Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 12, 1976 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, April 12, 1976
Page 3
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ECO-LOGUE 'By PEGGY FRIZZBLL TIMES Staff Writer · "·' The Arkansas Energy Office got a much-needed shot ; ;in the arm a couple of Weeks ago with the formation of !" Hie Arkansas Energy Conservation Coalition. In one of ; its first acts, this coalition decided to support the encr- r · gy office (particularly its conservation.diyision) and to ?' ~ask Governor Pryor to implement the office's 20 ener- ',,, gy-saving recommendations' at the state level. lt '".. The Arkansas Energy Conservation Coalition is the result of an energy conference held last month in San t,',- Antonio, Tex. Fifteen Arkansans attended this regional .:·· -Citizens Energy Conservation Training Institute, and ·'· most of these folks were at Hie organizational meeting ;'. of the Arkansas Energy Conservation Coalition on · · March 24 at Little Rock. ,- , Local representatives who were in San Antonio ;~ ; .for the three and one half day Institute and in Little j Rock for the coalition meeting included Lois Imhoff, representing the Washington County League of'Wo- * men Voters; Peg Anderson, representing the state t- League of Women Voters; Charles Richardson of the i.-Physics Department at'the University of Arkansas, and Fayetleville Mayor Marion Orion. Coalition chairman is Wally Nixon-of Little Rock, and Mrs' Imhoff is vice chairman. Secretary-treasurer ·Js T i m Holcomb. ' , . ' . ' ' Now there may not be long lines at our gasoline stations, and the nightly newscasts may have stopped' .· their detailed reports on the energy situation. But this doesn't mean we can afford to lower pur energy- corisciousness level that was forcibly raised for us during the 1973 oil embargo. Whether or not you * choose to believe the energy crunch was staged, the ."!-"''fact remains that fossil fuel supplies are finite. : A Weil-Made Point E" · That's what the Texas Environmental Coalition and '"· the Conservation Foundation were trying to get across ?"-' to the 100 persons at the Institute. The point must have ,"' 'been well-made because before the Institute ended, ., those attending unanimously recommended the discern- ·-:--. tinuance of utility rale structures that favor large ener- :'f 'gy users over small consumers. The San Antonio group i'j.i.also unanimously recommended thai state and local ri* .governments niake larger commitments to energy con- '"'· servation programs. ' On this note, the Arkansas representatives returned ·'·"to the state and agreed to gel together to form the ·";, coalition. Armed with the information accumulated at ;:,..the Institute, the coalition decided to urge Governor ·'·-- Pryor to lake action, on the 20 recommendations sub-! 1 -mitted by.the Arkansas Energy Office. ·· '- The Arkansas Energy Conservation "Coalition also decided to urge the governor to involve the state in a ^'-Federal Energy Administration program that will pro- */;· -vide information, technical assistance and money to ·~-:help find ways to cut the'projected energy consumpt- -;, Jon in 1980 by five per cent. ' : " If Arkansas is to qualify for part of'the. §50.million a year that-Congress appropriated last year in the Ener- ^,_gy Policy and Conservation Act, the state must submit *·· to the Federal Energy Administration by May 20 a '·"''/.report that discusses the feasibility of cutting predict":; ed'energy usage in 1980. , V'";;-. According to the federal act, the Federal Energy ;,,,. Administration is supposed to help states get these '"".^feasibility reports ready if the governors request the r'"i help. The Arkansas Energy Conservation Coalition is ^"requesting Governor Pryor to seek the federal assis- "«/ fance. For Most Of Arkansas State Will Plan Water Quality Governor Pryor has proposed the designation ol the Arkansas Department ol Pollution Control and Ecology as the slate agency for water quality management planning required by Section 208 O f the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, A public hearing on the pro posed designation is schcdulw for 7 p.m. April 14 at, the Game and Fish Commission Auditor ium, Capitol Mall, Little Rock. Interested citizens, government agencies, elected officials and others "arc invited to comment on the designation at that lime. The stale planning agency must develop a plan for all portions of Arkansas not designated as a separate 203 area having substantial water quality problems. The Texarkatia area (parts of Bowie County and Cass County in Texas and ol Miller County Arkansas) has been officially designated as a 208 area; anc For t Sm ith (S ebaslian ant Crawford Counties). Pine Bluff (Jefferson County) and Little educators and citizens inter-' estod in water quality manage* ment. An advisory board will lie established to assist in the planning and implementation of the 208 program and advise the Department ,on broad policy matters. Including the economic and social impacts of the plan. The April hearing has becnj scheduled following three hear-! ings in March concerning the proposed designation of the Fort Smith, Pine Bluff