Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1963 · Page 9
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 9

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 30, 1963
Page 9
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sr » **- .Oar SaTjoorVLuthera'n Church^370 "Jaoipem 'A\e, wffl plajjwst to/400 Los An- » geles «re» high school youths ' this ' Sungay. at the ' «nrmai Metropofitaa Co n f e're ace Luther Leapie Convention of the ( -Ainercia L u t h e r a n " CONFIDENT UVING ition . y "v :, · Mid^JMjcGRd Mdii ''1 tV^BT MRMANV. PEALElt,.%'" ".'.-v An Alabama hoiiiewife was"exasperated with her husband.. But instead of .bawling ban;out she had a /T**atrT"»" iKruioVt f/\» liTw* ' I " · M T I' 'thought for hh£' - "My husband.-, she writeiJthe table looking io unhappy , . . "awoke o¥e morning * few tad depressed that I couldn't · theme,daysago, drank several cups help thinking to myself how P-T YlTl ri+ f.t fMr~.ttm.rn. m--.J _.* « V ^ _ 1 _ i. _!_' ''. *^.»* * A " ' j « f i _ * «^'^ ·ODed'e'Minister.^ win befc* coffee--and sat theri at presented jn m Bible study led by' pastbf- John Ottesoa "of Hawthorne. Df. Wflliam Bing'- «'rr»] psychologist, wa speak ; ca ministering to the mentat- Jy"disturbed,"«.ndV. E.Thdrea. administrator ."of ,\ Southland Lutheran Home, wfll speak on ministeng to the senior citizen. . . " '· ALEC GERALD NICHOLS 4 r-Preacrilng ... ? "MEN AROUND ! THE CROSS" x ' t J j-' : : · · · : ; WonKTp Services 9.00 II A.M. O , i - 'EVEN1NS * «" YCX/TH GROUPS t : FOR Aa AGES i ' IRMAN PEAIE A Tonice for the Mind EVANGELICAL UNITED BRETHREN Rev. . McCandTess J A.W.-Sumtn taxat 9'tt A.M.- Ma-aina wortfil* f.afjf S .."W_" hated"the First Brethren Church STH tni CH11RY CHARLES W. UAYES. DD, tutor »J« A.11-STOOAY SCHOOL .,11 A.M.--"BIBLICAL TONGUES" ~ · THIia n A HUES---OH. CHAU2S W. MATEi .7 P.M.--REV. THOMAS JULIEN · ' - " MIS5tCW*«Y FKOK FRAnCE . . . r. 7JO r. u.--PIAYE* UEETW North Long Beach BRETHREN n;t Or. 6«cr;« O. F«tl, P«- "· 9^0 A, M.-- BM» School tl A_M.-i -STUKE THE »CXTr 7 lil.-- "ONE FOLD. ONE SHEPHERD* yeiry :"bM ; and '''dejected he coked.-;;'-''.j J ;"",. jrccaM^erih,, ._. very idea of going to'work. Occasionally'* he' emitted "a pant-sized sighj followed by, *Tm afraid I can't makeY go of it. Tm afraid rm'licked." FINE WAY TO START a day, wasn't it? But the housewife was fir from licked. When she could stand her Lxusbod's rmTriftii negative recitals no longer, the told had something she wanted to read to him. v Reaching for an inspira ftrticle that h*j., impressed her, she began read ing it aloud. What the poor fellow's first reaction was she doesn't say, but'appar ently he sat and heard the message through from start to finish. ·' '- .