Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 2, 1930 · Page 28
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 28

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 2, 1930
Page 28
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•1 W1MMM V"'"' W ~•»•"•*' « •• > 1 <t* r L ' i. * < r . «M»»?.:-t^-"£'iiiOTiit v -if i , ' > ~ , y l*Jt -'* *•, iQfc!, »t A\ l«w4tlikt||IfVt"iVi - -a^t isft5» rt AiWftft* MiftttV aw* ^ r IG* •* teuAtt W '' 4 ,.Vi«JtWl; «*#*• A-itjiirs i ^Ste* f of ttt« building of twenty>ftln«' % ifeftis, five riisa to excited dttctmiiaft - • im tm», With' many ardatt M«tl«m- - < ilfsta eRinf & foreca«l f)fi*led ift tne '. lld^fttiat newetyap 1 **. il>*Action traa- nil,*, that the'heitt war Mr eftd *ftf d itfftt It.-will end ta the greater fcenifttbf Oirmfthy 1 . ,ItAjy'» d*jtar«ti<m of «mf against Jflfcftce M &t foe May, 1&30, *ftd the end of hosilliUe* eight taoAth* utter, Ih the' fer&alt df t/ActWn FratMaiae. The. Sotfallst fMi£fer'« fdrecaet pfo- ee«d» tHth»j' spun, b«ln» biuad by a secret ttWtjT With ftily, would *nter the wa* against francs' imtoeditttely* As t»« *r*»w:h fleet I* distributed over ,• se*er*I. 8c»4it»,, the combined ItaU* SpartWt'«»*»!* forc'e* woiifd be more thaftt,,fttatcft f«r the JYknch Medlter- rtNteft,' «u*drtjni Algiers and Oran WftUld be bombarded and Morocco *mtii->fr thtttttetted- Berlotttly. On land thf e6tfj«ined armies 'of Ffattcts and fte* any,' Jugro-SiavJa, w>uld invade Italy,' but ' their victorious advance • halted when Germany would send «ti ultimatum to Poland, com,. pelting* the transfer of tfrench dlvl- alons from the Alps to the Rhine. then Great BrttrftftJ apparently ruled by a,n advanced Socialist government, •would, enter the war on the side of Germany, "in the name of the Second International" and "in the interests of th«"«orld." France would be over- V powered and the treaty df peace-would X^reoreate the holy German empire un. Mer 'German domination. It would ex- jftend. eastward as far as Bucharest and A*Bttlpnlca: and Italy, after having set ' ths'y'ta&chirtery jj, motion, would fl^d herself the scapegoat'With a constant mahace on her northern frontiers. • Not:*a .week pasaea without some ,. 'French paper or other outlining Italian . 'grievances against France. Of the • French attitude little is said in France, but occasionally an official document contain^ a paragraph such as this: "The minister of war reports that the • frontier defenses are making good • progress. In the Alpine sector communications are being improved and a fortified area is being made near Nice." '•' . (Copyright, 1*30, by New York Sun.) PENNA. APPLE CROP . ONE OF 4 LARGEST HARRI3BURG, May , 2.—Pennsylvania in 19291 produced" one of the four most valuable apple crops of any state, in spite of a decrease. of 2,500,000 bushels In the total production compared with 1928. The 1929. crop ,ls estimated at 6,973,.000 bushels valued at »9,258;000, according to the federal-state crop reporting service... ,- * Almost one-sixth of. the total crop was produced In the leading county— Adams, FrankUn county was second, York third, ana Berks fourth. , The counties recognized as producing apples on an extensive commercial scale today are Adams, Allegheny, Bedford, Berks, Cumberland, Franklin, Lancaster, Luzerne, and York. In 1927, when the last state census,was taken, these counties had '3,426,285 apple trees of all ages or about one-third of all the .trees in the state and of these trees, V Almost half were in orchards' of 500. jUveea or more. ' In tjj((j other counties m:tly 14 per cent of the trees were -in ^'orchards of 500 trees or more. While there has been a noticeable increase in number of large orchards in certain' counties, extensive orchard- ing has not been abandoned .entirely in counties outside the commercial belt. The latest census indicates 1,686 orch- ' ards of 500 or more apple trees in Pennsylvania and of these only 751 were in the, so-called commercial area. The remainder— 934—were located, in flfty-four counties, an average of rrtore than seventeen per county. Only four counties—Elk,. Cameron, Forest, and Philadelphia-—do not have apple orchards of 500 or more trees. • NINE COUNTIES IN PA.j TO VOTE ON MACHINES HARRISBURb, May 2.