Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1969 · Page 48
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 48

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1969
Page 48
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C-20-INDEPENBENT (AM) L w f B M C h , C«HI.. 'Mil, Feb. 21, I**' PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) CLASSIFIED HE M»t Homes 175, Unfurnished Hornet 175 RENT/PURCHASE' 3 W * bfj-rm., Gl or- FHA terms i -- ORANGE COUNTY _ : BANKERS REALTY 12372 Euclid. Garden Grov? j 7U-53.?CMD collect SUO MO. 3-Br. or 2 J. den. Walk" NEAR Westminster F.V. Near new 4 B'.. 2 ba., electric kitch.. coted. Pros., firol., dshwhr. Excel, area. 2? min. Douolas. No. Am?r. S22S mo. inc. gardener (714) 535$950. CUSTOM BUILT . Calif. _ "RENT~f6 BUY Very attractive 1 Br. house, csr ret. draper, fenced v*rd, scu" only. 5115 Water Trash paid. S]2S Priscil's S»« Gl Rent 'til Yours " RENT 'TIL'YOU'RS 3 Bdrm. 5115 mo. P 1 I CEALTOR KS-lJil IN COLLEGE Estates. 6751 'E.'n'tL 3-Br., 2 baths, fireplace. too ·usiMss Offictt _ I back. Ni« neiQhborhood. 6735 Turnercrove Dr., Lkwd. Call - c _P lle S! 7 -^S3£ or -527.A272_ I 3 Br house in front, 1 Br. house in : - nfiAA/KJCY .. : · ! rear. Gl 4147 per mo. P I. For :: UWWINC1 V j _bpth. Vacant. Reallor_866-_179l i LOVCERRITOS 5~vr. old lovely 3- ·· br., t 1 * ba., crpls., diaocs. dec. I bit-ins, f.a. heat,, oriv. walled vd. ! patio. Water trash, pd. S?SO. 1 ""'"^AVAlLABLE^ : ~ 1 Deluxe 2 Br., oaraue, fenced yd., j [ air cond. POO. S1SO. | I j|jO_LG~E ''-Bdrm house, hdr.'d ' | floors, tile- disposal, crpls in liv. I I din. rm , dbl. caragt. Hr. Wardlow ' __AtlAn_!ic._AcW1_S._35H»7_ WESTMINSTER 3Br.. 2ba. Carpet, dram Children O.K. $200. 1st list month A cleaning decosit -CO _2'-04j(tc£j P-M- 2-6*?.--ij). Nice yord ioi · cl"SP to schools 8. shopping. PBX 53J-01S-; _. Fenced yorri. 2 PR. Ls* family rm, P« b.ilh, ca'- rfted, draws. Stock fence. ^-d. V.'Alk fo Dnuglas. years Icasr. S?iS mo. J21-9U6 _____ RENT 'TIL YOURS 3 firm. $130 mo. P 1 RFALTOR __ 92SJ2S d-s^., 2 baths. CARSON ARE'A. Loaded with extras. Dole, oa.o c, f-uoe vard. Avail 3 5 '69. PBX 531_ _ 3-BR.. fence's ~'vd! newly redec. J185 Cnwtlng, oar., . Ht last mo. plus deposit. 34J2 Stiinwav, L.B. 1714) E?5-42?6 aft. 4 wkdays. SieT-IMMAC. 4 Br., J J 4 DV. w w cm*, df"-. huili-in";. rt^le qnr. fpnced. Xlnt toe. 2 Children E. pet OK. Le^e. (7U* E9M235 r 3 BR X dm, I* SMALL OFFICE SUITE L.B. Blvd.--Bixby Knolls Ux25' plus suite W5 to 5110 all ufll Dd. Crpls, air cond.. Dros. PHONE SERVICE Public Stcno Service Desk Space Available 424-7952 Cil! for Socc. Lease 7«rm. BIXBY KNOLLS 25c PER SQ. FT. DELUXE 930 it. 5 im suite. New ' carpet, drapes (Choice of cilorsl. ' Air, janitor, utilities. Courtesy to . Brokers. :27-S953 : OFFICE srnce* partna. air cone. ! Ground floor, close to 605 -JOi ' Frwys. Call 430-0521 askHor Frank, Larry or Morrie. Ill It) Los Alsmi- Wanted to RN» 3 BR. 2 Bs. unfurn. home or *ot. | OppOftHHltMS crolcd. drcpcs, b:Mns. C-uo!e 1? - - - - · - - -- vr. old. Belmont Shore, Seal Beach, or Park Es*at« area. 139________ WANT"? or 3 BR tisc. stove, retng., I L.B. area. MCO-S1SQ (5 sml chil- j L.B. area. MC drer.) -J33-M32 WANIED Ige family, 3 or~4"BR yn-' furnished house- by March 1st up io S165_mo.J3J-Om __ _ WANTED--? or '3 ~Br. house w/fnctlitics for kecoing horses. _ ___ 3 OW 4 8r. w / 2 car gar-igc, dcvr business 2Cfi\ng. 0-5363 __ WANT small OpporimHin . 10M SO. FT. Reception, private of- TOWNHOUSE--4 Br. 2'/i baths, crp. | fice. Lge. rm-, 2 v/ashrooms. Xlnt. drapes. Pool are* 1 -, clyb nouse, (or salr^ oroani?ition group work, J_yr. (ease 52SO 827-7030 -- ctc ' * 2/ mo - 42S2 Atlantic, Suite LEA~SE~---- Rossrrror Townhouse, 3 R. ^O 7-B597 ba.. oocl. J39-S595 after 6 MlDDLE'/ipe couple want 2 Br Q.-ncc^April iq 433-1010 Income tcoc 915 PRUDHOM'S INCOME TAX SFRVICF 20 vrs. same locition 6\ti ATLANTIC Ave. GA ?.«70 rfd_j_t_ate U!em DcdysiS UP PUBLIC ACCOUUTANlTi co.-ne to vour home or office. Call Secre- tarv tor appl. -2l-jpl_3. TAX consultant 70 vrs. i xo. Bonded, 7 davs, Gil hrs., vour home, mv __ofc., Mf\_Burt, -135-4550: 439-95-J5. " INCOME TAX EXD. tax consultant in vour home $10. State Federal. 23 2471 DO YOU HAVE WHAT It Takes to be Your Own Boss? If You Do RICHFIELD has a retail business FOR YOU / FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE .' PAI TRAINING J FRINGE BENEFITS t STRONG CUSTOMER PREFERENCE ^ SELECT LOCATIONS _ if you have ambition qualify CALL BOB ABBOTT 714 774 OEOO. D.m. weekends. Mountain, Beach, 885 Desert--Rent BfG"~BEAR.~Modern,~~niceTv (urn. cabin, l-icl. linens, etc. Sleeps 6 kitf. h r *?r 7 P^. or weekends. : ROSSAAOOR. Irnmac EiDnradn 3 ! Bfl, 2 bn. crot. dros. All elec kitch = incl reirio. S325 inc'. oardi 4j1-S5?3 fir aft 5 _43J-.i?07 SIStP-NLB 3 BR., Kids/pets, dhl. ; DEGLEY, 900 L.B. Blvd. HE (·· 0751 N.L.B.