Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1969 · Page 47
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 47

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1969
Page 47
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HotuMJ 110 HwithoM 310 ApptimCW ADBiWKM RECONDITIONED Used Appliance? Ranges . $39 up Refrigs. $49 up Washers $89 up Dryers . $79 up ** Unconditionally Gimintwd * Fr»« Delivery and InitallitiM *** Hug«-Hug* S«laction ** 90 Dayi LIU Cain B O N D S T O V E W O R K S ?« E. 411, St L.B. "Sine. 1923" 432-8757 Op«n Diily 8 'til A -- Mon. I Ft! 'til 9 Saturday 8 'til 6 -- Sunday 12 'til 5 * * *. * * * * * rttTRIitlCt InflRTtv dwE) WE PAY MORE CASH For any near new or used Furniture-Appliances Color TV's-Sfereos Pianos-Organs-Stoves Refrigerators-Bedim. Sets Din. Rm. Sets-Office Furn f PC. OR HOUSEFUL! Day-Nite-Sunday LONG BEACH CALL 422-9321 SURROUNDING PARAf.VT CALL 925-15 5 TOP PRICb PAID! Furniture, Appliances Antiques, Tools Misc. Household Good( Sporting Goods PRM ¥3AflBBf 60us ONE PIECE OR A HOUSEFUL BOUGHT OUTRIGHT OR SOLD AT AUCTION REPP MOTT, INC. 2501 E. An.iheim GE 9-0277 WE PAY CASH K 'ONE PIECE OR HOUSEFUL Furniture, Antiques Appliances, TV's, Etc. A D A M S 860-3470 CASH IN 30 MINUTES Good Used Furniture Appliances 1 piece or a houseful DAYS 476 8518 NITES 428-5723 INSTANT CASH FURNITURE WANTED REFRIGERATORS A STOVES PIECE OR HOUSL-FUL ·fa Call 925-5637 f Ted or Clyde Day or Nite Small Ad-- Big Cash! SO 1 can nav MORE tor v'jur furniture * appliances. 1 olec'. or houseful. For fast, courctous service, call anvtlme. CHARLIE 437-1914 " QUICK CASH for (urn. awn. 634-6875 Dlr. 'KmNITURE annilances wanted. S6J.J1S1 or 863J269. S?FRIG. \vanlcd. hW.est cash, working or not. "Bfcn", HE 6-2j36 Household 310 Appliances REFRIGERATOR crob too irrwer. ^75. Auiom WflShRT SIS - E66-9367 AU10M washer. Like n r v conrl. Guarantee S6S. 1-- TE 46765 A!'T. Slzr rcfriu. S60. ne.irtv new, Norco. 35-8843. Jk ^^^^^^1 m w XAWIA VVKwxH This Cozy afghan is an invitation to recline and relax. Great as extra blanket, too. Turn scraps into dia- · nionds -- use different colors for centers, crochet background to harmonize with your home. Pattern 598: easy directions. Fifty ccnis in coins 15 cents for each pattern for Ist.-dass mailing and special handling. Send to Laura Wheeler, Independent, Press-Telegram, Needlecraft Dept., Box 161, Old Chelsea Station, New York, N.Y. 10011. Print Pattern Number, Name, Address, Zip. ! New 1969 Needlecraft '· Catalog -- best town- sport fashions, most new designs to knit, crochet, sew, weave, embroider. 3 free patterns inside. liOc ' NEW! "50 INSTANT 1 GIFTS" -- make it to- i day, give it tomorrow! M a r v e l o u s fashions, toys, decorator articles. Ideal for all occasions 60c Household 310 Appliances ^GUARANTEED BUYS«V MAYTAG auio wasSwr 2 SM late mod. 1 yr guar. $ia MAYTAG dulo washer rebuilt like KEN.V.ORE : SKI arts washer, r-. built. 1 vr ouar. M FRIGIDAIRE souare llneTTSoor; COLDSPOr refrlo. Guar. $33 G.E refrig 2 door. Guar. H · HILL'S · 5650 Atlantic Aye. 0:» n Man Fri Mil 9 Tu«. Wed Thurs Sat til 5-30 NEW 1969 model 2 door refrigerators, twin cri'oers larce freeitr SALE PRICE $138.88 FREE delivery, t Yr. suar,inttp DOOLEY'S HARDWARE 5075 L.B. Blvd. N.L.B. NEHV AvcrarJo Fri'jirtaire 12 eg li refrigerator T ti.atchmg Wcdnewood oas rani« W7S.8S, Copper i white available. Your refrigerator S, S10 monih buvt both. Baker's Appliances 9rh 8. Pacific, euen eves. HE ?-39?4 MOVING MUST SELL MATCHING SET-IS cu ft Glbsnn refrigerator and uorlte freezer for cyick sale for the pair MOO. .1914 4-9729 after 10 n'm 1 - Brr " 05J - OA HOTPOINT oarbaae disposals. Atl sizes!. !/: price! Starting price 519.9D.- Cash 'n Carry! B.Uers Appliances^ 9rh Pacific, Open eves. APT Hcuse O as stove $49.95 Good used refrigerator S2?.9S Buy both $10 mo. Baker's Appliances Sin Pacific, open eves. HO ?-3924 antocd good buys!! .lack's Commission House. 1438 E. Anaheim, next lo Bekm's. KENMORE aulom washer. Like new $30. Snuare refrig like n n w S6S ois ranae 525. 21" T.V. S2S. 531- Retrigerators $"39 up Autom. washers S6S. Guaranteed. FREEZER $55. Refrigerator S60. May tag washer $50 Gas dryer S50. 834-959S Baker's Appliances, 9th Pacific, Opr-n pves. HE 2-392-1 GOOD cross top refrig. SJ9.9 1 ;. Trrrns. Baker's Applidnces, 91h £, Pacific, Ooen eves. HF 5-l??d REFRIGERATORS-- guor. _ ... S39 S 1 OVfcS-- guaranteed 539 BF 1131 Gaviola 5V1-7653 KFHMORE cook center, immac. cond. S125. 634-5WD. Fri.. Mon. after 4:30, ull ddv Sat., Sun. O'KEEFE Maerritt ranoe, 6 mo old. Like now. SI 50. 925-4564 ELECTRIC Dryer, Clnrlrir Stovr. 434 7356 or 596-5469 YOUR most complete SL-lcction. Scars, 5!h i L.B. Blvd. HL" 5-0121. SFRVEL GAS REFR1GFRATORS Buy ^, Sell 43-1812: 59?-325/, Dlr. for avid (urn. nnnls. 471-3349 Musical Insfrumenrs 315 BASS guitar, excel, condition. 275! Vuelta Grande. HA 9-6?77. FENDER Jazz Bass guilar, nr. new jw/casp. $250. 867-89S9 after 6. 120 BASS accordion, Italy made. S100 or best offer. 