The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on May 27, 1957 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 27, 1957
Page 1
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Jfc "-M"-*g, •* -""a*^* ^STT-* ^T"^ v'^' -, • ' •£ , . WA«R »AL«t OW wha will p.H«fm ti in Dor« fumbo, U* ih* tilutl «rd«f. FACTS Weattier Partly cloudy and with widely scattered sho through Tuesday, fias winds. Lot* fdnlgfit around" and high expected near 85. r ater Show This Weekend iHdge city Sid'Ktte* anH Ski-bets, member* Wve performed be- p*rsons, will be on hand for during SunFest fla^s, first show will 6e presented Satur- I, at J p.m. m the old river back ffit i%e*porl Community rfouse, and the (jnt tt»w will be pfeftentetl Sunday, June it S ir.ffl. In the intracoatsial Canal near " Bridge, ~ ' So'fifcy Payne, chairman of tow phase of ffi* gijIFesi tctitrttieSj MS anflWinced that ttffttt Will toe no charg< 'for tfiese oUSlanding "f Relieve everyolW! Wilt want to see CfimrH* Whltaker, the world's tBSmpiott kite —«. h£ bold* the world's record by having, fiiwn the kite lib feet in toe air, with t»wrii!|ht two miles long," Payne jsaid. "Whit- sktr ha* appeared counties* times in movie •hdftf nalicfeai magazines, on television and has Ween on ffV and film in thirteen 1 foreign etfantfteW \ — -. . . ., ,: - . :-. . The Ifcl.&les afit Ski-Bets have been two year* SiW all their shows ate On "petfofntof professionally on ai! amateur basis." Their equipment is valued at Sii.OOO and include* * ski jump, boats, P. A. system, a speedliner jump boat, eight oiitboprdt, and two kites. Tfiey use about 12CJ feel ot fdpe per month, and the girls have some twenty changes of costumes'. Severn! cf the club members ire trophy And rlB« bon holders 6t touraameflt and exhibition coinpeUtiofl. A thrill packed two hour shew feature! a nuls ballet, considered one 6< the prettiest a.ns in the Show as well as an acrobat num-' ber i.1 which a girl does stunt* -on a p&le suspended between boys' Shoulders, two of three of the member* Completely forgtt skis, as they skim over the water bare-fooled! Clowns and More clowns will be perform- to between sucft *cts as pyramids -«. Building thr^e and five pyramids on skis, girls riainf'" on boys' shoulders doing various stunts, ami: bojs performing ratiip jumping with singles^ doubles and cross-overs. the five t6 U year olds will be doing the 1 !? - *hscfc of entertaining also, presenting all kind* of tieath-taking stunts. The Ski'Etles aftd Ski-Dfts also have a girls' jump team Another act sure to please is the speijiiiner jun-p boat jumping the ski ramp BT exhibition of skiing on slalom ski f is and backwards. Other trick acts ed by the group include one artist who E.: ; side- wtys and backwards (180 degree and 360 de* " gree turns) on one and two skis and high take ottt from the ski ramp "We feel fortunate to have this group here for SunFest Days, as .they have per- ' formed at Buccaneer Days in Corpus Christi, Spiasr Day in Oalveston, the Morgan City, La., Shrimp Festival and many other Such celebrctions," Payne said. Nabors New Publisher ,1 James S. Nabors, business manager .of The Ststotttor Facts since Jan. i, has been named publisher of- the news paper, • ' He replaces George H. Gas toft, v whose interests were purchased by Nabors and his as- socials*. The negotiations were completed during the weekend and are effective immediately, Gaston said that he will take a vacation and Will an nounce future plans later. A native Texan, Oaston has been in the newspaper bust ness in the Brazosport area lor the part three years. "] have madn many friends In this, section and will always be grateful for their coopera tion. 1 ' he said. Nabors came to Terxas a year ago and jomsd jthe' Angleton Exams 'A7 >ut Final examinations for Angleton "high school students began on Friday, and will continue until Wednesday of thjf weak, according Jo High School principal O. V. McDanJet - Bxams for lenlors were held rrldny and Monday, and exams for grades nine, 10, and 