Independent from Long Beach, California on February 8, 1958 · Page 25
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 25

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 8, 1958
Page 25
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.II-INDEPENDENT, U|| Imh, Collf., »·»,, k. «, 1*11 Automobllts for Salt 175 Automobiles for Salt 175 CADILLACS -:.- --1955-- $2-'SEDAN :.:..$2795 All -white finish, window lifts. 4-wny seat, CLUB COUPE $2695 23one blu* and white, electric windows and seat acl- 3urtment, CLUB COUPE $2895 ..'. Air Conditioned. ELDORADO $3295 All-whito with red and white ' interior. Air conditioned. --1956-62 SEDAN .vV...;....S3295 Air condlilontd, 2-tone Rrcy 6-way seal. COUPE de^VILLE $3795 Air conditioned .Light green finish, FLEETWOOD '$3795 Air conditioned, 2-tone tan iinlsh. SEDAN do VILLE.:...53495 Your - choice or three, in the very popular colors. ; ,: 1957 CADILLACS A FINE SELECTION OF COUPES from $3995. . CONVERTIBLES from .'. $4295 SEDAN de VILLES. Executive cars $4695 . 62: SEDANS, all power $4095 "FLEE.TWOOD, air conditioned $4995 RIDINGS CADILLAC "Long Beach's Only Authorized Cadillac JJealer 15th American U r eep t." HE 7-2241 CHEVROLET LATE '55 Chevrolet sporty 2-dr. club:- This low mlleate beauty is . .jiiUy-factory equipped Incl. radio, hwi/^t. turn signals, etc. Previously... »' l-owncr car by a local nalcs executive w^io cav« It ' prlderul cnro . service. Must see drive to appreciate. Save 51.,'Full price SR95. Payments low as S19.S5 mo. NATIONAL AUTO SALES. 107 S. L.B. B vd Compton, corner Compton Ul, « L:B-.-Blvd. NEW 1-4222; Nev a-71t5. Open Sundays. SPECIAL TODAY--$1295 ·55 'Chevrolet V-S 210 J-Door Sedan, 2-tone pulnt, whltewall tire*, "radio, heater, Powerjllde, directional signals, spotllte, etc. GLENN E.THOMAS CO. ' · ^^"AgSffag" 4 «""»» ^U-g^X^^M "SSfn nlgnais. oil inter, buck-up lights, olectr'.c clock. wheel covers. · $25tH,33 or $2-19 down SIS.ib ner -week, on cood credit. Includes tax 'is license. Pnrk- i,'ooTM Chevrolet. 5059 Lakewood Blvd. MIS 3-8781. . ! Take Over My Paym'ts! '54 Chcv. Bci Air convertible. Power-Glide, power windows. R. J: H. white tires, full leather Interior. No sut«a tax, simply take over contract. NE S-8755. - CHEV 4-dr. Radio, heater, white* walls: orlclnal Inside i out.v$59D. S99 dn appr cred. i. Beach. City Chevrolet, 3201 E. PacSUe Coast Hwy. GE 3-0212. stock No. P704A. u . ^ r ,~. Hardtop cpo.. r,a» pwr- rlldo rail., htr.. boautltul 2-tone. «\tta_ sharp--Get Into for S33 cash i S33 mo. Full price 551)3 --So Mrniture loans--No co- .ilcners--Call Fir.. Mgr NE 2-1500 yiKUora-- un" i-i... mK. --^ - -" ·fco* CHEVY 2-door, G-pass. sedan. S1.S99.11 oc 5179 down S14.23 per week on good credit. Includes tux "ft '5S license. Parkwood hevrolet. 50511 Lakewood Blvd. BV. Shining black Fleet- line de luxe -4-dr. sedan. Loaded with 1 ' extras. New wws, new motor! Extra clean thru out. $275 cash. GE 3-SS97. '5fi CHEV Bel Air 4-Door Hardtop. Radio, 'heater. Powerclido, 2- tone!- whltewalls. Very sharp. S1599: Sachs Sons, 9515 Lakewood' Blvd v\ Stidan. Good clean. 100* financing or trade all or part- for furniture or vacation trailer: ME 3-2906. ·K CHEV. E«l Air 4-dr,. 8 cyl. with H.d., Pjidlo. heattr. whlte- , wall*.' Top cond. Pvt. pty, 3S««. Fhorn TO 7-S440. 1953 .CrlEV., 2-dr., Mktl, leather tucK * roll Interior, Innccr hub cue"" "lieht ireen. Clean. CE 9 tucK « caps" 'H C-fij3K 'iTTcblEV "210" sdn. Rad.. htr., beautiful 2-tone. very clean. Only ' 50S.S. Court Prowell, 409 E. An'arjclm. . sport cpe. Black, auto . s . k . p w r . str., 5i*H, w.w. 2S1« aaathT'i.. L.B. TB 5-2130. ·ASSUME S2S.43 mo. payment on · '5.L Chev. One. owner. Dlr. GE 4-6912 CHEV.- '51 2-dr, Real nice. J205. Powcrrglloe. radio, htr. (MCL340) Frahm Pontlac. 7945 Firestone. " ^"Cfiav. 2-dr. "6" seilun. Orlg. owner. 5700 miles. 51595. 259!) E. Pac, Cst. Hwy. Dlr. 1957'CHEV. 4-Dr. Bel Air. X. _ . H.-"Pg.. etc. McGrcsor, HE . 