-2 Br 1 bVih, Crpl drapes, fenced back yd, rent or lease 5150-156 W 67th \Vav - '14; 5325959 Phone 1-714-S-37SS LONG Bf:"ACH BLVD NR. PCH. | 1230 sq. ft. air cond., carpMr-d. i Ample off St. parkina. ALSO ! Smnli^rj)mc_e_avaii._HE_S-5S15 _ | BlXli'v KNO'l.LS--450 sa. ft. 3 rm. suite. Carpel, drapes, air. utilities. . ianitor. Oitv ^130. Also 7 rm. suite, S60. 427-W54. '' Business Industrial 905 j _i2EpTM Business Opportunities 940 Rental Aqencles 8 9 5 1 ' Owners No Charge to You Sovr costs with one nhcne call, vjp I n-?ed 2 f. 3-Br. houses avail, now ! ditrino A.larch. !£1_ H ^L_ GA 3 " 7914 lT~bwNER"S--!! . . one 01 S65, l-RR. Cottage, partiflllv furn. SEO. Ideal for working cou consirfer infnnt. Also o u.Hurn. PBX 531-01 ___ BEAUT. 4 Br. 2 bath, dishwshr. | range dblc gar, drapes crp. S350 mj. Water pd. H.B. (714) 842-3019 4-BR. ramilv rm. Carpet, drapes, bit-ins, nr. Freeway. S23S 260. ·V-jRFALTYJ:XCHANGE JI25-I23I , . i* OPITN 7 davs per week! ,/MOORE 421-3761 . J£61 . Broker t " i ____ __ BELLFL. 2 Br., Cur-tains, adults, no pets $110. Nr. Bellfl. Blvd. Artes[a _RI. 17S1 9_Ard mn re_ ___ NR. City College Douplas-2Br.. dpn, ? bath. Pro!, w-w, drps. S21S mo. Call 433-2707. _ 2 BR. Hse-- I Baby OK _S16Q. parHv_hirn._Jdl2 E. 9th SBoV'LdVE'LY l-f3r. home. Stove, re- frig. Nr. market. Good area. Bkr. (2131 531-8214: S69-2551 _ " 975J , . . ME 6___ $130-- CLEAN 3Br. home. Fncd. yd. Children OK. Garage. __ Bkr.J213) 531-8214; 859-2551 PLAZA 3 Bdrm.. fam. rm., 2" bath, w-w drapes, buill-ins, children ok. S225 mo. Call Don 42I-3B10. LOS ALTOS, 3 Br., 2 balh. w w ne drapes, freshly redecorated, D5ls, 2 children ok. S145. 431-7060. LEASE--Ootion. 3-Br. fam. rm. + detoch playrm. w/^i bo. S1B9 mo. Lajgwgpd area. 596.aJ09 LARGE 3-Br., 2 baths, 5160. Fenced vd., dble. gar.. Kids R rcis v.-ri- come. P3X 531-0130 HOUSES NEEDED! I have military tenants walilno to lease unfurn. houses. 421-1942 BOB OAKES CWO. USN Ret. WHITE REALTY As«oc. __598-2454 MILltARY"ONLY RENTALS SAl Fb Pronertv Management Service in Rent Fstate Since 19J6 BERYL LINVILLE Co. 425J022 WRITE--CALL--OR CO^^E to office. Nn CHARGE to landlord. Rents or complete management service. Dcgicv 9M L.B. Blvd. HE 6-9751 LANDLORDS FREE RENTAL 5FRVICE Tenants \\nitmq. Ooen 7-dvs wk. 531-62K 868-2551 17141 534-iviO PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT With a 10-Point Rent Program PRESTIGE REALTY 433-WM FREE RENTAL SERVICE if you want to rent a home or have a home to rcnl. call AETNA REALTY SERVICE, 431-3511. List Your OPE C N a " IS DAYs"-- CALL 421-37J1 Properry tfor _ rBLDSS. ALL "SIZES Industrial Specialists 5.600 Blk. Sin Hill M2 corner i.SCO' Till-uu, HiQll Ceil, W. Or- S.JOO' Ti'lt-uD A.C. office V/ill sell ·'0000' 'do^k Hi tail 30' clearance BilMJrooks Co. GA 6-5924 iDLALlor'TRAVfaL'AGE'NCY--Also suitable fot emolovment anr-pcy. Ai tractive store sonce 15x32.6. Fresniy palmed. For rent or least-. 2559 Atlantic AVP. HE 5-53W or HE 2-8473, Stiticn -1, or 421-8502 eve- nincn and weekcnrls. B-CPO' on I? ac, sprkld. 6c fi. 13000' computer facility. Nr. frwy. J^iXn 1 rcnr, divide, Hi-clcnr Ashwiil Bu£lte_598-2484 CORNE"R"SfO"R"r""" 3rd Pacific Ave. 22x42. Air con- diiioncd, tull basement. Immcdialc occupancy. 395-4343 FOR "LEASE, used car lot in CAR ROW, Garden Grove. All lighted, black!op3(Hl, with nice oliice. Long lease. Avail. March 1st. Phone Owner, 714-54S-?331 Warehouse Bldg. BLDG. M-2, 8100 ft. w/fenccd yard dock. 1212 Euclid L.B. Near Ana- helm 8. Redondo. Also 35m loi M- 2, 1 ong Beach GA 8-5230 davs. TO 1-6619 nidhts STORES, Long Beach, Bijrhy Knolls area. Lstab. maior shopping clr. GAS AIR Condillonino Courtesy to Brokers Big Store Prime Location "Trrr/TTr'n r TT~A k i~~\~f~ i-n c i 3,600 sa ft. S300 por Mo OWNERS MANAGERS UiS Cherry Ave. Lfi 427-8539 FREF RENTAL SERVICE. .STORE ti 6029 Atlantic-/ davs wk. CHINCHILLAS HOW OWN A RUSIMf.SS THAI CAN MULT! PLY YOI'R INCOME EARNING POTENTIAL UNLIMITED ,'SMALL INVESTMENT .TRAINING PROGRAM . W O R K IN HOME OR GARAGE , 'WON'T INTFRFFRE W I T H , PRESENT OCCUPATION .FINANCING PEL 1 5 PURCHASED HERE. (Our Ranchers only) UNIVERSAL CHINCHILLA BREEDER 1120 F. ASM, FUL LERION. 714-870-1063 or 529-2161 CALL COLLECT. RANCH OPEN for INSPECTION _. SA_r^SUH. HI A.M.Jf^j I'.M. "FRANCHISE MAKE BIG MONEY with a Dvna Tune Diagnostic Tune UD Cenler. Excellent new fa- ciliii'.'S ovoilnhlp, servinn lor- rance Palos Vordes. Training : full r.up ort. S/000 cash rea. i-or i °' C ' Qi ' 5 Ca '!2131 532.5660 IS IS IS V DONUT Franchise Winchells SHOP AT 5272 E. 2ND ST. BELMONT SHORE / No franchise fee \ l No equipment to buy i'' We train you Call Mr. Allison for appointment 443-0031 $2000 FULL 1NVESIMENT Fire L'xIinquisliLT business INTERVIEW SALESMEN J213)jW628p 63MS63 aft. 5 " SPANISH CAFE 1034 LONG BEACH 81... 1..B. fcstab. over 20 vears Ftitnily re.isctii, - Musi SeJI!!_ TEXACO OFFERS Modern three bay ranch type unit Now available In Long Beach CALL MIKE DONNELLY at 835-8261 days CALL DON R ROBERTS _at __ 422-8952 eves Service Station Garage FOR LEASE--good rental - on 2 well traveled cros^-town streets South Gale industrial area. Maior Gasoline. Present owner ill. PHONF MR. CLARK HF A-5?6I AFTER 6 P.M. GE 8-33S MCB1L station for cor., Lakcwood _ _ _ FREE RENTAL SERVICE lo land- BELLFLOWER. 