The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on May 24, 1957 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 24, 1957
Page 7
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THE PACTS Sf&goMa Cotfttty, Friday, Hd etnttam tft*Bei6W if* ifitfW*tml»b«4Wi« Ifrt Jofe* Beta*! eJ to ASJleM*. The ffiUat ti td to h»ld it I Htffc ' 4. Mb* JeWt VinSieki*, iwcn- it Jar m_ Knew, hat Inrlied ih* ware la «it««d itw re" «M ttite eh«4», V»«, M* ot Mf/lSd Mf«. ttoffle* Cg^.SM H, Ateblii, and j»< C, A. ****»!, ill at AS for TREAStmttt Pitt ftutteal Adt. TOOK* ANO SAT. JOHN •voto BACK Tire 04WN" 81HJPPY SMITH 4 t)AM - STAHtg BVN. COL DEAN HESS VVrid By MABEL SHAFFER Tuesday Billle Dean Riggs received her prize, won In the Texas Tops contest sponsored by Sig Byrd of the Houston Chronicle. Her entry simply stated that "Texas tops all of the other 47 states In the production ot Texans." Her prize consisted of two recently pnb- R8/ A 9MC8 fl*B» APPLE/ I'LL SHOOT/ NOW SHOWIMQ TOP SECRET AFFAIR KTEK DOTJGLAS- SUSAN HATWARD BEETLE BAILEY MMKMBgKTNS ROCK HUDSON MARTHA HYER ' DAMOURYEA TO-PAY AND SAT. EANDOLPB SCOTT IN •VORONKR CREEK" tnd Hit MONBTUt -FROM MAKS LOOATI01{3 Senior the BrasMport Area e.»e JJL' ABNER PRESCRIPTIONS Accurately Filled Pharmacist D«ty 24 HOURS A DAY pH.epv/oqicK.ANOv: TO-NTTB AND 1AT. "THE BDRNINO Pin EOCKNX CAN A VOJfit AN'A UTTLB Fa 7-1197 er 3-412) NO. 1. 108 N. Parking take Jarksea NO. I, Itl W. Bread FAST map * Delivery BILL and TOM Nltht EBtergeney rnones T-«l»7 7-M37 MM —~ -— 'W^T'W'^,- AFRHHK GARREHS' You'll Always Find AFRESH TASTY SEAFOOD-Brought in Fresh Daily. FRESH TASTY RED FISHu,4Sc And MEDIUM HRIMP RED SNAPPER BRAZOSPORT SEAFOOD CO. ?***? News liched books, "For the Love of Martha," and "Homing." Tuesday night Mrs. Ruby Llles climaxed her year's work las worthy matron of Brazoria J Chapter 74 of the Order ot Eastern Star in a hall decorated with her offical flower, red roses, when the chapter met for the annual election of officers. Mrs. Myrl White was elected worthy matron with Henry Flowers elected to serve asi ,, n Wm>b ,, nH -m,..,,' !^JffH?^^?_a-!io:4o "a, wfaSca^" 1 " TELEVISION LOG ckuuul 11 Chsnn.t it-fttmt t» 4:66 4:15 4:30 8:00 8:80 ffiftSA* (2) Star Performance (8) Friendly <3t«tt (13) Kltirtk's Part? (8) Magic Doflrway (2) Looney Town (8) Highlight* of Optf* History - ' (11) I Led 3 Livrt <2> Buffalo Bill, it. (ft) To Be Announced (11) Range Rider (13) Mickey Mouse Club (2) Sky King (A) Featurstts (11) Sports & Weather 5:4$ (11) Doug Edwards and the Newt 6:00 (2) World At Large (8) Into the Past (11) My Little Margie (13) T. V. News 6:10 (2) today In SpOrH (13) Weathergal 6:15 (2) Channel 3 Newsree (13) John Daly and the News (2) Weathercast (2) Xavler Cugat (8) The Arts Around Ui (11) Beat the Cloc* (13) Bin Tin Tin (2) NBC News (2) Joseph Cotton (8) University f dfiitn (11) Mr. Adams and Kve (13) Adventures ot Jim Bowie (2) Big Story (8) The Sculpture (11) Playhouse of Start (13) Crossroads 8:00 (2) Blondie (8) Texas In Review (11) Westpoint Story (13) Treasure Hunt 8:30 (2) Life of Riley (8) To Be Announced (11) Zane Grey Theatre T13) American legend 9:00 (2) Capt. Davi.i Grief (8) To Be Announced (11) Lineup (13) Wrestling From City Auditorium 9:30 (2) Dragnet (8) Sign Off (11) Person to Person 10:00 (2) Dr. Christian (11) City Detective (13) Movietlme U. S. A (2) Final Edition News 6:25 6:30 6:45 7:00 7:30 10:30 mons will be the next assist-j ant matron with Shelby Sills in-no as