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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, April 12, 1976
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INSIDE-Editorial 4 For Women 5 Sporls 6 Entertainment ' 6 Comics 9 Classified 10-12 t-cgal Notices 12 VOL. 1 OS --NUMBER 300 Ctmes The Public Interest Is The First Concern Of This Newspaper FAY£TTEVIUE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY,,APRIL 12, 1976 IOCAI FORECAST-- ''; Cloudy and mild through Tuesday .wittl a chance ci, showers or thundersliowers. Ixw last night 47. f.ows tonight in .the mid 50s with highs Tuesday in Ihc low 70s. Sunset today 6:47. Sunrise Tuesday a:47. Weather map on page 12. PAGES--TEN CENTS Palestinian Arabs -· , , ' . i · * ;·' - ' ' · · ' ' ; ' ' : · · " ' '' ' '' '· ' ' Lebam BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) -- S More fierce fighlirig in Lcba- \\ non's civil war was reported today, with' 49 persons killed and n 97 wounded, despite extension v, of the cease-fire 'until the end of n April.' .;; . v Police said the, bodies of 26 persons killed earlier were also c discovered. , ; . ' · ' . . ' , ; t Clashes were reported around F the edges of the Chrislmn -rec- c tangle oE . mountainous land c along Ihe coast, north-of Beirut- F This indicated leftist Moslem F leader Kamal Jumblatt's forces were putting new pressure on 1 thur right uin/^ Chnstnn foes I i n . an attempt to force the elcc- t tion , of a Christian president o sympathetic to Jumblatl's polit- I ical demands. - S While agreeing to extension of "the; 10-day, cease-tire, which r was .to have expired at noon to- 3 day,; Jumblalt warned that his forces wnnld press on (o mili- i tary victory unless President I Israeli Jets Intercept Saudi Plane TEL AVIV ( A P ) -- .Israeli air force jets intercepted a Saudi Arabian aircraft with . 27 passengers, and crew -- including three American crewmen -and forced, it lo land at Ben Gunon international. Airport near Tel Aviv today, the military command said. , The crewmen told Israeli interrogators .the military transport plane had strayed of f ; its course on its flight from Damascus,- Syria . to - R i y a d h , the Saudi capital. Israeli officia s said they expected the plane would be allowed to continue its f l i g h t later today. · "-"A U.S. spokesman named the Americans as Arthur Philips , co.-pilot, I,arry Chandler, flighl engineer, and Charles Smith, loadmasler. He said he believed they were civilians. Al three were released to the cus- '· tody of the .U.S. Embassy,' hut no" other details about t h e m were given. [V . IN ISRAEL The -Israeli military commu- nique : said the American -bull C130 Hercules was intercepici in * Israeli a i r ' space near the Lebanese border. The. plane was carrying 23 c vilians and Saudi Arabian sol diers, the announcement said The senior pilot was a Saudi A r a b i a n , it added. "As far as we know ther were no , problems," said spokesman, and the fighters di not fire on the Saudi plane. /A military attache from I h U.S. Embassy was with th American crewmen .while I; raeti troops questioned th Saudi Arabians, the comnn nique said, Israeli jets last intercepted an Arab plane in airspace cor trolled by Israel on Feb. 2 1973, when fighters shot down Libyan airliner after (he pilo refused lo obey orders to lain Only five of the 113 passenger and crew survived the crash i the occupied Sinai desert. In Italy Early ROME (AP) -- The Ilalia lira plunged from 879 lo th dollar to a now low of 855 toda BS Ihc fragile minority g o v e r n merit prepared for early e ee tions because it refused to fiii the Communists a role in mal · ing policy. The government was also h by another oil kickback scflr