11 will be held Tuesday and Wednesday. McDanlel said exams start at 8:28, 10:29, and 1:11, Tuesday, exams (n the second, fourth, and fifth period classes are to be held. On Wednesday, the tint, sixth, and third period exams are scheduled. All classes with the exception of physical education are to give final exams and are to have students there at the time when tests are scheduled. Students do not have to be in school when they are not having tests, McDaniel said, and those who remain at school between tests must stay in Study Hall. that he was on the Oadsdenin Bfatowport as soon as they <Al»b»ma> fhn*s and, th* Birmingham News, Me entered th* newspaper business after leaving the University of Ala. bama. ' Nabors Is a veteran of World War It, during which he served for 38 months throughout th* South Pacific as « mamber Of combat Marine*. crew Of the U. S. The Nabors family will move League Topic To Be Water Water conservation on a national scale will be the discussion topic at'.this week's unit - , ... ** ...^-~- can llfld a house. Mr. and Mrs. Nabors have two daughters, Su.«an. >!'. and Martha, S. They ai>e Methodists. The new publisher said thai no further staff changes are planned at this time, but additional personnel -vlll be sought a« needed. "We have expanded UTe phyricaT plant of The tacts and added new facilities in recent Weeks," Nabors uBid. "Our ambition is to give Bratosport. a home town newspaper that; will be in keeping with the' rapid growth ot the community?' • . ' ; Park Board Meets The Lake Jackson Parks Board will meet Tuesday it TiSO p.m.' in the dty hall, b*. ginning its new schedule of two meetings per month un.ttl ,. Tt^days. Angleton Fomily second Meetln|f Changed the Braaorii City; Council will meet at 7:10 p.m. tonight Instead of waltinf until Tuesday, their regulat Meeting night. Tht meeting Witt be in the cltf hall. ',, •* -.A. .-.A^. . ._.. , i !**SV™ * wu%%r<pte**ri .., , ._,, meeting x>f the Lake Ji b*ld »t 4»jW collision near Dyveri),Tex.. Methodist lie*Y» ' - follow a > served PA.'in wester Hall. Center Way wtt» a* M «mt fee (Sunday night in wiiieh ak M- ptt family. *, -I ,. r • ^ The rtfht unit will meet at *w«Ul Beaumonr 8 p-m. in the home of Mrs.',died, . ,. i J. w Woodworth, S10 Cypress, t. A. L. Tht league has already stud' ' water conservation on a state level and is now goinf Into the national problem With the program material worked out by the national resource chairman, Mrs. W. V, Mfcflden- Any interested women in the was driVftg OM a;.the can but was not injured. IBs wife «n daughter, Etliel. suffered minor cuts. Two other daughters escaped injury. Dead was Mrs. l»rl«dlia Orr of BeaumoaU Her son. Walter, and a daughter, H««l, • , , community will be welcome to both of Beaumont, were has- attend either of the meettitfa.1 pitalixed with injuries. LATE BULLETINS. 4 Made LONDON — §Ussen delivered, secret American pro- po»«ll for "imall measured steps" toward disarmament tt the Western Allies today, Egypt Willing To Arbitrate ISRAEL — Reports received here from the United Nations Indicate that; Egypt is witling to submit the question of; Israeli passage through the Suez Canal to in- teraaUonal arbitration. \ Lake At Highest Level DftNISON — Lake Taxoma stood at Its highest level In history today, and Army engineers perdicted it would atart splashJag over the spillway by afternoon. • • Taipei Riots oReds fe DALLAS — Forecasters predicted that new thunder- i^L*? 1 ^**' ^5V nor «» u y .storm activity, which pushed from soutli central Texas toward West Texas today, would move eastward into' the hard-hit Dallas-Fort Worth area tonight and Tuesday. LIGHT BULBS WILL HELP MAKi MUSIC The connection between mu- American " ctlvl . tle * in lh " e F " a ^ ; sic, and light bujbs normally is I » st> . A threat o£ new anl >; rather vague, bfet a project 0 f; Amencan nots l n Manila ithe Brazosport High School caused tne u - s . embassy tliere Male Chorus is bringing themi lher « today to order precau- »\n~m* 4*MM41*d» • . .'tinVlc By ROBERT BROWN United Press Staff Correspondent TAIPEI, Formosa — w — u. S. officials said today the anti-American riots in Taipei were "definitely organized," possibly by political forces anxious ttr make a deal with Chinese Communists. Communists throughout Asia seized on the riots in an all-out effort to discredit digging through the six-Mcb" concrete wall. ., wiiiah ak M- program MH feittf.