The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on September 1, 1906 · Page 2
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 2

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 1, 1906
Page 2
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CH1LLICOTHE CONSTITUTION SEP. 6 iqo6 T5e Chillicothe ;; CONSTITUTIONS ••••»»•«»••••*•>««• CONSOLIDATED WITH THE MAIL AND STAB SEPTEMBER 1ST, 1900, J. I*. NEWLAND WM. L. W ATKINS EDITORS AND PUBLISHERS OFFICIAL PAPERS JHE CITY. Terms of Subscriptioiv.-' The CONSTITUTION guarantees to advertisers a larg-er circulation in Livingston County than hat of all other local papers published in Chillicothe combined. Cba price for the weekly if paid on or before the end of the year is $1.00, or 50 cents for six months. Subscribers neglecting or failing to so pay will be charged the 81.50 rate. This rule will be strietlv adhered to. Entered at the postoffice at Chilli- Oothe, Missouri, and admitted for transmission through the mail as second-class matter. Office in CONSTITUTION Building, 516.South "Washington Avenue. Teleohone No. 105. By Mafl—Postage Prepaid: Dally, one vear $5.00 Dailv. six months 2.50 Weeklv, one vear. in advance 1.00 Weekly, one year, if not paid before year ends 1.50 Weeklv, six months 15 The Dailv will be delivered by carriers to subscribers in Chillicothe at 10 cents per "™«k. Any irregularity n delivery should be promptly reported at this . Democratic StatejTicket. For Judge of Supreme Court, Long Term. A. M. WOODSON. For Judge of Supreme Court, Short Term TV. W. GUAVKS. Railroad and Warehouse Commissioner RUBE OGLESBJ. Superintendent of Public Instruction HOWARD ALLEN GASS. Democratic County Ticket. For Congress W. W. RDCKER • Hepresen tut! ve JAMES O.RANEY- Sheriff MARK WHITE Recorder of Deeds.. WILLIAM REYNOLDS Prosecuting Attorney E. 0. ORR Clerk of the County Court A. M. SHELTON Tieasurer U. S. ALLBRITAIN Probate Judge PIERCE OVERTON DIED SUDDENLY OF HEART DISEASE How frequently does a head line simi' lar to the above greet us in the newspapers. The rush, push and strenuous ness of the American people has a strong tendency to lead up to valvular and othci affections of the heart, attended by ir regular action, palpitation, dizziness smothered sensations and other distress ing symptoms. Three of the prominent ingredients o which Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis covery is made are recommended by some of the leading writers on Maierui Media for the cure of just such cases. GoldeL Seal root,, for instance, is said by tin UNITED STATES DISPENSATORY, a stand ard authority, "to impart tone and in creased' power to the heart's action. Numerous other leading authorities rep resent Golden Seal as an nnsurpassei tonic for the muscular system in general and as the heart is almost wholly com posed of muscular tissue, It naturall) follows that it must bo greatly strength ened by this superb, genera! tonic, liu probably the most important ingrcdien of " Golden Medical Discovery," so fa as its marvelous cures of valvular am other affections of the heart are con cerned, is Stone root, or Comnsoniu, Can. Prof. Wra. Paine, author of Paine' Epltomy of Medicine, says of it: "i. not Ions since, had a patient who wa_ so much oppressed "with valvular disease o the heart that hla»friends were obliged t carry him up-stalrs. He. however, craiiuall. recovered under the Influence of Collinsonir (medicinal principle extracted from Stun root), and Is-now attending to his business. Heretofore physicians kuew of no remud for the removal of so distressing and so dan gerons a malady. With them it was al guesswork, and it fearfully warned th afflicted that death was near at hand. Col linsonln unquestionably affords relief ii such cases, and In most instances effects Stone root is also recommended by Drs Hale and Ellingwood, of Chicago, to valvular and other diseases of the heart The latter says: "It is a heart tonic o direct and permanent influence." "Golden Medical Discovery," not onl cures serious heart affections, but is most efficient general tonic and inyigor ator, strengthening the stomach, invig orating the liver, regulating the bowel and curing catarrhal affections in al parts of the system. Dr. Plerce's Pullets cure Constipation. sinse the mask has been torn from polite crime and criminals have been shown in their true light. Governor Folk has the optimism of a man who has done gooc things. Clerk of the Circuit Court MATTHEW McBRIDE Collector B. P. THORP Assessor