The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on January 21, 1920 · Page 1
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 1

Carbondale, Illinois
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Wednesday, January 21, 1920
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THE Carbondale—"Athienl v of Egypt.'' VOLUME 17. CARBONDALE, ILLINOIS. yEDNESDAY, JAN. 21, 1920. ' NUMBER 8C- | nr ADDITIONAL ARRESTS IN TWO CITIES HARMONIZE U1 FAMOUS .AUTO THEFT ON TWIN CITY BASEBALL Rubber Hose Like" a race with death 25 cars' of whiskey, wines '' and other liquor passed through Carbondale on an I. C. train, rapidly making its way to a southern port where'it might ;be. shipped out of th'e country before it suffered .the tate of .government of' ficials . with' the national 1 prohibiton amendment gong into effect. This liquor was shipped 'under precautions as so much liquid- gold, or some ether description of precious cargo. . To prevent the chance of robbery of any'of these cars, which is known to be in eminent danger, the rail-) road ordered.a number of .officials'to accompany the shipment and keep constant guard on the shipment. The valuation of -the train was said, to run for up into'the millions of dollars and was on. its way to New -Orleans to- be shippe'd. out of the United States'.:'. - Officials state .if cars of liquor are SiOt constantly guarded as soo'n. as a shipment gets into the railroad yards, \some liquor thief has bored a hole: in • ''the bottom of the cars, up, through .the floor and into a. barrel and to this a rubber attached^and away goes the liquor,'valued from ?2,-000-to'|3,000 a barrel. . CASESATMURPIIYSBORO Phil Ev^rsmatriHeld on Warrant in Conne'ctioh : With Two Stolen Fords—Jor- danand Blackwood Confronted With New Indict• ments. STATE DAIRY MEET ATCENTRALIA Prof. Renzo Muckelroy :Of the Normal Faculty,to Tell of Making Dairy : Cow. . - . • •' CENTRALIA, - 111., Jan. 20.—Men who ^pecialize in dairy products are assembled'here today, tomorrow and Thursday attending the annual convention of the Illinois State Dairymen's -Association. ' . . Mayor ~G. L. • Oliver of the dairy division, United States Department of Agriculture, is'to speak .upon the topic, "Cooperation "Work in Dairy Production." C. F. 1 Harris, Fail-field, Iowa, is to explain the latest- apprpv- . ed methods, of building barns, for dairy cattle. Prof. R. E. Muckelroy, Carbondale, will speak- upon the subject: "The Making of the Dairy.j Cow." J. E. Readhimer of the University of Illinois will tliscuss feed for dairy cows. George Brown oL Centralia tell of his experiments in sunflower, ensilage. • . . A dairy cattle show, cow dempn- trations, .lectures and exhibits . of . butter, milk and ' other dairy pro- duets, . is one of the features of the convention. Again".has the famous automobile cases-at. Murphysboro come intoi the •lime light with . (he last .indictment .and arrest of garage owner at that place. He :s Phil Eversrhan, who was indicted at the recent session of the grand jury, charged with having disposed" of two• -^alleged' stolen .Fords. Eversman gave a two thousand dollar bond. ' ' _ -, .-.''."• Jordan and Blackwcod Held. Two other warrants are to be served .on men in connection with the auto theft cases. Tom Jordan and Tony Blaekwood, yet under indictments, were arrested yesterday 'on new indictments. Bob Sherman, also a part- •ner to the number indicted in the ,auto cases, ,is now in the federal prison serving his time in the Camel cigarette case. '. The arrests ;y.aster#ay.--were the .latest developments in what seemed -to be a clearing house for stolen au- ;ios at' Murphysb.oro uncovered there %y St. Louis authorities" and those of the county several weeks ago. HUSTLERS MEET HERE IN MID-WINTER CONCLAVE TO SET JUNE MEET DATE MAY NOT PROSECUTE JFORSALE OF BEER = UNDER WAR TIME ACT United States. District Attorney Burusides expressed the opinion this mornin-g that none of the 40 odd persons charged "with violation of .the war time prohibition.act will be brot to trial at this term o£ the court, says the East St.. Louis Journal. "In those cases- where violation o£ war time prohibition is charged to th.e enactment of the Volstead enforcement-act in October the. government ivill probably stop prosecution If the . .sale of beer -only is charged. -In case of the : sale-of whiskey at. any time " since -war, time prohibition went -into effect'there is no question and prosecution will follow. ' • •"I' have written to Washington for i the complete opinion of the supreme : court in' the ruling sustaining the va-! •lidltyof the war time law. 