** *xaeaai '„» ^ ' f.onStf ifik.J -JL Ordinary demonstrators ih- flamed by some momentary anger probably would together. ; i«ons. paased on Tuesday the chomur tnembers ! The Americans said they! get. officials said wUl M condacUng a hbuse^to- ' believed no top government In other development* »E officials, had *ny,^part in the;>o' nave tar- , dcstru«lon Friday com goal of enough money for their' >ion ' did blame inaction .'^ 2£. Metenes?T uii Struct a«*t, M.<Sgt.'Bobert\G. Reynolds of-Colora, Md., whose acquittal oh manslaughter charges for the peeping torn Sillying of a Chinese touched off. the Frl ^ Th« case of a charged with not be held in Uk< city court t cyclist whoee east'Ma^l up has, in the his fine. Others in who were issued tickets at the sane also paid their fines. 'goodwill M aging tour Into the' _ . ... , . _ staid NIC Colorado this summer ' 'ore'gn Minister George Yeh - --« WM«.H«^« un. me rn- 'Th«y^»ye been working on, 1 ™? 1 * new * conference today | dav riots . 'arrived in Calif drifter tour* plans Since last Sep- ***t no governmental agency | nia - He said he was "extreme- jtember. or' : noHtlrnl araanhatinn hurt ly sorry this thinff hannonori " ,or' : political organization had . Plaow they plan to visit will.directed or instigated the 'inchjo* Colorado. Springs "O"U»*We. Idaho Springs. 1 Wtll-Planntd Forar S^TsJ 1 *?!^ 1 , ££' **"• American officials pinned For $*w*r Taps: Clute Approves Rul toe .!»- ditch (Clute. beelts tak«n to her '« ^, Tough Tim* WBw YORK ~-;« ~ Tryinj to handcuff a pickpocket Sunday, aubway pollcemtn Adam Miller was: " Bitten on Uur thumb, bit on the hwd with the hmuieum and clubbed with his own nllhUUck, MUUr then fired one (hot and, misted- The tuapeci fled with the handcuff! dangliog from one haw). at the city hall, but cannot pick up the permit Only the licensed plumber c*4 do so. •This, they believe, will for the pretest end the problem that results*!* tit* council , discipline Otjr Secretary J, JT. York with B flve-d«y layoff ; Thursday. ey approved Friday, d-..^ an extension of their reguUr meetlnf Thursday. -^ At the same time,, they indl. cated t h at this might be an interim measure, to be replaced later by an ordinance tovering regulations in greater detail, The immMliate rules, ap-:*nu»<Mr> \ proved unsnlweusly, require Mayor J. B. Sims had found that anyone who Kt* tan or tie a number «f permit forms on to a sewer line must first j which h«d not teen signed by secure a city permit, . <a licensed plumbw, and had But atao, aty^wwotl are told Tforit to lock them into tot tstnictea tn mniAO/a BAvmit'vault T^l*» K« fiuiMH *k* **- * - »^,»j tff p vole of the counrfl. For the future, it gested that the city «. revamp their system cation and Attorney '.,„_,,„ the council that the used, which WM4 do double, duty as , and permit, did; *wt quiremtnts of M Alderman A«tiii •sated that, t committee to t*fe to anyone except master pfaimber. » .Ueenaed! forms had btw ^ into the ofts*. brought •tMT r back «ty told i now the plumbers of the are*, and eonte up with a new syit*m that would work. ., The action of the Braiorla County School Board in an> nexing the Chocpl«te Bayou pendent Behaiurfflamet luu f-•* — "' "*— ^^IS'Ti^ •' Wil"¥ ^*W* been «pUW"w-the Court of Civil Aopeala-v" -s hsfW**- 1 *^ 1 *^ «! *t Six jcana Court Is Upheld "•.TiV will be Supreme , of thum>, only •<»»•« »y»w», •«•» »,>v» uw>* pHannwf, »*wpt*d"la »he Texas: Evans of AngletSn7w*s Court, siM*. as a rule I town, and could not be >, only on* in U ca*. 