Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 4, 1962 · Page 26
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 26

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 4, 1962
Page 26
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HUMBOLDT STANDARD Wed.. April 4. 1962, Page 28 LEGAL NOTICE Notice of Intention To Engage in the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages To Wham II Mny Concern: Subject lo issuance of the license enplied for, notice Is hereby given lhat ihe undersigned proposes to sell alcoholic beverages al Ihe premises, des- eribsti as follows: B Fifth Street. Eureka. insfcr of an alcoholic beverage, (or iittnscsl for these premises. No. 15299 Opt. 2 NOTICE TO CREDITORS Ihc Superior Court ol the Stale of California in and tor Ihe County of Humboldt. the Matter of the Estate of MERTON KOLB, Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREUY GIVEN by the undersigned Executrix of 'he estatr- said decedent, to the ccrdltors ol all persons having claims npalnst' the decedent, lo file them with the necessary vouchers, In the office of Ihe Clerk of tho Superior Courl of the Stale of iucd proles! i r and Win ises) to protest ,e(0 HI, Ihe issuance riled ·til tne Department ot Alcohi Control al Sacramento, Cali- itmg grounds for denial as pro- idw. I he premises are now ft)' Dip sale ot alcoholic hev- tie form of verification may be Irnm any oifice of the Depari HAROLD E. MOTT. LEGAL NOTICE California, in and t lumboldl, or to pr eccssory vouchers, County of , ith ttie lo the .Executrix at 'Requiem' Points Finger Af Pufa//c For Boxer's Problems NEW YORK- lUPJ -As the film begins, Mountain Rivera--whose sorbed enough punishment for _._ named office the undersigned elects as her place ol business all matiers connected with the estate said decedent, within sin months ler the first publication ol this notice. Date ot fh-it publication: April 4, 1962. DULCIE A. KOLB E.tcutrix of the Estate of said decedent. TALK FALK, Attorney (or Executrix. 4,4, H, In, IS IS) The chow first \viis lirerl buUerecl, misshapen face outlines the story of 14 years in the ring--is seen staggering through another fight. For seven rounds, his exhausted body has been unmercifully assaulted by a younger opponent who is driven to savagery by the ambition of becoming champion. Mountain's defeat has been a foregone conclusion since the opening bell. Finally he crumbles to the canvas in a heap of flesh. In (he dressing room, a ring doctor decides the pitiable, bat- le-weary heavyweight has ab from broken fragments a new one man and orders an end to his boxing career. Sentenced into retirement from the only life he knows, the be wildercd boxer stumbles out in world he can't understand, world that doesn't care to under stand him. From there on, "Requiem for a Heavyweight," a movie versioi of Rod Sterling's prize-wining television play, poignantly de scribes the group efforts of a man struggling to piece logethei CORNISH FRESH, LOCAL Armour Star, 18-oz. FOOD FOR THOUGHT Politics, conferences, minor wars, etc., all the doings of men are pushed out of the headlines by the activities of one woman and her lover. Virtue and the quiet life are laudable, but sin, besides being more fun, gets more publicity! A commentary on the minds of editors as much as on the public. J. 0. THURE FROZEN RUJIT PEES Simple Simon, 9" FLAV-R-PAK-6-oz. ORANGE JU1C1 oo SKIPPY HUNGRY JACK PANCAKE MIX Ibi. · FOREMOST ! ICE CREAM EASTER EGGS 6 m Box CARNATION - 8 qt. INSTANT MILK 59c FOREMOST BUTTER 67c ib. LETTUCE. 15c LARGE FRESH Asparagus 2 39c Bananas. 2 lb '29c SPECIALS EFFECTIVE THURS.. FRI. SAT. Nth M Sts. EUREKA HI 3-1941 DAILY: 9 i.m. to 7 p.m. SUNDAY: 9 i.m. lo 1 p.m. NO LIMITS EXCEPT SUPPLY MARKET SPECIALS THURS., FRI., and SAT. COFFEE s*w 2 1661 Myrtle Ave., (In Myrlletowne) Eureka I SLICED BEETS 5 w 3 03 STEWED TOMATOES 303 KIDNEY BEANS s*w | PEACHES · GRAPEFRUIT SW Golden SW Sliced Cling SW 303 . 