3-3r Crols, dr..s, elncfric stove, autom. washer. S2UO . month. TO fri'/»A | NICE 2 br. house over oarflor 1 j child ok. Sllv ocr mo. NLB. TO 6- | 5573 after 5:30 p.m. si*35"-2 Br., fenced yd., oar., Tols, Wvnns 5307 Atlantic 423-JS43 . Sandier _____ Los Altos area. pping ccntei. Mr. Mr. Rosen. 5W-333.' _ .Quajitjgd tenanls Wvnn's. 42S-Jj SCHWENN R F A L T Y. Free renial service. We'll help YOJ 439-7(110 . 9001 ST ° R - E Bld - 9 _ M-2 1 /? Acre, 2 houscs-rlBOO sa. ft. shop. 3 ph. pwr. S36.COO or S3£D mo 632-2252, 636-3100 wkdavs. __ G*-RAGE f j r lease, 1.001 sq. ft., suitable mechanic or storage 1020 E. 71n. St. _ HE 7-40^_3 ! Professional Business Offices LAKEWOOD--Nice 3-Br. Crpt, dros, diso, dble oar. Fenced vd. Nr. Lkwd Center. STBS. 856 44H 3-3R., S165. NLB. Nr. schools oark. fcxcellcnt condition. PBX 531-01 SO LAKEWOOD Pl32a, ncv/lv decorated, 2 Br. fireplace, fenced yard. S15Q. Refs. HA 1./47. alSO 3 BR house fenced vd dbl gar \v-v.', drps, child oet OK. Nr. LahewpprJ Brk_921 5504 BELLFI-OWER. 3 Br. Children ok, _no_MfS. 8A7-6661 3 BR. 2~ba., carpet, draoes, vaunt' _S|55. Gorden Grove. Bkr. GE 0-1/20 2 BDRM., crpting, drps., bit-ins. Lge vd. Mr. Douglas 59/-4IBS DOWNEY. 3 BR, w/w crpt, drdpeb. Fenced bnck yard. 5170. ME 4-023J. Dental, Medical Suites for lease. Belmont Hflts. 431-B033_ 3 ROOM office suite, newly decorated -- 700 SQ. ft. Reasonable. HF 6-1662 or 433-5571. LAKEWOOD VILLAGE Office Space, , furniture avail., nr. bank Douglas. Bttr. HA 5-1203 650 SQ. FT new carpets, drauts, panelled air cond. elrc. sign. 907 E. Market. NLB GA3-S419. · *"FROM"$2S to $75 mo. Air cond. ..M'J-Od^crord. 436-8245? 377-0571 ,,. .mri/or office ior rent. Hvdrex Pest Control, 3073 L.B. Blvd. 426-7644. 14,000 SQ. Ft. Ig, 16,000 sq. fl storage. For lens' COMMERCIAL CORNER near Vefs hospital. Will remodel to suit. Of flC or business? 43S-28BS BARGAIN l'i07 L.B. Blvd. 2000 so ft bldg.. Ideal for any business S125 mo 591-2314 v, 20x60 store, prkng. -8364; 431-A7A9 . 18x50 LONG BEACH BLVD. 18x50 Call J27-1912 tcr information. VACANT stoicS-waretwes- Office. Harry L. Cowan Co. HE 5-4889 115J E. WARDLOW. 33 x 60 C-2, ZONF. GA 7-3404; GA 6-5668. Wonted to Rent 910 WANTF'o uniurn. apt. on ocean by couple w/sml. pet. 426-2048. LG=. F-\AAILY needs 4 br. or 3 Ige br! hsc. Excel, refs. tl'O 633-22J ERFORMERS! From autos to zithers. . . everything goes in the Independent, Press-Telegram Classified Section. Thousands of these powerful little-money-saving ads are published every week . . . studied by tens of thousands of our readers. A people-to-people marketplace tor the Southland--What have you got to sell? t Classified Ads The Southland's Most Wanted Win! Ads 4 Indipindint, Press-Telegram Classified . Hotlines! Lonq Beach Bcllflower Lokeweod Garden Grovt HE 2-5959 TO 4-1721 ME 3-0764 JE 7-7441 A WF.LL exoeriencod csntraclor ft real eslate broker would like tixpe- rinccd partner in either. A well established Co. S. well cquopped office. 9624 M.iple._Bel_l[lowcr. FRANCHISE INTRODUCTIONS! Do you need S?OM annual income? Wml to operate your own business from an o!c.? Very sm invest- mcnl. Info 8-S p.m. 714 _870_4:|80_. NURSERY Orange Cn. Same owiirr 35 vrs, has gr '250,000 Per vr. own- I _r« er rot. Sell oroo all rnaiT blvri., j ' pfl noprox S117,:iO{) terms of buy bus, i Tcnv Faust, 714 535-9839 FPZA tease. Ma|oi Alondra, Paramount. Reas. rent. $2500 will put you in. 1-inan part time hclo can operate. Money to be made. Good OUBOI-. A\E 4-835? or ML 3- 979S. . , . oneer Alondra Blvd. Sacrifice $3503 s,till growing. Or best offer. EW-073 1 :. LIQUOR -- SLEEPER. SI4.0CO MO. 533,500 + IHV. UNBtTR 2VV X GROSS. RENT i!50. BBB. GA 3- __09ftS. __ LINOLEUM carpel store. Terms. Will tfvh oxcor. linoleum man. Box P-10721 Indep. Press Telegram. ^ ^ s'tylina, shopping center. Will teach. Ideal for stylist, full price 515,000. 4340819 or 434-7741 LIQUOR · BY OWNER. Gross 9 i. Rent SSO. «9,7SO + STOCK. Mrs. 1-], closed Sun. holidays. 437-2420 GUEST Home lie. for 5. Health forces sale, Inc. over 510,000 vr. Wonderful onpor. for semi rffired couple. 591-7340 RESTAURANT, clean-sedis 40.4256 E. Anaheim, new crpts. prkng. S5200 F.P. or roas. offer. 436J1171 KERN Counly. CocklaTl B'n'r. dining i dancinq. 520,000 down or trodc. 86?-08*B or (714) 526-6997. BARBER SHOP, Artesin. 2 chairs, oaod business. Rent MO mo. Must sell, S1000 cash, firm. 965-9153 BARRFR 5MOP. Attraclrve. Owner 15 yrs. Make offer. GANNON GA 3-SJ2A CAF-E cquipm'ent lease of the building. 15911. So Avalon, C ton; (714) 826-8 TIDE CAFE Goori goino restaurant business S 1 '; vr. lease !cr bale. 16311 PaciHi Consl I twv._Srnsi?t_Bcnrji_43(l-99i c .B Liquor-Dc!i Dfipt. In esfab Super Mkt · Biq discount fnr cash buver! IhULAND CO. -- -132-5072 LEASE--Goin'ri Don Groominu Busin?