JOHN J. MAA" Presiding Judge County Court S. HAWKINS Judge Eastern District . • IHA DONOVAN Public Administrator FORREST M. GILL Judge Western District o. W.;QARLICK For Coroner; R, H. CABELD. FOLK IN NEW YOBK Governor Folk's speech at the Bryan reception was one of the happiest parts of the whole affair. It was a message of good cheer from a Missouri reformer who has been in intimate touch with conditions at their worst, and who is largely responsible for the awakening of the public .conscience. about which he spoke so forcibly on this occasion. That speech pointed out 'the greatest evil that menaces the people of the United States today— that of individual graft. But it took no pessimistic view of the outlook. It dealt rather with the inherent love of right with the average American citizen and the improvement that is shown in public morals during the last few years, an unfailing cure for eczema, pimples, dandruff and a!l diseases of the skin and scalp. ZEMO is recognized by 'eminent scientists and physicians as one of the most important discoveries of medical skill and science. ZEMO is a clean liquid for external use, it always CURES Mr. Jacob Frank, a prominent business man of St. Louis, says: "Your remedy cured me of one of the most obstinate cases of eczema that I have ever known or heard of. My case was of four years' standing on both bands, and had been pronounced incurable by leadinjr skin specialists and physicians of this city. Like all sufferers of itcbinc skin diseases. I tried all remedies that were recommended to me, and found absolutely nothinn that did me any sood until ZEMO was nsed. 1 will bo pleased to write any sufferer who doubts this statement. Yours very truly, JACOB FRANK. Pres. Frank Merc. Co.. 821 N. 6th St.. St. Loais. . THE BRYAN SPEECH. William J, Bryan has returnee to America ripe in the experience that travel brings to the man o keen perception, broadened, perhaps, by a knowledge of the affairs of other governments, anc still the champion of the people in their efforts to obtain the largest measure of personal liberty and the best type of representative B elf-go vern ment. Running through that masterly oration which he delivered before 20,000 persons in Madison Square Garden, New York, were two msin thoughts—getting the government as close as possible to the peoole and doing away with specitl privi leges. And in these are bound up the needs of the American people today. Perhaps the most radical suggestion made was that of stovern- ment ownership of the railroads— and yet that is a condition that the country may be impelled to before it can rid itself of the influence of railroads in legislation and their part in the building up of trusts. Government regulation may be* but a step towards government ownership. The Bryan speech is the utterance of a student of government, of one who understands conditions in America and who seeks to better those conditions. It is untain ted with apologies for those who are despoiling the people and yet it bears no intemperate suggestions. It is .not socialistic, but rather points the way to avoid socialism by correcting the evils which have made this dangerous teaching grow in popularity. have the Legislature that will put a State THE STATE LID LAW. Governor Folk's proposition to enact laws lid on Missouri . will appeal favorably to every citizen who believes that the laws should be enforced in every community alike. — Chillicoihe CONSTITUTION. We differ with the editor of the CONSTirufiON on Gov. Folk's proposition to have a state lid or state excise commissioner. We believe that every city and county should hare the regulation and control of the liquor traffic inside of their border. We know that law abiding people are in the majority in every county in this state, and it is their business to elect to office m«>n who will see to it that the laws are obeyed and that their specious persiflage of a demagogi yolitician than the deliberati opinion of an experienced Missouri editor. In the first place, a provision o the measure advocated by th governor gives the various counties the right to regulate the liq traffic within their owu coufine.