dal. f.caders of ttie ruling Chri tian Democratic parly rcjocle Communist party leader Enric Bcrlinguer's demand for · voice in decisions by Premie Aldo Mora's government. Bcrlinguer lold^JQ.OOO chcc · ing supporters at a rally Rome Saturday" lhat only sue an "entente" could avert f 1 flection this summer, a vote which observers predict tl Communists will top the Chri se Con jleiman Franjieh's successor ft tis e ected soon. ; t! "Unless Franjieh's replace- t lent is completed shortly, we h ill have to decide the situation ii n Ihe bases of a victor and a jnquished," he £aid.\ i Franjieh and other ^Ight-wing \ h r s t i a n leaders are believed jj support the candidacy of ( lias . Sarkis, governor of the, while Jumblalt is ' \pected lo support Raymond f dde. a Chrisliun at odds with c ranjieh and-his associates. Some Palestinian guerrilla *- ^aders also have indicated sup- a ort ,lor Edde, but Syria and t le Saiqti -guerrillas ,it- controls | ?pose Edde, who with Jum- ialt has criticized the' growing l yrian intervenlioii in Lebanon. 1 Parliament amended Leba- i on's constitution Saturday lo r How ' f o r FrarijicrTs replace- i nenl ly?fore his term expires epl. 23. But Franjieh, the sym- J jol of Christian 'resistance to ' M · i . , '- :' ' ' ' . f in iiue f oslcm demands for control of v. ic political and economic sys- fi *m, could delay. the election of o is successor a month by refus- ir 1 1 to sign the amendment. Another leading Christian pot- 1 ician, Interior , Minister /Cam- !\ le Chamoun, said he expected 1 r;injieh to sign by next Tliurs- 1 ay,' But some ob. c prvers. pre- 1 icled the president wbuld de- L ay while he tric?d to negotiate s or the " election of a man ac- a eptab?e to him. ; c 'Meanwhile, sporadic fighting ontinued in downtown 'Beirut 1 ntl in other parts of the conn- I ry. Police said 56 persons'were s Hied and 25 kidnaped Sunday. Leb;me5ei 'officials - also - r e - n ;orted that ' estimates of the c sses in three bank robberies t n Beirut this year total' $50 c nillion and lhat Ihe losses wpre C irobahly much more. '' c In all three robberies, the '\ afe deposit \aults, wtre looted l 'Only the owners knjew 'wha 2 'residential Politics Chaili v THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Sen. Henry M, Jackson says e wvtnts support in Pennsylva- a s April 27 presidential pri lary f r o m " Democrats who fa- or Minnesota Sen Hubprt II Humphrey, a non-candidate who ias said he would!., accept, : a raft from , a deadlocked nomi- ating convention. Meanwhile, former Calilornia !!i;:-iiii. i !ii::"iiir';i!':ir'jni.':i[''ir,.-M;iii:.' : !iii 1 .'"!!i:. 1 NEWS Billfold Stolen The' tbelt of a billfold con- aining 5150 in cash- and several redil cards was reported lo ''ayetlcville Police Sunday, hy John Widener of. the Hiway .Inn n North College Avenue. Widener told · police that the billfold was taken from his motel room sometime Sum ay afternoon. , ; , Embassy Attacked NICOSIA, Cyprus .(A'Hj"; -- lundreds of '-. anti-American demonstrators tore down coiled barbed wire protecting the U.S. Embassy today and defied a barrage of tear gas: to attack scores of helmeted police pro- ccling themselves behind 'riot shields. ' Bodies Recovered JAMESTOWN. Tcnn.' (AP) Bodies' of a Rockmarl. Ga. couple, their 'two sons and an other woman and her daughter returning home from a' week end pleasure .trip were pullet from the wreckage of a ligh plane Sunday. . Fentress County Sheriff .Issac Stockton said all six occupants of the 1975'' model Cessna 210 were killed as the plane brokf apart in the air and crashec into a wooded area five mile cast of here.' :' " · ' iir'ia ·!i:: : ::!: : !R:!'3'!in!:;:i:r»i!i:'';nii:,"i!iii Electioi T gun Democrats for the firs e lime. - , . ^ V · Parliamentarians were prc - paring a bill t o . b e i n l r o t u c e · into the Chamber of Deputic e Tuesday lo cut Ihe c a m p a i g - period from 70 days lo 40 or 4, Moro was expected to ask Pre t icicnl Giovani Leone to di - solve parliament al .the end ( April or a week later, with th . election lo follow on June 13 c d 20. 