Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1963 · Page 8
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 8

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 30, 1963
Page 8
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TO i SING AT EVANGELISTIC SERVICES Dean and Mary Jean Brown and the Sixteens, pictured above, will provide the music at a week-long evangelistic crusade at the Long Beach Evangelical United Brethren Church, 17th Street and temple Avenue, beginning. Sunday. Services during the crusade will be held this Sunday and on April 7 at 10:45 a. m. and 7:30 p. mT; and on week nights at 7:30. Forrest Layman, of the Billy Graham team, will be the guest speaker Sunday. Rev. A. Philip Strickler, San Diego pastor, will bring the messages during the week. Tne Caravan Singers will sing on Sunday evening. The public is invited to all services. j · , _ · WHY STUDY £ THE BIBLE? always topping tKs st cf best-setting boots in ur land, tna Bibt« is possibly ead less tHan any other in proportion to the Dumber ci copies possessed y trie people. Are w« to conclude, then, fliat tK« rbl« was given to us by tfie lord s'mply for an ornament or to serve as a serf of ctarm? Certa'tJy rot. I! Vas given to supply man's .pTritual needs. 1 bot! hers ind hereafter. A c c o r d i n g to Jeremiah 10:23, man cannot rgriiFy direct his ifeps. See also 'roverbs 14:12. Therefore Sod gave His Word to mars ·o direct Us steps through Ife. (PsaTmj 119:105.) It n ·Vougri it tfiat man may earn - God's will. (1 Corn- rrJanj 23-13J It h the basis of saving faltL (Romans 10: 1.7. JoKn 20:30-3 1 J I* Furrusnes tfe man of God to ever* good work, pi Timothy 3-TSS7J It will be the standard of man's judgment ' day. {JoJrn 12:48.) BuFJo so serve man end prepare Mm for tKat judgrpenf, the Word must be tnown by man and it cannot b« tnown without study. Sea II Trai- ot,y'2:l5. Jesus wld "Ye snail Inow the frutn and th« trotri sKal male you free.' (John 8J2.) CHURCH of · . ' . CHRIST : 3433 S*udebole; Road '. VVm. S. frvlne, Minrsfe/ Free Public Lecture Arnold H. Ezo, of Evinston, L, will give a free public ecture on Christian Science unday in Long Beach Muni- pal Auditorium, beginning Sun. ? 50 '" Wti. 7:30 TM. AT BANQUET Lorenzo H. Traylor, of the i Youth Opportunities Board o: NeivLutneran Day t \ » , . · . " , . . - · . · . j ;.',·.-.-.·..'.· , :-.-',· "i/ to Be - ! .ByJEFFJONXS · ' .jr._ ' . ^ n.__ ·^,^ ! ,, m 'i«f ·*· '·. ; .',- " : , . Dedication services will be beld Sunday afternoon for the'new $50,000 building of St. PasTY Lutheran Christian Day School. 2283 Palo Verde Are, the/irst Lutheran Day School in the Los Altos-Lake wood Plaza area, and the fourth in the'entire Lakewood-Long Beach area. ; , : ;.,.|."X. ' -'-"^ Rev. John Geisler, pastor of St.' John** Lutheran Church, Orange, will be the featured speaker at the ceremony, which wia begin at 3 pin. - . . " , - t - · , f \ j - , , , - Since the groundbreaking last October, the members of SL Paul's Lutheran Church have,contributed much of their time and talents to aid in the building *pf the 3.000 square- foot banding. Both the floor tile and the ceramic' tfle were laid by church members, and the flagpole, and much cf the office furniture and accessories "were'donated by them.: · ' .... 'A ..*;'X.*' *. , , - " , , , - ··· .THE SCHOOL OPENED in September 1962, in a 'smaller adjoining bunding. This has also been upgraded by the congregation, which has'completely repainted .the interior and renovated the exterior.' ' .i ".'