'As I un-1 derstand, the court, held- that the gov- j eminent must prove beer to be intoxicating and the informations filed lo- ] cally dp not contain- this count. ^_ I •""We will be governed here by the letter <3f the .decision and'until,-this js-at hand and-, studied I believe we will not proceed with any of. these i cases," Mr. Burnsides said.. Philppinos Hold Success For Big Elks Entertainment .Tonight lovers o£ dance and good jazz music will be well -pleased when .the.Royal Philippine String Band appears at.the.Elks Club in a concert and dance program. . } .,. Following the . concert, which will ' be concluded ;at 10 o'clock, -will come a iiarice. The 'dance-will then continue for three : hours." 'The string band to Annual Meeting to be Held in Carbondale'in June, for Which Dates Will be Set at Meeting Here Tomorrow Evening at Elks Club. Dates and final arrangements for the annual Egyptian Hustlers meet to be held in Carbondale next June will be set and' made at the annual mid;winter meeting of f.he Hustlers here 'tomorrow evening. Local business :men have been invited and are urged 'to . attend this meeting to. arrange plans looking forward to the entertain- .inent of the traveling men when they meet here next June. ' ' • To Se Record Gathering. .The annual meeting here in June, according to Frank .C. Bastin of this .city, secretary of the Association, will be a. record meeting. The traveling men expect to invade Carbondale, boosting Egypt and this section. They will launch a drive for better Southern Illinois along all business lines. Features of the meeting this year will be the presence of associate members, invited by members of the Hustler or- .ganization, also captains .of large manufacturing and wholesale' establishments. . ' .;. More Than 5000 to be Here.' . During the three days' While the meeting is in session, indications thus far lend hope to a record • of more .than 5000 visitors for' Carbondale. Sec-, retary Bastin lias, 'been earnestly at work for several months building up the organization and boosting the .meeting here n-ext June. . Local Buslne'ss Men to Assist. 'Local-business'men and.citizens of Carbondale STB- urged to attend the meeting at .the-Elks'tomorrow evening, as. local assistance, will he very! necessary for the entertainment and! success- of the annual-meeting . This' appeal 1 is also made from the fact i the Hustlers Association is a grea;t advertising organization, their impression, of -a place will, be spread, far and wide., either good or otherwise. Prominent Speaker Tomorrow Night. Dr. McKean, (development expeic of the-Chamber .of Commerce at St. Louis, will speak at the meeting tomorrow night. He is a man with broad business- vision and will talk of the possibilities and opportunities of Southern Illinois. FOR COMING SEASON Directors Wte Unanimously to Issue Stock to Carbondale so Both To^rns Will Have Interest in Park —Amount'-'of- Stock Yet Undetermined. Carbondale Proposes to .Buy 100 Shares at $15 Each— Shares were Solid Here in Half Day—Next Step Is Decision of Number to be Issued. • Prospects are that Carbondale and Murphysboro will be playing on' .the same baseball park at Henry next season, both enjoying about the 'same privileges of the park. This came about at a meeting of the directors- of the -park at Murphysboro Monday night. ' A committee fom Carbondale attended, a meeting at the invitation, of the Murphysboro directors and. stockholders of the baseball park, between here and Murphysboro Monday night. The spirit of good will and-, friendliness prevailed at the meeting looking forward, to a reconciliation between the two towns. A proposition to have Carbondale come in and take a good part of the stock in the