0-9821, LE 7-68-1:. j-) ClfEV. le luxe. RH, w.w. OD-. Exccp. clean. 5295. HE 4-7812 LBS-RUTLSDCE 3600 B, -1TH ·49"ctlEV. coupe. Olds motor. New paint."White interior. Cood tires. M73. "TM 5-4274. '·CHEV: '53 2-dr. Real buy at 519o. (MPfi460) Your terms Frah'm Pontiac, 7945 Firestone. 1951 CH£V. 4-Or. sedan, now braHes, new hcadllner. 5120. Ill E. 3V»t, CA 4-7201. ·SO.CHEV. 4-dr. dlx., RH. 5425. HE, 6-3791, CE 3-4338. . '55 CHEVY «pt. cp«. Stick 3hllt . · pipes. J13SO or b3t Otr.. GE 1-274E l E V . I ^ D r T Hardtop, · S10C i take over pymts. GA 7-S139 ·M-CHHV. dlx. clb. cpe. RH. Mew paint. Cover ft tires. JE 7-C339. ·Si OHEV. 4-dr. Emercency ..... S276. 2178 Pasadena. HE 8-1798. "IMfj OHEV. S-cyl. 4-dr. Bel Air · .led.,Xlnt. cond. S1575. GE 0-3E05 ·'55-CHEV Bel Air 4-dr. v-S, - lie.. lull power. Clean. HA 1-6003 '1WO CHEV. autom. transm.. cd rub. ..-30.000 ml. $195. GE 1-1236 '50 CHEV 2-dr. See to appreciate. 5295.- HA 9-S65S or HE 3-CS25. ·55 CHEV. Delray. New w/w tires, RH. Xlnt, cond. GA 2-4545. ·4S OHEV. Conv. clean. S135. 1032 v. Redondo GE S-eOJ-S '40 CHEV clb. cpe. 590. Good trns, 5'Hood tires, TS 4-8707. Ts OHEV AERO SED SQ'B ORANCfc SALES. 2252 ORANGE ·55 OHEV. 2-dr. clean. S765. Priv. .pty. 1 Going to Europe. GE 3-0072 CHEVKOUGT CHEVROLETS -FIVE--1957--S-CYL. DSLRAY 2-DR. SEDANS ·$1595'Up : RIDINGS CADILLAC 15TH and AMERICAN 57 CHEV. sport sedan 4-dr. hard top. V-S, Powcrnlide. radio, heat- ftr white-walls, original thruout. Very low mileaRe. 41859, $99 dn. (appr. cred.). Beach City Chevrolet. 3201 E. Pacific Coast Hwy, GE 3-0212. (Rl-5) KO DOWN $31.25 MO. ·52 CHEV. Bel Air Sport Coupe. Radio hftater. Real value. QUALITY MOTORS 3565 E. PAC. CST. HWY. '52 CHEV. Stylelmo delux« 4-dr. Powcrgllde radio, heater. Very sharp. 5-199^ JOHN P. LAMERDIN--Pontlac 30" N L, B. Blvd., Compton NE 1-21BC YES I'm doinK It again -- 195i Chevrolet for only 5125 down. 549 per mo fgood credit). Ask for "Poor Cuy Al." GE S-4427 or GE 3-7421. 57 CHEV Eel Air sport cpe. Pow- ergllde, power steering brakes, w-s-w., SH. Will take '55 Ford pickup or cash for equity. Call act. 4 p.m. HA ii-8186. ! Take Over My Paym'ts! '51 Ch«v. Bel Air sport coupe: Vowergllde, radio, heater. Real sharp. 521 per mo. NE 8-S755. '57 CHEVROLET Bel Air snort cpe Power steering, pwr brakes, pwr-pack,, Cont. Kit, solid black. J23e5\ WOOLPERT, 1700 Amerl- can. HE 5-1548. LOOK!! BRAND NKW '5S Chev. v-8 · Bel Air Impaia hdtp. P.G. ONLY 5125 dn., 575 mo. Ph. MK a-07Sl ask for Mr. PERT. (Dlr.) 5.S CHKV. IMPALA hardtop, f u l l y equipped. Triple carb, engine, lorried Prlv. pty. Must ^(ell Im- med. IJ755 P r e m i u m . . H A 1-7C2. r i. Automobiles for Sal* 175 DE soxo 56 DE SOTO. Xlnt. eond. Herman Kelnrrath owner. CA 4-7292. 50 DE SOTO. Completely ov»r- hau'.ed. 1 owner. ME 0-3S33. DODGE SPECIAL TODAY--$545 '53 DodRe B Sedan. Th« car-that gives you etonomy plua a good saf* ride.- Just ths-car you want f o r transportation. Ctyroroatlc drive, heater, etc. GLENN E.THOMAS CO. Local Dealer Over 48 Vears'- 333 E. AKAHE1M HE 6-1233 '56 DODGE V-8,. 2-door. Radio, heater, au;omat!c transmission, tu-tone, tmiflacu- lati inaide and, out. Local one- owner car. BOB McCLURE Do Soto-Plymouth in Long Beach -Atlantic at 51st GA 2-1296 '5S DODGE 4-dr. R.-H. £ AT. S299 T H MOTORS ME 01424 S105 CENTER PARAMOUNT 1953 FORD Victoria. Kadio Si htr., Fordomatlc, continental l kit. all original thruout. Exceptionally clean. 20,000 actual miles. 525 dn, .fc S3Gi mo. bank terms. Hampton Imported Cars, 131 N. Pacific. San Pedro. TE · 4-145.' 52 DODGE, excel, cond. seat, covers, rubber. RH.. PAYls 3-3152. '49 DODGE 2-DR.. CLEAN, GD. COND. ME'0-6O5. FORD '52 FORD' V-8 . Cuntom 2-door. Radio, beater. Runs Hit* new. LJc. No. LJK91J ' MEL BURNS, FORD : 19UO (20lh) American. HE 2-O -'57 FORD FAIRLANE ·l-door V-S. Fordomatlc. ' Radio, heater. Loaded local car.' Lie. Xo. MPH12. #--$2199--# . MEL BURNS, FORD' 3990 (20th) American., HE 2-6050 '56 FORD VICTORIA Fordomatlc. ru.dlo, heater, power steerlnK, continental WU Lie, GZF561. ' MEL BURNS, JORD 1990 (20th) American. HE 2-C950 57 CUSTOM Ranchero, BeautlEul blk. W/rcd i white nautahyde int., padded dash visors. T- bird enp. 5,500 ml. Showroom new Trade for '57 Dodfje, Ford or Chevy hardtop or sell. LE 0-5441 . 