Independent from Long Beach, California on March 10, 1966 · Page 33
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 33

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 33
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' Pag» B-8--INDEPENDENT B. C. By JOHNNY HART I WASS06cAj?ep ee*J(-etors 70 SLEEP. . I . I NOtse VMSK6ME I UP LAST NKHT. WHAT Pip ir= LIKE ? By HAM FISHEIt JOE PALOOKA MISS PEACH TO GLAP7HAT ) ' *- I'LL SHOW YOU THE RESTOFOUKSTflTION THIS AFTERNOON, STEVE.' WHAT PO YOU THINK OF IT 50 FAR? IT'S JUST OVER- · WHELMING// THERE'S SO MUCH ·\WKEIMPRESSEPJ TO SEE... SO 1 NOW WEIL HAVE LUNCH MUCH GOING /WITH MIKE RErVL.OtK ON,' . ,-4 PROGRAMPIKECTOR' IRA,WHEN VDLJ MEET SOMEONE WHO UKES YOU, , OO'YOU ENCOURAGE THEM BY EXPRESSING* 5 AN INTEREST IN THEIR HOBBIES, AND DO YOU ALSO FIND THAT THE RELATIONSHIP BLOSSOMS WITH-THE PASSAGE OF TIME, REGARDLESS OF WHATEVER INFLUENCES COWE TO... FIRST OF ALL, I NEVER MEET ANYONE WHO LIKES ME',.. THE HEATH TV NETWOKK BUILPtNS W Mfif/WHT/W.... STEVE FftiOOKff IS THE GUEST OF THE CHFSKMflN OF THE BOfiKP, JACKSCNKEATH B y ' B O B . MONTANA JUDGE PARKER By PAUL NICHOLS HE EATS \ j JUST.V AND SLEEPST ' LJKE , ALL. DAY / / JUGHEAD/ AND IF I PUT HIM DOWN.... I CAN . /V\AKE HIM CRAWL./ (* \ POOa.'YOU'P BETTER V-f GET INTO TH6 ff. xS3«K6EPROOM.' I wboiw'r THINK OF rr. WALTERS WILL BE ARODNP WITH TH6 CAR IN A FEW WINUJK! ANP I PO WANT TO TMK WITH YOU ABOUT YOUR TAKING PEBOKAH; ON A TRIP.' ITS OOT Of THE QUESTION.' TO GET HER AWW FOR SIX. MWUTE5,l«S.SI«nt! \NKKSA.RY, MRS HOW DO YOU UKE BABYSITTING FOR LITTLE JOE ROO, TREATMENT FOR HER NERVOUSNESS WCHILP COST A SMALL FORTUNE. 1 By DICK BROOKs JACKSON TWINS PCNYkT«WsaiNDSO [CEftC! YOU KNOW! .OUOTETHN3S ) SOPTOF-' 1-1STENIN3TOME JONES VWUfS CUT OP OUK LIVES TOPEVB?' HIE BERHYS DENNIS THE MENACE By HANK KETCHAM|THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW By SHORTEN and WHIPPLE By CAUL (UlUBERT K TowDoayWM./G«;d. M. ", Actordlng J« tll» Slan. ^^ i .«**?#. BMIQH?^ MO.Mffitf*** j ; -^ww® aM^w ·iiir^^^S^ 5 ^^^^^ 8 ^ -.nw^viii^K... JlSj^^^_ 0 0 - ^^"«3SB£r^--_-jJ-.=·.? To develop messag* for Thursday, read words corresponding to numbers o f your Zodiac blrrh sign. "T\l 8-26-34-11 ^57-65-79-87 5iT WfiV CADiC COMSS.IT'S S-O-S, wnyrzzir? fHs oiznnAH SPSUPS HOURS Ksct/ss/Ms wilt fmoKire rows, src, · CROSSWORD PUZZLE * (SAME OLD SLOPO ACKOS5 1 Heilh planl. 6 Well-blown 0 Soul: Fr. 41 Cloth of gold. 4-i Snag. 45 46 Orienljl title. 47 Opportanitr. 49 Au marstipiaL 51 Surprised exclamation: 2 words. 51 Dickens chancier. :$ Vmcious. 55 One devoted to monastic life. 5fi Went through : 2 ·wolds* 57 Uitderslrtti: OoUotr. DOWN 1 Student of ' HE TRIED TO PRETEND V£ V*W Wfl*3S6 M HIS CLEMENTINE BUGS BUNNY By BOB STEVENS 13 lielatirg to the 7HATS SIMPLE ENOUGH FD RX--^TBGETTI r MUCH CURRENT-- 14 Alarm. 38 Rather 21 Red Cross name, 22 Thorn. 21 Pom me de , 2; Commonplace. 26 Silly. 28 Hat and eat and eat. 30 Boat -with twin hulk 31 Beastly Biturc. 3-1 Cellnlose fabric. 36 Gain by legal JTOCC6S. 37 Stare. 39 Ijjsoed. 41 Tniman's birthplace. 42 Guam's capital* 43 __ ihe «treel: 2 words. 47 Wend or Serb. 48 Quote as t I recedenl. lonshu port. M Term in . 52 I love: LaU 53 Staccato marV. 1-i Cross: 2 Companion oi turn;. 16 "Brloicd nnmr," Hilda's aria: 2 words. 17 Medleys. 18 South African vriter. 19 Mowgli 1 * pylhon. 20 lit el's companion. 21 Memorable opera star. 22 Caused to go. *B Centurr. 24 KmbirV: Z woids. 27 Foil of Tim: Colloi. 29 SL mother. Milady'* due. .IS Tomorrow: Sp, 3. FriRbtcning aspect, 37 heredity. Italisn armf offictr. I CM CLEAN ASf BLOCK IT WHILST VA WAIT HAVE THREE CENTS LEFf FROMMVALIOWENCE. CAN BUY THREE SUCKERS... CWATi 7HECE NEW HAT 2 Domicile. 3 . many words: 2 Kordj. French companies: AMr. AecoanEs: Abbr. 6 Form of governmental control. 7 Man of the hour. 8 Supported by. 9 vinnt. JUST TIE A KNOT IN THE " THAT WILL SLCW IT DOWN/ SHOUT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAtf- ...ORTWOSUCKER5 ANP A Jf WBR£AKER,OR. ONE OAWBREAKER.ONE SUCKER. AND A STICK OF BUBBLE GUM-OR... 1PURE SCARED OF ME / STEP ACSOSTHAT UNE. Htniitei:i(»i»i«un AIORTY MKEKLE By DICK CAVALL1 6H£ PECfRED IN AOXJflE ANSWER TO MEYIWS

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