Independent from Long Beach, California on February 20, 1964 · Page 32
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 32

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1964
Page 32
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a. TV THE GOLDEN YEARS ^Retirees Find Spiritual Happiness - By THOMAS COLLINS ifUt lie the side of a bira.|tng yem. So I have eon-,the elderly. I am grateful for r?r every person who fiadj Another felt a leg and »iid.duded that it U difficult forj my pension frora my church, la r e t i r e m e n t ' t h e elephani wu round like 0 ?' to fawweiictly wh»t to , fmd ^ 80 idca years are 1 Navy Ships in Port ppia«j the material things-- a tree. The third felt an tar house, ear. itatusjand decided the elegant -- there ipparentlyilike a l a r g e fia. and the retirement spiritual.,-' , ' ·· (an elephant wai lie a rope, t Reflect for a moment and! "The g o l d e n years'are - * -Till. find it difficult lOiTiewed from as many angles. a dedicated churchman} *I was 'reared on a farm wife once read an article on who was ever unhappy in Ks'and enjoyed farm work. So later years. Maybe some who ( it was prite natural when 1 w e r e a little hungry, and began to thtnV of retirement q u i t e a few had patched to think of a farm. I thought trousers. BJt no unhappy'about 125 acres would be Just about what I could care for Mr. Coon Mr. Coco say, that a, time he and t-tnt llta. CUK. TkrL. r*. X M4 "Growing Old and recently his wife him if he thought he growing old t h a t way. *I thought for, a moment, then I told her I thought I was dries. i So U is fitting that a re- with pleasure. tired pastor tell why this is "But a sa He ts Rer. C. J. Coon, a n d my He is 75 years old-and is wane. I began to ait the pastor emeritus of his churchJacre age. At around 63 I · · · * {thought 15 to 20 acres would' ! -PEOPLE WHO retire re-jte about right At 701 settled Hand me of the four blind^for a garden, men, and the elephant." he growing old gratefully. I_am grateful I have lived l o n g says. *One felt the side of ·I FOUND THAT my riew- the^elephant and said it was point changed with the pass- OI A LECTURER SAID not to use his ,,_.,influence to help* others prepare, and as pastor emeritus of his church he is finding all the work he can do. ~\ am deeply sorry," he says. *for those who have arrived at the age. pot of I tr»oor.-"~ golden years, but of sorrows.) ·-**"- fn * [There are those who' wai [ a m o n g the shadows. have so little to be tor. May a Divine Hand bring golden hope to them as they prepare for. the Golden Qty. Building Permits T»» m*efn tUBLra. .* - , Tin ntr. taxvat. Itri Jotmoi. Kjdnon. « jr. F«rf.«n U. 15.300; Ijftr I tarvn. cnrtrKMr. Btftn!* LM. ·ddman. 3S4 G*'« Ac*. ' - ConBnctlo« Ct» co» . long ago' that a person in re-JAnd may they be grateful for §/ifp Arrivals, Departures this hope." ,Thus does a retired pastor express his beliefs. . Van. KMtlm. SOT Moro; _C. L. Kttu ConsTryc- ·fltrifJoR, HH Wrf- ·ddnan. 372V C. a E. Crv JM. Mandtt. «!T«ra1Ton. 331 Pin* Aw*tttm: - Souttien VtntCu t:\nt C*. J**rv tmwn.' Botio. 1371 Occc* STaO: . fr*cter. ·· . You might look up one ofiM st^ »ra. the men of God and have a nvt, «m K. Roinw.IV Stt* IntM. San D:e7 n. IF F«. n, J*n Fr«i Feb. TO. 3OT FAC N cv. System Ca. f»*i 2 Cu 1(0 IKid. Frait 11/t Ct^ fA n. Can Uretnent should "cultivate' the attitude cf gratitude." Mr. Coon says. And he favors it "If we would be grateful for o u r everyday blessings, we could bring sunshine to aH'chat with *"", if your retire-f*^,j?S£' within our sphere, and they meet is not good. It could grateful that we^rove more meaningful than a $50 boost in your pension. t : 1-MAKE MONEY any time i [country.- and for the social through Classified ads! Sell ' security it has provided for'no-locger-used items for cash.