Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 4, 1962 · Page 24
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 24

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 4, 1962
Page 24
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HU'nBOLD'f STANDARD Wed., April 4, 1962, Page 26 CARMICHAEL THE FLINTSTONES By HANNA-BARBERA THAT THE TROUBLE V.ITH ctuu^igLE TABLES--THEV HE/\RUY AU^fe PO-- LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE By Harold Gray UOWJH' WOLF GAL'S GOME-LE'S FIGHT OUR WAV OUT.'.' YO'START, AN'AHtL BE BEHIND VO,' CHEERIN'LIKE. MAD,» AN'TMEY'LL BE IN FRONT O' ME -CHAWIN' LIKE MAD/.' TRY THIS ON'YOUR HI-FI / 6NSP SUMPTHIM ELSE, IN TH' BAG//-THET MUST BETH' DISASTER ALLEY OOP By V. I. Hamlin MARTHA WAYNE By Wilson Scruggs LADIES DAY THIS IS THE FOUKrHVEAH, BUT \. ' ' HELPED «6 WRITE THIS one.' jusr MY WIFE, "PROF".' M WAIT AUD SEE. /J KID.' "like it? I had it custom- made!" Socialized medicine means a lot of people get together at a parly to talk about their operations. C NEA · All-Stars "We may have (o move lo the country. Pop. The coach said J may be farmed will" Y O U R B I R T H D A Y and Tomorrow WEDNESDAY, A P R I L 4-Boni| Thursday, April 5 today, you have one of those flam boyatit personalities which calk attention to your presence wherever you go. You have better t ban-average talents, but our im- )u ses are likely to lead you into real trouble. You yet a new ide; anc leap off to do it before giving it careful' thought. Your motto should be to look before y i j leap! In your work, you arc mclhodi- ca , and once you have committed yourself lo a project, you will see that it is pushed through successfully. You men have a knack for figures and do well in any career calling for mathematics. You women are not as rjood at this but will do well in keeping the household accounts and making thai dollar go a long way. You arc economical and know how to plan down to the .'sst penny. You women are also socially al ented. You cnfcrlain well and know how to make people feel right at home. You will make excellent wives for ambitious men, since you know how to treat all types of people. You will, however, have interests outide of the home and will be active in c ub work. You are the perfect chairwoman or club president. You know exactly how to put other people lo work! Yet, in an emergency, you can pitch in and do the job perfectly yourself. Among those born on this date arc: Anthony Perkins, actor; . ames Tanner, soldier and New York government official; Maurice c e Vlaminck. painter; George Pierce Baker, dramatist and educator: R c m y de Gourmont, French author and literary critic. ARIES (Mar. 21-Apr. 20) -This is your big day of achievement. Make il a point to contribute something worthwhile to posterity. TAURUS (Apr. 2l-May 21) Another splendid day in which you can reap the full rewards due GEMINI (May 22-June 21) -Good fortune advances your prospects, and you may now lake a calculated risk to win out. CANCER (June 22-JuIy 23) Act now upon important matters which will influence your future activities. Personal matters art also lo the fore. LEO (July 24-Aug. 23) -- Good 'ortune units you with others jrogressing along the road to success. VIRGO (Aug. 24-Sepl. 23-- Your est day of the entire month, md even a specplative project can 1 urn out exceptionally well. LIBRA (Sept. 24-Oel. 23) -- A lay of lucky breaks all around vhen it seems as if you make jains no matter whici way you urn. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) -There are excellent prospects in all important mailers influencing f'our chances for success. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 22) -- Your fortunate day in business ;uid finance. It begins to look as if it were lucky in romance as well. CAPRICOKN (Dec. 23-Jan. 201 -- Take a chance and strike out or something you want very much. Chances are you can win t now. A Q U A R I U S (Jan. 21-Feb. 19) -- f you have made the very best store for you tomorrow, sclec! your birthday star and read Ih.? your birthday star be your daily should be on lop of the world. PISCES (Feb. 20-RIar. 20) -corresponding paragraph. Let Take (he lead in some objective which can influence the entire balance of your life. "And never darken my door again--your Democrat!" "Fred-have you fed the goldfish lately?" THERE OUGHTA BE A LAW By Fagaly and Shorten NO. 1 THE ANSWER IS - ^ M - 0 - N O . ' B R i t J G M E I.N COFFEE AMD CLEAR OUT! All OF YOU _fi_f$;3^ .. IV.S «A"^=^^ I Pr.FINITEW OSPEBf B )|LJ ' (BMP ICU'll HAVE EXflCTW WHAT 10\1 SLUE on WHITE: IHESE / h m\r.iv\-s I / V;ANT,PEAR iftpv: BLUE TO MATCH THE WKIW9 WE WHITE OtiJ [:-.-'»---- -' IT DOESNT LOOK LIKE MUCH.BUT I'D THINK HE'D KNOW HOW REALLY HEAVY RAW COLD K.' HE MUST KNOW ) AWBE HE WE'RE LOADED /POESNT THIWK AND READY. IS WEVE SOT TO GOi f\ ENOU6H YETj I WONDER WHY WE'VE C50T \DOC DOESN'T ABOUT ALL THE [MAKE WITH LOOT EUSTACE L TH'TIME- CAN HANDLE!/ V MACHINE ? OH, OH i NOW \1 DONT WE'RE cm OF I KNOW FOR HOW TUSH AT LEAST ONE OF MY PKMEKS tVOULP HAVE BUGS BUNNY By Chick Young I USED YOUR NICE.SOFT r\W CAMEL'S HAIR SHAVING BRUSH . you WONDERFUL JOB- HOW DIP YOU GET THE ENAMEL ON OOTH? AND A FELLOW *l ASKED METOPAY ) IF! WAS ., "' MARRIED NOW, DONT GET YOURSELF SO UPSET-I WASHED IT OUT REAL GOOD WITH By Frank O'Neal rtij ki NO. hf. iM. «^. **. F.u w. By Dick Turner WHAT MAKES VU THINK. THE COLD WAR i SPREADING? MAYBE IM JUST MORE DETERMINED THAN WARE HWdBE I'M JUST MORE STUBBORN UJHEN I LOOK FORUAROTOA BALL6AHE I PON'TWANTTD BE DI5AP?OME£ IDONTSEEWIY A, LITTLE RAIN SHOULD KEEP EVERYBODY AhJAV! IF I CAN SHOO) UP TO PLAV I WNT SEE m THE OTHERS CANT fiSP. 1 WHAT OF OUR MEM IHTHERE? BUTCHERED! THE ENEMY Hffi TAKEN EVEPf/THNG EXCEPT THESE! HARK, SAHIB! ONE COMES! ALLOFOUR MIWOHLM RECORDS.' THEM THEY STILL DONT HAVE WHAT THEY CAME FOR! BUT ALLTHAT'S PRETTY flCADEMIC HOW'THE SHIP'S SUNK.CERTAINt/ ALLOURLOWL PEOPLE ARE LOST.' IT IS MOST EVIDENT THEY HAVEOVERRUH j I STILL CAN'r THECASTLE,SAHIB? /FIGURE WHY OUR RADffi? FAILED TO QIVE WARNINQ, UNLESS THE RADAR CREW- 1W H NM. few. T.M. Ha. MX. M. Off. "Jimmy speaks French better than he does English, Mom! He ordered hamburgers In French last night and got filet mignon!" DAVY JONES By Leff and McWilliams TAKE A LONG BREATH... AND PASS YOUR MOUTHPIECE TO YOUR BUDDY... BY PASSING IT BACK AND FORTH -BOTH DIVERS CAN SURFACE AT THE SAFE RATE OF K FEET PER MINUTE " IF A OIVER'S TANK FAILS IN DEEP WATER. YOU MUST SHARE YOUR AIR.'J ABB1E and SLATS By Raeburn Van Buren EVER SINCE WE WERE -TTLE KIDS, WE'VE NE^ER. BEENSEPARATED-SD--- --GOOD OL'CHARLIE DOBBS SAVS HIS 6ETTIN' HITCHED To YOU AIN'T SOW TO /HAKE NO DIFFERENCE. 1 HE SAYS IT'S S«T O'NICE STARTING IN HOUSEKEEPIN' WITH A RE/W MADE F/WIL.Y.' SO GOOD OL' CHARLIE P08BS SMS THAT, DOES HE ?/ REPEATINS WHAT JABOUT US AtL "Let's have a disarmament conference so back to playing hopscotch!"

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