The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on January 21, 1920 · Page 2
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 2

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 21, 1920
Page 2
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THE DAILY, FREE PRESS DAILY FBE PRESS 1S0S Established Weekly 1877 Publishing Co . JOHN T. /GALBRAITH 'Editor and Manager "Telephone - - 218 - TERMS bscription 15 cents a week. '"v-ertisinK bills due weekly, '~H<fp worK strictly casn. ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION |7.80. at the postofflce at Carbon •Hltaote, as second class matter In the Free Prmi Bnildine Main Street i Jan. 21. .1920. HITS U. S. TROOPS .Becomes Epidemic at Camp u -Crant and Great Lakes. Outbreak. Among American Soldiers in .: .Germany Assumes Alarming Proportions. — Washington, Jan. 21.— Influenza has '••iieewne '-epidemic among American sol- ..atere at Camp Grant and Kockfoni, rfltt, and the Great Lakes naval trtiin- .- lag station, Surgeon Oenoral IrelnnU erf -"the -army. announced. -Smaller epidemics have been rcport- etl from Xove Field, Tex., and Fort " Sheridan, JJI.-. General Ireland suid, .-.sura <he disease is prevalent among • Atnarlcnn troops in Europe. T3*e incidence cif pneumonia thus far •l«a« been low, General Ireland said. -aod^he type of the disease appears to BACKS D Wl AGAINST Commander in Chief of the fleet Before the Senate Committee. MAYO HEARD IN AWARD QUIZ . tn view, however, of the appearance the disease, medical ofticers have Instructed to carry out regulc- providing for adequate noor -space and cubic air space in barracks •.tma hospital wards, proper ventilation, masking of cases, prevention of use of drinking cups and adequate and bedding. ' The outbreak among the American - troops in Germany has assumed more :a(,Hrming proportions, with 103 new •eases reported tbere for the week ended January 0, an increase of l\~> over lie week before. There also were '2" - mew -eases of pneumonia. . The outbreak x of influenza in the - OoMenz commajid is accompanied by a marked increase in the death rate Jor the troops in Europe. For the -week ended January 0 the annual r --leaHi rate for disease was 8G per i.000, as against tiie rate of three . .'iper . 1,000 the week before. Twelve deaths, sis: from pneumonia and live Cram measles, were recorded. 1816 BOMB PLOT BARED ^Conspiracy Nipped in Bud by Arrest of Eighteen Reds. •"Capture Made Possible by Revelations -of Alien of Plan to Attack Officials. New York, Jan. 21—Search is being here by the police boiiib squad •and department of justice agents for a !3ia«f-dozen radicals believed to have t been leaders- in a bomb plot which is -declared to have ;been nipped by the arcesb here of IS reds. Two of the onen sought, it is said, were members -of the Russian red guard when' Lenine . suid Trotzky seized the Russian gov- - eminent. Capture of the IS men was made ^possible by revelations made to federal j agents by an alien who.had been schecl- '.tilled"to sail on the soviet "ark" Bu: ford, with 249. other radicals. This :..D«UI'S deportation was held up because =o£.the fact that he had failed to pay l-Jiis Income tax and lie divulged the •tar-twist plot, federal officials say, in -:cua effort to obtain consideration from government agents. •The 18 men arrested.'- it is charged, ••were -reorganizing ilie Union of Hus- .-rSian Workers, which had been badly -.^crippled by the Buford fleportations. 'livideuce to show that plans were on cfCKtt 'for a bomb campaign against gov- • vcmmeift officials was obtained in the -.'raids, it was stated. Xhree of the prisoners were sent to . ;.'KUis island to await deportation pro- -,-ceedings. ' WILSON ON, JOB IN WEEK : Jiest Cure Restores President to Health, Says Chicago Woman Party Leader. Chicago, Jan. 21.—Mrs. Georgi- R.-iss, .•member of the Democratic usiiinnal .committee, who arrived in Ghiciisru to • open the woman's campaign foi- the ."Democratic party, brought the word -that President Wilson will be actively :back on the job in n week. "The president," snitl Mrs. Bass, •"has been restored to health by the -arest cure, and-when I left Washington ;3t was known to a few of his friends -tthat within the week he will go to his "White House offices for the first time .