^'^ 01 ^ "«"*«· . ^ t r«r« u. con- i?or«s. ram/STI C«i- fra Ttrj E«crc». m»lr. X»a Fourth St. M w«lk«r * 0_ .tc-.tlon. m iKaa .yr. ^ H5JCO: _ KLJSMH 1. Best oav Roy Shtnrcrvr. hcctvr, 1030 E( Mirado V. mo; Co Uta Contnl Ca. cm- P«u('WorttiinotDn. wWttcn. «3J Facuffv iv^ nreir vmi t. M.IW o. ««· WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY Typewriter Clearance ., SALE W« Ai» Orcntocked on Tradt-ioi , · ROYALS " - - ' · L.C.SMXTH · UNDERWOOD · R. C. ALLEN $095 V CT Portables ,lNDEf£NDENT-P«g.»-nJ WONDERFUL! Tbii efier gooi on FHIDAT SATURDAY ON1T AMERICAN TYPEWRITER SALES CO. I 344E.4rtSi.. i . Sowttewi Ul. ~ DRASTIC REDUCTIONS IN ALL DEPARTMENTS HURJtr-WHflf THIYLASJU FIRST QUALITY SHEER SEAMLESS NYLONS UDUCtOTO 29 C · S r. : CRCTSOX,. ferHEH.IOYI.CIKJ' SKCUI. r*un WOMEN'S ' : · DRESS SHOES JKDUCU TO 3" WOMEN'S - riusH HOUSE SLIPPERS s 1 KS PUII Ail-, Unf luck ftSZt t Spiint S1 I»B( Buc LAMB WBEEF SALE VCUCtt CUC TO JLKRFVC THURSDAY Frwni Op«ratw Ovt t» Sal . .. . ^** D «oo Standdrtf Oil Ca., Frt. 2ft, El Dona Win (PMT T30-0 Yokohama pniL KatUinal Lrn«, Frt. 21. San Fran tin Wart rjae) LI U_Yo*oham»$.F. H. V. K. LX- Feb. ZX Acapulca E*na 5*conda Cm) 161 ___Ke« H»vtn J. Verando 1 Co_ F«-x m. YokoTtama Corr»( M«r». L»-IJ Jan Fran "«- Lfcn« ftb. 20, Pynrtartnai ***o War* CJao) LS-3 ^_Yc*(rfi*ma tt. V. K_ Ltn« ^ Erti 22, San Joe* Lot fwjt'n, LB-ZT4 Kewart Sea-Land $«n4c* Inc. Fee. n, Oakland Pmldent Jackson, fl -____lrw Yorfc Amrr, Prr*. Ltrw Feb. 22. San Fran Santa Warta (Tlir U» Oiewm F-ac.CcastTramot.ta., F«. 71. Oieym Wonj Jtflartnt rut) An« ___.Korto!k Transoceanic Iftartnt,.rb. 20. Yokohama ygitemaja M.l) 177 . S O T Fran Ultra* SyS^Ca rt II Z^ Feb.TT. Aucfcland coupon SALE VARIETY IN THURSDAY FRIDAY 9-ff. Ivory · EXTENSION CORD Wit!i 3u«ef plug. UL Approved Prlct w!i!taui coupon S?c Limit One Per Coupon Ladies Seamless Micro Mesh SHEER NYLON HOSE Prict Betgefone « ! / j f o Unit 2 f lir fer »:;oi Bored Swe«f Tr«« ClocoToft Ctvtrti U S D A CHOICE GRADE FRESH AMERICAN LAMB SQUARE CUT SHOULDER IAMB ROOST i WHOLE or EITHER HALF · H LAMB LEGS 59 . ivniv hnmu 35 lamb Breast 1 2'» Shoulder Lamb Neck 29k Lamb Shank 39k -U.S.D.A. CHOICE Ground Lamb 35k 59 Round Bone Rib Chops 79- 79 Large Loin - Small Loin ETE LENTEN SEAFOOD VALUES Salmon tuc.i''·"/;«! 89k Red Snapper ^u 59k uri JOH« Eimn UUIOB Haddock Fillets ^ 63k Eastern Whiting'B\?-39!, Codfish Sticks ','£· 39!. Round Steak Rib Steak Top Round T-Bone Steak Porterhouse Top Sirloin Ground Beef... 39k SUPER.RfGHT CRAlH-fED STEER BEEF SALE 69* Chuck Roast 79- I IT menus ffi?M5 TIICH USI (Kit tl siutii nr J3ICT TEIDCI TtlOtl T1STT lilt- UM 98* 0-Bone Roast Rump Roast Clod Roast Rib Roast Stewing Beef THOU lilt II it nuts jaia lour 7-mn tin LEtl CCHO 49'. 6979'- 79V 791 Ground Chuck.. 59k Ground Round.. n* #* * 4 CHERRY CHOCOLATES C«upcn 59c Limit 1 Box Per Coupon 37 .4.»»«««M,,^ RED PACK *' TOMATO CATSUP 14-oz. Bottle Garden Fresh Fruits Vegetables RED or GOLDEN DELICIOUS APPLE FRESH CRISP HEAD EXTRA FANCY FANCY v W y LETTUCE ^.········,. Famous Angus DISHCLOTHS Wifh Coupon limit One Per Coupon AP FROZEN Orange Juice 25' a I 49 * w 6-oz. Con JIFFY MIXES Assorted Cakes Brownie or Frosting ·· BETTY CROCKER INNERS · Hicirtii t Cli»iri i tr Riviiilf J -HZnist ir FriTiici · AiP FKOZEM Strawb'ries COIDSTREAM 1 PINK * SALMON 1-Ib. Can 4-PIECE SALAD SET Indudts WooJtn Ferl per SKilen. limit 1 Set Per Coarsen 433 Pine Avc., Downtown Lonrj Beach WOITKMOIE CHOC. COVIHO RAISINS tt 49* ASF'S WOtTHMOlE Bridge Mix U«r Drl. /|Q( 1A.flj. **3r : WAI WICK CHOC COVIItO CHERRIES m CUTCHUa IROKEI Shrimp UTAH VAIUT lid Cherries 4"«-or. Cia UTAH VAIUT Rtl Jur fitti* l-ib. Cm 25 c t a JPRIIS si tr. ClothesPins'39 OUt OWM Evaporated Milk 2'^29' Spaghetti Sauce Mix 2^49* Instant Tea 'fc" 39^ 2ft " Mn-o-trr IHAV MJ» Paper Towels* ",i,°- 29^ American Cheese, ,«£·/,. 1 M Instant Coffee « t cs Z» Atr NATVUl ACt3 ' Mil Toilet Tissue* t£ 37' Cheddar Cheese ?£, 53* Coffee a 73^ '£ I 45 Lux Liquid* 31* 4eOff Deal IJ-or. All Detergent* 79' 3-fc. Pa cleg* Rinso Blue* SeOff IOC lOc Off JtO Ian. ttg. 4243 Woodruff Lakewood . 19. It, JJ * 3 J 3426 5 1 1 6 E. Seventh , E. Second Long Beach Long Beach M CKXT ATlufflC I HOC B* tOtHKt

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