430-9081 Pianos Orqans 320 PIANOS Wurl. Solnct _. ...$ 725 S 395 Lowrey Consolt _...S 895 S 625 Wurl. Spinet ,, S 70S S 47 ESiCV Maple -_ $ 795 S 595 Steinway / it. .._ 54395 53495 ORGANS Wurl. 4300 .S1B95 SI 495 Conn 404 .. ._..S 505 S 38' Magnavox ... $ 795 5 29! Conn Caprice _...S 995 S 595 Thomas VVl S 599 S 309 Tstev 12 rhorrf .._._ S 9? Estev -JO chord _ _ _ _.,, S 169 PLAYER PIANOS Ewrhard .- S 895 5 69 Underwood .. . S /95 S 650 Duo-Arl _ $1695 S116' MUSI-CAL 334 Pine Dntn Phone 436-9227 Park Free OPEN Ddilv 9:30 lo 5:30 Mon. flnd Fri. til 9:00 D.m. FEBRUARY TAX SALE Pianos -- Orqans All floor models, demos. -- rcnta dollars on the instrument of Your choice. Choose from LOWREY -- Ynmaha and ftulbransen. Also new payment. Carlson's Music Shop 1/404 Hcllflowcr Blvd. TO 7-C052 Bellflcwet TO 7-2420 RPSPONSIBLt PARTY to m.ik- 516.36 mo. payments en LIKE HE\V v/dlnut Cdble-- NeKon Spine piano R bench. Cell Humphreys Music Co "THh SIblNWAY PEOPLE" 13S fc. 3RD HE 6-4296 Player Pianos-AAusictle, Pianola H-Trdrnan -- an all nurpose family pjano--9 rase s^Ic-. finishes Lge. sel. "Imilh's, -J-'S Seoiilvcd San DiG3J Fwy EX 3-0708; o Vt- 6-«9J6. Daiiy to 5 D.m incl. Sat A Sun. Eveninns 1'V app't. CONN LOWREY ORGANS KAWAI STORY CLARK K1MBALL PIANOS NE ST U A E U D BIN°S MS99 33^0 E. Anaheim 436-1159 Rent a BALDWIN Piano S7.75 mo Rent a BALDWIN Oroan $10 mo hull credit -f vou buv on ou "Rent-Io-Own" D lan with 5 vrs. to D,-iV bill. BILLINGS-BALDWIN 3912 ATLANTIC Ave. 42fi-7618 CASH FOR USED PIANOS MANY USFD BARGAINS. PIANOS ORGANS TUNED MOREY'S 3^2 Pine ME 6-272 TOP 55$ PAID FOR YOUK 01 D PIANO L. B. Piano Comoany Herman RRUN C-.A J-TfWl IVERS 8. Pcnd Studio Piano. Exec Aliph't Ir.ide both (or car in oood rond. 429-8407. PLAYER PIANO-PIANOLA Perlert cond. Smith's Pianos 4045 S. Seoulvetla Blvd. Culver Cih EX B-0703: or VE 64946. 195V HAMMOND elcc. cord organ \villi gercussinn. Perfect cond. 'ISO. Ph i27-3709, Cvoress. PIANOS FOR CASH HEmlock 7-2271 CASH PAID 4229321 I OWRCY Orn.ins, YAMAHA Pianos CARLSEN'S-867-005? 17.'0l Rcllflower Blvd., Bcilflower KIM8ALL, V/hitnev w/bench, new nnd S525. .138-1159. Dlr. CONN AAinufit iv/SuitiJio pcrc. Wa - Orn.inv Hflrold Driver .136-9227 ;^0^ri a h t r g -oodcond. 2w Radios Television 330 Nothing DN. 36 mo. to pay. Why r ° nt TRADER TUCKER 1003 S. Lono Beach Blvd. Comoton (at Alondra) Ooen Eves Si'n. Ren+aTV-HIFIJIOMo. Pav onlv 1st WK. mo. no dsp. De- livcrv. 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. 537-5750 COMP. AM Ham rneio station. no» ice tr.-.mmitter, Dvnamotor U Volt DC Misc surplus radio parts, etc « r,l 71J.774.i3l7 Cali "Action Srioooer' ^35^23?] flfAnr'TH'vour old" TvTvioFMng or not, on ,1 new color fct. For "ovci 1139 Pino AVP. dlr. ___L.onO_B c jl c J 1 CfToR"fv--i' US" 1 ' ols ° ? A. v i Casfi for vours, anv cond. TO 7 «in. SONY Sunset, 7" 2 montns oia. sun P/rf^rt nrlv. oartv J34-4913 23" BLACK While T.V. a.m. f.m A stereo, 595. Ph. 430-5518 TV DENTALS «. S10. S12 mo Worev's MS PiM AVI. HE 4-272 RWiMTttevMM 330 RENT COLOR TV $12 MO. OPTION TO BUY 868-3777 ORDER BY PHONE Colorland TV Open 7 Days 9 to 9 P.M. NAVY-- NEWCOMERS RENT A NEW TV or stereo bv week or month Rent the Nicest Sehaf The Lowest Rates in Town SHOPS COMPARE No lease to sign RENT NEW COLOR TV Purchase ootioo-- No red tape TUCKER TV 639-8565 426-2628 426-3628 RENT TO OWN $8-- $10-- $12 Television Stereos Free Delivery Repairs OPEN EVES. I SUNDAY RENT COLOR TV STEREO RCA ZENITH WITH OPTION TO BUY $ 2 MONTH CALL DAY OR NIGHT (dlr.) TE 1-1227 TV Rentals-- New OPTION TO BUY 436-3209 JOE WARD'S Corner 4th 4 L.B. Blvd. COLOR TV STEREO WHY RENT? 1 sell for less per month than you can rent. 35 models to choose from, a! f nanced with only 59 down lax. Trade in allowance on your eld TV {work- Ing or not) will make the down payment, no crrdit needed call 437-7633 'til 9 p.m. dlr. ,/ RENT-- TV-HI-FI $10 Per Month All slres. Pay Isl mo. no deposit. Open 10 to 10. DC ivcr anywhere. Also Sales Service 1347 L.B- BLVD. 437-2971 NEW I9t9 Philco Co or TV ronso e. Giant 267 scj. In. picture tube. SALE PRICE $277.00 QUAHITY LIMITED DOOLEY'S HARDWARE Rfl7^ 1 R BlvfJ K! 1 R SALE!! Zenith Color TV. Lowest pricrj of the year!! 23" for W39.9S --SIS mo. buys It! Baker's Appliances, 9t[j Pacific, Open «ves. Hi-Fi Stereo 335 Factory Authorized FISHER STEREO SALE Savings up fo $200 TERMS OF COURSE ALL MODELS ON DISPLAY ST. AURINS NEW 1969 General Electric s ereo console 41" long walnut wood can- net. Deluxe 4 speed slereo record Player. Low price Is possible bp- cause of slide lop. SALE PRICE $127.00 90 day service In your honit snd full guarantee DOOLEY'S HARDWARE 5075 L.B. Blvd. N.L.B. STEREO, HI-FI WHY RENT? 1 sell for e:i Mr month than vou can rent. 19 models to choo:» from, al financed wilh ONLY «A dov/n 6 tax. No ?s r i? I i !9 p r n? it dr rMa ' :d - Ca " Hfc '- 1067. Beaut carlv American, ike new, cost S349. Sac {or S190. Pri Pty. 426-7547 TEAC ^505 R re versa ma tic. Pro. model recorded., ronso e moun . 50 WURLITZER Stereos. Were $499 now 5299. Fact, warranty. 