55 FORD V-S. 1 dr. 5999. Radio wsw. immaculate. PIONEER FORD 1S103 Pioneer In Artesia. - UNlerhlll 5-6115. ·55 FORD FAIRLANE 4-DK. RAH. Fordo., clean car, priced BELOVV WHOLESALE BEST AUTO SALES 1401 E. .1TII .HE 6-2403 32 FORD Victoria V-S, fully equipped. A snappy and a barjaln at J58S. Snavely i LancCorrt. Edsel, 401 No. L. B. Blvd., Compton, NEv C-I8I2. '5-1 FOHD 5 2-dr. K., H,, Odr. Runs looks extra nice. No cash . needed for down WAC or $23.05 per mo. Trade OK. Lynn's .912 American HE 2-7534 S FOKU 500 Victoria, 1'ully equipped Including pwr steering, pwr brakes, from a bonded dcal- ir. Only S2795. WOOLPERT, 1700 American. HE 5-1548. 55 FORD V-6 Falrlane club sdn., iully equipped. Needle sharp. i J1199. Snavely Lancford, Edsel. 401 No. L. B. Blvd.. Compton NEv 6-1912 55 CHKV. "210" 4-door. RH-. w-w's. dual exhaust, etc. I.lkc ne-.v. 3721 K. Sth it. OK 3-30S6. CHRYSLER STake Over Payments! Must immediately dispose or raany deslrabl* makes models ot clean cars. Payments of $2 to J59 per month. 100ft warrnn- ty. No cash needed on approved credit,. Cn.ll finance mcr. for this offer Open daily 'til fl D.ITU 11130 T-.OUJ; Beach Blvd.. Lynwti, \XE S-R75G; NJB S-S7Ci x Jeffrey Finance Corp. ' '56 CHRYSLER V-8 \Vibd3or 4-door. Automatic, radio, heater, power steering. IV 000-mile car. Lie. No. WUZ260. $1999 MEL BURNS, FORD 1990 (20th) American.'HE 2-835Q 15 CHRYSLER.' .N.Y. de luxe, loaded A the cleanest one in So. Calif. S189S. ' Enavely A Landlord, Edsel, 401 N. L. E. Ulvd., Compton. NEw 1-61C3. 1U57 CHKYSIJ3R Imperial 4-dr. hardtop. New Nov. '57. Desert coral, lull cower. $4300. 31 San- .na Ave 52 CHRYSLER V-8, lull power, puar. In writing. Mo cash needed \VAC. Fin. bal. 5300. Lynn's 912 American HB 2-753 '57 CHRYSLER Saratoga. Cash [or equity take over pmts. UK 9-8171 9 to 5; eves or wkend 1J 8-5217. '51 CHRYSLER. Windsor. R.4cri. Looks runs like new, $395. GA 7-2648 or HE 2-9583 ·51 CHRY. 0 sd. R.-H. AT. 5289 T A H MOTORS - ME 0-1424 8108 CENTER PARAMOUNT SARATOGA '52 "S" 4-dr.: excel, cond. SB95. OrlR. own. GE 8-1560 DE SOTO T H R E E . . . *5? Da Soto exec, and demon' *:rn.tor cars. Low milease, fully equipped at usM cftr prices, BOB McCLURE De Soto-Plymouth In Lons Beach Atlantic at 51st GA 2-1296 ! Take Over My Payta'ts ! '57 Ford · V-S Falrlant 2-dr. ' Kcrdcmatlc, radio, heater, sharp. 2-tonc. NK S-R7.'i?). * '51 FORD CLUS S199 DN. Radio Heater, Fordomatlc. ft HERB FRIEDLANDER ft 283S E. Pac. Cst. Hwy GE 9-4444 55 FOHD V-S Falrlanc 2-door, .Red white. Auto, trnns., rad. htr. Exc. cond. $1095. 2599 E. Pac. Cst. Hwy. · Dlr. 56 FORD .Ranch WaRon. Radio, heater, Fordornatic A steal at J1599. Sachs Sons. 9515 Lakewood Blvd. 52 FORD Convert '53 Merc, engine. Bargain. "Prtv. party. GE S-73S8 ' 47 FORD · coupe, sood running cond. needs body work 560. 9200 Walnut, Beliflower. 47 FOKD sedan, x, 11. Odr. race motor, w.w. tires, pood body jt paint. OE 9-9795 after -4:30. 55 FORD 6 sdn. Excellent cond. thruout. s-190 full prlco. Call. fornla E: Anaheim, dlr. 57 FORP Falrlane 500 Club vie. Fully equipped, very clean. Must ·sell. GE 8-4444. 1021 T-FOKLJ roadster, hot rod body 4 frame. Best offer takes. 0605 Turner Grove. HA 5-9508. ·51 FORD Vic., n e w - p a i n t , leather Inter. 5375. GA .-5703. 3M9 Fashion Ave. · ' '57 FORD Falrlane 500. All eMras. Take over pymts. TE 3-9788, after B P.M. ·56 FORD Convert. J1175 contrac! pavoff. 5300 for my equity. 4502 Ostrom. HA 1-6580. '55 FORD Custom 4-dr. 20,000 ml, Real clean. 5S95. 2300 American, GA 4-3574. ·53 FORD clb. cpe. RH.. w-ws 935 W. 3rd. Apt. 3. S595 '30 MODEL A FORD. Xint enB. cond. 5150. OA 2-1001. '53 FORD V-S Custom 4-dr. Foilro, R£H. Nw brkes, 5750. GE 4-527E 55 FORD Falrlanc. JKH. Aut, trans. GE 4-3078. '50 FORD Conv. Runs cd. S195 Lynn's 912 American HE 2-7534 1950 FORD 2-dr. sedan. Go« transportation. $175. GE 4-92H 11)50 FOUD. 5S5. 