and Little Rock areas. EPA will have final authority in approval of these planning areas and their designated planning agen- cies and Ihe design at ion of the stale planning agency. Information concerning thc 208 program is available from the Information Office, Department of Pollution Control anc Ecology, 8001 National Drive, Little Rock 72209, phone 3711701. Share Meal regular salad Fair Share Meal Proved Nutritious As a part of Agri Week. ac- tivities'at the University, a Fair replaced bar at the t h e Itock (Pulaski and Saline Counties) have been proposed for designation. All other parts of the slate are considered the "state planning area" and will receive water quality planning by the " Arkansas Union Scrvery last Thursday to demonstrate lhat ;herc is enough food in the world lo Teed everybody well- ualanced nutritious, appetizing and cheap meals. - That is, there is enough if the world's food resources are divided proportionately among the population and if people eat diets consisting ol more whole grains, legumes, fresh fruit and vegetables and less animal products. The Fair Share Meal included milk, five to one; and beef, 16' to one. The Ad Hoc Food Day Committee observed in its flyer t h a t food is distributed with profit and not. people in mind. The rich nations--one fourth of t h e world's population- consume two thirds of the world' "We the rich nations musl redevelop. This does not have to be p a i n f u l as this (Fair Share) meat illustrates," the statement read. generous portions brown rice and "slate planning agency. The of salad, vegetables. soup, whole wheat bread, and swept potato pie. Using 1974 ' ' '" ' Iuclion mandate for statewide 208 planning was set forth in ths Federal Water Pollution Control Act and reinforced by a court order issued by U.S. District Judge John Lewis Smith, Jr., June 5, 1975, in the case of Natural Resources Defense Council, cl. al.. vs. Russell E. Train, Environmental Protection Agency administrator, MANAGEMENT PLAN The stole must submit its plan by November 1, 1978, to the U.S. Environmental Protec tion Agency (EPA). The plan must contain a managemen structure for both point sources (stationary discharges capable of being improved by end-of pipe treatment), consisting pri marily of municipal and indus trial discharges, and npn-poin sources, such as urban storrr water r u n o f f ; agricultural run off containing silt, fertilizer an insecticides; soil erosion fron forestry operations; acid mine drainage; and runoff from construction activities. The Department or Pollution Control and Ecology intends to incorporate 208 planning with .ongoing programs, namely thi; . a n n u a l wafer quality program plan, river basin water quality p o p u l a t i o n a n d produ statistics, each world cili 1 daily share of grain is 32 ounces with included The meal begun colorful salad that ... _ _ bean sprouts and violet petals (high in vitamin content) and was lopped w i t h ' a creamy salad dressing made from tofu--a product taste. protein rich without soybcai "beany" The bowl of soup containet beans, a few vegelables ant Julse--a plentiful seaweed from he north Atlantic coast. Thi wo slices of whole wheat brc«( vere lopped with generou dollops of garbanzo be'ai spread. The main dish wa vhole grain, unpolished ric served with vegetables in a ric .ravy seasoned with miso. ; crmcnled, high-protein fop' narie ol soybeans uhd grain The crust for the sweet, petal pie was made from who! wheat flour. As a personal follow-up to th Fair Share Meal, the Ad Ho committee is suggesting lha individuals cat fewer anitm products and processed food thai they grow a garden, tha they be aware of national fooi policies and trade agreements. 11 Ait they treat their friends lo fair share supper, that they buy, regional foods, and lhat they further study the matter. Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Monday, April 12, 1976 ·. 3 Judge Expected To Rule On Use Of Herbicides U.S. District Court Judge G.I future generations of man and 'homas Ejsele is expected to rule on motions presented hy he .Newton County Wildlife Association and the United .tatcs Forest Service this month. At issue is Ihe controversial other animals. Scientists In Ihc Association back up these allegations-, by citing studies that show dmxin (one of the contaminants in phenoxy herbicides) and 2,4,S-T to he Ecratogenic (causing by dry weight. The Fair Share Meal used ess than one third of that daily ration. Jf eggs, milk or meat lad been used in the meal {in- lead of the grains and beans hat were used to provide protein), the resulting meal irobably would have used up more than one's daily grain share. While 20 pounds of usable irotein c\ari be produced from tne acre given over lo raising jeef, 356 pounds of soybeans or 265 pounds of rice-could be produced from that same acre. In cxpalining the Fair Share Meal, the Ad Hoc Food Day Committee noted that people do not have to depend on meat for protein and the correct supply of wmino acids. "We can eat a variety of plant proteins which have mutually complementary amino acid patterns," according to the commillCG's e ileraEure. The literature noted lhat a diet rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes "maintains a healthy system by providing plenty of vital enzymes and roughage needed by Hie digestive tract. On the other hand, diets emphasizing animal products are associated with and stomach Right Turn On Red j treatment plants. The Department also will be | responsible for reviewing the 208 plans of designated .area wide agencies and incorporating those plans into the state's 1 water quality management [planning process. In addition, stale, local and I federal agencies will be in volveu* in the planning process along with elected officials art : disease icer." !f people wanted' to include casional animal products in eir diets, they could do so d still remain within their 32 nee' limit v by using Ihe Itowing conversion ratios: SB's, three to one; chicken, irce ot one; pork, six to one; The Federal Energy Administration itself has a June '" 22 deadline by which time it must publish guidelines \';"'ior stale energy plans. Then those states in the pro.; .gram will have until Nov. 22. to prepare, a report : .:..-. that specifies its energy conservation plan. The state '.i..plans, in part, are supposed to"include the following ',,'.... five points. I;'.' ... --Mandatory lighting efficiency standards for public ,,;., buildings (all buildings except residences). J,i','.i --Mandatory energy efficiency'standards and poli- '.:.. .cies for state and local government department pur- -?·'" chases. f ·" --A traffic regulalion allowing a right turn on red, ·?" whenever possible. *" . --Programs that encourage the use of carpools and :'. - public transportation--but not including the subsi- i;: dation of public transportation fares. --Mandatory thermal efficiency standards and insulation requirements for new and renovated buildings, ··· including residences. ·· '-· Because Arkansas is a rural state, the Arkansas ·'-, .?nergy Conservation Coalition is going to concentrate ;,: its efforts on reducing energy consumption by chang- ·;.-. ing building codes to improve lighting and insulation " requirements. Mrs. Imhoff said she thought the mandatory thermal efficiency standards and insulation !.:·'- requirements will be difficult to accomplish, while at V- the same time they will be the best way for Arkansas :,- to save energy throughout the state's 75 counties. v She said the Arkansas Energy Conservation Coalition ./ ; ' wants to take the matter of energy conservation to the " public via a September workshop. She said the workshop would focus on energy-saving techniques. For ·;· instance, the right-turn-on-red concept, the bottle bill - (in which non-returnable beverage containers are prohibited), the solar-heated home on Pinnacle Mountain, I'.. and the life-cycle costs of products would ne discussed. Substandard Water There are about 35.000 «'ale supply systems in Ihe Unilei Stales. A 1970 survey found lha ,41 per cent were delivertn substandard waler to th public. Why you should Id HR Block worry about yoitr income taxes. We're human, and once in a great while we make a mistake. But if our error / means you musl pay addilional tax, you pay only the lax. We pay any inlerest or penalty. We stand behind our work.' Get a lilllc peace of mirvl. HR BLOCK THE INCOME TAX PEOPLE T204 So, School (Hwy. 71) Sears EDITOR'S NOTE: Tin: following is a column prepared hy Hen Molfctt of HID National Park Service. Moffell writes about places to visit or vacation al within (he southwest section of Ihc country. Lake Meredith Recreation Area is an oasis on the dry, windswept High Plains of the Texas Panhandle. In any season, Lake Meredith ,,an fill a weefcend visit or longer with a templing mixlure of healthy exercise, fun anc relaxation at the water's edge. Just count the possibilities! .Water activities includ boating, water skiing, sailing swimming and scuba divin£ Or you can camp, picnic study nature, ride motorcycle or slghtsee. If your interest runs Aowar history of archeology, you ca visit Alibates Flint Quarrie National Monument near th lake. Alibates is the site of on of the mosl important source of stone implements in prehis toric North America. With a Texas hunting fishing license, your ereational potential grows eve larger. Anglers may fish E largemoulh and s"mallmou bass, white bass, crappi sunfish, walleye anil catfish. The portions of the recreation rea open to hunting offer the nly public h u n t i n g in the area, ami; includes geese, 'ducks, ualil, dove, t u r k e y a n d hitctail and mule deer. The lake is located just off exas highway 136 between rharillo and Borgcr near ritch. W h i l e recreational op orlunities are bountiful a' ake Meredith, the lake h more serious purpose 'he reservoir impounds water 11 me tnhe r c it ies of the C a n a d i a n River Municipa i T ater Authority, (bus enabling r.c area to tap one of the fe\ ise of phenoxy herbicides in the Ozark-Sl. Francis National ·'orest to convert 20,000 acres a n n u a l l y from hardwood production lo pine. These selective herbicides, including silvcx, 2,4,5,-T, and 2,4-D, kill hardwood trees a^d brush in order lo prepare the way for the growth of the more commercially-valued pine. The Newton Counly Wildlife Associalion initialed legal action