^ . . .: Then the wife added something of her own: She said "If I were you. for the nex ten days I would start eacl day saying. 'I go forth this morning in the name of th Lord. I am strong in the Lore Life is good. I am afraid o nothing. In God I live and move and have my being. 1 And believe it or not sh ctualfy persuaded her hus band to repeat these affirma tions after her right then and there. " . ' . " - . "As he_ finished breakfast, she TTjt?nvf5 g *"he tnnied to me aid said, *OJC; guess 1" try that.' . : , _ "So off he went to worl repeating over and over to Dr. Stem O. hct io««Hrj it Al ScrYtas ICli LOS ALTOS BRETHREN CHURCH ' 1545 Stirr* St. Kcitr* W. KH, Firfer · ' «« -- SUNDAY SCHOOL · ' \ II AJJ.---WHEN' A CHILD IS SICK* 7 »J4.--"MISSIONS AT TH£ CIOSS»OAO- ' ' ' ' i. , Dr. R. CL 1AMAKO , . v .' (:IS fJoL -- Draft* ErJ..v3r · W.i 7 JO fun. -- Frty.r W.ifnj himself. 'I go forth name of the Lord JyWOOWlSKMAH. l^resbylerian Membership,' ^iows^Rl^|| the.260;United Presbyterian 2nrctieJ~s ta}5ouibem"CaIi- ornia'. ind tVlawia.* released lastLvweef.byj DrJ CarrcQ · L. nn|; '1962/over '$· ..$ Los : Aageles PresJrtery, largest . regfcoal. unit ^ tat the entire! ?Ji* m2Boa J^niembef United Presbyteraa j Chorch USA? lid a total membership o( 164.07,' Sn" 202 tdrndual ctxigrfgitJoris. located fei Los AngeJei."^ Orange"' "and* Saa Diego counties, and th« State of Havraii. This was a net gain of 3^54 members, or ap- proiimately 2 percent . j 1 I: *''T^ -- · ' " Slides to Show Passion Play Color slides of the world famed Passion Play; which dramatizes Christ's last wee! on earth, will be shown Moo- day and Thursday, . at 7:3( pjn, at the Women's -. Cit; n«j. cm, INDEPENDENT-- P*q^ A- i the sunn Bavarian Tillage of Germany. · "And they compel on* Simon a Cyrtruan. who passed^Ctub, I3C9 E. Third St, b; ry, coming ou{ o/ the county, the father of Alexander and Mr. and Mri Leon W,- Minei Rufus, to bear his cross." karfc 15; 21.. ; .' -' ~ $ j wh ° *»k I* 1 *TM recently in .. '* . i '· J K^ ·' ": '-I ~. ·*. ''·' * ^ "" ~ ," [When the weight of e^ cross was" more t^n could bear, the Roman soldiers drtfted Simoa'to; carry itlture^whlch'^cttmpaSeV'TC rte had probably come to Jerusalem from Cyrene for the! are being sponsored by the Passover. He was a spectator, an innocent bystander who'Congregational Church. U is was suddenly drawn into this tragedy to carry the cross of]'"" *~* ""*" '" "" ·""=- a stranger. What did he think? What did he tell his family free and open to the public. family when he arrived home? The agony on the face of Jesus was undoubtedly' etched in his mind forever. The power of his faith must have come from this experience, for we know his sons were well known members of the Christian community. Simon .of Cyrene is the symbol of mniicmt who have been forced to carry the crosses of wirs, famines, and tragedies that were Dot of their Garfield Baptist' · ' ZYtf OT4 CK8!