Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 12, 1967 · Page 15
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 15

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, May 12, 1967
Page 15
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Radio Television 3Tuc8m B UlZCtt FRIDAY, MAY I?, 1947 PAGE 15 Movies Comics DON SCHELLIE The World's Seven Wonders, Revisited The other week we got involved in a 'whole bunch of lists of the "Seven Wonders of ihe World." Those lists varied and were something of a wonder themselves. Lo and behold, we've come up with some more lists. Mrs. Sam R. Kaufman of 2531 E. 4th St. sent us a yellowing newspaper clipping from an out-of-town journal, which tells of a 1954 list of wonders of the modern world. That list was compiled by Dr. Leonard Carmichael, scientist- philosopher, who was at that time head of the Smithsonian Institution. Now, 13 years later, there are wonders even more wonderful than some of those Carmichael listed. But here, in ·brief form, is his listing: 1 -- The atom, not as a bomb, but as a source of power. 2 -- The thinking which produced the supersonic jet airplane. V 3 -- Man's ability tp manipulate the wave impulses, as in radio, to extenc his knowledge of the universe. 4 -- Antibiotic drugs. 5 -- The high-speed electronic calculator. 6 -- The coelacanth fish, which has remained unchanged for 300 million years. 7 -- The Smithsonian Institution. (Aw, c'mon now, Dr. C.) The same article, written by AP Newsfeatures writer Bern Price, also lists the "original" Seven Wonders of the world. The seven, as described in the story, are somewhat more informative than in the lists we've seen previously. It was in the 2nd century B.C. that Antipater of Sidon -a small town south of Beirut in what is now Lebanon -- compiled his list -f the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. Only one of his wonders is still standing. Here's the rundown on that' first list by Antipater: 1 -- The Pyramids of Egypt, built between 3000 B. C. and 1800 B. C., and the only ancient wonder available to modern tourists. 2 -- The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, built by Nebuchadnez- zar for his queen around 600 B.C. 3 -- Phidias' statue of Zeus at Olympia, made of marble and decorated with ivory and beaten gold. It was destroyed by war about 400 B.C. 4 -- The Temple of Diana at E p h e s u s , south of Smyrna (modern Ismir, Turkey) , built about 5 B.C. It had 127 columns oc Parian marble. It was de- stroyed by fire in 365 A. D. but r e b u i l t . The temple was knocked over by Alaric the Goth. 5 -- The Tomb of Mausolus, King of Caris in Asia Minor, from which comes the word mausoleum. It was built of marble but destroyed in an earthquake. 6 -- The Colossus of Rhodes, n statue of Apollo believed to have been made of bronze and 100 feet high. Erected about 280 B. C. and thrown to the ground by an earthquake in 224 B. C., it eventually was broken up for junk. 7 -- The lighthouse at Alexandria, Egypt, buil; around 200 B. C. A fire was kept burning atop it until it was damaged hy an earthquake in 400 A.D. Another earthquake finished the job in 1375. So there we have it: the ORIGINAL Seven Wonders. We hope. Now we Arizonans ought to get into the act with a listing of the Seven Wonders of our state. For starters -- Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert, Monument Valley, the Petrified Forest, the ancient Hopi villages, c. Why not drop this corner a note listing what you feel are the Seven Wonders of Arizona? Quickly, now. Action, Please! If you have a question or a problem to be solved, involving any governmental agency or public matter in the Tucson a r e a , write to Action, Please, care of th e Tucson Daily Citizen. Reporters will investigate your queries and answer them in this column. Questions must be submitted in writing a n d must contain your full name and address (which will be withheld from publication on request). No Hazard QUESTION - I would like to know if anything can be done about those cars that.park in front of the bar and drugstore on Ajo Way between Liberty and Lundy avenues. Those cars park there and block the view of cars coming out of Liberty and Lundy. It's a safety hazard, as cars must go too far out onto Ajo Way before they can see the oncoming traffic. -Name withheld by request. ANSWER -- Traffic engineers vote you down. They see no hazard to warrant any action. The cars there are parked on private property and are not interfering with pedestrians or vehicles. There is no problem when coming onto Ajo from Lundy and, when approaching Ajo on Liberty, vision to the east (left) is entirely clear. If a motorist makes a full stop at the stop sign, there alro is adequate vision to the west (right). T r