..','·'.'. -,' ? . - - , . ·. : - ^ - , : ; Together the two buildings will accommodate 200 children" from kindergarten through the sixth grade.".'. . ... The new contemporary styled bunding was designed by architects Duffy and Dreher of Long Beach, and is color- coordinated throughout, with airy classrooms and paneled of Hces. Building committee chairman was AI Totten. . At Sunday's ceremony the combined choirs of St. John's and SL Paul's Lutheran Churches will provide the'singing to herald the opening of the new building, and the school children will present psalms of thanks giving.. The dedication win conclude with a tour of the building and refreshments. The public is invited to attend. SCORES,OF SCRIPTURES , Paster Hermon L. Kibble (fefl) of the Philadelphia Seventh-day Adventist ^ Church, 1401 Pacific Avt,- Long Beach; 'checks over part of a supply of "* ; 8,000 Bibles, which will be given away'at the Adventist crusade in the Los [ ·Angeles Sports Arena in 'April Helping him is Walter Rea, pastor of;the Pomona ' Adventist Church.: '.'; ' " ' . ' , . . -.''' .- " , . . , ', · ' " . . ' · ; THOUSANDS EXPECTED . AdvenJdst Rally Qpem . : :: · congregaUdos in Los Angeles. Long Beach Seventh-day Ad-( As » counselor of Christian Santa Barbara and Ventura ' ' ' * LOS ANGELES .-- Many land. Floating Pulpit Will Be Scene of Sunrise Rite ventists will participate Christian 1 Crusade which the denomination is sponsoring in the Los Angeles Sports Arena, beginning this b * ?** h e M m i ' world for ministers of an na- Counties' are expected at to' Car pools and chartered buses tionalities. A long-time. stu- have been organized in 30 dent of archeology, he was cations in the Los Angeles j- Between, 7,000 to persons "are expected at each'^^ night of the crusade, caHedj^"" 1 . , . , , . . , , , - . ; . . . ; ··· · , - · - . . - · j'lt Is Written," and those at-^^ A floating barge anchored Avenue, opposite the Armed tending 10 of the 16 sessions just off the Navy.Landing will Seryice_s again provide the pulpit for the Long Beach Eas'ter. Sun- the Music win be under the di- will be given a free Bible. Internationally known Bib-' rection of James Weeks, min- lical lecturer George Vande- ister of music of the First iman, of Washington,' D.C. rise Service, which will begin Congregational Church, and will lead the crusade. Vande- this year at 5 iJO JLm. on East- -- - · · · · - - - - · - ' er Sunday. Other rallies I "community "of !be at 7:30 pJa. ^on Sunday, . . · · · ; jwednesday a n d Friday. T h e : · , · · · · {crusade win wind up on April ADVEOT1STS F R O M 83'28. will be provided by vouth'man has cirded the globe sev- choirs -of, s e v e r a l · localjeral tones, speaking at mas- This is the second year for churches and the Long Beach'sive rallies in London. Wash- i A e^rvlV-* ^T-frtr* 1 K TTtTI 1^ * m. ' ?_? 