«n Awn* · ' Wtntct A. Otun. Tutor ' U:3 * M. THE THREE-FOLD APOSTACY- - · (Pltfor S0cakinBt ; .. .' , 7J» f-M. tlOt. OW1SHT JOHNSOM {Merixr a facuBT Cf» Ksh School. u.w\t\t. in the In God J*rrv KtlcDtft Cxtc. Director NO IWJ.Y TON1HT-- Eft SATURDAY Cemin} Ntii Wiet in LCT-J fttcti: inq Artitt Gr»g Loft* E»i"9*ritt tt» PoLTt ' CHURCH OF THE - · . ».« *j«.-cnuacn SCHOOL ; n AU.--X1 CJUEREKCr or rXUCEK--^. U-oy Octl. Itnlitr Mef/iodfsf C/iurc/ies Urwd.. Trinity j%TMgtiKi S-S. Sox«H=ur I live and move and have my being.' , « * · · ; "AFTER A FEW DAYS of this mental and spiritual,exercise his shoulders were thrown back and he was breathing deeply of the fresh morning air as he walked to his car. _ ' -"I tfr'^Eftr,. as · I - turned from the window, "How vital and aHve he is cowf I intend to start him off every morning with a dose of the same tonic." " And she concludes with reflection of her own: f "After a look around at all this housework, I think maybe I had better take a dose of it myselfT Who says it isn't true that a man's wife can be his big gest asset? The affirmation which that woman got her husbaTvi using is indeed a potent tonic for building up a man's confidence, restoring Tfifs Drama You to Heaven's Doors A drama that takes the audience on an excursion (by jus) to the very borders of Heaven, where it discovers that inevitably there can be no marriage between'Heaven and.i Hell, will be presented in Long Beach next Wednesday. - The intriguing play. The Great Divorce." by C. S. Lewis, win be presented in the First Congregational Church, Third Street and Cedar 'Avenue, at 730 pm, by the famous travelling players. The Bishop's Company. " The "piay is free, and the public is welcome. ' , : GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH Undcrwjotf. wt«rt rm Cm f ma n dm ooor to WcntilB SimOAT t A. u-- -CAUCHT m A sr .. j r. »_ »E5. wnxim · · «EWM!HNIT SPCAKI lons irt Ihc M4« Otlcctlv* Berea Baptist en (Jncteft «v» CA IFU CAH O. BAKdNTOtt. rntor . « 45 A-U.--Surd.r School 11:00 AAJ.--Ucralna S*rvic« 7£0 tM.--Svtrur.g Service - FreeJRlm to SKow 4 ' Crusaile in Africa 1 v *The. feature-length . ' f i l m "Africa on the Bridge." showing evangelist BQIy Graham's 17,000-mile crusade across Africa, win be screened Sunday, at 7.'p\m, at First Friends .Church, £50 Atlantic Are. Admission is free and opjem to the public. Moore Memorial · 3rd tai UrJ.v-«.». *ot«-t £. Cori.l S.Vc.t: 11 AAI. Suit SctoA MS fM. Knt FW, ,ui F.oCc-rtv. A. 6. KlcKo. S.-^'c..: f. II AAI, S^Sdiaol f. 10 AU. Grace 3rd ir^ Jurttpvro^Ktv. J. Son j JoBnes · Servtc* I 45 AJJ. inj 1035 fM. East Long Beach 11A mi frttr.ei--K«r. F. L li?6V! ' , Si 130 AJJ.