1963 Stevcly. GE 8-9513 49 FORD. -RH. pipes, KOOd cond . S225. OA 3-35S4. 57 FORD Falrlane 500 4-dr. sedan, Real clean. Must sell. TE 3-7387. '« FORD Club Cpe.. rood tracsp, car. S75. GE 8-3637. '53 FOP.O 2-dr., RH. Fordo., re- bullt «nt., pert, cond. G A 3-312.7 Automobllti for Salt 175 FOBD SPECIAL TODAY--$189! 'SS'Ford, V-»' Victoria Cpe. A neautiful'Jet-black Job with lots of bright chrome, wnitewall tires and original Interior. Equipped with Fordomatlc, radio, heater ind Thunderblrd -engine. · · GLENN E:-THOMAS. CO'. Local Dealer Over 4S Y,ears 333 fi. ANAHEIM' HE «-1283 '53 FORD-'CUSTOM ' Economy's 1 2-door; 'Radio, heater, ' wMtewalln, chrome discs, Sharp aa can be. Lie. No. BTE- 9S9; · MEL BURNS, FORD 1990 (20t!i) American. HE 2-5550 53 FORD. Custom Club S699. V-S Radio. Heater. "WHW tires. PIONEER FORD 18403 Pioneer In Artesia. · UNderhill 5-0415 56 FORD V-8 Victoria. J149S. Power steerlnK, RH. Fordo, etc. PIONEER FORD 13103 Pioneer* In Artesia Underfill. Q-G415 55 FORD V-8, Victoria J119S. Fordo.. Radio. Heater, -wsw. , PIONEER FORD 18403 Pioneer In Artesia. UNderhill 5-6415 . ITake Over My Paym'is! ·51 Ford ' VS - Victoria coupe; new motor, Fordomntic, radio, heater, real sharp. $29 per mo. NE S-8755.- ' 56 FORD V-8 Falrlane J1399. Power steering. Fordo.. RH etc, PIONEER FORD. 1S403* Pioneer In Artesia. UNderhtll 5-6415 ^^ V-S. dr. $399. Radio, Heater, Overdrlva etc. ·PIONEER FORD 1S403 Pioneer In Artesia. UKderhlll B-6415 56 FORD Custom V-S 4-dr. Many extras, original .throushout. and low mlleace. -11090. S99 dn fap- pr cred.). Beach City Chevrolet, 3201 E. Pac. . Cst. Hwy. GE 3-0212 fPSSOAl 55 FOftD conv. P r l v . o w n e r . K.. htr., Fordomatlc. Cont. lilt. Only 8,000 ml. Real sharp. Will beat anvbody'J price. GE 4-1284 or JUS 8-832B.' 5B FORD Crown Victoria. Radio, heater. Fordomatlc; power steer- inz S15B9. Sacha t Eons, 9515 Lakewood Blvd. 58 "FORD 2-dr 15.000 oriRlna] miles. Will transfer contract 35,1.04 mo 1022 American. HB 2-697T. Dlr. 'J6 FORD convertible, i'ull power Fordomatlc. Sharp. Under whole. . salo book. J1395. 2300 American. GA 4-357-1. '52 FORD Victoria clb, cpe. Fordo, rnd. h t r . Very sharp. Onlv .1595.-' Court Prowell, 403 E. Anaheim. ' 5CTFOKD Cust. 2-Dr. Radio, good tires. Low Zephyrs, M enfi. Louvers. '54 Chevy frrlll, etc. 110 W. Market, Apt. 6 CA 3-2730 53 FORD Victoria. Radio.- heater. Forriomatlc whltewalls. TlcB car. S699. Sachs i Sons. 9515 Lake wood Blvd . . · 55 FAIRLANE Victoria: Power, pack, W.TV, Fordo. R.H,. t- Klaaa- NauMhyiie. Int. All oric. Xtra"clean. tl,450: LShl 9-5441 51 i'OHD 2-Dr. Clean, Take over pymts. K. II. Pipes. 3*37 Petaluma HA 9-0318 52 J-'ORD Victoria. J495. ' Fordo- matic, RtH. w/ws. '58 license. TO 7-7807 57 FORD . conv.. loaded with extras, must sell. Xlnt cond. GA -3S01 MERC '54 Convert. 2-tone. »895. Merco. rad, htr. (JKY429). Frahm Pontlac. 7945 Firestone. ft '54 FORD VICTORIA »895. r HERB PRIEDLANDER ft 2?3B E. Eac. Cst. Hy. GE 9-4444 ·52 PORD club cpe. 132.86 cash A total monthlypayrnents 122.52. Call DAVY, KB 5-2817. 55 FORD V-S 2-Dr. C'.enn. Orlf. car In exc. mech. cond. S849. Osborn's 20th A Cherry GE 9-9379 55 FORD Victoria. $150 lor my J700 Bouity. Excel, cond. RH, ·wf.-w HE 3-0008. 1S57 FORD CUBt. 300 4-Dr. Sed. V-S. Fdm. HA. 1-8573. Prlv. party. ; 53 FORD V-8 clb. RAH. w.w. * stcK. Sharp car. J595. HE 4-7512 LES KUTLEDCE 3800 E. Tg '55 KORD Custom. K.. htr., overdr. Will trade my «milty lor '52 or '33. HE 7-2477. · ·51 FORD Victoria. JS2.u« cash · total monthly - payments $22.52 Call DAVY. SB 5-2817. 53 FOHD 2-dr. sedan. Fordo., w-w. B*H. t495. HE 2-5117. '51 FORD Victoria V-8, RiH, A-: oond.. ready ta KO. GE 3-90S4 HUDSON in HUD. 4-dr. KH. · runs good S100, S30 dn., S5 wk. L. A. Anderson 1S42 E. Anaheim '47 HUDSON club Cpe. Good tlrea runs good. 555. GE 4-S234. 