1 r I ' " £^^*^ul T\ f* ~ T*s^**«+*i mrtA Db^r4-. a. S\v« ' A M Jev. Mn. Robert Tracy. Missionaries f r o m N e w AustraTls, wU be rvj Sound WoKon · , in color of ttie Aboriginals of AusfraTia and ei cf', New GwV'ei ' ru'gnt duroig ruj series of services beginning... Sunday Morning MarcK 3111 at 10:45 AM. through Apr3 7tK every ntgnt except Monday and SafurcJay. a trie Rnt foursquare CliurcK 11 rn. Junlpero Ave, long Eeacn CaFiforcua. h announcing tnese services, tfie Pastor. Rev. BiDy Adam! said ^at Rev. Tracy wlfl e!so be grvlnq K's tKrTftlng fesft- mony cf fiealing. inrougri faith In God't promise, w^en re was dying of tuberculosis, in. 1958. and weighed less ^lan 100 pounds. A Divine HeaSng Service tieWeacK nlgrit. *!ier Rev. Tracy will be praying for ttia ilct. greater Los Angeles, wfll be sponsored by the, Navy, the I the guest speaker today at'Long Beach C o u n c i l of ' J the annual founders day ban-:churches, the Ministerial Un- '"·"·· of the Grant Chapel too, and the United' Chris. Church, which will be.tian Youth Council. , eld in Morgan Hall, 835 Lo- Rev. C. Leroy Doty Jr, cust Ave^ beginning at 7-30;minister of the First Church The public is welcome, of the Brethren, and president of the Ministerial Union, 1 DO.VT KEEP things you will preach the sermon. It which win be Municipal Band. ' ington D.C, Toronto ind Port- don't use. Sen them with in- wifl be piped-back by loud- expensh-e Classified Ads and speakers to the crowds on live cash instead. Dial HE the Navy Landing. (The Und- 2-5959 today. ing is a the foot of Magnolia Dr. Russell Broughei; 11 AW.--"TEACH US TO PRAY", ~" \' TRINITY BAPTIST CHURCH HTH AND GAY1OTA . · M. of Ar.Velm -- E. cf Wi^nut M.--'If I WERE THE DEVIL,WHAT WOULD I DO?' ·Ghurch of Christ CENTRAL 501 Atlantic HE 2-1484 . ; SEJVICIS '-.-:, ' ' , - ' 1. tlt-M 10:45-- WonKTp t:30-£v tn ;na Wi l ..rvk. 428-2311 NO. LONG BEACH 1128 E. Arfesta SHYJCIS I»lir. 4:30-- Ev«n!f.9 WonJifp i W.intid.y. 7:30-- U!J .ik wVtc SA ? 1557 UPTOWN 3707 Atlantic GA 7-8974 ' ' SERVICES *Mdrt. »:3S-BtT. c!»« tO:45-Worrfiip, wwJ.rp '..;», . W.dn.-J.y. 7:30-W;j,«i ,,,,·,, * P H. Frinl Ccp«. Winlri.r · g A 7^277 FlItST CHRISTIAN 5A inci locust. Long leicli -, B. E. JuilTni, MinTster 10:45 AW.---AS WE WIRE UADT B. E. Juni'rt*. Winivtef. Sp««Vrng 7 FJJ.--NorSi Ameriiii Oiniiiji Convention Pr«'-S«g7strif;oa 8«ITy : 9:30 A.M.-^IBLE SCHOOL THE BISHOP'S COMPANY presents "THE GREAT DIVORCE 1 -' C.'S. Lewis Wednesday. AprH 3. 7:30 PM^ m " · · · :-' THE FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH TUrt Strtrt «t Ctdar ; WELCOME NEIGHBOR! Dr. Harry O. ANDERSON Evangelist In America's "Wno't Wfr.o" March 31 -April 7 NIGHTLY 7:00 J^ufolr dcruna Winlc--Grtit Gaud Muiic RAY RO8LES. Soloist ,Ca!vary Baptist Cfiurch S727 llir. Av«, Lc ' OTTO KLIEVEK. EVANGELICAL UNITED BRETHREN · 17rii end temple. Long EeacJi " -j.Tr - Re/: A. McCandless. Pastor . ; / . 9:30 A. M.--Sunday School 10:45 A.M--MR."FORREST LAYMAN ' [BUy Graham Team Member) - - · ... . -'GOD'S TIME" 7.-00 P. M.--"GOD'S MAN" . . '.· ' -is Dean and Mary Jean Brown ·'·. · · I Caravan S?nger$.; : .. i · ^~. ,- *SIx Teens · ' ' ' Special Evanqetstic Services -YOU IS FOl THE ASKING" wTft ' IEV. A. PH!UP ST»1C1CU». . . . Monday through Friday, 7 JO SPECIAL MUSICAL GUESTS NIGHTLY Also Meetings on Palm Sunday. April 7 NURSERY CARE AT ALL SERVICES Easi Side Christian Church HEAR' DR. S. FRANKLIN lOGSDOM FAMOUS PREACHER AND AUTHOR AT THE i . . . . . . · SPRING BIBLE CONFERENCE MARCH 31st--APRIL 5th 10.00 A. M. DAILY ' ' 7:30 P. M. NIGHTLY OLIVET BAPTIST CHURCH 12627 OAK AVE., LYNWOOD (I BIocl West cf Sears ai Lyrwooo*-Compfon line] J. O. COMBS. Parfor Metropolitan Bible Church WILBUR E NELSON, PASTOR PATHHNDER CLUB AUDITORIUM " 44J SO. SANTA K · COMPTOM. CALIF. 11 £0 AJJ(. -- P ASTOI N ELSON CONTINXIES HIS SERIES -- -EXPLORJNG £PHE5IA^S· TJX PX. --SUNDAY NIGHT SING AND SERMON 7:00 P.M.