park was presented. But it this done new stock must be issued. On this proposition, of the 122 shares represented at the meeting, eat of a total of 200, t was unanimously voted to give Carbondale shares in the park. The privileges to be,given Carbondale with the purchase ol the stock was. not decided. The shares for Carbondale wiil likely number 100, which'will be issued by the" company. Tentative plans to request the association to issue 100 shares to Carbondale were made yesterday and as a "fe'eler'' all but ten shares of this stock was sold in a half day. The board of directors voted to issue, Carbondale the 100 shares, at 515 a share, all will be reported sold us soon as the decision- of the directors is announced^ ( , It vas reported late this afternoon that the entire ?1500 worth of stock •for the new proposition between Carbondale and Murphysboro for the use of the Twin-City-baseball park, has Jlieen-sold. This is subscribed conditional, pending further negotiations. Grand Opening of New Tentative Date Announced f or the Grand Opening Magnificent New Barth Theatre— Great Motion > Picture or Troupe to Marie Qpehingl '"' '' '' of "The ,grand opening ol the' New ; Hjirth Theatre, now on the verge of Completion, will be. herd Tuesday, Felb- .ruary^lp,, according to tentative plans announced by tte management of the theatre to'day. - " -. •The,opening o'f'tbe greatest theatre and show- house Carbondale ever en- Joyed, will b.e marked ; by o'ne of the great 'moving picture features,, "Broken Blossoms/' "Back to God's. Country" .or' "Soldiers of. Fortune." This is. not decided, however, pen'diug ar : rangements'. But it is announced, if one of these :big features is not 'put on, a first'class comedy -will present tte opening program.' : -i... ':•:. ; ; ii:;'-.-. Completion O f Theatre Nears. .: ! : With, seats for -,the auditorium on their way here and in. shipment, final decorating and .other'• work'.Hearing completion, indications* point; to the opening as set,. Feb. 10. , Certainty o£ this, how.ever, is viewed .witi, the possibility of any. unexpected^ "delay.s between now and the time of the 'opening: ••'',' OF WOOD SHINGLES IK HOPE TO CHECK last Eight : Fires suit of Wood Roofs— Fire Department: Meets „ ir Situatipit —But 1 Condition Said to Be Menace. JJOWN STATE POOLTRY SHOW IN Fin 1 . SWING FANCY BIRD, EXHIBITED Prominent Poultry Judge Just From State Show at Galesburg in Charge of Show—Local Fanciers Ex-. hibit Prize Birds. piny tonight comes witti a national reputation and is said to be able to put the real Hawaiian fascination into their 'music. Mandolias ,'ban- dolias, ukeleles : and steel guitars will be th'e" major' ins'trunxents nsed by the band.. ^This is .one ,of the features for the Elis tils seasojn. The Down State Poultry Show • is^ in full swing at the Armory Hall.. Three "states, Illinois, Missouri and Kentucky are . represented with 'two hundred biiUs and about forty exhi-.. bitors, there being 28 local exhibitors. Femcy birds continued to arrive today. Judging in the junior Class began 'this morning. Frank S: Tarbill of Ha : . vana, .who judged at the recent state: show'at Galesburg, has charge of.'the' judging here. . . . ' : $150 Bird at Show. One of the prize winning mack'Orp- ingtor.s, exhibited hare last year by a. breeder from Iowa, is shown here again by Frank Lee of P.ittsburg, who bought the -bird for $150 and won first: prize at the state show. J. W. Bilderback, local breeder of 1 white wyundottes,'winning 3rd at the' St. Louis, Coliseum, is exhibiting a pen of five birds, valued at §250. - . L. E. Ranch, of this city is exhibit-'! ing a variety of Rhode Island Reds. . j Cream of Stock .Shown. . The cream o£ poultry is on' display and are winners from the Missouri State Show at St. Louis, the Ilmoky.. Show at Cairo and a number of other j shows, including Mairion, Harrisburg; Metropolis, Belleville, O'Fallon and i Hillsboro.'