- [t takes away no right of self government but furninh'-s the poopl a mea^s of euforcemont of sal government. Officials are elected in -ariou Bounties as state servants in Ih offices of sheriff and prosecut'in; attorney who in some cases hav proven loyal to saloon keener and criminals instead of the stat m a pinch. This disloyalty ha prevented the governor from ef factually enforcingthe law in thes places. You may talk peanut politics ti i ou arc black in the face, and ye: oallot box till your teeth fall out out the fact remains that your av :rage sheriff and prosecuting at torney cannot be forced to prose •.ute illegal liquor dealers anc >ther vote furnishing political al lies, though they may openly vio late the law. The Poplar Bluff Citizen stand with the brewers for St. Loui county lawlessness. The Citize stands against the decent peopl of every county in the state, wh have tired of saloon and outla\ ilomination and defiance to th State of Missouii. The Citizen ought to join th Republican party and its brewery syndicate instead of posing as i Democrat while opposing th Democratic platform. A WOMAN TO BE PRETTY Unit Have Luxuriant and Glossy Hair Ko Matter What Color. The finest contour of a female face, th sweetest smile of a female mouth, lose -.omething if the head Is crowned wit scant hair. Scant and falling hair, it i now known, Is caused by a parasite tha burrows into the scalp to the root of th hair, where it saps the vitality. The lit tie white scales the scrm throws up in burrowing; are called dandruff.. To cur dandruff permanently, then, and to sto- falling hair, that germ must be killcc Newbro's Herpicide, an entirely new result of the chemical laboratory, destroy the dandruff gem, and, of course, stop; the falling hair, and prevents baldness Sold by leading druggists. Send lOc. in stamps for sample td The Herpicido Co. Detroit. Mich. Seymour Wigely, Special Agent THE GREATEST CONVENTION l^roin tho St. Joseph Gnzette. That the people of Missouri are becoming thoroughly aroused to the importance of building a sj ;em of good highways in this state s amply demonstrated by the widespread interest being taken in the forthcoming Good Roads con- yentiofa, which is to be held a Dhillicothe September 3rd to 8th nclusive. From all sections of the state, as well as from other states, comes the infoimation tha delegates have been appointed by all sorts of organizations and the prospects now are that the largesi n point of attendance, convention ever held in the Central West will be the one at Chlllicothe. Very appropriately the convention is to be held under the auepices of. the Missouri State Board of A^ricul- ;ure, thus giving it tho stamp o official authority and guaranteeing ;hat there will be no side is.-ues to detract attention from the subjec n hand. Nasal Gatarrhj an inflammation of the delicate membrane lining o ;he air-passages, is not cured by any mixtur .s taken into the stomach. Don't waste time on them Take Ely's Cream Balm through tho nostrilsj so that the fevered swollen tissues are reached at once. Never mind how long you lave suffered nor how often you have been disappointed, wo know ly's Cream Balm will cure you as it has cured others by the hotisand. All druggists, 60c. Mailed by Ely Bros., 5(5 Warren Street, New York. THE KANSAS OWNERS' LOSS. Topeka, Aug. 31—The state is not equired to pay for diseased horses illed by the orders of the state ve stock sanitary commissioner, general." own county and city is the pride ccordi to aa opi , ion .rendered of every man in it. We believe I the best man to see that all laws in cities are enforced along on democratic lines, "equal rights to all", is the various mayors of the cities. And the people, if they Prof. Tyler, of Amherst college, said recently: "A man can live comfortably without brains; no get a mayor who does not enforce j man ever existed without a diges- the laws, turn him down. Thejtive system. The dyspeptic has ballot box is the place to settle the j neither faith, hope or charity." differences. If you 3an't do it in- Day by day people realize the im- side party lines, do like many J portance of caring for their diges- cities do that have nonpartisan ition; realise the need of the use of a little corrective after overeating. A corrective like Kodol For flys- Price. SI-00. Leading Druggists or by Express '• PREPARED OKLY Br E W. ROSE MEDICINE CO. 3032 OU«> St. STrLOWS, MOI StauHttt tat Soli 5jr«wNM«9l 0, P, ClAW, DRUGGIST, mayors and councilmen. We hope Qov. Folk's new idea will not prevail in the next Legislature. And pepsia. It digests what you eat. furthermore, we would not support Sold by Clark's pharmacy. any man for Representative who) A world of trath in a few words: would cast his vote in that body to j "Nearly all other cough cures are take away from the counties and , constipating, especially,' th,ose con-s cities their rights to regulate an4 'taming'opjates.