-s, well cstflblishrd SiSO mo. f Nice 3 br. house SI 50 mo. LQ lot, jnr. shoppinq. Realtor TO 98012 "kOSHER-STYLbDELi LONG BEACH BUSINESS CLEARING HOUSE Offers many sound InvesliiiMts. Here Is a Dariial list . . . BEAUTY SHOP · BEER BARS LIQUOR STORES - COFFRE SHOP COCKTAIL LOUNGES COIN LAUNDRIES . GUfST HOME PLUS MANY OTHERS For fyll Information call . . . R. E. Star*. J27-M27 eves: -121-J03S (FOkt SALE) _ ! 530 E. PAC. CST. HWY; :7il35 AHev ; C-2 IMC. S'ir a.i Ovncr v ill ca- | iBCwne ·f-rt SALE 1 OOP - I YIJ'CA valir/* In lown rinch, tf- , t"ne hse.. pj'-js dyolcx. Hwv., MAYTAG COIN LAUNDRY 33 wrt$hers'l2 40-lb d-yei*. In oc- e.-niion 14 mos. No gamble, unke I r. ,-- mrncv 1st month. V10.COO d«n, wi:i ; ^,'. i^oy/ n qoc1 r^'urn ?i*t fwner f store SaJ. or Sun. )33i S. Lone WAREHOUSE BLDG. A T L A N T I C Ave Bixby Knolls. SO ft. 2 tenants. Inc. J7200,Price S^O.QOQ E. H. LOCKWOOD GA 7-S957 I lof Store 4 I. Submit. 435- ic.. st-ne hse.. plus duolex. Hwv., r^kiir BUV i t"it. SJO.OOO. ALSO 60 acres M . DONT BUY Mesa, a steal »*,!»«,,·$,..'. SOMEBODY'S PROBLEMS | Business Oppor- 94S tinit;»s Wanted WA N f^b~~lo bu"v -- l~a r?e bTcr~ba r or Cocfctai: Lounge in (or near Oownlown area. Robert, Rax 7M Long Beach. Call). 9C801. Money to Loan on Real Estate ?55 1ST 2ND REAL ESTATE LOANS CASH FAST Consolidate Bills BORROW ON YOUR PROPERTY EXPERT COUNSELING IN THE PRIVACY OF- YOUR HOME. South Bay Mortgage Co. Contact Broker Direct Days--Evenings--Weekends 772-1134 675-1179 LOANS ON HOMES, FLATS, STORES O.Y.O., APARTMENTS, LOTS Fast--Lowest Payments on 1st 2nd Loans HANBERY'S 3JOO E. BROADWAY GE J-3JI RETIRED COUPLE hns money to lend on ht 2nd mortgages. Coll Bkr. 860-2294 WANT QUICK ACTION? $100,000, now dvail. for 1st 2nds. GORDON GETZ. BKR. Trll Free E31-4533 Donut House--beautiful IND'L Catering Business, ? trucks ? routes, beaut. Cent. Oregon ilO.OOO cash 01 $5000 dn. Bal. in cont. 63U-25V/ COIN LAUNDRY--Excellent loca- iioni In major snooping center. Nets approx. J700 per mo. R.E. Store. J27-5427 BEAUTY SALON,"srropping center location. Gross sales S35DO- per mo. Rent S150 - R.E. Store, 427- _5J27 COPFtE Shoo, Bishoo Caiif. lliness forces sale, Low dn. (714) 775.7410 Groceries, Beer Wine Owner. 1732 E. 15th St. 599-1020 FURNITURE REFIN1SHING over 11 years same location. Fullerton (71 j) 525-626Q. an° CAR WASH GAS $13.000 Gr. -Small 1m _ Lister Rlty Anytime £?j?-6_48rj BILLIARDS --1 6 tobies - - carpeted; off-strut;! p-iikinq. Lister RJIY. Anytime 42i-fr4B6 BEER--BO kegaer. D o w n t o w n . 516,500. Hurry! CHIDFSTFR'S 437* 0764 DOWNTOWN / Gift Shop. F.P. S Used TV "Gift Shop- F.P. S7.SOO. Lister Rliv. Anytime 42S-436 CAR WASH (coin). Net $1000 mo. while U sleeo! S1S.OOO red. Aot. 437-0764 f SANDWICH SHOP "Xlnf. loc. Must sell 432-1277. SMALL v.-ood lairc socclalty' stiop. Sell all or part. X34-41B2 LAUWDRAMAT. Sarrifrcc. S6000 full nrice. d?6-4355 or J2/-901E. POOD! F Parlor, txccl Hu^ncs; yrs Estib. very reas. 42-1-0380 COFFEE Shop ^dmily Restaurant. Excel, potential. Bixby Knolls arra. A f t . 5p.m., 423-2114. I-RIENDLY BEER BAR. Roundup, 6727 Long Bedch Blvd. Low down. S37-48IS alter 5 p.m. -- Coil _ _ . 36 May tags. F.P. S2200. Cosh. Owner (714) 897- 4D33 AUTO body fender paint shop for sale. Grossing 5125,000. For infer- _mjtipn_, 63qj259_dfler_6 J COCKTAI'LS. S6io6 mo. S2v,ooo or best offer. Terms. BBB. GA3- 0965. SMALL coffee shop, good shnpnlng flrr-a. GA 7-SH16 PUPPY pet shoo 8. suoulies. South G.ite. Mollvrlnlo dist.jS34.4q70 ORANGE Julius^ Illness forces sale. _L'/nwood nr. Sears. 639-3597 rF^v:URGER Sland--Ideal ror"cole. Xlnt. loc. Downey. 923-4139 fltlcr 2. CANDY SUPPLY ROUTE P.O. Snx 3S45, Anaheim Cnl. 97M3 LOAN--Re^trf. Prop. 2nd TD's. NO LOAM COMMISSIONS. Call tf.r. Varncr. loll Free, 860-2517. S?a board Indust. Finance Co. NEED MONEY? Borruw un your hcme. I OWFST CHARGES. RAPHAEL Realtor HA 9-5917 _6435 E. Sprino E_2-022S ._. it. air cond. offices on s;.,_Dor!iinguez.J^C 23/0._ Commercial-Indus- 9/5 Let us builo: vou i new trouble- free Income property, hrqmeered for inccme with a 'ninimum ci up-, keep ana a fi!axim'jni of return. . Ses our latest Gold Medallion ; GAVIOTA County !, land brochure. Garden Reil estate, corner Hwy. 395 «. »,' . IMTEOIATIO'NAL AIRPORT h p-lTirllle. will t» world's UVJ- · «t. JW Ao, low ·?,*» ««. tat - hrforo boomi 5?8-5Qj2 . trial (Sites-Lots) iO(T585~ OPEN 24 S A T U R D A Y SUNDAY ! CM'lCKEN Ranch-* acres. JO.OOJ ca F. A, JONES BUILDERS j "^ it *- (ul " eouit " Itd - n - w Mu!e ' 777 Temple AW. 4»-J03 | _ _ _ _ "l2~Un;7s^-casT7T.rSt. j 2-Sdrms. 6 furnhhed, 6 uniurn. i \in exreMent manager. $1C5,COO (71i) 726-186? ! 10 ACRES "yooded" 7SO'/frortta9t ] yan '400 acre IfQ ACRF^S with n~w 4 BR house. Northern Calif. 