a f f i c engineers further point out that the only time cars parked in front of the drugstore could be considered a hazard would be when autos southbound on Liberty tried to enter Ajo without stopping at the stop sign. Due to the location of the driveways, no cars can park within 30 feet of the stop sign. No action here. Fast Time To Stay QUESTION -- What can be done, if any thin', about this curse called D;,ylight Saving Time? We certainly get enough hot, long days without' adding another hour during the long, hot evenings. The boys in Phoenix sure put one over on us this time. -Bill Coleman, 133 Jacobus Ave. ANSWER -- Nothing can be done about it this summer season, but action certainly can be taken at the 1968 session of the State Legislature. If the poeole who tire of suffering through those long, hot evenings this summer -- with relief coming only in the very late hours after sundown -- will write their legislators and make their views known, it will help. The State Legislature has the power to pass a bill to exempt Arizona from having to go on Daylight Saving Time next year. If pressure is put on the lawmakers, they will do so. This year they failed to pass the bill. The persons against it, unorganized as opposed to those in favor of daylight time, must let then- wants be known. So during those looooong, hot evenings, write your own legislators or contact them in some other way. North Side Park QUESTION -- I would like to know when the North Side of the city of Tucson will get a swimming pool? I live in the Amphitheater district and we don't have any pools. We don't have parks except one tot park next to Amphi Plaza. We have plenty of empty land. Rillito Race Track would make a nice park. I'm sure that there are well-off people in the area who could donate the land and get a tax loss on his income tax. -Name withheld by request. ANSWER -- In the first place, you do have Del Norte Park, complete with swimming pool, so your area is not devoid of park and pool. City parks officials are negotiating for .some land on the North Side at this time. If purchased, it will provide the North Side with another park site. R i l l i t o Race Track isn't owned by the county or the city, so does not enter the picture at all. ANN LANDERS Co-Signer Provision Angers A-l Reservist Dear Ann Landers: I am 24, married and have one child. Last week I went to a bank to borrow money. I wanted to buy a new car. My credit is A-l, and everything checked out fine. Then I mentioned that I was a member of a reserve unit. The banker gave me a fishy eye and said, "reserve unit, eh? Well, you'll have to get a co-signer for this loan." I explained I didn't want a cosigner. I want to be solely responsible for my financial obligations. The banker then quoted a law saying any man who gets called to active duty may be temporarily relieved of h i s debts. His last words fractured me. He said, "If you get called op we would be stuck for the saoney until you got back," Fm so burned-up I can hard- ly see straight. Why should a loyal American who is serving his country by joining a reserve unit be treated this way? -CAN'T SEE IT Dear Can't: The law that says a service man is temporarily relieved of his financial obligations was. designed to help, not hurt, men in uniform. If you don't want a co-signer, go to a bank that does not require one. And more power to you, fella, I like your spirit of independence. Dear Ann Landers: I just read the lovely letter from the woman who made her husband's retirement years the happiest years of their married life. Have you noticed that the people who make the best of difficult situations enjoy life the most? It's too bad people so often m a r r y and then try to change each other. Women are gui'ty of this more often t h a n men. When I complained to my mother, early in our marriage, that my husband left his underwear and sox on the floor, she said, "Pick them up and shut up about it. It takes less energy than nagging him." I took her advice and I am sure it has saved many an argument. Please tell young wives that we must be flexible enough to put up with less than perfection in those we love. --RUTH Dear Ruth: You told them. And beautifully, too. Your mother's advice sounds like a line out of this column. I've been saying the same thing for years. CopyrlsM 1«7 3400 EAST SPEEDWAY · IN RANCHO CENTER Remember Mom with Brand Name Gifts From Tucson's Award-Winning Brand-Names Store FOR EVERY LOVING MOTHER - ENDEARING SUMMER LINENS AS FRESH AS ALL OUTDOORS AND AS PRETTY AS A SUMMER DAY! A) Skimmer'by LESLIE FAY. Rich textured rayon/linen in buttercup yellow and strawberry, 28.00 B) Two-toned shift by RK ORIGINALS, Beautifully embroidered in rayon/silk. 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