1 0 Atoro's two month-old govcr a merit has been kept alive on r by the benign abstention of Ui Socialists on confidence voU r- and is incapable of impos n n Ihe austerity measures If h right wing of the Chnslla n Democrats consider necessui n lo deal wilh Ihe country's sla o gering economic problems, s- The i n f l a t i o n rate is 20 ft engers lov, Ronald Reagan, continuing his criticism of President i Cord's foreign -policy, promised 3\er Ihe weekend .lhat exiled Soviet a"ulhor · Alexander . Sol- zhenilsyn could eat dinner , , at he 'Reagan -While House any- ime Reagan the challenger for Ihe tOP nommalion whose next- major battle with Ford, is lll!ll!hll111!l!P11!lli[|ll!ll!L|]l!illlliJEIl]ltllll!!l11i:![l1!llillll!mfl![ni!ll BRI£FS School Holiday 1 Fayetleville' public schoo s vill be dismissed Friday and April 19, for an extra Easter ·acation^ The Iwo days were made available because no days were needed because of bad NS'ealher during [be winter. In addition, May 27 will be the tinal .day of school for students and May 28 will be a work d a y : f o r earners, according lo an a i- nouncement : made by Harry Vandergriff , superintendent. Charges Filed Charges of Ihcfl of property were filed Friday in Washington Circuit Court against H.L, Turnbull, 33, of Springdale. TurnbuH was ,' charged in connection 'with Ihe April 9 theft of. a car owned by Wilbur K Cox of Springdale. . .'. ! To Cut Ranks WASHINGTON (AP) -- The 272-mernber, printers'., union at the Wa'shing(ort Star lias agreed to reduce its ranks b y ^ S O mer within two weeks as part ol publisher Joe L. AllbriUon's plan lo keep the paper alive. The printers also agreed Sun day lo seek to eliminate SO more .jobs through early retire ments or resignations wilh in centive pay over the next 18 months. [iniiii[!!!iiiii:i!!iniii!fiiii!ini!^iiHiiniinii!Uiimnii!!ii i Seen t cent, Eight per cent of th work force is unemployed. Th lira has slipped from 670 o Hi d dollar lo nearly 900 in thre s months, and Ihe foreign deb n now totals $15 billion. The consumer over !he \vccl '. end was hit by. another round c s . price hikes. The price of a tfa [ Ion of premium gasoline rose c $1-70,' and a small cup of e H- presso coffee went from 14: 18 ccnls. · v Meanwhile. : the British Su y day Times reported thai th e British government is -i s vestignting reports that Rritis g Petroleum paid the equivale e of $1.3 million and Roy n Dutch-Shell paid about $1-2 m y lion to Christian. Democrats an g- politicians allied with them secure passage of legislation f :r voring the oil companies. · · v: "f_ _·'"'"': ight '.···^^ : ''. ( , * - . a s ' n the boxes," ' said one'ot- cial.""U could be $50 million r it 'could be $100 ! million or ore."' / · ''."'I'' \. · - · · · · · : ' T he l hi g gest loss ' \va s rep ortec be at the British-Bank 1 of the iddlc East. Estimates oE the ss there 1 .stared a ^20 mil-: on, which would 'make tit the rgesi : bank robbery in history ast week, the 'safe' deposit anils al Ihe Banco di , lioma id Bank Misr-Liban were carj;d out. The robberies are believed ti a\c been the vork of radica alestinian^ guerrillas; '-officials aid. lumblatt cbarged that two norp Syrian battalions ha\ c rossed into Lebanon, raising ic tolil Syrian force in Ihe ountry to between 5,000 and 6,00 men. No confirmation of his larni -'"was ; available: ; Prc ; Sou sly, the number , of ; Syriai roops was 1 estimated at about ,000. Busy n Ihe May '1 Texas ·primar* elerred to reports ,of severs nonlhs ago lhat Ford decided lot to im He Solzhcnitsyn to the Vhile House" because it \ihigh jour U.S.