^'Kenne^'B I*xa- tftx fee liquor traffic.—-Popls? The abovs sounds mare, STILL iT THE OLD E. IL 01 LIAS lilCKN RTTiHu IN CIHLLICOTUK FOU 20 YEARS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS WANTED Wanted — Chamber maid and dining room girl. Apply at one •it Locper house. Bo rd aud room wanted b, single man. Apply this office. LOST Lost—Gold head piiiiso] handle on Locust street. Fmdor please return to this olliu.i. a2914t FOR, RENT FOR RENT—Good 7-room house 6 office roomt<, best ou uorih nidi of square. Inquire C. L Waito. :.;10 dtf. PUBLIC SCHOOL ENROLLMENT. The enrollment of pupils of tin first eight grades of tho Chillicothe schools will bo held next Monday, Sept. 3, 0 a. m. in tho various ward schools. All parents arc re quested to send their children to the school buildings of their respective wards at (hut timo fo clarification for the ensuini* term and to receive luts of books and supplies needed. Alt pupils of the sixth, seventh and eighth grades will report at Central. Students of the High School are requested to oil at tho High School building on Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday, from S to 10 a. m. for consultation as to their courses and for enrollment Examinations for tho renewal ot conditions will be held'Friday Sept. 8, from 9 to 12 a. m. Al who desire credit for work d-. nc during the summer must be pros ent for examination on that date. F. L. WiLRY, 31ad2t Supt. Hints Bousjto work'-rfl. Nothing is aioro important to the hardworking housekeeper,than to keep her liver properly working} otherwise, that pale sallow look, and tired feeling, will make her look and feel as sick as a dog Nothing will keep you up to the mark, without injurous stimulation,so well aa Dr.Cnldwell's (laxative) Syrup Pepsin. tt is a pure liver tq-.ic—a euro for Constipa- ;ion, Biliousness, and Indigestion. Sold by all Druggists at 50c and $1 00. Money back if it fails. AUCTIUM Everything in '.he "Star Siloon' will be sold at auction during tht Interstate Good Road convention. AH of the nne wiaes, whiskies, and brandies will bo sold for first cost. Whiskies as good as the best at Si.50 to §2.00 per gallon right out of the barrel. Farmers bring your jug to tho "Star Sa- oon." Blackberry brandy and whiskey 50c per quart, 20adtf Better Tnan Spanking. ixinkiiiKdw-s notcuri; ehililri'ii Mud w«t- r. If if (lid tln'iv would ]«• few fhlliln-n hat would ilo it. Tlier.^ is :i ronstitiitlminl HUSO forthis. Mrs. jr. Summers. Uox Mi', Votre Dame, Intl., will send hoi- home rcatuienfc to any motlior. she a.sks oiuoney. Write her today it your rliildn-n rouble you la this way. Don't l>lnniu bilcl. The chances are it cnii't help It. Uio Why does the sun burn? Why does a mosquito sting? Why do we feel unhappy in tho Good Old Summer Time? Answer: we don't, use DoWitt's Witch Hazel Salve, and these little ills don't iother us. Learn to look for the ame on the box to get the genu- ne. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy. G. W. Monroe of near Chillico- 10 brought a mammoth watermelon to the CONSTITUTION office 'riday which furnished a feast for he entire force, and some to pare. Beauty rules of the beauties, iseakfast early, a little walk, a. tfle talk, luncheon, an hour's nightfialHstQF'6 Rocky 'nn *Tly*rt «*• ''Oft U1*i-3 6™ SHEEP TRADE STEADY Kansas City, Aug. 31 — Steer market strong; top §0.00; cows and heifers dull; stockers slow; calves weak. HORS I0@15c higher; top §0.32)^ bulk S6. lo.o 0.27^. Sheep steady. Cattle-Receipts. 2,000, including 500 Southerns, southernsteersS2.60 («4 00;southern cows §2.00@3.00; N'ative cows nnd heifers, §2.00 I85;stockers and feeders S2.60(^ I f)0; bull8,82.00(ai3.J5;calves§2.75 B5.59; western fed steers S3. 50® ', 25; western fed cows §2.00fo,4.00. tiostr.— IJeceipt* {,000. Bulk of sales SS.Oi) -ili 05;hoavyST 00(O)6 05; packers SO 00«<G.25; pig" and lights, SB. K'0'0 32>.j Sheep— "Hi CBiptB 3,000; Muttons 51. 50(«:5 60; lambs $0.00«t.7.4(J range iv.ij.horM, - £4 75 n5 75 fed ewes, SI 25 r>5 50. Kansas City, Aug. 31 — Whoa 1 — Unch. Sep fi.'