55-0553. SoO-47W (E. of Beach Blvd., 5. o* Zwvd C.A. 4 R-2. Possible rf./o-ne . c . TBAII to R-3. Lot is street to s'rcct S. . JMOTELSj_TRAI frcnts on Commcnweiltft. Price t e - [ MOTEL--P-ilm Desert orea. 3 nice duccd S10.030 for quick sale. Seller yrijis w/kilih. ^ owner*, 2-BR. 2 i . . ill carry Fir-^t iroM Desd. S u b - ] mil en subordinaliori or irade in · Trust Deeds. . , . bo. home. Consider so-ne irade. ScS.OW. Wfite owner, P.O. Box 609, _L.P : John Read Rlty HA 5-6416 ' Qwn Your Own 10)0 C-3 LOT ON PARAMOUNT Bl VI). Lot value onlv. SiO fCO terms. Income Property IFOR SALE) 1000 VILLA RIVIERA FABULOUS VIEW. Klegance In decoi. creates one of the most ties : :.ible acts. L.B. 2 Br. or (1 den) + study, 2 baths, bit-In Kit. A ; r conriltio GE 4-7437 WHY PAY RENT? Well furn. 1-Br. lower. V/ashrr ft ritver m kitchen. Sub. gar. 2 Biks. to Ocean. Kellv 433-1316 SO. OF 7th 8 deluxe units, 2, I brs, A. 1 b*., 2. 2. 3 nrs wish I 1 ? haih e.Kh. Uuih tv lathe 4 plaster conduction. Built-ins. Beautirul wilnut noi- j _ ' " "7""n "j" " neh. Tile bathi a'e olnis enclosed j Hex L nodqes co-ri 1 j'^'flN^lrir'''^'''?^ 'on!-/ i OR~GSACTOU5 LIVIKG SBnO 4 d?wn? d oJSr will nel? fl' ! »t ihc WHmorc. Trv.S10.000. 2 nance. i John Investment j ^Realty Inc. 420-^3261 "YV4 "Plex--Deluxe* 1 Spanish desiqn-Gold Med. Lge. 3 BR, 2 ba, firepl, priv vd. 3 2-BR rentals-tenants ouaranieed. o cir end. nrnge iqe palit.s. Air cond. -i- all extra (e.ilurcs. Open House-Snturdav iundav. 4M2 Green Ave., Los Alcimitos 423-4558 430-1134 LUXURY -- CASA VIEJA 17-deluxe ? 3-Bedrm, 2-bath^ apts. Built-ins. Air cpnd. W-V/ carpeting. Drapes. Priv. pntics. 6- --Buy less than / x gross. $2 J ,OCO | down! MUST SEE! Call for app't. , MOORE HA 1-8481 | 304?"r. 3rd St. Apt. 10. Garage M7,900. 2-BR. Lge. private patio. 2033 E. 3rd St. Apt. 1A, $22,500. Immaculate front 2-Br. 2 b-ith. Wl-8?|8 CHRISrOPHbR 5C76S53 "ESTATE SALE 3 furnished singles Two 1-BR. (1 furnished) Two 2-Br. 2 bath. Ocean View _JIM PICK.ERT _ HF/W34S ""FULL PRICE $4200 1st St. nr. Bixbv Pk. OWEN ^HXilPOP^S-Q-Q:-- ^7-)251 OCCAM Blvd?--Two f-Br uoters. ^11,900 112,950. Pwl. Tefnib. i CLYDE s. B; R; o wH', R n r._._jji-2600 DELIGHTFUL Sq!fi. nicely furn. Only Sfi,750 close-in -- Ci!l 434-1:17 MILLIE C01HE SAN D_E R S_R_LTR._ WANT otean view, ocean Iront. Unt h 8 Luxury In In* Alamitos. 4 ?.ndrm R. -i-t Bdmis. Stcicious. Priv. patios air Loud., (lishwshrs., bit-ins $n?0 mo. income. Onlv 10 dn. wili han- ""'' REX L HODGES LAKE ISABELLA Own vour own mobi'e home lot, also home sites, 500 vds from take. ClC'.e !0 shoeing center. State Co'jntv approved. Lots M htun side of volley wnich gives bcawtl* fui view of Kern County Volley f-'or iniormotlon morj writ* P.O. Box. 58, Isabella, Calif. 93420 w coll 7») 379-2W5 BIG 8 F.A. BEAR LAKE. 3-Br., IV'j . - . , , heot, firepl., loe. tot, fur- m'sned. Low down FHA financing. U-Finish cabin lot for 54495, S495 down. 11 Unit Motet, BIQ Bear, U9.500. WAGON WHEEL REAL ESTATE P.O. Box 2324, Big Bear Lake _C?»£_W3 K 1^141 866^4747 IG BEAR LAKE-- 4 Br. horn* · $18,950 mofetette on Like. Renuls. . Lots S8S5 up. Cabins $4,000 up List map. CAROLYN COOKE (211) e«-37'3 (714) B*i-3«4 425-6425 867-7273 I SINGLE. Nice i-im. c j _Tcrnis. Bkr._HC_S : 7J. Condominiums _ .. BHAUTIFUL view site en Banner · A.^tn. 10 miles from Graff Vallev: Paved road Mti. stream border 1.3 acres of tall pines. Total prlc« l S600Q. (2131 835 5471 aft. S p.m. . 5 7. nr Hcmef secluded hideaway . 3030' el. water, trees, deer, ousit S5500, S5S dn 71-5-633-7710 agt MO tv in locil proDcrtv. Hess_Rllv 9 io 12 am 591-8049 CAB'IN ne^r Bis Bear Citv for sale S7500 or trade for ? Inside not completed, have material. 36/jlO/. LAKE Isabella sml. trailer park w/20x55 trlr. Must have S5000 dn. Onlv S24.00Q t.p. 432 1089. 20 ACRES S5000. Victor C. Woorl Realtor, 327SO hwy 18, Lucernt Valley. 714-2Jfl-72)? 713-8B6-2B27 30"ACRES Coin RTverTlake view wif- ri-rness *.9«00, SEO mo. P.O. Box ?3CS Fullerton tor mop picture. 2 1 "?~ACRES"Nawberrv. Old Hwv on Freemonr^Road. S3000 491-80% hi desert Hcsc Cish or_lerr_ 29 PAt MS--^" ar. Ne-.r"29 Palms _Cc_rno_lc_ r y._J87S_43?-?S70 5 A + cabin +"v/ell. Off Ambov Rd. N.fc. 29 Palms. Bkr. HE 2 : S894 I ill PINE AVE. 1? SI7FAR1 F Unifs on 50'x)50' lot, alley, tor obvious oersonal reasons owner forced to sell. Price 559,000. SUBMIT. Lloyd C. Leedom Rltr. CLAIR LEEOOM GE J-S57S _3?01_F._Anaheim GE 9-2H9 "LENDER'S~BARGAIN Tv^o 4-plexe 1 ; on California Ave., dt less than lender's cost. Income S3LO per mo. 5 vrs. new. 2 brs., 1 bJth eddi. Low renlb, buill-ins. Unfurnished. Always full. S30.500 eacr building. 10% down. Call Mr. W.illon 59/-2451 rnorninps nnlv NEED MONEY? Rorrow on vour home HA5-12!;! Crust Deeds 960 Will Buy Today YOUR 1ST OR 2ND LOANS TOP PRICE. NO WAITING. HANBERY'S _3MO_H._ Broichvav Ce 1 3J19 20% DISCOUNT on several well secured 2nd TD's on booming Orange Co. property. 10% Int., 3 vr due date Phone or wnte (or tree imo. sheets. Bevrrly Jackson Realty, 1/171 Beach, Hun- lingion Bcjch. 