-since he became 111 and take up his —active duties;" Declares Knight Board and .Secretary of the Navy Ju'stified-in Changing Medal Awards—To Probe Con• ditions at Newport. 'Washington, Jan. 21.—Admiral Henry T. Mayo, commander in chief of .the United States fleet during, the war, told, the senate committee inves- :igating naval wards that his letter fo Secretary Daniels on December 23, asserting ..that the Knight board did not give sufficient consideration to service at' sea, particularly to the du- ies and responsibilities of members of he staff of the commander in'chief of he fleet, was not to be considered in ny-sense one of protest. He read Hie etter at the request of Chairman lale. • Admiral' Mayo took a view' dinme- rically opposed to that expressed by Sear Admiral Sinis, who told the sub-' ommlttee that the Knight board In ranting awards gave too little consid- ratinn to the records of ofliciiils who -jrved on shore. The navy department lade •ublic Admiral Mayo's letter on he subject several days ago. General Charges Deferred. Charges made by Admiral Sims that ( ie navy department did not co-operate fully with the allies during the jvar are being deferred for'siitTseiiuent investigation. Admiral Mayo said Ms letter was written after practically all of his' recommendations had'been changed or disapproved by the board or Secretary Daniels. "I made very few-recommendations for awards," he^said, "mostly in the cases of my perlonal staff, force commanders and commanders operating independently. . Captain Jackson was the only member of my staff.. I believe, who finally received any decoration at all." Testifying (hat Admiral Sims was "supposed to be" under his command during the war, Admiral Muyo said that in order to facilitate matters Ad-1 miral Sims did not report to him, but I directly to the navy department. Lack of well-defined policy for awarding naval honors may have had a bearing on the decoration situation, Admiral Mayo said. "I do not say I was satisfied with the result of the action of the boar< and the secretary," added Admira Mayo, "but I do say that they hao .the right to take such action, as thej wished and to assume the respoust bility." Staff Had Real Duty. Admiral Mayo said he had written Secretary Daniels because he' fel there had not been sufficient realiza Uon of the value of staff duty and that this might cause officers to'avole staff assignments. "There has been a popular idea,' he said, "that the chief function of the staff is go along and look preffj when the Old Man goes on a call. That is not true. They are hard working, efficient men." Senator Pittnnm (Dem.), Nevada, asked if Admiral Mayo believed there should be a policy that oflicers who lost their'ships should be honored. Such a policy wnuld not be a goo tiling for the service, Admiral Mayo said, but added that in cases where the officer's conduct {luring and after This store is proud to announce that it has secured the services of k trained foot specialist who will be here .,..-" .'''•. •"'•••. '"*<" Tuesday and Wednesday, Jan. 27th and 28th to consult with all foot troubled people, explain the causes of foot weaknesses ills and defects and demonstrate how they can be readily corrected. This expert'is one of this Staff of Dr. Win. M. Scholl the well known foot specialist, author,-Inventor ' foot appliances and Recognized Authority on Feet Immediate V Relief—' Prompt Correction \\\v •xv c ,. ' v ^>x\ -v" 'Seeking ^-V f't f . Dr. Scholl's^ ////. Foot Comfort ////// \\ .1' // // Everybody Is Invited No Matter What Your Foot Trouble May Be, this Scholl expert will demonstrate to you, on your own foot, without charge, that it can be quickly corrected. We have gone to a great deal of trouble and expense to bring this expert here, and we want all to benefit from his presence and advice. N 9 , ne , ed f°r anyone to suffer from their feet. The V °" that thS Pr ° per Dr ' Sch °" ; s 3V /at .W. INCORPORATED :, Way l/i |the sinking was distinguished it j-should entitle him to high distinction. I Under ordinary 1 circumstances, he added' an officer who lost his ship was, in all navies,, court-martialed. '• Major General Barnett, commandant - of the marine Corps, will be called. ' Vice to Be Investigated. Washington, Jan. 211—A board o./ inquiry, headed by Rear Admiral Dunn, commandant of the First naval district,lias been appointed by Secretary Daniels to investigate conditions at the naval station at Newport, R. I., which led to charges by John R. Jtathom of the Providence ffi. 1.) Journal of immorality in the navy. HUGHESJURNED DOWN Committee Rules Bar Association Has No Standing. U. S. WARS ON BOOZE SIGNS j. Reminders of John Barleycorn's; Long Reign Are Soon to Be Eliminated. Chicago. Jan. 21.