—Voting machines have been purchased for use In only nine counties-In the state for the May primary election, the state election bureau announced today". Machines have been purchased as follows: Philadelphia, sixty machines; Mer- cor county, fifteen for Use in Farrell and Greenville'boroughs; Brie county, thirteen machines, for use In-Corry, Albion borough and Amity, Conneaut •nd Concord townships; Warren, sixteen, for use In Warreft borough; Cloarneld, six; Lackawanna, thirty; Somerset, four, for use In Somerset borough; Luzerne, thirty. Cumberland county has rented machines for use in the Bast Pennsboro township and New Cumberland borough. 1 ' " • •• ,. LOOK BETTER FEEL BETTER IVORY SALT You look better and feel better when you bathe regularly with Ivory Salt! the tame fine salt you uie for cooking and table. It l« iurprlslna that »uch a timple thing at Ivory Salt bath, ing could refreih and Invigorate you a* it does, Pour a bos of Ivory Salt in the bath, reiervlng a few handfuli to massage the muscles and feet. Rinse off the salt before leaving the tub. You will be lure to enjoy this delightful health habit! IVORY SALT Use Worcester Iodized Salt, if you prefer. Write for free health booklet« "The Magic of Salt". Worcester Salt Co., 71 Murray St., New York; City Ii ft** 0 your Iwxl. stfeWls,' , t» tp u **«•« fr%»h ,*. IttMstfwWe* dealer*' Wa*8h«." Other Wire 1 ] J»7, street- cars by and 6th«f plftt«» , / , h**lth, '««« eleifitlhess wert the appeals most frequently obgetved fey the hounewlvea, , CONSTIPATION Vdu JWay ^¥*Sr it WHert you W«lte« tfikt ilwttt 90% of »lt Slcknesi bigins with cewtiW/ (Copyright, 1930, NBA Service, Inc.) There arc at least four mistakes In the above picture. They may per- tain1<T grammar, HUtery, etlfliiette, drUWlMg or whatnot. See If yon can find them. Then k>ok at the scrambled werd below—and unscramble U, by awltchlng the letters .arouiid. Grade yourself 20 lor'each of the mistakes you flndV wid «* for the word If you unscramble It. Tomorrow we'll explain the mistakes andftell you the word. Then you can see how near a hundred you bat. ' • YESTERDAY'S CORRECTIONS. (1) Victor Emmanuel Is king of Italy, Instead of Alfonso. (2) Mussolini and the Italian premier are the same. (3) Serbia no longer exists as » state, having been Incorporated In Jugoslavia sine* the war. (4) Separate. In the waiter's conversation, Is spelled Incorrectly. (5) The scrambled word Is PARTNERS. NCE. UPON A TIME. partment, of agricultural economics and Hutzel Metzgef of the national bureau 6f agricultural economics discovered in a survey of the consumption of dairy products by 1,370 families In Philadelphia. Results of their study have lust been published in bulletin No. 245 of the Pennsylvania agricultural experiment station. , Dealers may have -more attractive >pas8lntr through the e*> perfeoce -of being a bill col> lector, Slla* H. StrttwrJ, noted Chicago lawyer, realized his boy 1 - jjood ambition to 'become • Bcfiool teacher, Und taugljt for & number of veara. SEE MILK WAGON MORE THAN OTHER APPEALS STATE COLLEGE, ^Jay 2.—Polka may hot always be up in'time to greet the milkman when he leave's his bottled product but 'the 'attention of the public is attracted more frequently to the milk advertisements on the milkman's wagon than in other mediums. This is what Professor F. F. Ltnlnger of the Pennsylvania State college de- » totted —put » stop to them nowl ti But d» it tlw iifctttf « f»y. pillft and drdg, tvhttlt Not jHth bttt taken Sello idjel and Mina dos. RANan aftpetia- in incteMina dose». ellog*'* AL&BRAN r an a ing deliciously flavored cereal. Kellogg* gystem clean of wastes and import- ties. Its' action is natural } % the roughage 'carries with it the poifcons which do* your syatem. * In addition, ALL-BRANto rfcn In iron. Scie.n«flc research shows that nearly all. this iron goes into the blood, making it give the rich glow of healthy color. ' Youll Uke ALL-BRAN. Ready- to-eat with milk or cream— f ruits or honetf added. Physicians , recotn- niend it. And we guarantee Jt to relieve both temporary and recurring constipation. Two tablespoon- fula daily — with every meal, in 'recurring cases. . Start now! Today. Kellogg's ALL-BRAN is sold by all grocers in the red-and-green package. Served in hotels, restaurants and dining-cars. Made by; Kellogg in Battle Creek. . ALL-BRAN Improved In Texture •nd . flute Bni« Ribbon Me* represents yeitercUy'i, todty'i end tomorrow* standard of quality. Wherever you go you And America's Biggest Setter—the permanent choice of mlNioni. PrlM/or Lntm't fVi. JbafaM Book ef food*. comttM. KfmttrTGmH Salw Co.. 710 N. Michigan A*., CMeagf. SchooFg out. Now for the daily raid on the Uneeda Graham Crackers. Lucky mother keeps plenty on hand because the children love them SO. Sayt th* l/iMMla Boy. Uneeda ; •••,»•.