-Wer.Mp I OiO fM. CaM. Heights S.ry. Dr.f. Atlantic Ave. AfinKe ind I5*i -- Xr S«rvl:. 10-30 AAI/-- SUB . Hallo E. Sclool 1M SM. Silverado Part Spnna tnd D«1«--Rrr. J«cl K. Ht S.-rlctu?JO.r:i II AJi Betmont Height i · Jrd ir.d T«rmTno--Dr. ·«-;« M. K*ja Strncn: »JO «nj II AJA. t . '. . . , _ . « o w » T » -- « « . La two; Community s.rvfe.;iao«nj n AAI. North Long Beach S6tk «rd Lmd.s--Oon.'J E. Cod.. 9:30.iJ II AJJ. Los Altos 5950 E. WiHw--»«». Oon.M Ucr»r Swvicn: J.IOiia. IIJS Ail.Si.StT. He; Soloist Sings Here Famed soloist Lyle ardson, who has appeared on [television in both the U. S. and Cunad^, and is currently touring the West coast, win at at the 11 the Los -Altos im service Drive-m --^-Episcopal Cliurches---i ALL SAlrfTS TtRMlNO 7J« ijn. -. -11:0* ·-«. -- Mantina Prmr «rd _ _ Molr Communion JJ8 p.nv -- Ewtnwj Pr«v«r T l.rn. w«i -- Mow ComrnL^im. U l.m. Tkurv -- (tor. Communion _ · · · - · H«lfift ' 30 »JtL Fix -- Stations of tw Cre ·ntf M«3:Tanoa * t.m. M. -- Wor« Communion ' -"ST. GREGORY I 1 m. Hoty CamnuniDa t Srnnai W.M «. m.-- Uoralri Prmr ·nd Scrmoa SJTCIV Scr«e( L Wuncrr I pjn. Wtd-Cvtnlrta Prmr « l-n. Tnurt. -- HoV Communtoi r-.a HealUto Servto t ST. LUKE'S »T1A»T!C AVE. «t SEVEKTH ' r» K C. tmoa M]»a. Rictor 7:45 «jn.--**jh/ Communlofl · Ml «.m. II «.m^*«or«lfi Tua. » nn. -- Hohr Commonira Tlun. II «.m. -- HTv Cammunion Tnun. M » ».m. -- Hullng iervio » IJB. -- Dji!». Jv«nlii» ST. THCMAS OF CANTERBURY iat Assait IOAO '^O t-m.--*4plv Corrsfl«iioB IjjflB · m · *«Mv' Communion' UNITED PRESBYTERIAN · and menta! energies. If you're "feeling kw givej^conit that affirmation a try. There's'"" a lot of up-beat in it. ' , ST. PAUL'S · LUTHERAN CHURCH AND SCHOOL 2231 PiTo V.ri. Utt; ttid Jj^rty Wonftlg I im. t 11:U «m. lunerr Scool ff aja. 4 14 am.- KurMnr it tea ecnricn ; · · FIRST LUTHERAN ussouti inioo V · »nm« A«L · KMII St Iri Ktv. L H. Scire.JJ.r. f«i»or Strv'icii I JO «nj II A3 AJ4. -SAVIO tY MACX TWTOUOH FAITH- School ft - 1%* O«nn' * « (A irurwnr C«r« durtr* l: Janrlct CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ·· , Stfejecf of lesson-Sermon Tomorrovr . ' . MORNING WOtSHIF 133 tni II AJJ. Owdi Sere.-i «:4S AJJ. "REALITY 1 Tr« .i'C' ,',' 'Ar» IrisclM cJ n» Uo«« OurcK 1 1» KrA Chadt of Oirit, Sc'.rfii. n Icifsg, U m Una l«i:l ^ · FiUI CHUICH OF CHtiST. SQENTIST · 443 Em ArtOi.. ' Lntot t Ji ln4 n · «^--Suntfn School »Ji an n » ! SKOfJO'CHUlCH Of CH15T. SOENTIST ' Ctdir A^»ni« «f S«v*frtt Sirnf lunr-r, n ira. i^l-jn.--Sundw ScMof n l-m. THIID CHURCH Of CHWST. SaENTST 3000 tuf TUrJ Stntl Sxier. n AJL-ti«n School »:« «nd n JLM. rii KX/RTH CHURCH Of CHRIST. SCIENTIST · - ;-»w* RHH CHURCH Of CHtlST. SCIENTIST fi"*-*V.'--».- ; 5171 N. ? '« rim r r^ i -·;' |-?^-V- SXTH CHU»CH Of CHWST. SGtNT.BT ; * · · ' *^ * -tf i . I, ', «··· - - "- ·-·« - · ' w » ^ '-·', '*.