438-1 159. Dlr. STEREO W/PM-AM radi phono- praph. $50. 422-5914 TV, Hf-Fi, Radio 340 (WANTED) WANTED for cash, used black i wh tc color TV sets. Also hi fi -stereo sets. Dealer 439-5327 T? Radio Repair 345 REPAIRS in vour hone $5 min. estm.; 520 incl. parts labor. Color or B W. 773-0480 TV sf rvire. Lkwd. NLB prel. Guar. 429 1790 eves--3090 A rpt. Wy PRINTED PATTERN fll I Tl4968i1li| d :. : i SIZES I £ · i f /Li ?·!$ * -- * Spring brings forth the prettiest one or 2- color shapings. 1. A slender skim with hi-rise neck. 2. Hi-belt version 3. Low-belt version. Printed Pattern 4968: New Misses' Sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16. Size 12 (bust 34) takes 2'/ 2 yards 45- inch fabric. Sixty-five cents in i coins for each pattern -I add 15 cents for each pattern for first-class mailing and special handling. Send to Anne Ad ams, care of (Independ ent-Pica» Telegram). Pattern Dept., 24,' West 17th St., Ne\v York, N.Y., 10011. Prin name, address with zip i siza and style number. TV Mfe Rtprtr 34S HOME Calls-- 8 a.m.-9 p.m. 'iVo-k D'Jar. 7 ciays. LH 950 Daisy 437- COLOR TV SERVICE iS.95 D.S.C., Dlr. 426-7-120 TV-RADIO Service Center. Gysr. Vrt-* for less. 2020 E. 4!h 13?-C51* Sewin? Machines 350 SINGER Touch Sew siant-needlt, cur- erased in 196*-- Transferred, want party to iakt over pymis. of 15 mo. or $42.20 cash. Machine can zlgiag, b'jtionhole, hem, overcast, self winding bobbin. Guar. For mere Info call Dlr. 531-9694 IOTH t PIN!! SIMCE 15?) NEW PORTABLES S2?.9S Sales, repairs, ?arts SEWING MACHINE EXC J ANGF 9« PINE AVE. HE6«tt GUAR'.NTFED USED SCWIMC MACHINES from .. S5.;5 PARKS SEWING CENTER 5361 Lons BMCh Blvd. G* 2-3007 Office Supplies 360 Inventory Clearance GOOD BUYS IN FLOOR SAMPLES New/Used Ofc. Furniture DESKS. SUPER FILERS FILES, AND CHAIRS. Priced to Sell-- Now! Gills Office Equipment 1452 SANTA f-E AVE. L3 HE 2-7923 ADDERS-PRICE WAR! Btsl electrics! 524-539 (cost S355I Raval elec. Ivpwrs. 562 Irrq 5225) Manuals and Portables: S15-54J. All Guaranteed! at 705 t.B. Blvd. -f Expert Repairs-Lowest Prices! Clean-Oil-RlbSon-Unstick kevs: Annual, portable 5i; electric SIO. Me Tvoewriter, 432-023S. Terms' Mrs 9:30-':30: PM onlv Ttiur^_/-9 typewriters Add'g Maclis. Neiv X used. Comoare our prices TYPEWRITER CITY OFFICF FURNlTURh STORAGE OUTLET Desks, chsirs, i;irs, water coclrrs. 1704 Anaheim, L.B. 5-1-1/19 tic too. 599.50. Other sizes avaJia- bliJ. 301 Atlantic, L.B. NEAR new typew,Titrr. aridmo machine. Nat'i cash register check printer. J27-6S37 morie! 320, xlnt cond, 42i-33«. Livestock 365 d YR old ren. floov. marc, penile S30D-- 2 vr old reg. nir fillv broke to rid? S30Q- year lino nnov s'ud Colt $175. Genlle oclding S200 8i5-U63 10751 Artcslfi Rlvd. Ccrrito 1 ; FANTASTIC SALE. Sat.-Sun. 12-6 geldings, S223 no. 1 Well broke P O.A. tud. See Mr. Craln only. (213) 294-94SO or 865-9161 APPY mare, 2 vr. colt, reg. color See to appreciate, make oiler. 17603 Grldlev, Cecrritos 865-7628 THOROUGHBRED s vr. bay, u.3. excel, prospect. S350 or offer. 4260514 or GA 7-47/2. HORSES. 1 apo'v Mare 2Vi vrs. old 1 epp'v Colt 18 mo. 631-2173 Eves. WK. ends. STABLES for rent. We ieeri clean. Adi. to E.T.I, trail 5. show arena. 7105 Atlantic Place, L.B. Rlvcrtrail Stables, N.L.B. 422-9641 REG. 3/ 4 Arab fillv, must sell Best offer. 213-- 322-0345 or 322-6296. 3 YR old Filly, "green broke" S300 S66-7746 6-2 HAND seal bay neldino. Pleasure horse. Cheao. 423-2071 MUST sell saddles misc ndmq ecuicment. Reas. 633-77EO PIGEONS. Eleven pair white Thai- £ YEAR old m c ir. S175. Palomino nuarlrr horse. 5D-5/34. Pen 370 TROPICAL FISH HOUSE 1409 Cherry 109 p.m. 7 Days CORY CATS 4/S1 CLOWN LOACHES .59c Ea. NEONS, ZEBRAS .J2/S1 TANK SALE STILL ON Goldles B9c doz; 53.95/100 7 MIN/TOY Poodles 6 wks old paper trained AKC, 4 males, 3 females From S100 including shots punov ends CHIHUAHUA DUDpiCS. AKC. $35 up. Lonn smooth coats. Stud service tor Chihuahua, dachshunds, mini- Doodles, mini toys. (714) 531- THE PUPPY HOUSE Pur* mixed hrc«ds. 16605 Par- am't Blvd. AAE 4 0483, Open 11-S. hair, beautitullv marked, U.K.C. reg. with papers. 135 E. Plymouth NLB, rear. FREE to flood home. 7 mo. old PUD- py, hds shots, house broken. Needs family with children. Call after 7 D.m. or weekends. 437-6370 NEED lovinn home for large beaut - iul black ' tan 2 vr. old German Shepherd. Male. Needs laroe vard. Call after 4 D.m. 8320795 AKC Pups, brfssL-lli, bearjlei, doxies, chov.'S, poodles, shepherds. Stud Serv. Obedience. ^Mingodell 1244 ALASKAN Artalmute German Shepherd puppies, 11 weeks old, S20, D L Draperies, 1338 F. Adesia, ai- ST. Bernard, fern., 7 mos., loving home, no papers. SiSl). 425-6623 af- SHEPHERD PUPS, pure bred, tlashv, exlnt tcmperment, 7 wks, 565. UP 628-6971 p.m. onlv. wks. Orange color, female. Shots. 423-6678 after 5 D.m. GERMAN SHORT-HAIR POINTF.R STUD SERVICE. AKC champion field/show stock. Call 429-8207 SHEPHERD Puns 550 oet. 6 block 5. 2 white, motner white w/paperi tor sale S150. 