-Soviet relations.: Fon ·Mter issued an open mutation o Solzh'cnitsyri, 1 but the Nobel J rize' \vinner''declined. In a L Saturday" appearance : [n rcxas.' Ford defended ' his foreign pal tc) and said his cam ) a i g n ; i s - growing stronger in he state. Jackson,- on -. ABC , News 1 :"Issues and Answers" \ program Sunday, said Pennsylvania '-'is the strongest of all 50 states for rlumphrey. A number -of people icre have Hubert Humphrey as heir, preference, but .they are go ng to vole for me. I'm not asking my supporters lo lake a oyally oalh that they're for Jackson oil, the way." TOTAI/ NUMBER The Washington" senator saic his. hold ,on such .delegates would .depend \"dn ; Uie ;tot al number of delegates I have and their, -, direct,, unequivocal 1 - sup- portl;Whelhjer we can 'hold off raids depends on our over-all strength." , , . . . . , Jackson and Arizona" ! Rep. Morris Udall plan. to campaign in " Penriyslvania ! today, while [tie leader in (he Democratic delegate 'race so r far", former Georgia Gov. Jimmy CAirter. was lo spend another day al home 1 in Plains, Ga. He is due in Pcnnyslvania -Tuesday. : The slate's primary' offers 178 delegates. Reagan, who spoke Saturday in Seattle, took Sunuay off. .President and Mrs. Fort (CONTINUED ON · P A G E (TWO) Public Transit Strike Spreads SAN FRANCISCO ' ( A P ) ' Bus drivers who h a u l - c o m m n ers across Ihe Golden Gat Bridge went on strike today further complicating life in city already hit by a walkoi that has snarled public trans portation. , Drivers employed by th Golden Gate Bridge Dislric completed runs thai began x ore midnight, b u t ^ n o . runs b gan after midnight, tcrmina reported. ' ThV hew strike began as Sa Francisco supervisors "prepare to consider a union request lh«- Secretary of Labor W.J. User mediate talks in the 13-cla B strike fo city cratt worker e City negotiator Patrick Maht e said the governing Board of S pervisors would consider t! i request at n meeting today. ,' The Golden Gate buses co . nect San Francisco to Mar f and Sonoma counties, They ca ry 36,000 passengers -- 9,200 them commuters ·-- on 2 · buses every weekday. The D tricl employs more than 3 0 drivers. O f f i c i a l s expect the strike v add 7,000 cars to the Gold c Gate bridge during rush hou L " which h'ave been commuter h nightmares since Ihe city stri it began. About 21,000 venicl \* normally cross the span ea 1- day during rush hours. d An extra run was added o the district's cross-bay ferry v an attempt to relieve the cc Igcslion, -." - ' f Atmosphere Festive In Most Areas | NABLUS.' Occupied Jordan $ AP) -- ' Palestinian -Arabs otcd peacefully by the thou ands today in an election ex- ccled to heighten resistance to le Israeli, occupation of riot- barred -West Jordan. srael sponsored ttie elections i 2-3 towns and villages, but Isae i v lrpops were withdrawn for tie voting and the atmosphere vas, festive instead of fearful. or j . the first time in. a land vhere.some still wear veils, de- icd .tradition ,and, swarmed to he polls, jostling in crowds lo Jrop their ballots into , blue voodcn boxes. By noon, elpction officials reported. that r almost 3-1 per con af the 83.000 eligible "voters liad jast ballots, . , including 10.115 vnmen. Despite.: heavy- rain,, the streets of Nablus were -crowded vith, voters. Cavalcades of cars lonkcd their' horns and blared : a m p a i g n .slogans from oudspeakers. Arab children chanted t h e names of candidates and pasted campaign posters on