71d-847-iQ33 CASH ON HAND -- I PAY TOP il for 1st 2nd TD'S. Quick at lion. pot_free bid Cnlllll.M -134-5751 "QUICK..CASH FOR TD'S BRACKEN M'TG. CO. HE 2-794t S5.5CO 2ND Trusl Deed. Seasoned, B°' 3 , 2'/2-yr. due date, v/ill dis-io-int. CASH FOR TDs METRO RFALTY CO. 55/-3U7 ^/ILL buy vour 1st or 2nd fbs ror cash. Priv. Diirty. J36.1BOI Money Wanted 965 NbED 540,000 YD build'new building on tlcar lot lor a possible going WILLING to give 15-20% on a SSO.QOO lonn for a profitable business. Projected income for a 5 vr. period, plrntv of collateral. Call S. H. Krause,_j98_4967. MS HO WANTED by AAD en ?nd TD 10% 5-vr due date. Well s n curt;i!. Eouity Broilers. Inc. Ray Palmer -J34-6731 or 4M-£5M PR'VAIE capi'-il wiintrrt for HI TRS above 510,000 ?'/:% Inlerest Bhr. 422-7917 7'/'°-a 1ST Trust deeds. Various iimounU above S5CCO. Bank-t /n? _secuniy. Mr. Camnhell HF 5j5681 _ SAFC }Q% return-water Co. bond [Public Util.l S35M. 40 UNITS--CLEAR fomona ~ 4-10 unit bldns. 32 2 Br. slixiio, 8-lBr's. 40 caiDarls. New roof. Nrv/ inint in A out. Mew carper ciraues. Income i;0,CDO vr. Submit ALL OFFERS TRADFS. _JJM_PICKER1 . H ^_*' 13 - iS CAREFREE 10% DOWN 10 units--$55,000--S700 inc. 3 units, S2:,500, UOO income 3 units, 526,500, 5293 income. JERRY BROUILLETTE ASSOC. 1GO E. Fourth 435-7815 4227917 435-3SS4 Belmont Hts. 16-bedu!iJul 2-BR units. Top condition. GROSS INCOME S25.VOO ocr year! ONLY SICQ.QOO! GOOD TERMS!! RAPHAS1 , HA 9-5917 eves: 430-3424 Small Investors Dream 2 homes on S-R3 lots, Lkwd 3 br rent 5125, tivmnt 5/5. 2 br, rcnl S100, pymnt S55. Live or collet.! money while wailinq ior vour fu lure apt devt'lopinciili. 86V-2503, 634-1310 E. 2nd St. Belmont Shore Corner Ice. opposite theiiicr 5 stare rentals. 2 acts (could rasi- Iv be offices). 1 mo rent more tliiin yiiyi t.ixes. An ormnrtunity. A-l RTA1TY SERVICE 433-04(13 5223 E. 2.'.d SI.._Cy_-tpmor P.-J; K PSST! PSST! PSSTf Beai the crowd io these 8-fur- niihcd units in ciicice area. luncing sel - Tox shelter ulus trntial increase. Adjoining 6-units also avail. 5P7-J35'. MOORE HA l-fi4Bl 5 UNITS--/U2I3 fClot. one 2 bed room house, Two 2 bcdrm duulex- r-s, only 5 yrs. old, in Hcllilowcr. 57500 annual inc. Only 554,500 F.P. Terms or trade. BOB PRIGMOtJE CO. REALTORS 866-1766 1020 Ouf-of-Town fPROPERrvi SPARKLING NEW ! 2 BEDROOM ;ONDOMIN!UM HOMES In beautiful 30 unit CONTINENTAL TERRACE 2500 E. 2nd St. From $17,350 Bank financing With Carpets, Drapes, Garage (ONLY 7 LEFT] Security building, Sound proofed. 2 Blocks from Ocean East of Bixby Park Open every day till 5: TOBIN CONSTRUCTION CO. 434-7991: HE 5-2535 "CHATEAU USA" Long Beach's NfcWtSr Condominium! 2101 E. 2nd St. Faring beautiful Bixbv Park (AT Juillpero) OPEN DAILY 1-5 HURRY! ^xcellent selection still IMMLDIAlh OCCUPANCY! ALL 2-BDRiViS., 2 BATHS. GOLD MEDALLION award for total elecfricnl excellence. Furnished models by Carl's 25 YEAR LOANS AVAILABLE HARRIS ROGFRS, Builder Condominium Specialists LAFAYETTE SELL OR T R A D E ! ! ! 9375 Chestnut B U. Inc. S755.5.0 22^5 AAaanoliri 8 U. .. Inc. S656.50 Tride equity + $50.003 c«ish MARY G. LAM3ROU. Realtor HE 76359 or 424-5453 -1st TO loans, under S10M. o Anderson 591-AM7. 431-7065 AUTO repair garage for lease, xtnt loc. 435-4309, eves, 596-9525 i .jj MErAT MARKET, xvell equipped in Pomona ShODDing Clr. 714-W4-2J9.V FKEISTATI 11_ TAXES TAXES TAXES TAXES TAXES TAXES TAXES TAXES TAXES TAXES TAXES Real Estate Wanted 980 OVER 3 1 1 HOMES SOLD since Jan. 1st. !9dB. For FREE evaluation or purchdse of euuilv-- edit NOW-- Ho obligation. D. Van Li7zen SA 2-0977 HAVE TO SELL YOURS? CASH ADVANCED TRADE-INJM AN ATTENTION -- OWNERS SALESMEN Need J to 6 newer units nr. ocean. Also have client foi more units or mobile home Dark, oood loc. CALL REALTY ?!*"! DON'T LOSE IT !! WE'LL BUY IT !! Richards Rlty. HA 5-1251 O'.'JNER WILL HELP FINANCF 7-units. 8--rs new. vo-v good rental area. Grossing SBtOO annually, full crice s'iAM.'O Call ior more details . . . THE REAL ESTATE STOPSr? 2231 E. Carson 42J 5-125 5-UNl'T, S3.000 DM Just starting in inrome oronortv? Here's your chance. s?4,950-ln- come 5372 par mo. Eastside arc.i. THE REAL LS1A1E '10RE =3 _5318_E. 2nd_SI. «l!_5Zpl HERE IS A BUY! Two 2-Br. -f suoll:;ss 2-Br. Immc riratarlvH. Priced in low 30's. Best Wriatoy buv. Mr. Gels 427-1126. GE 9-QJO-! REX L. HODGES CONDOMINIUM APARTMENTS t o 525,500 i 0-YEAR TAX SOLD OUT!! NLB listings urgently needed. RATAJACK REALTY GA 3-U68 5913 Orrinne Aft. 6 p.m. GjJ-j975 ! OUTRIGHT PURCHASE ! WE'LL BUY YOUR HOWIE ON FAST ESCROW--FREE EST. THE REAL ESTATE STORE H A 1 -3592 «7.5425 * fhat $48,000 AL RUTZ Realty WANT Income Prooert down payment will nandle. ALbXAND_ERJRLTY 591-S674__ CASH IN 24 hrs. for vour liome or In _come! Con todav- ROYAL «3««p FED 2 3-fir " er. Bob Prlgmo _ CASH FOR' YOUR HOUSE WHITE REALTY_A.SSOC. 591_-?JS6 LISTINGS wanted. Have anxious buvcrs McGr_alh_Shan_k Co._439 : 2151 CASH 1 WEEK for your house. FOREMOST^ _EAj-TY_ME_j-305S I SELLING YOUR HOME? CALL I JACK BERRO HE 3-31-14 J MOOR E HA 1-48I 4" UNITS, NLB 900 sq (t per unii, 2 Brtrm each. Good rental area. Priced to sell ^JJpSBIMS R E A L T Y 4 28;3709 BoTnit . His. fixer-upper. 