631-0248 after A. GERMAN Shcoherd puppies, AKC 212th St.. Lakewood GFK«IAN~ short hdired Pointer out pieb AKC reg. S7T fern., S55 male. Ph. 325-d2/2 or 325-4390 ENGLISH Springer Spaniel nunpies, f, wks. AKC. snots. S75each. ME -4 1579 or 421-9100 POODLE pup, black male, AKC, DC- digrecd, shots, puppy trim included. S40. .425-4557 poodle. Rcas. to right home. 8603811 White 535 no paper;, S60 AKC. 3001 Daisy 426-U32 shots - 422-3319 BFAGLFS -- AKC 6 Wks 54i OOod wilh children GA 4-9767 Has DUPDV shots. (213) 373-8291 SIAMESE Kittens, Seaipoin! 6 \vks. old SIS Call 86S-J327 after 6 WIPE fox Terriers, 6 weeks old. GERMAN Shepherd PUP, frmnle champ sired, info. 860-3811 WHITE toy poodles, AKC. .196-6693 COLLIE PUPS, AKC, ALSO PAR- AKC Miniature Dachshund PUPS. SSO UP. Also stud serv. (714) 893-2214 C01 LIE pups, AKC, 6 wks. SHOTS. Guar. temperament. 923-6003 S P R I N G E R SPANIELS, AKC. CHAMP STOCK. 6 WKS. 430-3786 BASSETT p'jas, AKC, tri-color, pet or show, S75. (714) 839-1120 BASSET Hound. Excellent, 13-week- old male. AKC. Rras. 421-9S3-: AKC 10 mos. old. 59I-SW5 631-2173 EVES. S. WEEKEND? FEMALE Poodle, ?25 a lease or S75. DACHSHUND Terrier, tern., 8 wks. $?(). Phnne 434-F.07? 1 DACHSHUND puppies AKC, female) POODLE PUPS, fnv1 \_ m 2? i 'g 3 g KC LABRADOR PUPPIES for sale or trade. Call HA 5-i2£0 AKC Toy Poodle puppies, lite stiver Sassafras Champion line. 591-7293 SPRINGER SPANIEL PUPPIES. 10 wks. AKC champion stock, 692 6336 TOY POODLE PUPPIES AKC. A st tov stud service. 596-7/63. AKC Boston Terriers, 8 wks old. C ill · 320-2334 i ST. Bornard'ouos, AKC $175 UD. 5-19 1£73 eves. weekends. AKC D^ch^un-' DUPDV, bl.icx 8, I .in T{ p^rtv PC 5KW C PUOS ' V 43i-330f 5 B A S E N . 1 E PUPS, AKC." CHAW.P STOCK. Real cute. 835-0229 AKC w/Dfioers. 420-1036 AKC M.n Poodlei After 5:30 v25flllO P60 Silva St. GA 0-7433 N* 370 TIKI TROPICAL $711 Alondra EL BfMf'owrr 925-2620 7 dovs \\k. 1M Sun. 1IH K'cois 10 SI PCtrlf'od COti 7?C ". (?IH:'^II v^ri'.s -Sc fa. S Ivcr sharks . 9Sc cs. AOJ^ fa re soU-AO'rr 00'jar;.'" ~"fre?:e Dncd'Ti-Sren "~ ' "'c c=. iV.'i'i Free v-crm ce::er) Pemco 77 gal. aquarium Vt-'g-jK'* hoods. de'u»e s'ond, v-s"err +!o. Turtle t i*ers. . .. SKS AGUARIUMS · i^v^ir 1 -'' . ^| ~* 'SLEEPY" LAGOON TROPICAL FISH IliP E. BROADWAY, t. 8 j2-:-fb. ' Davi a w*. 10 ^-i. 5c^ K p.").. Ton seiecti^i r! f i s l i Re ot !cs (.n.nes? D-oa- if'fci.on o: F-,%i. Custom Aquariums fl-jj 'rn,-n backs! _ cu'sT^ni "jca BALAflOUSE TROPICS "i ucs t' 'u Ffioiiy 1 to £ P .V.. 11 to S P.M. Syn 12 noon to 6 P.'.'.. Clr-ied Won. 531 F.x'3 LABRADOR w^s. AKC. Wake- o!:cr or trade. S30-ON7 Wilmmaton BSHTAU Miscellaneous 400 (FOR RENT) ROOM tor Morfl-;f, $10 no. Hotels Motels 405 "WEEK DAY RATES l.iTchrn avail Arojiine .ViOiei. 103? L. ;t!i. HE 7-43c3 FOR LEASE-- Holfl 33 fins -*- ox-.n- e-fs apt or mflnsnfr's. Low cv factor, call NE 8-Wl. P.V. tn 9 SAND £ SEA .V.01E1. T-J-5 L. OCEAN BL. DAILY V.'KLY. S12.50 \VK. UP Doilv rdies, TV. Lov- lit. 33? W. Anaheim HL 2-1253^ golf 530 wk. up TV 4iOO h. 7tn. DONNA Hotel-- maid, T V In icbbv H O T E L ABERDEEN. SU wk UP. Downtown 134 F. 1st. HR 2-9181. LYNFORD Hotel 612 W. 3rd. Sin v.k. Rooms for Rent 415 $45 MO. UTIL. PD. Nice slrenino rim. Men onlv ELEVAIQR. QUIET BuHtlmo. THE CALDWF.U. APIS. LADY-- Priv. nn. w/baih. ^nare luxury home. Color 'IV. Pool. Pmtj pono. Heatod pool. Horse to rde Nr. Artesia Woodruff. Owner. G6/-1270 FURNISHED room for rent. Prcf Shore LAKEWOOD. Rm. for lady. Kitchen qriv laundry. Near Douglas bus line. ME 3-7607 or 367-2491 LGE. Slceoino mi. mv. crpts., loe. closets. Pvt. ba. tfit. Ktch. priv. Lady prof. $55. Bellil. 92S-7773 RM For rent nr. Bcllfl. Alondra Blvd. Phone 920-2576 S3.CO WK. empl mnn or pensioner Kiirh. nrlv, 1J18 B 10th FEAA., Prefer siud'-'ni. lac. rm ft ba., LARGE room for rent. Man only. Priv cntr S10 wk GA 4-6033 h'ifF room, close in, (or lady. 600 C"d.T. HE 5-54A7. $18 50 WK. UD. Rms apt. centrally I»C. 1777 Cherry. 59J-0031 MICE room, ciosr-in. !uh or shower. Older mnn. J17 E. li SI. * LIVE ON THE RFTACH r £ TJ90 L OCEAN. £60 f. UP -fr 512 WK. Room, small Mkhenette. Empl. man. 1203 Cwiar. HL S-5UJ8 BIG 1st iloor kit. Priv. ^5--; .V.apno- lia. Quiet, clean, 5-!5. SB. 50 HSKFG. Priv. cntr. babin stiow- 12.50 piiv. room, nifln, kitcncn priv. SLEEPING ROOMS FOR RCNT S36fi'A LONG BEACH BLVD. ROOM BOARD -- Men only. Good food. 371 Wisconsin V\FN -- Good meals, oood transD., ROOM board in pnv. home iar mdn. Ph- 42-W33 SINGLE: or double room. A\eais 7 davs, men wilv. 435-6670. Pf ?ad£ private m hon-.e 3 433-l! r »3 Housekeeping 430 Rooms GUESTHOUSE, women onlv, $40 o i63. hskor., maid scrv. GE 3-E181 Rentals to Share 440 PROFESSIONAL Roommate Consultants. Need a room ma c? Share n house or apt? -Aje IS io 90. Rc-f. 597-556R YOUNG oirl employed to share 2 Br Spanish stvle aot. w/Stime refer, req. ph after 1 p.m. 435-8063 2 BR Furn apt, ground iloor, ga- raqe, pref student or working ladv. Nr SI. Coll. RMS. 597-I9B3 ALAMITOS Bay home to Lhare v/ith other employ, men. Ref. GE 8-6063 FATHER son would like to share MALE to shnre sot. w/same. Privacy. Refs. 439-2097 same. 639-2350, irl4J bctore 3 P.m. Duplexes Flats 445 EASTSIDE Lgo 1 Br. duplex, avail 16th. w-w. crp. gar., irpl., itiu :s 2 BDRM 2 Bn. incl. vard. 51S5. Adults no pols. 2033 DalEV avs- i"90 -Clean tgc. 1 br. Adults, no pets. 1382 Junioero Ave. S60. L O W c R 1 BK duplex. 