1950 HUDSON. Very clean, mus' se',! cheap. TO 6-8074. JEEP ·48 JEEP, Good condition. J425 GA 7-0135: 2721 Chestnut. LINCOLN '53 LINCOLN Caprt 4-dr.. powe: steertnr., brakes '£ windows, 4 way scat, leather Intr. JS5 HA 9-0325. '56 LINCOLN Premiere 4-Door _ _ dan. Full power. Very «harp J2589. Sachs Sons. 9515 Lake ·wood Blvd. ·' Line. '53 hardtop. Sharp. Radio heater, automatic. Kit., »595 (FND1SO), Frahm Pont., 791, Firestone. · 5ft LTNCOLN Capri 4-Door Sedans Full power, choice of two. *159fi Sachs Sons. 9515 Lakewood '54 LINC. Capri. Full pwr. Pin cond Leather. «..295. OA 7-5616 '16 Lincoln Merc. Mir. Sharp. »175 ORANGE SALES. 2253 ORANGE 52 LINCOLN. GOOD COND REASONABLE: HA 5-3701. TODAY ... at Beach Ci+y Chevrolet . . . we are offering on occasion unique for Southern California car shoppers . . . a SELF SERVICE SUPER CAR MART ... you simply browse around amongst 125 New Chevrolets . . . pick the ona you w a n t . . . call the man in the RED CAP (he's_a salesperson) ... we deliver your new Chevrolet in 30 minutes. 1 ... you'll find our prices LOW ... in fact, if you can beat our deal on any new car in stock we will pay ' you $ 100 CASH . . . ond w. bock ihii up by a Notariiid luytr's Bond ... a guarantM to you .of $100 cash if you con btat our dia!. BRAND BRAND NEW NEW Impala . - . . . $ 2299 OPEN TODAY (Saturday) TIL 6 P.M. Open Daily Except Sunday Beach City Chevrolet 3001 "TM»f 3 «TM« 3001 Automobiles for Salt 175 Automobiles for Salt 175 Automobllti for Salt 175 Automobile for Salt 17S ' OLDSMOBILES;;:' ;i 1958 '"98"'-.SEbAN. 'Has ,ev.eryth_ing-liie : ,crir- conditioning and: air suspension. Save $1,600 'from new, car'.list price; Our-price-'of; $4495-includes 1958. license. Driver.-only. 1,650 miles, · · . " . - . - . · . . RIDE ·'with'PRIDE;;;'.'.'; . ' 1953; '"88" 1955 "88" , : ' ; 1955 lf 88" Kolidav Coupe. Holiday Sedan Holiday Coupe 195 $1695' ; $1595.; ' 1955 "98" ' · 1954 "98" ^ . Holiday .Cpe $1795 Holiday Cpe. $1395 AIL CARS HAVE POWER STEERING RIDE with RIDINGS - 15th American US !^ AR HE7r224]. MEKCTJRY S.17 MERC. Montclalr t-Hf. Hdtp. White blue. Power steering brakes, seat. Loaded. (MIV193). SAVE J1SOO Only 3 left. Beat buy In Soo Calif Shop from here to Tlm- Tjuctob not tea: this. Sflcha Ki Soni. Lincoln-Mercury. 10720.So Downey Ave.. Downey. TO B-1105 857 MERC.' Montrlalr 2-dr. hdtp. Power steering 'brakes. Loaded. Trl-tor.B g.-een/whlte/Breen. Your last chance. .Must go regardless of price this weekend. ' Sachs Sons. Lincoln Metrcllry, 10720 S. Downey Ave.. Downey. T O O - a l O s 55 MERCURY Montdalr Convertible. Radio, heater. Merco- rr.atic. power windows, power sent, whltewalls. Best buy In So. Calit $1093 Sachs Sons, 9515 Lakewood Blvd. 1957 MERC. MQT.tclalr 4-Dr, HdtJ. Tri-tone. bluc/whlte/blue. Jxmd- ed. Power stecrlnR, brakes, power lubrication. SAVE ?S* So low we don't dare-mention price. (MLTS56). Sachu * Sons, Lincoln-Mercury. 10720 So. Downey -Ave., Downey. TO 9-1105. --SPECIALS '52-Merc, S per. '4-Hr., O'dr J695 '53 Merc. 2-Dr.. clean $1085 . GEO, B. GUNDERSON 901 AMERICAN HE 0-1360 i5 MERC. Monterey Cpe. J1239. 2-tone. w'aw. Radio, Heater etc, PIONEER FORD ' 1S403 Pioneer in Arte»l», TJNderhill 5-G115 14 MBRC. Monterey hardtop, f u l l y equipped, exceptionally clean, 5988. Snavely Landlord, Edsel, 401 ^0. U B. Blvd., Compton, NEW 1-1514 '50 NASH · 2-DH.- 169 - P.P. · 2319 E. Pac.iCsL CE 4-1300 dlr. Take Over My Paym'ts! '52 Merc. Monterey coupe, mil leather Interior. Mercomatlc. rad. htr. Sharp. 127. mo. NE 8-8755 _ clb. cpe. Overdr. Only $245. $10.80 dn. 1 your rood credit. Court Prowell, 403 E. Anaheim. ·. 7 -MERCURY Kontclalr Cpe. Radio, heater, Mercomatlc.-2-tone. ivhltewalls. S219B Sacha Sons, 0515 Lakewood Blvd. ft'56 MERC. PHAETON.S1605 Full pwr.. rad.. htr., MerEomatlc » HERB FRIEDI.ANDER A 2S3S E. Pac. Cat. Hy. HE 9-4444 iC MERCURY Monterey Cpe. Radio heater, Mercomatlc. Very nice, J1599. Sacha Sons. 9515 LaKcwood Blvd. il MERC. Custom sport · sdn, RA H, w.w., Merco. Sound. 