi sell. HE 7-5083. '» CHEV. S pass. CM. RAH. »5. GE 3-7912 '50 CHEV, 2-dr. Stick, RAH. Good cond. 5250. GE 9-7W3. '54 CHEV. Jdoor. $395. '80 t«OS. 3W3 Dnlw Ave. GA 4-14. CLEAII '51 CHEV. SED. 1937 Trmple AMMhrM* I'* CHEVROLET OK USED CARS '58 Edsel $1499 Hardlop Corsair Sporl Ct». Radio, heattr, power Drake!. Real clean car ·) · steal, '58 Dodge ...$1899 Coronet Hardtop. Power steering brakes. Radio, heater, tinted glass* red while finish. '59 Impala ...$2699 White finish. 280 H.P. standard shift. Radio, heater. '58 Biscayne$l699 2-door Chevrolet V-8 Turbojllde. '56 Olds $ 1 399 Holiday cpe. Radio/ heater/ power steering brakes. Seats win; dows. Solid finish. '56 Chevy ...$ 1 599 Nomad Station Wagon, RH. power steering, 2-tone. Clean car, '55 Chevy $899 2-door V-8, Powerollde. '55 Rambler $1099 Custom Sallon Wagon with luo- pagc rack. '53 Chevy $499 2-door, radio, healer. '53 Ford $599 Victoria Hardtop. Radio, Heater, Fordomatlc. '54 Hillman ...$399 4-dor. 4 speed Jransmlsslon. Real good transportation. WE GUARANTEE OUR BUYER 100% SATISFACTION ON OUR USED CARS 15 '59 CHEVROLETS Demonslrator Executive cars. Most models to choose from at drastic reductions. Make any reasonable offer. Must be sold Immediately, 75 CARS TO CHOOSE FROM DUTCH VILLAGE PARKWOOD Chevrolet Motors 5B75 South St., Lakewood TO 6-9768 Open Dally 'III 9. Sun, MH 6. 60 CHEV. Impala nardtop coupe, 250 engine, white wall tires, padded dash, deluxe radio, ermine white wllh red interior. 3.*oo miles. $2,7W. Terms to suit. 330) E. Pacific Coast Hwy. GE 3-7.418, '56 CHEV.-- $1199 Bel Air convertible. 6 cyl.. stick, new white top. Rad., htr. wwi. This Is a Tip-Tup car throughout. S. W. LCMON 1901 E. ANAHEIM HE 6-7371 TAKE OVER PAYMENTS 'M CHEV. BEL AIR Sport Coupe. Beautiful mandarin red Ivory finish. Powcrgllde, RH, wsw. This Is a premium car. 510 wk. JEFFREY FINANCE CORP. NE 8-8755 -- OPEN SUNDAY '57 CHEVY Bel Air Coe. V-8, slick shldi radio, heater. Black beauty. Sec this, only SI 699. Sachs A Sons Lincoln -- McrcurV -- Enollsh Ford, 9515 Lakcwood Blvd., Downey. TO 2-2155. TAKfc OVER PAYMENTS '57 Chcv. V-8 Bel Air sport coups. Full power. Powcrgllde, RH, w-s-w Vrrv sham Low m\\f\. SI? Wk JF.FFREY FINANCE CORP. NE 8-8755 -- OPEN SUNDAY Dower. Low mileage. S75 handles. GMAC contract available. Call Mr. Raoland to arran.^ Ijrms. '50 CHtV. Club Coupe. Stick shift, radio, healer, whltewalls. Hew melalllc blue nalnl M«9 3535 E PAC. .'.ST. I|V. GE 8-1355 56 CHEV. V-8 Bel Air. Powergllde, RH. Immaculate In out. S25 dn. will handle, Inc. '60 taos tax. Call credit mgr., Mr. Green. TO 6-0794 or ME 4-1133. '58 IMPALA 2-DR. HARDTOP Automatic, R, H, owr. steer. 3219? T-12 MOTORS 1500 L. B. Blvd. HE 2-0610 ·51 CHEV. CLEAN, Bel Air HdlD. Slick, new brakes mufflers, '60 He. Perfect condition. $325. GA 7-3004 alter S D.m. Poweroltde. S699. Parkwood Chevrolet ME 3-0787 100% financing on approved credit. Prl. Dly. Must sell. Take over payments. No cash required. Call 55 CHEV. 'AT + "6". Xlnt cond. S7J5 FRIEDLANDER AUTO SALES MSB E. Pac. Cst. GE 9-44.14 '54 CHEV. Bel Air Club. SI3 dn. $25 mo. Call for Free Homo Trial. NE 8-5169. 1313 N. L. B. Blvd., Compfon -- Olr. '50 CHEV. Convert. New enu., new top. Near new paint. S295. GE 9-5492 2-lonc, Powerollde. Excep. clean. PHv. plv. Musi sell. HA 9-1208. 54 CHEV. HloD. Powerolldc, new tires, 30,000 ml. Prlv. 0lv. $725. GE 1-5113. 6 cvl., Stick, RH. $1250. GE 3-3343. 58 CHEV. Impala Hdlp. Cpe. Full power, aulom. drive, RH. Prlv. 1954 CHEVROLET Bel Air, standard shift. Vcrv oood running condition S350. HA 9-0346. 58 CHEV. Bel Air Sport Coups. Powerolldc, RH, w-w, Ezyeve, clean, low mil., $1895. WA 5-253!. '56 CHEV. TO 5-dr. A-l cond. New tires brakes. Prlv. ptv. 321 Rcdondo. '52 CHEV. Bel Air Hdlp. RH. Pwr. Glide. Gel. mech. Needs palnl J350. 2945 Oslrom Ave. '57 CHEVY. Bel Air. R.H., W.W., cnolno. F.P. $500. GA 2-0515 54 CHOV. Bel Air. Powergllde, R.H. New transmission. $590. HA 9-0045 3136 Palo Verdt '57 CHEV. V-8 2-dr. hdtp., black «. while, RH, wsw, stralghf stick. Orlo. $1600. 1019 W. 'R' St., Wllm. '59 EL CAMINO, 4-speed. Make oiler for $800 equltv. Will accept transo. car. HA 9-2027. '53 CHEV. 8el Air 2-dr. RH. 1 owner. New w-w's. 5395, UN 8-2096 '58 CHEV. Sham while Impala, e«.l. cond. Prlv. party. NE 2-7278. '56 CHEV. 4-dr. sed. P'ollde. RH. 6-cvl. Will Hnance. $975. ME 0-5790 '49 CHEVY, 7 dr. Flettllne. S170. 5116 CentraliA '54 CHEV. 210 2-dr. slick. R.Ml. Gd. cond. $550. LExlnoton 4-6487. ·so CHEVRCLET. Nice. Good shape. $245. 3262 San Anselln*. HA v-6045. ·55 CHEV. Srorl Coup«. R.H. '47 CHEV. J-dr. Xlnt nwctl, cond. »100 or bfit offer. HI: 7-1972 '52 CHEV. 2-dr. sed. Good cond. Cash. 1JO! Daisy Ave.. Act. 2. '48 CHEV. Club Cp«. Good cond. $95. 2057 Easy Ave. HE 7-M29. ·55 CHEV. Convert, New »!. R.B.H. S900. GA 7-05M or HA 9-944S '59 CHEV. Impala, MOn taki over payments. fJA 7-2776. '56 CHEV. 2-dr. R.H. 6d. COM. TE 4-19J7 or HE 7-4MO

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