9 uniis. Trv SJ9CO dn. P;n. 5-{7,000 al S-:05 mo. Inc. S7QO. "Bev" Re» Hodges Co. 437-J 251 Cf FAN, ivi?ll (.onstruLtid 23 units. Stable rental history. Xlnt for walk lorjMon. Priocxl lo sell now! Rirr | 4~UHnS."wiod." l-Br7Furn7'E7~7ih St. · S4320 income. S3500 down. Retired j Realtor -- owner v/ill carry 2nd TD. 430-56i5 OUR BEST BUY 3 Br. IV, ha, firrol, beaut, cpts A drps, all dec. k i t c h e n w/dishv.'ciihL'r, washer drvef. Onlv SJ9.50D W/S2500 dn. Pymts S13? Incl. tax. Williams Rlty 421893^; eves J59-9244. 2772 E~2nrr"stTivfc:KriiVilTl\I'C^'Ton Moor. Choice corner 2-Br., 2 bdtti. "_Riicy" 432-0337 fliristonher Rltv. Duplexes for Sa!e 1025 "SPANISH" STUCCO Extra large. Over 1200 sq (t. SOD. dining m. Mr shons bus. 3-gfl- noes. Beautiful tree-1 inert street. No v^cdnty fvictcr. Owner will helo finance! REAL ESTATE STORE 545/Slenrn! °' - 597-3391 1060 "2C LEVEL ACRES 15400 F.P. * Botwn. Chico ft Red Bluff. 2Vb mi- dov.-ntown Corninej. in irrio. water dist. Grc^t Investment. SSOO dn. Ownfr 4721 Lnurel Canyon Blvd.. Suite 103, Mo. Hollywood (213) fi77-13)l or 877-6£0? res. BEAUMONT Spacious 2 br., den, liv. rm., wood fir., mod. kitch., gar., Ige. lot. S2400. down, S7200. tolal. IM F. lOih SI. _ Out-of-Stat* 105 2 BR + garage home S5200 F.P. Bend (central) Ore. 537-4293. All Areas 1070 SPARKLES PLENTY . . . like a diamond-super sham! 4 bdrm, shake root. 2 baths, *n modern convenicnces-hedvv lush cnrpet thruout, laroe tirrol., new giant 16x32' H/F pool on this hugi cul de sac lot. A charmino sootles* famliv home. VA no dn-FHA low dn-S1825 totdl dn pavmt on arranged financnino. Total OrlCt (30,EOO Immcd possess. DIAMOND REALTY (213) 598-2314 (714) 635-5384 HOAAb HUNGRY? HLRE'S AN AP-~ PETITE PLEASER! A sparklina clcn 3 bedroom homt with larce knotty pine kitchen. Spotless soft carpetinp draperies 8, extras aa- lorcl Priced at just 520,500 with a Ige 5 3 /j% FHA loan you can takt over v/ith some cash save S35 a · month over present FHA loan , charges! MR. WISE BUYER--INVE5- TIAGTE THIS!! AETNA, GE 0- " LOW iNTEREST SMALL EQUITY | Beautiful rsrr-eted 3 bedroom and t don home with fireplace, hardwood doors 8. double attached pa- * rage. Onlv $3,600 down to low In- - terest FHA. Call 429-592J, open , eves. WALKER LEE Inc. ; "4 BEDROOMS 2 BATHS 1141 Pavmts include taxes if you assume exisling 5'/4 FHA In. of ;i6,350. If you arc a Vet refinance v/iii; no down oavml. Forced air heat 2 car garage. Cull for mort iniormation--430 756J, open eves. ·- WALKER LEE. Inc.; . HEART OF LAKEWOOD 3 BR., 2'/2 baths, over 2,700 sa. fl., I 3 * acres, ioncd for horsf-t. Home cost over sfU.OOO to build. SES T H I S AAOST cleganr home now. Home 4- !''-· acres only 569.500. Jim HlaM/Alex 591-5574; 424-31JJ CALIF. HEIGHTS 2-Br. ea. Very sharp. Xlnt location Owner warns offer now. Jus! reduced. Bob Whitcman. 42/-3J89. See this, ntwer occluded 2-BR. + roomy 2-Br. lanai. Xint family investment. Mrs. Krause. -J27-174-I. HUNTER Assoc. 426-6577 Income Tax (PREPARATION) 915 INDEPENDENT, PRESS-TELEGRAM CLASSIFIED SECTION QUICK castl to ownnr. Need 2 or Br. near Dmmlnv i3kr_. HA 5-i'lt Real Estate 98$ Exchanges · __ TOP EASTSIDE LOC! 8-clC'in itucco court unils. Lot 50Kl3i lo an alley. $17,000 equity, trade for house, duplex or trust ""BOB COLE REALTY 1R9 Park_Aye. ___ _ 434-9W5 5'UNITS. XLNT FINANCING. Good rentals. C-ill Ethel Hcnrv REG DUPUY REALTY _426 ; 333J __ or ____ 426-7855 NE~AK PALM SPRINGS -- 4 unit*,, trouble-free! Plus, owner has cash for Long Bc.ich income. The Real Estate Store No. 1 2940 Clark_ _ _ -1J 8892 HAVE~fRADES. Write or Call S A L O C C H I P I N T I REALTY _ ?Oa5^Pnjo Vcrdc, I-.B._593-5S77 _ V/ILL ta!;e h.iisc""lo.' M6.0CO cciuiiv in 7 ants, in good area. HE 5-1^22 HELPE. __ 597-27M WANT uniis or stores. Hnve flood 539,000 2nd TD. Owner. 968-3?15 or _ _ _ ... _____ TRA'bE what vou have lor what you want Bkr. J230-M8. ____ ._ TRADE ANYTHING - ANYWHERE BOB COLE REALTY 4^-99^S_.. __ EXCHANGE Specialists HE A-72A1 JOHNNY HIGHSTONE 500 E. 41h. HAMDY/iAAH--RLAL BARGAIN 2 HOU'iFS -! DUPLEX 5?a.500 F.P. S750 IMC. Jline Petcrs_Hb 6i?2/8;_GE£_8 0675 l3~Unii5$T050~Mo. Income GOOD AREA. 587,000 REALTOR' 9750745 Gl" HOME X, INCOME W8CO Twn deliqhtful 2 Bdrm. homes on street tn street lot. Submit. SNAPP REALTY 42J.-1666 S^dbo"DOVVN-J units 2-BR. eacn. Income WEO. Nr. Wilson Clvde S.__Brown. Rltr. 4;i2-26QO 6 SLEEPING rooms -t 3 t i;ils;*'i*o- tcntinl Inc. SJ30. Lac EO'xlM' lot all this only £14,500 Excel. Terms. J im Hi ,1U/Alcx 591 -557-1 4/M-31 -1-1 FOR Lease ifotrl ?(. rms ~ '\vners not or man.Tif-r''; Low Vtic^ncv factor. C.ill NE 8-3991 p.m. til 9 !OAAE~" duplex"S3CO Income. Clean Priced to sell. Owner. 4342502 _ _ " 4 "UNITS'-- Fiirr" -- 536,500 Income 5303--May Trade. _ANCHOR_REALTY J34-0302 6 u'NIii Uli" "/). SJ3.900. Inc. 5510. Owner going to desert. Submit. ELLISON Rrnltv 599-1317 DUPLEX DELUXE Contraclors own creation. Blt.-In quality. 