4493. LES RUl'LEDGE 3SOO E. 4TH 10 MERCURY clb, cpe. Overdrive. Two J2K.01 paymts. down and J22 mo. on bal. 1022 American. HE 2-1)977. Dlr. ^ . . , , __ 2-dr., orlj. blaclt finish, rd. cond., new tires, £A. brakes. S2S5. GE 1-1C22 attor 5 p.m. 6 MERCURY 2-Dr. ^Standard trans.- Immac. original, $999. CWborn's 20th t'Cherry GE 0-9379 14 MERCURY Mont. Cpe. Full power 2-tone paint. I99fl. Sacha Sons. 9515 Lakewood Blvd. 51 MERCURY club cpe. S26.9B coah at total monthly payments $21.27. Call DAVY. fa£ 8-2817 « MERC. 2-dr. Good cond. See at 1S01 Paclllc Ave. HE 2-9178. i7 MERC. MontclUr. 2-dr. hdtp. 12351). Privt. pty. TOpaz 1-552-1 55 MERCURY Montclalr. · W-s-w., RAH, Excel, eond. TE 4-6614. 53 MERC. By owner. Fine condl- tlon. »700. GA 4-3918. MERCURY SPECIAL, TODAY--$89,5 '54 Mercury Convertible Cpe. A real beauty--red body with black top and f Whitehall tires, 2-tone Interior and equipped' wltb, Towtr steerlnc. power windows., power seat, Mercomatlc drive; radio ani| GLENN E. THOMAS CO. Local Dealer Over 4S Years' 333 E.. ANAHEIM' · HE«*-l2S3 5.1 MERCURY Monterey Convert. Radio, heater. Mercomatlc; -whitewalls Steal. I t . J509. Sachs . ·- Sons 9515 LaKewood. Blvd. METROPOLITAN 57 METRO hardtop. Good cond. RH. F.P. $1306. HA 9-8495. NASH '51 21AHH new htr. S249 T H 'MOTORS ME 6-1424 S10S CENTER PARAMOUNT 52 NASH 4-DR. R. H. Odr. .1165. ORANGE SALES, 2252 ORANGE OLUSMOBELE , 58 OLDS Super 'Sfi 1 2-dr. Holiday, Cash or used car lor. eoutty take over paymts. Week days aft, 5, all day Sat. A Sun.. JJEwmark S-OS29. '56 OLDS. Super -SSTfoTC, JtH, two-tone, -pwr.. A pwr, brakes. Take over payments. Prl, 'party. .DAv. G-D211 ·54 OLDS, take over J53.2S payments on my Super S8, power brakes, RAH. .Hydra., -dr. sed. 1100 ;or an tSOO eqty. 5642 OMVe '57 OLDS 93 Holiday coupe, G-way scat, electric windows every extra. 12,805^ GA 1-8894. 325 E. Koosevelt Road. , ' 1950 OLDS convert. K«cH. Hydra. J25 dn. J25 mo. 5395 F.P. Hampton imported Cars, ill N. · Pacific. San Pedro.. TK 1-1455. ASSUME S22.39 mo. ;or '51 Olds R8 .4-dr. Rad., htr. it .Hydra. ' CE 9-347S. Dlr. 57 OLDS '88' .hardtop. Loaded. Jujt like n«w. 9,800 ml. J-2 engine Will trade. HA 1-7JJ52. 55 8S OLDS. Pwr. stecrlnK. pwr. brakes, t-class. 4-dr. sedan. Heater Rood cond.'JA 7-2796. 52 OLDS. RH. lie., runs fine, t2S5. 3837 Wilton. GE 8-44D2. '50 OLDS. S125. . HA 5-5704 '"'..-"'·'r-HOME-OF FINE CARS.:- : ' : ...· . . · Your Choice From ·.-.. .;' Approximately 55 1957, '55, '55 'Oldsmdbiles ··'88'sv' Super.-'88's',. '98s'--2-Drs., 4-Drs., Convts. We icol .th'at^theer'are 1 ho cars on ^thc" end ^nore trouble-free--then those listed below--and our entire stock. These cars'ALL pass Ihe 1-yr. warranty test. ''57 Olds '88'-.Holiday--MYX526 _..... -.. S2898 '56 Olds''88' Sup.-Hoi., Pwr. Sir.--CDT338.....'.$1998 '56 Olds' .'98': Convert.--CHC638...-....-. 1 : .:$2398 ·56 Chev. Station Wgn--FSF604. ,...$1898 '56-Nash-Amb, HT--HWB168 ..$1698 '56 Buick Cent. -Riv. Cpe--FRZ646 _ SI898 '·56 Merc.VMontcl.--MTV704 ..........SI 798 '55 Olds '88' Super Dlx Holiday--FTJ905..:_..S1798 'SS'-'Olds "88" Holiday, Pwr Str--JTZ249.:. S1698 '54'Olds '98' Holiday--644A.......: .....31398 . MANY OTHERS TO CHOOSE FROM MANY- MAKES MODELS '-; * -. ··· FROM 1950- TO 1957 ; ':··'-- '· NO-REASONABLE DEAL REFUSED R'T.C;-1-YR. WARRANTY AVAILABLE, ' - · ' '58 LICENSE INCL IN ALL DEALS teo Rule-Olds 505 So. Long Beach'Blvd., Compton Automobllts for Salt 175 PACKARD '57 PACKARD 4-door Mdmu. Had., heter, Automatic . trms,, jMjwer' · · ' jtetrlnf ,* brakes. This ctr ivaa . · driven by "Ollr jceBcral mafiiKcr . a n d - serviced · regularly; In our.' «hQp3 '- und 1 '- carries · t. BtW--. citr warranty.- ' SparhlfnB blaclc'Jln- · \ Ish. Orttfnal · coat J4;400. To-. day'i price'cut to ,,,,--._:,.--.:.|2S95 i \ ·-.-' JAMESTOWN -· · Authorized Packard. Dealer .1350 AMERICAN" , HZ 2-7913 Packard Caribbean ' R«. 'July 1955,. only all.,black conv In. U." S^ 2T5 h.p... Twin ca.