-- Sunday NTgM Slmj And Sermon 'THE CASE AGAINST UNBEUEF" ·AOIO: KCCK. H» 1C- IWKdn^rUlv. « 00-l:3» M.UL. M »U:a PJL mo. Sundn Fridar. I »» M AJIU. SiTurdiT. 7.XIOI A.M. Tnlcng Eci first assembly of F. l^n'iTti, f K tor Cor. tOtl I Lma'til «.4S AM. -- SunJ.y School 1 1 .-00 A.U. -- Uomma Wonfcip 7*0 PJ-1.-- REV. BOB X)NES UlSStONAIT TASK FO8CE N. L B. CHRISTIAN CHURCH r.:i L r.rt« Dr.. Wn. J. » J3 A.U.-- CHUSCH SCHOOL " :m * *fV. WIL J. DiEHM « fJK. T«A Cron-JJi fjt. Exnln* Swtc* · LONG BEACH CHURCH of- RELIGIOUS SCIENCE Ail UKUnt OfrOi a tw Onn* * ttffyul Silmci, Entrs! Hofcro Fuuhr CREST THEATRE 4275 ATLANTIC ttmSAY SEKVICE W:«S THE MIND AT MISCHIEP .DR. DON BERTHEAU ^ SurJay SduscJ and Nursery af KWO--S« E. 3iA Sf. First Friends Church ISO Af!»fic A.«. - DviJ C It tlX f Ji AJX. -- »U«OAT SCHOOL ll AJf--'KNOWING THE CRUCIFIED* 7 f.U.-A KDy'Gr«r ( ffl Color Fi!m--AH!CA ON THE B8IOSE' - r«w wii JM* it torn Swtca Christian SingleAdults Long Ee«c» ^ ff-RIt n-7:M r.O. e» cnmr*-- 5tt M cwuna Tar tirfornuflcx HE 3-SX7 Alliance Church · *. A. JohraOB.UMittr CATTDt y Scrvrcn '-THE SUFfKING SERVANT »«. Jata W. Mtsier *-» 9 JL M. You« Craup-- I Jt T. KmSitiiJrjom w. VESSEK. ». JOEL »unGEi» "We want you fo ba witk cs i» traj feHowsKlp..." -- I John IJ mmnJnrrt JTIS-: m.y nni . , . ; CTAZARENE 5253 LOJ Coyofei BKri I(h50 A.M. --7.OO P.M. --(Nursery} W. GltLttANO -- ROMALD J. LUSH SElf-REAUZATION FELLOWSHIP Churcli of A9 KcK^Tcrts Ttic Ttadiinos of Ytqa Exol«crx4 « t OaS Uvd-Lona uda ·COO -- SOUXC£0?AU. MAJTWESS" _ THURSDAY. I rjSt-- OEVOTICHAi StRyid California Heights Methodist Church ORANGE AND JfXBY, fAUL t WOUDENBUS. fiJ, JOHN W. 1LAOC. LENTEN VESPERS--4 P.M., SUNDAY, MAR. 31 : RONALD HUNTINGTON,'Ph.D.--Organist;- cf Oneonfs Congregational ChurcK and Oiipman College. Orsngs , ,: . MaJe by BacK Frandc. BingKam, LangTaTi end Otf.erj AW.--HOMER SPECTER. MISSIONARY TO HAITI 7:30 fM.--REVIVAL TIME--PRAYER FOR THE SICK COLONIAL t£3k TABERNACLE U» E. AKAHCUK ST. - MV. I XH.OBVTLTA1TLC* r»ricr»d Cturdi cf OimJ LaVewoocTi Oirlsfis.1 Cfurcn 5550 ttAoKl Strctt Sue. »JO I 11 lA-i:4S p-m. U. FTTCH Jr. Er.^. * «Arrii* scmcc -- « Our Fnf N Our K«v Uncluarr · a dnaom to M fxmiM mAKwa AT ICTH SEIVKZS TIDINGS in« Owrrr *n. Ann J~0cr. DIVINE SCIENCE! FELLOWSHIP CHURCH CM: Ou*. zzr n. Ht*». · S«mcM ^.--HEALING SERVICE 11 co AW.--"GOD WILLS THE GOOD- ·M. L. tb!« tevd. IX . Mr. lr»* S«n TEMPLE OF CHRISTIAN PHILOSOPHY suicur service . 7-» f J*. SP£AUI K£v. LOLA *rroic 4JI-353I GUEST SOLOIST--Lyle Richardson . ScKoel Ouui Duruij U«tr forPon «f Swvx* · 1EY. WTLUAU UIE0EUA. tntsr S a n d t f B AM. I S.r«. E LOS ALTOS DRIVE-IN CHURCH 105 ,AITOS niV»N THUTH MM laiHOWH IOOUVAIB : PcopIdV SpirituaKst Church uJt-o j.A. · ns jun«tn E. M. KHci, PBdor UNIVERSAL MEMORLAL SPIRITUAL CHURCH » LWOC» AVC. U»OC» KALL SUkSAT iCtVTO. 7:30 fJU.--lFi. UAUE UAXON Drr. L. IlidU PKtar-CA inn Light of Truth Psychic ScJenca Church . Sundar. i« PJIL . HnRnt LKturt mt Cfann _ UN9EN HAU. 201 Una*. A^.. International Church of Religious Science II AJ*. --SUKDAV SC«VKZ AKD TOVTH OV»CH - T ^ £W «7»*JgSW $ «Kr ATl «* . : . . HEU.THEAUE --1100 EAnjlO AT CEUETOS DC. CHA HIS L-f ULtlt . faniuatfifj' ' Hori ··/.courdiT Old Fashioned Reyival Hour t+tjafUltfltml OLD FASHlOrCD UVIVAlCHCXt- f j j t 5 I t J» rt_. · · - . - , ! . ^ HMO tot nun TO «*rr fax. ttai ux tos tf*xa a. tta.

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