< 7 »c; Dcc66 7 «c; May 71 Me; C>i.nh No. 2 hard K6, l d •(»•; No. :t U5«",li(5; No. 2 red, 67 v ,iH7).i-.!; No. 3, - 6'H« <i7u. Corn— Si-p 42%c;Dec 39^c;May SW.c; C'ish No. 2 mixed 41,«u; No. 2 white, 40%c. Oats— No. 2 white3ij-.i a531>i'j; No. 2 mixed, 28(rt29!;;c. K'IU aa City Produce. Kansas City, Aug. 31 — Butter- Creamery, extra, 22;;; packing 16c. RiC^s— Proah, extra, lO.'a'o ED HACKETT'S NEW LODGE From the L.'iredc. Trillium. Ed Hackett, a Milwaukee engineer and local organizer of the Full Foathnel Tribe of Gobblers, missc 1 a trip Tuesday and organized a lo Jge in Laredo known as "Flock No. 22." Tho work was conferred on 17 charter members and another lar^e class was takeu in «t night miking the net membership at Laredo about. 35. The order is purely a fraternal one whoso obligations are very impressive and th<-' floor work beautiful. After the organization was completed refreshments were served. Permanent officers will be elected ;it their first meeting next Tuesd-iy night Wade Manning was givon a deputy organizer's commission with power to "Gobble" or institute lodges anywhere in Livingston county outside of Chillicothe. Experience count anything with you ? Then what do you think of 60 years' experience with Ayer's Sarsaparilla! Sixty years of curing thin blood, weak nerves, general debility! We wish you would ask your own doctor about this. Ask him to till you honestly M-hat he thinks it will do for your case. Then do crcciuc'v r "; 1 ^ r - vs ^Vc havn no eecrcts! We publish J.C. AyerCo., ,-, „ r , ' ' ' -J • ff.c f.r.'.Tti'.-t* ofa;i our medicines t Z,owa!l, Maag. IS STILL TO SAVE PLAGE YOUR A!l of our Men's Tan and Chocolate Oxfords worth $3.50 & $4.00 will be closed out at A FINE SADDLE A saddle is on exhibition at the Bank of Chillicotne which wna won by Henry Griescr, at Cheyenne, Wyo., during the Wild West show at that place Aug. 15 and 10 this year. The saddle was presented by the Union PaciQc railroad company and is valued at S250. OQ the back of the saddle is inscribed "World's championship, 190(5." The saddle was given for the best bronco rider and Mr, Orieser carried off the honors. Mr. Grieser is with the Wild \Veet show which exhibits at the fair grounds next wpelc. Woineii are to have a part in the Good Roads convention, which is only natuial, considering the fact that the women have led in all the good nv-vo-nents in Missouri, as well ;ia other estates. A feature not fc'v n in the program of the convention heretofore published will be au ad.lrcss by Mr*. Alary Tudor James of St. Jo^t pf next Friday niylu. Mrs. James i.- president of the Missouri Fucier ated clubs The iadieH forming the clubs und, indeed, the .vomen everywhere are heartily in sympathy with the good roads movement, and their friendship is an influence much to bo desirnd. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Sealed bids will be received at my office until Monday, Sept. 3, 7 p. m , to clean the paved streets n Chillicothe and keep them clean : or one year. The right to reject any and all bids vill be reserved. Z. B. MYERS, Chairman Finance Com. Chillicothe, Mo., Aug. 28. 29ad-lt For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Our Bargain tables are loadeB with shoes at 69c, 79c,98,£$i.25. These prices are about half the regular prices. Our prices on Ladies', Misses' and Children's Slippers a R d Oxfords lower than ever. Come to us to get men's iHOES We have them at $ 1.50 $1.65, $1.75 and $2. THE BLUE FRONT i SOUTH SIDE SQUARE Advance Fall Styles now ready for your inspection. 2.50 G. D. BRANT & SON "BRANT'S SHOES ARE BETTER." t TUC driiBluss ivinwly for tliu relief of th.- suffering, la ropitlly K-JIKIIHK fuvor with j j thlnktim peopl.i. Km- further liifuriiiiittoii see * S Or, T. B. Phelps Dr. Lavlaa Beaucanip 8HiLLi8^HB.Mb: * 5 (lonsultntlonnnil Kxiiiilimtlon FHKt.. £ Phones: Ofllcelll: Kusldi'lire: Fhelps IMS; 'i«uich:uilp 352. Bears the Signature of Tea 8.7 RIGHT OFF THE TREES. Fine peaches of good size and uality at 25c per bushel. George imith,4 miles northwest city. Free elephone. a27d&wlw — * • » • — nKllali Spavin Wmment removes B Hr.rd. Solt or Onlloased Lamps and Blem- ilies from horses, Blood Spavins. Curbs pllnts. Sweeney. Ring Bone. Stifles pralns, flU Swollen Throats. CouKhs. etc Save 150 by use of one bottle. Warranted the most wonderful Blemish Cure overy known Sold by the N.J. Swelatncl Drua Oo Itch on human euvad in 30 minuteg by WooLifoBB'a SASitASv LOTION, This never Jails. Hold by 1118 NicliSwatlliua D*Ug CfO Utllce Hours: S to 12 A. M. 1 to S P. M. VIsltlnK hours by appointment. Ofllioe:Hank.)f Uhllllcotbe bklg. Telephone STO, Osteopathio Physician Fifth Year in Chillicothe SPECIALIST, IXOHRONIC DISEASES CONSULTATION AND EXAMINATION .F RE JB. MElNiRSHAGEIFORNITUIIICO, UNDE_RTAKEB&. 'PHONES: NIGHT 153, DAY 39?-

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