passing cirs \nd lixis carrying voters .0 the' polls. NO INTERFERENCE The Israelis art not inter taring at 1 all iiv'Uie" election, one man said. Despite rostricfions designed to - confine the candidates to such local issues as roads and drainage, J dozens of candidates defied the rules and openly de- clired their support for such anti : Isfaeli movcnibnls as the Palestine / Liberation Organ- ^izatibn a n d ' t h e Communist par- 'ty, both "outlawed 1 by the Israe is in Hie occupied area M 0 s I of the carididales ; are younger than the conservatives who traditionally ram tilings in the area Israel .captured- From Jordan in Ihe 19fi7 war. .-· . "Obviously a new gcneratiori is . ; emerging," said' Defense Minister .Shimon- Peres. ··· -There have bp.on atili-fsraeli riots . in the area during the jast two months, but . occupation authorities said they did not interfere in the campaign. They pointed out lhat 18 of the candidates have been arrested in the-past as guerrilla agents or; suspects. One man whose candidacy was filed by, his fam* ily is slill in jail. , : · . , Pcre-s pledgedjhat extremists wh o M'ere elected would b e allowed to : t a k e 'office unless barred by legal technicalities. "They ar,? true democratic Elections," he said, 1 : "and we hope that the outcome will enable the two peoples tn the area -- Jew and Arabs -- to main lain mutual respect." NOT TOLERATED -Peres warned that violence or threats of violence would no be " tolerated. But in a 1 ' con troops out of the 22 Arab town? and villages in which 538 candi dates ' were ' running for ^ 2 0 5 seals on the municipal cnunci s A government spokesman sak local police could call Iroops ir I i f there w a s a n y vioencc. . ' ' , -During Ihe last West Bant c ections in 1972, Hie PLC warned lhat West Danker "collaborating with the Jews - hy voting would b e . kilted. Th - 1 9 7 2 . balloting went o! e smoothly, however, and : Ihi · lime Ihe FLO has been si en L presumably because it did no 1 want to burl the chanC/js of it ' sympathizers among the cant! dales. Poultry Princesses Tliicc Noilh«cst Arkansas Smith of Tarngoulil Shern the three poultry cooking con- Poultry Festival Trincesscs G r i f f i t h ol Bcntonville was tcsl winiiers who'are pictured crowned! Saturday . nigtll ' lit n a m e d alternate. The _(lirec on page 1 along with Miss S p r i n j d a l c w c r e D c b l j I e Cnllar mncLSses are all University Congenialitj (TlMESphoto by of KusselMllc, Karen Gallo n( Arkansas students Also an Ken Good) ^ way, of Fort Smllh and Leslie nimhccd Saturday night were In Revenue Sharing Politic .WASHINGTON (AP) - Congressional Democrats who op- iobt ic[ie\\a! of federal re\ e luc s lai ing are being v, arned ihev m a j hano President Ford a political plum this election year if lhe dela\ e,tcnchng the irogram. AL the height, of t h e . 1972 .pros* d i n t i i l cunpaign RiLhard M Nixon signed the federal rcvc- Schlesinger Not Opposed To China Aid WASHINGTON (AP),,-; Former Defense Secretary James R/ Schlcsinger says U.S. military aid to China should not. he rejected /'out of ha nil 1 ' and tlui China is a "(juasi-ally" of the United States, Schlesingcr revealed Sunday (hat while ; lie S, was in. . . off ice American officials spcciilatet ahout giving, ; arms lo,; China, Out il was only speculation, he stressed. ^ · ' "There was speculation on his subject, bill there was never a formal addressing of the issue of military ' assistance to China," he said. Asked if lie f vored .such aid, lie replied, " hink we would have to look a - ic specific circumstances an arrangements. I "would 'not reject il out of hand." ,..