3-1 Harmony Way. 426-0301 parking. 1624V: San Francisco 1-2.'. WK. 2-Br. dun. Garage, children OK Mr. =605. Bkr. 921-5504 Duplexes Flats 450 (UNFURNISHED) BEL. HGTS. Beaut, occnn view. 2 large bdrms., den, U» b.iths. Crpts., drdiws, bit-ms, lireplacc. Gar. 125 Ro^vcll. BRAND new Gold Medallion 2 BR, 1 blk to school. Util free. SI 80. 321 $105 MO. Nr. Douctlcis. 2-Br. Carncl cd Chilrl OK. 2300 Icrmino. Ciil after 5:30. 431-9437. BEL. HTS. l-3r. ri-jolcx. i'25 Joe Hodoe 1400 Soulh St. GA 3-7914. _ BELSHORE Nrwcr. re^cc. 2 Br. qar. adulls. no pels. /O Pomona SIM ? BDR'.'u nc'.vlv decorsted, private vcrd. 436-1032, 422-6043 or 422-B30 1 ? LB, S75. 432-1621 LGE 2-Br.. gar. S130. Child OK. Paramounl. Ph. 935-6092 WRIGLEY 1 BR adults, oar., prlV. vd 620 W. 21st SE5 mo. closets. 3rd t'ChcsVu't 577-4U4 T^R. l.cwe'- (iupT^.ir/ (,'r mH:"Bus" LARG'E i^BVai oom DUPI.E.X. S65 a NICE Ige. 2 Dr., ni?.vcr SI-'.S Art j?l-'^74 920-12J4 593--2 BR. Tric'cx. S/'^f. MCVP. S120-- 2-HR. diiP'.ex. S-'-vc.^chi^^OK. 2-BR. rirctric Sto^. Adults. ^No Apartments 455 (WITH POOL1 LYNWOOD NirdV fi)T.. 1 B'. 1 n- fant ok. C3:3 C,^'i-\ -JP FURNISHED APTS. AH" Areas " 460 CLEArJ c=JV. i Br. POOL. Pa-King. S125. 27?i Walnut J?i-o?Jl. $25 WK. B, UD. Rms- aoft. Centra ]y loc. 1777 Cherry- 591-0031 2121 L.B. Blvrt. 7 Lqc. 1-Brs. apis. 5125. Util. Dd. 591-34-13 "furn. «b"3£3*Aitcr?'H.L.D! ' S85 1 OR ur.ner utils r.lid, C.KK, S70~SuV; Eroij'irr'rtfa'tionTI'jtiV I Dd. AflulTS. UiO G.-.v r.t.-,. VP "-3 1 [R, 'Wfr. C ran t-iv. entr. not Ok. 4i",i V.. lS:h H£ 7-4273 1 ~ ] - B f f . .FUPN.'^UNFURN." AdullS · SIGHT ? ^-'i"i is Free J3 rrntrr' Util. pd" P..ID,'. HE'5-iC'73__" B"E-UTI=U-"ne'.v'v fur'-i. Tflr. imf L«. ·,«*. w« a JH«j». B il*-.»' sij i»« INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM)-C.I9 FURNISHED FURNISHED ft UNFURNISHED APTS. UNFURNISHED APTS. All Areas 460 All Are« 440 * LAGUNA VISTA * FOR EXECUTIVE LIVING -- ADULTS -LARGE 1, 2 3 BRS. LUXURY APARTMENTS DISHWASHER W.W CARPET SAUNA EXERCISE ROOM RECREATION ROOM HEATED POOL 1 OR 2 BATHS SHUFFLESOARD PUTTING GREEN CROQUET SUBTERRANEAN PARKING Ad'rtcertf fo Pijrt i Go'f Couri» PLEASE CALL OR VISIT 500 XIMENO MANAGER punuc /)·· mnc FURNISHED APTS. All Areas 4(0 LB'S FINEST $140 UP 2 3-BR. ALSO UNFURNISHED ,' BUILT-IN RANT.CS 1 RE F'RIG. / HEATED POOLS t KMt 80. _r CRPTS., DSAPES AIR COND. y'LOCATifSrVslNY'tf." 1 LUAU MANOR SS« Cntnv G* t-39'0 FASHION PARK APTS. 1240 E. S^nd Oiar.fW 422-3S45 NR. BELMONT SHORE RUl CHFAPLR ^00 E. 7TH SIllpFNIS WFLCOMF Hi-,v!. lu::i. \\^v'crp!.%.":-rr -: AHUL :s NO pf IS SiM-l i.S bv \vfoK or inor"fi K'A Main .' Sec Mpr/Ari. 1 lOi! E 7:n . . See Al.;r. $120 1 BEDROOM " All util paid. POOL. Clost lo college transportation. NICELY FURN. I-BR. BIT huiltin kltr^Pn. Oulel. LR Frwv. S103. ?20 F. 5?th St. J??$30 WEEK-- UTIL INCL V P.FDROOM. CHILDREN OK. 3390 Santa Fe. 427-92S8 fJi-W Sinolrs. SS9.50 mo. Util. pd. Bullt-ins, w-w crpt, dr.ipcs, QISPOS- al, 5 bits, to new Citv Hdll, clos,c 1 BR. bv week nr month 573.SO A no utilities paid 10J4 Main J3S-5502 SIS S. SIB WK. Clean lower sglc A dblos. Util. pd. Nr. nikts, bus $60-- Single. Util. Pd. 1130 Rflvmcnd SINGLE APTS $80 mo. All util Dd. Clost to beach, friendly atmosphere. 334 E. lit. HE 7-9125 SUM WK. CLEAN APTS. UTIL Tlro I E? r Htur rtCt tr " - N GA U 7 S "«) $ 7 0 $ 7 5 REDEC. 1 Br. UTIL. F'D 1930 CMFRRY AVE ST. ANTHONY'S '/ ? BL 1 BR, adults, 426 Olive Ave. 595 S8S-- UPPFR Ice. 1 Br. Adultv No pets -113 E. Burnclt, to sec col 436-679-!. after 5 LGE. Clean, nicely turn. 1-Br. \V w E. 5lh. HL 7-6/94 CLEAN guiet single. Util paid, w w crct, mad. furn Adults. 1866 Hen- acrson, LB. 591-7253 Bcliflower 480 -- WEST WINDS-$125 1-Rdrm, furn. AKo 2 Bdniu. HE\TED POOL C-irpetcd, dr.iocs, bullt-lns. Adults 9215 Alondra Blvd. Bclltlower 857-7915 TOWER $69.50 UP RACHFI OR 1-BEDRM UTILITIES PD.-- [JO PtIS POOL. ADULTS. 9720 FLOWbR-- APT. 106 V BRAND NEW ± Fxecutive fvge deluxe 1 Br., w/E.Traae, Ml rlcdric S175. 9J5J Flower -- Qellflower 925-52J2 86/-3SM 634-7010 Bellflowor-Nr. Douglas Nicelv furn 1 Br $99.50 Mo-uo or S30wk-un incl util. Nrpark Infant Ok. 8522 Artcslo, Apt. 1. i31-0266 fant or teen. f£. of Lakewood Blvd. Nr. Arteija Frwy. Colonial Apts. LARGE 2 3-Br., furn unfrn.utlll. pd. 65-ft nool, air cond. Prkno. 1 BR. S115; 2 Br. 5145 up; 1 pools, adults, 9854 Alondrn Wb-)717 SMALL 1 room hbkping coltdne. All Litil nri. Bnrh. onlv SA5 TO fi-l?fi8 Belmont HeTghrs ~~485 PARTIALLY furn. gar. aot. w/oor. SSO. S'.llVj Caloiado, 596-85-13 CHARMING aot over onr So. Of 71h, nr Redondo 575 435-6515; 433-1973 Belmont Shore 495 ON THE BEACH , Fxfr.i nicr. S4? v;kly. or SI 50 mo. includes oil utils., TV linens. ySo E. Ocean. 