^ '^ :U vrf n AJL -.·fe-53. REAWNG ROOMS--FRES TO THE HJHjC -..- '.110 Leant Arau* ·',-,-. _ r v .',·!: 1737. E»* 12* WM TUri $fr.rt / - Sill fftt «0t SfcJ.l«I« Ro.i · ' · · : · · . '· ~~ v .- 5777 Erf S.e : "- f li .."THE E18LE SPEAKS TO YOO" ;C KH. 7.-4S 'A. M. Sunday K6S. 9 JO P. W. end Linden (ICA]^ Emmanuel tfb S TtrmTno--Rt». Frtnia A. lhc«J«« t«ry1c»l IE n AJI T Orjra SCToM IP AM. Rrst United t Af.nfic--tn. K'.'sc. Grace 1133 toc=ri Avi.--««».OtvM J. KroteMe Scrvtea OJI AJIU Oank School »:30 A.M. Lalewciod first 39SS SrjJ.i.I.r ti--D^. N. A. Molt s«ryic«i t CKJTJ vaiacJ. ».3» t n Am. MO'. Long Beach 4380 Oransi Axt.--F»». RIcftrd . Irylna S«rylc»»--IB 1 1J--Olirdl VJ«0» ».X t I) Second 3CI Uo'no A»..--«·». Kelt. H. Pr. Scrvten t t n-5jm!j» School a AJtt. C* at. /·*«.,,_"._·*.. 234S XIm«ra Ava. -- Or. TiJ M. Atp* Ixsmmuniry s«-vsaii AJL-OUTO saaoi » j AJIL Wesfmlnsfer 2474 tt v Avt -- R«».W. W. G-«.n'.« . 11 AJM.: CwrOI SOnol 1:25 AM. COVENANT Presbyterian Church 4A and Locust fOIMED IY THE MEtH OF FIRST AMD · CAIVAK ftESBtTEeiAS CHUKCHES ", . - tiao fjj. - . · . ' · ' '' THE MAKERS OF FEACE~ . -SERIES: THE EcATlTUDES' ',, Lutheran Churches (Mifitsnil lt*f«f«a CouncSJ lUTHEIAN CHURCH Of THE HdT TRINITY 6A 4-JM1 IMO t CAISON AT CHERIYj · (AJX.J IAY F. KIRK JJ. 1:1 S «nj 10:45 AJuf.s ST. STEPHAN IUTHERAM CHURCH M.rvn ROW P rv«n. I JO «r.d 1 10) AA«. 1429 Kr.t A«. HE »-79tS H6SI ' ScteA 1 Jtt AJ^ ST. TIMOTHY LUTHERAN (AJX.1 Wee±-jfl it AAof Ri, ttli«ocJ -- -- UNTVEJSrrY tUTHEJLAN CHURCH 1 IA. - '·" t:30 1471 O«rt · ' 6E KM. Anuif HUitr ^ Sdaol. t:45 · - . ' ' 15CO St»emJ St fUf A*tol ·*. :-- f . KA*-52SI OUK SAViOUR-S IUTHERAM (AJjC.) fin JvnTc '/.»;*-. |,J. , ?;?.. ? '. iVraH F. EMi'. t ^ ' SWrr S«rnc*t.'l.4S t II AJJ. Stmdrt Sclcol 10. 10. Nj « 4 7409 G£V$«4J Mfi Prov'rffJ lUUAKUa IUTHERAM CHUtCH -' '-Ufi»rM Churcl » HS E. Ctrjo«,i -r.4K r ; 6A T-43M ~/3-7 M*r6« C O(K. ·-r.«' ScnJryS.-vfcM.IJO.BJII A.M.-9.A1 AJ/. S^njrf Scncot tema IUTHMAM r/ux.i- r ;:. - ' - · * - * · - · · - '"·* .4 tW3f J 700J.-7»KSt MEI-S031 " 3^ t CT.a. ».43 AJJ. ST. tUCEl EV. lUTHERAN CHURCH (LCA.) ' ' 50 ll HA S-WC4 Orthodox Presbyterian -·· sao t SA* xnTCnoo carve I! BO AM---sriF F"J«:««Tier»- . · · tit rjB.-i'A fBAfie T0«"«t- Cud* lotatir-- Ir. Oorgt W. MtrsM SunJry Scliool t JO AJ*. x Ton* Strict, fclj . 7JO TM. -- IV* SfjoV · ---United Church of Christ BAY SHORE COMMUNITY^"*"* Sto^-lw. e. 11 IJ Cross RoaA Comromlfy *' " ' 54 JO C»r4--t«v. Stan C. Tltomeua Wcndv 1 Ourd SclILt JO I ill m. Los Uafed SSSa Attune*-1«. UarrT T. McN'.l, Jr. S*ivfe*c T JO t 11 in. Wcoriruff 3901 WocivH--UV/.l.'ioi WorArp: t JO AJK^-Ct. Sell. IJO First Congregational TrH end Cedar _ .' Emerson G. Hangea, " 130 .. 9JO ·AJL-CrwxJi School .-· -FO«iVtNESS Of SINS' . Or. Emtrwl 6. i II A.U. -- ry Car* for Sm« SUNDAY,^-7.