-, . It is -'"odd" for the Unile( Slates to -provide technological and economic assistance · · t o "our major potential 'foe," 11 Soviet Union, while; denyin such aid to China,,' "a quas .ally*, 1 that has helped rcslor "the : politica) military balaric around the world," he said. Schlcsinger disclosed l a t e Sunday that he will visit Chin this summer. ! : · :· CRITIC 0?' DETENTE Schlesinger, a -critic of If, detente .with. Russia, was fire* by President Ford last fa Ford recently disavowed I term detente and adopted t moto "peace through strength [ Peace through strength I "very close" to what used to s called ' the Cold War, Schlc - nger said in response to a qu (CONTIMIKD ON PAGE T\VO 1 . - . · ' · Before Senate Recesses l'77Sp sr . * . ' i- c WASHINGTON ( A P ) -- Afl .surprisingly brief debalc ar '· lack of rtisscnt. (lie Senate n preparing to vote on fedor r ' spending, ceilings for the 19 'J fiscal year before beginning f Easter recess, if; Mosl efforls to raise the Ic u u els above Ihe $412.6 billion s .,, by t h e Senate n u d R c l Con '" mittee appeared to lose stca ". after two !o])sidccl detents V ,! day and pledges by Democrat e nnd Republican leaders th C5 Ihey would oppose any cn crease. Slill expected, however, » to a final effort by liberals \v in want lo cut defense spendi n- and boost otillays for jobs a other domestic programs. ending ( r Today's f i n a l vole is ex pec e d to support the budget com s uifltee's recommended totals i al the 17 broad categories of gov 7 crnmcnt spending. Those tota n generally are close lo" wha President Ford asked for. v- ; Bul at this stage of the bud£ et el-making process, it is too ea i- ly to say whether (he Derm m cratic-controlled Congress wi - be able lo agree with the R ic publican President on spcmlin at priorities without the veto ba n- tics that raged last year, fn the House,' where the floe as debate on spending 1 will sta m aflor the Kaslor TCCCS.S, II ng budget committee is split mo ntl along parly lines than in 11 Senate. Thus, more of a fighl al Plum c-sharing law wilh an cntour- e of the nation's mayors hnd vernors looking on. .The core- onyjh front orPhilarielphia's dependence Hall ,was hailed a political triumph. While .(here is little doubt lat Congress .will act (his year extend the program, delays its Democratic opponents uld create a time , schedule at would deliver th e .bill to resident Ford aLthe height of ie . election . campaign , in ,the ulnmn ' I E 1 -were ;' President Ford, t be delighted to 'get this ; bill n September," said John Gun- ler. executive director of tb 1 J.S. Conference of Mayors. Democratic mayors have heen creaming to (he Democratic eldership for one ^ear puss it lid get. it out of the \v,iy SEN ATP; PRESSURE In - a n . interview,- Gunther als ·iirncd that , if,. Congress ,ddcs ot approve, the legislation: be ore the summer recess, : reve- lie-sharing -. opponcnls in.-r-the louse may be ah!e to pressure, ic 'Senate into accepting prov: ions - that revenue-sharing ad* ocates feel would weaken the irogram.- ·, -· - · The legislation has strong b artisan i support in the Senate, nd it is unlikely to become a jolitical issue there. : But in ' ' t h e House. Uic : hi must pass the -House Government · Operations Committee v m s e chairman, Rep. Jac brooks', D-Tcx, is opposed to il. Both Gunther and Paul Myor, v 10 is monitoring the Icgisla- ion for the White House, say he Senate bill will be more in [tie with what revenue-sharing iroponents '-would like than the House bill, i ' V ' , . . ' ' If two divergent hills are passed, they would he referrcc o a conference of House am Senate members, to work out the differences. ' ' ; - ' G u n l h e r says he fears mat he closer Congress gct.s to a umn adjournment and time o for campaigning, the /mor