43.1-6236 ALAMITOS BAY ? h-irm, utih nd, $185. nice vlrw. ·T-4 0051 this wknd. or 4JJ-D585 if i PM. SINGLE older apt. on Foot of Pier. S75 uiil rx). 434-5330 2-BR. den, newlv decorated. Adults, no pets. 167 Prospect, L-B. 51/5-- HUGE MOD. DLXE. 2-BR. 1-BR. ~ pulldown bed. Weekly rates. Util. Pd. -1312 E. 2nd. GE 9-8501 Bixby Knolls 505 S115. POO! . Hune mod dlr 1-Rr. WV/, draws. 114? E. Carson. X24- Downtown 535 615 E. OCEAN Sol. dfals., 565 UD 24 hr. ouard MEW ONLY. Sinule large aot Sober censioner onlv. Free Dflrt.ino. S55. Utils. pd. 735 W. Bd\vv. S25 WK S95 mo up, I 2 Br ell S25 WEEK, 1 BR, NEW PAINT Infant OK. 710 Chestnut $120 Xira Lge 1 Br. $120 $145 Xtra Lge 2 Br. $145 CHILDREN WELCOME Mod. bldg. bit Ins, nicely furn. 435-7M3 or GE 9-8CSA c' COMFORT LIVING ADULTS, POOL, FUN-FROfA SIM. HOLIDYA APARTMENTS 1501 E. 4th HE 5-U1/ 733 OLiVE Ave. Small 1 Br. 1 or 2. 565-- DOWNTN. Sgle., Util. od., retired cnlv. 623 E. Broadwov S75 SINGLE, near bus. Ulil pd. Adults. 637 Mcrjnolia. S72 1 BR aot. furnished, lov/er floor. 1545 "B" Locust UO'.VNTN 5ina!es S?Q UD. TV avail. PlciM, 625 \V. Oce-Tn. HE 2-943S. S l ' N C Y ^i:nle. -ir el/ !um. Quid, n-j't',. rnos. 2?4 A!lnrt;r. FURNISHED APTS. North Long Beach 590 · · AVAILABLE NOW ·· DiSuxe all ffc. \ A 2 Br., poo 1 . patio. 6?2) Cncrry M.L.8. -:2S 1C-14 1 RR furn. apt. w .v cfi»l. olio. Prcl" Close lo busline. S11V mo. i31S Cherry. Ant. 2 -.?tower, ut.ii. pd. 4li E. iSih ST., $95, 1 BR. Quiet - residential urea. BQ. SSD iic'-jpe\ ut.lit cs, N-" ncjQlas. flduili onlv. 5"l"NGT"E~c"lf;irrnuifrTti!« 1 ix:".*\;rGA Paramount 605 YOUNG adutt Singles Couples BALI APTS.. COMPLETELY Remodeled Refurnished A'\ ulilltlcs paid. VAV rarreti A flraorriM. Upivr A lower av.ill.i- h!c. 1 or 3 brs. Adults oniv. Sma pM ok. (with f»Tra deposir) 1S7?4 Orflnqe Ave. PARAMOUNT 6M 11S3 BY MON1H or \M-ck, r x t r a mce Bedrni «nts. furn. SI.'O He^ie.! D30l, oatio, rsrort F. drapes \v-Ditins. A nice place to live! ORANGE PLAZA. liS52 O'anor WF.EK or nionin. 1 or 2-Br. Util. pa. PARAMOUNT SQUARE AF'TS Poly High District 615 Morrlll GA 4-7/01 Westside 645 SINGLE turn, util od. Arfitltv Pensioners pre{. HE 29738 Wilmington 650 FURN. 1 bdrrn. flot. crpts., drpi., rc- tria., stove, oar., washer tree. 594 Crfll 429-0639 FURNISHED UNFURNISHED APTS, All Ar*nc A A A LAFAYETTE 140 LINDEN 435-56S1 'RENTALS S130-S775 A ! HfcKION WtSI .·; Pools nnd Play Arort^ Children nnd Pets welcome Furnished and Unfurnibhctl 1 fi. 2 Bedrooms trom S125 1718 Ximono 597 1321 GREAT LOCATION Santa And Fwy at Roscmcad f. Lakewood Rlvd. Furn. unfurnished. 1-bedroom apt. from J100 a month. Gfls water paid. Walk tn snooping. Lnkewood Lanal Aots.. 8840 Llndell Avt. Downey. Downcv. DLX. GOLD MEDALLION tn nicest Comolon area. 1-BR's. From 595 lo SI 10. - Pool, Sauna Balh, Rec. Rni. Adults only. No CHILDREN ACCEPTED 2 Br. aol, cdrocts, drapes, dlso. 423 C. 53rd St. N.L.B. NEW 2 BR. Blxbv Knolls ArM S150-S175 LUXURY 20 W. Place 1 Blk. W. of L.B. Olvd. on 4?lh St UNFURNISHED APTS. BIXBY GREEN 2-3 BEDROOM HOMES C E N T R A L AIR CONDITIONING UP TO 1500 SOUARE FEET --MAX ACOUSTICAL PRIVACY --CARPETS, DKPLS, HUGE --WARDROBES, DISHWASHERS Lara* Pool, Putting Green Volley Ball, Badminton, etc. 6868 LAMPSON (NR. KHOTT) GARDEN GROVE (714) 894-3355 · O · · Cerritos Circle $225 Mo. Up D«iuxl 2 Br. duolex units, com- pleti. In every detail. Aoioin n? Virginia Country Club. Take Long Beach Blvd. 'o San Antonio Or. Wost 14 milt to Dfl Mar Avt. Right 3 blocks. Models open dal v. 10 to 5. 42X-758S 423-6445 EL CAP'TAN FROM $ 1 1 0 MONTH 2 3 BR. APTS. 3325 Santa Ft Avi. C7-1I14 4B4US NEW DELUXE APTS. Golrl medallion nets. Adults onlv. 1-BR. 1105; 2-BEDROOM. $125 1505 F. llth St. L.B. 591-750 CYPRESS VILLA APTS. NEAR ST. ANTHONY'S HAW WELCOME Newly decor. 1-BR. v/ VI CD'S , rlrny, hlt-ini. Child O.K. -- No pcf;. S95 DELUXE fOWNHO'USE 7-BR. i den. 2 ba., catlo, deck. All dec. tilt-ins incl. washcr- /drver. Oh Yes, Ige. Swim POOL. 2 BR., M/ 2 BATH (Jfw studio ant. Di^D. u^r.. frnrwi patio, eic. Just camtcd. 2575 Pasadena, L.B. fi^r Mor. front house. LIKE NEW 2-BR. deluxe oirDeti, bit- n*, nrfjlts, no octi. S120. F'RE^STIGf: R T A L T Y 433-W64 1 CHILD WELCOME" ? Br;., blT ins, carccf. i dr,TD*-s St. Anthonys l/ 2 Blk. N'c^er attr. 2 Br ww crpj drps elec ranao adits $125 737 E 5tn St ;Eastside 540 LGE ?.BP. Ac-s.j'rhM^en ok. ' -- "i~c'i^fr : "i~c'c~f'-jn~9~f-ji: * U3 ' Fncd - vas tncl. oars. 3^09 ! UT:L. nd. Adults U?4 PPT-R^ON 571-2/C3 V/ILSON 'HIGH ARFA 2 E-ir.-r.. VJ-','f, blt-ir.b. Poal! S170 j'.'c. (.-ill .V.-insricr, 433-5?ll or P-1X HOOGES CO. 435-3336 1.0 v f v 1 Barn., W-W carpel!, r!y:,ti. V4'j. 1/55 E. 2nd St. HE 6- Front, clean single mVu'e adult, no drinker, nr 3BR. $175--923 Grand m'"'R~';"TH~t ~c"HF~RY~rEAN' , TO'.LEGE i T U D T N T PREF. 597- - r B»7". ^iTf-V'o; o'bTPri '''tr~s"e5 i mof utii. Pet OK. 439-4732 Lakewcod Area 55G 1~S,~2 BR~"Fu'nT V"ur.fi7r~A7-!/rsV ale?. Hen!-d ocni 5591? Sojth St. ' I"B^ ;·//. 