-00 P. ; Mr Rim: "RETREAT AND DECISION"' «- r v T Message: "THE PATHWAY TO THE CROSS": .,', fasfor Harold S. Carlson Prescfurg Al Services ;« - Monvng WorsK'p--9i)0 and 10JO AW. ' \ 7 puniay School for Al Ages at EscK Hour) ' . ,t- "LIFE'S MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS i First Baptist Church^ of Lakewood -- 5336 Arbor Rd. (Near Bellflower ' FIRST BAPTIST: i ' , / 10th and Pine · Dr. FranV M. Kepner, Pastori f 1 " ' ..-8:30 A.M. AND 1 1^)0 A. M. '"-·- . - . ' . IDENTICAL SERVICES ?; ; "THE GREATNESS OF GOD" ^ . 6:45 P. M.-ORGAN REQTAL-- Dr.' Peter S'acl ^ l ', · - -. y.-oo P.M.. .i'::i "'A 1 IS FOR" : r-j DR. KEPNER PREACHING AT ALL SERVICES [ COME SING WITH US AT ; "A Friendly Cfiurch WltK the Gospel Message'!"' Everyone Is Cordially Welcome B E T H A N Y B A P T I S T C H U R C H A Cont«p/ifTve Eapfci Oiurc^ - .· » '" 22*4 Ctrl Av«_ t t E'ti-n I UlCoycf.i ' " - Dr.W.P.Um J. Mcllienny. P«st=r * Dr.esn;« A.CoV Asioc. io ; 45 A.M_-THE SINS WE A,RE AFRAID TO MENTION^ · Nursery ·" d Pcnufy OiHrfrf a'» Cburdk · ' " ^ t «JO A.M.-- B^T. School 4:00 PW.-- Inmey Vmon --"·;· 7 pjv ._ "THREE WEN" - '" - W,fnS*t. MM PJuf,--"Hour of fe»tr" * FrM.y. 7:30 tM.--Wt O«s--"ttv.'.tio.* "Come With Us And We Will Do Thee Good" . Wrigley Heights Baptist? fCOKSEtVATrvFI Or.t en« KionolK . Dr. E. IL JoAnuo. PnTar · Rev. Harrv Wiideum. AdLf IJ» I 9:15 II A.' M.-rOUPUCATE SERVICE 7 P. M. Tr iNSPlRATlONAL HOUR Pr.C.ILJonnM« Vaitort w.lpme . .' :'. ..:.. · Smefytee» Jranerrj CALIFORNIA HBGHTS BAPTIST CHURCH «I30 6«ri«n?« " ". . ' ' - Pastor. Vr^ttard .W.-Riggs '':'-,· II A.M.---HOW TO HAVE A .'.., WONDERRJL EASTER^ " 7 PJ^.--"GOO'S LAST INVHATIOfr; -. {Concluding RevelitionJ · "\ ~ ·" lib't Sciiool 5;43 AJU.--Touth Sratpi t.OO Fjit.' w Baptist-^ BRISTER MEMORIAL SOUTHERN 8*JTIST . Id Sk. LflRf S«*ai Bivd« Comclon-- hC f-* 1 **-? Bror, Rrr. Gr»3 C1ft*^«Q« Scnoot f.A A.M. Merntti* Mranft:* ll:fli AM. TrciMing unioi* · »JUL »J« fJW. nuncn prgvioad . »onni 7 TRUETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST CHURCH- 3«S SAji ANSR1NE AV1WJE - HA S-IJ35 -:- IAIFWOOO *^t Does Wake · FIRST SOUTHERN BAPTIST CHURCHT5 Ormgi JTM · . . CA »B3 - . _ Mom Lani ijdl C»tT 0. HUW.IS. PKIDT «AMI[t !£!*£*. MuM in* EAKKC^ CABRILLO SOUTHERN BAPTIST E VAWTER MEMORIAL BAPTIST WALNUT AVE. BAPTIST .-jy issrftss. IK3 k WAUfT UME AVE.: · ·« KIKOST j. Et"--wc «»CHT.AJTOH $»-r--. f-1 g n AM. Sortfm «r-»ol *·»««. CALVARY ; .11 1 Li)*4 OHO A. »--T » « A · t I » RRST TCHTH A f AC II FRANK CfPKEft ^ASTR · ' ^r»¥ Softool f .» JJL TRINFTY t CJIVIOTA. *i»i* n ·«. » I »·«.--kn ScKoal »- IIMIUCPCITY ic CHATWIW »«. »rtu.tAri ox*. rA»»«, UlNlVtKillT fervtca H A» t »;» rm.^ IUH. Idmf ljr»-

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