Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 27, 1930 · Page 15
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 15

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 27, 1930
Page 15
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,' B. tt,, my !tf,- by-gftiht <fi* fcttnatUutfttnal kw/ opened Krith'tht advent'of fAdie, ate fading directly to th'e gi^afhl- tjeurt tot final Determination. ;~dn|y' ittst week this 1 «mrt_ decided the flril oaae in* vblvlrig broadcasting evir to obmo before It, and now tW6. hiore^v controversies, both raising hovel issues and involving the very fundafirefttals of the Constitution, are .thrust squarely before the nation's Highest tribunal, • Chicago's most important ifAdlo-bat- tic—between .Rations WLS, Operated by 'Th* PrilrJ* tfarriielY. farm publication, and WBNtt, owned by th* in- sul •Wllltiei-t-haa besrt darrled to the supreme court on the Issue of property rights by the former station. Gene Buck, the Will Hays of the songwriters Of tin pah alley, I*, the central ilgure In the se'cond case,' Involving the''right of hotels to pick up radio programs broadcast in violation of the copyright laWs and "rebroadcast" them' for their guests without paying copyright fees. The WOY case, decided by the supreme court last week after nearly a year of' deliberation, did not raise either of these Issues. It merely Interpreted the existing radio law at It relate* to the administrative powers of the radio eomm!i»ton, and the court of appeals of the District of Columbia. Which it established definitely as a "VNUper" radio- commission. cnlcago's case represents a contest between stationi which rank ftmortff the..™j'remo8i' In 'the 'country. WLS la asking the sUpreme court--to review-the decision of the court of appeals, here, oh the grouhd that the lower court's* decision' destroyed a deli- jilts property right , It had, In violation of the Constitution. WLS, in this decision, waa forced to relinquish, to WfiNR a poi-tlorf of.. Its time :on the air. The frfrny station had operated five-sevenths x>f th* tlmt-on the 870 kilocycle channel, and the Insull station two-seventh* The, court, last winter, ordered the stations to share time equally. WL$ claims, that as a result of the actlori It has lost heavily in advertising contracts. ' Moreover, It Contends the court did not hold Its programs Were "Inferior" to those of, WBNB, but they were "equal." Consequently It argues, through Harry E. Kej»y. Its attorney, that the lower court took a portion of Its properly "without due process of law." . ,.<"' The right of f/Vt,S .,16 .appeal from the appeals court's, ; •'fieclslon actually expired a month.ago. But special dls- pennatlon was obtained from Justice Oliver, Wendell Holm'es by virtue of the fact that the WQY. case was pending, and that tho station did not know lust what course to pursue until th« decision In this case was rendered. A' new phase of the conflict between song-writers and broadcasters involving musical copyrights on songs played Over the air ,1s brought to the court for judgment In the Buck case. Specific questions which the circuit court of appeals at Kansas City was unable to decide as submitted to tho court.. They grow out of throe copyright violation cases each Involvng otatlon KWKC, at Kansas City, Mo,, and the Jpwell Lasalle Realty com r puny/operated by the La Salle hotel there, for injunction and damages for infringement of copyright. Buck, as presldentj of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, representing about 700 songwriters, who organized to protect the performing rights of their mtisMial works against Infringement, wottflln the lower court from the broVBcasting station. He contended tho station had broadcast, without the consent of the copyright owners, the song "Just Imagine" in 1928, and that tho hotel had reproduced It through a master receiving set and distributed it throughout the hotel. The hotels however, won in tho lower court, and Buck appealed to the cirouij court, which in turn, now aylcn the supremo court to establish whether the hotel Itself is liable under the copyright laws. Specifically, the question la whether tho act of reproducing tho copyrighted inusio from the station actually constituted a "per- formancd" of, tho composition within tho meaning of the copyright laws. IIBIIU GAIIDEN. Why run plant a little herb garderi In your back yard thlw siimmer? You can grow mint, fennel, thymo, lemon verbena arfd other flavorings that give tung to your cooking and your beverages. H* * 'Pf V ' J *> V> TJ, > *' t- ' M B> f ~, ' V ' t Th* o6n«rt to be given by the Al* W»n» Work! Mfcft ahoru* and th« ftsd Arrow quartet Beginning at 8 o'clock thl§ eVihing In the auditorium of the Senior High school win be of the q«*litj' that will surpass any like utftferimfrtng of'its kind in th« city lor some time past. The chorus and quar* Let have been devoting weeks of rehearsal for this concert, and the mu- SUKHEV SINGH One of the most powerhlhrulers In revolt-torn Indlik In ItajAh Sukhev Singh, above, of l»oonohm (Kashmir. He Is an ardent apoHstnan and devoted to dog*, homes, Wg tame hunting and ether field sports. BLAIR COUNTY FARMERS PLAN VISIT TO HfcW The Blair CbUhty ! . Agricuitural &*> tension association cooperating with Pennsylvanla'State flollegj* and Pennsylvania railroad la sponsoring a market tour to. New Tforlf o>ty, -.tot the purpose Of 'studying -jtho (marketing of fruit, vegetables, eggs and livestock. The date for tKIs tour has been set •for Wednesday,/June 11, .leaving Altoona at 8 p. ytf, atrtvtng, in New York city'at 4 »/mC On'the .return trip the train ,wlll .arrive in Altoona around 11 p. nff '.' < '-"••' : •.'''/ •• Th^'rate from 'Altoona will be $16.71, Inonidlng fare both ways, meals and blisses. Farmer's interested In making the trip are urged to 'get in touch with £6unty Farm. Agent B. G. HamiH. BESEKVM OFFIOBtlS TO MEBt. From Juno ia'18 the eighth annual convention Of the Reserve Officers' association, department of Pennsylvania, will be held In Johnstown where upwards of 600 members are expected to gather. Lieutenant A. Von Koen- rieritz of Johnstown has been named general chairman of arrangements by Major C. B. Shaffer, department president. A squadron of 'twenty-five army planes Is expected to participate in one of the features of the conven tlon program. ' Painters Know that a satisfactory floor varnish must be tough and flexible enough to withstand the constant impact of heavy heels, the weight of moving furniture and abuse of many kinds. Many ot our oldest cus- tomerp have learned from experience that Liquid Granite . measure* up to every re. quirement It stands th» hardest wear Call on us for anything you may need in the line of Finishes and Painting Supplies. S. M. GRIFFITH CO. ' T905 Green Ave. WALL. 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The Marion, $6.00 White Kid On« Strap. 18 New Styles For The Modern Miss . Sizes 2'/2 to 8 Widths AAA to C $3.95 to $5.00 7/Se Cadette, $6.95 Tan and brown, Prince of Wales tie. Leather soles and heels. The Edcon, $6.00 Wliilo oalf with wing tip. Gristle soles and heels. uoa mil AVKNUK ALTOONA, 1'A. EXPERT FITTERS TO SERVE YOU . Altoona Mirror 1MJL f jil May *f, 1939 \ United Memoriunt' For onr Holdlera, Sallofs, Avlatorn unit Marines—those who fought anrf died for «« and In honor of those who live. ASCO Stores Will Be Closed All Day Memorial Day-Open Late Thursday Evening—These Prices Effective Wednesday and Thursday! ' We are ready with your "Food Needi" for Memorial Day! Let yoar neighborhood ASCO Store help «olve the problem of Quality Fooib, At the right price for your Picnic Outing, Motor Trip or the quiet Home Meal. '••' Where Quality Counts, Your Money Goes Furthest! 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