-b. full.'power,- leather Inte- .rlor,.-torsion 'ride front *' rear. All accessories.' Xlnt mechanical rond. Cost over J8SOQ. ' Price »2.999, .Otic, owner. DARNELL. · ORIole 3-S030 oMIce, ORlole 3-6840 home. - . - . . ·so PACKARD I-DR.- 5179 J. P. 2319 E. Pac. Cat. OE -t-1300 dlr. PLYMOUTH OLDSMOBELE '55 OLDS 98 'Super Holiday cpe. Hydra., power- steerinc, power ·fcrakej, -tower -v»lndow«, fower ··»eat«. power · antenna, wdio * heater .Sitra- clean ear. Lera then wholMEl. price. Only J1605. International Harveiter Co. 195- OLBSMOBILB FlejW «auon ·wagon. Fully equipped Includlns power iteerlnt .and braXes. Lejs · than 8,000 actual miles. J3295. Can bt aeen at 1227 American. ASK for Jj.cH'ShulU. ITake Over My-Paym'ts! ·51 Olds. Super '·'·SS 1 c 0 """ 1 -TM'- New top, new paint. Hydra, rad. htr -Real sharp. J28, per mo. KB' 8-8755, ^57 Olds. '98' Holiday 4-Dr. v-jll oower, 'other extras. Very low mWite. Like new. Prlv. pty Accept older car. 2101 Maine. Ht 6-232" r i'5",OLDS. SS Holiday 2-door. 'ull power,- very low »!. "k« »«*· Private parti'. 801 E. ^0tn bt. .ME 3-2»C. . . r 55 OLDS 88 Holiday 1998 f u l l price, fully equipped. Nice little EarTM California i E.. Anaheim. HE 7-0840. dlr. 53 OLDS/ -(-Door. Jiadlo. hM.«r. Hydra-ilatlc, rxiwer stoerlnK A steal a: J899. Sachs Sons, 8515 Lakewood Blvd. · yi°rTM 3 mi. P GB'8-1QQ9. -. S1!!3,?.P. · ts oEDS ConvertlBie. ilJO; E. 23rd St . GArilcid. ' OLDSMOBILE 1949 OLDS 78 ledan. R*H. Hydra. Xlnt, cond. inruout, |25 dn, £ 15 mo. Just J295: ampton Imported CarR. Ill N. Pucl/lc. San Pedro! TE 1-3-155 NO,DOWN $895 F.P. · '53 OLDS 88 .Holiday Rad.. htr. Hydra/Pull power. - QUALITY MOTORS 3535 K. Pac. Cst. Hy, HE fl-251.4 ·54 OLDS...'88: $1235 4-dr. adn. Pull power. Top cond. MARK THORNTON' ; 7911 OLIVE PARAMOUNT Cor. Paramount Olive ME 3-0071 .PACKARD '53 PACKARD Clipper 4-Door. Radio, heater,- auto trans. Local LOOK Beach car serviced by our own mechanics .J595 JAMESTOWN. , Authorized Packard Dealer 1150 AMERICAN HI' 1--7913 52 PACKARD Sedan. Model 2562. R.. htr,, autom. tranam. Xlnt. mechanical cond. License fee pd. Ski rack with special water- proot lucsage carrier. Ideal Ion* distance traniportatlon. Other ·extras.-t.675. ifa -2-5582. . 31 PACKARD Cavalier 4-Dr. Im- mac. throughout. New tubeless tires. '5S He. See to appre. WOO. TE 5-1526 . 49 PACKARD. 7-paasen(fer. Radio. Good cond. Make offer. 495 E. Market. GA 3-1495. ·*9 PACKARD..2-dr. RJtH, (rood shape. 6319 Capetown, Lkwd. ' Ph. TO 7-5111 Your Old 'Cor. Tired? · WONT -START? ' · Ride In Stylo with a. 'Top Quality Car at Itock Bottom . - Prices. ;-' · * 1009S FINANCING 4 IN MANY- INSTANCES ·53 Plymouth club coupe 1...J419 '50 Ford Club Coupe · ....... -- 299 '50 Buick 2-dr. Nice car .... 299 .'50 Olds 88 Sdnt. . Now intr. 29! '49 Chev Fleet, 2-dr. ._ ........ ' 239 25 'Others from 579-- SH8 1*0 Reasonable ' Offer Refused LO-LO. MOTORS . Op^n'- fl- to B SJOJ-E. 'Anaheim _ GE ; SPECIAL TODAY-- sr-iss ' '56 Plym»utb V-S Belvedere 4-Dr. Sedan.- - 2-tone paint, push-button drive, factory Installed beater xnd radio, whltewall tires. .All ordinal -- Inside and out, · · . · GLENN ; £: THOMAS CO. "Local Dealer Over, 48 Years ' 333 B. .ANAHEIM" HE 6-1283 ' '55 PLYMOUTH V-8 Belvedere. 1-door; Automatic transraUslon. .heater. Wo sold "^BGB-M'cCLURE . De Soto-Plymouth In- Lone Beach 'Atlantic at 1 Slat .- GA 2-12S6 ·FOUR ONLY! . ' Brand new 1957 .Plymouth» at "·* . BOB McCLURE De Solo-Plymouth la Lons Beach Atlantic at 51st GA 2-1298 A t a n t c a '55 PLYMOUTH V-8 Belvedere . fullv equipped. New like It was. kept in a cellophane bafc J119S. NEW 1-6103. 55 PLYMOUTH Club Sed. : · 0r ' Cl plQNEER e FORD r ed. 5799. etc. "·n"* H^ifflTO^ ''-MEoIlfli BIOS CENTER ' -PARAMOUNT '53 PL V M Cranbrook, RHtr., w w tTres, 4-dr. Private party. 5450. GE 3-8779. v . f»r vM 4-Dr. Sed Low mlle- ! B e 549S. OB 8-6301. 2019 E. utii. PLYMOUTH SAVOY Ciod cond. TO .7-7143 oo c . '41 PLY. 5125. Xlnt cond. Must seen driven. GE 4-9923. n, PLYMOUTH. Like new. Prlv. narty. 