2 b'r I-:?"HO*.L -jtii, or- n", 20^7 Na'-Aain fi'5-8;w NorMi Lcn^j Cucch 3?0 336J"91;__ Eves,_63S-?301 GET on our wailing list. 2 Br,, chll dren, oliiv area. 6901 L.B. Blvd Daily wk. r.ttes. 4SOO E. 7th Oirlct. Util pd. 561 E. Pleasant St. OCEAN front sinjle, 1 br R 2 br, SINGLE bachc or apt. Util na d 5100 lo $200, 1040 E. Ocean. Clean. 778 East 55th St. L.B. Uliis. pd. S7Q. 591-5030 J only, i5QO Paramount Blvd. 1 2 BRS.-$80 MO. UP 3 3Ri7w.V'r!o~.,i'rL.drce!i",~crdtes, d soos^l Garagr LO.VER 1 3R. ijnV'fi. S75. Rfiec., SiGHT Sound ;s Free to rcnicrs. All areas Prices. 635-9140 BEAUT. 3-ad:m., 1\ baih, w-v/, drapes, pool. 9039 Artesid. S47-9370 DELUXL 2 br. ww C'Dt, private D«- lio, nice area. $145. 4JJ-1741, Bellflower £85 NF'.V oatio flats, / at- ranged. 1 Br. nit. m v.itch., s«r PbOL~~~~T" ?.~?~ 3 RbT" r"mIicT~fi : D;_jrj_;as. 95 ti E. Compton Blv3 Bchnon.- 1-1 eights 690 irt-ne rer-.yieled l-b-.i near i,orei. NF7r2~B~R~lT7fc"a!7ca?pc tT,*d7^DcT . diinwasher, an cicc. 5175. Call at- HR 4th A Redondo. Loc. 2 Br. Gold" Mcd. Cots, dros, reacc. vi '0 Arlultv J31-007?; GE 1-617? Responsible' iduili, 269 Kennebec IWFURNISHED APIS. UNFURNISHED AITS. All Artat MS All Ar*at MS 260 Apts But Just- 19 Still Availabl* LUXURY LIVING BY THE SEA ; Stud o -- t btdroorn -- 2 b«dro«n -- 2 btejroom d*n ' Y' Customized \' Carpets Dr«p*t Leasing Terms \/ 24-Hour Doorman V Rental Furniture \/ Furnished Models By Carls Modnl Open 9 a.m. to S p.m. Pacific Holiday Apartments 1900 East Ocean Blvd. Long Beach 435-4343 UNFURNISHED APTS. I 5ur«;«k.J u«». lit lelmont Heights 690 BRAND NEW DLX. GOLD MEDALLION 1 2 BR. 2 BATHS AJi'lLTS ' " ' ' SO PE TS 333 NEWPORT PHONE 439-124! NEWER fl'l tlec. 2 Bff.. Pi M , t e, Dll-im, crrts. dros. Afiv's. no Ddi. 3700 E. 4th S?A-5i*S (K LAN \f--f.: I)ciu*e"rBdr,-n." I'oO. Belmont Shore 700 Bay front Penthouse Wt-M Dcluve). Lor. 1 BR.. 2 bath, f ev.. carpel, dr.-ircs. 43J-2.*5. S300-SPAV10JS 2 tvlrm* A cen. Di- rics L-?rer. Nev.1/ c.irpoied. 1 hlfvk ttpn ccffln AdulK. Ns neti. Bixby Area 705 w w. crost.. a.pv, All nee., o^.' , elevator. N " r \v\. Adulls, no OCH. ili^. W? tlii. S,'A J-iO-1 PVPs. Downey 740 "BROOKSTIlRE APTS 2 Bedrooms Unfurn. \' C.irpcted-Dr.itifi ADULTS?250 Dnwnpv 213-862-4073 Downtown 745 JLLUX'b 1 BR, *35. rarpfis, df^Of,. bu t- m, mint oV, no OPli 6S3 LARGE Unfurn. 1 BR. unner. Adul \. No octs. HE 7-219. BR. i70. Siove. Adults. Quiet. J04 SINGLE-- S5S mo. Uppei. REX HODGES CO- J3S 883A S115. 2 BK. lower. New cpts. rcdcc. Child ok. Avail. J3S-7911 SPACIOUS 1 2-Br. Children OK. 1118 Cedpr. HF: 6-V.-3 Eastsid* 750 DELUXE LARGE UDDcr 1-BR., redecorated, new w/w carpet, stove. town snooping. 255 Bonlto, Act. 5. NHW 2 bdrm. bath, llv rm 8, kitchen, crpts, 3nd floor, adults. OHor counle Dref. Gnv welcomed. Garage avail, S10S mo. 1403 E. llih. OCEAN FRONT SMC. 3 Br., 2!i bfllh!, Homr IHe ftni. Aflult*. HE /-l'2a 2 Brs. Nr. Beach $ 1 2 5 New decor. 375 Gladyj. 438-31W) LGL 2 Br., w\v crpt., drnpM, bll Ins, 1135 also gar. avail. 115 d34-Sfi83 Bkr. 439-2177 DCls'. 17-10 Redondo 438-3755 GOOD E.-ist^lde 2 br. bl!-ln,, rrpt^., drps. Clwn. 750 Gladys Mor. Apt. 7 Adults only, no cuts. frig. S100."oidcr"adults! No nets. Nr. Mnres Gar. nvsll. GE 8-8364 LGE BR apt, crpts, drns- stove rr- 2216 inn. 3044 E. 41 h St. $85 upoer, 1 BR, slave, retrig. Older adults no pets. -J39 8303 drapes, crpt. liar. Adult iomilv $125 UP, ?-Br. furn. or unlum., rcdcc. 1104 Dawson. -J33-5S04 Los Cerritos 790 UPPER 1 bdrm, slovc, rcfrig, utlls (urn. S75. 4040 Pine Ave. North Long Beach 800 bit-ins, 1 child OK J1J.5. 2321 E. car oaraae, luliv crnfd. dros, hll- 1ns. 284 E, Marker 638-JA75 crpt, disp.. Pool. Close tn busline. $119 mo. 6315 Cherry, ant ? 2-BR S105. Crui.. drapes, pool. Only 5 unit Adu'ls No pels. 1817 Soulh S. NLB GA 2 IOSA 1 BR lower, crpts, drps, refrin. ^ ^love. C«ll evenings yvkcnds ^22-5101 5881 Oranqe Apt. 3 crpts., drps., gar. Adults only. Call ^FtcrSp.m. J22-7357 . S 00. 1 8R. dUP'cx, stove, rcfr o. crpt., divan, 428-6613 2 RR. crpts., dros.. stove, diSP. 1 child, no pets. Ph. 421-9513 Orange Counry 810 2-BR. studio not. r-? baths, buiMms ^ r cnnd., po^l. Adults. No dens. Vic. Beach Blvd.. Garden Grove F : 'V/V. (714) 5304753 evens, i G GROVE 2 br, 2 baths dosed gar. rlean J150. 1 story. 85JI Emerson Clr. =1. 71J-S37-B7TO Paramount 815 W6 WANT YOUNG adult Singles Couples BALI APTS. COMPLETELY Remodeled St Refurnished A 1 utilities paid. WW raroets draperies. Upper lower available. 2 or 3 brs. Aduks onlv. Smal pet ok. (with rxtrci deposit) 15724 Orang« Ave. 2 BR. redecorated, 1 ch|:o ok. Refs. SM. mo. OX 9-7113 8203'.3 F 2-BR. duple*, Prfrom Stove ft rr fr;7- Otf si. parking. SIM. ME 42704 S127 50--? BR . r.i'rx»ts. draper i^t- ed Pool. UtH. pd. 6333541 Rossmoor 830 TOWNHOUSE 3 BR 2 BA. Pool "HM everything." Immac. 435-5743 Signal Hill 840 VIEW OF CITY 7 BS. Uf.'FUPN. :.'i i;-.i, rc'rla. CD- Wrigley 843 $ 1 1 5 Lge. 2-Br. $ 1 1 5 lrt26*Ced-»r' (· j* T r*'-\ Very clean -- lower T BP, w / « l-;e nn r.-; rr: »5 201 S Locus?. S 3 ^ ? ! J 1 c'f 4 :..