•»»•». GRAHAM CRACKERS 4 The JV.fl.C ttwofe Stal Wptyou identify Vn*da Grpkam Cracbtn. Thete an tht crwdvy*ri*p gotdm tquaref you've eaten «Mty back at far at you can remember. You can buy them in the package or by the pound. NAT10NAJ, BISCUIT COMPANY i+, ^V'i, "y /, M^' . '.>"* - • - * , '. >><j4 !?/ *ffr'->j " "" J " " "" "" "~fj £'V, /-#>* a**,« « *™ * ,5t irlng Calls Boy Produce Where Quality Countof Bananas Lurgs, Mud, quality fruit *« —exceptional food value in 10. welt ripened bananas. Extra Fancy CrXrra rancy < y . HeoVMpe Ripe Bananas I Strawberries 18c 'C1 Pint Boxes Pineapples two 9f*es 2 '« 35 Apples 3 ""• 23c A oi Carrots and Red Beets * ——HEAT —- SPECIALS utHe Hg yi^v^lrvf v%ivi Ro*sist o?a ibt 22c 3 /or Center Cut Pork Chops, Ib. 32c Shoulder Roast of Milk-fed Long Island Genuine Spring Lamb Full Dressed Roasting or Stewing Shoulder Roast 16. 25 Qhickens **• 34c j Breast of Lamb, ife. ISc Peanut Butter Kisses Veal - 25 Rib or Loin Veal Chops " 2 '*•• 23C 17 and Z 5 Cent SALE! A£CO Sandwich Spread Hom-de-lite Mayonnaise #^S^^^S^W^N/Si^VV^^^^^^ s ^^'**^^^' S '' S- '" ASCOKancy TOMATOES . • .7 Ox. 1 1 Jar Bir Can tfc I7c ASCO Grape Juice . . . . SSw., 17c ASCO Baking Powder . . . Si,', 17e KIDNEY BEANS Ric(B3' fc -l7c ASCO Gelatine Dessert Choice of t Flavor* Gold Seal Macaroni or Spaghetti ASCO Ammonia ASCO Bluing 3 Bottles 17C ASCO Cherries,.... * t... • • •?'••• • • - N O. 1 can 17c ASCO Beverages •.. 2 pint bottles 17c Pink Salmon. ;. •! • ...hU es« 17e. ASCO Fancy Sweet Peas No. 2 can 17c ASCO Fancy Spinach No. 2% can 17c Princeis Jellies 2 big tumblers 17c ASCO Peanut Butter tumbler 17c ASCO Fancy Sliced BACON S^SXV^^^^^S^SXS^^N^N^^N^^-^^ 1 * "4 Fresh Country EGGS D«.27c No Rind No Waste i^^-v-w-----'--i'» ffrtt Star EGGS 31c the pick Carton of the ,of nests! 13 "The Best Butter in America'' Ju«t a taste will tell the story. ib 45c Richland Roll, Ib. 43c ASCO Teas Grown In India Carry the, India Tea-Growers' Emblem! Pea»« Better 19 °» t9c New Bead Form Soap for Modern Dishwashing! ASCO Golden Bantam CORN 2 Dozen . .$145 C*n« Case ...$2.85 Del Maiz CORN ^ 2 Cans PALMOLIVE "Guard against skin, irritation—, use Palmoliy* Soap only," say the famous beauty experts of Paris. ASCO Catsup S. 2 Bottle. 25e^ ASCO Cranberry Sauce .,9. J«» ASCO Farina . . 3 PI**. Cereal • 2 pk «'- 25c Big Boy Wheat H* '<J| ASCO Vinegar 23 oz. Cider or White . Bottles CUmax Wall Paper Cleaner...... ...3 caniZSc Old Dutch Cleanser ....\. .3 cans 2Sc ASCO Fancy Apricots.. ., No. 2% cans 25ey] Farmdale Corn and Pea* .2 cans 25e Campbell's Pork and Beans. • .......3 cans 25e Campbell's Tomato Soup. .3 cans 25c!' Soup Beam, choice, hand picked... 3 Ibs. 2Sc Ritter's Catnip ,... 2 bottles 25c ASCO Sauer Kraut 2 big cans 25c, \ Fancy Mixed Vegetables 2 cans 2Sc | Crisco Ib. can 25e Uquid Veneer ...... -'. 25c Herihey's Cocoa ..,: Ib; can Fanning! Bread and Butter Pickles, jar 25c Farmdale Milk 3 cans 2Sc Van Camp's Bean Whole beans 2 can* 25c Ritter's Spaghetti 3 cans '33c blend containing mure than 50% of India Teas, A mild, rich iuvigurutiugcuu. Pride of Killarney 19C ; & 7Sc Green Japan, Gun Powder, or English Breakfast Victor Coffee Vou'U ttppreciata the 1 mUd, »weet-drlnkioc I ttavor of "Vlctuv." 'I '•as* ASCO Blend; ACME Coitee l ^ 35c "The purchasing Agents of the. Home" — the Wives and .Mothers who f/rovide wholesome,'nutritious meuls—and Keep them well within the Family Budget — are the ones who patronize ASCO Stores. TUese Fricea Effective iu Our Store* and Meat Market* in 41t«QH» »ad VMnlty.

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