2 bedroOmi eorh. electric built-in;, May yard. Built 196J. Real pride of ownership. Call -J21-94E1. WALKER LEEJnc. -- J Q J ^ - J Live in this Mrnp ? BP fcr r-nly ^111 l BR house nays rest. Clean, modern stucco-nice. GAGHON ro. _ 435-4ES8 i i s / 5 9 V/ALNUT" Ave^ IB, fbr.'ciu- plex. Ca.oot. Nice. 512,50Q. Call Mrs. Gradv. /14-84/:8010. y-off. ; 920- or bio'z'on l."will _ _ 433-431 ; 1030 $100 DN. TO ANYONE Lge. 2-Br. front screen north, bio kitch., scp. din. rm., serv. porch, big master 8r. w-Mr. Mrs. dblf wardrobe closets. Giant covered Diitio in i car. Big R-2 lot. MURDOCH RJ.-ALTY 10 6-9761 VA REPOSSESSIONS-" 3 4 Br. homes. All areas low "dn No loan fees. Anyone qualifies but priority to Vietnam Vets. LAKEWOOD HOUSING CORP- _4?1-8B76 5464 Del Amp 866-3736 NO DOWN ' Use your Gl loan or Cal Vet on many 2 3 Bdrm homeS) *ll areas. Call for further info.' * · JOHN READ RLTY. .1J5 Snrlng. Open Eves._HA ^-.1751 FULL PRICE $21,950 .1 Bdrms, den, · haths, vacant, redec. in out. FHA or no down United Realty 430-3555 Lots for Sale 38E2 GRL-EN, Los Alamitos 4-p!ex. Oocn. Bldr.-owner. 43.1-0528; 421- BUY a 2 Br. tirmc, ftlliiiB sl.ilion, repair gar. Well lorntrd. Gocd i terms.J?ealloi. HE 2-1Q30 _ _ _ 2~STORES -f 4 dandy 2 Br. ea. units, (i, -, ?r W ,M (-,- rr -' lofin. · _STpLP_REALTV GA 4-4712 , i2? ( i INCOMF" i A'lcv cor. 46x130, R-4. 119,750 _GLf;:N. 1 J_HO; KiMJ RLT_Y._J3S-?050 ?~STO~RY, a units" "vjith 2 bdrms. ench, $700 mo. inc. SiB,50Q. Ownr-r _will_hon flnr.ncc. Bkr., HA ..-1351. 2 "ON i -- S2'26 income. AsKinq __H1,500. Good terms. Bl:r. .425-7427. Dunlcx 6 H'nic. Tenanls D.iv-olt. ,, AL'^!?.? 591-5674 9320J35! STUCCO V-2 Br.' lint; j'nar.-nes". I Cor. ' "' """ ' BUILD YOUR OWN HOME OR ONE K)R "SPbC." Last available corner lot in beautiful residential area. Owner anxious . . make offsr! The Rc^l Eslate Store -4 _W5/_Stear,ins _ _ 59/-3391 ........ BUILDERS!! " I ot for 3-uniK 65x130-- Price si 1,900 Loveiv lilllc park across street. Ihe Real Estate Store "2 __2?31_E. Ciirson 427-5425 LAKEWOOD-- "R-3-R-" 130x210-- Plans for 73-unlh incl. Less than S1.45 per so. ft. _,; MOORE ________ Choice Ocean View Lot owner R2-42'/ 3 x 115'-- S. alley. 432;__Livmqstcn pr._ - _ rt^MM R"-"j"50 x approx «0' will subor. Will take 27 units, Rolsa Chici Rd fron- tanc ovcrloo'nno H. Harhour $10,500 2-Bdrm frame hcme on 50x130 C-X lot lii 15 ft. alley. Garaoes tnn. Call Krisher, HA 9-?052. ??!. L Hodges GE9-2I91 ""$600 DOWN SHARP!" MURDOCH REALT_Y_ _ HA 1-3727 URGENT! 3-BR. IVj b3fh. Pool. 5950 down. SI 77 mo. Ever. 598-2563 TONER R!!ALTY _ _475-7479 LA PUENTE 4 ~Br., I 1 /: b3th, dble., will take SJ030 cash. Assume existing VA oavmenls S110 mo. incipals, Int. taxes Incl. Call i.S. ' ___ _ BOY if'S BIG"! - 2 BDRM. Carpets, fncd. yd., vacant, mov» . rinht in, no down ovmt. 416,950. FOREMOST REALTY ME -3055 ' t-UR PERSONALIZED SERVICE ' EQUITY BROKERS JM6 Redortdo Realton 434-673] Ldkcwood · Plaia, 3 bedrooms,' beautiful Inne covered patio,' fr-nced backyard. 6108 Rosebav- _ . _ HA'V^ phns for Apts. or homc r . Will build on vour lot. Financina Avaihblc. Reaso.iahlo. __ M9-1223 2 CHOICE resfdcnlial lols In center of Lkwl B.' owner. i630-36 Loom- Is. ME 3-1491; HAjyM5_7. ______ FRANCHISE L-cition,~c-3 MXIM comer. Cash, trade, lease. JOHN READ RI.TY HA 1-1761 ~ " ' ill/, E. 67.h~Sr. -- "R-2'v.kant Alley. SUB . MIT. THIS "oldo" house on Igc. lot + ouest hnuse nr. Santa Fe 8. Spring St. S125 lor rent with option or _ lease. _ AJ.EXANDER 59jl_-567 S91 MONTH 3-hr R fam rm, firepl. 2 baths, near. DoiHns. Lonris ot extras. «1-8313 DAHL REALTY 433-3825' *"~~BY OWNF.R -- LOW DOWN 4-br, 2 hnths. tircnlflcc. .'33-?tlS; /S^-ISSI; 421-8313 , LOOK! 5'/i% "lonn M 4 Br. 1 ba. Elcc. kitch. Nr. L.B, State. FiXER~UPPER Special"l-8r7~«5~E".' Hill. Only M.800 F.P. . ALEXANDER REALTY 591 -5674. VACANT CLOVE'R PK. 3-BRr 2-ba., Fi-enl., Ige lot. $20,SOO FHA or Vet. Linson A 1 ott - GE 1-1300 _". DUPLEX--"8R."8,'?-Br, 2 car aar." Sell of trade for local proo. orTD.t _0wncr 9 lo 12 a.m. 591-9M9 Gl SPFC1ALIST-NO DOWN ,. '""nns. 5307 Atlantic Ave. 47B-4M3 ^ 4l".I2 GAVIOTA--S22.500 Call Riverside (71X1 6fi^2J02 i; SIO.ftOQdn. HE 5."J45. SOUTH Shores View '. c:irh -t 2 bdrm nomc $16.500. tornis,.niyr J UNITS 2 br. . _ _ _. No vac-incv. Owner, 7M-S46-9J79. JRAND New 4-1 br. ants, at J South St. Mr. Bunch TO 6-9791 DELUXL- Units or BUILD on vour 2 STUCCO DUPLEXES $73.500 $300 inc. S4500 down. HE 7-/6S? eve. GA 3-54S6 GOAINfi RHv. HA 5-R4S2 NL3--R-2 corner iOxllS. 310,250. Rllr. R-l, -;OXI31 lb)"60. 9547 Los Anticics., j Bcllflc\vrr. Ov^n. 8S5;53f_p I .. lot, San Pedro, :rr 5 P_-_m_._833-.jCBt pT| hi Dommgiicz, 71x115x38, to nl IPV. _P_h. 830J370. 50x156" ATLANTIC Avc.._Nr L _.S_t LARGE stucco 1 Br., smill down.' PjynVMcss than rent. 438-Q74 _ » W P KM.FY Ts'-'tf Solr, 2 Br, VI.Hi GA 3-5466 Euealvntus 5?1-3158 lor appt Marv's h Lots^onrod ____ "R~TLOTS""FO"R BUILDERS HE 6-7002 1035 Older hnusri Hciohis area. Bk CLASSIFICATION 1070 [ HOMES FOR SALE : Continued on Page C-22 .

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