3176 Cerrttos. PONTIAC ·49 PONTIAC 2-DR. SS9 F.P. 2318 E. Pac. Cst. GE -t-1.300, dlr. 'a» otDS--Holiday coupe. Reasonable. 36S4 Sose.Ave. j 1 53. MERC. "2-dr. sed.. RH, Merco. w.s.w. Best offer. HA 9-SS22. 4G MERC Club Coupe. £ood cond. 5125. HA 5-S135. *OItANffEr3ALE3, 22B3 ORANQE 54 MJSKC Monterey, .l-dr 1695. 0111 Artesia Blvd., Beuflower. 19 MERC, club cpe. Jtecond. thru- out. GE 1-3641. ' THOROUGHLY RECONDITIONED USED GAR SELLING SPREE! Prietd for Quick Salt! Mont) Can Compare I 1699 SEVERIN MOTORS r B«al«r -- HI -90dJ '53 PONTIAC 8 Catalina Th» Cuilom, «,000 V «rto«[ miles." '53 FORD Club Coupe Cuilom. Radio, ti«ol«r, ov«rdrlv«. '56 METRO Hardtop Lot. S.H.I. K^i., h«rt.r, a-l.n.. 63O American · 386.'E. Seventh '56 CHEV. $ DEI AIK V-8' Sport Sedan. Powersllde. (B-21G) ·55 OLDS $1OOO ;HVS40) 1199 S» 3-DOOR Hydra-Matte, power stMrlnc^CBHVS40) ·55 CHEV. $ V-S STATION JUd?o?^ieater. (BGX201) ·55-CHEV. 210 SEDAN K»d"l°rheater (HTM532) ·54 CHEV. BEL ATR Powereilde. (NUA912J !54PLYM. * J-DOOK V; Itediofheater. (BSFOB4) ·53 PONT. $ BEITOCE SEDAN SflofheS."?. (HVT974) '51 OLDS HOLIDAY , Hydra-Mntlc. radio, heater. Sharp. (LSKpOG) ·51 CHEV. $^OO ;i '199 QOO ' i i l ' 7OO / I' f 699 499 T)EETJXB heater. CBXC912) '50 STUDE. CLTJB O^e^dr^ve. (MNGJ75) .100% FINANCING with approved credit Plus Many. Many Mart. CORMIER 2 BIG LOCATIONS Nth American 6th American HE 4-52M HI 0-S2M · 'Open Evenlr.n anil fun'day kggfoagf TO BREAK ALL RECORDS! Brand New 1958 FORD FULLY EQUIPPED WITH · FORDOMATIC · KADIO or · HEATER · UNDERCOAT · GLAZE TURN SIGNALS · AIR CLEANER «' W.S.W.JTIRIS · FOR ONLY RAY VINES SEZ... t* CHECK MY PRICES! ·» * CHECK MY TERMS! ABSOLUTELY THE EASIEST PLACE IN TOWN TO BUY A CAR -^ No Red Tape -^ No High Pressure * No Co-Signers Needed + No BaUoon Payments ··fc No Local Credit Needed ^ No Waiting--Delivery; Now 10% Cosh, Trad* or Equity Delivers ; As Long at 36 Months on Balance , Standard Bank Terms APso. Available 9uoNi»ion« Do Nof Inelud. Sol.i Tux or DMV Ft«f .-.'· NEARLY 100 SHARP CARS · Description of Cor '55 Ford V-8 Wagon Tutons blue and white. Imni«cu- lat«. Original Interior reflects wt- cellent care of pre.vloua owner._ '56 Chcv. 2-Door Sedan Radio, heater, .overdrive, orlftl- nal Hunt -trten Ilnlah. Thii won't InstI ·55 Olds "88 11 Club , Hvdra-Matlc, radio, .heater, and whltewa-lls. A real nice · one, prli-ed way below market. ·57 Chev. .V-8 Club 2-door scdar.. Radio, Jien.t«r; Very low · mileage. Immaculate. '55 Buiek Riviera Dynaflow,. radio, heater, power steerlnc and brakes. A terrldc alue: ·55 Olds "88 11 Holiday Power stcerini; and brakes, Hy- dra-Matlc, radio, heater, ,.«tc. Very, very sharp. '56 Chevrolet Bef Air Hardtop/ A let black beauty with Powergllde, radio, -heater and -whllewalla. See thin! ·56 Ford V-8 Club 2-door jedari. Radio, whltewalli!, ortslnal (treen tlnlsh. Very sharp, 199 DOWN B A N K T E R M S l» YOU ARE SHORT OF CASH OR THINK YOU OWE .TOO MUCH ON YOUR OLD CAR SII US, WE HAVE HELPED HUNDREDS WITH THEIR DOWN OR MONTHLY PAYMINT1 AND WI CAN HUP ,YOU. . · - . - . WI UNDMIIU JVHYONI IN IVltY WAT . . 59 PER MONTH 18403 S. PIONEER BLVD. ARTESIA UNd«rhill 5-1266 OPIN PAILY TIL » P. M. -- OPIN SUNDAYS '52 Lincoln Capri Coupe. Hydra-Matlc.. radio.'heater. Power equipment. Looks and runs excepUonallyrjlce. A lot ot ear here. ·' 1M9 1399 '1299 '1799 $ 1399 1699 '* 1699 J 1149 $ 799 139 129 179 139 169 169 *1 14 $ 44 '52 S 48 S 52 $ 63 '63 $ 43 HARD-fo-FWD MODELS IN STOCK You C«n luy H«r» and G«t Dtlivtry Today -1. Even if you ow* a Hgh" baloiie* on your prw«ir cat. 2. Inn If yiHr' proitnt. emr If wr»ek«d and won run. 3. IV.H thoMflh yoH don't hay. At 10% but « mon«y from,« to* rtfund or i.ra. oth.r in th. »«or futur.. WKatlloreCanlSay-? My Own Hnonee Dtpt. Approves Your Credit Day Includim Sunday ^ : ,U»»II 10 P.M. or tafor 437 E. ANAHEIM ST. HE 4-7231 HE 4-2476

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