303 .303 .303 © Dole, Sliced Flats PORK BEANS ... Mb. Hunt's 2l/ 2 's 5 6 7 5 4 6 4 5 99c 99c ASPARAGUS 99c 99c 99c 99c 99c GRAPEFRUIT 8-lb. Cello bag 24 Size Challenge Qh. 49C MAYONNAISE K2 ± 2 «· 95c TISSUE Zee - 4 roll pad 2 ' ° ' 7 9 C ICE fVllLK Foremost-Big Dip. J/ 2 gal. 59C Patio MEXICAN DINNERS Chefs MACARONI and CHEESE Flav-R-Pak - 6-oz. ORANGE JUICE AVOCADOS for QUALITY - COURTESY - SERVICE pattern for life. "It would be meaningless to say this is my best role or even my favorite role," said Quinn who spent weeks "in training" with fighters to prepare himself for the part of Mountain Rivera. "If it's a challenging one, an actor invariably considers the role he's doing at the moment the best thing he's ever done. I will say this, though. I enjoy playing the defeated ones. I've tried to understand the Mountain Riveras of this world. And for the actor, there is something about playing character deeply involved in human suffering that makes you work all the harder. Quinn expressed some fear during a recent interview lhat "Requiem" might be a little too tough on moviegoers. "It doesn't compromise," he said. "It points the finger right at the audience and says 'you're .0 blame for this, you're to blame 'or the corruption and the indifference that has created this ]um.' "But that's what makes the movie worth doing. Isn't all great drama and literature in ;eneral a protest of one kind or another?" "Requiem" is scheduled to be released in the spring. Most actors take time but to unwind and relax after a role as demanding as Mountain Rivera, jut not Quinn. He was out of New York within a week after "Requiem" was finished and, after a brief stopover in Hollywood to discuss future }lans, flew to Europe to complete work on two other films, "Barab)as" and "Lawrence of Arabia." "I don't really enjoy the pace," lie admitted, "but when the good roles are offered, I hale to let .hem slip by. There were a lot of years when I couldn't get the ;ind of parts I wanted." Quinn las made nearly 50 movies since :iis intial effort in "The Plainsman" in 1937, The term "actor's actor" has been overused but in its best sense Anthony Quinn is just that, lie has the ability to play almost any kind of role. And he's proven it. There was a time, not loo many years ago, when this flexibility caused consternation a m o n g those Hollywood people who think only in terms of type-cast. What is he?" Quinn remembers them asking. "One day he's an Indian, then a Mexican, then a domestic married guy, then a cowboy and even an Eskimo, of all things. Just what is he?" Quinn agrees he probably could have made more money and risen to the top quicker if he could have been conveniently stuffed into one of the type-casting pigeonholes. "But I'm sure it would have destroyed me as an actor," said the two-time academy-award winner. The second installment of County Taxes for the fiscal year 19611962 is now due and if not paid Anthony by 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, April 10, 1962, a 6% penalty and costs will be added thereto. All taxes on the secured roll are payable at the Tax Collector's office, Room 125, Court House. WALLACE E. MARTIN, Treasurer and Tax Collector Humboldt County. 3/13, 20, 27-4/3 thru 4/9 (S) SAN FRANCISCO (UPD-Bank: Bank of America Security First Wells Fargo United California Crocker-Anglo 56 SS'/s 73V4-77V4 70 -73% 6H4-6514 51H-55 TAXPAYERS NOTICE! No. 40159 Dept. I SUMMONS (n the Superior Court of the State of California In and for the County of Humboldt. DART MASON and NELLIE MASON, his wife. Plaintiffs, vs. ALL PERSON UNKNOWN, claiming any right, title, estate, lien or Interest In the real property described In the complaint adverse to the Plaintiffs' ownership, or any cloud upon the Plaintiffs' title thereto, Defendants. 'THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA SEND GREETINGS TO: ALL PERSONS UNKNOWN, claim- Ing any right, title, estate, .lien or interest In the real property described in the complaint sdverie to Plaintiffs' ownership,, or any cloud upon Plaintiffs' title thereto. Defendants. YOU, AND EACH OF YOU, are lereby directed lo appear and answer Ihe complaint In an action entitled as above brought against you In the Superior Court of the State of California, In and for the Counly of Hum- ildt, within ten days after the service on you of this summons, if served with- i this County, or within thirty days served elsewhere. And you are hereby notified that, nless you appear and answer as above required, the said plaintiffs will lake judgment for any money or damages demanded In the complaint as arising upon contract or will apply to the Court for any relief demanded in the complaint. ' The object of this action is to make the above defendants set forth the nature of their claim or claims to the real property In the complaint and £y hereinafter described. If 'any they have, and that such claim or claims be adjudged to b e . of no effect and void, and that plaintiffs' title to s a * ' property be quieted against thei That said real property Is situated i the County of Humboldt, State of alifornla, described as follows, to wit: All that real property situated In the County of Humboldt, State of California, bounded and described as follows: Lot 30 of Brlceland, as shown on survey thereof made by J. W. Bowden and filed In the Office of the County Recorder of Humboldl Coun- ly, California, on June 15, 1701 in Book 3 of Surveys page 35. Also beginning at the most southerly corner of Lot 29 of Brlceland as shown on the survey aforesaid; and running thence northwesterly along the lot line between tots 29 and 30, a distance of 80 feet; thence at right angles northeasterly 50 feet fo the lot line between Lots 23 and 29 of said Brlceland; thence southeasterly along said last mentioned line 80 feet lo the most easterly corner of said Lot 29; and thence southwesterly along the lot line 50 feet to the point of beginning. GIVEN under my hand and tha teal I the Superior Court of the Slate of allfornia ,ln and for the County of Humboldt, this 2nd day of March, 1962. FRED W. MOORE, JR., (Seal) Counly Clerk. By LUCY F. URE, Deputy Clerk. FALK FALK Attorneys al Law 350 E Street Eureka, Caliloriia Phone: Hillside 2-5701 Attorneys for Plaintiffs. 3/14, 21, 2B-4/4 (S) No. 15312 Dept. 2 NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the Superior Court of the State of California In and for the Counly ol Humboldl. In Ihe Matter of the Estate of RENA SHUSTER, also known as £ ENA SHUSTER, Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the undersigned Executor of the estate of said decedent, to the creditors of and all persons having claims agatns' the decedent, to file them with th necessary vouchers, In the office of th- Clerk of the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County of Humboldt, or to present them, with Ihe necessary vouchers, lo the Executor at the office of his attorneys, Falk Falk, 350 E Street, Eureka, California, which said last named office the under. signed selects as his place of business in all makers connected with the estate of said decedent, within six months Her the first publication ot this notice. Date of lirst publication: April i, 1962. MELVIN SHUSTER, Executor of the Estate of said decedent. FALK FALK, Attorney for Executrix. 4/4, II, IB, 25 (S) Ninety per cent of all mustard ; sold in unbreakable tubes in Switzerland, When you don't know which way DEATHS AND FUNERALS FRANKLIN, DAVID - AprU 2, 1962,' McClcndon Road, Crescent City. Son of Nadine and Spencer Franklin of Crescent City. Brother of John Franklin, Paul Franklin and Diana Franklin of Crescent City. Grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Emery Mattz of Crescent City. Nephew of Marvin and Haymond Mattz of Crescent city, Mrs. Lavine Bowers of Corvallis, Oregon, Mrs. Janet Butrick of Orleans. Age 6 years. Services will be held at Wiers Mortuary Wednesday, April 4th at 10 a. m., with Rev. Mines officiating. Interment at Catholic Cemetery. RENO, BENITA ANN--April, 1, 1962, 1875 Allard Avenue,' Eureka. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Reno of Eureka. Sister of Ida Laverne Reno of Eureka. A native of Berkeley, age 7 months. Graveside services were held at Ocean View Cemetery on April 4, 1962 with the Rev. Michael Petrillo officiating. Services were.under the direction of Chapel of Redwoods, Arcata. LEGAL NOTICE County of Humboldt State of California NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS SEALED PROPOSALS will be celved at the office of the County Clerk, Courf House, Eureka, California, itll 2:00 P. M., on TUESDAY, APRIL 17, 1962 at which time they will be pub- icly opened and read for performing work as follows: CONSTRUCTION OF STORM DAMAGE REPAIRS TO YAGER- BRIDGEVILLE -- ALDERPOINT ROAD P-222, PROJECT NO. 12, LOCATIONS 9 AND 23. No bid will be received unless It is i*de on a Proposal Form furnished _. the County Surveyor. Each bid must be accompanied by cash, cashier's or certified check made payable to the County-of Humboldt, or a bidder's bond made payable to the County of Humbold!,, and executed as surety by some corporation authorized to Issue surety bonds In the State of California, foi an amount equal to at least five percent (5%) of the amount of the total bid, such guaranty to be forfeited should the bidder to whom the contract is awarded, fail to enter into the con- ·act within ten (10) days from and after Notice ol Award. Ail bids are to be compared on the basis of the County Surveyor's estimate of the quantities of work to be done. No bid will be accepted from a Contractor who has not been licensed accordance with the provisions of Chapter 791, Statutes of 1929, as amend- ·d. Plans may be seen, and forms of proposal, bonds, contract and specifications may be obtained at the office of the County Surveyor, 1106 2nd Street, Eu- ·eke, California. The special attention of prospective bidders Is called to the "Proposal Rents and Conditions" annexed to the blank form of proposals, for full directions as to bidding, etc. In accordance with the provisions of Section 1770 of the Labor Code, the Board of Supervisors has ascertained the general prevailing rate of wages applicable to the work to be done follows: Copies of the wage schedule adopted by the Board of Supervisors are available upon request In the County Clerk's office, Court House, Eureka, California. All crafts not represented by Humboldt Building Trades are secured from San Francisco Building Trades. Apprentices to all crafts are subject to working scales set up by the Apprenticeship Council. Eight (6) hours shall constitute days work--Forty (40) hours per week. Overtime: Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, governed by craft Involved. The following holidays shall be observed: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Admission Day and Veteran's Day. The County of Humboldt reserves the ·Ight to reject any or all bids: By Order of the Board of Supervisors. Dated: March 27, 1962. County of Humboldt FRED J. MOORE, JR., County Clerk. By s/ W. E. SCHU5SMAN, Deputy County Clerk. 3/31 thru 4/9 (S) No. 15274 Dept. 2 NOTICE TO CREDITORS Superior Court of the -State ot California for the County of Humboldt. Estate of EFFIE LEONA HILLER, ISD known as EFFIE L. HILLER and EFFIE HILLER, Deceased. Notice Is hereby given by the undei signed Executor of the Estate of EFFIE LEONA MILLER, also known as EFFIE L. HILLER and EFFIE HILLER, Deceased, to the creditors of and all persons having claims against the said decedent to leave them with the m sary vouchers within six months alter the first publication of this Notice in Ihe office of the Clerk of the above en- tilled Court at the Courthouse, Eureka, California, or to exhibit them with Ihc necessary vouchers within six months after the first publication of this Nolk to the Executor at the taw offices of Mitchell Henderson, attorneys for said Executor, 814 Seventh Street, Eureka, California, the place for the transaction of the business of said Estate Date of first publication of this Notice: March 14, 1962. CHARLES THOMAS BAIRD Executor of the Estate of EFFIE LEONA HILLER, also known as EFFIE L. HILLER and EFFIE HILLER, Deceased. MITCHELL HENDERSON, Attorneys for Executor. 3/14, 21, 28-4/4 (S) KAUSEN, MAUY ELIZABETH-April 3, i962, Ferndale. MoUier of Kenneth C. Kausen of Fern dale, Mrs. Albert Cavanough of Ferndale. · Sister of Agnes Evans of Fortuna, Mabel Kelly of San Francisco, Katie Carey of San Francisco. She is survived by 7 grandchildren, 4 great grandchildren. A native of Ferndale, age 82. Rosary will be recited Thursday, 8:30 p. m., Chapel of Citizen's Mortuary, Ferndale. Requiem Mass Friday, 10 a. m., Church of the Assumption, Ferndale. The Rev. Father Daniel McCarthy, Celebrant. Interment St. Mary's Cemetery, Ferndale. VORKS, IRVING HENRY--Tuesday, April 3, 19G2, Eureka. Husband of Mrs. Alma M. Yorks. Father of Thomas T. Yorks, Diana Lyn Yorks and .Irving Yorks, Jr., all of El Granada, Perry David Yorks and Steven Wesley Yorks both of Eureka. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Yorks of Pacifica. Brother of Myron Yorks of Millbrae, Russell E. Yorks and Frank M .Yorks both of Pacifica, .Rangel H. Yorks of San Francisco, Gerald D. Yorks and Alvina Spowl both of Pacifica. He is survived by several other relatives. World War II Veteran. A native of San Francisco, age 37 years. Services will be held at Pierce Mortuary at 11:00 a. m. Thursday, April 5, Reverend Carroll Stover, officiating. Interment at Golden Gate National Cemetery, near San Francisco, California. INFANT JONES -- Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Jones, former Eureka residents, died in Gold Beach, Ore., March 31, 1962. In addition lo her parents she is survived by a brother, Steven, of Gold Beach, and her grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. LCB Buller, of Eureka, and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dowling, of Eureka. Also a great grandmother, Mrs. Stella Campbell, of Eureka and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins. Private services will be held al Sunset Memorial Park, Friday, April 6, with the Rev. Harold Ranton officiating. Arrangements are under the direction of Sanders Funeral Home. FREDRICKS, WILLIAM L.--April 1, 1962, 2925 California Street Eureka. Husband of Mrs. Agnes M. Fredricks of Eureka. Stepfather of Arthur W. Bryant o! Eureka and the late Genevicve Bryant. Brother of Mrs. Margaret Fraser of Stockton anc Mrs. Florence Porter of Pepperwood. Step-grandfather of William Bryant of Eureka. He is also survived by numerous nieces and nephews. Member of Woodsmen of the World. A native of Ferndale, age 77. Services will be held at Sanders Funeral Home, at 1:30 p. m. ; Wednesday, April 4 with the Rev. James M. Brown officiating. Interment at Ocean View Cemetery. SKELTON, FRANK M. -- April 2, 1962, 1765 Zchndner Avenue, Arcata. Father of Mrs. J. D. Bowles of Arcata, Floyd Skelton of Arcata, Mrs. Charlotte Hal of Spenard, Alaska, Patsy Davis of San Jose, Lila Snyder of Travis AFB, Lola Clark of Sunnyvale, Lona Walters o: Santa Maria. Two brothers anc five sisters also survive. He is survived by numerous nephews and nieces, 17 grandchildren Veteran of World War I. A native of Missouri Valley, Iowa, age 67. Services will be helc at Chapel of Redwoods at 1:30 p. m., Thursday with the Rev H. C. Lafferly officiating. Interment at Greenwood Cemetery 129 eo no . 93 101 100 Want Ad Index Airplanes · Antiques and Jewelry Autos for Sale Auto Parts · Auio Servicing and Repair ..... Autos, Trues for Rent Autos and Trucks Wanted Bicycles and Motorcycles Births -. Amusements Boats and Outboards Brokers · Building Supplies Business and Industrial 3uslness Opportunities Wanted Business Opportunities Justness Rentals Clubs and Lodges · Cottages and Cabins : arms and Ranches = 3rm Implements = arm Produce ·. =eed and Seed Flats and Duplexes =ree Merchandise mges . . -iaveli Dirt Moving Guns and Gun Repair Help Wanted Men Help Wanted Women Help Wanted Men-Women Homes for Sale -Homes with Acreage Home Appliances .' rtome Building Home Furnishings -tousetrriilers Houses for Rent -- · · In Appreciation --'. Income Property Insurance. Investments Land and Acreage Jvestock Logging Equipment Lost and Found Lots for Sale -· Machinery and Tools Marriage Licenses Miscellaneous for Sale Money Wanted Moving and Storage Musical Instruments Nurseries Garden supplies -Pets and Supplies HUMBOLDT GRANGE, SPRUCE POINT Card Party Every Tuesday Games. 