'for comment •*; , . s out td reached 9 VIMfllUeWUt* . •, The suit, filed by the Angle- i* ion Independent TW -j- *»w * jf-i^pT . , ^ • **«w wiprn w»wi mf *«» *MW*»» H.n4tfion said m *ia» 1»,ton Independent ftchooiols, simUut*ai»tftMra)mdjrM»d|trict, sought » pannanswt in. ta the »upreme Cwtlt is Junction against trusteei of the lieilalllU 1 ntaB atSftaiaii '•afMljeaW Id SRM** I* lnaa» mil &«J ^U___.l^l_ M__. ^.. ease iiar M an •d in that ipted for „„„ preme Ciwrtt whiara itrS 'S^t^sSS^- 1 in the f rinsi with nuna^MaMni At thnMi " *^ f— w i-w« "•*», w»^|,^j»ptfly|»< 1*0 HfWSr .••••_».... I^Q oistricta 1 The school* were annexed to tht Anglstoj* district in No- two vnmber Il5i> of thetwfl lUMtfti but Uljty to re» , th«y , » nr ol , worth ft the is near ,||4 million. vsluaUnns are |IJM wWcb would (n the local "*~^ _.^ ,--•-;• IRPIWf ^ V^^n TtWP pA.^ tor PK-. »» *~ on the em- room — an attack TWurru SSff* 0, ,.„. — baccalaureate decree 4n insurance at the May 1 23 commencement at Texas A. *nd M. Collr*!!. (which compromised some of 11 the codes used by the embassy. The demonstrators entered the embassy armed with heavy tools and set to work on a ly sorry this thing happened." The U. S, Embassy in Manila took, precautions against a possible outbreak of anti- American demonstrations by the big Chinese. community. Japan Plans Trial A Japanese district court ignored U. s. • authorities'' and named three judges for the manslaughter trial of U. S. enlisted nian William S. Qi- rard of Ottawa, 111, for the slaying 'of a Japanese woman who was picking up used cart- Cand| r, John had — — was Angleton on leton fi?SSL headed toward ._., w „. Farm Road 819 whmi hi«, spading car failed to make a curve. ••' .'••_' -.•-••• The car. went off the high XK. * od tlBWKl over In the ditch, receiving an estlmatec t» H. d *S << u II !f* **"*»" to Hermana Hospital in Houston, where he WM treated tor severe tuts «nd bruises, State ^Klatiway P«b;o-.._. Jf»«« Qri«»«tt and Gilbert Ki«l. who i«vestigate<) all three crashes, said that charge* are- pending. At 4 p.m. Sunday, a chain reaction carried from tw» cars that collided to sffeet two others hut the damage on all was slight. It began wtth three cars dnven to Coorge C«|t«i; !*, of Houston; Wesley B, Thompson Jr., M, o| Houston; and (enneih, Vtastirt, 18, of Ang. •ton, • . • These cars were on Sute Wghwajr <9| at the Surfside irtdge when traffic congestion caused come to a wit. But a fourth car, driven by Lonoj* Males, 30, of Lake lackaon, failed to stop in time «nd crashed into the rear of the car ahead, The Wow «wr- • ' ftow ths. fJfsVm sjfiick _..„ ^^. ,» ,. v ... v .» « *vi*v waa jJiCKtng up used C*mT*> heavy iron door guarding the'ridge cases on a firing range ;code room. When they failed The U. S. Embassy in Tokyo in make a dent they began. refused to grant "asylum 1 ' to *' " : Josiah Bixler of LaGrange. III., a .former Army employee held by the Army on charges of car selling irregularities. Bixler had sought trial by a Japanese court. At his news conference here, Yeh said the Nationalist government was not 'considering withdrawal of the diplomatic [immunity now granted U. S. j military personnel, fie < said [there was no general anti- American, feeling. Yeh 'also denied any "intentional delay" in sending policemen" to protect the U. S. Embassy which was wrecked by rioters and said the police force in Taipei was small and i uu ior Ha work 90 Tuts4»T- urster 6tra>p*»r ij» *ad W«* «< at the ly as possible News dispatches at the time said police took no action when the rioters C, S. military activities weje returning to normal, and Americana circulated through the streets without incident. The city was still under a strict curfew and the Chinese army posted armored halftracks at strategic places <» * city. There were no further signs of anti- American feeling after President Chiang Kai-shek ex* pressed "profound regret" to tabassador Karl Rankin for ihe riots last week which wrecked the embassy and other buildings. ^* Police 'v, SIM: w^.Y-fer'";' !• J2? ..SSRfSH 3<'1 « •%' tri# r i;

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