. ' ' . - " . ' Meister Promoted From Here to Christopher C. I.P. S. Office '.'Effective the first or tne month, J. IV Meister, who has been superintendent of the local Central Illinois Public Service Co. offices here- for the. last three" years, will be transferred' to .Christopher to a similar position. He wiir be. succeeded here by Manning Snider, of, who has recently been connected with .the C. I. P. S. Co. in the auditing department for the past year. The transfer of Meister to Christopher is a promotion and carries with it a larger salary. For the 'present the Meister family will "continue to reside in 'Carbondale. !The change is also likewise a decided promotion for Mr. nider. He\"has been with the C. I. P. S. Co. for two years. Previous to this he was in the auditing department of the Illinois Central one year. Mr. Snider will make an-ef- WILL NOT RATIFY SUFFRAGE New Jersey Assembly Would Submit All. Constitutional Changes To Vote of People • Trentcn, N. J., '.Tan. 21. — Batifica- tipn_ of the federal' suffrage amendment,,, which . Gov'. Edwards' recommended to the legislature, received, a •setback when the assembly by a viva voce vote adopted jv -resolution declaring it to be "the settled-- policy of the assembly that in- the future all'pro- posed constitutional changes should first be submitted'to the ;people for their vote before the legislature acts." Not a-dissenting vote was registered. ' The last eight, or ten' res i \ bondale, though put but by the efficient j fire department andi equipment, .hare- resulted in their origin from the roots ol houses, that is wooden- sHingled- . roofs have caught from sparks taa»- way or the other.. . .. . Dry V oofs Tinder Boxes. With only a- small' amount of rainy* /this fall and winter roofs of most- houses have been veritable tinder &OE-- es. " Sparks from the chimneys findi: roofs in good condition to take fire,'. A remedy for this condition is seen' in the composition shingled roof covered with crushed slate, also otiter roofs' which resist fire, tile, etc.' With this in view the city council here., is, ' contemplating the passage 'of .an ordinance prohibiting the use of -woo^ shingles within certain -areas and sections of city. This it is said will cut down the number of -fires very- largely. ficient manager for. the local 'office. The Christopher district includes four other towns under the super-vision. of that office. Mrs. H. C. Moss Woman's Club Secretary-Elece' . In the list of officers 'for the'Worn— an's Club elected for the coming year, . which appeared in. yesterday's paper, . the office of recording secretary was omitted. Mrs. H. C. Moss was elected to this office. ' . MARRIAGE LICENSES James .M, Shra'der, Adinanve, Mo..<27 .Stella M. .'As-bell, Carbondale .....'23. -gives better -bakings- that go further. 1 It strike's straight at the root of extravagance—waste-rand reduces living cost in a sane, sensible, worth while way. Calumet Baking Powder never fails to properly raise all bakings. It never fails to produce the best of results. It always Makes Most Palatable and Sweetest of Foods Calumet bakings-^ ga further, because th.ey are: deliriously good, -are never thrown away. , . ; •dwd because,they have greatest of keeping >q.ual : ity.—- stay moist,- tender, and oven-fresh for days arid days. - Calumet makes .,.. your baking powmoney: and- your baking material money co her —stretches it to the extreme of economy. You save when you buy it—moderate in cost. '.You save when you use it — has more, than the ordinary leavening' strength— use less. ' You s>ave materials it is used with—there is never a bake-day failure. Generations of gopd cooks have used Calumet —.because it positively proves its superiority and economy. Is unfailingly dependable. It comes to you from the largest, finest, most Sni:ary Baking Powder Factory, in the world — absolutely nure and as perfect in leavemncr nnwpr w tii» ,1™, :;t i~iS ^v_ ," Calumet further It Contains only such ingredients as have been officially approved by United - States Food Authorities... 'Sold by vour grocer unaer a definite money-back guarantee, if it doesn't prove best by test"— in your own kitchen, in any baking ' TEST - ~ — yi"-^u.^>_r?—r-<i3r Jtittft, * WBW^BP Ji^ ^ ^f %**•<• y s r t '' '* 'f' t\ Remember when you buy Calumet, you get a full pound, if you want it. 16—not 12 ounces.

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