7:30 -- Cards, 8:30 Dinner Menu Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 Beef or ham 5 Chili or tamale 8 Vegetables 12 Italian river 13 French friend 14 Quartet member .15 Row 16 Bite 17 Falsified 18 Thinnest 20 Baked 21 Beverage 22 Cooking fuel 23 Fabric 26 Rear 30 Seed vessel 31 LilUe children 32 Born 33 Food container 34 Discord goddess 35 Dove's home 36 Made operative 38 Postured 39 Dined ·40 Statute 41 Worship 44 Clique 48 Ananias 40 Bean container 50 Worthless (Bib,) 51 Preposition 52 Mimic 53 Selves 54Try 65 Legal matters 56 Nick DOWN 1 Promenade 2 City In Pennsylvania 3 Feminine name 4 Foot part 5 Medieval guild I 8 Leave out 7 Gratuity 8 Most wan 9 Lamb 10 Sun disk 11 Lays turf 19 Shade tree 20 Food fish 22 Deities 23 Fruit 24 Ireland 25 One of Columbus* ships 26 Remitted 27Seth's son (Bib.) 28 Network 29 Require 31 Oak 34 Feminine suffix maia^mneam . 35 Cringed 43 Cereals 37 Vegetable 44 Contend with 38 Butter serving 45 Fury 40 Metallic veins 46 Sacred image 41 Landed ' 42 Eat 1 12 Ib 111 2 3 4 21 9 NEWSPAPER ENTOHPRISK ASSN. 149 163 67 IN APPRECIATION "CARDS OF THANKS ARE GOOD FORM" --Said Emily Post! "Cards of TnanKs" may De used appropriately to thank Irlends ot the deceased. "In Memortam" and Mass Notices afford friends the opportunity to send appropriate messages to the family of the deceased. To insert Cards of Thanks, In Memoriam Mess Notices.- Memorial Dedication, on this page, phone 'Hi 2-1711, Ext. 204 and ask for Eve Edwards. She wilt gladly assist you with helotul information regarding correct wording. LOST FOUND 15 CLASSIFIED LOST AND FOUND COURTESY SERVICE Anyone finding keys, glasses or lost articles, may bring them to the Counter at EureKa Newspapers whera ,.vn8r may claim! $50 REWARD for Information on air operated grease gun stolen from Valssnde's Mobil Station, Arcata. VA 2-1122. Found EARRING on private parking lot at 3rd D Sis. Call HI 2-1711, Ext. 264, before 3 p.m. or HI 2-8701. Lost in Arcatn Safeway: Ladies' Red Billfold. .Keep money. Please return papers. TE 9-29B8. LOST: Ladles aqua dinner ring in Eureka Bowl Friday evening. March 30. REWARD -- HI 2-1541 2x 3" ot man wearing suit and glasses. HI 2-6605. AMUSEMENTS 19 RUMMAGE SALE April 5th 6th at Iht Old Arceta Cannery. 192 So. G St., Arc.. 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. PUBLIC GAMES EVERY WEDNESDAY at 6 P.M. Eagles Hall, 1317 California Street. PUBLIC GAMES every TTiursday -- 8 p.m. Moose hall, 107 Fifth Street. Eureka. WHIST PARTY WESTHAVEN FIRE HALL April 6. Games 7:30--Cards 8:30. Public games held April Sth. a p.m. Eagles Hall -- 4th J Sti. Miniature bowling is fun. Ages 6 to 60. Complete Birthday Parties. MINI-BOWL 5575 Harris HI 2-5617 PERSONAL NOTICES 23 THANK YOU! The Humboldt Women's Bowling Association would like to take this opportunity to thank the Humboldl Board of Trade, the many Merchants, and individuals who made the trip to Sacramento possible. Even though the bid was not successful. We Appreciate the tremendous support given us by Humboldt County. Humboldt Women's Bowling Assn. Custom Tailored Slacks Pick your style -- and your material. VAN'S TAILORS CLEANERS, 317 E Street. HI 2-3012. As of this date I will be held responsible (or no debts Incurred by anyone other lhan myself. SIGNED: Harold C. Wade VACATION AHEAD! Be safe not sorryi Have those locki repaired NOW at Security Locksmith Shop, S21 6th Street. HI 2-7177. TASTY HOMEMADE PASTRY1 NORMA'S Murray Field Restaurant HI 2-6201 Eureka "TOAST to the TOURIST". . . Breakfast In the FLAMINGO ROOM at WALT'S, 2331 B'dway, HI !-97i9 You'll come back again. Once you've been here. CANTON CAFE 61 W 4th. Peanut brittle. . . Peanut butter. . or just plain PEANUT RATE! Let's go to LITTLE JOE'S where you get 5 hamburgers for SI .DO to Jjo, 1122 Broadway. DRINKING PROBLEM? Alcoholics Anonymous HI 3-3191. MOVING AND STORAGE Free Estimates HI 3-3161 IN 4 Credit Union Members: Low premium rate auto Insurance, Call JOHN ALLEN, HI 2-3151. Pacific Telephone construction man In Palo Alto would trade with same In Eureka area. VA 2-1482. PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR HI 2-4820 -- LENTEN SPECIALS -Wee Bee Cafe ! F Street, Eureka HI 2-4434 BREAD AT IT' SBEST MASTER'S TOAST LOAF UNWANTED HAIR Removed permanently. Estelle Hemen- iy. R. E., 433 Henderson St. HI 3-0944. GOLD GETTER Wad your Wallet wtlh extra cash by tcl;lio tho Want Ad opportunity lo sell all kinds of hunlinp equipment. Whether you lo buy, sell, trade or renl-Tlnw StflnrirHd ClimHIrtc Adi will do Iho |ob lor you,

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