assistant patron. hi'ss Miss Wilroa Danlord will be condlctress with Mrs. Vera {Chambers as her assistant. Mrs. Mary Procbstle anr Mrs. Marie Beard will be retained in their present positions as secretary' and treasurer. installation of officers will! be held June 7 in the Masonic' Hails - • • (2) Mann About Sports (2) Tonight _ Off 12:00 (13) Sigh Off 1:25 (11) News' Headlines 1:80 (11) Evening Hyma SATURDAY Miss Joan Bownds, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. R. Bownds, whose marriage to Edward Lee Frankum will fee an event of June 6, has announced the woddng a;tcndattif. Maid of honor wfll be Miss | Florence Copton of Austin,! [with Mrs. James Chalin an'.j [Mrs. Betty Meredith as bridss- maids. Connie Hoot has been! i named as flower girl and BUI Weathers will be ring bearer, Lercy D*nford wffl serve the man with 8:45 (13) Test Pattern 6:55 US) Sign On • 7:00 (11) Rural Reveille (13) Soundtrack- 7:30 (2) Cartoon Carnival (11) Captain Kangaroo 7:45 (2) Off Tp Adventure 8:00 (2) Howdy Doody 8:30 (2) Gumby (11) Mighty Mouse 9:00 (2) Gumby (11) Cisco Kid 9:30 (2) Capt. Gallant (11) Tales ot Texas Ranger 10:00 (2) True Story (11) Blj Top (13) Jungle Jim 10:JO (2) Detective's Diary groom as best ICharUs and By Hutson as US) Hockey Jones, Spice groomsmen. Cadet Miss Ann EUjtabetli perry 11:00 (2) Western Movie and Miss Mildred Buchanan I (11) Lone Ranger will serve as acolytes for the < US) Sagebrush Theatre candlelight ceremony, Mrs. UI =30 (2) Playhouse 15 Jim Demon and Rev, Gerald! "1> Utah Carl . Leatherwood will be vocalists, 111:45 (11) Baseball Game of with Mrs, Charhm Stedman ac- the Week companying them ia the tradi- <2> Baseball Warmus tional wedding marches. 1*00 (13) Farm Journal . (2) Playhouse 15 Rev. and Mrs. James D. Ma-! 1J:l5 <2> Warmup hon and son Jimmy of Fort 'U:30 (13) Into Focus Smith left Tuesday evening at-' <»> Baseball tor speniing a long week end' 1:0 ° ( 13> Saturday Matinee 3:00 (2) Posttime Hounduo 3:16 (2) Playhouse It (11) Scoreboard 3:30 (13) Mystery Omnibus (2) Star and Story 4:00 (2) Teen Time Party (11) Saturday Matinee 4:30 '2) Annie Oakley (13) Popsicle 9:00 (2) Roy Rogers with her parents. Mr. and Mrs H. P. Ogburn. Rev. Mahon had returned to appear in his graduation class in Austin. He had completed bis work in mid-term and is now ordained and serving a Fort Smith Presbyterian Chrch. Presenting Cecelia Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Dvorak of Angleton are announcing the birth of a new daughter. They named her Cecilia Ann, and she was born at Dow Hos-j pital May XI. weighing seven' pounds and seven ounces. (U) Education Work, shop (13) Circus Time 9:30 (2) Waterfront (11) Don Mthoney 6:00 (1) Petty CoSVJ (11) Sheens, QUeefi ef the Jungle _ (18) TO Be Announced 8:30 (11) The Buccanteri 7:00 (2) Sid Caesar (11) Gale Storm Show (18) Lawrence Welk Snow 7:110 (il< SRO Playhouse 8:00 (3) George Gobel (11) JacWe Gl*a«m (13) OMrk Jubilee 8:30 (2) Hit Parade 9:00 (t) Sheriff ot C«chiM (11) Otmsmoke (13) Stock Car Races 9:30 (2) Whirly Bird» (11) Gulf Ceait Fishing (13) Premiere Perform an ce 10:00 (2) Soldiers of Fortune (U' The Vis* 10:30 (2) Studio it (11) Late Show 11:00 (2) Mystery Parade (13) Movietime U. S. 1:23 (11) News Headlines 1:30 (11) Evening Hymn A, «• StmOAY 8:00 (11) Lamp Unto My feet' 8:10 (11) TV Chapel 8:56 (2) Morning Devotional 8:00 (11) Faith For Today ' (3) The Living Word 8:15 (2) Christian Science 0:30 (11) Camera Three (2) Church in the Home 