last June, .and succeeded in having the Forest Service enjoined [rom spraying or = ~ jecting phenoxy herbicides the National Forest until the Service produced an acceptable Final Environmental Impact Statement. Tlic impact statement was to include both the shorl term and the long term effects of '.he Forcsl Service's tree f a r m i n g t e c h n i q u e . T b e impact MOTIONS MADE The Forest Service's attorney has made a motion to dismtsf and cits solve thn court inline- lion against using the nhenox herbicides. T h e W i l d l i f e Association's attorney has f i l e t a brief in opposition to thi: motion and has made a motioi for leave to file an amende! complaint dir:ert at Ehe fina impact statement. In its final impact statement unborn animals!, (causing stHI- deformity in cmbryotoxic births), possibly carcinogenic (causing cancer) and possibly mutogenic (producing change in chromosomes). the Forest Service proposes t continue lo use phcnoxy herti cides, n r i m a r t l y to dcfolia ubslandard hardwood stands reparation for nine production While recognizing the toxi laracler of these chemical rid their cont a miii ant s, th oresl service claims adequa' afcguards exist to permit thoi ;c. The Newton County Wildltf \ssoeialion alleges thai thes hemicals pose grave dangers ot only to the visual and reT tioual value of the forest, bi the delicate balance ature. hove-ground water sources- Construction of the dam -Sanford Dam --- began in, th ummer of 1952 and it has bee idminisfcred by the Naliona Park Service of "the Dcparlmcn of the Interior since 1965. While the lake appears placit and innocent, much of the time if can be a rough, tough mo ster and drownmgs a n d , othc accidents have been f a r ; t o fr n,uent to suit park officials. Rigid safety rules are forced and waler enthusias are warned thaV sudden storm with winds up to BO miles p hour, can .crop up so fast th boats have, trouble getting, the lake in time. The Association stales th he; continued use of the chemicals endanger present an Beaver Lake Cleanup Set Get your friends together Ibis t u r d a y and help ctean up eaver Lake. Since no official eanup day has been held in ur years, the lake's shores id the nearby roads have bad enly of time to accumulale ter and trash. Resident Engineer for Beaver ake, Clco Dark, said the hike been divided into ^nvnn ones for cleanup purposes. ick up points for accumulated ,ter include Lost Bridgs?,- .arkey. Rocky Branch, Prairie reek, Hogscald, Horseshoa end. Hickory Creek, War agle, Granny Hollow, Blue prings and Beav-0-Rama. ~~ Trash bags will be available o individuals or groups wanting o help at 7:30 a.m. at all commercial docks, at Bcav-O-nama, at War Eagle Cove Resort and al Ames Bait Shop hear lha Iwy. 45 bridge. Dark said the filled bags hould be taken to a pickup loint. Pickup points in parks vill be near the boat launching amp. At the end of Ihe cleanup. Ihe Corps oT Engineers vill use a garbage truck .'.to collect all the .trash and lake f to a sanitary landfill. ..;! People are encouraged , r la work in pairs in boats. Dark said thai if a person has a boat lut no partner or if someone wants to work but has no boat, le or she should contact him. at his office in Rogers by telephoning G36-1210. He said the cleanup coordinator, Mrs, Charlolle Walden, will arrange lo get boats and people together. ' SAVE NOW with ULTRA STEAM CARPET and F U R N I T U R E CLEANING Any tltR LlTlnr Hewn and Hall Blcam Sleaned end Deodoriicd CALL Oalj NOW $19.95 Pru 521-3620 Northwest Arkansas N.W. Ark. Plaza . Noise Study Set C O P E N H A G E N (EN)-Denmark's E n v i r o n m e n t Minister has ordered a study of how excessive noise from pleasure boats might, be con- dolled. Three Quarts Daily An adult normally needs about three quarts of water a day. In mild climalcs a person can .slay alive without water lor no more than a week, while one can exist without food for up to five weeks. EVEREST OENNINGS WHEELCHAIRS FOWS TO 10" Ul-Wf C O U P O N FOR THE FAMILY.. Ken's Pizza Parlor You've heard (he oltl saying, "always pay cash U you can". Well, you believe f t . And most of Northwest Arkansas docs, too. Sometimes, though, cash is liard to get when you're out of town. Thai's why First Federal is offering a special JlOXEY-fPLUS account service: Prestige Emergency Cash, Prestige Emergency Cash means you can go almost anywhere in the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii, and 1 get cash without identification problems, Simply present your Prestige card al a participating savings and loan (there are over 2,500 locations and you get I n s t a n t recognition. Kight away, you can cash a chcch or make a withdrawn! from your account. To gcf your Prestige card, stop in al First Federal and open your MOXEY-f PLUS account. And we'll be glad lo discuss any questions you may have, You're smart (o use cash, nut w i t h Prestige, you'll have an unbeatable combination. BUY TWO, GET ONE FREE! Void With Any Other Specie!! (Not good en delivery orearryout) first federal savings · On the Square -- Fayetteville · NW Ark. Plaza -- Fayetleville 0 Prairie Grovo, Ark. Transmatic services

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