—The tew remaining reminders of the reign of old John Barleycorn, whose passing last Friday .marked the opening of a new and "dry" era in the United 'States, soon are to .be eliminated. Federal agents set forth 'to enforce the provision of the ighteenth amendment which requires destruction of all liquor advertising signs. The familiar 'Fine Wines and Liquors" and "The „.— -and Coolest In Town" soon I will be relegated to the dusty realm {•of history •tffort Made to" Reseat Five Ousted New York Socialist Assemblymen Fails. Albany, N. Y., Jan. 21.— before the hearing began Iho jtnflcinry committee held an executive session, after which it was announced that the majority of the committee had voted lhai the committee from the JSar association from the city of New i'ork headed by Charles E. Hughes ^hind- ing at the hearing. The vote was .seven to four. Hughes and the bar association committee got up /and left the committee room after refusal of Chairman Martin to permit them' to act us friends of the eoiniiiii.tuo. Their departure is considered sis final withdrawal. The effort to re-seat the five .Socialist assemblymen until after their (rial was lost In the assembly by ruling of •Speaker Sweet'that Iho donate'go over o:ie week. On n test vole lliu assembly sustained him, 07 t« 1, the issue being .T. Fairfax Mclaughlin's resolii- ^ tion to exclude Attorney Genera'] Ncw- •* j .'."I 'from' Participation with the ju- 1 . dlclary committee.. ..Soon after the opening of the trial Chairman L. M. Martin road a slalo- ment which asserted thai the assembly had learned "through various channels" Ih.-il nip defendants were members of a parly wlmvp philCm-in iiHiiiiinil cd "complcti' dps! nicl.ion of. our form "I 1 government' by -;iip ?iifiienlaiion of industrial unrest, iho liHngirig'iiiio »<• lion of force ;m,l \-iolciirr :nxl dii-,.,-; .•it-lion hy i IIP' musses." chnrged ih:!! ih<> cMlVnihinis "arc will- 'lIlll'IV? Plli;;|g(>i| in ,., | ; I,-M;,, . m ,| ^. ( .|| ( pinix.i'd i-'i.iiv.;iir;icy" In ili-slrny i! righl in mvn pr:v:ii- properly. ro\vp:i en i hi- rsimily. m :lc.siriiy Ilic rhiin nnd ovprjiirn flip -u;lmi,. fsilu-i,. ,,r a i-onsiiluiioii.-i! fiiriii or Roypniiiionl. YANKS OUT OF §IBER1A FES. 7 Detachments'of U. S. .Troops to Leave First of Month, Secretary . Baker Announces. ,WasIilnsron. juu: L'J..—sgcretari- a: 1 War isixKer announced that American troops in Siberia would begin embarkation for the Philippines February 1 «md would be out in less than a'week Vote Trieste ?ail Strike. Trieste, .Tan. 21.—IJembers of railroad unions lieie Voted'tod.ay to call RIVERS-HARBORS BILL CUT Improvement Appropriations Reduced ' -• . From $43,000,000 to $12,000,000 by House Body. Washington, .Tan. 21.—Cutting the fivers and harbors' improvements appropriations from approximately $43,000,000, estimated -as necessary and needed, to $12,000,000, the house rivers and harbors committee made public the projects approved. Of the-total appropriations. ¥5.000.000 is for the preservation and maintenance of existing river and. harbor work and $7,000,000 for improvements already au- thorised by congress. For surveys looking to 1 future improvements, $400,000 is npproprialed and the surveys' -are to include: Hudson river, New York! to remove a shoal at Albany; Hudson river. New York. V FUNDS FOR AGENTS ABROAD State Department Asks for $<t5u,000 to Enable It to Keep Watch on ' Aliens. Washington, Jan. 21.—To enable the state department, through its agents abroad, to guard against' undesirable aliens coming .to the United States Secretary-Lansing asked, congress for an additional appropriation of $450,000 to enforce the x passport supervision law until its expiration on .March 4, 1921

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