10:06 (U) Let's Take • Trip (2) Industry On Parade 10:15 (2) What's Your Trouble 10:80 (11) The Christophers (2) Frontiers of faith 10:55 (It) Sign On 11:00 (2) Christophers (11) Heckle & JecUe (13) First Methodist Church 11:30 (11) Wild Bill Hickock (2) This Is the Life 12:00 (2) Waterfront (11) Utah Carl (13) This Is the Answer 12:30 (2) Million Dollar Movie (11) Academy; Theatre (13) The Christopher* 1:00 (U) Academy Theatre (13) The Pulpit 1:30 (13) Johns Hopkins Tile No. 7 (13) College News Conference 2:00 (2) Wide Wide World (11) Armed Force Day 2:30 (13) Westward Ho! 3:00 Ul) Mr. District Attorney (2) Topper 3:30 (2) Press Conference (11) The Three Musketeers (13) Medical Horisons 4:00 (2) Meet the Press (11) Flee the Nation (It) Sunday Movietirae •, 4:30 (2) Star and Story- Mi) World News Roundup 8:00 (2) Bengal Lancers (U) My Friend FUcka 5:30 (2) Circus Boy (11) You Are There (13) Screen Star's Theatre 6:00 (2) Steve Allen (11) Lassie (13) You Asked For It 6:30 (ID Jack Benny Show (13) All-star Theatre (3) TV 'Playhouse (11) GE Theatre , (13) Original Amateur Hour 7:30 (11) Alfred Hitchcock 8:00 (2) Lcretta Young (11) «64,000 Challenge (13) Date Withthe 8:30 «> Susie* . (U) What'* My Line (13) Hollywood Theatre. 8:00 (2) People Are Funny (11) Xd Sullivan Shinr 8:30 (2) Dr. Hudson's Journal • 10:00 (2) Star Movie Time Ul) CBS Sunday Newt (13) Mike Wallace Interviews am a- (13) Sign Off 1:30 (11) Svening Hymn 1:25 (11) Late Newt /^CAMERA TIPS Br CUs, Moron ARTISTS and PHOTO- i QRAPHERa. . . The Mg dli- ference between an artist and a photographer is that thej former can nuke what I changes he wants with nature wheu ha transposes the loene | to his canvas. The man with the earners, however, u exceedingly limited as to the changes in nature he can effect. His latitude ext'ta chiefly in the ability to vary reU- j live vaxea c-. the subjects the camera ues. One simple 1 and inexpensive "tool" be can j use lo accomplish tnif If t color filter. A major reuon for using a filter is to aid \bp iibn in t^ransl&tli^g color coptrast into the black and lfa image it must record. | Almost «lt fUwrs 1*4*40* the MUt Of tant th**SMb turn, sp if you «a« a tll remwiber ttt iucrease Uw e«- Dosure time aMnrdlnglv Stoo •l^f.'! 1 - V IVUI p.^BB-.^.K"* 1 *.. "*Wd? ia and we'll tbaw you how The Community Calendar FRIDAY. MAT 14 13:15 p-m.— Brasosport Rater? dub. Port Cafe, Freeport 1:00 pm.— Aleonollcs Anon. nous, Anjteton Legion Hall. MONOAT. pjn.— Jteeport aorop- timist Club, (tow Hotel. 7:00 p.m.— Optt-»trs, Dow Hotel. 7:30 pm — lake Jackson Jaycee*. Jsycee Clubhouse, Lake Jackson. 7:30 pjn.— Brasosport VTW An*. 8578, Velasco Community House. MO pjn.- Wast Columbi* Jajrcees, fire House, West Columbia. 1:00 PJH- — Laki Jaekaan , AJjphnll^ Anoqymoun, (or place uf meeting call I- VHO- I:« Djn.-FUght D, Np. MM Air Beams Sqvuiaros «:06 lows Lodgs No. Wl §|gfl* ' Oddfel- l:oe p.ra.-V»U«eo Eastern . 1:00. p-m.— Fr»tern»J Order of vagies Auxtttan Ho. S1U. FOB How*, Highway in, TTJEgDAT, MAT « •:00 ajn.- Braaosport Wo. men's Association, jfree- port Oolf oours*. ««» ajn^- Uke Jeckaon, Kiwap% City Oaf*, Uke Jackson. (:«0 pan.- Angleton IJons Club. Angletoa Communi- ^r House. 7:00 P4n,-Braw*pprt Optt- mW dub, Oow Hotel 7,:IO pj»^ uk, Jackson iMtera Star, Lake Jack sci) Jtfasonlc Hall. »:»»«.- Y Wlve», Civil Meeting Room, Bra|o*pori 0»vings * Loan Aaan 7-.M pju— K of Oh*. » MI4I. MORGAN'S! The Dow Cliil69l

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