-. LOVELY 3 pd-'m. -*ifS swlmnvnj l-ne-,s, iftoiher, dryer/ K'na s ;* S-v'Si*. i $yn. iJ3 s'rltt*''i. *?'OH/ or 1714) 53M794; (7U) foi- 3-5R . a*raje, N.L.B. I lit rro. Gdi 1 - dmt- K, wartr pd., ((-need yd. Na reu. 2 cniidffn, i vri IMSC. 1st last mo. re^t in advance » $50 de- SdS TO Ilia util. Prime ares 5?5, 2 Bd- Blfnj. Kith. Ptt ok. lisa to uoo, 3 3d Met aotv 4 BRS-e'ec. Kit. 2 batM. 2carafl' - . P.Mio. 3 bustnesi rrtn o.V. Nr FWY. Gftfden Or.ave 5275. 437-IMs 1, I 3-BQ. 8v wfc. or mo. Pet, k;Ct 0*. Alt prtce*, all areas. Bkr. 5A7. JUS-- NICE 2-Br. cotlflge. N.L B. Fenced. Family. Nr. all. BVr. (313) 531-S2U; 4A9-2551 WS^-1 - B R".~d lioltiT Ut 1 1 ."'txJ.'GarTTJo' tra. Family A prt. Bkr. (21i) i31-82U: SM-2S51 S3?. SO V/K. Big 3-Br. dok heoii. Fnc.1. tor family r*f. Bkr. (213I 531-fiJU; MO-25S1 (175,-NICE 2-Br. home. Fncd. vd. Gar. FamMv OK. Mr. 4)1. Bkr. 12131 S31-S2U; M9-2S51 BELLF. lower, clean 1 pr, ell utilf nd. S70 TO 7-3576 2-BR., drecl., Catallna vl»w. 1 vr len«, S?75 mo. 8i3-!2« no pch, 5W3 Mvrtlt. tW-- 1 BR. Eait. Small pet. vird. DEGLEY «0 L.B. Blvd HE 6-?:5l J1. ( -28R. fast, Modern, vard. DEGLEY WO L.B. Blvd. HE i-9751 ill 1 ; -- 2 BR. nr shopping. E.«t. OEGLEY WO L.B. Blvd. HE A-9S1 m -- i 31^ bit^vp rets, vinj DEGLEY WO L.8. Blvd. HE 6"7S1 ?K-3 BR. nr. Dcacn, schls. kids DEGLEY 900 L.B. Blvd HE (v^^S' Unfurnished Homes 875 3-RP . 1 hoths. SUO. Avail immM · out. Kid* oet OK. PBX Ul- 0160 to SI55. 2 Dd. hses-apts-duo. sus. .1 Bd. Corner hse. Kids Ml. Wsny others at HOLDS 639-4939 OPtN FRIDAY 'TIL 9 P.M. Joe Hodoe, UCO Soutn St. GA l- (f2S^2~BR~ Nirwalk. AvaTl"~3t/' OPEN FRI. 'TIL 9 P.M. Joe Hodoe, 1400 South St. GA 37914 BELLFLOV/ER-- 2 hr. oar., dho. tcrr A lawn work; Included S13S. "222 Palm. TO 7-6330 TANGLEWOOO TOV.TI Houst, 4 Br. 2' ? bath, pools, air cond. w-w car- rets draws. Lease S240 or our- cn.ise S23,900. (714) 827-8475. las. 3-Bedroom, caroet, draces. Built Ins. 438-7400 Or 130-0420. LOS Altos Avail. March 1st. New v titx. 3 Br., wwl. J225 mo. 5156 Ad- 490. 1 BR. Cots, drpi. Newlv rtcfec. Stoyp A retrig. Small yd. Lndrv Me. BabV o«c. 433-J732. ^lovff refrlg. Pool Nr. jrh'i ft, CHOICE Plaia 2 Br. fenced, r?r- rwll. Sl/i. 1st last., rtf. Gt 1-12-^1 OPEN FRIDAY 'TIL 9 P.M $165-2 BR., IVi bath. Blxbv Knol'a Joe Hodoe, 1400 South St. GA 3- W25-- BIXBY KNOLLS. 3-BR. 2 bath. Jo* Hodoe, 1400 South St. Ga 37914 3 BR. 2 Ba., den w/flrtplaa* w/w iSnke?s r , P !¥M. ' "*' 8AO-23IV S170- 3-BR. Kids, Bit- Dbl.oar. Jco Hodoc, UOO Souih SI. GA .V 7V14 SH5-- NLB. 2-BR. HAVE TWO. Jot Hodoe, U-JO South St. GA f- S150-3 BR. 2 kids. Avail. 3/1. Joe Hodge, UOO Soulh St. GA J- 7914 J95--RENT with option lo buv 2 br. f, den. Iqc. lof S1J,?00 P.P. Oflki fll 16301 Lakewood, Bellllr, O.K. S12^ Call TE 5-SBSO. 954 Fashion. ItiO MO 2 Bdrm, cute cottao» ? children ok. Torrance. closa to all Industry. J37-03S4 S/S-i BK. snowcr, furnace, stove r*- fri?. 1 male adult only, on Mkrn. 433-5531 ROSSMOOR dlx. To-wnhouse 3 f. den --nts , rtrps., p^tlo, *\c. Avflll. In Mar. Lift 5235. Call (213) 25JJ8M G. GROVE 3 br, 2 baths, custom b t tir^3l. dishwasher, clean S200 mo. 13121 Jefferson, 714-537-3730 DEGLEY'9oTuB r Blvd! e ^E 6-975? r * AVAIL. March 1st. Bellflr. 3 Br., o* vi., pool. S300. 925-609? 2 BR, a;tults, no pels, fenced vard 1 BR R;al nn.e, cross from park- BEL hTl. 1-BR. Duplex 5125 l-.e Hodac I4GG South St. GA 3-79H PARAMOUNT. Lge. 2 Br., near new G-ird:ie, S125. 633-0275 1100 Al ONE 2 Br. fenced, Mt. kldi O.K. Option Ekr. M7-8361 S115 FIREPL. 2 Br. A den, 1W bath. Hds OK Broker 567-8361 2-BR, house al 120AV/ Cherrv. i12i S155 DOV/N EY 3 8r. ear., fenced, kids OK Broker 567-4341 S125 LOOK 3 Br. dble. gar. Pet, kld« O.K. Bkr. M7-S361 3-BEORM, l : i bath nooi«. \\U lease. - 597-2481 3 BR. 1 Ba. crots. J16S. 2 children, no pels. 429-0(M8 CALIfORNIA Hts. 2-Bdrm., largi BELMONT Shore Modem 2 BR. buiirins, patio, sarage, J39-75J3 S70 3 POOMS. Adults. Pensioners welcome. 1902 Stanley. HA 5-34U 3-BDRM. S!o;e Included. Victoria 3-BR., rcir, S150- '.Vater Dd. Crpt, draces. 5916-A Rose. 860-6913. SMALL 1-Br., S55. M3ft Loom i i HUNTIfJGTON BEACH vacant 3 4 nr SI70 UD. agr, 7U S'3-3535 NLB. 1 BR, S50. H«r LakT^vood. 63iOW* rm., cots. Nice GE 3-3J53. NAPLES, 2 br, din rm , dbl. 3ar, fenced- redcc. S22S 434-.yi* LQS AL7QS arei 2-Br. house. SfTJ?. 5I17 1 ; mo. 57S-J3S1 Miio. sto/f. 5195. S74-505? EL' DORADO Park". "3-B. fani, im No nets. 52n5, lease. J30-7W3 5I35-- 3 8^. Bel Hts. kids, 0-4. ·· OEGLEY 900 L.B. Blvd. HE 6-9751 ' DEGLEY 9CO L.B. Blvd HE 6775 ' "DEGLEY m L.B. Bivd/HEV?;;! 4 9'. 2 ba. Near school shoocing Sec - W,sr.' Apt! '~i. ' " "rj-'os. sto/0, rrtno. 575. 433O279 ° ' ?-!4 E. 25 tr. SI. ? B; G - ' d f.'r.ti* · S2CO-- 5 BR. 2 b*ths. Avail, l^fl UNFURNISHED APTS. Easrside 750 fliiillpRr AVAILABLE ^OW BRAND NEW - GOLD MEDALLION SPACIOUS 1 A 2 8SDBOOMS A P T S _ l ' i B A T H S ELECTRIC BUILT.INS ! n "iHWASHER-RANGE 4 OVEN-HOOD i W.W CARPETS - D R A P E S - ELEVATOR AJuli. MAXIMUM PRIVACY 4 SECURITY N p ) 1127 E. 4th St. ' " FOR INFORMATION-597-8666 . j

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