pressure the House conferee will he able to pul on their So ate - counterparts to back daw and accept the .bill face (lie prospect of seeing tl program end. The program, begun in 197 is scheduled to expire Dec, 31 Ford is advocating a 5 3 ,Vye program that would expire Sept. 30, 1982, when fiscal 19 ends. Tiic program's opponcn are seeking to limil any cxtc sion lo 21 months. A shortcncc program 'would' give them t opportunity to begin chippi Veiling V expected on the House floor - with Republicans seeking I n bring the committee's figure - even closer to Ford's and liber s als looking for more spcndin t as a ciire for the economic re cession. · ..Even after (he current roun - of debate is concluded In bot - nouses, the spending ecilin? 1 will be only targets for the Icf - islativc committees lo shoe 8 tor. A b i n d i n g ceiling, will ti .- set in September. . The major Stern of business r (he Hoiise this week is fin rl consideration of a $3.15-billir e military-foreign aid bill. Mo e of the money is earmarked ( e Middle Kast nations. is Senate and House leaders a i t ' i Seen ay at the 'renewed .program \l J mnaij when they would ce again begin; 'Work, on re- wal legislation, A compromise, , of ~ 3^, years s been reached in the Hous» jcommitlee, but t h a t , is .sub- el to change in the full Ilousa overnmont r Operations Cora- itee or on the House floor. Jet Hijackers Delay Flight KARACHI, :'Pa'kistan : '(AP) -Philippine 'jetliner, carrying hree Filipino Moslem hijackers nd 10 hostages refueled- at Ka- achi airport -today^ but author- ies said the hijackers then de- idcd lo 'delay their-flight to the li east and North Africa. until 'uesclay -morning. · · : '· The three, 'who arrived witk he plane from Bangkok, were old bv the Pakistan government to ' leave immediately fter refueling, But authorities a ' i d r t h e hijackers said' they did ol ! want to fly! at night.- ' · BOUND ifOR LIBYA ' : The hijackers were b o u n d . for Jbya, but -there was :no .assur- nce they , .would, .be ; welcorha here.. .. ; r ,-, ,., ;, . , , , 1 ( , Karachi airporLauthorities at irst refused permission tor.. the lane to land bul !alcr:reversed :\e n decision and allowed ;it to cfuel. , ;. :··: -.-'· ..-, The ' hij-acking \ -began last Vednesday m o r n i n g : i n ; 'the southern Philippines, . a n d 'is now in its sixth ;day, making it the longest on record. The previous record was four days. . The three young ' hijackers claim 1 thcy'iire members of the Moro Liberation FronU -a Mos- em movement fighlinj* for iii- dc lenclcncc in i the southern ^hilippines. They wanted to go o Libya, where Ihc. 'Front has an office, .But n spokesman for h e , Front in Cairo .disowned trj'e lijacking. and ; ihe Philippine ambassador lo Thailand, Man* ual T. Van', said the. Libyan government had 'given no «s- surance that 'H. ".would 'give the hijackers haven. , *.-· The three men, reported tb be in their early 20's. took ove_r a twin-engine PAL jet with .67 passengers and a crew of six aboard last , 'Wednesday and forced the pilot to fly : to M'a,- nila. 'ote Due , optimistic that before the Eas- 13 ter recess starts after Wcdnes- 5 day's business, action c a n ' ba g completed on a Federal Klec- tion Commission bill. · Conferees from the Senat* and House are trying to iron i out differences between the s bills each side passed in - sponse to a Supreme Court ^..' t dcr requiring restructuring of e the commission. The court demanded that all n members of the commission hs il appointed by the president* n However, the House bill in* st duties provisions, backed by r Democrats, that Republicans , sriy couUI prompt a presidential e veto.

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